The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 12, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. 21 Blylheville Courier Blythevllle Dolly News BlytJievllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader E; ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APRIL 12, l<).",7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NER ACT ' Premier Baldwin Affirms Rights But Points to Dangers LONDON. Apr. 12 (UP)—Prime Minislcr Stanley Baldwin today announced that the British government "has decided it could nol tolerate Interference with British .ships at sea." •He said that the government, j however, had warned British ship- j ping to refrain from entering Bilbao in northern Spain as long as "dangerous conditions" prevail The Spanish rebel fleet has established a blockade around Bilbao. "There Is grave risk to anj ship entering Bilbao," Baldwin told the house of commons, "un loss nine sweeping is carried out. But, he said, "the government decided it could not concede belligerent rights." Great Britain never has recognized the Spanish rebels as a belligerent force and therefore retains the legal right to consider them as pirates at sea. Five British freighters, laden with food for Bl'bao, Basque capital menaced by land and sea by tiie insurgent, put Into the French port of St. Jean de Luz after receiving Insurgent threats to shell ail vessels bearing food to . the Spanish port. Diplomatic sources in St. Jean de Luz, France, said Sir Henry Chiflon, British ambassador to Spain, had received a note from General Prarico informing him that under no circumstances would insurgent warships "allow the breaking of the Bilbao blockade." The.._.-41)200-ton battle.,, cruiser :• Hood, "world's most powerful 'vrnrr .,. ship, sailed, hurriedly from Gibral- f'larj.'SStilfrtayn presumably for the Brsque coast. What its course of action will be following its arrival off Bilbao is problematical. The ship is regarded as powerful R'ght to Tax Outside Baking' Company Upheld LITTLE ROCK. April rj. (UP>- Ii2 state supreme court In a decision today reversed tlvj verdi"i of the Hempsteud chancery court In the case of the El Dorado Baking company anil the city of Hope. Tne lower,court ruled that Ihe city of Hope could nol force Ihe baking company to pay an annual merchants' tax of $50 because Its trucks delivered bakei-y products to merchants and hotels there. .-The decision of the Polk county I GamblillQ Devices '' circuit court In granting Anna Gey- vjdiiiuilllg vi.\ iu,b er of Mena $1.500 against the Western Union Telegraph company Morgan Chan ged II i s M i 11 < I reversed. The suit was brought over the miswording of a death message. Law enforcement officials, taking cognizance of the 'operation Tncrc's something in the expression at "Pegleg" here, that must repay two Buffalo, N. V., veterinarians for saving the dog's life. Pegbg was run over, his front leg crushed. A passerby left him al the animal hospital. licked the doctors' hands, they put away the lethal bottle, amputated the injured leg, ihen fashioned 'him the wooden leg on winch he now stumps around gaily. ILL superintendent of the slate prison farm system with headquarters at Cummings farm, near Pine Bluff. -i Reed succeeds Tom £ogbill, who has served the prison Tarm system for the past n years In various capacities, the last as sm^rlutend- et. Reed's acceptance of the position came only after members of the board hnd insisted for- davs he take It. ; He will assume his duties on the farm on. April 15, it was said by members of the board. , ' not only of Jack-pot type slot machines but also of plnball -machines us a "subterfugci for slot machines," Issued a warning today that the lid Is on and such "gambling devices" will not 'be tolerated in the county. The warning came In a Joint statement by District Prosecutor Bruce Ivy and Sheriff Hale. Jack- snn. both of Osceola. Trie officials .said that the operation of iack-pot type machines Is such an open and well known violation of the law that they, felt .rio nit- Ice was necessary to .the operators of such machines but that those who Imve pin ball machines in their places of business and '«!- discontinue the practice i or arrest and destruction • of j Fe-leral Probation Officer Will Succeed Cogbil! at Cummings LITTLE ROCK, April 12. (UP)— The slate penal board today named , ., .-.