The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1937
Page 6
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.'PAGE SIX 'BLYTHEVILM3 (ARIL) COURIER ,NEWS-'v- Anollicr Tmporlaiil. Horder Is Through /ant Weatheilv Uiiclerwciglv As Season Nears 'I!y IIARKY OIUVSON 1 Sports Editor, Nl!A'service Cleveland ba.wball writers ar PS optimistic as a Los Augclcs real tor. working with olhcr pfople' moncv Jtie% g5t that way In 192J) v hoi Trls SoMker booted 111? Itir unns down in f r ont of a holjbl:? (ollsction of ChtKi'i!) whit: s, nvd n cure-all l;as vet io he per f'^led Clevclan-1's diamond scrivensrj; once more have vvoii ilia A'ii;rlcai Jeasus p-?iiimnt--:n April. - Th Iiulians always arc- out of 11 h fall, bul spring days always pro r nge nnolh?r buiilln-r, flying In Hi brcsze IliKhl now U'c Clcvc!:m:l writer rre dw'ariii" that Ihe 37-ycar-ol Fhll Whit?hitl will win 2<i'vnmi 1 The bmc 1 s"el siulh-ri' of oil Rapids couldn't ;lo that wh"n h had more curves thnn a Wi'sl Vlr Sinia highway, Cleveland expcrls ;i-si-n. ma; 13-veai-old Uo'i Pellc' will co'i 2f rallies o:' Gun'lays 'nloir. nil if ni-nllon week dms. The truth if 1'iH th- I0"n «->>n-.'i—„ i- „ „„,.) . fli'o irc-rrt who will he fbrlu> rate to win half lhat imnv. Las} 'MI son li- tinned in his strikeou' rsroWs against -li'.c Hrovvns a in Athlellcs. HI IKK yel lo teal flrsl-clasx ball c'nb. •\Vrllcrs Overlook Imn-rfunl rjicts : Whul l>i° C'e cMnd oracles ne?i Lri I- tell vcm I? this: , \ Mel Harder, .star of, the -All-Sli: p.imes. scarcely can .throw a ba' ( CO feel Vcteian trailers fenr the! Ihe frail youn? nian of Omaha I; i Ibrouah He wasn't nn'rh nccourj last rfison ai"! triln 0 '!: bb c r''v^ri are of Ihe oulnl-n that lu require a full'year's resl. ' Rov W"1thcil M-lib so r<\\cV berime Ihe swiik pint of t> Tribe att°r b^lin brought in fior New Orleans Inst summer, hr been 111 u» s H jwin-ls iniil- wei»ht and should get rid of ba- tonsils. ' Bad News Ifale, more miscast n Eccoml b"Ep llian Koy.. Hughes ] al third, hns a sore arm. Cleveland's pennant hopes vcr bulled in one of DIE most nbsur deals In lilstoij > Ihe Indians onvc Iho .^t. i.i\ t i- Browns Jo- Vosmik. Ulll Knlckcr bockef, 'and oial Hlltiebraml 'lb' Julius Sollers, LMi Liry, aild Iv Paul Andrews Every baseball' mar I have talked to this spring a?recr with me 'on llus transaction. ) have vel lo bump into anybody with the sllghlesl, knowledge of baseball who would have transferred either Vosmik or Knickerbocker foi Ihe three alhletcs Who came to Cujaho.a county. It. All Deiiends on Where Thpj 1'h> Kail A year a?o the Clevelancl vvrll- ers were l»!luij how Vosmik would bat Ihe Indians into the gonfalon Now they ssem (o be' of the'opin- ion that Soltcrs hits the ball morr savagely ana [or more.masiiiflcenl disHnces, v/hich he does not. with nni decree of consistency. A jear ago Cleveland : writers Informed the world that Knickerbocker was the finest young shortstop in baseball Now they declare that Larv, considerably older an- 1 passed up by f-e Yankees, Red Sox peimtors and Browns as b-inj witliovl a stroke al bat, will gf farther in ellher •• direction and "make" the infield. Anvway jou look al It, Hlldc- branrt has a brighter future as R Pltchei than the heavy Andrews ADOS Alk>THEf$. FEATttER IN SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 10K7 Tr» Ctaehnd Big Pour is supposed to be Harder. Johnny Allen Pd "' at-3 Wlilflilll. with Denny Galehouse and Al Mllnar in reserve and Andrew's, Willis Hud- hn and Lbjd Brown O 'i rcli'f Tom Drake, from New Orleans i= >mi)resM\e, bill Carl Fischer ano Joe Heving iepeat«dly have tried to ttemonstrate that they are more than Double A chuckers. And Who's Goiny to ' Catch These Pitchers? " Prankie Pitiak must bs a great catcher or Cleveland Is \vilhonfr one nnd the Jittls chap from Buffalf has jet to establish - himself as t first-class handl-r of pitchers On (op of that, in the past he either has gone out for protracted periods' due to cither illness or injury Clumsj Hal Trasky at first