The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 17
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r TACK EIGHTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION RLYTJIEVJM.E (ARK.) OOUKIKR NKWS THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1952 Guaranteed PIANo Tuning «t Repair, tall 2071 days. 3059 mytiis, 4 26 pk b 28 Daily tMt p« line for Insertion: Me KKFUIGF; RATION Expert service on A)r-Cf>ii'JK!oiiJnR, ReJri'ierfttion imrl Appliance. BUI Telethon and Harry Urooks Phone 69E6--U no answer call 6%1 HROKF REFRIGERATION CO.. 2337 fil-rh. 5 21 ck tf 1 time per line J^ 2 limes per line per rt:iy 12r 3 limes per Hue |*rr dnj 9f 6 llnirs per line per d^y 5f 12 tirtirs per liiw yet diy 5 f Month per linr- . 90f Count flTr ivrr;\t;o ivonls to the llnr. Ar! ordered tor Hirer or sis Hmes iii*1 • topped lie tore rtplrslion «'ill he charpfrt Tot Ilir number of tinirs the nd . ' All* classified advertising copy stHi- . ** mUtrd by poisnns trsfH*nE; nii'^'rte i»l • ^ iTif ri(T iniuT he ar«~oni]nnff<1 *'v cAtn : • KM PS miv <-:i!f,:)y li* rrnnpnfd from * thf above t^blr • A*v?rtH(nq ordcrfrt for Irrcfulir >- leriEons (aVc llir 'irtt* Mmr rabli» *Cn tesponMri'Hiy will r-" Klfn f tnotr thin nnf irunrrrri Insertion any rla«!Nrd art. All arts ,irr rc^tr'rtrrt tn ihHr r>r«'< classification M>1» and tM«*. T Courier NVivs rc'Ptves trio rlRht in * f 01 rcjod a" 1 "" B() - For Safe, M/sc. FtimishPd up-art mm t, 3 roo:ns an'l tui h Nfwly dec oratrrt AtluLU only. Cnll 6122 or :t!OR. 522 rk 2i i of ila. tilpprd. Just Hi Militia Mills trvr-s- "ii'nr-i 0:h- nn for irll- 521 p V 21 nilr or jnr- IP an'1 mo- arid Market. 5 20 rk fi 20 2 v.-heel MrM boat ttaller rri^rtp. Call iM7 520 rK 23 ty. Ire rrcam parlor, fully r priird !n A-l locution finlLMUPiit hirhidr* 5 t'a r.tid 0?) piil. hfirln-ihi-.: r^ IIUPITMK I! OrlpM:y, MA '.ts for vonr • run f*v<> y- Orll ixiWK ( for We hftv iul fryer '.mirnfo chlc'-tcn rh"r*.p 'j Im UPFD PIAN'OS FOH 2051 2 room furn^horf f lUllULf.'- pitd. Ph •?2:"'5 1 (ind Marki-t. ph 4S07. ronic pli r.f< or R075 pirrh rllripr, h,irj 4 room n p t. w ii h rm >••: n r s? ronnr'*ilon l '- Vrx'V f rrim Cn'i at 313 N Srr-nnfl Ph 2^^0 or ' Ors \nifnin! = Hor, 3 rms . jv <-l c t- v; n i c r 'i r;: t c r, New lv d re on klTjicn A- b:-,:h '-ot>i^^' I'h. 2f"I fihrr 5 ,^ TO pfc • t . pvi. bath. *-lr' r> s^la«l and I.riv 1 '** fi'drprv A 20 rk fi 20 tr*. S' O JA- 5 20 pk 23 • b'1 ""P. barh- 'rtll -'T^S 5 17 pk 21 27 5 I ft pic 3 r J i'll« fornptetr Ph T<>20. SIC pk 2:( S',:iin rr?!Mf rrtl tirrcf'rr pnrplr lai< M f 'f* l>flm Pine 7H ro'.ton foe'l OT- HTd Farms Ph 4702. iV.irr!r>nr Lfi cX it 1948 FORD $795 Voii'll iirl inoney-m;iklng service onl cif Miis I !, j-Ton IOIIK »lipclb;isr Truck. (Ins new rebuilt motor, very good iwdy. 1948 CHEV. With $795 np.irly new motor, I ^i-Ton I'irkujt will give R sprvJcc. H:is extra ^oofl U new piiint, healer. Only $ 1946 FORD $795 This mr has Rvrryllilnj?: ra- iljo, hentcr AND Columbia uvc r<l r i ye. Super ripluvc Fo r - dor (V-8 engine). Cleanest In tcvra! 