The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MATH, 19.18 BLYTHKVrLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Stassen to Start Dixie Campaign Southern Republicans And NBA Members to ". 8« Reception. Group •WINSTON-SALEM, R.C., May 11 (UP)—Southern Republicans and louring members of the National Editorial Association formed double-barreled rcivptlon committee today for CiOP presidential hopeful Harold Slnssen, hei-e for » speech to begin a major invasion of the South. Chances were they had a lot of questions to ask. Stasscn, victor In the Wisconsin and Nebraska primaries, was scheduled to kick off a second delegate-hunting lour of Dixie with a busy day of speeches and conferences. The former Minnesota governor's appearence here was his only stop In North Carolina. His program Included luncheon with most of North Carolina's 20 Republican delegates and their alternates. uiilnstructed at the state convention in March, they were Stassen's first target In his Dixie drive. A mtdafternoon press conference was slated with some 200 non- /Aklropolitari editors auci publishers ^10 are touring North Carolina after the National Editorial Association's annual convention. Stassen's question and answer session with the heads of small and •medium-sized newspapers across the nation was a major target In his tour. To Speak Tonight Tonight was scheduled to turn loose his big smile ami booming voice at an outdoor rally. Backers of both Sen. Robert A. Taft and Gov. Thomas E. Dawey claimed progress in signing uj North Carolina delegates to the Ex-Deputy Sheriff Freed In Political Attack Row Benton. Term, May 11. (UP) — Mlnnu Wflburn, McMinn County ity sheriff during the 1946 UI ballots batlte, today was cleared nf charges thai he clubbed Hie secretary of the Polk County Good Government League. Squire W. A. Kerr dismissed the argcs brought by the league secretary, H. M. Love, 34, on grounds of insufficient evidence,, Wilburn who previously had denied Loves accusations, did not testify at the hearing. But Ixjve, who led a march'on th» Polk County Courthouse last week, won a victory on another front. County officials gave In to a League demand and began issuing poll tax receipts under a mandatory In- uncUcn from Chancellor Glenn Woodlce. Signs of the Times in Jerusalem Ti »•*• Senate Approves Bill 3n Navigation Laws ASHINGTON, May 11. (UP)—The Seiialo took sleps yesterday to re- novc confusion from navigation 01 :he Gylf Intel-coastal Waterway. _ It approved, with amendments and sent back to the House a 1)111 o ametid the navigation laws as a ;nfety measure..The bill overhauls the so-called Western River Rules originally written in 1864. Under the bill, Western River Rules would apply to the Mississippi River above the Huey Long Bridge and to tiie Warrior River system in Alabama. Otherwise, the Inland rules will apply. w^. - « I'M Army to Drop juns, Jeeps By Parachute CAMP CAMPBELL, Ky., Mny 11. UP)—The Army and Air force planned another «pecUcular dls- >l»y today as part of "Operation Assembly." the nation's largest KBCethne military maneuvers since World War Two. Today'i exhibition wnj lo sliow atest development* In nlrborno equipment. C-82 "Klylnu Boxcars" wert lo fly over th« Camp Campbell airport ind drop 6,000-pimml how- llzers »nd 3.000-pound "Je^ps" by parnchule. The artillery piece Is supported In Its drop by two parachutes, e»ch with H 100-foot cnn- opy. The "Jeep" needa only one such parachute, latest lyp» transport planes and "No passing, snipcrsl" was is this sign In Jerusalem. Put up by Jews, It's propped ngalnst th« framework of- a wrecked auto, A Hagannh guard sEncids alongside the warning, (Photo by NEA.- Acme slaft correspondent El llnni.) Philadelphia convention. Bui North Carolina Republicans have hopped bandwagons at times in the past, and Stasscn forces were ready to claim their following was growing the fastest. Visits to Salisbyiy and Charotle, N, C., J were scheduled previously but were canceled in the rush of delegate-grabbing. North Carolina leaders iti the Stassen wing urged Ihelr man to concentrate his fire on today's statewide rally. Fatten Your Hogs Quicker With Buring's TANKAGE Oysters by the Thousands Live/ Happily at Bottom of Mobile Bay Call or Write Buring Packing Co. Incorporated By Burns Bennett (United Press Sl:iff Writer) MONTGOMERY. Ala., May II — (UP)—Oysters are