The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE BLYTHBV1LLE. (ARKQ COURIER NEWS CrcL s.i,-<ai Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Delphian Fine Arts club meet lug with Mrs, O..\V. Mcculehcn. Mrs. W. H. Mlnyard liavlin Wednesday Bildgc club. Junior G. A.'s First Baplis 'church meeting at church 3:39 p m. Delphian Fine 'Arts club wed iris at Hotel Noble, 0:30 a.m. Central Ward P. T. A. incetli), „, „.„. E . mcnuvwi 3 P. M., following executive board Secretary, American Brid^o There's n great dl/tcrencc bo- . ., meeting, 2:30 P, M. t , K Bible study of Church of Christ ween match' point tournament meeting with Mrs. Paul Grimes, piny ami rubber piny, in rubber 2 30 ?.,"' „ , I""* 1 ' or «'cn toUU point iotirna- IHURSDAY'S EVENTS merit, play, your /list obligation b Thursday Bridge c.ub meeting to make your contract. When you :•--•-.. vilh Mrs Joel Chandlci. -- , — ----------- -••• o nimi) conrac. Thuisday nook club mccllng do not try for extra tricks, if they with .Mrs. CliHrlcs P. "Wood. Mid-Week Bridge *cHib mecllhg tract. with Mrs J. Louis Chcriy. - ----•• ..,.-.* ,* juiiiu mill llicifc III! • P i'i i Hass °n <">tw- in a recent tournament. Tlic nor- lalnlng Thursday Contract club. Mrs J A. leech entertaining Thursday Luiiciicoji-:clitb. . Yarbro J}|Siionaiy society meet 7, ~t —' J '••--' •" ""•» null Jl| ulllnlUy WIU1 U1C ing nidi MiV Lowell r. Bwnhnm, ncc. A small club \vns plnvcrl -anil V n m ii-js., .i. _ _ r _ . - p.m. Mcthodisl won lite trick. returned the * A K 7 3 »Q-i A J 7 5 Litke Street Group Has I'rogrpm Mcetlni *4*ic ij.tKc &ircei ...v,..ui....» <>u,, mu uji'it. tjiu>v rciurncu tiio church .Woman's Missionary society queen of spades nnd West shoved met at the church Monday alter- out, discarding Die claht of din noon for a piogiam meeting with - — - ' Mrs. A. L. Hyan In charge. ••The 45th Psalm j,vas used for (he scripture with opening prayci by Mrs J M. Goad Readings Were given by Mmes. Adclina Adsius, C. C. Tucker and N. Kyle. Prayers were offered bj Mmes. W. J. Logan niul \V. L Green. 'Mrs. V. B. Chalfanl gave a Ye- ttort. of tlie recent district meet 1 ing of -Methodist, church leaders In Jonesboro. ' A piano' solo "The- Dying Post 1 was played by Mrs. Henderson C Hall before Mrs. Iverson Morrii .dismissed the group with prayer VMmes. Is. E. Ragau. George Smith, Allen V.tii Winkle mid Frank Field were named member* of Jhe-^Sp-irllDftr Lite- stcup The hoste-se-!, Mmes TV, Chuch and Guy Rodgere - --- — "^ «*WVIQKU CV1 VSU plate loaf, topped with whipped cream, and coffee to the L'3 prW > * Junior HddaiSdh || Sujijcr rarl) title Misses Mildred I'rancet , ce Rosenthal and Helen Alice steni- terg and Mrs z j| e del were hos- tet>es lo members of the Arlcansi.s, Illinois and Missouri chanter ot the Junior Hadassah and centle- men friends foi a supp fr parti Sunday evening "at the Slernber* home There were 80 -guests from Cafio, Mound City s,,d p,-,i, ;l| Illinois, Cftiutliersville, Cape d "' Porla ^ville, Sikeslon, and Hiijli ID Missouri; Lepanto, Osceola, Mai ' Th/'h F 01 ^ 8 ' ln """"'^ The hostesses were assisted by M*" S, s Stdrnbcig, mother ni l es , £ r055 T liriiingtami. °A"U" snd Mrs BennleBerheld of faun' III, iislers of Miss Lanp ' * ^ * • Delphian Member!, To Sfud> Modern JIus.e of Mrs