The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on November 3, 1918 · Page 8
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · Page 8

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1918
Page 8
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*AQ1 IIQHT 9 ATLANTA, 0/U SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8, Wl. SITUATION WANTED — Male AUTOMOBILES Situation Wanted— Female HOTEL CLERK— Woman with executive ability, hotel experience sad good P«r - sonallty position as clerk or wilt. mat manager In southern hotol daring win - xf ^*?&g%Tr£a£~ J - » «• i REFINED, middle - aged widow Irishes po - ' sltlon as companion or matron In inntitu - j tlon. References. Address S - 20«, Const. ! COLLEGE gradual? and teacher with executive ability desires clerical work; have had business experience; can use typewriter: am capable of answering mall wlth out dictation. T. A. C. Box 00, Const BUSINESS CHANCES FOR SALE — Five shares stock Bank of East Point Make^est offer. C. C. Fouts, Middletown, Ohio. GEORGE WARE REAL ESTATE AND BUSINESS BROKER, 721 - 14 - 11 ATL. NATL BANK. MAIN 1706. ATLANTA IMS. $2 000 °tfle* DumMa - eoltable for man money. Clearing over and above all expenses lite to 1350 per month. Will accept half cash from responsible party.. aOVVTirOr MENS AND BOYS' CLOTH OA I^LaTA - INO AND LADIES' SKIRTS. Well bought and well assorted. Will seU for II par cent discount for cash. Will ln - TO BUT OR SELL A BUSINESS Ask GEORGE WARE appliance that will i 18.000. Addreaa S - 2 J building, 150 h. p. 1918 CADILLAC EIGHT, 7 - PASS. 1917 CADILLAC EIGHT, 7 - PASS. 1916 CADILLAC EIGHT, 7 - PASS. 1917 HUDSON SEDAN. 1918 NATIONAL SIX, 7 PASS. 1918 KISSEL 5 - PASS. 1918 STUDEBAKER SIX 5 - PASS. FORD DELIVERY WAGON. THE ATLANTA CADILLAC CO. 183 Peachtree St. I. 2233 WE HAVE WHITE 6 - CYLLN DER CHASSIS FOR AMBULANCE OR HEARSE BODY. THE WHITE CO., 65 IVY STREET. WANTED — DEALERS FOR THE AMERI BUILDING. ATLANTA. GA^ CANDLER LIGHTFOOT'S. Pet. ONCE. NOT IN OPERATION NOW. NO OPPOSITION. WRITE A. B. HAMILTON. ESSEX - PAIGE NEW CAR $iooo Less List Price. USED GAR CLEARING HOUSE 181 MARIETTA ST. FOR SALE— Fres AddresB B. - 180, Constitution »2. List free. South - prostate disorders to rid themselvi Jy^at home without^ druga^ diet or 1917 .FORD DELIVERY CAR, EXCELLENT CON DITION, $150; WITH PAN EL BODY, COMPLETE, $500. FRENCH - POWELL MOTOR SALES CO;, 184 FtiAUHTKUE STREET. STEEL RAILS f CAPITAL— Do : legitimate proposition TWO 1917 2 - TON SUPERIOR _ TRUCKS, NEW PRICE $2,2oo. TRADED IN FOR FEDERAL TRUCKS. $8?o EACH. ONE i - TON SUPERIOR I TRUCK. $750. ! THESE TRUCKS ARE COMPLETE WITH CABS AND I BODIES, AND IN JUST AS i GOOD CONDITION AS THEY j EVER WERE. I BRIGMAN MOTORS CO.. 1 491 WHITEHALL STREET. AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES Ford Cars When ypu think of Ford Think of Bussey. A few 1917 and 1918 Touring Cars in first - class condition. | Also ' New Sedan, Touring and Roadster Bodies. See us before buying. David T. Bussey 188 Peachtree Street. Ivy 360 USED CARS Honesty Pays Large Dividends. Standard Makes Only WILLYS - OVERLAND, inc. Used Car Department 451 - 458 PEACHTREE ST. SRLAND ^ FORD Steams - Knight Light "4" :ON DODGE WILLYS - KNIGHT Ford Tops Ready to Set On OTHER TOPS MADE TO ORDER Automobile Tops, Upholstery, Auto Paints and Varnishes, Repainting and Ref lnishing. WALKER ROOFING CO. 273 MARIETTA ST. MAIN 2917, MAIN 4075. imsidered. state building, Chicago. MEDICINE manufacturer about to Incorporate wants partner to Invest (or a number of sharss anfl to act^ as secretary and MedMne^SB* etouth^Pryo^stteet Atlanta power attachment and auto feed grinder for Ford cars, concrete mixer, good saw, pump Jack, seed corn sorter, concrete fence post melds and other necessities needed by farm era. Would consider application of an Individual If situated so as to establish and maintain a Belling" organization, and have sufficient capital to finance his own busl - naTbeen'on the "arket for two* Tears. Give ACCOUNT DISSOLVING i PARTNERSHIP WILL j SELL THE FOLLOWING TO 'CLEAN UP: ONE 1 TO i% i TON WORM DRIVE TRUCK, ! CONTINENTAL MOTOR j TIMKEN BEARINGS; ONE 6 - iTON FRUEHAUF SEMI - j TRAILER WITH MARTIN j ROCKING FIFTH WHEEL, j SEE WM. C. OAKES 246 PEACHTREE ST. IVY 2339. USED CARS AND TRUCKS U17 Big SU Bulck "'sto'vO 1916 Bulck" 'Touring '.". '.'.'.'.'.' 850.00 1917 Willys - Knight Touring 250.00 1918 Smith Form - a - Truck, furniture 1918 Smith Porm - 'a - Truck. bus body 525.00 tory^rfce^lTOO^our price .. 1915 Chandler, good condition 528.00 1914 Mitchell Roadster : New 1918 Ford Touring < 1915 Ford Touring '■ 1912 Cadillac Touring ■ 1912 Cadillac Cut - Down 1916 Hudson Super - Six 750.00 1918 Paige TourIng_ MStXX 1917 Ford Touring 485.00 1917 Studebaker Six 700.00 1915 Overland Touring^ 425 00 1917 Saxon Six 685.00 H4 - Ton Ford Trailer, factday price (225, our price 100.00 1918 Elgin Six Touring 8 1915 Bulck Roadster 2' 1917 Maxwell ^Coupe 71 CadJnJ^ CuJ - o'own |< IS* 4*MaxweH^Tourini" '. II 1917 Cole 2 1.0< 1915 National [7////.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 4! USED CAE CLEARING HOUSE INVENTORS i ventors. Wo Membership sc Bldg.. •at sharss of Woods Mol MUSIC AND DANCING LANE *S Sic OPEN DAT AND •FOR SALE — 2 - TON SUPE RIOR SIX MONTHS OLD, PRACTICALLY NEW, OWN I ER PURCHASED LARGER I TRUCK AND WILL SELL UnhAr. G R A M M - BERNSTEIN — GOOD SHAPE— BARGAIN. FORD LIGHT DELIVERY WITH RUNABOUT BODY. SOUTHERN MOTOR CAR CO. 246 PEACHTREE ST. Bargains in Used Cars ilillac 8, 6 - K. 1917, 4 - passenger, a timers Master 6. 5 - passenger JOHN LOTTRLDGE MOTOR SALES CO. LIMITED number r - ould bo advtaab sell for 1100. Tel. BRED TO REGISTERED - SHORTHORJ BULLS* AND YOUNG HEIFERS NOT ORED TO REGISTERED BOARS. PIGS BTOCKER HOGS, PO - BRED TO REGISTERED BOARDS. PIGS Sleepy Hollow Farm. R. 8, Richland. Ga. FOR SALE — One J. K. Sblppey & Bro FOR 8ALK — T. COWS 2? HOLSTEIN HEIFER AND BULL CALVES OUT OF HIGH PRODUCING HIGH GRADE COWS AND SIRED BY REGISTERED BULLS. PRICES RIGHT FOR QUICK SALE. LORING BROWN, BOX 541. TEL. HEM. 6c,i - L, ATLANTA, GA. REGISTERED Shorthorn cows and calves. Sneddon Farms, Raymond. Ga. HOG*. W. B. TURLEY thoroughbr'ed^ke'ntuckt RED BERKSHIRE HOGS, ■took for Sals at All Ages. Kentucky Red Berkshires. Choice Stock for Sale. R T. BRUCE, STANFORD. KT. each or MS par pair. Teeter A Lockheart 1917 REO TOURING. 