The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1935
Page 6
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lEFEffJtt! Visitors Held Scoreless in Fiisl Half hy BIylheville Defense. My .1. p. riircNn Presenting n. dr-fenf.o that completely taifled their opponents, the fr,U stepping .Blythvvlllt ohlckn- BSWS emended ilieli- winning Btreoh .1.0 four elrelght by defeating the Gltttton (Mo) high fchool, 21-11), Eatiinlay night at the national niuird iirrnoiy. The score does nol revta) il-,e superiority of the Chick*. Tn the first half (he visitors were nol tble to penetrate the tearing region, being held scoreless while (lie Maroon end White helped lliem- Mlr« 13 points. During this period the guarding of the fltsl. string wns so c!«o the Missouri lads' hml but five fair shots r.i the basket In the first qumler and only four In the second, Usually when they would stun d<wn toward the- gord one alert Chirk would Intercept p. |ja,ss and tie on his way toward Ills own Krxd lie- fore they hardly renllK-d what wns, gains on. V. Jones imd Holrncs, SlkrciMi foraards, had n Irec throw each but. missed. Afln Hershel Mosley hnd mude n.foul shot sooil lo slnri the third period, Captain Holmes looped n field goal for Ihelr (list More of thu game, The time was seventeen minutes. Herman Keohlcr rank n couple In suecer.slon and Turtle broke throiich for n uvn- rralmev to run the local count, to 20.. Holmes added another. Dick T/pton'-s free throw OTIS accurate. .Pox putraccd tho guards after Intercepting n short pass from ninck- well Just as the 'third peilod ended. .The,Chiefs led, 51-0, Slkeslon Picks Up Captain irolrnc. 1 ; started the con- cluding'quiri'tor by caging n nifty left-handed toss. Conch Uwlln pulled Herman Keohler uiid ,1. W. Piirfle nnd sent. In Robert Baxter end Eddie Satlba. Evidently heartening'; by breaking of ihe combination, Sikcston began to play sensationally Hcssllng rlappcd in one under the Laslet after n prolong- e'd :sc:|tflle.' Eugene "Blncta-i-lT foul- Fd pazi&td lor Ills fourth and was relieved by hu&el Mosley. Donald conveiled,-ffiBilrig the KOI* 21-11. On a Ocnullfiri olsy Holmes «ent another through the hoop, Russell Mosley fouled V Jor.ei : and the Slkeston forward scored the point A few momenta later Russell M.OS' / (ARK.) COUR13R NEWS Lott and Stoffen Make Pro-Tennis Debut pAY, JANUARY 14, 1935 On the Long Trail Back SriLLMOFF Nipponese '.[nlfircslpfl in damns _ But Bit/ Gales Are impossible, TOKYO tIJP)-nasoball in pi|)3)i may lie nt the- beglnnine of IniiiilHniifll suine : !n wllicl , * iiRl Ian ,,,, iy fomf m i)| , as one of (he- lending m- Uonnl amusements. ... IJespUe I he fact 'thai the R.< ..-fslnuni club hn.s lieen organ*', am norl to live sports wvii f . r , eve it wilt be several year] 'be' 1 s ted In America, gels a gen- jmne start here. . • = ' .Taps,, is not ready for ,11, they PI1 " cipaIly for 30 aamfs'Er.r.uSh Wlillrt popular interest in tm<r- »»" v/oiilc! «cm (o be on a wr ™> thnt 1» the United States Hie sjuylf. ivrllc-rs •--"--- •"• , - ly snd , hiter-clly matehe,-. now , )MV , d(? t,*^ ' ho clcmnnO. ill r.t'lll rr-nfcrV tliilverelties, Altemlnnce I? fellciit mid. .somoUJiirv;. retic,.v, for a Rlnnle t:flm c. ^ jj^| mass or fan.-, pay somr-tliliu. .crfanized after the visit of rhe ?