The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1937
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APtUL 10, 193? 8LYTHEV1LLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAfiS FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION PHILLIPS Dally rpte per line for consecutive Insertions: One tlrae per line ........... 10° Two tiincs per line per day Three limes' per line per day Six times per line per day . Month rate per lino Cards of 'Thanks Mp & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration v.-ill be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted hy persons residing out side of the clly must be aecom- pumca by cash. Rates may be' easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes tlie one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect- insertion of atr; classified ad. WALNUT'A'IF FIFTH ST. RENEWED R. & q. GUARANTSBR USKD CARS & TRUCKS These Y» uie s W!' Bring |5ack Again.! CHEVROLET COVPK. A Iteal Buy ..... 516(1 "H' 1 . A Good One ! '31 CHEVROLET COAC?(. New ' faint and Seat CqvPrs .. $2U5 31 F OIV I) T TJ D 0 It. Color Green. Clean Car ....... ! 3H CHEVROLET COACH-^ew Motor Overhaul and Vanrl '• 35 FORD COACH. Binis Ifltc New ; • •. • • ; Bus. Opportunities WANTED ! ! Ball Players Between ages B and 75 To See Our New Line of GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT i Sho«se-Henry Hdw. Co. J.W.Shouse Wilson Henri Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn this pleasant work whicl pays well. Mew cia?.s opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. Wi'lUam Eerryman Elaine Beaqty Shop Business Directpiy 35 CHEVROLET COACH. New Tires 30 F p II I) C Q A C IL Color Gunmctal .'..... I — TRUCKS — 3G CHEVROLET 157 In. With Stake Body i'.. v ".. •••••• • '35 FORD' 151 In. With 1 .New Motor and Body ':'.:..;... 51* '31 CHEVROLET 157 In. With Body ...;.... '• 5* Tires i U11EVUU LET New Pilint ... Wanted To Buy WE .PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITUHE Hiibbar4 2nd Htind Furniture Store Flione 1031 YO Pay ?G-?7.60 per ton for «-ap Ivoiv Radiators 1.60, Metals !ic to 12c lb., Isp buy hides & old butteries ARJAN AUTO J'ARTS 28 E. Main Phone 176 For Kent BEST DEAL LAND TO KENT—SO acres op gravel road near' Blytlievllle. Immediate possession. $10 per aero. Sec Russell Phillips. Op k!2 5 room 'HOUSE, 110 W. Rose, (jar- agc. Mrs. Webb, 715 W. Ash. 7]) k!5 3 room furnished apartment, reasonable. Main. Henley. 1315 W. l-ck-tf WE BUY Wool Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron fi, Melnl Co. Cherry & H. R. Phone 448 Nicely Furnished STEAM1IEATEB BEDROOM, biuli. Call 500. •1C k5-4 3 room downstairs FURNISHED APARTMENT. 103 W. Kentucjsy. Phone SS'i. ... I5e k-1 We'd rather nuke n friend Hi WE I'rolll when «e sell ;» used car. 'Unit's why uur used ears arc the I'liifsl in 'Town— Sell at (he Lowest I'l'liT.*,! roNTiAC coi'i'i: io3i> cmivitourr court: .. MAsnat Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse $luggish Livers Holiovcs bliiqu'sticss, couillrallon ail<! ifactaclii'N. '.VclUc I.Ivor 1'ills KM al lh« •eal cavtc b[ your sliiBalshness :nul naVe you feel liko a new iiorsou. Hiii joiir. fcystetu ol surplus poisons M'itli Atiivo l.lm' I'llls. Ilannlfss, B.!iitlr. Sold al -all Klrby Druf Slows. 3 room Furnished Apartment, prl- vntc bath, back and front- entrances. Also bedroom. Call 72-W 2o k!5 Frown FURN1SHKC »?AUTMENT reasonable.' Mrs. Ocsell, 117 Chlckasnwua. 1TX: kit COACH 1S33 FOIlll V;8 TUDOR .. 