The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1935
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 2(V7 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEH O!' NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI "^"^ * * ^~^ lilylhevlllc Courier Blythevllle Herald Blytheville Drilly News 1 Mississippi Valley Leader v- BOMB EDITION BM'THRVILI.K, AUK.ANSAS, TUESDAY, JANUAKY If,, .Jjtf SINGLE COPIES PIVF CENTS NEGROES AS CROWD THREATENS Biennial Message Silent, However, on Means of Raising Money. UTTl.t: HOOK. Jan. 15 IU1') — legislators of the 50th Arkansas general assembly applauded Gov. J. M. FutrcH's address to a joint session of both houses todny asking immediate action for emergencies and writing of legislative reforms. The hour lonf speech ended at 11:45 A. M. The governor's Insistence for elections was mast popularly received.. • •' C. B. Johnson, of the state supreme court, administered the oath of office lo Governor Putrell, Secretary of Stale Ed F. McDonald. Atty. Gen. Cnrl R. Bailey, Trens- m-er Earl page find Auditor Charles Parker. Emergencies which demand action, Governor Pulrcll said include: Care of unemployables for two years. Insure public grade school instruction, appropriate 5300,000 additional annually for the state hospital of nervous diseases and the state tuberculosis .sanitorium provide adequately for the ncces- f.itbs of Confederate veterans, ami provision for refinancing of Improvement districts . and school districts. Urjes Election Rcfurm Reforms .recommended for enactment by the new legislature include: Prohibition of fraudulent election practices, crealion of a po- < litic.illy-free state police system, sterilization of habitual criminals nnd Incompetents, publishing of delinquent personal lux lists, and rivislon of insurance laws to prohibit, Insurance in excess of actual .vsluc: v •... His. other, recommendations wev constructive "rather "than cVitel; He, urged expansion of lorest protection, lo statewide dimensions maintenance of Die state Dart: commission and establishment or a policy for distribution- of federal highway construction funds In cooperation with federal'nwhoi-llies. No lecommendfillom; were given for raising of revenue lo itieet the emergencies outlined. No In- timation.wn s made •. regarding the liimuHiioiis questions of a sales tax legalization of liquor or parl-miifiici telling at horee races. Belief Need Is Urgent "H is the state's duty," Governor ivfame Is Linked With Pickford's Futrell said, to car tute imcmployabies. for its dest The alterna- . tives were for the state lo undertake (he task as n whole or by III? counties. He emphasized need of conservative adniuilstralion ci relief funds nnd asked liniltatiori of such legislation to : two years: He insisted immediate attention Name of "Buddy" Rogers, above, Him headliner who came out of Oliitlie. Kan., to win fame as a juvenile star, is linked romantically svilh thai'of' Mary I'ichfcnl. just divon-ed from Douglas Fairbanks, though close friends scoff nt the persistent llnllywooil rumor. Rogers is 28 ana Mist E'lckforil ia 41. TO PLflC[ WHEf! Only Premeditated Act, If Any, Committed by Fn- tfier, Is Claim. After a day and a half spent In selection of a jury the slate ill 2 o'eloe): this afternoon started presentation of evidence in its second attempt to impose the derail penalty on lh'11 Barnes for Ihc minder of c. A. Martin, ir>-year- old Blytheville U'.xt 'driver. . Barnes, tried jointly with