-—-. — ~ ....... ~., ...,„ „,Al H. Reed, federal probation of- ° W thel " tu bc " xd f<"' gnmblfng ncer for the eastern part of the""" 5 ' dlscmu1 "" 11 ""> n™r'n™ ; n.. • tion of Arkansas in "Blytheville Saturday..' . . American Automobile Roosevelt Will Confer With Senator Ashurst WASHINGTON, Apr. 12 (UP) — The White House announced that President Rooosevelt would confer today' with chairman Henry P. Ashurst of the senate judiciary committee. The purpose of the conference was nol announced although the White House said the visit did not concern the Judiciary program. Dr. C. P. Patterson ' of the University of Texas, told the committee that President' Roosevelt's supreme court program is an unconstitutional attempt to destroy the American judicial system and rob states of their traditional powers. Patterson led a delegation of 52 Texans before Ihe committee as congress tensely awaited the de- ci£ion of the supreme court at noon on the National Labor Relations, act. 111 T€LL YOU BY - BCB BURNS face regarded as powerful "">'-^™n "'""'can Automobile enough to disperse the entire I Ajsoclatlon officers, and directors Spanish rebel navy now large]vl of tollr bu " realls '» major cities concentrated in thai vicinilv '• " Ncw - Yf "' k ' to Ucn yer will J ' end a week's tour of Arkansas in Blytheville next Saturday.- ' They will be guests', of the Blytheville Chamb'er'of Commerce at dinner at .the..Hotel. Noble, and will spend the night at. the hotel as guests of Crawford Noble, the owner, who was instrumental In laving them 'include this city in their- itinerary;.- •••.'• —•-,.'•.. '. Tlie tour.- as ; arranged to acquaint the'., bureau directors with the .attractions, which' -Arkansas offers-to tourists and mothers-ttho travel .by : automobile. .They entered the stale yesterday at .Harrison and will devote:.the first (ive days of the week^to visiting points of interest in western and centra) Arkansas, chiefly in the Ozark and Ouachtta mountain regions. Saturday morning they will drive east over Highway 10 tn Memphis, where' they will be guests of the Hotel Peabody at lunch. Saturday afternoon they will drive from Memphis to Blytheville, with a brief side Irip to Dycss Colony. The lour, by AAA officials and tour directors wilh points of interest, scenic attractions nnd good , highways of Arkansas, Is certain, to result in greatly increased tourist business for the state, Mr. Noble believes. Blytheville should share to a large extent in the resulting benefit"; because the trip will acquaint the tour directors with Highway 61 as the gateway, not only to Arkansas but to the entire Mid-South, Gulf coast and Southwest. In the the party will 'be at least one representative of a lour- |ists' sen ice or motor club in each jot the principal cities of the mid- |dle western. Great Lakes and Atlantic coast states. Case of Mississippi White Man, Sentenced to Hang, Is Reopened : WATER VALLEY, Miss, Apr 12 (UP)—W. C. Mitchell's flghl to escape hanging for murdering a negro was back today In the lower courts of Mississippi. Judge R. B. Anderson, Claiborne county, had granted a writ >">'» of error coram nobis which stays that the execution until after Yalo- "" bnsha county's July ierm of court convenes. Mitchell's nttorncvs con-. , Y1: ,,,,„ nlsn ,„„, , . „ ssi ^;,nrLr- - —"-r^in/'^evS are being operated rather extensively throughout this county. It Hie machines. Bond Is Forfeited. In the meantime the Burftcld Mercantile company, in whose store a jack-pot type machine was found and confiscated several days ago, (ailed to have .a representative it, municipal court this morning and bond of approximately $134, posted by the company on n charge of exhibiting a gaming device, was ordered forfeited. A jack-pot type machine was also found at the Ar morel drug store. Jack-pot type machines, operated openly over the county several years ago under the sponsorship of the American Legion, have'not been operated,. generally •' or ,-v E .° %R1 c. time, .[n Mississippi -,couijt ly. Pinoi'ill machines are 'numerous, however. Prosecutor Ivy and Sheriff ; Jackson• declare that any "device that has an element of chance connected with H Is in violation of': the law." Their joint statement follows: "Upon Investigation; we find I some slot machines-are being op- I crated or have been operated in ihis county mid we have direct-' ed the officers to seize the machines and arrest the parties guilty of operating " j Nicholas Is Officially Deprived of His Title BUCHAREST.' Apr. 12 (UP) — 1 King Carol nnd his mlntsUrs furrowed their broivs today over the (misled affairs of Carol's 'brother, Nh'hchis, deprived of his royal status localise he demanded royal reccsnltlon of his wife and Ihe-lr /our-ycur-old son, Tho oilVial ga'/otte today info- p^iiv ' | llshcd n decree depriving Ntchblas, "| J c; all his rights and rank, it is expected that he soon will go ahead with his wife and son lo live in exile. Franco, Austria, or Italy was , , expected lo bo his first destination. Friends said lhal later lie might go to (he Dulled Slates. D i s s e ii'l Sharply in Four of Five Test Cases t i, ,n» . n is so well known to everyone that a slot machine Is an open J. P. Morgan look on his hat to one photographer and offered his _ umbrella to another at a Long Island society wedding—although machines. [ hardly in his lately amiable fashion. Lulled by the