The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOKTHKAST AIIKANSAS ANI) SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 23 Blytheville Courier, BljUwvlll* Dally Ne«rs, BlythevlUe Herald, MLalaslppl Valley Leader. HLYTHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSUAY, APRIL H, 1!WI SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NSO RESIGNS; SPAIN A REPUBLIC 15 Survive Tunnel Blast Fatal to 11 Bavricaclc Holds Off Poison . Gas Thai Took Lives of Fellow -Workers. CHICAGO, Apr. H (UP) — Fifteen men were found alive loday.In the flamin? military district tunnel on the soiitlnvcst sid,: where eleven others had been killed during the night by clouds of poisonous smoke. A bulkhead in the liuniel had held back the smoke and fumes which killed the others while .squads of firemen pinned fresh nir into the shaft in the hope of maintaining life until a rescue could be effected. Among those who " survived the night of horror were nine firemen and seven tunnel workmen. Fire Captain James O'Neal, one of the entombed men, still was In Home Life Taken Over By Missouri Company ST. LOUIS, April. 14. (UP)—Liabilities and assets of the Ho:ne Life Insurance company or IJttle Rock have been taken over by the Cen- :ral States Life company of St. Louis, James A. McVoy, president of the Central States company, announced today. Policies In tile Little Rock firm, which was insolvent, will be transferred to trie Central Slates. McVoy said. The transaction involved no cash. Head in the Clouds Estelie Declares She'll Get The Decrees for Dempsey Family. the HOLLYWOOD. April 14. (UP)-, Estelle Taylor declared today that if there is any divorce In the Demp- the tunnel halt an hour after the I jey family she will the one to ob- others were carried to, safety. One ta j n fireman altemptng to reacli him | while Jack Dempsey, former was overcome. 11 was feared ] world - s heavyweight champion, was O'Neal was unconscious or perhaps tc , Ung newspapermen in R»no "he dp jjjj' • hoped Etselle would come to her The men ran shouting from their ' ^ SQ he KOuUn . t navc lo nl , prison and boarded the little elc- | sult for divo[ . ce ;- Miss Tav i or rc _ vator which could carry only four | w , v( , d wrlters in i, cr hom |, at th( . at- a time. They had released themselves from the protecting barricade when they heard the powerful blowers sucking out tlM poisonous air. None appeared mnch | Ihe worse for his harrowing night's' experience. i 'AmbuIariL-e Kills Policeman -.The death tail oi;tl%-tunnel fire stocd nt-twelve'when the survivors! edge of the Hollywood hills. "I will not allow Jack Dempsey to gel a divorce." she said quietly. "If I'm notified by Jack or his attorneys or If my attorneys arc notified he plans to file I will beat him to it by filing here." - Tlie actress said she sometimes Remaininq Problem Not One of Disaster Relief Says Representative. The drouth relief program of the national American Red Cross has been definitely closed in the Chlck- asawba district of Mlsslsslpni county, members of the local relief committee were advised Monday afternoon by Miss Helen Joseph, Red Cress field representative. While acknowledging that there remained many families in the dls- tricl who for various reasons arc without apparent means of siimxrt. Miss Joseph declared that investigation had satisfied her that they were victims of the business depression, or of physical InMrmUIrs, rather than of last summer's drouth, and that their care »">s therefore not properly a responsibility of the national Red Cross. <Dws N'ot.Aid Unemplovmrnt The Red Cross, she explained, is charged in its charter with hhc duties of war service, service to N'T 1 veterans, and disaster relief, nnfl that It did "nor and could nol ac- cepl Ihe responsibility of aiding Ihose unable lo find work or those- physically Incapable of workhiT. The latter, she snld, arc properly charges of the county, while the problem of unemployment is r cominuirUy ouligallon. The only charily work iindcrtil:- save the Irapped workmen, eight of wrom died in a short time after; the fire started. The twelfth victim was Harry Fielder, policeman, who was killed by one of Ihe ambulances hearing viclims from the scene. The first man out was John J. Yuruin. one of tl:e .workmen. He blinked as he came into the sun- lighl and_said. "I'm O- K." The tra'gedy, one of the worst of its kind In Chicago, resembled a scene at a mine disaster. Ambulances were scatercd at the shaft mouth of the tunnel. Heroic firemen, their fac,?s protected by gas masks, descended into the gassy inferno, groping blindly through Nicaraguan Insurrectionist Leader Announces Resumption of Struggle. MEXICO CITY. April 14. (UP) — A »- smoke and smouldering fire InjThc- end search for lost comrades. The gustlno Sandino, Nlcaraguan Insur- same firemen staggered to the top rretlon lcader - declared after the of the shaft in semi-conscious con- Managua earthquake, was announo dillons. Even entire squads were i cd bv Sandmo's agent. Dr. Pedro Zepeda, today coincident with reports of renewed fighting between rebels and U. S. marines. Zepeda said Sandino had ordered renewal of hostilities on Pan-American day, today, because of "attacks" by.marines. Hostilities were ordered resumed "on all fronls." Zeda Gaines Comes to Officer's Rescue She dr.