his' father. Frank liaineK, lust November, won ;i temporary respite from punishment when a Jury found him guilty, of first degree murder but ivas, unable to agree on life imprisonment or death as punishment. The 50-year-old father was sentenced to death by eleciicjcntloit Tn 1'lat'e Hl-une .On Futh?r Tlie defense, it was revealed In thc opening .statement of lioj Nelson, of Barnes 1 counsel, wll attempt to convince the jury that tlie father was principally responsible in the murder of young Martin and that his act was the onl> deliberate one in the killing of tiie youth. Archie Barnes, another son and brother, is also charged svilh the murder and ivii: be tried later. "Tlie stalo is not content with swapping a life ror P. life," Nelson told thc jury, but insists on taking the life of Bill Barnes as well. The father's up!>enl to the stale supreme court Internal Revenue Agent! Is Charged wilh Murder MEMPHIS, Jan. 1ft I UP)—Till' sheriff's office today filed murder ehiirtje'i agiiinM James i U. Krcnaii, 4U, Internal i revenue nuenl. of i-'orrw.t City. Ark.. ' In •cnnoctioi) with ilte'fiiinl shol>t- Ins of J. Ciillcn Haw, as, lir..l> aim Imiic hero. '• Kei-nnn, beaten lifter Ihe shoot- Ins by "sjiriiimnrs", was placed under guard H n hospital here after naw died today, aiierllf Will Bucon said he would not bu ill- lowed bond. Keenan claimed ho wu.s In Memphis on ollicitil business nnd hitd diused ntr automobile from across Roosevelt,. Hull, Wallace, Morgenlhau and Johnson Confer. dismissed ycsterdfiy. Although Judge yesterday over-ruled Neil Killough :i motion of • J - . -. . ,,.,_i, ,, 1HUUU11 - Ol defense counsel requesting p°iinis- £lon lo withdraw a plen of guilty entered by Barnes when he went to trial last fall, it remained evident today thai (he defense Intended to resist step by slcp tho admission into the record of for cotiou ' bartering agreements willi 'other nations was-scc-n today after a White, House 'conference' between President Roosevelt 'and Bdmliiistratioii advisors. ... : The chief executive met. with Secreiary of Stnte Cord'ell Hull,Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, Secretary .of the Treasury. Henry :Morgenthtiu'. Jr.. and Oscar Johnson, malinger, collon pool. of the AAA While all were reluctant to discuss the conference observers interpreted guarded remarks to.,,,, mean that the administration wasj cr of the L finger t.»p sons. Rock detective force, ivi,n .," , • - l •""«" «]iohad a part in the questioning nJ' "'-i-ived here this after noon- prepared , 0 , M(if , ' . second lime auninsl Barn^ ' Theft Only Stolivc , . Jonesboro told the story °' e U(U ™'"B'of Martin 'hiclM " »"ii ° f llle yom? lax i ' Ollt beating ..^..,. muL LUC iiunuilliir.-uioil was nr ncr-in™ ] ^ -"-MVJIIV- looklng forward to plans for dU-ifLi?," ?? °" a side mad off position of |!,e surplus cotton lh-»u bpwihir"? 1 ', Maniln B " CI ' llc through a B recinents with other na- fro mn. v . „ -? rlve thc lrio u - —— 1^«^XSSSK '• -Go« ChiM Dier- j^- "" .*"*">'" te L Mrs - c - A. Martin sr. Funeral services were held. Ihls'f^, s - a - in yollt "' ilis of ^^er death was attributed uTS^ ™»H ; drcn be prepared for the ordinar i ' . to . a stipulation a.s to _ The Rev. Mrs. Beasley officiated at. the services, held nt tho home, duties of citizenship," the govcr nor declared. "The sramnm school provides Ilic fundaiiienlals Maple . , .s o ny '" l!nW »? «>e state's .v..v,v/i ^lukiuvs me lunimuienlals i --^"i"-ni' »iva mauu at iviapie m • and essentials of education ard Grovc ccmetevy. The Cobb Under- rr ,.'i. , as llally Delected is directly reaches,-all om- children takin s company was in charge of „,.'