The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1935
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Served by the Vnitf :•' Prestt , BUTHEMLEE COURIER 1NEWS THBDOMINANTNE WSPAPKROPNORTHEASTAnKANSA a AND a onT^^f<± Pn r' "*" * *"* " " k-J HOME EDITION Blytheville Courier Blytheville Dally News ,.„ ,,_.„,, BlyHievlllcJti-rnlil Mississippi Vnlley Leader BLiTJIJvVIlJ.E, ARKANSAS, WRDN'KSDAY, JANUARY 10 [93r AGENTS KILL GUNMAN AND AGED Palmy Days Are Here Again Adopts Resolution Over Opposition of Membei Who Fougdl Overseas LITTLE ROCK, Jan.' 10 (UP)— fmmcdialc payment of ihe soldiers tonus adjusted compensation cer (ificates was asked (oday by Ihe Arkansas house of representative", in a resolution addressed to ron- nress. ..'.-." The resolution, offered by Reps. Ralph Underbill of White county and H. H. Grlder. J of Bradley county, wcs passed after several speeches,.on the floor. Hep. Ben E. Carter, of Tenarka'na, veteran with 18 months service in Franc;, opposed the payment, branding it as "hl-jacklng the government". Support came from the anthers of the resolution, flep. .Joe Hdrton, of Logan county, and others. A joint committee on "old age peresions was asked in a resolution of Mrs. Ella. B. Hurst, of Washington county. A£kt Utilities Commission Creation of a state police com mission was proposed In a bill of Rep. Robert. Crist, of Litlle Reck It contemplates n board of commissioners which would appoint n superintendent with n maximum .salary of $5.1)00. Establishment of a corporation commission to replace the present fact finding tribunal, was proposed in the senale by Senator A. J.' Johnson, of Star City, administration leader. An attorney engineer and accountant would compose a "department of public utilities" in thc commission. This bureau would be empowered to review utility rates, examine ulilih hooks,-and-establish an "equitably rate for both the consumer and the—seller."- .-*:--, Two Sales T.ix hills Return of automobile license fee collections to the county sheriffs was proposed by Rep. II, k Tonev of Pine Bluff. He-would put the collections under direct supervision or the revenue commission wltn salaries for .additional sheriff's deputies-to handle the work wt at $150 per month . The second sales, tax .bill was introduced In the house by Ren Sam J. Crosiioe, of Franklin county, to provide revenue far old a<^ pensions. Persons more than 00 years of age. without other income.'would be eligible for sj a cay. The bill would, assess n 1 Per cent tax. A 2 per cent sales tax was proposed yesterday bv Rep. K. T. Boulware. of : stamps, •.evenly per cent of ihe proceeds under his bill would w to the common school fund and 30 per fund '" R ho "! est ™ d f a x. exemption An act of the state legislature to make it, possible •• for Treasurer- e ect Earl P ngc to assume his duties within the next f™> All that's needed to; complete ihe. South Seas island effect of this picture would be a Samoa or Tahiti dateline. Actually it IVM mi-en at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., with Nan Baker.' daughter of the, register. Frank .E..Bakers of Philadelphia, exhibit^ the pareos and sarongs influence In teach costumes. Case of Confessed Slayer of C. A. Martin Will Go 'lo Jury Today .( The .second jury to try, Ilill Barnes on a charge of miirderim; C. A. Martin will retire to begin Us deliberations hue • Mils after- iioon, ' *, * The defense rested without, pre-' senlini! any evidence at 2 o'clock this afternoon after thn state had closed Its case. Closing aigiiirieijts of attorneys began at'2:45 6>loi|k. Under instructions of thc' : 'coiirC IK? jury may fiiiO thc defendant, guilty ol first degree murder and assess his punishment at death by electrocution or lite Imprisonment, or find him guilty of second degree murder, for which the maximum penalty Is 21 years finnrlxpn'-- menl. Barnes entered a plea of auilly. admitting that he killed Martin without legal jiistlflca- tlon. j Dudley Ileaits Confession The stale, aficr a slow and haltin? start this morning reached the climax of Us drive to send Barnes to the clcclric choir for he murder of Hip young niytlw- villc taxi driver. Prosecuting At- lorney Denver L. Dudley ot Joiie.i- >oro read young Barnes' purported confession of tile ruthlcfs slaying to the 12 men wtio will decide his fate. Barnes' confession revealed in detail how young .Martin /was struck from behind with an Iron bolt by.; the defendant las he was at the wheel of his taxi and how he-was again struck by the dc r fendnrit while he was held power? rcjr; in. the grip of Bill's father. 