International 5NTE TO SnLESf Will Move to Force Payment by A r k a n s a s County Merchants j LITTLE ROOIC, April 12. (Ul') — The slaty revenue department within the nest two weeks will insll- luto suits against live Arkansas county merchants In Stuttgart and Dcwitt to force them to open their books to auditors In order that sales taxes might be figured and collected, it was announced today. There arc _n large number of merchants In Arkansas county who have not remitted the sales tax to the state since the law went into eltccl In 1935.", j. H. Wharton. revenue department attorney, said. : That comity lias aUvay.i opposed the lax and incrclmnts have not collected it, They tell our. auditors to -"go take a \talk' when they ask for their.books for auditing. i •Piling the suits and Betting a I court order for their books will "nnble the state to. place an estimate of their :saics and the tax .1n? fjnd brhi'' rouijt Action to force the payment,' 1 : .whartoii declared,: Wharlon w'Oiild not estimate how much revenue the state had lost In the past two years thrcugh failure of the revenue department under the administration of Gov. J. M. Fntrell to enforce the collec- I lion nor would'ho name the merchants ngalnst whom suit would bj brought. I'iolalion to the law. that we feel the operators are not entitled to any further notice. Will Destroy Machines "We find also that pin ball present at Ihe July term. banker's friendliness of the past two years, newsmen leveled cameras at him as he stepped out of fashionable St. John's of Lattlngtoii church. First he ducked behind his high topper in the flower-lined canopy, then strode angrily at Cameraman Cantor with his umbrella, wliile other photographers busily clicked shutters to get the scene below. • Attorney Jamie L. Whitten, Yalobusha county, maintained Anderson had no Jurisdiction to issue the writ In a case which had been tried in Yalo- bushn county. He planned to file a bill of exceptions in the Yalobusha court. Mitchell, the ftret white man in fifty years to be sentenced to hang for killing B negro in Mississippi, remained in the Jackson jail. He Thursday. may be that the operators of some ol these machines nre under the impression that the operation of them is not n violation of the law or that no notice will be taken of their operation. On investigation we find that these machines are a subterfuge for a slot machine- that most of them pay off in money, merchandise or give free chance.'? to play Guficy-Vinsoon Bill Provides for Price Fixing lo Aid Workers WASHINGTON. Aplll 12 (UP)- Thc supreme court in a ssrles of vital decisions loday uplvtil HIP ecnc/al 'constitutionality of Ih'fi Wagner Labor Relation's act in opinions which appeared to broaden traditional Intcrprelalld'rib of Ihe constitution's Interstala commerce clause, The court was bitterly divided, in Its decisions in four of tlie live test, cases dissents were pisscnlsd - >y Justices Willis Van Dovnnlcr. George Sutherland. James C, Mc- ncvnolds and Pierce Butler. However, the courl majority, led by Chief Justice Charles Evans 'lushes, declared that the 1 Wagner 'ct was constitutionally' applied .In (lie great steel, automobile and clothing Industries In two othei decisions the court held that lhi> lurisdlctlon of HID. National Uibqr- iielatlons Bonrd was constituUonal- ly Invoked with regard to'a hews- iinpcr press association and airln- lerslate bus concern; Applies to'lllj Industries. , THe decisions constituted a ma- lor victory for the New Deal statute, although leaving Its validity in tome phases of more local types of Industry undecided. It appeared, however, that the court majority considered -the law wholly legal tn great nramtfaclur- liij Industries where operallons aic conducted In different stales and where raw and piocessed materials arc drawn Inlo the manufacture ind distributed widely thiough various stales,- ' The court .presented separate opinions covering Us 'findings In each of. the five test cases of the Wagner net before it.- "ilalsc.^ I'rcc Prcis Issue Only 6ni>,,of'ihosc opinions was inanimous. This \\as the caSe Involving application of ( tho act to in Interstate bus concern In a lest lonccrnlng the Associated Press .he majority found lhat Ills ast was egally appljcd. Tha dissenters, led >y Juslice George Sutherland, bil- crly decried the decision, contend- ng that the freedom of the press clause of the constitution protected, the, press association from application of the act After presentation of the As5o-~ cialcd Press dissent, chief Justice Hughes read In rapid succession three opinions which court stiMents tick! broadened Iradltional interstate commerce constitutional clause Interpretation. These covered application of the act to the steel maH- ufacturlng, automobile and cloth- Ing Industries. , acaiiainttn* tn J were lmd<leltle <i nl *>ut the outcome