1918 LITTLE 6 PAIGE. DODGE TOURING, PRACTICALLY NEW. GEORGIA VELIE SALES CO. 457 PEACHTREE ST. IVY 2713 FORD CARS. USED CAR DEPARTMENT BELLE ISLE 380 PEACHTREE ST. 1916 8 - CYLINDER CADILLAC IN FINE CONDITION. CALL FRANK STEINHAUER, IVY - 7841. USED CARS — BUT NOT ABUSED CARS WE iave on hand s number of antog in splendid condition and ths prices on them will meet with your approval. Drop out and look them over. APPERSON SHOW ROOMS 239 Peachtree St. Ivy 6704. BUICK, 1918 MODEL, 4 CYLINDER, TOURING CAR, IN A - l CONDITION. GOOD TIRE ON EVERY WHEEL. H. WILENSKY & SONS CO - 25 SOUTH FORSYTH STREET. ONE HUNDRED ELCAR AUTOMOBILES FOR THE DEALER WHO REALIZES THE SITUATION AND CAN FINANCE AUTOMOBILES. SPECIFICATIONS : FORTY - HORSEPOWER RED .SEAL OONTI - "SHTAJ, MOTOR, BORO - A BECK CLUTCH. ST ROMBERG CARBURETER, STEWART VACUUM; WHEELBASE lit ELCAR MOTOR SALES COMPANY) CANDLER BUILDING. ATLANTA. MAXWELL COUPE— 16 model, splendid engine, good shape. S26H. quick sale. Ivy r Liberty Bonds. Call Iv) FOR SALE — Seve FORD TRUCK. I lough road, oppoili TJON, ONLY RUN 6,000 MILES. PRICE ADDRESS M'DONOUGH, VOULD YOU 1! USED Fords. 1917 Touring Moc mmedlate delivery. Carload a J. Doyle. Detroit. Mich. CHEVROLET. MODEL 4*0. 1918, IN SPLENDID RUNNING CONDITION. THIS CAR IS * BARGAIN FOR ANYONE DESIRING LIGHT WEIGHT S - PA8SEN OER CAR. ADDRESS "NEELY." BOX SEE Mot o? Co°t°37»rp< k bargains. Tegds; BARGAINS IN USED CARS AND TRUCKS SOUTHERN MOTOR CAR CO.. 248 PEACHTREE STREET. Place. Ivy 6140. elin Garage, 16 Porter FOR SALE— Seven - « - cylinder >d running order; Just service. Call Mr. CrU - : " HOMASTON. OA. i CARS— When you I FOR SALE— Bulcl HLLL - HOLDEN CO. USED CARS 247 Peachtree St Ivy 1694 1—18 - 6 7 - nassenger Studebaker with wire wheels $1,150 1—18 - 4 7 - pass. Willys - Knight . . $1,350 1—18 - 6 7 - Dasseneer Studebaker Touring Car . . . * $1,250 1—17 - 6 7 - Dasseuger Studebaker Touring Car $ 860 1—16 - 6 7 - passenger Studebaker Touring Car $ 700 1 — 15 - 4 5 - passenger Studebaker Touring Car $ 500 1—15 - 4 3 - passenger Studebaker Roadster $ 450 1—14 - 4 5 - passenger Studebaker light . . $ 425 1—15 - 6 5 - passenger Chandler . . $ 600 AUTOMOBILES FAN - FLAME SPARK PLUGS. The New Spark Plug Introductory sale of the NEW FAN FLAME. SELF - CLEANING, GAS - REDUC - ona - polat s^M ^a^a^^rrom th e days jit with the NEW BASIC PRINCIPLE ROTAT ING FAN - FLAM td AUCTION SALES paramount SPARK PLUG troubles, from next arises, why Is this truer Tho ■ a ■ old as ras enclnea. The nrob - lem of creating proper FIRE - SPARK from the stationary one - point spark - gap, the original system so long employed. In fact, NOT compressed vaporised gas when reduce hlch the least Informed know U the a BASIC PRINCIPLE FAN - FLAME ■ The 'nick >lvod the GREAT PROBLEM. needle - point spark - the flow of gasoline, and necessitates the to year, "AN OVERRICH MIX VAPORIZED GAS." In order to bring about "quick combustion" with so little LEANER MIXTURE (go