sometimes called bl-valves of the Uunelllbrnuchl class. But not oflen. The oyster Is a baffling crustacean which changes sex when annoyed. This is no concern of ours. We leave that to some underwater klnsey. Many Alabama, crops are now being harvested. Bui the 1948 oyster crop is only three-fourths planted. State Conservation Director Berl E. Thomas said about 25,000 ot 40,000 barrels of seed oysters liad been sown In Alabama waters recently. Thomas, Uie stale's number one j oyster salesman, said last year's '72,759 barrel crop brought in over SI.000,000. Scientists who thumped Its bottom and felt Us pulse, say Mobile Day Is completely recovered from the September hurricanes which I almost killed tiie oysters that Inid ! the golden eggs. They declared Ala- | bama could become the nation's | leading production center. i Seed oysters are first "spat.", which float film-like on the sur-1 face. Becoming "seed oysters", they I sink to the bottom and latch on to somethink .steady. Two state boats currently are planting the seed. In five years they'll be what Mobilians more commonly refer to as "heaven on cold weather, also spell doom. Sometimes they starve to dcalh because there aren't any diatoms, and oilier microscopic life to eat. An adult oyster may lay 100,000,000 eggs a season, without half trying, There are 70' species of oyster. |lld«rt »lso w«r« put on dbptejr. The maneuver hud opened Saturday with n maM parnchul* drop by about 3,000 troops of th* w»r tun*d 82nd Airborne Division, Me»uwlille, In* p»ratroop* »nd their reinforcements continued to clear (lie Camp Campbell area of "guerrillas" and "nfth-columnUU" of »n enemy force known u "Ag- giessor." An estimated 5,000 troop* arrived by truck and plan* yesterday trom Port Bragg, N. O, and Fort Bennliijf, da., to join the perm- troopers and othen who h*d arrived by plane Sunday. When all or I lie (jsUnmied 30,000 troop* WIWT IWT M MT ECZEMA-MSN In* metlkatloj • *U k» feUi GRAY'S OINTMENT put !• t ri»«d, UK pb*M of «iill-un* Jem*. Ttn muMvrtn wM iMt UU this nonth. Pint (tc*l plow ka th* 8tat«i wa« made by icnwtiw at uw Uaxte* to UM (ram*, la UM. BABY NEKDt PlMMlMS Ck»Md WcdncwUy aftor- IKMW Fliers Killed in Crash To Be Buried Together KNOXVTLLi:, Tenii., May Jl (.UP)- -Six Air Force FHers killed 11 an overseas plane crash were lo be burled in a common grave at Uip National Cemetery here at 2:30 p.m. today. Next of kin from all parts of the nation were here lo attend the mass services. The cemetery here was se Pew people know tliat'"oyslers are k ' ctei1 »'«misc il Is equidistant • - • ' "•- farthest points of real- peculiar In (hat the Intestine does not run through the heart, which lies anterior to the muscle, while the fool is small or even entirely absent, at a result of the sedentary life," Oysters are accused of not being good except during "R" months. Experts say this Is sheer blasphemy. .Oysters are often mistaken for claims. The clam is a Trldacna Ol- gas. The oyster is a Lemeltiui anchl- ate. No decent Lcmelllbrnnchlate would lie seen dead with a Trl- dacna Olgas. Pearls can be produced 'by llck- llng n bl-valve's belly. The Japs do If. Put a piece of sand Inside the shell. The oyster forms a protective coat, around It lo halt the itcli- ing. This then becomes the pearl. Don't dasli right out and start working on your wife's Christmas gift. It takes five years. And It may miscarry. For 2,500 years, oyster shells have been accumulating on the bottom of Mobile Bay. NOW they are being used In chicken feed, lime, cement, insulation, paint, Varnish, and road beds. Russia recently announced that the Black Sea oyster was superior from the dcnce. The deart have been identified as F. group but not as Individuals. The bodies were to lie In stale until the tmeral. Tiie dead Included Lieut. Harvey 3. Pelrl, 1'erkln, III.; Ueul. Marshall A. Kllncr. New Jersey; Lieut, John. N. Fender, Daytona Beach, fin.; SjSgt. Henry o. Madden, Aua,in. Tex.; Sgt. Sccondo J. Molina, Long Island, N. Y.; and Pvt. Simon P. Robinson, Memphis, Teun. ttie half-shell." Oyster crops are , to tbe Brlti3h am , .