acquainting the of tnc lr> te.,t - court maneuver to save Mitchell. House Will Consider Anti-Lynching Measure WASHINGTON, Apr. 12'(UP>- Thc house voted today to bring up for consideration for the first time In 15 years an anti-lynching bill. The vote was 281 lo 108. I've read a lot of books on how to be a success in business, but I never read one yet that was writ- . machines are slrict- J' in violation of the law and occupy no better place than a slot machine. Any pm b a |] machine slot machine or any other device that has any clement of chance connected with it Is in violation of the law. In fact, from our investigation we find that all pin ball machines that are being operated now arc in violation of the night are being sold to special ilttce. ten by a man that had a business. "«"""«y "igni are being soli 1 may be wrong, but I Imagine ifi local business men by a sp a man is makln' a success of his Chamber of Commerce comnv business, he's loo busy to write a book. There's no special advice you I can give anybody on Ihis subject anyhow; because what's good for one wouldn't be worth a darn to Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, April 12. (UP) — _ ™ uv Jlnl «. The slock market closed with net Tickets to the dinner nt which i gains ""?'"£ to mor e than a point the tour party will be guests of ln lcildin S issllcs [ oday after early the Chamber "of Commerce noxt. "-regularity sittin' on the river bank another. • I was ,.. ... _. down home one time and I overheard two bums talkin.' They compared notes and found out that both of 'cm had formerly nin the same kind of a business—onlv in dllfer'nt towns and they had both failed. One of 'cm said "My chief trouble was that I wouldn't • take advice from anybody." The other one put his hand out and York Cotton NEW YORK. Apr. 12 (UP) Cotton closed steady. A T and T Anaconda Copper .... Bethlehem -Steel ..... Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank City Attorney and City . I reasurcr Expected lo Receive Raises Some form of action is likely at Tuesday night's council meeting to raise the pay of City Attorney Roy Nelson and City Treasurer Jack Pinley Robinson. The salary for the office Nelson holds was reduced about a year ago to $25 monthly and there is every Indication thai the siliTy will be Missouri Children Demand Separation of Races in Sci 1001 t-micu now arc in violation of the lll " lv -«*nu" mat me sTii-ry win DC law and this Is notice' to the op- ' rc!torcd 'o the forir^i figure of eralorc or the ones possessing * 50 mon 'hly. It is understood that these machines, unless the operation Ls .discontinued and unless the machines are taken out of the place of business, that Immediate action will be taken to seize and destroy the mnqhcln'es and the operators and those possessing the machines will be prosecuted." 169 57 3-41 91 1-4 116 1-4 General Electric 5+ 3-8 May July Oct Dec Jan March raid ;'Shake Brother. I took ad- .MnylM 3-4 139 3~-8 IttTs wT-Z vice irom everybody." \ j,,| 12S 3 . s ° J » lil ' * open high low close 1397 1398 1367 1389 1385 1387 1357 1378 1341 1343 1316 1331 1332 1333 1307 1327 1334 1334 1310 1328 1337 1337 1318 1333 Spols closed quiet at 1449, off 4. Chicago Wheat open high low close 4.139 3-8 131 3-8 137 1-2 8 125 3-4 123 3-4 123 3-tl General Motors 59 l-_ International Harvester 194 McKesson-Robbins M 5-8 Montgomery Ward 61 1-2 New York Central ..'... 18 5-8 Packard 10 3-8 Phillips Petroleum 56 1-2 Radio Corp >... 12 7-8 St Louts-San Francisco 3 1-2 Simmons Bed 52 1-4 Standard of R J 70 1-8 Texas Corp 61 1-4 U S Smelting 92 1-2 U S Steel 112 l-2| Zonite G 3-41 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 12. (UP) —Cotton futures made a strong recovery in late trading today after breaking 28 to 30 points following he supreme court's decision upholding the Wagner labor relations July Oct Dec Jan , practically all members of the council arc in favor of the raise because of the heavy work that will be placed on the city attorney. A digest of the city ordinances is to be prepared by the city attorney within the nexl year. Tlie Ireasurcr has been a dollar- a-ycar officer for two years. Kob- inson was re-elected treasurer without opposition al the recent municipal election. Whether the salary will be increased to its former level of $25 a month, nt which sal- atlon." NEW ROAD, MO.. Apr. 12 (UP) —Waving placards and ringing cowbells, a group of while school children, protesting admittance of negro children to the grade school, today set up a picket line about Ihe building. They marched about the school, declaring they would either have their classes to themselves or would refuse to study. Tlie action followed a meeting last night at which 200 parents of the children voted to call them out on strike. About 355 pupils joined the movement. So numerous were the banners, reading "We Want