?', """osl entirely of form- rtlli? r^n^n/ n j> „'_ j '.' . - fitn.1,-,.1 'n^^-..« '^ ._ ' .^'-' JIO311 (IIP I'lrmlflr nf T» I. therefore redounds to the f" ncr «l arrangements. of all people...Thc slnte fhoiilfi pay the teachers of grammar schools. School districts shai.ld be. authorized-to vote local tnx?s for high' schools whsre 1'i'onomlcally Jiistlfled, for e.vtenn- id leiuij of gntniina'i sciiools wher:' JiLslincd. and for building mir- PO«S and school supplies/' Legislation to provide for iv- of school district bonds Oovernnr l : utri-ll .1 extend rennanc- |»g privileges also lo levee and mipi-ovciiii-nt districts nnd , ' lle .vicinity of Loach- ilium in liuigumiruis. li-ui ^ » ..w....^ U! iiuiii;n The deceased Is survived by, te-'i™ £^ 1 . M » n1 ^ ^ ^ are sides her parents, a' brother, la. Vonne, and two sisters, Bonnie Lynn nnd Anita Fiances, . « imperative. rani. n_, K-on t his c ., rcct ha( , nounced a bin been prepared. Hits Fratuinlciii Votln s ""~~ "FrnirdnJent elections 'which llwart, the will of the people i- dermlns the very foundation of government," .the governor charged he new legislature. -. u sno t,, d not be possible," he said "to defeat the will of tlu electorate bv dishonest elections." Reforms suggested for inclusion in election laws were secret bal- Icttiiif, open veiling, right of chal- counting and announcing of before judges and clerks wave polls. n?lil of Itispectlon duplicate ballots, registration ad-' ditloiijil rcsli-lriloiK upon issuance l »• Filcs - Tom Plec- Dnvis ' p - B - B n .., "' * - •"• *JmilHUltl. R E. Lyerly, Coy May, Ed Holm John Feashnstcr, O. J. Hodge, R II. Connelly. Jack Hardin. lie wild, (he .system should not be created. Alarmed by tlie iticrcaslno florid! f criminals lo Ui» slate pcnilpn-! ibrv. the govenior said "con- j firmed ci-lniinah slioulil be ds- ,„,„,.„ '' — urlvcd of (lie capacilv of trans- '. WA *>»»'NGTON (UP)-Washi WagOH DJl. MK Police Closing Stock Prices ; ....." -,. , m - iniiatuv oi irans- ( ,„,. .-;:—--«.. lui-j—U'ashino- NEW YORK, jan is vripi _. miilinz thsiv kind lo future goner- ?" J ' olic£ ' hav ? sl ™"i to capture Nervous apprehension .over liie -r atlons." He extended this opiu- « B«soj, who ran away v:lllilprc-me court decsoi^nn the ^J ion to "incompelents who arc such I "^ «'»'«•• l»t»l W a R o,«. clau» reverberated hrouohoit hv hprpriit.r" . • I l "* I'l^t, U'Al?nn \vrti! ctntr,*. f.^,,, r^oi-b^i,, «r n._ _ .. i"iwu 0 ii^tu lie said he entered the " search uf i| IR dr's Admits Weaknesses Declares It Can Settl Many Issues. WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 (UP)i Amerlcan membership in Ihe World Court "to siib.-.tllnte la\v for anarchy In internallonal nf " FIIIUO. TO HIDE noimccmcnt of Nine lo One Victory. Allempls al Disguise Inconsistent, Stale Kxperl Testifies. PI.BM1NC1TON. N .1 Ja» ir, '- ,.„ 0 .. N .1 Ja» ir, l\n Rum- voh-d ora-whelmlnuly (Ul')-Jolm Tyrrell, of kllnvaukee by BO per ci-nt for reunion vrilli Ihc Mule's third I an dm liiiw «v Germany, c ,,sii ln! m.llll votes for 'pert, dcclnre Physicians Confident of Saving;. Wilson's Eyes Kcport.s from Memphis continued lenssnrlng today In 11,1- belief Unit I In.- eyralghl of Clarence II. Wll- fon, Mississippi county shnrlll lu- jiircd ail urdny jugm. will be .saved, Wilson was hurl, when Ilyinj; nss of a cur window, shattered by .the bullet of n netro tiumnnn, struck him In th n om .j.