bast Ucks awaj or fails lo salvage as many games as he wins with home runs over Cleveland's short right field tencf. — " By UICIIAIU) SlcCANN . NBA Service Simrts Wlill-r It was more with disgust than ith distress that we rend reports ', the SI. fj>uis Cins House Gang •rnwllng with a'- couple of sports ic other day ia Tampti. You see, there's only one thing orse than a ball player or n EiwrtS' rllcr nghllnu, and that's a sports rltcr AND a'bull player fighting, Not/'cvcn the New York Uoxlng 'oiniiiission wpuld tolerntc such ft latch, i tvir athletes, ball players re tlipsy-do fighlers; and for box- :ig exijcrts, tin; spurts writers am :ven dipslcr-do. it Is my advice hal Ihe sporls writers confine their ninching lo' the letter"!" on the ypewrilcr, while the ball plnycrs UouM. con fine their hitting to (hi! all -field. .. ' * * * S - >oonicd lo Defeat With Ihe exception of suclv-gcn- icmcn as Qeorgc Selkirk »nd Babe Dahlgren of thp New York' Yan- •ces, who used '. lo be boxers, and ry Cobb, who w'as Just naturally Ircd with ferocity, ball players arc hvays coming off .second best-In usslcs wilh citizens—lhat is, 'cltl- ens. other Ihan sparts writers. Take, for instance, the pugna- lous Mr. Jerome Dean. Didn't 4r. Daan'eet punched-around the idewalks of Hoi Springs last year iy a scrawny 1^5-pound laxlcab 'river? And ihcn, too, dldn'l a certain Vashinglon player, since traded, et a broken finger and a shoulder vrenched in a scrap with a hi?h chool boy in nil Orlando night •lub last spring? And how about lhat Boston lied "tockcr, also since traded, who" got ils nose punched into a pulpy ness by a counterman in an all; 'ighl lunch room in Washington wo summers ago? j • • » Vights of Feints > Now and then, enraged In the leal of battle, ball players get into •-ciifllcs among themselves. But 'hey never do enough damage lo tir up a pacifist movement. Those 'jail field and under-lhc-stands 'allies arc. like Mr. Dean, full of •oiind, but very little fury. Most of the battles consist o 'evcral score poorly chosen curse vorcls and Iwo missed punches 'Then the feinting combatants eaminalcs slcp in nnd Ihe tw< battlers" arc only too glad lo b cparalcd. dcspilc a rather show Icmnie-al-'im" display of vigor. Tile average ball player, you sc iald sure, sure, oul on the parking lot, Rut. nllcr Ihe game. ; .lhsy weren't lo be found near liio stadium. £o the umpire vyent n-hunting and found them In tlielr hotel room. ; lie lojked himself in wUh.ihem for five minutes or so and then very considerately called the near- csl hospital to send a couple of guys over to scrape them up olt the caring. They tell me that the two fellows again. ' never played ball Jim Gets Ready Tunncy .Was Klflif Perhaps flic most clcan-ciil bat- fling- ever staged on the ball field was committed by the New Yoi'k Yankees and the Washington Nationals hi a feud that lasted i Iwo seasons. . : | Bill tHatfield) Dickey started" il off in 1832 by breaking Carl (McCoy) Reynolds' Jaw with one punch after being sent sprawling by Reynolds' clumsy, splkc-flashl- ing slide home., Then, after a few minor. incideiiUs,. the loud flared into a riot In 1933'wllh Ben (Halfield) .chapman—now a McCoy— 'tangling .will) Buddy (,\fcCoy) Mycr and Earl (,McCoy) Whltehill in 11 double battle that Bended with all the boys ruiiipitsing around on Ihe nclil until quieted by the gendarmes and the rcallzallon that all Ibis was gcUlifg.lheni nowhere exccpl into Judge Landts' office for a rnic or ivvo. There is no doubv bill lhal Wcs Perrcll nnd Gcne.Tunuey have the tght idea, -when Furrell gels mad ic seeks the privacy of the dugout lid there punches himself on the aw. And Tunney, when two sporls writers got peeved while Inlcrvicw- ng'(ilin and started to miiss'one molhcr"liiv'stepp-Hl in and said •Boys.' boys, this is . foolish—when •'ou-fight, fight for'money." ' field fence. Earl Averill is one of the great hillers and outfielders, bul doesn'l huslle and lacks the punch of a winner Heroic Bruce Campbell Is a notoriously poor raider, nnd there a]wajs is the question of how long he'can go The fifth outfielder Jeff Heath, easily might develop crib fi " eSt ba " plas ' er . on the Last, jear the Indians tumbled into the second division for th first lime in clghl years. They II be exceedingly lucky I get out of it this trip. ' 5 smart enough to know thai h akes too much of n risk with h read-winning arms and legs an yes in a brawl, and this realiza ion always bubbles up to the su Roy Welch WillReturn HereMonday , >_^ ; J HY J.'T.