1931 CHEVROLET COACH . Wanted To Employ MAN lielwccn 2!i and 30 years of ugo for iwnmuienl snlnrlcd posl- tlon as operator of large miiug station In lllytlievillo. Also two yomiBM' men between 18 ft ml 2* years of aRc who Imvo mechanical nullity for iH'rnmni'iit salaried positions In automobile repair department. At lost 2 years high school cdiu-allon inmhcd. Write all Information ulxjtit yourself to 1'. O, Box mi. 8 War nil-Ik Meet After 10 Years ] FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UP)— When MaJ. 0. G, Oreon of the U. S. Army Corps, Wright Field, Day- Ion, 0., came to' a- dinner meeting here and met Ja)nos Olds, t^ln:- teen years before tho two men wera released losotlier'from a German prison camp when the Armistice was signed. Olds \yas n pilot, Green Ills tnjiclilne-gumier, when they were sliot do\vn uo|iii\d Ihu German lines In Aligns!, of 1918. European la'iu'.s und nobles used to have "pipe masters," who "broke In" uml cared for the royal smoking Implements, Drs, Wert & Wert pl'l'OJIHTUISTS Over Joo Isaacs' Store "WK MAKK 'EM Stii" Phono 640 . SWSt) . 5185 Ureduce :conlains no dangerous drugs,;; Selentifically overcomes cause'.ptJ'jitt'iiby fat: Mailed postpaid,- 'Sl.'Vpi'.' 'MeiBsncr, 153 S. State, JOhicigo', III. • COMFORTABLE BEDROOM, 1011 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed llaixlln. 20-ekTtf Nicely furnished benroom,. adjoining bath. Modern conveniences. 813 Clilckaxawha, near high school. Call C3S after 4:30 p. m. 3 room furnished house, 713 Chick- 01IKVUOLET COACH Knsy G. SI. A. C. Terms WR MOTOR SALES CO. IHilck and Sales & Servicej I'HONK 1000 We Never Close - - Complete 21 Hour Service - Daily and Simdii. We linvo on hand several tons a! SloncvlUe No. 4-A' one year from brc'ccor, state tested. A few Ions of D. P. L. No. 11. Beans, Laredo, Virginia, Delsta, and Mammoth Brown. Peas— mixed, New Era, and whips, Peas nnd Henna rodeanjd and graded by us. Will trade Tor cotton seed. L..R. Matthews Gin Co, Cotton, Cotton Seed ami Coal. Telephone 1511-l-'-3. Yailiro, Ark. I>. & I'. 1,. NO. 11 PLANTING SKEW (A fine Strain) Ordinal si'ril oblnlnrd direct from liic brociU'r and lilantcil ly us for tn'o years;. No oilier coltor. pt^iutcd or ghmud on this rni-m. lU':isi]il:|l)ly priced ill oven weight 100 ll>. ban*. Siirdal inlcis on carlols. Inimlrc 1'. A. iiogcrs, Manager, CLUAR LAKK PAR ft I Ituulu 2. liox 81, lllylhcvillc I'lionc 1500-K11 Pliuiie 700 ' .-';. , BlXttlEVlfcl.B ' • Suporior Coal & ^lining. Gj>'. asawba. E. M. Eaton. 10-ck-tf Ali popular biaiids ot CIGARETTES 2 packages ior 25c Good Whiskey 18 to Z!i years old 50c per half pint Gccd B.i^ebalt Ganie Every Sunday Small Down Easy U. C. C. Terms Drive By - We Trade; ''Os'trex'Tphlo' ; Tap'r lets- contain ;ta : w .busier Invlpora- ors * arid' ; pthe'r,- •: stimula rits: : One ose' pe^s ';ii'pv "igans, glands.. ;lf not ''delighted, maker'.retunds'• few cnti, paid.?Call/i'rite Klrby -Bros, urug' S.tores. ,'.• '-.'' ' '. ,' Car Lot Phone 810 Hoy Calvin, Mer. Used Car Uepl Poultry & Eggs Care HARRY BAILEY At the Slate Line ,, . iii connection — Fresh. River '..,* .-•"• Catfish - -"-.^ , POULTRY WANTED Ve pay filgheat market prices lo all klrids pouUrs'. Fisher iaines at Galne-5 Grocery & Mai <et, ''ll' W. Main. Farm Loans $500'Up \LSp LOANS ON BUSINESS HOLDINGS, RESIDENCES. PILLING STATIONS. Don H.'.Kasserman apom-226,LynclvBldgv- Phone877 I -P. O. Box 470 ALLEY 001* Help Wai Hod Jnstriiclion IP YOU LIKE TO DRAW. SKETCH or PAINT—Write for Talent Test (No Fee). Give age and occupation. Box "M," Courier News. Autoniotive' EASY CREDIT Goodrich Budget Plan Tires - Tubes - Batteries Home, Farm and Auto nadlas BUFE JONES-TIRES Now Located at 101 Norlt Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FIHVAKUS, Trorirlctor niiihrs oT Iklnilll Tyiicvirllers, AiWInj; Macnlim and Calcuhaqrs—Hewlrliid—r.irts—Ulbboiii •;»'*>! >;>;x >;»;>]>;>;>! >;>!