-1 Joseph pointed oul. is in behalf of earthauakes. floods, tornados. 1 drouth. Were the organisation Undertake to meet, the needs re- liu? from- business depression, she fiirt. all of its funds could be i^etl in such'cities as Chicago.-De- ro't and Pliiladelphia. The Red Cross representative expressed satisfaction at the evidence of agricultural recovery which she found In this county. Her opinion that farmers who required assistance last winter because of the drouth were no longer In need of Red Cross help was confirmed by members of the local relief com- mitlec, wh6 saki that their records showed that virtually no i>ersons who will cultivate land this year are now in need of help. Inasmuch as only a negligible amount of tillable land will He out this year this is taken to Indicate that the county's normal farm populalion has passed the emergency and no long- Zeda Gaines. often arrayed "against the law" In the past, occupied a new role with honors yesterday. Knives flashed and fists flew as FRIENDLY VD1E MB, PL1 OF n a Letter to Mayor Reed, Fail-field Proposes Recount of Vote: In n letter to Mayor Nelll Reed urule public today, A. B. Falrflcld oser to Reed by a margin of six •otes In the recent mayoral 'race iroi»ses a "friendly contest" m lie election based upon a "proposl- lon" outlined In the letter pub Ishcil below. Mr. Falrfleld suggests that : cauvnss of Ilia entire vote In the eccnl election, when approximate y 1075 voles were cast, be mad! bv a committee of five. The com nUtcc. Mr. Falrfleld suggests, ti •onslsl of a representative seleclei >v Mr. Reed and one selected b; Mr. Falrfleld, the two to select i third member and Reed and Pair field to round out the committee All legal questions to be decided b a committee of three lawyers, tw selected by Reed and one by him self, Fntrfleld writes. Mr. need stated this :afternoo Ex-King PEOPLE REJOICE Alcala Zamoa, Republican Leader, Heads Nation's New Government. Alfonso XIII. king of Spain since Us birth In 1U8G. today resigned, presumably to shore the oxllo of [he former monarchs of Portugal, Austria, Ocrmany and other Euro- pcan countries which have lurnrd to Republican forms of government REED TD Ml MABniD, April 14 (UP) — The novlslonal government hcndcd by Atcala Zamorn proclaimed n re r julillc throughout Spain tonight.. It was the second proclamation of a Spanish republic; the first imvlng been proclaimed bv Henub- ilcans hist December at • which lime the monarchy tool: the upper hand. Today's proclamation Ironically was the same as that Issued last the DC'-'-mbor, merely' changing da' • "T'ho samo group com- Peace Expected at Council Session After Unofficial Meeting Last Night. Mayor . Neill Reed will begin his . second term as the head of the that he had not rec£]v«l a letter , Blytheville municipal government at the regular monthly meeting of the city council tonight, J. E. Lunsford, Tom w. Jackson and R. D. Hughes, aldermen. and^W. D. Orav- ette, police, court judge, and ROM Beavers, city treasurer!;; all re-elected at the municipal, -flection last Into office from Mr. Fairflcld and 'declined to comment on the proposal until he had actually received Mr. Pair- field's message. • Mr. Fatrflcld's letter . to Mayor Nclll Heed follows: , ' - ..- Mr. Nelll Reed, • •Blytheville, Arkansas. Dear Mr, Reed: . . V£ c .. 1 you. know. I have'been con- Tuesday, will be sworn Int tonight. 4*-;.: • posed t!._ government- MADRID, April 11 (UP)— The ancient throne of Spain fell today to Join other royal houses that have gone down In tl-c post war debacle and a republican govern- * incut was formed to rule the country. Alfonso XIII. born a king and head of the house of.Bourbon, ac- rcertd to the demands of the trl- 'uinphunt Republican leaders that he <iet out, not merely abdicate .In favor of his son, biit resign an'd.let • the RcDUblicans rule,-.endta?-.981 • years of mouarchlal government;;in Spain. . -.•'••:'. - "•,-'':.''.: Alcala Znmora,. Republican leai--,-' cr and popular choice for president,'- fromcd n cabinet and prepared lor the formal transfer of power from monarchy to republic before, suh&et. • 1 .. Roviil Family »6't*»ve •' ' ; The kinfc was granted'safe'con- duct from Spain.and was expected It leave as soon as possible.'