K - Circles Meet. and one you'll meet a million vicious germs today proteu yourself agaiifst s winter ailments, your requ.rcs plenty o[ vitamin " Science sajs that this vitamin is the greatest enemy 01 "co 5 5 ™" n J other respiratory illnesses .roday, yn u ^ sv ^ ^ c i lciou U>m mean; of forHfyins ™ A ^IfegSS^I^ «io.S (revised 1934 )^ CM Liver Oi small ablets daily will-help' Uct JoU against coldf, and mc Mr strength «nd vitality " n ' itl l ' y }>f,f g IE c , a ,"1 nith JIcKtssoN's ,Cpscj5s,«*jp .TABLETS; , tablet^ - Match Point Tourney Players Musi Candle for High Scores Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY ''•' I" n three no tnimi) contract. In any ivuy jeopardize tho con- But- hero's a hand that HJI mal conlrsct Ls tlirec no . One player received the singleton live ot spndes us an opening. It was won In dummy with Hie won with the ace, The jack of hcai Is was next , and when West, played Ihe deuce, the declarer tool: the ilncssc and the queen or hearts * S V 7C52 *K J 10 S 5 2 *1Q 3 N V I s Dealer *QJ,10 0 SI J V AQ « II 7 A S J . A '•' V JO t « A <; 3 * A K Q 9 C I Dupllcote— -'All viil. South Uest North Knst J * ' » 1 * Tats 3N.T. I'at-s -• 3N. T. I'asa lead—A 5. 1 monds, which piny piiicticnlly markcfi him with the king of dl:i- moilds. South dro|ipe<l thu three of diamonds. Mrs. Theociorc Loiiiiti. pretiiicnt. present. Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon gave tho itevollonul and the lilblo study Today's Conlnicl Problem South Is plowing iliis <uu- tract at four ppade-,. Wo^i niiifle ;v vnliK'i'abUi ovc'rcall o£ t\vo clult; ovfr Kontli's ono Bpuil'j op^ninK bid. Kasl sup- ]iorlf;cl tlnln;. 'flic (jpr-uln^ Ic-uJ f« Iliii <tuiu.>n ot t:lnU,s. KhuulA declarer play llio Idiii; , from dummy, and, K si>, why? | Wlinl's tlie Ijc-st defensive play for Kusi; j ^ 3 K :; t't A K .1 S 2 $ 7 '•> •} f, K 7 (Blind* Bits oj Mostly Persona! by the Rcc. and Mrs. Marsh M, Calliiwny, who moved U> OMeoIa. M!N> Afiirliia Gentry, of Friend- j*ip, Twin., js the guest, of Mr. and Mrs. . e,. at. j!n/rnian. The condition of J. '('. Collins, ivho Js critically III, ts unchanged today. His tiauehtm, MrV Marlon Wcems, of Mike City, Ark., and Mrs. Irwin Uamll, of Union City, Tewr, ajx| their children, and his step eon, Burl Miller, of Memphis, arc with him. flay night 'w'hcn'Mrs, Hubert was hostcfi TUESDAY, JANUARY; 15, 1935 Osceola Society -~ Personal Mrs. L. W. Weaver has «««l her mother, Mrs. Alice lormouy of this city, now of mlugham, Ala. Mri. stone m loavo Wednesciay fm . hf^f 1 'veil adopted ' Lang, who is iit hospital where she .v. ,.v,,v u,i opcmlton for mi- 'flic Christian Workers inct pcmiic-itis, Ls now much. Improved.! Monday afternoon at the libmc .Mi-, find Mrs,, B. P. G:iy were ol Mrs. C. L. Moore with Miss Pan In Memphis yesterday where Mr "•ii}' consulted his physician Miss Ola uob Harris, who Is undcrsolflg treatment n (. U K Memphis Methodist hospital is IVM much improved. Mre. Mary Phillips .Robinson, wl\o nccompun- ic<l her there, liu s returned home. Mmes. w, C. Hlggirisdu, Hnrvey Morris and Marcus Evrard Nlckols as hostess. Seven •mcm- lic-rs were present, At a short, business meeting the menu for (lie Civic Club luncheon next Thin-s- imy was planned. Tho Methodist Missionary Ludlcc met at. the