as to overcome car 1° "P* wm undertake. HE KNOWS THE RESt AT AUCTION LARGE assortment of new and used furniture, con sisting of dining room suites, ; tine bedroom suites m walnut, mahogany and old ivory: fiber reed rurmrure, cane back velour living room suite, also two in leather; library tables, twin and three quarter beds, brass beds, dressers; fine lot of rockers, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, Cadet heater, dining tables, chairs, brass beds, springs, felt mattresses, pillows, blankets, Crex, Ax - minster, Brussels and Wilton art squares; rugs, hall runners, lmoleum, jarde - nieres, cut glass, etc., to the highest bidder Tuesday at 10:30 a. m. CENTRAL AUCTION CO., 10 - 12 E. Mitchell St. , FOR SAIX— Mi»cell«neo«» JELLICO COAL I STEAM, water and hot air furnace prspara - Atlanta yard. . Born - Well Jellies Coal Company. - ell Main 1S6T o k sausage, Chnrngold butter, conn - REDUCE ths floe h the carbureter folly counts for the disappearance of CARBON on the tiring points at all times. The element of toot and oil la thrown oft by the ROTATING FAN, and your engine Is now ach. EVERY FAN XIVE GUARANTEE, (MADE IN THE - UNITED FLAME spark plug Is sold under a POS1 if adjust GA80LINE 18 HIGH AND GO - STATES). THOUSAND AND MORE SOLD IN BIR - :alled to local i nta, whereby eaning plug dire mmeree building. FORD CARS SEVERAL 1917 - 1M8 Ford Tourings, Roadsters, and Sedans, all in good condition, at bargain prices. New Touring and Roadster bodies. Commercial bodies any style. BEAUDRY MOTOR CO. 169 - 171 Marietta Street Be sure and see oar used cars before buying. 1918 Scripps - Bootta s - eylinder, 4 - pass. (practically new). 1915 Cadillac Coupe. Just out of paint 1917 Stearns 8 - cyllnder, 7 - paasenger. 1917 Ford Sedan, starter and full equipment. 1915 Paige Touring Car. 2 - Ton Quad Truck, almost new. All the above cars in good mechanical condition. CAUTHORN CO. 375 Peachtree st. Ivy 7500. R. M. Sutherlin, Southern General Agent, Fan - Flame 8park Plug Co., Inc Yonken.. New York, t fire spark plugs. Th< STEAM VULCANIZING. 8TEAM VULCANIZING CO., 87 Walton st. New and used tires. Work guaranteed. J. T. Boring — G. W. McColIum. MISCELLANEOUS. DON'T PAINT YOUR CAR Have It Slmonlsed at Peach's and Baker Sta CHEAPER. QUICKER BETTER IVY Hit NEW CROP 3a. C a D. I la per pound. I. o. b. Parrott. i with order. J. HARD coal base - b FURNITURE — For Sale DIXIE FURNITURE CO. 87 S. FORSYTH ST. WILL SELL MONDAY 147.50 Oil Cook Stove I29.5* 115.00 All - Cotton Mattress s.50 IJ5.00 Leather Couch 17.5* 115.00 Wool Fiber Ruga ixir ...... 9.B0 117.50 Crex Rugs. »xl2 11.60 142.50 Low Base Dresser 27.60 AND A THOUSAND OTHER BARGAINS. FURNITURE BARGAINS CHIFFONIER go.00 100 OTHER ARTICLES HALF PRICE SWIFT FURNITURE CO., 15 E. MITCHELL 8T. MACHINERY— For Sale BARGAINS In several good second - han< gasoline engines: h.p. Hagan. 2 h.p International Vortical and 14, h - p. Fair banks - Morse gasoline engines; 2 h.p. Melt: A Weiss kerosene engine. Call Main (98 car. (15. 