.with the royal 'family/. All the'- pjjnces. - • Friction .. botroen •: . , gr\U, . a majority of the council members. er requires aid. Serious Problem Remains With the Red .Cross program at an end the problem of providing for the unemployed and the physically unfit remains unsolved. Za! Its lofty peak lost in . the lowering mists over Manhattan, the new Empire State Building is s.cen above In an unusual view that gives a vivid impression of- the height of the structure. -Tallest In the city's regiment of skycrapers, the building is topped by a mooring tower for dirigibles. This toucr, /together with tha upper stories of the building, often are veiled from Ihe. ground, as shown here, by low- hanging clouds. templatlng filing contest proceed- ; which was very evjdtnt during the Ings In connection with the recent j recent municipal election cam- Iccllon for Mayor. But whatever j palgn, In which Mayor Reed de- teps I may take will ba In the right ^ fealed hla principal opponenl, A B.- FAlrfleld, by six votes, was not expected to 'develop tonight following an "unofficial meeting" In the mayor's law office last night. The "unofficial meeting" was ol- teiided by all members of the council and' Mayor Reed. It Is understood-that measures of economy In the city acTmlnlslratlon directed at a slashing of municipal salaries were the princloal Issues under dLs- cusslon last night, if candidates for River Holds Opportunity For Blytheville John Fox Tells Lions and Rolarians John A. Pox, who took a leave of absence from the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation here 25 years ago to take the leadership in the organization of the first National Four Americans Dead WASHINGTON', April 14. (UP) — The commander of the U. S. S Deputy Sheriff Arch Lindscy walk- Asheville reported to the navy deed upon the scene of combat in the Gaines quarters yesterday. Louis White. Walter Haynes and Uncle Zach Gaiues, Zeda's father. were mixed up in a wild scramble *' 1 "" Whlt partment at noon today that four Americans had been killed and three were missing at Puerto Cabezas. No names were given. Liquor Defendant Loses Mind ia Jail Lodged in the city jail awaiting trial on a charge of illegal posses- As fast as Lindsey pulled the fighters apart tncy were back together again. Zeda, who bears something In the way of a reputation as a fighter himself, clambered down from the scat of a nearby automobile and came to the officer's aid. i llayncs and Whi!6 were forth- j was 'on his way to LitOe Rock to 'be lofVhe -lack" with bundled, into Game's car; confined to the state hospital for l and carried to the county Jail. I the Insane, after an examination They paid fines this morning in | by physicians this morning. justice court. Thompson attracted the attention of city officers when he became vio'fnt and injured his head In a dive against the Jail wall. He charges. Funds of the local Red Cross chapter are also extremelv limited, being hardly sufficient to core for the victims of illness or other temporary misfortune who are its normal responsibility. Miss Joseph said yesterday thai there was a temporary demand for workers In the radish fields near Kewport, and It Is expected that a number of the unemployed, who came here last fall to pick cotton, will drift westward. Later in the to renew acquaintance with the few citizens of Blytheville who have ivcd here for over half a century, and to tell a Joint meeting of l!i« Rotary and Lions clubs of the progress and the future prospect of slon of liquor, Carl Thompson of] season, when cclton chopping Johnson Row, suddenly became de- (starts and the green bean crop ma- mented last night. Today In the! tures it is hoped that there will be custody of sheriff's dcoutics. Jie ] wor k enough locally lo lake up mosl slstance In flood control. He launched the Mississippi Levee association, and was successful In obtaining the first laige federal appropriation for control of the Mississippi. Says Terminal Essential Mr. Fox said that present growth In river transportation Indicated that before many years more freight will pass Barfield each year than goes through the Panama canal. As river traffic grows, river cities will Increase in population, he declared, pointing to the rapid de- .;p!rit'. and without any bitterness and solely for the purpose of throw- ng out votes that were illegal. The Blytheville Courier News of April Oth. on the first page, quotes you as follows: "Perionally, I would welcome n contest that would go Into a check of every vote cast. "I am confident lhat a check of Ihe entire vote cast In the election would mean a gain In votes inslead of a loss for me." I lake it from the above Interview that you would welcome a friendly contest., and to avoid the bitterness and 111 feeling that might arise in the town I am making the following proposition: You select a representative, I will select one, and we will let those two select a third tand in case they cannot agree, we will let Judge Keck