5J) J r <Jav old 'Frank Barnes; now await- liig : electroc'ulimi Tor his part hX thc murder. The same jury Hint I fixed, the father's punishment at death' was -divided 9' for electrocution to 3 for life imoilsonment of tlie son and won for him a second irlal. Both liacl entered pleas of guilty and Bill Barnes sought, unsuccessfully to substitute a plea of not exiitty before Ills second trial opened. Heir Educated in Grimy Toil Ratification of An iielr to millions turned coal .hearer. Stuyvesniu Pe.ibni)}-, Jr., nan at tue Chicago fuel inaBnriie. Is aliown Here at toll In tlie Clil- cago yards of llic company. Starling to learu 'tlie business from the boiioui, young Penbody is on tlie Jou at Q:30 every morning and pnssos .up social affairs la favor of rest every t nlght. - lodaj. H bore the Instructions of uov. j. jit. Futreli lo rush it through the legislature. The measure was Introduced I) it waf > "en'r rC ' U '*'° S : WWca, Ooii. Walter L. Pope, legal coun- .j^at present, for Governor.-Fu- The bill provides "the state depository board" -m n y. ( i irect lnc slate treasurer to deposit stale ih« v 'P . btm ' cs °. f ' Arkansas on lie best terms the board Is able ° °" aln - n ma! «* certain other Provisions which administration leaders soy woul(i makc „ Fible for Page to begi some time this week. assume cilice yestertlnv until he makes S200.0M bond. ' Crittenden Senator Has Salary Bill Ready Salaries of some Mississippi county officers would be redS while in two cases Increases™ result from adoption of „ C o W , v .'alary bill, prepared by s™" or E. C. Gainings of West Mem™! to Tlie Gainings proposal calls for classification of counties in a population basis. Mississippi conn V would fall in class 2, cons't" >ns of comitiM with btlwoe,i so 000 and- iCO.OOO Inh,ibitam s H j. proposed salary schedule for'coun- t!^Sf. l!lls .S'oup Js: comity judge, TlfflET IE BILL IS Proceeds of Dance January 30 Will Go to Help Crippled Children . -The sale of tickets wns started yesterday for thc second annual President's Ball, lo be held at the clly auditorium Wednesday, January 30, at the same time simitar alfairs are being held all over the country for the benefit of crippled children. With a goal of Gilo tickets to be fold at -SI each. W. J. Wunderlich, chairman of the ticket sale, announced (oday that more than 100 had already been sold. Mayor Cecil Shane announced toitoy Hint lie liatl appointed members to serve wilh him on a committee to dispose of the money to be left In Elythcvltle for the care of cripples. Of the money received 70 per cent will remain in this city for such work and 30 per cent will go to a national committee, to be appointed by President Roosevelt, 1 for thc sludy of mfanllJe paralvsls in an effort to combat the djsease. Members of the local commltfe are: Mayor Shane, Mrs. James B Clark, crippled children's work lender; airs. S. S. Stcrnberg. president of the Woman's club: Mrs. J. O. Barnrs. president of thc Bcsincss and Professional Woman's club; Mrs. Lloyd V. wife, president of the local Democratic Women's club: Marcus Evrnrd president- of the Lions club; Russell Phillips, president of the Rotary club; Zal B. Harrison, county judge; C. A. Cunningham, chairman of the Red Cross here, and W j. Wunderlich. president ol the Chamber of Commerce. s™™- S4|200: comuy C0lirt '«'«*. 53.800, assessor, $3,800; t $3,GOO; coroner, Moo. The salaries of Mississippi ( ooiliity' fleers are: county judge. $5,400' sheriff. $5,000 fee limit; circuit court clerk. $3,600; .county court clerk, $3,000; treasurer, $5,000 fee limit; assessor, $3,600, Sberlft Victimized CROCKETT. Tex. iff J. J. Hazlett is ti " vc 10 stole his automo- ccr was sltllng In was parked on the ire, when two mci^ -.'ie called him into a drug store. When he returned his car was gone, so were thc two ihteves. i Administration Studies Possibility of International Agreements WASHINGTON. Jan. 1Q <UP>- PreEldent Roosevelt and administration, experts are exploring the possibility of international acti.