1947 FORD $795 O.nly SZ.OOO mill's! That's rc:il3v something! Su[>cr <lp- Inxc Turlnr icilli ni'.irly nRW lire-;. Nice nlarnon finis>i, Only 3:,COD miles! 1950 FORD $795 19-18 FORD $895 A hny in a Lite niorlrl 2- ton short wlicrlhrs sr Truck. UTIS n nr\v blnrk. Wi'.h p- tra Burnt (ires, it's a K"o<l buy! Another 8-rylimler Ford—just SSSn! Silver rleluxp I'nrrlor Pe- rbn with r-'I'i, IT- ilrr, seat covers, sun visor, new tires. Ne whrH rliBlr. Pb 3 rm. unr-irn tmt . hot water !irater. Ph forker ^. 703 W. M^ln. S 1 pk 22 300 Broadway Phono 4453 3 room f,- 4 roo 612. C. Abraham •LptS f 1 room fur apt Ph 253'i rjr 2 M rfc tl >iotlorn eat. 3 rooms end bath newly drcoifited, j;oorl fnrnltnrp qai fqulp. mciit Ph, 3373. F Simon 921 ck Cf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms ?4 nn single. 11'} Vest Ash, Ph. 2833. R~5 ck if Auto Supplies and Services Save Money When You Huy — Sell — Tvado Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON KUllNMTURE f'O. 517 W. Ash Pn. 2551 a-2 rx n DON'T DELAY - - When You" Can Spray With a FERGUSON! Ulylhevillc, Arkansas — Phone 2371 for Rent Private Rooms ith pvi. bath. Ph 273R or i 20 rk 6 3 .1 rm, furnt.= her] arn tn Bnwrn apis i Hr-di-oom AfhiLls only Call 6213 afier 5 p.m. ! 9C"U 5 21 ck 2-S j . - . - . . . - NLco furnished bedroom. :onveu 3 rm. IJOMFC A- hith. nrwly papcrod, I leni location Ph 25H 421 i\, ~> W *20 00 [KT month Hce (J.scar Alexander or rail :i;7n 52] pit 21 j Bedroom, private hath A: entrance ... . j Close In. Ph 4-132 130 tf 3 lirdrnam home. hnr''woocl (k VtrK'ttun blind fin- In per month 22?' liooms fans Blythcvtllc Hotel S 0 l>!c 69 Personal kitrli-n, KOorf 1 5 20 rl. 6 ^ . and Venetian blinds. Ph X HuSlcMn". suitable ruri a'Sir, rriv^ 5 r< r, 1,0'TitO'l Ml I'lllVP istn *-ilp nf Hoilnud, rK« l j ;ml Byiuni [in Why he wishing jon had =onie new upholstered furnUure 1 A ' coorl clcin- trjy wllh Mystic Foam inftkcs old <jp- liolstpry nnd ru KS look n-y iry U On 6ale at Sherwln -Willlr.m^ i 6 22 ck 23 "•tliintl porn" 1 * i?>i Dclsvf- v •Ml. ph 3TCfi hv the day. vvrr-Vi or i^fvlce John D Mc- 5 5 pit 6 .=» 3 calves Including 1 unnli white hired btill wpl-.-hlji-; 'apprnxJinaioh 1 2502/3 pounds, strayod Fnd?.v or Saturday n 4 'ih( Irani my p!**t uro 2 l ', rnllc 1 ! w*Tt of \ r lrtorla. ncnr L«"A U G:fi PEW AH D T'.n Kolsfr Supply Co. Ko^"i. fir Tr-1 B'Nlc-r. Kim wood Farm. 1 ;. K" m "•'-. ph. Sav IST' Don't cndnnccr ynur fnmlly w faulty tire.?