The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE S& PUT PIIOTJI .SPOT ioo Birds lo ^ Be . Heave Early K Johnson's-Team Falters; BY HARRV GRAVSON Sporfs Editor XEA Service With the raucous razzing of Cleveland's boo birds still ringing in his ears, they've put Waller .lolmson squarely on the sjxjt, »I« Unrm'y, of nil people. n e didn't Imve It coining. , Johnson didn't mind Ixtlng In light spots 'Same years ago when hts rattlesnake- whip arm crackled baseballs across the plalo. The Big Train reveled In (hem, as n matter of fact. ' But pitching baseballs nnd managing baseball players are nlto- KCther different, and, now, as chief of the Cleveland Indians, Die. load they've placed on Johnson's shoulders, doesn't seem (mite fair. Dasebiil) prophets have cooket tip plenty of headaches lor Johnson In the event Uiat the Cleveland Indians tall to go on thi wnrpalh with a whoop this spring. With a Babe niilh-for-Manascr organization active on the banks of_tho Cuyahoga, all Johnson has to do to escape the wrath of the hoo birds Is lift u club that finished a tired third in IM4 to . Mickey Cochrane nm< .other managers hrvw nerformei 1 more remarktible feats, but liicy did not start with tho handicap .of having their clubs made cham- P.'OJJ by procl.-im.ition. .Johnson I!op»s They're Itlclil Rogers Homsby was tlrst to 'nan? the title tag on the Cleveland cn- try._ Ot)ier : pilots Joined the rtio- jus; Cochrane Is the. only American League guide who has ca;,t a dtsscntuig vote lo date, and one of his stars, Goose Closlin, tays that If Iho Tigers do nol aijaln grab the Bonfalon tho Ih- dlaas will. Baseball writer.'! contracted lhf> Cleveland fever, which now has permeated the ranks of the Indians themselves. The latter really 'is the only healthy sign, for prognosticators habitually are as far wrong as tlie majority of them were In regard to the Washington mitnt of last sea-non. The Senators, picked to repeat tliclr pennant feat of 1033. nnisiicd a lame. sUth. . . . • Mel Harder, hero of -the nil-star game of last July, is the latest to predict a pennant, for the Indians. "How can wo miss?"f auks the youthful Nebraskan, prdmistiii; lo account for 25 games himself. Johnson nillkliiK his cows and failing lils cJiickens In tlie soli- lude of his Bcflicscla,' Md., farm, : li^ws they're:all right, especially' Harder. ' : ' • •* * : ; • ' •' Branded Managerial Failure .No^one knows .better than Johnson that he had best enjoy tho peace and quiet of hli ra'rm while he,has. a chtuiee No one realizes bcttci" than Johnson how Clcve- ' land which takes' its baseball quite seriously.- is set lo get aboard him at the slightest slip. Jolmson may still be a baseball idol outside of Cleveland, bul while resitiDiilj of tho pretty city on the-shore of Lake Erie respect him fts.a nne chtiracter, he. stalls the 1935 season branded as a managerial failure in the Indian vil- lase. j That has been drummed into the Cleveland populace by the baseball writers of the cily. It repeatedly has been pointed out lhal Johnson's record in Wnshlnglnn and Newark reveals him as no Rreat shucks as a baseball state- The Cleveland baseball writers were unanimous in a vicious attack upon Johnson last summer. This led to Johnson actually being booed from the Cleveland park one afternoon, when his judgment in switching pitchers was "questioned. Not content witli boom; the 'pitching immortal from the premises, hundreds stood outside the park wailing to boo him down- lo\vn filled In Ticsidoiil Kr.nlley When iVsulrm. Alvn nnidlc-y c-iqaoec 1 Mnnsori In Hie middle of the Pinmiiin of 10^ h c forbade t'i" ftimous rlilit-handcr 10 participate in press conferences in t'y club's odlccs niter R.IIDC.S. Bradley sought to protect Johnson from the 'vacuum" applied by Cleveland baseball writers. For .some , strange reason. Realtor Bradley' attributed much of the blame for the failure of Roger Pecl-mpiush, tthom Johnson succeeded, lo the continual (inestion- ins of the writers. Bradles uas wrong in that re- gard.