-n to control world cotton surpluses, it was learned at the White House loday. The problem, it was said involves means ol obtaining a fair price In (lie world market for all cotton growers through international agreements. . While discussions have not yet reached thc point where overtures have been made to foreign governments, administration experts were described as uerfccling proposals. Today's information came following conferences yesterday In which President Roosevelt discussed the cotton situation, particularly with reference to sales abroad, with Secretary of state Cordell 7Iull. Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, Oscar Johnston, and George N Peek foreign trade advisor. Joe Crai? Acquires 0. W. Lewis Dairy Jfe Oral?, oneralor of Craig's Dairy, has announced the purchase of the herd, trucks and oilier eoulpment of the O. W. Lewis Dairy. Mr. Lewis has been In the dairy business for 19 years. I" the deal, which was completed Monday, Mr. Crai? secured H cows which will bring his own herd to 50. He started In llie r<=Uitl dairy business over a year ago when he took over Bennett's Dairy and ha? steadily increased both his herd and equipment. I School Itecord Broken ! OAKVILLE. Wash. (UP) -For the first time in 51 years dcsceiul- fatied to attend the Garrard Creek elementary school. Lemmon donated the present school property in 1880. nesses, Haupt m a u n's Lawyer Declares FLEMfNOTON. N. J.. Jan. 1G ^liiiv LO imroauce tne confession ^^ —Edward J. Roilly, chief dc- ivhile Ed Rice, Blytheville chiei of fcnse collll;: cl for Bruno Richard uolice, was on the witness stand. IIa "P'i>innn, asserlcd lodav he had It wns read to the Jury over the " titty witnesses" whom ho could objections of defense' counsel who put on tllc stand if he chose lo contended lhat it was not admissi- sllow l!mt Inldor Fiscli. Haupt- Wc for a number of reasons, prin- "'a' 1 "'-' 1 friend, had possession of cipally that Chief Rice could not ™ llsn " 1 ™i"™ say definitely thn t he was present during the entire time (hat tlie . Confession Is Adinlllcd ,. „ — .""• ••"•HV"""I.K - real The state • finally succeeded In Can ProVp It Bv Fifty Wit- °^ r mbc ™ nnd ; netting the confcs-^u of young ,, •> } NUl Board members besl Barnes, purported to have been made in Little' Rock soon after his arrest, into the record this morning. Judge Neil Killoiigii allowed the state to introduce the confession confession was given. Absence of material witnesses proved a serious ha'jjlicau to the FERA Worker Charged With Inciting Violence MARKED TREE, Ark. _ Ward Rogers, Little Rock FERA work- Albert D. Osborn, son of R prevl- "'• wtl ° ^'d his home is in Texas ous witness, today was the seventh alul «'ho has been here about' 30 government, exiwrt/ lo charge the dn >' s as an Instructor was nr writing of the Lindbergh rnnsom restt ''l Tuesday afternoon by Shcr- notes against. Haiiptmann, accus- iff ransom money. SEITE TO POT U. S, IN COURT i> -. , r, l rolocols I rodiclcd as "'" RocnU ,,f Mo cyra - lU'SUlt ol Message Negroes' Hearing Will Await Sheriff's Recovery No heni-ln; for Jim X. Carulii- era nnd "llubber" Olnyton, ncgrora, 1 accused of a series of hold-ups and rhootliujs, will be held until Sher- llf Clarence II. Wilson, one of Ih- vlctlni.i nf (lie pair,. Is dismissed from a Memphis hospital. Wilson was Injunx! when n bul- ,Jlet Ihcd by the negro gunmen broke a glass window of his car, WASHINGTON, Jan. IB (UP>— President Uoosevelt todny lodging in llls c °n«ll"on Is said lo be fair loday and hospital attaches continued contldent llml his eyesight woukl be snved. It was Muted. nejjVoes have teen removed ny rpoiip.i- jjrop.s iavo en removpil ed tlie senate lo put Ihe United (ro "' the county because of In- Stnles Into the World Court - to iimke "Interiintloiml Justice pruc- licablc and serviceable". In » special message Ihe president threw the weight of his In- iliience behind the World court movement, asking early ratification of tho protocols for American adherence. Noting that both Republican and Democratic platforms Imve advo- calcd a voluntary International court. Mr. Roosevelt said Ihis was an "obvloMsly sound and thoroughly American policy". "The sovereignly ol llic United States will be in no way diminished or Jeopardized by such action " the president said. -~ — ,—„,. , ls Inlcrnrilionai rolallotishlpti, when every act is of moment lo (lie future of world peace, thc United Stales hni m central Illinois today Three men were killed nnd three as an were wounded. Three of the Runs opportunity once more to throw Its of four bundlU were captured "'"'"'" '"' - ' - ' No money was obtained Those killed-.-J. c. nundy, cash- T of a bunk here, sliol and Hied; Sheriff aienn Axeltuc. row i weight Into the scale In favor ot peace." Mr. Roosevelt's message save lin- «• **• petus to the most determined killed; • - " ll - HIVAJV nt-'LL'l IlllIICll infivemcnt In years for American ndhcivncc lo the courl Ratincatloii of the protocols at nn early date Is expected generally NRA Board Members Planning to Resign ,' WASHINGTON,. Jan. 1G <UP)- Chairinaii s. clny" Williams and o!,-, leas^;. three other nieintars of the-,NRA board plan to re/lgli 'If congress 1 extcis'Us llie recovery 'act In IU • present form beyond 'Jnfie 1G. It was. learned •authoritatively' tnrmv . .^ today.. .Dissatisfaction over the recover j ~ ' >" >-• -\nv tI:LU% KI i units progress, groir'lrig frictloi. within tlie organization, ahd -Ilie desire to . return to private pursuits were given among-reasons for Ihe .Impending, .resignations ol board members and subordinates Board members besides Wlllln'mr who plan lo resign.arc-said lo be Sldnty Htllman, Arthur D while- side .and Walton Hale Hamilton. Rumors of. Williams' Intended,'j-es- bcen current tor have several weeks. nicd D. Dubord on Information by Deputy Prosecu tar Fred state as it strove to build ui> n ed as the murderer of Charles A. I case that would send Barnes in Lindbergh jr. Pitcocli anrl Wilson Absent «Tote the ransom notes also wrote ------- .-•"• , ---- -•.....-"•"• | « -ui<; me ransom notes also Illness ; of Major J. A Pitcock, 'nauplmann's application for an chief of detectives \of the Little automobile license nnd the "re Rock police department, was a W K barrier for the state to .hurdle, rest. Barnes' confession was given dur- writing, done after Jih ar- a nl ' a at a gathering 500 whites and negroes - - i'lg of what Is known as Ihe Southern Sharecroppers' Un. ion. which lias been sponsored by 55-SsS-j.s ^sy&Esaca el*-a=. i.atas "•i, »i«v....«.«.. 0 -,j i»,ijui L III,U\.F.. vnitnpur nc>irti-ti rnciin^ i * \ t t i""'^ LIjuv^ixci me lana owiipr"! nnf With the latter unable to be pres- 1°^ lhat tt ran'om ™t^ ' kcl>t wuh '» lhc "««"•« did HI, ent, the nrnscnii.inn u-n« fAvro,i in . .. nat lllc ra »£0m notes were :M»M..H -f n...^...r ? . • "• ent the prosecution was forced to fall back on other witnesses lo secure admission of the confession. itfn.for Pltccck's private secretary, who took the statement in short hand, and Chief RJje were used for (hot purpose. Sheriff Clarence H. Wilson, now _'n n Memphis hospital, was also to have been a witness against Barnes, having testified flt his first trial. His absence made It difficult for the prosecution to [race the custody of voun? B.irnra from Ihe time 'of his arrest until after his confession was made. Objections of Roy Nelson of de- tense counsel were placed constantly in the record as the state sought to show that no force or intimidation was used In securing Barnes' confession. An iron bolt, Identified by James Tankersley as one found lying beneath young Martin when he was found, his skull fractured and his ;iiroat cut. In a coin field near Manila, was offered'as an exhibit by the state ihls morning. .Judge of thc testimony of Finger Print Expert Scroggins of the Little Rock police department. Hint prints found on Martin's taxi and In those ot Ihc defendant '" uor that the ransom notes wore A, ', ,, "'n ' ft