—BUY LRE TIRF.S CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION MMn and Division Phnnp 2S6^ TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 112 W Walnut Plenty of Parking _ ,., _. n nr* Frl'-;ld:ilrp Ro- lri--;erator fi moil els in choose from Adnrns Appllnnce C"f>. 208 W Main •t 26 i-k IS ^'» I Nor and usrd powrr rno'.vprB, H1 1 y • rle parts and repairs. A!^o power ;nti v- I ers lor rent. Wcstlironk Machine Shop Arrows frcini Kroner rf>\v Lvr. : in.fn rot ion rfirtpp^r, >/j Rood rondlttnn Sti-TOjurilv (irh.i* I liurtlpltp Plmitallnti Ph 47R2 5 3 if rishcrmfin's nrram-H*at v Trailer, iP motor Motor use.l r. hniirs Fow trn^ a.vallnblG with Cnll fift.ifl r CO^O, 517 ck 21 soace Services E. H. Alley — Air conrtltlonlnz re- friRprdtlon FCrvJre • Ph. 2178 102 E Missouri. Blrthcviiic. Ark 5'H ck 28 S'FVV MILL5 irE CHTAM AND CUR- TARD MACmNR WITH ?[»E CABI- NETTE, RE A RrrNAn;,K TF.RMS J- n. UARNFS )"?l \V ASH PHONE 2143 i 21 pV: 28 for Safe, Real Estate I repair (my mike or mode] washing machine 2 blocks west of Dixie Pis on 8th St.. hy ne.iv school Herbert Ora.- ham. Ph 6738. 5,7 pk 6J 10 rs Tdefll Rtnt'k or dnlry (nrm In heart ol Oreene County.' only 7 ml!cf. ttoin Pftrnconltl 2r-o nrrrs In all. 1.10 nrrc" oppn, with 30 lo -?0 acres k'sppdpjtn. SO srves woof is. wit li nonie Rood phif U ni^cr 120 acres fenced. 2 ponds Prlco i-1500. Cnn purrhf*r FPpnnfiv RO acrrs for irfifiO, nr 120 arren. {21>fHl .nd Juniper plants 7 ' AH rollln-: h1!!^ LAND KOR SALK 176 arrrs B Fhon dlstftncr southeast of Blythevtllf, Mn'n rr-sldontrr-. plenty of tenant houses. This fnrrn Is a good lypc ol soil and well Locnted RIAI.ES LAND CO. Russell K. Riales W. T. BarnctL 52] rk 25 ~T BEDROOMS" Newly Painted Only -1 years olr! and 1n perfert shape, this home lias a built-in hreak- r.nofc. pas llr.ot furnnre nnd hot wntrr heater, one bedroom tlnl^hc^l In knotty pine. $350. down, low monthly payment A. E. M TERRY Tprrv Ah^tr^rt A- n^n!».y ro. 213 W. Wnlm-t - Roiui a!ifl I'orn liind K. H CKE COTTON CO. Call C. C. Coiincillo, 66.15, 202f). night 5T> ck tf Help Wanted. Ma'.e Am hit tons falrsman to handle rotn- plpte Lino of Fri«k!nlre and May t us ap])llanc ('=., Attrn-rtJve compensation plnn fls-iurr. 1 ?'y antl substantial parnlnps. Sre J. W. Adams nt A<lnniK Appliance Co. 522 ck 27 Wonted to Buy Want Ki h\iy .several nrrfi ninnti 0 Call 2071. Nights 2059 4 2^ cfc J 28 We will pay CASH lor vevir old Krv duks. i-arnrTa* nnd k-n^c." Joi pans O'STEEN's STUDIO 115 West Mrfiti. !2 -1 ck It \\ 1 a»tctt: Man with cfir to 5Ml rHInblt- iln? of Xnrm and home pltos lo niT-a] rcmsumprs tn this A rml hupliiP'R opportunity for who