7 - pass., 118. at 11 Gordon st GASOLINE PUMPS AND TANKS. Gasoline Pumps and Tanks, Lubricating Oil Equipment. DOUBLE an* single action pumps, something different. For quick, efficient service, built to last longer, than the ordinary pumps, heavy, substantial and very attrac tive profit pay fee your outfit The American Oil Pump & Tank Co. Factory, Cincinnati, Ohio. SEAT COVERS — WALKER ROOFING CO., S73 MARIETTA ST. M. 2M7. M. 4075. FOR SALE— Tra 28 - inch saw and FEED GRINDERS with greater eapaclty FOR SALE — Miscellaneous The New Spark Plug, THE finishing touch on all autoe— the new basic self - cleaning, gas - reducing FAN - FLAMB spark plugs. A thousand references for tho asking. "The proof of thi FOR SALE— A Dort f C^a.1 FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE— One Chalmera 1,17 model, six - cylinder roadster. Will sell for cash or exchange for tighter roadster. Apply before 10 o'clock Monday morn Fords %S£±?S3> trgaln. 12 Walton Tjms Plu,«'"«" touring ear, flrst - olass KJbUcondltlon. Owner will sell for half Call Ivy 7211 or address Box S - 2K, Con - USED CAR CLEARING HOUSE. c Eiectric; good condl USED CARS $Z™. APPERSON SHOW USED CARS Si^V.^f« - : USED CARS Sole • Co.. 44 E. North a Used Cars gggggjg^gj^ USED Js^sachtree^rMt140'0" have been appolntsd lond Goodrich distrlbut We have a splttidld ages offer garages, merchants s of the Dla - proposltlon to rooted. Writs or wire us promptly. McPHERSON RUBBER CO. Atlanta, Ga., Store. 24 N. Forsyth Street Birmingham. Ala.. Store. 2112 First Ave. SUPPLIES AND ACCESSORIES WIRE WHEELS 4*2 WHITEHALL ST. to apply. $» to 120: parcels postpaid. Seat AUTO TOPS, 8EAT COVERS, SLIP ON, headlights. Frank Lester, 166 Whitehall. THE ROCKWAT AUTOMATIC F - O - R - D S - T - A - R - T - E - R - S O - U - A - R - A - N - T - E - E - D Dealers Appointed by A FULL STOCK ON HAND. JENKINS VULCAN SPRING CC lied. 120 Edgewood. Atl. phone 1620. AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING. JOHN M. SMITH CO. AUTOMOBILE COACH WORK CARS REPAINTED Tops recovered and repaired. Wheels, springs and axles repaired. 120 - 122 - 124 AUBURN AVE. ayth street Main 22. ELECTRIC REPAIRING. OFFICIAL SERVICE ALL makes of electrlo starters, generators, magnetos, carburetors and Igniters re Southern Ante - and Equipment Co. lil S. FORSTTH ST.. ATLANTA OA. Atlanta. GUI s< EXPERT RADIATOR REPAIRING. RADIATOR REPAIR CO., Calvin Bush. Jr. All kinds of radiators; expert mechanics. MOTORCYCLES bonds or good gasoline HORSES AND VEHICLES. PAIR bay mar. mules, « years old, weight 1,000 lbe. each, 1260 ; pair young mulea 1276 ; largo pair, ( years old. weight 1.250 each. 2400; pair mulea, 2140 for the pair. Wo this week, shippers take notice. This stock right out of work: trucks taken their placea Vlttur's Stablea 127 Walton St. FOR SALE— Pair young red hay mare 2S0. worth 2600. Car FOR SALE— Pair fin. Belgium sorrel mares. 4 and 6 years old; olty Broke, acclimated. Tory gentle. Vlttur's Stables, ATLANTA AUTO MART. gala for cash. 249 Marietta s 20 HEAD single and double work horses for sale; 2 ponies, 2 saddle horses, har - falr ^ grounds. ^Oscjir^Boyara^g 1 HORSES and moles at low prices. Vlttur's Stables. 