-Sjknd erred again in Insisting that -the friendly Johnson make himself-^scarce after games. The latter order resulted in alienating Johnson and the baseball .writers Unbelievable as it seems, during the storm of last summer Johnson complained that he had not been interviewed by a Cleveland baseball writer more than two or three tunes since sprina training. News reportrs, not baseball writers, wrote his side of the story ^ncn the demand w,is that Jotm- sc-n be rcmo\cd DM Well With Wha.t He Had Personally, r thought Johnson dirt quite well what he had 1Ti« Indians' catchlns n as poon On the Spot Winnlni; a major longui! pcn- iH is 11 loner, hard pull, but Cleveland (iemaiuls n scene like - Waller Johnson, chief of hc Indians, is -shown hoisting one < tlie (lags he'helped Washing-' on vyiu tn 192-1 nnd 1025. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Chicks To Face Weiner "5" Tonight Tile niylhcvllle Cltlrknsaws, tanstinij an nnbU-niished wnrrt M> tin', meet their .stronnest lest yet when they fare Welni-r, district impious Inst year. l» n nium- at Welner tonight. Welnor defeated the chicks in ic finals of tlio itlBtrlet iotim.'i- meiH lien 1 last year in win I in' title aiul the local five will be kh:|.: revenue when the two milnit mix tontgiii. -.Veiiier Is iln .stiimii this season li«i l/'pn evidenced by a liouiiclnu handed Jimesboro'.s Hurricane last me't. Couch Carney l.-islle will pr,-,!)- Jly net 11 real ehiinee to sec whut •lis first strlnsei's can do with U;<' jotni; tough. Welner boasts u fust combination with a coupli men wlio hoop 'em in fiom angle. Welner's center is i:ci filly ratal the ta-st in il«. dis Ma, im! will be tlie man lor (In locals In wnifli tonlpht. HELP ' PLEASE By Harry Gray son All of their Ditchers rscept Har- iler were consblent in only one respect—under showers, llnl Trui- ky. n ; renmi'knble first, ycnr lilltcr was heaw'hoorcd. Odell llnle 'np- peared miscast, at second i, nst , Willie Kmnin wn.i In" and out. oii one good heel. Earl Averill was the only- Grarle A outnelder who performed regularly. Naturally, |1 10 Cleveland club figures lo do'better this year Mast clubs do. •iolinspivs life will lie more pleasant If Doze liergor. up a"ain from New . Orleans, clicks at second base; II Hale Jits In al third- it Bruce Campbell hits in as many runs as he did for the.-8t, Louis Drowns;: if the catching improves and the pitchers respond. Otherwise the too birds will lji> on ' Johnson. Bui BIi» Barney can tnke u. ,\ fcJloiv who pitched for (hose old- lime Washington c_hibs for so many years had • to fje nMc lo do that. -- success of tnlerseetfoual inskr.-tbnll In Madison Krinurc Oarl(-n, where teams from the M-esl and the soulli have been packing he sports palace to the. rafters n competition against eastern Ivals, once rixahi indicalra that 11 lines of sport need .smart JHO- iiotlonnl managers. Ua-ikctliall IOIIB has been a weak Islcr at tile (Siilc. For a Bamu Hacked dill of action as it is. this ins been u strange situation. The cage sport always has been drain on the surplus piled up in o)le«e treasuries by football, fn- orsccllonal contests have tjoen ttigcd for years, but not under Hie Urectlou and buHyhoo :that a j ompstent promoter Is able to civc. n olJit'j- wonis, the color/ill rivalry . present In -grlil «amw; was ilsslng In basketball. A New York newspaperman amed Ned Irish as responsible fni hose 10,500 gales which b;ixkctl).ii] as been pulling in New York, 'ed won. Ills spurs plugging pro- 'sssionnl football for the last couple, of years, and when you realize the success the pro grid outfit.'; Imve enjoyed reccnlly, you i;<-t an idea of Iho genius of Ihe 111:111. •Ned's move to bring the Greatest basketball teams of 11,0 country cast Is the fo.-erimiiei- of slmiln'i action lo be taken In ollifr parts of (he county. It illustrates lha fact thai nil college sports must he put on a business basis before-they can slnrl piiylne.' 1'or that mutter, nil' amateur .torts'would dn well In romp under promotional direction. Amateur len- nis i!i 11 highly organized sport, and so Is jjolf. And Micro's mile reason to suppose Unit amateur hockey, soccer, polo and other lines of-athletic emlcnvor n-ouldn't prosper under Ihe tsultlnncK of an Hnalyllenl mind tlint could singir out features of the names, piny them up, nnd promote thorn, Good I.uek, Jolluf Some time -before the present hockey season is over, little Aural Jollal, French-Canadian hockey FREDDIE. FOR ei.EVe,^nicANPAi&\i wriil fJtW VoflK &IAffT$.,. . . lilF- NOSTfUMleo Ficioitx, Tnti,SIUY, JANUARY jfi. BEHIND FITZ, LESS MISHT HAVE BfEN HEARP •rite. PKAHS... Shanty Hosan in Beanlown; Campbell, (he const Le UP 17 VICTORY'S... _ , HIS B&rfN&Hl. '•'Jz, RECORD cf j FAILED 'Jo $£££!