can in oft th^ f^rm trndc " D. \j. Andor.son, Sa]r^m^.na!;f-. M 1 ;n. 521 HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin. wire and all kinds of iH™. scrap metal. \Vr Trnrior drtvrr. Will (<irni c h 4 mom 273. Blythfvlllc. ' 5 15 pX 20 DISTRIBUTOR move. Ph. ; roMciornlor. Moving & Knulinp: V«n tnicks--Safe, Dppcnrfnblp. teo\ts. Kxperlpnced Help. W W Ijam, Ph R923—117 Wrst Rose. 5'3 Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Dny .icrvlre on Jewelry—3 day,«; on «-!\trbfs and clocks Gtinfnntrycl worVc done hy expert repairmen, P PAT 0'BRYANT Main & Second Need yoxir radio repaired? Call Red Walton DIsablH vrteran repair?: rnrtln Rt home Rr;iFonnh!e prices. Chiron »aw Cnurts Apt 2SA Ph R^IS •Paintinc or carpr-ntc Klnney. Ph 8377. u-orK C D 423 pk 523 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIC SERVICE. O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 W MAIN 124 rk tl LAWNMOWKRS We fharpan finrt repair nil type mowers. All 'Kinds mmvcr pans. AUo ;-<iw- «r mowers for rent Wcslhrook Machine Simp Across from Kroger Store •M ck tl R075, S 20 pk 2^1 (unrnntrr 5 20 pk : 150 Goslings C>-8 weeks old. Castlio Bros. Luxora 5'20 ck 27 for 5alc chrap. Cftll 6741 nttr Fh(*lvlllK • -5. 217 S, Prup" Phone -1395 . cl. Ark 5 21 rk 21 A Business Or Your Own. No Invest& 21 rk 28 m ,, m Rrqnlrrd. fi 1 ? Yrnr Old AAAl Manufnrturor of nialiUrnanc* 1 coaiUi^s •JlOflcril 4\'± room hoUKe desires man e>vee 35 for prot/rt*»l !er- aiut bntls in northwest pnrl r"fon.^"i^oiph^ciftyl^srTrpy, 1 iiTS t)f lONVn CIOSC to J1CW high ™™ T [% V-Irhn-ne' VtlSe^ndVnrT 1 jS*- SChool. Carport, fenced hnck-Uon. Cralehrr\d.' rolnFpit. Ml5.slRr.»ppt yarrl. $700 cash, balance', ^"""Jm-mon";"^ "Sno^"^"^. Blythevilie Iron & M^tal Co. N. Bchvf>v & Mntiltric Drive Phone 8%2 415 ek tf Wontec/ ReoT ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. 1 will also buy your If Intrrp.ster! In Hnylnji nr nflJiiix *ra ". Noble Gill Agency I" CI IRANCP Glcucoc K\<\g. Inc Is on $5028. at ?4fi por month total monthly payments. Vacant. Modern and extra nice 4- room house and Ijatli at 2300 Kenwood Drive. $1050 cash incliulrs refviijcralor, electric 1 {"is""^"' rnnjcc, heater, drapes, Venc- blinds, etc. Loan halanre only ? Total montlily payments §48.29. It's vacant — Ph. !i8(W' inovc ' n tomorrow. om en tr | Modern 4-room house and i bath . Everv h prosper.!. Artlve , ts. Fill] . missions pnlrt wrrklv plus lip to $2.- noo yearly In extra honnsr.s Saliminy Evcnlne Fost. N^itlonpl Trnrte Mma- ?hie anil Direct Mnll ArivprtlslnR pro- clur \Vonhl ll^e to hnr from T\-»n T.'th •sr who Is Intcrc-sTril In h.ic^T ri b' r l loss of his o'.vn s\ip-3lvlnc Upm?.!.:! 'or Rawlci^h ProritictR In oO'-cn M--.