-.FlHENll . Three of the last wreslllns rast vlll again iwinij \into action at he Legion Hub Karelin, Monday light, according to Promoler Clarence Holder. ', Roy Welch Is Uic.lonc change, ile will return after' an extended trip Into Texas and Arizona to lake on Joe Orawelc, the punishing Pole, in one- o: the 90 minute affati-s.; - \ - Uago Baker, Racine. Wis.. and Rex , -ilVx) Moblcy. Amiirilto, Texas. Avlnncni 'last Monday nlghl, will rliislv In the other event. A couple of: years ago Welch was perhaps the most feared wrestler In this sector nnd he slill .commands plenty of respect. Orawiec, though beaien last week by Ihe clever Moblcy, displayed Schedule Already Adopted Discarded; Shalighnessy Play-off Likely JONESBOnO, Ark.—Tilt' 1937 Northeast Arkansas l2a»iic schedule ndspteil by the board of dlrec- lois ii week ago Friday and approved by all clubs lias b?cn disc-aided because oi discrepancies-,i.!i Ihe number of aames'play'ed vvilh sach club lii the llrst nn;l .second halves of the split s;a,son, Kcn- inslh fUddle, secretary of 11)3 Ica^u?, annojinc«l yeslcixlay. A'new sfhi'd- ule will 1« drawn up nl an early date. . .. Si.crclary lii'jdla announced also thai lie had written letters to all mein'jsr.s of the leajiis cxphiiuln-j the discrepancies of th^ schedule, in the lellers mailed to ; the six clubs in the league, Mr. Hiddle ajstx. explained that-il is uot possiljis to play n no gam; spill season and Hav: nn accurate schedule. Therefore, Ihe club's " arc to vole on whether they desire.a 120 'iiime sjilil season; a ICO sum? sea•on wilh a Bhnughnessy playoll al Ihe end of- the regular season, or i 100 game split season. , • -'; in the Sliaujlines'iy'.-'. jilay-otf. '.vhich has te;n use<J successfully 3y many minor leagues, incltidhig tl:e Soiitlicin, Ih2 team sliuishins 'n the first lour i>lac?s would play lor the championship of The league In a series of games. ' At the last mei'llng of the board It was disclosed that several clubs were in favor 'of adopting the Slmughnessy .system, but others, fearing thai il would extend the season too long, were opposed. However, since thj ' 110 game split- season will not work out. and it being n choice between 120 games, 100 games, or Shaujhnessy play- olf wilh 100 games, the latter w'ill probably be chosen. There was no objection ; to adopting the system 'oilier'thiiii the lenglh of tiine Ilayll,Golfers-.lo T :•' P i a y Locals in S'nnday Tourney .. '' * Blv'lhcvllle golfers will engage -- tlii'lr first Inter-club tournament of llic year Sunday when Hie nnyli, 'MO., golf learn Invades Blythevlllo. ; In ' past years the local golfers •-••• practically invincible Fictional Hero have over their own course and not' so Sood away from home, As a result the Hlythcvllle learn is naturally favored ' to hand Hie visitors a trimming but members of (tie club's tournament committees urge a strong turnout of members so lhat the locals may be prepared lor any number of Missouri ex» perls. II would son h'.ye extended the sea- Sccrelary Riddle urged all clubs to make their decisions on this imitler an1 report to him as soon as possible, so that work oa arranging of another scheduli get. under way. can Massachusetts Recalls London Tower Beheading BOSTON (UPl —Ps»- pto'plc know It, bul a former governor "of Massachusetss was beheaded. , |Sir Henry Van? 