|, n ([ nl 01 thc left eye Is s'ald .to be (Infinitely unimpaired while physician* nl the llnntlsl hospliui nre confident, of mcvliiK the either Wilson spent n rosl>s. s nlphl but U was not bellewd Indicative nl. " more .serious condition. under _ ...„ 2,124 for France. The special commutes on Hie 01 !aar at Onrvu decided promptly .hat, the final- should be rctm-ncd to del-many Intact nnd will so advise the council, The council II « rr , to «t.r, ;,,e ,=,;; ^'"ac^r^^lin*^ — • iS'n.r.r tr^tS-"" ^ ;rjr^t£E S Ji T y Doo!iule Flies Fro - An exodus of refncres starlrd tesllmonv nnd Hi/-,, l»,i i,,. '.,:• roncl 1^ r««.i :.. I "" "iv- vei j IK KlUJlJllP' of ill? An exodus of refuses started testimony nnd then 'led him thru -o Hie French border and Jewish the reasons foi- his decision shops In ,the Sanr beunn to close. Attempts nt Disguise Crude Premier 'Pierre utienne Flandln The first ransom note Tyrel) Wealed to the Snnrlandcre not snld. was "a elaborate -o lake reprisals on u, OS e who disguise." In this conclusion »,« \oira against Germany but gave was supported by nrevtom leKd" assurance lhat Prance would grant many of tho slate's experts. refuge to those ^vdm had to flee. falrs was urged iipon HID -.ic today by Democratic Lender Joseph .T. Robinson as debate opeii- ed on the resolution for ndhei ; - "1CO. . . .•':. He-conceded, however, lhat, court advocates "In some instances linje claimed more advantages to th« American public limn reasonably can be expected." "Admitting in ihn bcelnhlii^" he said, "thai many nculc dil- ferences between iiHtlotu • will hoi Js.siibinlltcd to (he court for Be- cision, there are still numerous i]- sncs nrls-iiig from time to tlnti- •'hich sounij ,-jjolicy .'justifies ftkijl setl.leuieiil. 1 ' AdminlslrailDi 'debate . lo to planned indefinitely. Soiiie 'n'-edict-ii a vote before Iho end of the week. Markets •New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 15 (UP) Cotton closed steady. Jan March May open high low close 122G 1227 1225 15290 1248 12S1 1227 1238 - 1255 1258 1233 1243 J "'y 1255 1257 mi! 1241 Ocl 12-10 12« 1213 12MI 1245 1249 1223 1235 Spots closed quie! al 1255 oft 10. Veto Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 15 (UP) — Tlie cotton mafk'cl «-ns eiisiev lo- dny with prices a do."ar a balo lower at one stage of Iho session. The close was H points lower for March and May nnd 17 lower lor the other months. open high low close Jan March Mav July Oct : - .«i«. li-i^ j.'.^o liTJl S|»ls cla^d steady' ai 1256. otf 1251 1251 1229 1235 1357 1253 1235 1240 1258 1253 12S5 12-11 12J1 "1242 1220 1225 1243 1248 1228 1231 hy heredity." first, wagon was stohn frou » in.icujL.1. - . "«&un ivu^ E>to:2n ilOIll Personal tax evasions were scv-'"! r Dllt of (t!e Seventh Precinct erely criticized. Publication of <\c-\ „ " ol " V 50 Ai *•'•• recently. Jusi 1 'mm JfMll lir + <- n-^i. .,_.. - J i - r* . - _ f J "lHCr fl tlriKniln- 1 llOfl U/irt.. L._«,,~Ut ereiy criticized. Publication of dc- ,i rtl M - reccnlly. Jusi linouenl. lists was urged (o force-, ,. n Pnsoni-r had been brought nn rstimaled 75 iwr cent ijilo pny-l, c slnti o» house. Some lime ;r.ciit of those laxes. ' !' nlcl ' the wagon was found nban- . High insurance rales . - ntl then Onicer Edward Kell chanjo In Insurance laws lo cor- Ui: circuit j Appointment of Cross Confirmed by Senate . . „-•-•-— ..... — •~.