-1'- slppl County No capital nf-..,-'..:! OUl"r Localities available. Frerl R'itV-J;-" Arkftnsns. rlas5'fytnq nhnui ,'1M ^.nrk h- Write Rais'lelnh'R Dept 'Kn-2>n F.R . ^teInphl5. Tenn 522 rk 2n LOW PRICE IS ONE THING CONDITION IS ANOTHER SULLIVAN-NELSON GIVES YOU BOTH: LOW PRICE AND GUARANTEED CONDITION! ]9.'>0 CHKVKOLKT deluxe S-passenger Coupe. Deluxe ,radio, plastic seat covers, fresh air heater and defroster, low mileajje. It's a bargain! 11MS CHEVROLET Slylemaster ' 2-door Sedan. Has radio, seat covers, heater, almost new >OQC tires, black finish Ovw 19 IS KOIU) V-8 5-i'assenger Coupe. This car is SO4C loaded with extras. . .a real buy at 003 19-19 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pickup Truck. It's a real $O JC beauty AND a real bargain H( 01W 19-IS CHEVROLET K-T. Pickup Truck. Check 577C (his low price—it's n steal at only I I w 1950 CHEVROLET '/i-Ton i'ickup Truck. Drive this one—vou'll find it runs like new . . 1916 CHEVROLET '/j-Ton Panel Truck. Sullivan-Nelson guarantees it's a good one 1911 GMC '/i-Ton Pickup Truck wifh cattle rack. Pick yourself a real bargain now .... 19IH DODGE 1-Ton Slake Roily Truck. This SOJC (ruck is now specially priced a( Sullivan-Nelson &*fv 1919 FORT) V-8 '/i-Ton Pickup Truck. A nice ?QflC Irnck at a moncv-.«avinj; low price .... Ovv 191!) STUDEBAKER 1 '/i-T LWB Truck with $ 750x2(1 front tires, 825x20 rear. Mtr overhauled IS 12 CHEVROLET LWB Truck with good ? tires, very good motor. A good cheap farm truck 1919 CMC 2'/j-Ton SWB Cab & Chassis Truck with 2-spee-l axle, almost new rubber, 2 spot lights, fog lights, turn lights, O.S. visor, radio, heater, $QAC 'I rear view mirrors. ALL for only ....'.... 9wv Many .More to Choose From EASY G.MAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at BUI VAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Rig Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 A':ilnnhlc "IVlihl"" Discovery of th? bilUnn-dollni Kiniberhv diamond fip!d<; canir mnny Inqul.ips tlm riMHlt In | atemll „.;,„„ two chj i rtrrn !rMmd . «r S ^Wd" Phone : T E. [-"5" 0 "Pebble" in a South African - - • river. . . . Jonrsnr>ro Ark- Mrty 22n(i, 2 irtl or 2 J th for Intcrvlmv. J'2I pfr 24 Notice '/2 down, balance in the fall Formerly Arnold & Gavnes. Ph. 0357. nt 111G Mcarn. Nice T •""'•.. ' -•.'"-•• | Srr tl,l«-l(nTlj- 2-b l .drnom home on i-u..., ,,..,1 nl . )r | nm . Oltl UiriUtllrC. FiU'niCrS IcnilS ; Ijrei- roriirrlOt Vm Kasi M.ltn St Hasl" 110 !- 1 <l 'I 'I OlllCIOOl • r:'p\vi>y nm] ^nrncc with workshop, j Rxtl'a 111CC hnckvar rvTf living room ftnrl dining rDorn . ^' pi.toti. waii 10 wnii. rirniy ot ciorr.i j rash, payments iy'o.lG month- ..iri i l /-in v: >rf Ilrii..