The Courier News from ,  on April 12, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from , · Page 5

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Monday, April 12, 1937
Page 5
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J10NDAY, APRIL 12, 1937 BI/miEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Around the Clock ."Wi No. 1 WAKE UP! ; s Their Busy DaylsFun From Start (Copyright, 1537, XKA Service, nursery as the Dionne quintuplets rise at 6:30 to greet n \ Whoa, there! Yvonne hits Five mischievous morning faces brighten the new clay. Here Annette, Emilie, Cecile, Marie and Yvonne are Inviting you into the nursery to pass :ui f bumped her shin and is deciding entire day with them and see how they make happy hours fly. Annette, left, is already full of devilment, but (he others arc eagerly curious about the day's events—and perhaps still just a mite sleepy! whether to cry or not. ! laugh wins out, for- But a the wnrk of which he had shown himself capable. When the case was heard before the labor board the A. P. challenged 'the "jurisdiction of the board. ' It offered no counter evidence. ' Ordered Watson Kcinstatcil The labor board found that Watson's discharge was for guild activities. It ordered him reinstated with back pay. directed the association to "cease and desist" from discrimination against guild members, and ordered notice to that eflcct pasted by the A. P. .. T/ie Associated Press informed the board'it-would not comply. In' accordance with legal procedure , - . . , of the act the board applied to the ° f ^Sna, Labor. Relations I ~o« ~ ^ «* Board, created to administer the the (Continued l-rpin Paee 1) imion representatives chosen by: a majority, 'of employes of any unit shall ;be -the exclusive : collective bargaining , represent a,ti,ves of all employes in matters of pay fates. wages; '-hours, or other conditions A moment later here's Yvonne ,300! she cries, and at her signal the whole troupe of laughing Htllo gills follows hoi to the dooi Marie, again, sporting (lie gayest of grins j Emilie, and Annette join Yvotmc In the raltl on the enticing world that beckons bejond the door pt as she scouts prospects for break- j Hie sleeping .room, And are they wUle-nwnkc now? Just lake a look at HID animation nnd< Joy'-that f " KU '""= C(mtls clcnr ' s °- ! "Bhts »1> the faces of these quiiis! "Here we come!"'they cry, "For another wonderful, happy dayT It achieved this reason of the fact as a test case for act, \vas given the power to determine which should be the appropriate unit, craft, plant or employer for the purpose of collective bargaining. The board, Following argument bsfore the New York federal bench, a ruling plied to the bus company. Wliile these cases were regarded by the administration as being clearly interstate commerce, the Jones &,Laughlin case was regarded as even more important from the viewpoint of labor and industry. distinction by that it serves ths vast steel industry, on which John L. Lewis is centering his C. I. O. drive. Steel Case Different The. steel case involved the question of the extent of federal power over widellung ;; industries where -vast integrated .Companies' produic their own raw materials and, in some cases, own transportation lines for tlie transportation of these materials. Th2 government asserted a strike of major proportion in the stesl industry would seriously ailect interstate commerce. Solicitor General Stanley Reed recalled during was filed \vilh the Fifth Circuit C'onrt of Appeals. "•• ' The discharged employes were members of Beaver Valley Lodge No. 208, Amalgamated Association I York set the board's order aside of Iron, steel and Tin Workers, of | on grounds It exceeded Congress's ,„ ri%i\i to regulate commerce. All these cases were argued before the Supreme Court during the week of Feb. 8. tlsl after a complaint was made | with operating a truck nnil trailer by the Amalgamated Clothing! without licenses. Workers >f America. The second Public drunkenness caws were disposed of »s follows: B. N. Rural 1 , continued; Robert Circuit Court of Appeals In New Drunken Driver Assessed $100 Fine in Court Here on creation, set about carding on the work of the original labor hoard. Many problems which had been before the previous tribunal were inherited by it. A scries of disputes were Brought which ultimately resulted in the test cases on which the CDurt acted. [ Test Cases Varied | These actions were test cases in- [ was handed down upholding the act as applied to the A. P. Appeal to the Supreme Court followed. The bus company- case grew out i argument that in the 1919-1920 steel of the discharge of-.lS employes who - 1 ""'" """- "-'—•-=-- '-were members of : Local No. 1079 of the.Amalgamated Association of Street. Coach Employes. The company operates busses and freight carriers to and from points in Washington, D. C., Maryland and North America. The board . held they were discharged for falling to fulfill their duties properlyT.•'.;'! Narrow Ruling Made ' '-•'• The Circuit Court held that; the order of the labor board transcended ths power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce, but/Siid not pass on other conslltutjqnal questions. - -/ Tr,e Fruehauf Trailer cassVvVas oxpsctetl to indicate apnlicatlorff'dl' the act to the automobile industry. The trailer company was "accused of hiring a labor spy to join the local of the United Automobile Workers at Its Detroit plant and to report on union activities. The labor board iicld this to ba so, and ordered restoration of nine union members to employment. The com-1 assault and battery. Virginia. Recourse to Courts Tlie company was called before These actions were test cases in- ,. , £«'«i""'jr ••««, uam;u uu, volvlng the Washington, Virginia tnD ' abor boaTd - objected to & Maryland Coach Company, an Jurisdiction.