The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY. MAT 10, 194S OUT OURWAT By J. R. Williom. Qu, Boordina Hou.. win. u,| n7^u . 1 f AT UfTLAC > f ,,^ r. ..,iT*~'~~ *, • **fvmm AT HOME, OKAY-BUT OUT IN PUBLIC SOU MAKE Jlft FEEUW AROUND PER COMFORT--AW 1 I'M IN A TRAP; EGAD.TWIGGS.' 1 MO&T T61L WAS^-r&TfJUCklSVA THOUGHT VITAMIN! s COOLD^T WIN I'D SWt OOR MOrttV/— X'vlft ^a SOU LEFT OCTGLWZSD 6E»«MTI&ERS,eOT X ]^ tt* HADWT TH* BRAS* To TELL TMB- 80VS I'D MlSSiD A 5OTO 1 SHOT D6US6CA,T6LV//'\ ROOMAi^D .. - ....._.» Kl/VMftD . VlTAMIU C .' AND (T OO&WT TO WlSlIM A WALK; FROM THE TURTLES IT'S MOTHER. ITANMM HORSS? PASS THE \JITAMlrtS Man Attacked m Tennessee Political Row BENTOH, Tenn., M«y ifl (TJJ>) Mlnnli Wllburn. Athena, formar deputy tharift In the depowd McMinn County Democratic org»nl- •mtion, WM Jailed on assault chargei Saturday only a few hours aner the aeereUry of Polk County Insur- tenU ni blackjacked. • .M. Love, 34, secretary of the Folk Good Government League reported that two unidentified men beat him over the head. Love'a group i» »eekltuj to overthrow the eld-line Burch Bta*» political mach- •Wtlburo wu booked on charges «< feloniouji assault with attempt to murder. He wag freed under »5,000 bond pending hearing today before «4uire W. A. K«rr here. Sheriff Burch Bi««, Jr.. who 1» ««peeted to seek re-election against *• Po* Good Government candidate, nld he asked MeMinn authorities to arrest Wilburn. He said that when Wilburn wu picked up about 30 minutes later he denied •ny part In the blackjacking. ||£il i ml Courier Hew* Want Ads. Political Announcements The Courier Hews hii" Men authortaed to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July JT'tnil August 10 j- COtJNTX TKIASUREK Prank WWtworth COUNTY COUKT CUKKK Bllaabeth Blythe FOR COEONEK B. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOK Herbert T. Shlppen STATE REPBMINTATTVE Jimmle Kdwtrd* L. H. Autry «. K. "Bud" Fisher Leelie M. "Dukle" Speck For County Jmdie Pielder peery Roland Green Fer Cirralt Cowt Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Ohixkasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno /A By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT 6V RENEE SHANN; OISTRIBUTEO B v HEA SERVICE INC. •" ! Fried Chicken | River Catfish 85c Choice of 4 meats i VcgttabUs - Salad 50c ! Goff Hotel j Coffee Shop XXIX pATIENCE awoke Ute and flung back the bedclothee. To bar ' M>rroc *t wae half-past nine. Swiftly she bathed and dressed and went into Charlotte's room to ""^ K empty. Imagine Charlotte up and" downstairs before her! She hurried down to the restaurant »o Bad Charlotte, Dwight and Roger bavin* eoHee and roll, and ap- Ptrantly discussing whether Charlotte ahould call her. Only Charlotte. M •Mined, had demurred. Charlotte had beeo aaying that •wary K wae better to M her •J««P. it (he'd gone to bed ao lote— Cbwlotte kwked a< her now and Patience wondered why her eyes were so hostile. "HeUo," Chartorte said. Tiredf" *Wol very." Roger smiled at her. "I'raiB disgrace. Charlotte 1 ! B«*I lecturing me for keeping you owt to late last night." "Oh, bat Charlotte, I enjoyed Tin sure you d*d." "Where did yw goT" asked Dwight. *Well, we had a drive around OH Bo*, first,- began Patience, and then stopped short, not quite liking the way be wai laughing at her. "What's wrong with that?" "Nothing," said Dwight "In (act, I imagine it WM vary pleasant" "Have a croieaante," M jd Roger, a slight frown creasing his brows. "And I suggest we don't give them any more details about our evening. They're not telling « anything about theirs." "Vo«i didn't a»k us," said Char- Wee shortly. "I didn't knagiae yow were interested." "I wasn't, very." "1. am. Charlotte,' said Patience. Charlotte rose to her' feet. "I'm off," she sflid. "I've an appointment at ten-thirty. And another at twelve. I'm getting dresses for tke film, Dwjght. Want to come with m« to ie« them?" "Can 1 see you in them?" "I don't see why not" "Sure, I'll be right along," Roger too was on his teel. "You stay and look alter Patience," said Charlotte. "I'm going to. But where do re meet up?' 1 Charlotte shrugged ber shoulders. "I've no auggestioiw." * • • FJWIGHT by now had already left them. Ha'd a couple ol telephone calls to make, he said He'd meet Charlotte in the lounge later. "Where are we hjocrung?" said Roger. "I don't care." Roger looked at her. • "It doesn't mit you to be to bad- tempered." - "Oh, leave me aionel" Roger sat down again and poured himself another cup ot coffee. Patience watched Charlotte, her head held high, every inch ol her body suggesting suppressed anger, disappearing from the rea- taurant Then she looked at Roger. "What't wrong, do you think? With Charlotte. 