l» disguised handwriting and that I,.' ChnefU ,h IT!?"' "' the specimens of ihe prisoner's 1 y of thc Soclalls t P" hailrlwrittnw fal-pfi oflrtv l,r~ „..' flns HS. handwriting taken afler his „.rest were also In part disguised. Kendall Berry Buys Local Printing Shop Kendall Berry, proprietor of the 'ho Is secre- larty In Ark- Martineau Will Hear Shank Case January 21 LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 16 (UP) — , . Hearing on .1 motion to dismiss Sentinci, weekly and Job o Martineau , Distrlc| for January 21. The motion was filed by the - ' 11. oiiiuiK. coiiueinnco Ohin printing simp at Manila, has pur-(son slayer, was set loday by c-hascd Ibe plant and equipment ° ~'~'~' ' " ' " ~ of Ihe Franklin Press, job printing shop on South Railroad streat here, and will operate the shop I" the future. John Roney. who has teen with Barry for a number of years and formerly lived here, will be in active charge of the local fhop. Klllough over-ruled objections of defense counsel (o introduction of the exhibit. He said it would be UP to the jury to determine if K was the bolt allegedly used in Ihe killing. ~""i i. lajiuu uuiense att went to ihe federal court. Tax on Cigarettes Profitable to feeling In this section BUTTLES JD!E :, Banker and Robber Slain as Illinois Robbery Is Thwarted LENORE, III., Jan. 1C Deaths End Five-Hour Gun Battle in Florida This Morning WASHINGTON, Jaii. Iti IUP)— Flllcen federal agents shot nnd killed Fred Darker, notorloui gangster, nnd his", elderly machlne- guimliig inothet todny dining &' live-hour eun battle at Oklawaha. Fla., tlic depaitment of Justice announced today ,' There were no pther casunlhes and none of the federal agents was hurt by the bullets fired from the machine guns Cf Barker and hU. mother, the department; said. When Ulb agents bmr.t into Ilia house llioy found Barker dead and •Ma" Barker's body'nearby with" T -machine gun In her "lifeless fingers. Sought Kidnapers mm Atly ' Qcn ' Homcl s - Cummings, (UP)- Edgar s. Hoovci, dhcclor of the sheriff of Marshall county, shot and killed; one unidentified bandit who E5iot and killed himself with a machine gun to evade cnp- "ire. , An attempt, had been made a month ago to hold up the ' state bunk here and elaborate precautions had been taken by authorities and. citizens. ' Consequently suspicion ->was aroused when a stranger was seen (tinkering with an automobile.j b jrij«thpiallc'yi back of the bank -this'-morning;-^ - 9«ls{lyf the village ""•posse > assembled and/surrounded the tank wounded and captured (he Suspect who was: working on" the car .'' : Inside '.they found three bandits wailing-for the-time lock oh - thc ban* vault, to':open. 'The MOSSO charged and Ihe - bandits fled from the rear S56r. Finding their car surrounded they rushed to a near- nf i B ?, r ? B °' f lole an ' au'onioblie and kldnapsd two repairmen ' As tlipy red they stopped long enough to engage .the' posse In another gun duel and take their wounded comrade away from tho oilcers. !„ thc rtllc | ' Bum , j Clint n.,,1 .l.tll.J ....V»J «uo shot and -killed. Tile alarm was broadcast ami 0 , ,_ --- ........ i a SherllT; Axellne started from nearby Mnrshali county lo Intercept the bandits. He met' them on a Ughway nnd was shot 'and killed In a gun battle. Mrs. Maudie Later Dies atOakville, CaL STEEI.E, Afo.-Mrs. Lloyd Booker learned yesterday that, hcrsls- • . Mrs - Miwde Laler. hnd died onday at St. Helena hospital, Oakville. Cal.. after a short III- " ..of (Jocblc pneumonia Mrs. Laicr and her familv were returning to their home at Oakville after a visit here when she contracted a cold. Her condaios was not considered serious until a few hours before her death. Mrs Laler Is the former v Mlss Mnurilc f ' hiS C "- , general, remained in touch with the scene of battle nil moinlng.* Soon nfier the fighting was ovei" They Ihcy nnnounced Ihe resuU. said that, the 15 agents were tramping through tlic countryside near Oktawaha, seeking the suspected kidnapers of Edward Brem- tr, wealthy st Paul Uowei, when at 7 A. M.. (hey approached a house- near Lake \VeIr. Brother of Gang Leader "Suddenly the lesldents ot the house .Iffi.»aii. to fire," said a de- paitment spokesman ('There ensued a gun battle which lasted untl noon.