° WASHINGTON. Jan 15 mp)— islallon lhat will endure and ad- The senate today ^onnrmed the "'on'*"! <l«o IcjIMators that heliioml rcct Ihls. Oorcraor Putrell hsked for liar- mony between the legislative. Judicial mid executive branches cf government. He appealed [or leg- Contests hy judecs. J!l,!' ec ™l!™ 1 . u ! in ^ n . «?to l»licc the.-' - e oay ^onn ! <l«o IcjIMators that iheyliiomlnalton of IFerinan To , wi " tonovv thc dic -, jour own common sense,' to . „ ° ->''ML- [JOJ1CC system, Governor Futrell emp'.ia- slzed that members should be prohibited from any political activity. If this cannot he assured, dCC1> SCI1£ ° of jlls- Following adjournment of the " Ito commit Ices. American Corn for India LAFAYETTE. Ind. (Ul')--lndi- nna seed corn developed by the -U.H.C ni^«; Purdue . University Agricultural appointed i Experiment Station will be tested I In China nest season, ,15 l-o -,.. . i in VJllgMUH raarkets of the world today. Slock, declined sharply wilh ihe gold and silver issues demoralized. Laic trading, was so active tickers weiv three minutes late. Anaconda Copper 101-2 Bethlehem steel ,' 30 3-8 Chrysler 38 Cities Service i 3 g Coca Cola . General American General Electric ->i i-e CJenerul Motors ....'..'..' 30 3-4 international Harvester 37 5-8 MeKMson-Robtill's 7 i.o Montgomery Ward pS Y 2 rk Cent ' f «" ••••'•• Packard Plilllips Petroleum".'.' " Radio Corp .. St. Louis-Sun Fraii'tisco Simmons Beds Standard of ^ j Texas <Co . u- s. smeiuny".';;.;;;' U. S. steel Zonite . „- ._ ... ml . i .,, i ,, Jlllu lu 1Jtt;> 4j-ii.-ji.-i ptTiormnnce \vtir, « vn In ihe midst of the wild re- rlntlon of his colleasues' "lectincs" the Raar n Socialist plot of preceding days, Inslend of i4 to store an uprising was discover- tlie black and white churls he drew P(l nnd MKMii^-i,, o i i .. ril/>Kn-nf. r *i • "* 10 i11 - uit,w by PfctuiYA for tlie Jury to tmmioii l\te> Imll^r tl._i i\ 4 ' ed .and promptly suppressed .nternationnl .nutliorltles.. • Nazi Germany celebrated • ...., juij Ltj nuj/iJUJi. his belief that tho ransom note Ihc writer Iratl tried crudely to dls- vlctory with delirious enthusiasm, eulsc his Iinnci but that after writ. A,i n ir HIM... ... „ br0!l(lcos ^ to Ing the nrsL note he hnd for B ol Adolf Hitler. In nation, hailed the result ar, a ...^ .....,u,i, IIJKCU int. 1 result, n.1 a n-c ticvit-ts no p$vi jreat stride toward European, nm- duccd other variations ity ntitl rollernted 'tlml there :ls no-longer, and-territory In displilc between -Ger'ninny and France. Eslimated Pesti'liclion for 12-Moiitli Period Less TW $50,000. .Blyl lie vine's fire loss in, 1934 was the .lowest recorded In a number of -yenr.5 it KSS revealed today when Fire Chief Roy Head announced 1 , a total loss of $4S.87B for the 12 months 'period. ; The amount .is' about $3,500 below the total of $52,3(12, sustained In 1933, which had set a lav, mark for n number ot years. The city's fire loss record would have b;en a very low mark Indeed had not December been such n disastrous month. The three biggest fires of the year occurred svilliin about (he Inst ,10 days causing a total estimated loss of $33.000. The burning of the Blythevllle Oh) company gin and ibe if| g |,. fill Implement company's building as a Blytheville fire sine" IHe gin was located omsldc Ihc city limits Th n • 'j , illclu<lcci in «'e total. The Ihn-d largest loss of Ihe yea was sustained the blaze at a Hn.vne.s- .Men's shop on itfatn stree Ine loss was $3.000. the fire oc currinj in )m 0 December. Prior (o the last month ot th vnni- .!.