Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 1, 1897 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 1, 1897
Page 3
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To go Below Us in Price, is to go Below Us in Quality. Some Surprise for You We want to show yon a kind of clothing that you won't find in another store in Logansport. Perhaps better than some of you have :any idea is made up, ready to wear. It's the kind that yon would credit to the custom tailors. The 'kind you'd think would cost twice as much as it will. The kind the most particular dresser will find satisfactory. Full of fashions, whims, 'full of quality, full of bestness, 'til there's no room for fault finding. We've got these up-to-date exclusive styles in Suits and Overcoats because we make them ourselves. Our work rooms are manned by the cieverest talent in the country. We have brought fit down to the •J5ne point of perfection. We import direct from the looms, the latest •weaves in the newest paterns. There Positively can be Nothing Better Than the Garments We Turn Out. And all this fineness is in our grades from $7.50 to §18.00. "We're not talking to your purses, bat tu your good judgement. We're not talking a saving in moiney, but an increase in the •quality and satisfaction that many will buy. We win patronage by deserving it. If you want •the best go *— ^ THE HUB, Harry Frank's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. "for 50c Underwear, and White Body Fancy Front Shirts, with extra »Cnffs, the best m Logansport at "THE HUB." MANAGER DOLAN Replies to Actor Tim Murphy's Abase of Him, Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR THIS FALL F v or-A. Suit 01? Overcoat 33e Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. w. R. HENING & co.jC. O. Heffley, Successor, to The Kqutt»l>lo Produce and Stock Exchange. Capital Stool: 1100,000, fully paid. Members of Consolidate*! Produce and Stock Exchange, , Wo turnioh our customers daily market re- ,-portt over our private wires io this city. We •respectfully solicit your ^tronuKe through •ova iooa! ojrresp&adents W. W. Milner- «. A. R. Building. Liocancpurt. Ind. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insurance and Bonds written in first class companies. Money to loan 6 per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. Kroeger & Strain. UN D RRTAKRR8 Calif promptly attended to Day Or Nlffht, 818 Broadway. TRLBPHOHU — Office. M. Kroeser, IB drain. M. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Farm Property call on QHTH M. VRLSRY, —304 Fourth Street.— He can make you a Loan of $25 and upward •merest on sums over 1500 6 per cent. GITY NRW9. Read the new serial story beginning today. Mrs. John Ludwi^ has returned from Frankfort, where she visited relatives for a few eays. It is said that the celebrated row, Helnze pickle company will start a pickle factory at Rochester. Mrs. George Brown, of Lafayette, who has been visiting friends here, returned home this morning. Mrs. Bert Graffis and sons of Terre Haute, have returned home after a INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEQ. GQNSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Comer of Foartts and BroadwgT -Central Telephone No Office 363, residence 343 HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does flret class work. Stylish and well flt- Uujr clothes made. Cleaning and repairing- neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL,, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET 'Upstairs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. GrEOBGE W. RODEFER. •+*-+> .Real Estate, Loans. Bought, Sold or Bxohuurod. Money to Loan -•a morirtge or penoiuu security. Call an m« <*r writ* to me »t No. Si Bel River »**nue,eMt pleasant visit with F. M. Markley and family. David Eogler, chief train dispatcher of the L. N. & A. railroad, at Monon, is in town, the guest of County Clerk Flynn. Alexander Apple,the Peru brewery agent, is suffering from a couple of broken ribs, the result of a fall down a flght of steps at his home. Railroad employes running into Chicago can borrow money at lowest rates, at 911 Fort Dearborn Building, 134 Monroe street, Chicago. Willard Jones, ex-superiritendent of the county poor farm, has been drawn on the United States grand jury, and ordered to report for duty at Indianapolis on Nov. 9th. Thti Trade Palace Dry Goods house Is celebrating its twentieth birthday today. It was opened for business on Nov. 1,1S77, by George W. Seybold, in a room 18x55 feet, on Market street, a few doors west of the present quarters. The directors of the Adamsboro Gas and Oil company, at. a meeting Saturday, decided to locate the well today and proceed to bore for oil. It was also decided to extend the time for receiving subscriptions and rjaj- ment ot stock up to Nov. 13th. Merton Hull, a former Logansport