£' rex HM IN 33 con\ KFEimj. TO MIUS Wins iii Two Straight Palls al Armory; Baker Takes Kunllic. Hoy Welch, head man of wi-esl- lets appearing on the circuit that includes niythnvlllo, came to tZn tiist Jifslit to dispose, of "Popcyc-" I'armev Mills in Uio feature match °n"lU fallTfr,. hy : l *'« '™ «",..". ' )r<! | Tfml '""'> r inntfli Edrtlii ."•if nnd then Baker won" in* d!>- cumif! fall In about a mlniiLo when •i- a,,,, led a leg hold that won ," f.ill, Knjitbc S ni(j DKH n ., ke) , wim.ihinjr in his eyes to win the f«U, thus catching him unawares At any rate the finish was abrupt. Welch and Mills went In for considerable clowning m Utclr „,! tan- with "Popoye" cxpresslnc dls- <usl on several occasions by ju mri '"K up nnd down In the middle 3' Lhe rbiff when Welch look lo Jthe ropes for (at least the benefit |Jf the, audience) a breathing spell ] I'opeyc" would work himself into 'fury MO the performance went he i^^fV™""" »»«*> l "e ling nniii a j s "frightened" opponent would hop out of the ""•'! lo tMve Mills a chance to .,.,-", olr -' However, when Mr Welch decided to win a fall hc did taking the first In eonvlnelnp lion and then winning the scc- . if you can imagine such :i ing » a wrestling match, Just when it appeared that Mills would lain a fall. g mftl | ^ |||<a I THIS CURIOUS . — T William Ferguson j j the Gosncll sextet. 2(j to | lilylhevillo Junior boys u Krnie ' WINNING BASKETBALL By Nat Holman Js- another out-of-ljouncis Here play. As X-l lakes the bull out ol totmcls, the rest of the team linos up aercss tlie court about rive fei-1 tcliliKl (he foul circle. X-3 and X--I feint right and :ut left toward the pnsser. x-3, u;lng X-3. X-4, and their guards as a screen, cuts nrotmri them for the pass. X-5 swings tack or to the side, lo carry his man out of the play. Approximately 95 per cent of Ihe antes Imnm-tcd into this country are produced in Iraq; 47,492,8« pounds of Iraq dates were import- stnr, will round out his 5501 h game of hockey. Per a big, bruising puck chaser, built for -«.-.;• asu! tear, tins event wouldn't be so sensational. Rut for the lillle ivlng- star of (he Montreal Canadiens, playing weight 13ft pounds, this Is heroic. ftix'key is n name that takes all you have, R i s classed as tile Inslest compctllivc sport in Die world, inul requires untold stiiniliso to BO al top sliced every minute out tlu'ie on the rink. 'oliiu- is plnying his 13th season lilg-tintt hockey, mid had lo conquer two handicaps before he made good—ill health n\v\ lack m iieljht. n,. did this by acmitrln? liockey brains, and In 'lilts regard leo D.iiulnrand. inanagei of llu- Canadiens. has remarked: "I think Atirel Is the. brainiest hocl;;y player now in the game rnd one of ihc brainiest who ?vcr j Played, lie has more hockey sense i llian ID ordinary plaverv "nil! Catclu'iN Corniilj; Up You'll probably sec a loi of kid nif Jci- X-iiKiic "dij-lKv, Ibis soas'on! Hat.- Phelps. acquired by" (he naljjei"-. fioin ihi> Cutf. ml^lit tun '"«' much ai-ticn. tecaus: Scnoi- At lopri; i s behind the plate for Ihe lilts yi;:,r. | The Armorel girl,; i c fi t( ,c Y.-iriiro - jplrls on the little end of n -22 | to IS score, Oosnell boy., out.. ! ! :( ' in led the fioynton ijoyr, by Ihe C/aSSnX 1 P-n'tiiiw I I ! lllr 3'" "? a points-ic to is. nm-- v»tts.M..lh, I <.|, 5 lll)lC jwtle was .main n loiii,., viciim- Oii P/inlr.i-.-it 1 " 1 * tinlR tlle Dinners"ware the \>\\ .L>O()[.