The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1953 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1953
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1MI Four Ex-FBI Agents Hired by Senate for Future Investigations WASHINGTON Wl—The Ssnate's rash of Investigations was broadened today with the appropriations committee's hiring of four former FBI agents for a practically unlimited field of inquiries. . Confirming employment of the staff, Chairman Bridges <R-NH> said the four will "investigate anything and everything the committee thinks is necessary to the intelligent handling of money bills." As an example, Bridges said the agents—headed by Paul Kammer- Ick with Elliott Wyman as counsel —probably will look first into reports of "terrific waste" in the handling of surplus property. "We have been told that some agencies have declared certain items surplus, disposed of them for almost nothing, and a short time later other agencies have come along and bought them for about what they originally cost," Bridges said. The new addition brought to tight the number of Senate investigations currently under way. Some lawmakers traced the rash of inquiries primarily to Re publican promises in last year's campaign to "clean up the mest in Washington," Teen-Agers Play A Risky 'Game' PHILADELPHIA flp — Some teen-age boys recently turned up with a foolhardy thrill "game.' The engineer of a passenger train heading into the city saw about 16 boys standing on the track. He- blew his whistle but the hoys didn't budge. ''They v.'tiited until! the train was right on top of them before they scattered," said a conductor. Object of the ''game" apparently was to see who could take the biggest gamble with his life. Regal Regalia In Aztec Mexico, only the chiefs were permitted to wear the 3'/ 2 - oot (nil feathers of the quetzal bird, according to the Encyclopedia Britnnnica, TAPPED TWICE A WEEK Ed Kihbo gives up a pint ol his blood a! onr of ins twice-w<-fkly visits to a hospital in Loruin, O Kiblx* h.-is ,ibnm-m;jl1y -'fl' V( ' 1)One marrow, which produces bloort at thr r;itp of <'t pint a day Thai's two pints a week too much, Bern use Hie bone marrow ran'l renew itself, the 59-year- old fiu 1 lory juniloi must fjo to noarby Cleveland Clinic for a drink of atomic jiiedidne every six weeks. New 'X' Chemical May Be Key To Control Over Leukemia By ALTON L, BI-AKESCEE AP Science Reporter SALT LAKE CITY HP)—Discovery of an "X" chemical which may be a key to leukemia, dread cancer of tre blood, was reported today. The "X" i'as described by Doctors Thomas P. Dougherty and Jules A. Frank of the University of Utah Medical School to science writers on a tour sponsored by the American Cancer Society. It causes production of millions of white blood cells within minutes. The white cells fight off invading germs, among other jobs. m It helps make up for a terrific loss of white cells caused by almost any kind of stress or shock. The stress can be cold, heat, fear, emotional upsets, allergies, infection. The stress makes your adrenal glands turn out more cortisone, hormone that destroys white cells. The hormone and "X" work together, like thermostatlc control: keep the number of white ce,l more or less in balance. Actuall; your white blood cells do a rollei coaster rise and fall all throug he day, with big dips when streb produces a jolt, of cortisone. Substance "X" brings a quic rise in 'white cells or lymphocyte CHAIR LARGE CLUB Upholstered in Fine Fabrics Plastics... Velours... Tapestries These chairs were bought at a special price because the factory had odd frames and short pieces of material. Therefore, we are goving you the advantage of this special offer. YOUR CHOICE A One Time Buy! Only 25 Chain! HUBBARD & SON FURNITURE Phone 4409 Blytheville especially one kind. This kind is called the stress white cell. It is resistant to destruction by cortisone. Normal white cells are easily destroyed by ,cortisone. Too Many White Cells There is a possibility that the stress cells stimulated by the "X" stuff might somehow change to become leukemic white cells, which also resist cortisone destruction. Leukemia means too many white cells, and overgrowth of blood- forming organs. In animals, Dougherty and Frank produced a leukemlc-like condition in mice by subjecting them to repeated stress. Something going haywire In humans because of repeated stress might lead to leukemia. Learning why leukemia occurs could lead to better controls of it. It is not yet known what the "X" stuff is, or where it is made. It could be histamine. the chemical released when allergies strike; something Hie histamine; or one of a number of other things. The studies promise a gauge of how well a patient with tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, jaundice or other diseases is responding to drugs, or how sick he is. For by checking on the stress celta, and hormones In Hit blood, It can be learned which one* are overcoming the stress of sickness. By testing the blood of 30 TB patients, whom they had never seen, the physicians were able to tell which ones were very 111, which had recovered, and which were responding to treatment. Hands OH Wrecks MANILA (/P| — Some ISO tone of scrap Iron valued at 15,000 was seized at Cebu on grounds it had been salvaged from sunken vessels with' out authority. The Philippines government claims ownership of war wrecks dotting its coast. It is conducting a survey to determine what wrecks can be raised as part of Japanese war reparations. Bride Is All H« Needs Now MAYSVILLB, Ky. (/PI— For M , Mason County man Monday pur chased a marriage license, a $1 wedding ceremony and two TOC« selection! to be sung at hli wed ding. The license and service were soli at the Lions Club radio auctloi to raise fund« for the club's rtgh conservation program and play, ground project. Davie Cdoper now n«edi n "Monthly Pains" stopped or amazingly relieved In 3 out of 4 caws in doctor*' • Chances are you're putting up- unnecessarily —with the functionally caused pains, cramps and weak, "no good" feelings of menstruation I For, in actual tests by doctors, Lydl* Pinkham's Compound brought com- oJete or striking relief from such distress in 3 out of 4 of the cases! LydU Plnkham's Is modern in its acttonrf So get Lydla K. Pinfcham's Vegetable Compound—or new, improved Tablet! with added Iron, See II—taken through ;he month—it doesn't give relief irom .hose backaches, jitters—help you I«l better before and during your period! Or—if you suffer from functional "ho* flashes" or "change of lUe," find out ho wonderful Pinkham's is for that, top! j It htt • quieting effect om I uterine contraction! cihit | often caa*e meutrial p*l*| in the 5 smart ways you wear the Palm Beach fashion-fiver It's a hit! This 3-plece outfit you wear 5 smart ways stars you —wherever you go, under the lights or under the sunl You'll get "rave notices" on the rich, nubby-texlured fairic... the slim, trim look and perfect fit. The color-coordinated slacks get critical approval, too. So, if you're booked solid this summer, team up with this star, performer! - 1. WIA« AJ SUIT. 1. WtAI COAT 1. WIAI JAOHIT 4. WIAI CON- I. WIAI IMIT Fuhionable lines, AND EXTIA COL- AS SPOtT OOAT TIASTINa MAOtfl 11 A C > I >i •itri lightweight — cool, OK-COOKDINATID with •n)' clhtr M colorfj "nrftcb" iliolc*. wrinkle resisUnlMH SlACKfrCaiual, go- slactti. C«l BOM -'**• -ftl rilliU, w>*

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