boy is winning fame in Toledo according to the Blade of that city. He is a son of S. S. Hull, tbe photographer, who resided here and later died in Ohio. Young Hull performs And Announces in This Connection a Redaction In Prices of Admission. Manager Dolan was seen by a Pharos representative today and asked if he was in the opera house Friday night when Actor Tim Murphy was abusing him. He replied as follows: "No, I was not. I saw Murphy last season and I cared nothing about leelng him the second time, so I went home before the show was over. It was fortunate for Murphy that I was not in the house, or I shonld have told the audience the cause of his abuse. He played here last season at the same prices that he aid last Friday night—50, 75 and $1.00 down stairs, but his imaginary egotistical mind'as an actor has left him no business sense. He imagined that the people of Logansport would be crasy to see him, and the price of saats would be no object, but I hare had more experience than Mr. Murphy has, as to the people of Logansport paying a dollar for seati in order to see Murphy, and particularly so when he plays in other towns for small prices. I am reliably informed today by a gentleman who saw him play in an opera house in Chicago at popular prices, namely, 15, 25 and 50 cents, therefore you can see the impudence displayed bare by him on account of me reducing the price of the parquet •eats to 50 cents. Now while this subject is before the public I will state that tbe theater going people do not treat me right, that is, so far as their own interests are concerned. The best high price patrons of the opera house imagine tbat.if a show does not charge high prices it is no good. They do not take into consideration that there are three -fourths of the operas in the large cities playing to popular prices, also that some of the leading actors on the stage today play In these houses, and that the attendance from tbe best class of citizens are the most numerous. Then why don't the people of Logansport have confidence in the character of the shows that I recommend. I make it my business to read ths dramatic papers where I get information, an if not satisfied I make inquiry from my booking agents,Klaw &Erlanger the acknowledged theatrical man agers and booking ag3nts of th: country, are my agents, and I pa them well for giving me such infor mation as I want as to the standin of traveling companies, therefore hope that you will have more con Idence in the future in the show that I bring here, and I promise yo that if you do that, I shall and wil from thia day on reduce the price for all first-class shows. The pric will be for everything down stalls aside from the plush seats, 50 ceuts plush seats, 75 cents; gallery, firs 35 cents; balance, 25 cents Hoping that you may appreciate tbi cut and give me your patronage anc confidence and you and I will s money by it. Of course this proposed reduction can not be applied to all companie that are to appear here this season CARRIERS TO WEiR STRIPES. Length of Serrice to be Known by the Number of Stripes. Postmaster General Gaiy has issued the following order pertaining to letter carriers: "Letter carriers who have served five years shall wear as a mark of distinction, upon both sleeves of their uniform coats J inch above the braid on cuff of sleeves, a half chevron of black cloth * inch wide, extending horizontally from seam to seam of coat sleeve and sewed in seam of sleeve. For every additional five years of service another stripe of tbe same material and style as the first one shall be added. All stripes to be edged with white stitching and to be J inch apart. A carrier who has been reinstated shall get credit for the full term of his actual service, but not for the time he was out of the service. Time spent in the substitute service shall not be taken into account. "Substitute carriers: As a distinction between a substitute letter carrier and a ^regular letter carrier who has not yet received his first stripe, all substitute carriers will wear on both sleeves J of an inch above the braid on cuff of sleeve a plain letter S two inches high, made of black cloth edged with white stitching." I J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. I 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana. J; Men's Suits Boys' " Chld'ns " Men's Overcoats and Ulsters i Boys' " «' " Children's " " " -MACKINTOSHES. Fall and Winter Underwear, " " ." Hats and Caps, " " " Shirts, Sweaters, etc. " " [;" Gloves and Mittens, " " " Neckwear. | Children's Department Complete < OIL NEWS FROM PERU. Tb« Largest Oil Widening: Field In Westward. Indiana for the reason that some ot them have reserved the right to make their own prices. But in all cases where there is no contract to the contrary, the cut prices will prevail. Yours truly, DOLAN, Manager. Death of