•"'£ rS» e f Ion "' te? ' 1 " 5 ^'om rt fh.l United States' Bnd tile p h i,lppin,j4 iinlMfi another profe-^ional rluh v(*i organized early in tj, P JIfn; ', rnii, Barnott, [*('(• .And Dowel] Win Golf Honors A t.'fiifi. f'OHifHKffl of Walter ll, .1. R l.i-/,li, W. T. p,ar, tiiid K. Ti Life, v/ori tho j Ijlliiri i,,w riK loiiisnine evetii hpld :ii tlir- liljihi'vllli? fountiv" ('liili Jf.'.lffil:iy iiHclf-l Illi illlT-frloil of Rlohnrd If. Hf-!mmn, club pro. , Alter fill cnmpr-litor-i hful ploy,-,) j l(! iiGlf. ntdnf--. wera placed m u • iisi mill iliiiv.'n. vrlili eaoli fr,ur siuvfEsfve niriK:.-; ecinplellnf a ifam Tue rjowcll-r.fnil-llsirieii- rornhitk- prodiicfd r. low net tor:il in in strokes, Dowcil getting s v4, T*nti 77, Rsrnett S3 and Off- 57! fii'l Two sti.ikc.t hr-iriiui v.'ur, a lenm Mini marched up ivltli ji, ,\, Lynch, T?; H. A. oocrli, 81; u. 3. Ertin- son, 17 and Cl, a. Caudill, 81; for a loml nf nifi stiol:e«. C. W. A(- fili'k, 9t; Bymn Mor : \-, 70; O M Buck, £11 and 11. p. Klrslinev. I'l composed ih* next foursome In Hiif, wiih a lots! of 32-1 stroto. DIS Rill Tllitai prhvwl he still was the king of tnnnls iiltvactlmis when he parted Madison Souarc Gsr- flen In New York for tht o]«.-nlii K of th« Indoor prafraloiinl seniitin :uid tho debut In tho pro milks'of -orae Utt and l^ter Paired win, vte, ,0,1 back (m ,r,,, Tllden helped w ,n n eriiellln, T,- gaino five set. imilch aeutiKl i.intnnd fitoi.-ilrn iln rniTsrmindi. on account of thai dead pan he w-'iire into the ring with him . . . The Inrgwii siwrt hall In Enro|i5. simllnt; 15,000, la under construction at llamlmte, acr- iiiuny . . . for Ihe Hnmns-ScU- iiielliiK FliltKlfe....lack IVmiKcy's four-rmnul r-xlitblUon 'nunliisi K(ili;fls)i r^vl/tsliy In Ohirngn n couple- of years n(-o drew ^n,00ti . . . a". MimjMi"!! with Hie gate of $28.100 IliM tlacr inillnd In hi? IjfiUL wlih the Kliii:. packed V . os ]\e started to siicot and received Iwo tlir6jv ; s: ' able ttj make . and Pur-fif rf-chtcrfj/fho game and- the 'scorlnj for the : rilght ' " ' mode about 'mer. V." nnothei' fiec* throv as -n result r ) i i -• '--v»>.>. of (i foul loi DIP Lul point. Mien - - the tot e^lcii of the Vil! Uicy begin to Jtt.W . to kill time, the fimc endtnp wltli "them still In possession and ninltlii^ no nttempl to Rhnot " Purtle, IlblintK Pare Scorers By Harry Grayspn LOS ANOELEG.-One of those .usloim dallusr bsrt: to the first davs of organized nslicuflvng hnr, been feviycd with some mcosure of.n flasli lierrnboiils. 'I refer to •he fliuiint hiibli fishleW, nnd e\- flglitcrs'! hiive' of • opening rvaloons, Gopd old.rebeM did'It for moil of-the boys, and now UK Anuelir, oiKl -flollywood are replete . with beer jiliiis. so-called . "clnte." and out-niid-pul. hush, '.W.irine' Hie names of HiK,ring "groat and that; Jvfost or the places', trade nn Ihe remitRilon of' balllcrs. . of. byipne Oa'vs. ; Once in a while there's- n loucii of the palhcllc 'aboul 'cm, arid nol infreqiicntly ii. bll of'hu- - \V Purtlc anil Captain lloimes yere tied for high score honors. Each bagged four' field goal^l Kc- ohler lalig up six points. .Holmes' VMS bv far the moft oiiutahdlng for ll^e Nl'Jllors K«ishel Mosley, Purtlc, Keohlcr, Tipton and B]f\ck- T>c!l all p!a\ed well in a prcmnln&ry Rflme IBlythe- rtllB JuMors defeated Armorcl jitn- ,„, „„„ „,., „ freonu um[ nmm H?n, f, 5 ,,^" 1 ''"' 0 " of -Bly-l-l Conn- lilnhd-No-. 3. 1BOO, It IhevlUe led.the scorers with nvc >vo 5 _wiir n i;, points Slarlln? Young ana Ellk Tom Slmrkev. ' *>. t> "n.