'came here from -Sngland in .early Colonial times with John Winthrop, Jr., aild others. A few montlis later. Sir Henry vas elccled governor. Tactful and diplomatic, Sir Henry soon endeared himself to the Colonists. But a s lime "went on Puritans condemned his tolerance and finally he returned to En'»and. It seems that Sir Henry had been Active during England's civil war. and after'the Restoration, the King committed him to the 'Tower for alleged high treason, sir Henry was convicted and executed. Jimmy Braddock, world heavyweight champion, is roughing il up in the Wisconsin woods "as preliminary training for his title fight with Joe ;Lo»is, Detroit Negro, June 22. .Hero is Jimmy jogging -along a snow-covered trail to" strengthen liis legs, softened by nearly two years o{ comparative inactivity. nlood Donors Sought NEW YORK (UP) — The New York Cily Health Department -Is seeking blood donors onions persons over 18. recently convalesced from scarlet fever, nicy will be paid S5 each for small amounts of their blood to be used in the treatment of scarlet fever and related :ascs. Head Courier News Want Aas Pniclir.e Sessions for Osccola Ball C!ub ; Will .; .Start April 23 " ; HY J. I'. OSCEOLA, April 10.— Receipt of , . tha signed contract of Elmer Kir- clioff, former Missouri School of Mines star athlete, who will inan- 'igt' the Indians this year, was an-. nminccd today by Secretary-Business Manager D, Fred . Taylor jr. Kirchoff is attending- the St. Louis Browns' training camp at Terre Hitule this week, where he will have an opportunity to observe poti'ntial material for the s. Enroiilc he conferred with William 0. DeWttt, ' vicc- oresktcnt of the , Browns, at St. Louis. He will come here April 20 and players under contract and those assigned later will report (or first practice April 23. Tlie new Indian chief is 25 years , old and holds nil engineering degree. While at the Missouri institution lie earned letters in baseball, basketball and track, and gained, such a reputation that he was appointed to the coaching staff upon his played in .the graduation. He Nebraska State League in -1931-35.: and last year performed at Palestine, Texas, another link in the'Brown chain system. He is a third baseman, but caught and layed short stop' too. Secretary Taylor announced that arrangements have been made lo accommodate -any aspiring voungsters who vvaiit to. try out with the Indians. They -arc come at their own expense, but in the event they make good a contract will be offered 1 them and their expenses refunded. WPA workers arc taking ndvan- take of the. fine weather to push Hie work on the new'athletic lield at : the high school vyliere the Indians will play. It is expected to be completed in plenty of time for the workouts. HORIZONTAL imp , character from fiction. 9 Washington Irving wrote his • 13 To hoot. 14 Units. 15 Examination. 10 Still. 17 Slain. 18 Exploit. 20 And. 21 One who clallers. 23 To accomplish. 24 Puddle. 25 0*2 who does evil. 1 -.27, To. bo kc meat. '•28 Weight " allpwance. 29 Pealed. 30 Prophet. 31 Keno. 32 Perished. 33 Side bones. . 3-1 Tree. 35 Without. "." Answer lo Previous Puzzle 3G Street. 37 Toward. 38 Harbor. 33 Pronoun. 40Pdol. 41 Lunar orb. 42 To consider. •iC Rootslock. 47 He was a Dutch in Ihe U. S. A. 48 He played ninepins wilh of yesterday. VF.1ITICAI, 2 To insligalc. 3 Form of "no." 4 Grief. 5 Prickly pear. GTo tie. 7 Learned. 8 Electrical term. 9 Form of iron. 10 Tears. 11 Hops kiln. 12 Right. 1C He slept for 20 s. 17 Coin slit. Ififiasls for glazes. 19 When h« awoke, he e found he was . 21 Kind of lelluce. 22 Always. 23 Nick. 24 Father. 2C Horse fond. 28 To abound. 30 Fodder vat. . 31 Cotton fiber. 32 An item. 33 Compact. 35 Ulcers. •'.• 36 To fire a gun 38 Butter lump. 3!) Kern seeds'. 40 Fence rail 41 Blemish. 42 Second musical note. 43 Note in Guido's scale 44 Mountain. 45 Northeas 1 ,. 40 Seventh musical note. No. 13 ; Looms Large In Life of Man, 79 ACTON. Mass. (UP)—Arthur E. Tuttlc sat down and figured out that: He was a 13th child. He was born on July 13, 1958. . He left school when 13. He entered the building con- tracting b isincss July !3. 