E. B. Gustin. E, B. Gustin, a former well-known citizen ot this city, died last night at Indianapolis, of heartdlsease,after a brief illness. The deceased was 55 years old and at one time was engaged in the sewing machine business here, He had been engaged in the insurance business at Indianapolis for several years prior to his death. He was a veteran of the late war and a member of the famous Persimmon brigade. The remains will be brought to this city tonight and the funeral will be held tomorrow at 2:30 p. m.,from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Alvin Denbo, So. 616 North street. Funeral services will be conducted by Bev. T. S. Guthrle, pastor of the Universallst church. some remarkable tricks In legerdemain. A well-known citizen of Fourth street today dictated the following to a representative of the Pharos: "Please, Mr. Street Commissioner, send us oae man to cleaa oar street. We have never intentionally offended the city government and we only ask tMs one small faror of you. Tnrned In an Alarm. Some young lad with a Hallowe'en party turned in an alarm of fire Saturday night, causing the department a run to the corner of Sixteenth and High. He had seen a blaze in the gutter at that point. Peru Journal: The output of tbe Peru oil field is said to be larger than all the other fields of the state combined. The other day 10,000 barrels of oil were stored in tanks at the wells. Thursday the Buckeye pipe line had 150 barrels an hour pumped through .it, making 3,600 barrels, which is within 1,400 barrels of the capacity of the line. The information was obtained from the state field superintendent of the Standard yesterday. Peru Chronicle: The field is gradually widening, westward belag the general direction, and it will be but a short time hence until we know how extensive the area is. While oil men unite in saying there is an outlet to the field somewhere they say more money may be sunk in "dusters" than will be made up by the time an outlet la found unless it be In the immediate future. News in the oil field baa been rather slow the past week. New wells are in, but they are all in proximity to other producers and no surprise is occasioned by their productiveness. IT Is FUNM. We hare used our BEST JUDGMENT, and the utmost caution in the selection ot our present FALL STOCK, and undoubtedly have the finest line of goods, in all departments ever offered the citizens of tkif county, at very Lowest Prices. Call and see us. "We will be glad to show goods, and are satisfied we can save you money. Money Back if Goods are Not Satisfactory. < > ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Check" Pronounced Splendid Coined f. la "A Baggage Check," will be the attraction at the opera house next Thursday night, the laugh seekers will find much enjoyment, for the farce which gave Chas. E. Blaney his first start as a dramatist is replete with eujoyable nonsense, interspersed with sweet songg and clever dances that In combination repays the spectator. Oce need not hunt too closely for a plot in the play, because the thread of the story is a slight one, and in this the author shows his genius in introducing his characters without jarring any features of the entertainment. Mr. Clyde Stanley, wno plays the principal comedy part, is a-whole show in tiimself and the balance of the ladles and gentlemen that compose the cast are artists of more than ordinary ability. The scenery and costumes are all new and the music will be a special feature. hrjstiDtDemum Show Excursion to Indianapolis rla Pennsylvania Lines. Nov. 3d and 4th, low rate excursion ,ickets will be sold to Indianapolis 'rom Logansport and intermediate /icket stations on Pennsylvania lines or the annual Chrysanthemum show; eturn coupons valid Sunday, Nov. 7. Sotlce To all creditors, I will pay no more debts contracted by Mary E. Bettcher. FREDERICK J. BETTCHKK, Cottage for sale. A handsome new cottage on monthly payment plan.—T. A. Mc&orera. Smokejthe Columbia cigar Those Dreadful Sores 'hey Continued to Spread in Spite of Treatment -but Now They are Healed-A Wonderful Work. "For many years I have been a great ufferer with varicose veins on one ol my irnbs. My foot and limb became dread- ally swollen. When I stood np I could eel the blood rushing down the veins of his limb. One day I accidentally hit my foot against some object and a sore broke oat which continued to spread and was exceedingly painful. I concluded I needed a blood purifier and I beg-an taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. In a short time those dreadful sores which had caused me so much suffering, began to heal. I kept on faithfcily with Hood's Sarsaparilla, and in a short time my limb was completely healed and the sores gave me no more pain. I cannot be too thankful for the wonderful work Hood's Soraapa- rilla, has done for