-. Mis. Baiker had a machine-gun u, her hands Part of the drum of bullets had b°en S;<i T ^; co ^fL wi1 ' h** «« r .afternoon. • Barker « es n brollier of (he 110- .lorlous. Arthui R'(Doc) Barker, who,with Alvln Karpls has led ; t - IC - most Tells Lions Club of Trip to Rose Bowl u , Dr - p - A.; Owens, of Armorel, «ho recently ictiirned fiom Pasadena..-Cal. r wheie he vitnessed the"Rose Bowl-football game between Sfnnforcl university and the Un- iversity'of Alabama, was P guest ot the Lions club nt the Hotel' Noble yesterday and iclated some; of the Interesting e\pcrlencss of Ihc trijj nnd the game Tins jiroposetl thrc» per cent salej a\ bill, which Is ,,p before n yers arc In- . Funeral arrangements rc n- complete but it. is probable that burial will be here. She leaves her husband. Whit- f" 'f '». and children, Lahoma, 21, Wilfred, J4, Blltle, II and Patricia Lucille, 3. all of Oakville two brothers, Elmer and Earl Lane' and one . sister, Mrs. Booker, of Sleelc, and one sister. Mrs. Bessie BIzzcJI, of Porlsgevllle, Mo. Button i Man' Hand Fails to Convict ti -•-»«•>., >, £13 uiauusserU^ club went on iccord as not favoring the bill and recommended ich action as to help prevent, its Murray Smart was in charge of the program. ••' Death Calls Again "~f' at Velmer Gof{ Hom'e secoivs death within l& hours in the Velmer Ooff fam-' ily occurred at 8 o'clock this morning when rneta Louise Goff fix weeks old, died at the family home on South Broadway. Her death was attributed to pneumonia. - Brma Ruth Ooff, four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs GofT, died at 8 o'clock Monday morning. Pneumonia was said to have been thc cause of her death. Funeral services were' to have been held at the family home yesterday for Erma Ruth aoff but were transferred to Cobb chapel bscause of the serious illness of her Infant slster» The mother Is'confined-today', principally because of iho shcci'-'- The Rev. Mrs. Eupha E->aslov who officiated at the .wr"i-»?s for jthe older child y«st«rdsy, will rr.'.d funeral services for In&ta Louise i this afternoon. Interment will be 1 made at Maple Grove cemetery. ^ motion was [lied by the made at Maple drove c'cm«terv at onicy general after Shank was CLEVELAND. (UP)-A bullon i The Cobb .Undertaking company " 10 "" 1 '''" Cc " h ' ! " " " to chare —... +u\. i_n,»,Liiii uiiuir ior t - i< " i -"tu vigiiuy in n ( third time December 53. When ">»d. failed to convict freit wii m Pts to stay the execution In lnn«. 24, on a first degree murder court failed defense attorneys charge. g murder John JaiTetfs body, the throat Jashcd, had been fp.untl Oct. 28, ast. In Jnrrett's home. Police who arrested Williams said a button icld In the dead man's hand cor- t»3S responded to buttons on Williams' coat and said one button was Kan. (UP)-Kansas, Hissing from the coat recent years outlawed There was no evidence to dis- charge of funeral >..„,«- mcnts. . . The children are survived by Ihelr parents, a brother, La Verne, and a sister. Bonnie Lynn. sponded. Defense counsel objected to the evidence on ; thc ground n'»i J ! l° ,? l§fellda "t wns rciulred .uversmio errors would f to gne testimony against himself, way Into the proceedings, w. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Rain, cooler in west portion tonight. Thursday partly cloudy, cooler. Memphis and Vicinity—Occasional light rains tonight and Thurs- Smith, his assistant, apparently desiring to make certain that no errors \vould find Ihelr ........t, fcui* uuuawea IIILTC was no evidence trt dl<:- »i u i,; . .. , , ' Ww iu , C ' Barctlcs ' Collecl€d provc w " Uflms ' «Wm that he Sav cow r'Th^dlv" S This wnf 011 , thcm Inst button had been ripped from hlsj ' CM " Thurjda >' / nvlr'M .?" 'V, 0rease ot coat ma »y days prior to the mur- The maximum temper&W here over tne tax collecl«l the.der <md no witness to the killing.'yesterday was 42, minimum 38 (Common Pleas Judge George p. cloudy with .04 of an Inch rain. $342626 over' r- t> evious venr llic bask

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