^^^ Molh , ik just like corn or wheat. They must mak | ng no mention of the Mobile have proper care and covrcct prop- Bav p ro[ ju c t. M'ilson, Arkansas agation. It isn't/ easy belnj. an oyster. Older oysters try to kill them. Bugs and fish attack them. Shifting sands and marine growth smother them, storms, hot weather, MIUING FURNACE REFUGES OLDflK HOME HEATERS In about the same price-range... heats entire house Fits inder floor...Out of sight...K« bastmmt Modoi Mobilians Immediately rushed lot their muskets. Calling • for Joe lo "Hft the iron curtain off Mobile Bay,"' they scornfully pointed on that culls and discards there were superior to the finest French and British oysters. Louisiana Senator'* Condition Still Critical WASHINGTON, May 11. (UP) — Sen. John H. Overtoil, D., La., ipent r. "fairly comfortable night" but his condition remains "critical," the Naval Medical Center at nearby Bethesda, Md., reported today. The 72-year-old Southern Uw- makcr took a ''turn for th* worse" yesterday. Tiie hospital said he was "showniK signs of circulatory failure." It said the outlook lor his recovery was "poor." No change In his condition was reporUd during the night. Oiceofo ConstructionFirm Obtains State Charter The^K. F. Ohlendorf Corporation, which recently filc'd articles pf In- corpomtlon with the secretary of slate in Little Rock, will open offices in Osceola In the near future, The Bon Secour oyster leads the I it was announced yesterday by H. F.' list ot dared. oyslerdom's 500, they de- Officers Investigate Ax-Slaying of Negro MAGNOLIA. Ark., May 11. (UP) —Columbia County officers continued their investigation today into the ax slaying of a two-year-old Negro girl and the critical wounding of her mother, Lorcne Love. Police were undecided about Die motive for the brutal slashing of mother and daughter, since robbery and criminal assault were ruled out by preliminary Investigation yesterday. The mother and child lived nlonc on R plantation near Waldo. Police immediately arrested five Negroes for Investigation. Tiie mother reportedly told physicians at a hospital here "Babe did It." Ohlendorf, president. .The firm will operate as a general contractor and as a finance firm, It was Indicated. The corporation has authority to Issue 4100,000 In capital stock with $3,000 subscribed at the time application was made for the charter from the state. Officers for the new corporation arc Mr. Ohlendorf, president; Frances J. Ohlendorf, vice-president, and Julia M. Morrison, secretary-treasurer. The coral snake docs not strike. If slepped on or touched, it will turn, deliberately bile, and retain its hold. Ninety per cent of the people In America live In one-family houses. Cant Sit! PIN-WORMS CAUSE FIDGETING AND THHT AWFUL ITCH On* of the wkmlnr •i.mi of Pin- Worm* !• H n*x x\rig rectal itch which often CADM* fifJcelinff and broken »le«p, and may lead lo even mnr* »erfou« diilreM. It ii no longer neceaitrr to pat op with th_e trouble e»u«rf bj Tin-Worm*, btc*its« *cienc« lixi at list found * war to lick these atubborn r«sU «»wilr and **.telj. Worma. r-W I* • medically aound tre»t- mtnt ha*«d on »n officiaHf rrco^nUed druc <!cm«nt which hu proT«4 »«ry *ffcctlT« in rfc»Tin(r with lhl« «c!y Infection. Th. •mil) P-W la Wet* act in a iptc!*! w*j to dntroy rin*Worm*T. f-W ine»ni fin-Worm nlittl — - - • ™ * ' * •• ' *" • i- - ,_! GrculofK warmA M etrtirt !w«M...GtvK warn floors. Get rid of cWly, oU-typo Iwaton... A swR payiiwrt pits tWs WMzin| AtlMMrtk FtnwKt M yovr S*« hew Cotoman givct you warm floort by moving the heat from ceiling to floor—even in distant rooms. Puts warm comfort in the "yardstick" 2one—trie important three feet above the floor where people live. V Can be financed on property improvement F.H.A. plan SWITCH i Coleman H*r* !* your chance to a«t real, automatic furnace heat with warm floors —in about the same price range u an ordinary home heater. Thl» "hidden* floor furnace fits under the floor, outof sight. Perfectsystem for 1-story homes, old and new. No basement needed. Gel big saving* now H you order before fall rush, Limited time. Don't delay. See demonstration this week. Me«UU for Oil, Get, or I*-Get ^ America's Largat-Stlling FLOOR FURNACE Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Soybeans Have Your Beans Cleaned Before Planting! Our Cleaner Removes All Grass and Weed Seed Doyle Henderson Soybean Company Highway 61 So. Phone 2860 JUST LOOK, BASEBALL FANS FM RADIO With 6 Months Free Service $ 42 9 Blytheville Sales Co. FELIX CARNEY Phonrttlft At DREIFUS' Open An Account $109.90 No No carrying chary*

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