-oiiT(l]tf. tlo\Mi navrnrtit. hr\l•\,\7 Ck tf iaiirr In rnsy inontlilv paymi-nls. -iDAVin HKAI. KSTATK CO. Hplrne Curtis \Vav« "RIO STINKY" FLY TRAP Nationally known m:d advertised. Will positively rid your home of flies or your money hack. $-I.D5 j)ostpaid. HUGH W. ALLEN Osceola, Ark. SIS) pk GJ19 Phones aoa:!, 243(> Sam Godwin — K. M. Heck Salesmen J 17 ck 21 ITS NOT THE COST iT'S THE UPKEEP! Champion 2-door Sedan. A ctc.'in, green one-owner car you'll he proud lo own. ONL'Y S15IS! in.iO CHEVROLET deluxe 2- Door Sedan. A very nice grey automobile wtlh both radio and heater. ONLY S1 I 15! FORD deluxe V-S Fordor— jtisl 81195. Radio and healer. Shining rmmion finish. It's dependable! ONLY Sll!)r>! Authorized 191!) STl'DEiJAKKH deluxe Champion 4 door Sedan. A good - looking green car with overdrive and heater. One owner. ONLY SHH.i! 1!MS CHEVROLET deluxe j;-doi)r Sedan. Two: 1 black. I green. Radio and healer. Dependable cars. ONLY $9!)5: USED TRUCKS 1 i- "<• 1 ' .--Ton models. Priced to save you money — reconditioned t o give yon service. Service ® 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. •Ar Your Friendly Studcbakcr Dealer * Railroad K Ash Call fiSSS :! bedroom home with al- tacjircl jjara tic, completely modern. Monthly payments J4S.80 including taxes and insurance. 2 beilroom modern homo, liir.'fe screened hack porch. Already financed with small montMy payments. Jinx Lo! r an. Pealtor I.vnch '-'lil-. Phone 20;-Vl ?)300. ly. Owner being Iranst'erred. See or call Thr ^ Rpvlv Condition*! SIOOO Othrr coltl wnvop ^5{IO Rnd lip BEAUTY BAR I'h. 3202. Glcncoe liotrl Bid? b 15 •;>. BIS JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2r>9ri S 10 ck t f| I i Wnnf (o pTnplov lanrl \vlch r\ bull-Jo Only n (cv.- trees hiipiir 1 .-;. Write Tlot News Ilir m:rc, inij—mostly r : Courlrr 5,19 ck 2fi "Your Exclusive LION De"'er in Blvtheville" 11 n e. Lton'.s prnvcd HDH V/ I L S O N AUTO SERVICE Ash ,t '^nil I'hnnc 2611 Insurance f-M 45S3 For Complete Ii'suranre Prolertion \V I Po'Wc' A—ncy HI FNTOF HOT?:! Ksiato S; SCREENS TUCOfllYSAfffMYl All Aluminum S C R E E N S 3 !\\YS OF.LIVERy • Part Proof—Slain Proof— I iirlimc • Sturdy durable frames—fits ti'llit, will nol flnp, sag or r:\U1r • Custom tiuiclR (n fit anv win- dnw in li;ilf or full Irneth. • MrjiMired. assrmhlcd ^nrt Installed hy Inral mnn—all mi\- t^riuls and worknmnship fiiar- ntitecd. KEMP \VHISE\HUNT rhonc sion R. H. ARKNRME1ER I'linnc 2603 •,.--,; rt.-f. ol -"mH* tluOlluhO\U <VfO'J I H .\ ;.i r >;22 monthly. nd prtr r>.-'n Rt--N<'i- :":• t-d'oo:n. Inn: living ronm-dtnhiLT rnoni rntnUn.ttlon, [ft (!>•-• -• Vf-y • "i i- TfnliV s-ro-ii'-'l Iron i porch, earner, plr-niy nf frtiH irr r:t—• chrop ,'t •:T!\ I !'. Fiiuuiclnc I-HII br arrnn<:rrl. P.T.