make Ihe selection), and Ihe five of us will sit in. canvass the votes and throw out the voles of hose who did not live within the orporate limits of Blylhevllle. hose who held no poll tax receipts and those who did not have poll ax rcccipls assessed and paid for in the proper manner, and those who were otherwise not qualified 10 vote. If some legal quesllon arises as to qualifications of any voters, we will submit the legal question to a committee of three The Republican fbig.wr.s raised, over the ixjslpffice and other public buildings- Demonslralions of rejoicing were held In- elites thru- out Spain. The triumph of the Republicans was so swift and bloodless that the coiyitry could hardly realize what momentous events were taking place until they lind become an accomplished tact. The overturn storied Sunday when municipal elecllons were held in Spain. The Republicans carried almost every city. The king resisted to the last, hoping for a peaceful solution but bore himself well, saying he rcallrod his duty appnln Ivc ollicrs were discussed at (0 ,,, s • ,„_ M , nst „„ CQptu ,oted he private session the results of whel , hc ieal!ert rcs | 5 , nnc( , W0 uld the conference could not be ascer- [ Uod to clvl , war Bnd bloodshed. velopment of cities on the Great water transiwrtatioii ill the M:s- i Lakes as evidence of the benefits slssippl valley. [of cheap transportation. If Blythe- Much of Blythevlllc's future r.s! vlllc Is' to share In these benefits, ..i industrial and distributing cen- he said, this city must have faclll- ter depends upon the development •«« at Barfield for the loading and of its water transportation opportunities, declared Mr. Fox, who sax that in his judgment Barfleld was teh logical point for a barge ter- unloadlng of barges. Mr. Fox was Introduced by A. G. Little, one of the few men at today's meeting at the Motel Noble minal to serve this city and lhc ! «' ho were his associates when he surrounding Arkansas and Missouri »ved nl Blytheville. Domestic Consumption of Cotton Below Last Year WASHINGTON. April 14 (UP) — Domestic consumption of lint cotton during March was estimated at 490.586 running bales by the U. S census b'.irfau today against 433.- 5JO consumed In February and 507,046 In March. 1930. Total consumption for the -montlis of the present seasor was reraoved to a special cell In territory in a radius of sixty mlies I or. more. Establishment of such a .terminal, he said, would maite this : clty the business center of the St. Commencement Sermon j ™ ab ; h f for ffAm] Hclp ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (UP)— Dr. I n D n/'li T" Ur. DOggS Will ulVC Mr. Fox, who Is now with the talned today. Mayor need declined to reveal hla appointments this morning, latlng that he would announce th: x?rsonn<rl of the police department nd the fire chief when the officers re sworn in'tonight. The city en- Inccr Is voted upon by the coun- 11, while the police and fire chiefs re named by the mayor. The may- ir refused to state whether a shake-up" In any of the city detriments was In order. During th? irst two years of the Reed admln- stratlon M. G. Goodwin has served as police chief, Roy Head as fire Frogs, Mushrooms Aid Walnut Ridge Farmers WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (UP)— Farmers here have found another local attorneys, two of which you may select and I will select the third. After the canvass Is made, then a friendly and inexpensive suit ma> be filed that the necessary order may be made In the legal way. I will pay Ihe cost of such a suit. Regardless of what may happen I am not going to be bitter agalns anyone and think Ihe contest cai be • handled In the above manne without hurting the feelings of any one. A copy of this letter Is being glv en the paper, since the public wll ue Interested In any contest an the methods of conducting any con the county Jail where he remained j Presbyli until removed tor the Little Rock 1 - 111 -" Irlp loriay. American Woman Composes Opera PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—The first (o American woman to compose an means to make money since the 10 " ""' smson ' I Her story -Is woven about the for the baccalaureate address has ! "put at Ion as not been selected. Fires Still Burning 1 In Northern Woods promoter, and after going to Wash- |lneton in 1906 In a futile effort to ! obtain a federal appropriation for the cleaning out of the St. Fran- MILWAUKEE, Wls., (UP)—More than 100 |Up on to take the leading part !:• I the organization of the first na- Aprll 14 tional rivers and harbor congress. fires still After six years his efforts were • myst1cal folk Iore ot Irela "d and burned In northern Wisconsin and crowned with a $5.000.000 B year ap- ORECON FARMS DECREASE i the score Is based on ancient Gaelic | upper Michigan timber and brush proprlation by congress for