227 Walton St 3 USED FLOOR CASES PLATE GLASS. STOVALL SHOW CASE & MFG. CO., 69 COUNTERS and showcases. O: account of our removal t larger store and consolidation of the retail and wholesale depart ments under one roof, we offer at low prices a large number of counters ana showcases that have been used in the old stores. Clure 5c and 10c Company. See Mr.'E. P_ Lewis, 47 South Broad street. Several counters , FLOURNOY HOUSE, WRECKING BERVICM haa Instructed u r deslgna These c cases. Write for prices and catalogs. CARDER PIANO CO., Factory Distributors llet A. Davis. Hardman and Conwa lanoa> SO N. Pryor St Opposite Lowry for Atlanta, property. Mainspring MuetDu?t,?°'ir4.wg.achtr^ ANTI - FLU vents Influenaa. 25c Bottle. JACKSON DRUG CO. FOR FURNITURE BARGAINS Boorstein's, 22 N. Pryor st New a furniture, stoves, ranges, rugs, i 1 Wales t bank wffle carriage adding lographer's desk and chair i t top desk and chair 4 ^keeper's desk and chair 1 tional letter ' file 'with " card liidei th. above Is in f lrst - class' "eonditloi cally new. P. B. ANDREWS. Agent, ither - variety; killed t I P. O. Box 278. TOBACCO — Best grade of I L Dresden. Tenn. FOR SALE— 1 I FOR SALE— Dixie Standard • FOR SAL45— Detn 2 - ply paper roof - SCALES - SAFES^6 - 60 - INCH OAK f ? desk. 21S. «2I For - TEAMS FOR HEAVY HAULINQ. h Call Decatur «>0 Monday FOR SALE— Burroughs i kinds for 100 people; Rogfrs or room 3 WANTED — Miscellaneous WANTED — Second - hand furni ture, stoves, ranges, gas stoves, heaters, refrigerators, etc. Won der Furniture Co., Main 1157. 20 East Mitchell street. FURNITURE ^0°uLs„so^ GOODS, INFANT QUANTITIES. BOUGHT AT HIGHEST CASH PRirES SWIFT FURNITURE CO. 17 E. MITCHELL— MAIN 2769. WE BUYoSffc furnftufe9; FURNITURE, STOVES and HOUSE FURNISHINGS BOUGHT FOR CASH, GIBSON FURNITURE EXCHANGE. 23 E. MITCHELL ST. MAIN 4M7. Make best prlco t FUR NITUi^.E "antei Oish w5»ltln« FURNITURE l,uu^%a1^I WANTED— Folding WANTED— 10.01 WANTED— Moc BOARDS. CHINA CLOSETS, RANGES, " : "C. M. J.." ears Con DRESSMAKING HEMSTITCH^ MONEY — On Real Estate MONTHLY MONEY TO LEND ON ATLANTA 'AND NEAR - BY REAL ESTATE. PAYABLE $2.16 PER MONTH ON THE $ioo, WHICH INCLUDES INTEREST. NO DELAY, MONEY HERE. BROWN - FOSTER REALTY COMPANY, 210 FLATIRON BUILDING. LOANS afaderpromptiy. MARVIN R. M 'CLATCHE Y CANDLER BLDG.. ATLANTA. OA. LONG TIME LOANS AT LOW RATES On Improved Farms, Residential PAN - AMERICAN LIFE INS. CO.. MONEY TO LEND AT f TO 7 PER CENT GIA. IVY 5«78 » TRUST COMPANY OF GEOR - AT S, « and 7 per cent city improved prop - MONEY TO LOAN Prompt and TURMAN & CALHOUN. EMPIRE BLDG. Li MAKE far loans In Campbell, Claj it 6* and'l per cent Writs ma R. o. Cliff C. Hatcher Insurance Aircv. LOAN AGENTS for Investors" Savings Com. al estate, payable monthly. See" Bex.0 a ooney, 221 Grant building. MONEY TO LEND, first or second mortgages, on ;ion. J. S. SUcer. 81 N. Forsyth. L 1240. Bank bonding. FARM MONi 1204 Third National IARSON. 414 EMPIRE BLDG. LOANS made promptly, o, 7 and J per cent 21.25. Phone Ivy 12S6 - J. Gallahar Parlors, ! Connally building. Main 2240. 1 estate. Smith A

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