church Monday-afternoon. After n short business meet- Mrs. 11. c, Moorchcad led the A A KQ IV 5 J V «a:: « K s 1 •f• 3 Solution in r.:-r<L li.jue. "•-"••" *J,l*ilM «l!Llll' k '6 '' _ Jochvrard were in Memphis yes-jUiole lesson. The subject was einaj. Joe, who }ia« been III, prohibition. Different phases of Is now much better, his physicians the lesson were Illustrated by a 11 ,,... ,-,,,. : |)lnylct. The characters were Mrs. ™!i \-b» ^'"s anil Infant Mac Moilarlty. Mrs. G. L. Glaseoe, I tho 1st I'/Vf " 1C Btf ™P llls . AIre - °- W. Knight,' Mrs. Oegrge no n» Tl P ^' " rC " OW ""• I AC)leJ '' all(l Mfs - piovliiB. Uio baby, who \i-cJghed ivortli. our pounds and nine ounces at ivho used Luke. Circle Mrs. Tom The declarer iron (lie spade Irich In dummy with the king mid now proceeded to play li\-a rounds of clube. East followed with one club and discarded Uvo diamonds and two spades. The iltulnrer was down lo the ucc and ojic cUiiinond incl the nine mid one hear!. Uum- ny bora down to Ihe king, ten und eight of hearts and the queen of diamonds. The declarer had eight tricks in, He could lay down his nee of din- uonils, which would give him liis ilnth trick and guine. 'ft where the diitcrcnce comes In between match point ,-iml rubber play. At rubber play the. declarer should cash his rice of llnmoiuls, us that gives him his mill-net; but at mulch point piny, ic reallijd that he has hud n very unfortunate opening, Ihe singleton spade, and that possibly out, of tlie eleven tables (n play, only one or wo pluyers would get (hut open- E. The declarer could sec Unit, with any other oiwnina. four nu Iriinip was u. spread. How. If lie ,_ .. :, ' - ••"« iiinu uuiiccfc at .1.', tirth on January c, is iioiv out cl — ho hwiibrilor. Mr. Losghu, ivho has been with them, J ua now rc- iiinied home. Miss aola Crafton went lo Lit- l c Hock tqday to be with her mo- thrr and brother, Jim, w j,o -ire to nrt ... r T ----- J v * i uiu unn now of Los Angeles, Cal. Tlicv were accompanied by Mr. Whce er . Circle -I met al the church with f. new members Included in Uic S present, Mrs. 'E. B.' Woodson s chairman. "\Vohicn of (he Hi)le" .is the theme to be studied Ills year with Miss Cordelia Wil- hilc hi charge. Hamn>h:was tak- •n tip at (his meeting; nii'iutic Club Mukcs.iS'cw I'lans. , Thii'- Thesplnn Urania tic club, Hade up of young people of the irat Methodist chtircli nmt'somu if their friends, nn\<lc n mnnber )f plans in « meeting last cvc- ins at Iliu church. 31 WHS decided to bullci a social room and money for thla will bn aertved from plays, candy and rummngc sales. A rummage, sate is lo be held Saturday nnd anyone having old clothes is asked to call Mrs. L. E. Tull or Mrs. Wilson Henry. . receive only one or match was led by Mrs. \V. M. Blaylock, ilirco no (rump, he was coin? to Mike. '•- --met at the hoinc ol ^Y. Jackson with 16 mciiibcrs nnd three (jurats present, Mrs. W. M. Crow was leader of the stubs', "Lifting the Banner." Mrs. W. ^J. Itoitgers presided in tho buslncw'session. This group wilt nieet next lime with Mrs. 0. W. Atriick". . . . . . Mrs. John Buchanan conducted the devotional In Uic inccllni; of circle 3 and the study, from Act.s was given by Mrs. Otis Bhep- icrd. The l\ present were led by Mrs. 11. \j. Chambers in the bnti- l joi !ils »nd be low anyway. So his proper play now was to "play the heatl. if East held the ncc of hearts, tlie contract would bs defeated oiie trick. .Still, It .was a good gamble, 'l! lis fpuncUhe ace .of hearts hv-(lie West hand. ' Then, he' would have' ii change to liiiikc live no trump for a top on (he bonrd, and the odds favor the gamble in match point phiy, even thoush in this ease they failed. (Copyright, 1D33, NBA Service, Inc.) Hospital Notes Admitted to the Blythevilla hospital: Hanry Ed aiiuiiipson. city V. u. Shelby, Manila. lie captain of a ship hailing from Saco. Me., died on a cruise in 18U-1. Nut wishing lo bury nun at sea, his crew pickled (he body in a barrel of brandy and buried Uiirrel and all when the 5 iih> rc . lumed to the home port. II. L. Qutni) spent Monday in Cliirkcdale on business. n. S. Wilson Jr. was a Memphis visitor Monday. Dill Blackivood, who has been ill for several days, is imiish 1m- —"*.**«;* j| home here after in/1 r<* ti» i " ' *"* w * J * •ailed ^ „ y-' Wllerc shc was auert to attend the- funeral of i.« mother. " " ll T''" J^"* ieft ovei ' t! ": week he £ Jt . LM1Ulir<lUC ' "' M-> Where Mr. Wells Is away^his* wifc^nrt bnby. Delia Pauline, will vWt wHh her parents a( , Grl(M c[ly _ M ^ ln Jr. and Mrs. Pete Colernau of t j0n1 f Beach, calif., have moved back to steele where they own extensive farm land. Harmony camp NO. 10418, R. N. be therti i was aceompaii.^ „, 1U1M Barnes who is to enter a clinic for technician train' pro red. _shc j Jess Cramer has opened a new ile In the P.-ittcrspn bulldiiig. Fred Davis returned to his work the colony Monday after sev , '' . 0 nv n Jr " ° f M C mphli.|c«l weeks illne" ' week. Mfees Louise' and Virginia jj 0 ui- and and Miss Inez Wheeler spent the weekend In St. Louis as gS of Mrs, William Hatchclt . »'«.> • I Harry 'Ponder, of Walnut Kidge was an Osceola visitor Monday Arthur Adams, of Jonesboro 'attended to business in Osceola Moii , day. Wheeler' Mrs. Frank Williams' . Here and A. w. reliiriicd home Mr. and Mrs. ' Dwlrt is m tre "' . j. M C ]I Brool's «™nt lo Little Reck Sundfy to say until Thursday while Mr Brooks is .ttendinii to business: today' H ' ° mU ' te '" Mci nPl'ls Mrs. «.. Dogall ., Md are . Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Grimes have moved from the Yarbro loid where they resided for a number ol years, to tho home occupied by 3 Doses ©5 Loosens " ~~ J tl up Proof! . HONEY Men Will Admire Your Dresses Cleaned the DRI-SHEEN W;r h's easy lo look smart anil auuaive when your clolhcj hjrc (lie lustrous sheen and soft fed that comes from clean- ins by the DRI-SIIEEN PROCESS. Makes sifts look like new! Equally effective on rayon and celancsc materials in all iheit forms. \Vc arc licensed to use this sen- sitiorial new odorless method of dry- cleaning. SS.- Pace ESS .