river SALEM, Ore (UP)—Oregon fanns and Celtic music. The manuscript I areas today as augmented crews nnd harbor work, which increased by 5,000 from 1920 will be presented to William C. I of fire fighters strove to extinguish : Some years later, after a period to 1S25. showed a drop ot 800 dur-, Hammer of the Philadelphia Grand the past five years. There arc-1 Opera company and It is believed 55.152 farms in the Mate. |lt will present It next season. ng business with them. Doctors Find Boy's Heart on Wrong Side The dramatic moment came when Count Romanones, minister of state, was sent from the royal palace to Alcala Zamora to announce the king would give In. Train Awaits Klnj The Republicans formed a prov-. Inclal ca'olnet establishing headquarters this afternoon In the Casa Del Pueblo, of house of the people, a social center. A parade of manifestation started through the center of the city enroutr in the city hall at 4:15 p.m. The traditional cabinet was In continuous session and in tele- ... . * --.— ..._ \;uiit!imuii:» ^r^Muu .iiivi i« K.H,- chief and J. T. Craig as city en- 1 phonlc communication with all g iwcr. Dr I. fl. Johnson has besn amvln , es . city health' oflicer and A. G. Hall, city auditor. The council session tonight Is scheduled to open at 7:30 o'clock. 3ue to the interest always man!- 'ested In the appointments by th; mayor and council and the outline of policies by the mayor at the beginning of each term, a large crowd will probably be present at the session. Sanitary Inspectors provinces. Political exiles in Paris were Instructed to proceed at once to the border where they would receive further Instructions. At 4-.30 p. in. the Special train on which the royal family leave Spain was matte up and waiting. The order to prepare thD train was received at 4 p. m. The train, consisted of two coaches be- lon^ins to tla minister of public works. I Receive Training Here I be appreciated. Sincerely. A. B. FAIRFIELD. Ofti-n T.irjrc nf Assassins Kins Alfonso XIII t,l Spain, _ . ' '• pcstlium-v? son of King Alfonso The Mississippi County Health- X U at ..ven Maria Chrisllna. Unit is twin? used as a training daughti. of' the lato Archduke Karl school for sinitary Inspectors O f Auslria, born May 17. other county unlls of the state. [ ]88C . !ia5 ^sea S!!ven times the J. W. McClenr.ey of Heber. t ar£( , t fcr a^assins as follows: ! Springs, with the Cleburne County | j (in(; [g p 190,1—A lunalic 'shol at with the White county unit and w! i «- ore returning from ' church In H. Stringer of Morrllton with the Madrid Conway county unit and W. H.! Mriv 31, ijos-Whcn the Spanish Stringer of Morrllton with the! monarch, as a guest of the French Conway county unit, have been nation was r | d [ n g from the Grand Biven a week of Intensive train in siop«ra House In Paris with Presl- under the supervision ot Dr. A. M.; (< en t Loubel, a bomb was thrown at Washbum, director. I thf!lr cmlage . It missed the king Sendees This Afternoon For Mrs. Lee Bailey , , ... Accompanied by Ora Shonyo, on Page Funeral services are beln? held! sanitary Inspector for this unit, I ils afternoon for Mrs. Artie Mae! they have Inspected various public! this Bailey, 28, wife of Lee Bailey, who succumbed at the family home In and private food producing a)id food handling places and other ' WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probably showers tonight and Wednesday- While a student here Musteen told! the services and Interment will be probably send tr.embsrs here for j According to ttie official weather the Oosnell community at lljpiacs of public Interest In sanita- o'clock last, night. | lion. i Rev. Works officiating ati Other unlU In the state will I school officials he believed his made at North Sawba cemetery. heart was on the rignt side. The officials laughed. Physicians now hove told the youlh 'that his heart is on the Funeral plans are In charge of the Cobb Undertaking company. The deceased Is survived by, be- similar training. the blazes and prevent furlher de- spent in' San Diego, Ca!., he was structlon of forests and villages, recalled lo the Mississippi valley lo .. Bllv , luc al , u llml MJ , 11>cl , „,„„,„„„ „,..,. „„,„ olnllim „„„ v . u >^ suc „ None of the fires were menacing. ( organize a campaign for federal asr Ider and appendix are on the left.jsutis, Thomas and Edward. imported, I observer. Charles Phillips jr.. the i maximum temperature yesterday V»ttoo Haiti Chicken Thkvts iwas 82 degrees and tile minimum SALEM, Ore. CUP)—Since poul- S9 degrees, clear. Today a year ajo sides hen husband, her parents, Mr.. try tattoo branding has been In the maximum temperature was 83 right side and that his liver, blsd-1 and Mrs. Sam Statum and two vcgue here, not a Ihlef has been • degrees and the minimum 60 dei' .01 htrh of min.

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