^ iiniicnlil of The box- score: Sikt ".toil ]^Q p) 1 pp TP V Jolic-, f 032 I 0 1 u 0 -I 0 1 2 1 0 1 ooo ooo 1 02 liolnier., • f (c) P. .lones, c Donald, z , Williams il'"Coixt fOS. K "f mor. In the -litllftr caiepory, for instance. I j mil' 'Ihe -. several. bcsr hniwouts tilled ''Snlilcr. Kellvs" rve fftn at Icdsl- half a dtocn. Spider Kelly I 3 dc-nd. -. " .. - Bob'PcriT, thai grand old bnld- who ws a second llmt niiihl 1'.Mm Jeffries foimlit has the hottest moment for Hie f fi-aleinlty. ll'a nn Holly- Roulevnnl. not.- fur from FOXX TROT j for well-boiled huskies, \vlio fan- I cled, given a fen- shots tlint ihev could flatten Jeffries. .led" alv.'ay.i avoided (,uch tar(room hroivh, and when the would- 11)! 1 cotKjiioror of the chaiiip got too 'olKtreiisroiis. tliL> Job of quieting him with u solid whack fell to Klppr-f. Ho Kipper would jocl:— nnd l:r,-ak hU hand. Us lost, tract: of how oitc-n thtit right mitt went to the doctor, but e.stlnmte.i H was plenty. Dernpsoy hnsn't been oul much lately. The boys miss him, but. Hint new New York enfe venture keeps him in the east most of ihe tlm? Plenty of Salmon UNEAU, Ala=l:a (UP) -^Magid- tudc of Alaska's 1934 Eolinon ln- dnstry u-iis such ihnl 'the flsli packed.-If laid end to end, would re.ieh .around the earth at the I Equator, an esttmftte by the packers' nsioclfttipd , shoiv«i: • raiou^h would-ue left 10 extend from Con- nda to Mexico. ' ' ' llinii an . u. s! r loo.w ninuacincnt inmiev to ]ft proteiorinl IMRUC frith •' •• iC "™nl<' of . nriy'thliiR hk 0 if,,| ••:»i»fts..ii year. S80.(IOI) Kras-nti Gatfi "in Tokyo University Leanue lie nulstniullnE organization , „' •'•ipan. took In a -uitnl nf 24001)0 >'<••» <lim/ifr the IM.I seiuion or up. I'l'oxlmmoly jfioooo united fitalV, The .wi-ltm .point out ' --." .i.iitu'y Fundom can j[ K t about m v in- '''"" I' I?. gctiUiE now. A ronsld- liispli-ert hy inliirest hi ihe lln i? " ioli I'ilUer. rtnd Hie .-.indents rather .a - 7 17M&B flolMR OP U.-S. IVOMKN'Z M£f TlTi-E, £XPEd'$ 76 'lila WAK> tySAM IN S. / A, nnitf. Onnilnf Hark \ U MOTIHT VHriK'ON, M'o. (UP) i-1 rif-Mii-ii DI the jinrso .is 3 farin work aniinfil, forec-nst at the fh'Sl lKi]-j;e biTr-d;-r.-;' conference held here iiV ninny yr-aru. Prof. E. A. '('row'ra-idp.c- o| ihe MiMcmrl Col- '''8? of AEi'lciiltuix- conducted a dlsnission on horfc tiivrdlng prob- 'Criis at the meeting. >^ •••'«:.> ii t-ifcKt ', VftfT- / : *3T\\t ISWEWHERE/ w-3! • l^^ /'|}^ O ^bnll lli^Jf. I hi:: "sollcfie- splrlr." i had ci foothold »" ept-ni. for fooi-i TJin professional train Hint was FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE OEPT. ROXY tAST TIME TODAY "AT. & MITE-IOC - 2St Time Today «-ond li ' nol sirleilV ijiKine.^^ .' llillC Llf Uin AlllOr- tliroiiKli Die Orienl.- There \vos 'a. lot of niglu dubbins, and fun, nail here Is Jimmy Foxx, Alhletlos' sliiKKC-r, irliipiug Hie liKhl fa n i n s 1 1 1- with', a Jnp- :ui'j:-p yirl nt a' |n>]>ulnr Tnkio M'OI. Mm. l''ox\ was il:(-re, loo! j i'.i Chlnrsr Thenier, r,nd hi nnd 'romeone thr»w n bei baitlcultti'ly biBv after -tlu- irolty- i for him thnt, woium up >'-ood boiiK on Fi'lilay nlshts. Per-| sell S-) t" -.vw ilic f«ntn!.l "fiTiire in ihei ,.„, „.,,.,„ ... Primo Cariiern-Jlnmbo Chevoller | lo „;' "", e "f lnol '°: v c 'Battle of the- Dlrtv Towel" 1 ."„ tni1 f hf b . c<M ' ^ ml Down riii nhow m Us T' u*."is i- Toltsu, Blytbevllle II: Mdsley. f Piirtle f K«ohltr ,c ;Tlp!on; (r Bbekweil, » R. Tvfrelej-, i Slallba. f tile -meet I-, i 2'it r .il .nnd co-o',vn-:r of i Tom Kennedy, who FO 1 4 i (1 I 0 {i 0 PT PP 1C TP 3 8 C a ;> n ii r.iemberod by many ! The f:™,! Old Dn ' Tin- l:o\.