me." MRS. A. E. GTLBOS, Hartland, Vermont. Sarsaparilla Is the best—In fact the Ons True Blood Purifier. Hiss Mamie Radius la employed as cook at Strecker's bakery. Henry Martin, tbe cigar maker, has removed his family to Peru. Mr. Win. Briggs, of the Eastend, has returned from a visit with relatives in White county. Miss Lillie Parker will give a masquerade party at her home on the Westslde this evening. Deputy Flah Commissioner Hildebrandt reports the capture of another 500 foot gill net at Warsaw. Tha Woman's club held its regular semi-monthly meeting this afternoon at the home of Miss Ida Taylor on Market street. Mrs. Chas. Decker, of Lebanon, who has been visiting relatives and friends in the city for a few days, returned home today. I want to buy $25,000; good notes and judgments. I want to loan, to good people, 850,000, on mortgage, or personal security—Geo. B. Forgy. Mr. James B. fCrnery, of Cincinnati, 0., and Beatrice Denbough, of Wabash, were recently married at that place. The latter was formerly a resident of thia city. Joseph Craig expects to have his new building on Sixth street ready for occupancy by Nov. 15th. The flat on the second flnor will be nicely fitted up for housekeeping. Congressman Steele has in the Eleventh congressional district 135 postofflces at bis disposal. It is thought that fully two-thirds of all the officers la the district have been named. The supper given by Lincoln circle on Saturday evening, in the store room on Market street lately vacated by the Logansport wall paper store, was very largely patronized, as' were the dinners alao. The Frankfort foot ball team expects to wipe up the ground with the Logansport High School team here next Thursday at Spencer park. The admission to the scrap has been placed at 25 ceatg. The department of Indiana, G-. A. R., Is to be organized under a new system, the posts in each county to constitute a battallion, and the bat- AMUSEMENTS. D OLAITS OPKHA HOUSK. • • • • Thursday, November, 4. Chas. E. Blaney's Most Successful Comedy. A BAGGAGE CHECK. Interpreted by an entirely NEW COMPANY OF ARTISTS, Headed by the Clever Comedian. CLYDE STANLEY New Kceneiy, New Costumes. New Music. New Effo • M Seiti on sale at Johnston'* drugstore). Prices—25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. No Painl No Danger I Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and paioles. The Finest and Best method of CEOWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method COHES1V1 PLATES, guaranteed to fit. J®~No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to b« supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, DFTVTTSTf 311 1-2 Fourth St. LJC,n L XO L JQver Fisher's Drug Slot* McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREk .fS. CHICAGO. Hood Hood's Pillscuw»niiT»rJJU. a»c«nti. tsllion in each congressional fiistric to form a division. George Harrison, the carrlagi dealer, had an auction sale Saturday which drew large crowds to hi place of business. Mr. Harrison said that quite a number of sales were made, but that the prices were so low that no profit could be made A remarkable case: of hiccoughs is reported from Windfall, on the Pan handle south of here. Miss Borgman was seized with a persistent attack aud nothing would stop them, She started for the doctor's in buggy, the horse ran away and threw her out, and yet the hiccoughs continued. The Marion Elks say they will stand by the initiation of Fitzsimmons. Deputy Armstrong, of Kokomo, granted a special dispensation when the request to initiate was first made. On this request the Marion Elks proceeded and had gone too far, they say, when Armstrong changed his mind. A woman, who gave her name as Helen Nelson, was found Saturday afternoon wandering aoout the Panhandle station apparently out of her mind. She was taken to the hospital where Dr. Hetherington applied sedatives. Late Saturday night she was put aboard the train bound for Columbus, where A companion bad been telegraphed to await ber arrival. A purse containing »45.50 was found In ber possession: She wu evidently en route from California to ber borne in Poland. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R. I. A; p. L. S. A: J*. S. KatiroiUt depot Improvements costing $75,000.00 have iust been completed, ind the house now Dffers every convenience to be found in any lotel, including hot and cold water, electric ight and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOV, Owner tad Proprietor. THR First National Bank, fndluu. CAPITAL 1250,000 A. f. MURDOCK, PEJEBIDMT. W. W. ROSS, CABHIIK, J. F. BROOKMEYER, A68T. CAJRTJCE. DIKBCIOB8: A. I . Munlook, W. H, Brintfiurn, DttuU» UhJ,B.8. Rice. B. 7, Y»ntU, 1 M. Jtrvooc. W, T. Vffljon. Ranfcliur in all it* DepwtaMoa promptly and mreinllr done. to Cnitomera MI •ought for. atronc Btternyruirt Mttmtltmti

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