1 m««nT" "I'm still wondering." / "Maybe she's had a tow witti Dwight." "I wouldn't say that was it" Patience look st him. She Mid unhappily that she didn't like H. That she felt horribly uncomfor- able. After all, she was Char-, lotte's guest: She swallowed down her coffee and got quickly to her feet. Roger Wd a detaining bend oa her arm. "Where are you oft to?" "I want to catch Charlotte before she goes out." "I'd leave well enough alotM. I know our Charlotta. She'll >•>. cover." "I'd rather speak to her." • • • CHE was (one, promising to meet ° him In the lounge • little later. She hurried upstairs to find Charlotte Hinting thinff into h«r dressing case. "You'd bettar pack' too, Patience, before you go out." "Yes, of course." • "Leave your suitcase aU read;, and It can be picked up after lunch. I suggest w* meet her* at two-thirty." "You mean you aod DwIfM want to lunch alone?" Charlotta raised her h«ad from her ewe. "Wouldn't you aod Rof*t Ukt to lunch alone?** Patience feH har eelor riaing fa her cheeks. "Oh, Charlotte, don't be silly," and then: "Would you mind at wt did?" "Good heaveni, no." "Well, then—CharloH*. why art you ao bad-tempered? What have 1 done?" Charlotte swung around on bar. "I didn't expect you to come in at halt-past four in the morning. heard yo» creeping along the awake about passage. I'd been lying worrying myself to you." PaHMx* dared M her. "Why, I WM aU right." Charlotte's eye* were «*ee more hostile. "Were yout" Patience drew •. quick breath. What was Charlotte getting at? • "What do you mean by th»t exactly?" Charlotte laughed shortly. "Roger's a man ot the worldf" For a moment there was silence hi the room. Ch»rk>rt« etowd her suitcase and locked H. "Just bear that to miod. ail," sh. »aid, "* you prapOM to see much more ot him." She reached for her hat end put it on. Sh« picked up her handbag and ilovet. Then she left the room without another word, and Patience heard her high tapping down the corridor. <T« B« ConUnawd) Policeman Improvl>ei MEMPHIS. Tenn (UP)—Myron lichardson says he coulden'l help watching a policeman rummage through a garbage c»n. The of- Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing N» Job too Large or Too Small Phone 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba fleer came up with a handful ot soda bottle tops. "The next thing he did," Richardson said, "was get on his hands and knees in the middle of the street spelling out Htld Courier News Want Ads. '•low' with the tops he wa» sticking in the asphalt." Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN Calte Made—Farm & Town Day Phone 4484 Night Phone 2138 DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of AU Ages! Here's what folks wi(h children have wanted for a long time! A responsible, safe place to leave (heir chil- ARTIE'S NURSERY Phone 2350 313 N. 2nd St. GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today "61" Motor Company UPHOLSTERING-PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE Seat Covers - Seat Covers $20. Our S«t Cover, wll, never rip. when In need of «.t .over,, com, Jn and assure yourself of these super values Our convertible top, .re unexcelled and our head lining, will b. your delight. iin that.ulll bring a lasting pride to your home. Come In and «t our wide selection of beautiful, modestly priced materials. Larger Cars Slightly Higher THOMAS J. LILLY & SON 112 »• Li "y «• HERE'S SAFI STORAGE • For Fun • For Woottni --*W$P\ ^^|J// Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Str««t Phone 4474-4475 rHECItLli 4 Mlg FBiKNDg la, MMUULL u " k * W '' r * w " tin « ™ IW« work, Jo., what an atom bomb would «k> t« a PR1SCIU,A'S POP HI* Monoy'i Worlh By AL VERMEER hftra, Khf/if HtlrcuK fo\\t Operation Rump By imCHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB s^S^^^^&^w,-^ ^_«_«*.» KVXAKXTO I THAT MKSCtwm I L MIOUMONE THI» POtNT t ALWAYS TtAKS It SAW, «T AN ATTACK 0» f wNtN I 8UMP WTO NE8VM. «Ltf. ^ nttft, KUASf AN WMM 1MMED4ATII.V/ WASH TUBES The Champ Arrivw By LESLIE TURNER _ . HE'S LcMume n» *u»o«rj fi su*»«iTK> Hi Krra KAUIKAK CAM* I »PO»5im TO FMAK WTO W 10t*V AW>. I MCTUHES, EASV, M» IOWTT HEtr Hit*. K M««C WHCM I SWO A DHtCCTO*. IM6HT The Rush Is On r By FRED BARMAN J£S4 HA* GOME fo THE WIWJAK1E, RtP RYPER WAOf ANOJE55 TO STAKt CLAIIA o»J THE It's All Yours, J5oy! TH" wa COME B PU vor T HANOI.* By V. T. HAML1N NOW T>»,T ALliy OOf H4M UCT HIS BOOTS AND HEH BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN Phon. 4297

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