-FOwVo>".»ls:Cv Phone li!U BARNES' CLEANERS Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nelson hoiMiffion and family |,a vo ,,iovcd the former E. D. Gillen home on -Holly street, formerly occupied Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling and soothing niuo Slar Qmlmenl nurllson the slilu, scmlhig lesUiI medicine deeply bio pores "'here it quickly hills itch, tEttcr rosh, craoina, foot ilch, ringwon u ; etc- Money tack If first jar fails. - u,,, le> iLOl irom Jonesboro loday. ===— -^ - = Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Mrs, Paul kclelumi, who before' her recent marriage v ?j Mils Ea . nice Hanna, w os gural „, h t «, party at the Bunis hotel T^i'irs- 666 Liquid . Tablets Salve - Nose Drops Checks COLDS anil FEVER First Day Headaches In 30 Miniitei OUoti has returned nrd and frunlly, - : — ' cd froin a business' visit 'in St. Louis. ' . ' • • . Mr. >nd Mrs. «, Johnson entcr- luliicd with a 6 o'clock dinner'ni- tlay night in.Jionor of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Btinis, The giiesfe' included Mr. end fin. Gerald Bi'ooks, oias yorf:, Josephine Holly, imo- gene Manning and Oarroid Stcelc. Miss Olga Kouiy has returned from a visit irt Cilro with' Miss Mary Ellas. Thomas Northern and Mrs. Viola Marshall transacted, business In New Madrid Monday. Mr. and Mrs. L. w. Weaver vis- lied'Mr. and Mrs. Joe Burns at Benfon and Mr. and Mrs. JUw- lelgh stone at Gran, Mo., Sunday. 0. P. Brown is 'attending to business In Tennessee. cred "Father Charles Coughlin one of the world'p grtatest orators and leaders' but he believed UK efforts of the . Detroit Catholic priest are do9med ultimately to ,'• failure because of the "method ho t is using lo bring about refohns Bishop Brown believes 'that the only way lo cure .Ihf ifo'bf thu economic world at the. present time Is to "banish:capjtaiUm'from the carlii." Hits Coughlin's Reform Methods as Doomed , GAMON, o. cupj-Bishop wii- llam Montgomery Brown, 70, once convicted of heresy in religion, In .111 address Jiere, safd he fonsld- racmbcrs Lester has left to , III., where she will be employed in a cafe Mr. and Mrs, D. B. Holly and Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Smith and daughter, Hazel, left Sunday morn- ng to spend the winter in Florida. Mrs. G. G. Travis and son, Guy Stewart, returned Sundny after i visit in Osceola, Ark., with Mr and Mrs. Walter Cox II Mr. and Mrs, T. "C. 'Lewis Jr "'"* E - W- McCaim have return- Courlt-r News Want. 1 Ads Pays Freslicns lite niouth V 1 ..Soolliesthcllitoat VICKS COUCH DROP JOE P. PRIDE Certiflert Registered Engineer General Engineering, Surveying, Mapping Phone 198 Blytheville, Ark. FIRS WASHERS Carrtui for Hcftcr Aprrellfc "I was so nervous and depressed. I felt like I wanted lo tear my hair," writes Mrs. R, w. Kilpat- ilcl;, of Houston, Texas. "I would get ashamed of being so casihj upset, I took Cardui al this time and alter the thjrd bottle, my strength began [ 0 mend. The pain was lets. I quit having the depressed feeling." A better appetite often is one of the first results of taking Cardui. and as nourishment is improved, many disagreeable symptoms of u . run-down condition go away. But of course if Cardui docs not tamm YOU. consult ii Physician. -Adv.2CPl& CROQUrONOLE OIL GUARANTEED WAVES 51 Up - - None Better Fineer Wave - - 25c Barret Beauty Shop Last House on No. 5lh Just Arrived —A FULL CARLOAD— A New Line of Fine Kansas Hard Whi-nt Flour Al lixccplioniilly f.M\f 1'ritHs Kvcry .Slick t;ii;ir;mlee<l or Your Money Kcfunrfcd W. K. Ho,,,-, !is s , y t ,|r Kislngt ,, er y.^ ^^. W. K. I-'lour, iISs, I'lain, I'cr Barrel .......... 57.50 Slww jJoiil .flour, .[&, Sdf i{i M i ng , i» cr liarrcl . . 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