- : have. 'he f1r,ln«. II '^bmineas'"!^').''^^' 8 " 'V fl "" ! " l> llu> "l«"<*i">»"nr •' m'v'.f^ 1 M"H i ( : m! " 1;> '"' 1 -'-' 1 ^°^ *>y the oUl ,,i ,",'.'Ml! «aj'3-i;.-,tnlily thow run by Jim •'I J^fTi-io; nnd Havney OldUeUi, now C'Stdiii- lii-re notli were ceniei.i TONE 1 JEAN M U I R, MARGARET LINDSAY *"«. BVO RAK ALEXANDIR C K. f O R A jt ; Travel Talk— i -•'Islo of •- ' Cpmcrty pPues,Wed.-Thurs. . i'l make Hie c M(le and l^rnlns- i he f e,t|' r ,n o niollcn plfli'io fdin Tuesday - Weds. 1S ..J§ T) >« s(a S'' '«<* L^ISS GflE/vmr ,„!.. llumors have.', it that Uiko SewelL- until lately .chief back- plop of the Senators, will b" with Ihe White Sot., this yenr , Joe Bodts, the 1 , Cleveland • bowl»r, U right on llic tiall of Ihe bl» shots, otlb'sicln; Joe-Fnlciiro nnd Joe Miller . . Bodts Is one of the two outstanding threc-nngered toiler among the expurts . Joe Crontn nnd Tony Lazzcrl ,,,^ sild lo be the Iwo bc-st lill-and- nm artists In the -American xajiio . . nuddy Nlyer. second tivscman. will be mode captain of tho Eenatorr, bv XiHcky Harris this year . . . Harold; Starr, of Ui4 New Yoil. Rnns^rs licckc-y club. * oho !i o pro wrestler and slats at lacror.-e, fcottall. fcase- Wll Uhd boxing . . , They're calling Joe Louis, ths Detroit , "Clay Pace" now . . . OUT on Ihe wroilK sld:-' of cltV Droadwa.v Ihc-rcU :i n^ir- I Wind niiin niuning a chen?! t!cr r.nrlor v.-hosc iiiime will stick I In n.ilic history if for no oilier i reason limn llmt he's the only man ! to IroW n knocfcoiit over Wllllnm! Rarrlson Dempsey. i ••Vltiin*n ,llm".plyi m of Pueblo j "Mill been having tlilnga loo ensy I Iheso later yenra. Iln Irled taxi- : cabbing in phoenix, but couldn't! moke 11 produce any pineapples,. acres, all in <ultivAti<vi fici-pl 8 acres, vvlih guotl S"vi'ininoni cotton ccnlrac!. '.ocalfd i! mili?.vjiort!i of ihovilli'. 2 houses nnd I barn. Can aivc posst-sslon lmni?d- laloly. $iiOC 01 more cash down will linnUlp. balance lo suit. Price $2.St'to. G. G. CAUDH.L I'hnnc 797 <Vnw r.ncafed nt 1(11 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU no.V EDWARDS, I'ropiitlor 111 maktsofrcbulllTjFpeKrttfrs, Mdlns Machines and Calciih(«n art.?— Ribbons |!lTHe LITTL6 i;lM!NiST€R Follow the * t'nlv»r,.l P iclnr , , llh -WVj CLAIRR DODD :>. ALICK WtHTR \ K ,^ OSGOOD PERKFiNS '*» GEORGE E. STONE 'J- j JA.CK LA RUT V •' P.« Paramount Vanities Pictorial No. .1 raigLt Line "A straight line is the shortest distance between two points." That holds for any two points — your pocket book and your list of wants, for example. Follow the straight line, and you'll save yourself time, trouble and money. Use the advertising columns of this newspaper as guide posts. In them, you find late news of what's to be had in the markets of the world. No need for you to meander about from store to store, comparing, pricing, judging, guessing- values. The advertisements tell you the names of merchants and manufacturers you can trust. There yon read what's new, what's .'avorod', what's offered confidently for your insprol.ion. T'to advertisements in this paper take you into more stores than you could visit in a month. There's no high-pressure selling, no rush, no uncertainty to this daily review of markets. Form the good habit of shoppidg by the straight-line method — you'll buy with assurance, with economy and with satisfaction.

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