1913. He has bad automobile registration S6-13 for 13 years. He has had lalephonc number 13 for 13 years. I He started building a home for his daughter last June 13 and completed it Oct. 13. And he has a sister aged 04, which digits total 13. Booker T's To Play . Memphis Club Sunday 'Harry Bailey's Booker T's _ scheduled .16 piny the Memphis Mud Hens tit the state line park tomorrow afternoon. Handful), the Booker T's mound ace, Li slated to do the hurling; against the visitors, who played the state line Icam a series of close .games last summer. ' Read Courier News Want Ads ELECTRIC & ACKTYf.F.N'E ace in time to calm'hot cm'pc b [ , lhc f °'" w M ° b *>'' lisplaS-M •I the boiling point. » plenty of class and should offer Proof of this U the fad that you k0 "' 'ST -!?V° r Wc ' Ch ' icvc-r hear of a ball ,,lavrr ^ . Thc ..Baker-Mobley go ought to War Census in So. Africa CAPE TOWN <UP)-\vhen a wa census now being made in Sout Africa Is completed the govern- menl will know what can be manufactured within the. Union in time of mar. how great, an army tt can mobilize ,without paralyzing Ihe civilian population, and wholh- er II can produce all Its own Rtn- mtmlllnn \ icver hear of a ball plajw, who •f an afternoon has been restrained from murder, or. nl least, a bit mayhem, goinff out that nlghl Ihe enemy's home and there lucling him unto death. * > , .Batttliijr Arbiter Alhough, come to think of il, an empire, now employed in the Na- 'ional League, did thai, once, lie »'as officiating in the Inlcrnalion- il League at the time when' a nllcher and catcher started vvork- inj; on him—and hard. • ShackJcd by the dignity of hi* lob, the umpire couldn't punch,hif way oul of the shower of insult Ihey sprayed on him 'Tight there on the field, so he challenged them to mecl htm afler the game! They be a "natural." Though somewhat opposite in styles, both arc in the lop class. Moblcy has few ns,a clean cut-, wresller. Lately he las done, a bit of fist throwing ind his work has been more effective. Baker makes no bones about his Intentions. He is in lo win and Is unscrupulous about it. His Norwegian back break siwll-: od defeat for the giant Canadian, Lcavitt. and he may rule a slight favorite - give Mobley the "vvolks," also. Mobley's fforte lies in his powerful leys. It may develop into a leg and ami brittle. '• As usual the Blylhevllle amaleur battlers will set .off the proceedings, promptly al 8 p. m. Whaling Industry on Wrine SYDNEY. N. S. W. (UP)—Complete extinction of vvhal?s in tiu- Antarctic within-n. few years because of Ihe unrestricted killing by Japanese fleets is predicted by Capt. j. K. Davis, Comuioiuvva'.tii WELCING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. WRESTLING Evcrj' 'Monday Nichl 8 P.jf. ROY WELCH vs. .TOP: OHAWKIC DAGO BAKER vs. REX MOHLEY American Legion Stadium PHONE IS Read Courier News Want Ads Have You Visikd Our New Modern Service Station? While Rose 'Oasoline OoodyMr Tires Willard Batteries Koad Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks U HOUK SKKVlliE Call 633 Vor Prompt Senilce Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Director of Navigation. WATC FOR The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Car Station (it Holland, Mo. is. now open and selling- high grade gasoline for .13 per gallon, tax paid, as the opening special to : convince yon that they have better gas at lower ' price • Also Cigarettes at $1.15 per carton Phoha 886 or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garane Work: SOY BEAN HAY PLANTING SEED STONKVIM.E SA STONEV1I.LI-: -1A 1st vear from Skmeville Station 8 DOZ. PUHE BRED WHITE ROCK PULLETS BARNETT AUTO SALES H. C. Knappenberger BLYTH One Day Only TUESDAY \. 2nd ST, CIRCUS GROUNDS Tickets On Sale Circus Day at Hortim Drug Co. No Additional - Charge 200 ACTS , ACRES of TENTS' 250 Arenie STATs 60 DANCING HORSES MILITARY ELEPHANTS 60 AERIALISTS 60 RIDERS TROUPES OF ACROBATS <• CLOWNS-ZOO MUSEUM HIPPODROME Admission Reduced This Day and Date Only Children 25c - - Adults 60c (Including Tax)

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