The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1955
Page 7
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TUKSDAY, NOVEMBER 1.5, 19."5 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Farmers, GOP Politicians Are Singing 'Benson Blues' Ily OVID A. MARTIN Associated Press Farm Reporter WASHINGTON' (AP) —- "I've got a bad case of the Benson blues." Tliese were lite words farmer Robert Lee of Larimore, N. B., used to put across at a recent Senate Agriculture Committee hearing how he felt about Secretary of Agriculture Benson and (he Eisenhower administration farm program. Are Margaret and Jersey Governor Getting Serious? A lot of farmers — and Republi can politicians as well—have the same kind of blues if what they told the senators at more than a dozen heannqs t major farming areas _ and newsmen in interviews _ is an accurate Range. The most outspoken criticism of Benson was voiced at hearings in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Oregon and Texas. It was generally sharpest and most frequent in areas where the National Farmers' Union is strongest. This farm organization has lonfi been critical of Republican farm policies. It has been closely associated with Democratic policies and leaders. Charles P. Brannan. secretary of agriculture under President Truman, is a top official. Seldom Mentioned But In states like Iowa, C or-j nia, Indiana and Ohio, where the rival Farm Bureau Federation is strong, Benson seldom was mentioned by farmer witnesses. Questioned on the side, most farmers would say the GOP farm chief was not very popular "out my way," Many farmers would say they admired Benson fir his "sincerity, honesty and courage in standing among ousmess ana pioicssiomnj Mm u,miv pm" n....*.. — 'men and white collar workers inif arm crs would be required to take urban areas. I . un jf orrn percentage of their land Little Moral Support , ' Benson was given little moral out of production, support by members of his own party among the committeemen nt the hearings. His only outright defense came from Sen. Holland, a Florida Democrat. Republican Senators Thyc (Minn), Young (ND> and Mundt (SD) were more aggressive than TRENTON, N.J. (/Pi—The burning question about the New Jersey Slat* House these days is whether Gov. Robert B. •Meyner, handsome bachelor, and Margaret Truman are serious about each other. Mi-ynor will admit no courtship with 'the daughter of former President H-.rry S. Truman. Nor will she be drown out by questions concerning Meynor. But, to the romantic minded, all the signs ore visible. The two have danced togetner, gone to dinner and the theater, visited each other, and attended the Princ-'ton-Yale football game Sal- uary 1953, lie has not been known to date anyone but MarBiiret. He has never hern married. Matuaret, 31, has had sevcial other escorts. W A It N I N O ORDER IN TIIK MUNICH',U. COURT, CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSII-1'I (.'Ol'.N'TY, ARKANSAS Glen Teasue and Louise Tcague. It van that football came that In- crraKfd the speculation. On tiic way to Palmer Stadium in Princclon, Meyntr and Margaret stopped off to loo',; at Morven, the colniiial mansion that will become- - - •• • the Rovornor's official residence ,n; doiiiK business as league Radio- a few months. | TV Supply, Pltis. vs. No. Frisco Tnm^porta'ion Company; Hickok ElrnlrirM Instrument Co.; Baltimore & Ohio Railroad . Company. IMts. HP says that Margaret is' "" and "unspoiled" despite Mfvner gets irritable when he is asked iiVjiMit the dates with Margaret. He says they are his private business. The defendants, Frisco Transportation Co., Hickok Electrical In.. the fact that she's a former press- i su-umeni Co., and Baltimore and ' ., dent's daughter and a stage, radio i Ohio Railroad Co., are hereby warned to appear within thir'y days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Glen Teague and Louise Teage d/b/a Teague Radio-TV Supply. Dated this 5th day of November, 1955. SKAL By W. I. MAUN, CLERK. Claude F. Cooper, ally, for pltfs. Ed B, Cook, atty. ad. litem. 11/8-15-22-20 and television personality. Sinn' he became governor in Jan- 1 W A R N I N O ORDER IN THE ClIANCKItV COl'KT, CHICK AS AWHA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COt.'XTy, ARKANSAS Hattir- Tucker. Plif. vs. No. 13,143 Jess U. Tucker. Dft. The defendant, Jess U. Tucker, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption .hereof and answer cosr.pUtint of the plaintiff, Hattie Tucker. Dated this 3rd day of November, 1955. SEAL OERALDINB LISTON. Clerk. By OPAL DOYLE, D.C. Claude F. Cooper. Atty. Ed B. Cook, Atty. Ad. Lltem. 