„ i i 7 -•-uiiHi ui nil; Muuiiuiy Ol "re Of serin" tTki>n p.; '£ tr^i^; n ^- ^ «»*». ••«• «-J ^ss 11>P nntnA Af r\ u •<»_._ ,. °_ . . . . I" 1 ' IJ "* Will IllJIg I lite home of Dr, Max U.sivy Tl 10ffi> VvQ-; "*- ' • ' - Hend. Lcssps nvtalnpd' of ^S-KS M-^ajSs Sis f01 ' "» fliilomobllo llcmse was tho I -no that penned fourteen ransoni' otes to Col. Charles A. Undbci-gh AS was done with Ills predeoes- — Albert fi, Oslioni nnd El- W. Stein, A-sslslant Atlor- . 'IVrelPs pcrrormnnce wan it va- Coasl lo Coast in Less Than 12 Hours.' NEW VORK, J, m , 15 <UP> - -- Mnjor Jlmniy Dcolltllc came roar- ff III frotn the west tilts monv- t'. .shot l,| s •lo-passciiBcr traiis- Jiort plane over lower. Now York ?i ?, uc 'r), IU lie. ni'li neld fov o- ten the devices ho awd and pro- ii . .— " Jlt>v Lrnns- conllnental record of Just one mni- ute under n hours. Tho Wit plane In nriiioii n»n , , -• ,.-.-,little, .his wife, Joscnhinn onrt P1 " colluty lmt '" tllc southern Robert-' Adamson tit P," 1 ' 1 " 01 ^mlscol county, Mo', tlncc hank,.Calif,, raced l|, 0 ' early morn- Qiioic llnuptiiiann^ Words NEW YORIC, Jan. 15 (UP) Three 'months 'before his nrrest Bruno ; nichard Uniintmaim nck- nbvledgcd before two witnesses that the Idle Isidor Plscli had (aken "'Everything he-hnil In (he world lo Germany," Ihe Unfed Press learned today. .;,.'. This new disclosure,, lendhW, U> - i"'lF'MVt l !L.*.W. 1 !]iPHn'!'l.'i 1 n . own W»'ds : his- coiiten((on-'tlia[ : "rfffiti '.va.l (he Lindbergh, k'lilnaper. 'cam? as ' Ihe Tin <j p .Prance" broiigiu Fisch's, brother niid" sister : -froiii Germany 'to clear -(heir broflieV.4 name. • ' '• -• ' .--•..... After, his arrest Hoiiptmann said had lea his peisonnl effects «i(h lilm, amoiig sililch was a box he later discovered contained approximately in Lindbergh ransom nioney.- This Is th» story he ' stakes "against the state's evidence In his 'fight 16 escape the electric .chair. .... Louis Dlltzcr. lodge brother and lawyer of Pisch, recalled Hnupt- mann'5 statement clearly. He and lvhrols n new trans- Henry Uhlig, friend of Hnuplmann 1 . lome of J ''« X. Ca'rulHers, con- nntl Piseli, heard It, he said /KSKl ne B™ "parkctl car" bandit Were lleld tnrlnv In tl. n I._K_, .. .' Officers Take Them Fiom Osceola Aftei Gtotip Demands to See Them. Jim X. Cnrulhrn nnd BubUi" Claylon, ncgi'or-s, alleged to have confessed n series of 'piikrd cur 11 hold-ups, mistreatment of 'several .:lilte women, and n shooting Saturday nlglit resulting '« tho in- Jin-y ot shevlIT Clarence Wllwiv, were held In it distant prison to (lay after 1111 iin-mur sful a"em'pt by n group of M'Toiirl nun lo Ecize tho negrofs last nkh'." The ricgvoes \\src spliltcd a\..,, from the county Jtill al. Osccbla" by Halo Jackson, chief deputy sheriff of the Osceola dlslilct, and ' assistants, who e'mployed a ruse.lo get the negroes 'afely oiil of Jail nnd then ouliaecd cais that fol- { lowed them when thci left Ol- ; ccola. N'c.iroEs \Vlil«ked Away Willie no oilUaul rlgn of vlo-J lencc developed olticci-s admitted thai they baiely succeeded In keeping the negioes oul. of tho hands of n yioup of men \Uin Eought lliem, Intense fcOlng Ims been cvldant not ouU in Mls-jb- -' ' ' county hut In the southern , .. . jf PemLtcot county, Mo', tlncc the negrnc!; nlleficdly confessed a series of crime: Mlslrcatmcnt of a young gill : the • Holland vlchiltj, said to have. been admitted by the ne- groes, along with other crimes commuted againsl feminine victims of .hold-ups, Is believed to have been the Incenthe (hat led thc Missouri pioup to drive to Osceoln last iilsht Abrni* *n men were In the cms, pracllcallj all of which bore Missouri UeiiiH that slipped tiulctly through Blv- llievlllc nnd on to Oscepln shoilly i -.'fe.