(.!I >.' Irays from HlackwuKi. The score FAIRBANKS. Alaska. <ui>> -A mcmoi'inl building to the lale Ben fcubon, famed northern aviator « neariiw! completion at Alaska' Colleje. The building will include! a seLsmo«raph, to record Alaska's ' frequent Kirthfliiakcs. ' : THE LIMITED STATES GOVERNMENT USES 300,000 VAROS OF ACTUAU EVERY YEAR., FOR. TYING UP DOCUMENTS, ETC. KENTUCKY SLUG GRASS- CAME FROM EUROPE, ... NOT KENTUCKY/ The giant ground sloth, Megatherium, unrated to North Amern from South America. No 'specimen has been'" h d r ther north lhan South Carolina. They existed -here - dniL "h" Pleistocene epoch, many thousands of years ago. NEXT: Ho»- du Ijrc.tlhe? East Avkansa:-: nnildcrs Supply t will play Tei-i-j'-s Onsscis nml jc/l Roland'n " Hrxitei'v live will lak' 1 i on nnck sallba's Pastime nuinit" i In City nasfcctnall League i;amis! al the Armory lonlghl.' " j Hard fought. i;amc-s are in ivos- ' P'-'cl with Rtihind's comblnatiimi and Ihe Pusiime ieain both cat-cri lo break into (he win column I each having lost In Iho openln'! games of tha league last wce'i I The Builders and Terry's Terron hav? a victory n piece to tlici"' credit. A .small adiuissinn clinnw \vll lie made foniuiii. Sijsticd Own Jobs Away BOSTON (UP)-Somelhing must be wroiig. councilor Robert C , , "• •'''•• )ia 'l a lielUton and nod all the rest of the councilors ^ISn. ft recommended thai the •signer:;' jobs be abolished. Now Located at 101 North Second ' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EOWAirns, Proprietor 111 makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Wdlnis Machines and Calculators Repairing— Paris—nibbons Rural Schools Molrl Cage Meet On Frida Nitr Hccfmse the nlylhevlllp chlcka- saws are to. plny.liie l.usora tram j.t the Armory .Tlnivsdny nistit (lie weekly SL-sslon of coiiniv sdicol - ' games «-m i, 6 Held mia'y night Much Interest ls in t)n«;e scries of this week. shown gamrs, ami ninny of (he teams are - iliou'lii" to fe'reat the pracitce Improvement. L-!iEt thiii-sday night the Gosnell Junior boys lolled over liie nrbi'0 lads to the tune of ->5 5, lint tlie V'nrbro lassies ic'- verscd |UP sHimltoii in lro,it,cin« Bnrdctte - Dell (toys) GasMill - Yarbro (girls). BlyUii.'Ville - BlnckftTucr '(fcoysl. t'DMieir _ Armoic'i diovsi ^ Ai'inorcl - Varbro (|<irV;i' Ml fie River - lioyntun (toys). Divining Rod Reveals Presence of Fool's Gold OMAHA, Neb. (UP)—T M Ood- fvey didn't, nnd lm nniichntrtj Irrasure but ho is convinced his nrw dli'lnlng i-<xl Is a suceoss. .,.'?" r '".- Wiro " of nn old rcai- 'lo- where le^etui bnd il over mulrn- mece oil din lloor. wildly Plaster found rnnfr! V " > ? l ,' ff "' " 10 Cltmk mllsl ronluln a gold miRget i, m | [n . es(i . Raton d IsclMcd II. wns mixed from finite river sand which ),„, „„ .musually hlfih eonlent of "'foo™ Y Tues,Wei-Thurs. MAT. Nightingales brought to America and placed at the Bok SiiiBlng K-er, (n Florida, soon died, but mocking birds learned tlielr songs carried oiii Bin ihr-re-s ciilf "uollon. r.ic lioldout at Washington ] ;ls t vc . ar who probably will replace Luke Scwell: Pat ODea. who went to tl»> < Cuts in tho Pat Malon.- -i-a Ihe Cards, who'll probably raw! the burden of the a s i»f! Oabby Initnett; mil Lc*U. picked u'> from Rochester by the Braves wlui is Icokvd upon ns tlur Micct-ssor to CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S DEST COAL SUPBIHOR COAI, <i MINING CO. I'honc 700 f-nnliniious Shinviii" stage hos'sausrt its GREATEST role /or, THG LITTL6 A Unl>c,..l rirlure CLAIRE DODtii Hi ALTCE WHITE By Sir [.TO, M. J O H N B E A it OSGOOD PERKINS GEORGE E. STONE JACK LA RUE ^«sffl FOX Paramount Vnnilirs 1'iclnriul No. •! irl Scout Ni K hf . T»uio| lf «oy Scout Mght - Follow the Straigkt Line "A straight line is the shortest distance- between two points." That holds for any two points — your pocket book and your list of wants, for example! Follow the straight line/and you'll save yourself time, trouble and money. Use the advertising columns of this newspaper as guide posts. In them, you find late news of what's to be had in the markets of the world. No need for you to meander about from store to store, comparing, pricing, judging, guessing values. The advertisements tell you the names of merchants and.manufac- turers you can trust.'There you I'ead -what's new, what's favored, what's offered confidently for your inspection. The advertisements in this paper take you into more stores than you could visit in a month. '•'. There's no high-pressure selling, no rush, no uncertainty to this daily review of'markets. Form the good habit of shoppidg by tlie straight-line method — you'll buy with assurance, with economy and with satisfaction. &

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