--> ' Mrcr' n'..-<ut^.h> prii cd at Slt.iVtl. > 2 tnllv, ro:act lot. Prlrcrl rlcht .11 51H.OW Suhmnt ; hr^^T^-r'v- ^nd zir;i=p p'OMfkcitr p\:rTlnr. ^hmilui H'. ,> J=" — .Vc ifliTf .it cornrr lo: \vorth rlo^r to n^Vtnc prtcr. 5 too:n hoiisp w ; >;503. Ko:np \VI'is(*iiliunt. Realtor Phone 340D State Certified Blue Tag D^PL 15 COTTON SEED SO'r Gerniin.-ilion. Delintcd & Treated _ I CALL G!en Cook 1 iT DKM,, AKK. PHONE 2112 ^ 521 r*A 1\ ; HESTER'S Radiator Shop S. Highway fil FbonrvllSfi romplrtr H.nil a tor Kcpslr ,\Uk«-» Tlir l>iTrrrcn«r: ! *. -\rw A- I srri ll.irli.ilot^ TIT S-itr- Guaranteed Watch Repair & 53.50 , Yimr walrh Is rtis^ssrmhleJ, cleaned. plTot< polished and 3 Day Scrrice Thompson Credit Jeweler j \>\t rtonr to \Vnrtr Fnrnlttirr JH \ LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING . ' COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER ? 995 $ 445 $ 245 ATTENTION GINNERS! With the exception ol Jack Logan, we stil! have (he same prrsonnel to taks care of youi ginning r:pnir iir^tis We refill, file and train saws; refill anil buliuu'e l)r;is!irsi anil biice a rnn:[:Jele stork of v:ilvcs, elL:iws (from 11" to 1\") anil pi|ie. Also, ;i complete line of bearings for >cmr gin. We have Ihs pprKonncl and equipment to mrrt your ginning repair needs and ive'rc aiixiotu to serve yon? Alt work is guaranteed. Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 TODAY TODAY, TOMORROW AND KVKRYIMY — THE BEST CAR AND TRUCK TRADES ARE MADE \T HORNER-WILSON ON EAST MAIN STREET. IT'LI PAY YOU TO PAY US A VISIT. T951 OLDSMOBILE "OO'f Your chance to own a Rocket "88"! This brilliant black -l-door Sedan has it all: Hydramalic, radio, healer, white tires. I.ovv mileage, loo. And, above all— Rocket power! $ 1995 1918 PONTIAC Fleet- line 2-door Sedan. Six- cylinder engine, standard transmission. Lipht blue color, radio, heater. Nice. $995 195D CHEVROLET <1- door Sedan, deluxe model. Dark blue color, white sidewall tires, radio and heater. Real sharp! $1295 MERCURY 5-Pas- scngev Coupe. Lots of quality in this car—new tires, radio, heater . . . attractive maroon finish. $695 1<150 PLYMOUTH special deluxe 4-door Sedan. A real nice light blue car with hiancl new tires. Radio, heater . .. now . . . $1295 19 IS CliKVROLKT 2- door Fleetline. With jiractically new tires, this light green car is a buy. Radio, heater. A bargain at ... $895 inoOFORO Custom Club Coupe. A perfect automobile to be a used car. Equipped with both radio and heater. Now . . $1295 Trucks—Trucks—Trucks—Trucks—Trucks HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rockcl Olrtsmohile — (iM( Trucks I'hore L'd.'ifi I'scd Car I,nl — 1'hone

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