^'?i''i_y?-V c>< l a J' At Osceola two^r'.ilire^^ol th= t}roui»*fal1rd * ?.:'««,county Jail on n piejevt of Identifying :tlir n'ogfoe<i In n cer-^ lain robbery. Tali! the nogroc' were- riot. In the Jail, Ihcy remained ' nearby some time later the negroe.s were slipped out of n rear door of the Jail and i.hiskeU away in n 'car. Several Missouri cnri W"re re- portad to lm\c followed the officer's car for some distance before tliey.-sucoec'tlcd In eluding pui^uit Relieves Tense F<clinf A number or iinrini m »,i '„,„ , j Don ? ll( =. Wiodlcagc (hat Ihc nc- found along « th o her st£ a^' SS"'T ° Ut ° [ " le counf y wi " Hclcji bv' ofrice r = \°" ,J.'l.'} . n . r - r ?' ic ™ ( « feme extent Ihc tcnso^ situation ' thai was pio\ok"d by the Injury of Sheriff Wilson and crimes admitted by ths negroes' to elm n,hmi c , » S' .. sun nerais New a|;pi-D.\lma'tcly fom 1 fllty seconds from t, lc mom nom oy Capt. Eddie Rlckenbackcr S at. altitudes rouging' from «i'i n ' M !m ' llle "o'ea speed pilot set a furious pace rifv/icc.' (!,„ .. . '""^ ^w-t across (he continent, »lgWcd ami Official figures showed he aver- n?lles" 23P j ITS /citing Parly" Holdups Never Reported, Officers Believe. fMr« h,V'«m s '°™ nr-l relieve I o me of ^'"^^'".stolwd. tho situation ™l e , °_ r - Jm .. X '. c « r »mws. con- . -,. --..IJ^l. I !_. ,^ UlUlUIJIti ' caused Hie biggest losses of the PI I 1 C • r ^ year. The los.-; in each was s«l L 'ieCKS and OCl'lp from Coat S15.000 by Chief Head. The rq r n |. p./, D Jin nre cannot, be classed strictly ( " 0la Company i<e- as a Blvtlirviiio fir-A ij.i,. n.- _i. i _ i r 1 i nr\ ported Found There. Search for burglars who cracked — —o«" ]*in ftuu tar uniiciir were held today In the belief that they would be identified The number 0 ( articles found has led officials to believe that "*-•.tiers, »,, d .- Hu bber" Clayton alleged companion, participated In a number of hold-ups which 'were never reported by their vlc- Fenr of publicity nllcndnnt upon report, of '-parked car" wbberlw is believed lo have caused several victim., lo refrain, froni renoTtinsr losses when they were not large Nol nil of tho loot taken by tlie negroes was secured from robber- '•B oincc safe at (he Coca Cola Tn baild ." s , "'Idcnlly 'plied their' iottlin, company plalll . Asn ,, ^ S.-^^'^.^theut^dUcrtain. Sixth slrcels. Sunday night turn" .™^ in^ILli Lltlll- today to Portngevllle Mo where n number of checks and a ic o-unmily of -relief scrip", taken atlon and with unusual daring. mixing petty thefts and hold-ups nnd shooting when While officlnrs decline to reveal the which were usually *— j •*^K'»itu Mciu iifiuiiny emphatic In informing officers tlml j. i , JU . ..HIM, ^itLiiii-, iK'ciliiC to rrn'f»nl ------..*..i fi univ.v.-| at »1.850 by Chief the amount of money "ken h \]" e *™ ennmm who robbed llhe rohhon- n i» !.„„..... ,. , '"linadc it very clear In thm, , - —- in mativ in- s.t;>nces omoiinied to little, tlie fire department respondinj to « alarms in which the losses did not nm over $100. The department answered a tclal of 109 mnrms auriiig the year as compared with "S. for; 1933, Listed as causes of (ho fires were: compress, bale cotton fire one; defective wiring. .