Separation" and "Our Own School or No Work" and similar legends, thai Ihe occasion resembled a school picnic. One parenl draped a sheet on which was painted "No Discrimination—We Want Scpar- WASHINGTON, Apr. 12 (UP)— 'he house loday approved the final draft of the GulTev-Vinson coal regulation bill, which now ijocs to the White House for final notion. The measure, which lacks varl- RIIS labor regulatory provisions wcvlonsly thrown out by the courts, calls for price fixing by 27 regional boards In order to >iovide adequate wages for more than 400,000 miners. The bill calls for a 19',4 cent ton :ax on operators falling to abide by fair price provisions and a tax of one cent a ton on coal at the mines, the latter designed to cover tlie $4,000,000 cost of administering the new Inw. ary Robinson held tlie olllce for two years (his first term) is not known but at least a substantial raise Is expected. IX)ssibly some new duties to l>e given the treasurer. open high low close 1387 1387 1359 1371 is™ \™ m° m* Ho « s e Committee 1343 1343 1315 1336 1345 1345 1337 1337 March 1348O 1345 1344 1344 Spols closed quiet at 1412. off li. Chicago Corn open high low close mi* IM i« , o ,n , A M 'i i Ul 1-2 122 1-8 1» 1-4 1!0 1-3 legisl Completes Its LITTLE ROCK. April 12. ,„. . The house of representatives hold-' °ver commiltec, working under direction of Speaker John Dransford of Lonokc* today completed its (ask of writing (he Journal of tlie filly- first general assembly. lie, 36, grandson of Ihe man whom Criltcndcn county named, died loday. Currle was a cotlon buyer and land owner. His parents, two children, two brothers, and two sisters be held a u I » I « V.. The striking pupils marie no nl- ] F(mcra | , mlcc , tempi lo enter the school to stage ' c al scmccs a sit-down. Leaders said it «•«•= lo be n "walk around" protest. Gcoi-gc Pfltzingcr jr.. defeated for president of the board in the school election, last week ami leader of the fight for two separate districts, announced lhat the white residents and their children .will not quit the light until the district is divided. The parents' decision i their children out of classes culminated a ten-year scries of controversies between .white and ne- hcre Wednesday. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. April 12 (UP)—Hogs. 15,000. Top, 10.15. 170-230 Ibs., 9,90-10.05. 140-160 Ibs., 9.15-9.40. Bulk sows. 9.40-9.05. Cattle, 3,500. Steers. 8,00-10.25. Slaughter sleers, 6.15-13.50. By JOHN A. UEICIIMANN United I'rcss Slafr Correspondent WASHINGTON . (UP)—The Na-" tional Labor Relallons Act, vaUdjjy of which was challenged in the.cas- es ruled on by the Supreme Court today, represented effort of the New- Deal to meet labor demands for protection in organization of xin- ions and collective bargaining Known familiarly, as the W?g- ncr Act, the law was passed soon' after the NRA was condemned by the court in 1935. u was spon'- sored by Sen. Robert p. Wagner. D., N. Y., author of the NBA.- It enacted inlo separate .legislation the. collective bargaining principles of section 7a of the NRA. This section fell with Ihe invalidation of NRA. Even before that, however, represenUilives of organized labor, Including John L. Lewis, head of the Committee for Industrial Organization, had urged cn- nclmcnt of a separate law- defining the rights of workers lo organize and bargain collectively. In addition to protecting workers in that activity from '.'interference, restraint or coercion by employ- for ers." the law sought to ban the was company union and to keep employers from aiding or dominating such a -union in its formation or by conlributing to Its finances. . NRA Principle Included Tlie principle of majority rule, established in labor board rulings under NRA, was written into Ihe law. The principle provides that (Continued on Page 5) Francis Crittenden Currie of Crawfordsville Is Dead CRAWPORDSVILLE. Ark., Apr - , „.„, 12 (UP)—Francis Crittenden Cur- restraint or coercion by employ- *>%L-jh]fs oeiwccn .while and ne- oiaunnw:r oitx-i:*,, 'o factions In the school district. I- • Mlx *< 1 yearlings and heifers, 7.00- Slaughter hfifcrs. 6.50-11.00. asstm '- ,...,„ •: Slaughter hfifcrs. 6.50-11.00. yesterday 'was 61, minimum 36, ie complete! text of the house's I- ilms depicting war episodes are Beef cows, 5.25-6.25. clear, according., to Samuel -P, lative acls (otnls !,9iO pases, torlildden In Italy. , | Cutters and low cutters, 3.50-4 .65, Norris, official weather observer. WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloudy and warmer tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and wanner tonight, lowest temperature 52 to 56. Tuesday cloudy and somewhat .warmer, possibly becoming unsettled. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 61, minimum 36, clear, according, to . Samuel ; P.

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