*™} went to trial w charged because , of , which, the .company charged, had grown • from the time organization of the company's. force began. . The bus case was carried to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals where the act was upheld as ni>- 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales Gall 10CO ' Slqragp- . Its npany an I / L " ijui ^ iiuii -«"" wuuu iu LIUU when interstate bus line- the Associated "s objection, was overruled. It as- Press. a newspaper wire service; s f rte(1 Ulat < hc employes were clis- 'ne Jones & Laughlin Steel Com- c .'; ft , r l ed ,, bccallse : °f .inefficiency pany, fourth largest of the nation's steel producers; the Fruehauf Trailer Co.. manufacturers of motor trailers, and the Friedman-Harry Marks Clothing Co., manufacturers, of Richmond, Va. T'rc cases represented a highly organized effort by the New Deal to defend major legislation before the Supreme Cot3rt. The cases were | chosen, it was indicated, because I of the varying degrees of interstate} commerce involved in the opera- j lions of the companies. | The Associated Press case, grow- j ing out of the discharge of an cdi-1 torial worker in the association's i Net.- York office, was accepted by the government as the focal paint of the test largely, it Mas believed, because it was the first Wagner act case lo be carried to the tribunal. It was said that labor board officials regarded it as important because of what they considered interstate commerce phases involved. That contention was challenges by the Associated Press counsel. John W. Davis, an anti-New Deal Democrat and one of the court's most experienced . pleaders. Davis contended that, at least In Its relationship with an editorial cm- pioye. the A. p.'s. ope rations were not in interstate commerce. Freedom of Press Argued The case involved the issne of freedom of the press, raissd bj Davis, who asserted that freedom was infringed when the federal government attempted to dictate the cause for which an employe might be discharged. The wire service controversy grew out of the discharge of Morris Watson, a member of the American Newspaper Guild. Wat- con charged he.was discharged for guild activities, and the labor boanfs^ intervention was sought It asserted that his discharge 01 the eve of contemplated collccllv bargaining negatiations with tli association indicated that the dis missal was for guild activity. Officials of the assoclalion sal the dismissal was solely on tli ground Hi at Watson was not doin strike, other industries in far-oil states were paralyzed through inability to get steel. Tlie labor boarO ordered tlie company to reinstate 12 employes of its Allinuiiina. Pa., plant who had been dismissed and to cease from allegedly unfair labor practices in violation of the labor act. A peli- Mlnyard, Roilgers, bond bond forfeited; Vernon forfeited; Rosettn James and Adella Johnson, continued; Oriel Roberts, bond forfeited; Prank Stewart, fined $10; E. S. Collins, bond forfeited; Ed Catcs, bond forfeited; nllcy Watson, bond forfeited; J. E. Hclfin bond forfeited. -Blll drlvh 1 Pryc jr. was (Uicd J100 for ng while intoxicated by Municipal Judge Dayle Henderson this morning. E. E: Brett, constable of Swayne township, was fined S15 for public drunkenness. 'He was arrested by Depiity Constable Leonard Mayo ol Chickasawba township. Elmer Caples was fined $10 foi pany tarried the 'cast; to the .Sixth ' Circuit Court of Appeals by asking for a review. The" court SDt the order rjide, holding the act did not apply to the company. Orrtcr Set Asiilr. The Friedman-Harry .Marks Clothing Company case greiv out of alleged acts of intimidation nt charge of public urinikcnTtcts, he fine being suspended. A chargo of operating : a car vllhovit chauffeur's license was locketcd against j. B. velvet-ton. A charge of reckless driving las been lodged against Evelyn Jackson, who was slightly Injured n nn automobile accident several <iays ; ago. - . Hcnd Courier News Want Ads C. c. Kowcll failed lo appear to answer to a charge of tllstutbini, the peace and his bontl was for feitecl. Trial of Fred Dunavant on a charge of violating the state same and fish law was continued until Wednesday. Judge Henderson reserved juilg- McCall Held for Trial on 'False Pretense 1 Charge JIarvcy McCall wns bound over to await prosecution at the fall term of circuit criminal court on charges of obtaining money under false pretense by Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson. Bond was set flt $500. •Butch McCnil was fined $10 on EI.ECTIUC & ACETYLENE Tony Makrs IJflii-Mllc Trip BRISBANE (UP),—A .Shetland pony has Just concluded a 1,750- mile journey by truck, train and airplane.,The pony wnsciold'-by a breeder at Bcthaiige, Victoria, to a farmer in Queensland. --•'•• V HANNA FUNERAL HOME A beautiful and sympathetic sorvlcD at moderate cost. Ambulance Service . Ill N. 1st •Fhohe-SS . ,,. "• ~*.i. 3 *- ni,iiui-*aull ll^jtltcu JUUJJ- - the Richmond plant. The labor ment in the cases of il;p Mid-West tion for enforcement orjhejmioi board ordered the company , 0 d- ' Dairy Products company, charged W-EUIN-G a IE ".Co, AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE PHONE IB How Have You Visited Our New Modern Service Station? White, Itosc Gasoline Goodvcar Tires Willard Batteries Hoad Service On - • Gas..-' Tires - Wrecks 24 HOUR SERVICE Call (533 For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. 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