11/8-15-22-29 Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat. tnin, liivigh or sncww without f.'iir of inst'Curti fake teeth dropping, -•.ItppltiB or wobbling. FASTEETH •icilds plau-s firmer n"d more coni- ortubly. TUls pleri-saut powder 1ms no •.vimmy. gooey, pasty ift.ste or fueling, lotisn't f.A\isQ nausea. It's alkaline < non-nckl). Checks "plate odor" •demure breinh). Get FASTEETH at most Democratic senators in attempting — during cross-examination o! farmer witnesses — to point considered to be present programs out what they weaknesses in and policies. All three o! these senators are opposed to flexible price supports, a basic feature of the administration farm program. strong tendenc to associate th There was a among farmers flexible support program most often was referred to as the "sliding scale" — with Benson rather than with President Eisen hower. Much of the farmer criticism of Benson — even in more conservative farming areas — reflects a feeling that flexible supports will to be not do tne 3ob wmcn j the y claims they will do. up for what he believed to bl not. do the job which the secreta right." But they would add ..... did not believe his policies offered much hope for farmers in a farm situation dominated, they said, by surpluses and overproduction. Local and state Republican leaders would not allow themselves to ry Produce More Farmer-critics contend that In times of surpluses of most prod- be quoted by name. But most of those interviewed expressed a belief that the party would lose heavily in farm states if Benson continued as secretary. On the other hand, strong support for the secretary was found nets, such as now, farmers actually tend to produce more rather than less when price supports are lowered. They say the farmer's__re- Virginia Plans Program to Fight Race Intergration action is to grow more to offse the effects of lower prices. Many find fault with Benson be cause he set up and then withdrew measures designed to prevent thr diversion of surplus wheat, corn cotton, rice and peanut land intc the production of other crops thii year. Ben-son has emphasized a need for farmers to become more efficient. Some farmers have inter preted this as indicating that thi secretary believes that all "small and less-efficient farmers shoulc be squeezed out of farming." Many blame him for this yeai RICHMOND. Va. l.fl—Cov. Thomas B. Stanley has set in motion a .. program intended to prevent com- j sharp drop in hog prices. They say pnlsory integration of the races in ne encouraged an *overproduc Virginia's public schools. As the first step, he called , special session of the State Legisla- rela- ture for Nov. 30 to act on legislation providing for a constitutional refer- ^ endum. If the General Assembly t ivlly"high at the time, many farm adopts a proposed bill, the elector-' •- '_-_.. „,«,.„ h*™* in fmar ate will be asked to vote on whether tion" of livestock feed grains las year that was followed by a further drop in grain prices. Overproduction Because hog prices were constitutional convention should be held to amend the state constitution so that public money may be used in financing the private schooling of Virginia children. Swanky Picket's Settle Strike NEW YORK W — The world's best-paid strikers last night unanimously ratified their first contract with the world's richest corporation. Their union said they got what they wanted. Eighty-four New York area salesmen with an average yearly income of $17,000 — and some reaching $40,000 — struck the CadUlac Division of General Motors Corp. Oct. 27. A spokesman for the AFL International Brotherhood of Teamsters said the contract provides for no discharge except for cause, no transmers, layoffs on a seniority basis, a 40-hour week and a guaranteed commission of S100 per sale. i er's 'produced more hogs to feed the grain to rather than sell it The result wa.s an overproduction of hogs and the big; decline in prices when the hogs reached m fcet size this year. Earlier in the present administration, Benson policies had strong backing from the American Farm Bureau Federation. The Senate Comlttee hearings showed thai many Farm Bureau members do not now believe his policies are adequate. While willing to stick with Hex ihle .supports, these farmers am lenders say new measures are needed. Many of them are advocating a MRS. GENE HILL, Denver, Colo., says: "I havo faith in St. Joseph Aipitin For Children. No need to cut tablets. I'm suro of giving dos~ age QB doctor orders." ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHIIDREH Kiss tight Financial Sgots ;< •Gopdby.';.-, save Kith us where saving really pays ! , ,.K PREPARED against the uncettointies of the future. Save regularly o part of all you con, where your savings • will do well. Money saved .with us earns a liberal return ... and with insured safety! Open yout account today and kiss those tight financial piedicoments goodbye... 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