[; fireworks ': Brats fires. 11; .sparks on dry shingle roofs, 19.- defective flues, ears, !0; overheated stov«, 18- .•Kctcd arson. 2;, . 2- il!(lil<:d stubs. 2; gin "res. C; hay barns. 1; oil stoves, '£. eieclrlc Ice box motors. 2; mat' hot asphalt. 3: unknown. 11. IS 4 3-4 „ H 3-ni M «y Wheat open hljh low 97 7-3 58 1-4 95 80 3-4 30 1-8 88 1-8 88 3-8 ..Lu,i t j liltlt iL !ll robbeiy it Is knavn to have amounted lo several hundred dollars, representing- week-end col- w" 0 L S b> ' . thc , conl P8"y which had "ot been banked. The safe-cracking was regarded as r the work of "r.rofessionnls" by officera wlio said the job was Cola compa fc fc .-., clear lo them tlmt they would brook no resistance. Roosevelt Will Submit Security Plans Thursday per- WASHINGTON, Jan, 15 (UP)— fashion President Roosevelt will transmit 'r-h^V'p-i n- '"' S SOCtal sccllrlt J' Program to con- Cluet Kd Rice and a Coca gross Thursday, ihe White House rapany employe drove iojn'1'ioimccd (oday. 'ille at ncou tc|Iay to con-1 The security pronrnm. rssavdnrf formed In too skilled 'or "dmnteurs". aoun officers. as one of the most 'important — PlCCeS Of IPolclnHn^ n t iKt- Mormon Choir May Take Extended.^uropean Tour pieces of legislation of this qo n . pl ' escnt concerts inprln It 41 IS 5-8 109 1-4 W 5-8 May Chicago Corn open high -* 38 1-8 SS 3-8 * 1*8 July 83 83 1-4 Point Levee Finished Mtine'k—V v "" ILt;lu> "'pmi- STEELE, Mo.—Levee work was ciucs has been announced by completed over the week end at j A. smith, member of the Cottonwood Point where over one presiding bishopric of the church, hundred men from this vicinity me suggested itinerary includes have been employed since last Russia, France, Germany, Den- summer. This loop of tho levee p'ti ,',, o "'^ Bclglura - Norway, completes the- entire levee pro- f mmiici v5\veflcn England up* 1 ° i '«" 1 " '"• «^—*—-• -... close [Italy. *«*« uj mj HUaiUL'3 , onioers believe Jack'on fold Ihe courier . NOW.S by long distance telephone todoj that p.ny j,roup doubting rsmoinl of the negroes from the county would be allowed to visil Uie coiin|\ jail at Osceo'a to lucertntn (hf. absence of the Wilson's deputies Loth hero nr-d nt Osceoln. o\pre.~-ed thcmschM iis belns stroiiBlj opposed to imy violence and detsi mined to prevent any outbreak of such s> nature It was poin'trf out that ixgnrdle-s- cf feir personal feelings, „ ost officers- believed it would be an imco-ition on their injured leader, now in ; a MemphLs hospital, to nllow i nny set of ilolencc to cccur diirint; his al sence fiom the county. Returns irom Last Visit to Father in Mississippi Mrs. T. J. Bmke has retlnned from Show, Miss, wheie she ftas *w !- 0 , r /* lhcr J ° , Col!Ier . wh ° sfter a brief" ill-it^ '" C J ^ ' Jucg; Coillsr (v-io '^, n rS- ;ivi cf Canoll lo'iru' Mr, 11 :he nrst r.siden. of thaw tj ^ r- cliase a lot in the town at' ihe time It was platted. He scrvec! as mayor of Ihe city, a member ol the board of 'supervisors. ;is justice of lha peace mid alderman and was actively Identified with all civic affairs of that city, The deceased is also survived by his R-ife and two «ons C H Collier, of Dreiv, Miss, and Charles Collier, of Clark'dale, Mts Mrs. Colllsr returned here with Mrs. Burke. WEATHER 5?KAf '' 3 ' A , C ' oudy - tcl ? lsht nnd Wcd "' -" ' . and Vicinity—Cccss- rains and ivarmer tonight nnd Wednesday. handled the Job. official" weather ' observer.

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