>"*;»'>">"''. i*; FUNERAL HOME j A Ijcnutlful arid syinpathcllii ' service iit moderate cost. \ Ambulance Service IU N. isl I'hniic 5S D, P. L-11 FIRST YEAR SEED D. P. U1 PEOWED SEED SUED COUN — COW PEAS — SOY I5KANS FOR HKST i'UICES SEE T & 20. T "Yours for the Asking" PERMANENT HOLDERS FOR SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS (let one ot llicsc corn-union holders on your next trlj to the Line. They're Free! Jusl Turn To The Left Al SERVICE STATION ArkuiisnH-Missouri Line porting Ooods of all kinds Uniforms & equipment for base- Dall, handball, sottball, soccer ball, tennis, track & ooxing. Best P rices Hdw. Co. "MY COAL IS BLACK— P. UT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 BABY CHICKS . ALL VARIETIES Custpni HatJhlng'' MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, 61 North, BiytlievliiB Seeds - Plants PLANTING SEED FOR Pure Stoneville 4a, 5 and 5a. Pedigreed 4a and 5, D. and P. L. lla and Delfos 719. Mammoth Broivn and Delsta (higli oil yel- iow) Soy Bnans, both shatter resistant. The J. 0. Rankin Seed Farms, on Highway 61, Stcele, Mo. Shoe Repairing ii you think thp'y-can't be fixed lave them made like new at thr TRUE BLUE SHOE i HARNESS SHOP - - . 316'E. Mnin : CITY SHOE SHOP ^ We strive to do the impossible— To Please Everybody! WM. FREEMAN & J. B. HOLT i 4 Doors East of Penney's NEW DEAL SHOFSHOP 121 - West Mata. P. A. Beauregard in cliarge I Photos FREE wifh Each Order "for 'Half Bole Job '., ALLEY; ICAMT SWELL STEW G!KL FKiENJD OEAVIWG FOOZY Ikl • THE'CUSTODY TWAS MICE - HER! OOOL. ISAGOOHKiD WE'LL; GO 'BACK ,TO WOO PO)?.' A LOOK,IM .THE-:Pir,AT .AU-EV OOP. A CALL TOH THE WIXER'S W0054IE! Hy Hamlin SEi-F MQUE ABOUT THAT BIG LIZARD - HiS BAP LEG \5 JUST ABOUT OKAY; WOW SAY, KOW'DJOO KklOW Hr£ HAD A BAD LEG' I NEVER TOLPJUH/, OH, IJUS'WJOW'BOUT THItJGe-HEH.HEH.' OOP, I STILL AM RIGHT/ SAY, MEBBE you CAW "reu. we HOW k<y PAL , RDOZV, IS MAKIW'OUT.' VKUOWJGOT TAKEKi HE GOT CARRIED AWAY OM 'TH' /FOR A RIDE, BACK OF A D1MOSAUG. I'LL SEE WHAT 1 <TA!J HE A SERVICE! INC*T. IA RtC U. S. P KQOTS AND HER HUDDIES LKAVK IT TO AUNT I'KNNY! I5v Ttliirtin Real Estate DPL COTTON HEED, PRIVATELY GINNED. J. H. SMART JR. Goiton Seed!!! BEST PRICES Blytheville Gin Co. FOE SALE — 9 varieties tomato plants from finest seed. Peppers, egg plants. Everything in flovvers. HEATONS HOME OF FLOWERS, 200 Davis live. 26-ck-9 COTTON SPIED—Stoncvijle No. 5 grown exclusively. 2 years frorr Slouevillc. $CO per- ton. F. U. TAYLOR 1 Mile North State Line 'OR SALE: MY HOME, 1045 \\'. Walnut. 4 bedrooms, all conveniences. Bargain if sold'at once. ~ E," Cpoley, pho'ne' : U7. 1-ck-U For Sale Used Leonard 5'burner Oil stove. Good condition. HOI W. Ash! Six room House, with bath, servant house and double, garage. 102 East.Kentucky. $500 cash, balance like rent. Phone 543rJ. .•'"•''. on k5-9 WASH:TUBJJS. WANTKU-CUUTAINS KOU THK SITTING H(K)M! J5v Crane 10 tons choice ALFALFA & SOY' BEAN HAY $16 to ^20 per ton; also soy beans, S1.60 hushcl. : W. H. Chambers, northeast' of'Luxora near Double Bridues.' 8-p-k-li Good heavy i wheel trailer. Buchanan Coal yard. Phone 107. 3-c-tf Batteries Furniture—bsd. Majestic range. Red Star stove. Mrs. S. S. Sternberg^ ! phone 984. .'• . 3-ck-t f BATTERY SERVICE Call J. Ben Clune Phone 3 at Tom Jac'Kaon's Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAL Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Cl>ickasa - ivba£R. U. Repairing All makes Sevang Machine* Repaired, cleaned and adjusted. Work guaranteed. Phone 155. AVADE FURNITURE CO. 3-pk-10 KINNEY'S SIIOP liO S. First St. Saws gummed, filed; circular saws hammered. Furniture repaired, re- fintshcd. ffATIONAL'clectric register; 5 key Burroughs • adding machine; Uvq 8-fcot floor cases; large money safe wing piano, .concert style. J. L. William, Lcachvillc, Ark. BUXGLO!^/ BE! I CAM'T GCi'; AROUND 7H' COUNTRY VE GOT ME OUTBJ \THE«E WA;^^T RIOT,EOVS, BUT WHERE'S J LULU BELLE M6 CLOTHES 7. VT ALL DEPENtS rl THAT AWRE LADV-LIKE?/ WEIL . WILL i.ywoTW HL TIE VER New Bargains! We haye some.especially good bargains in cart, trucks and • pick-ups. See Our's Before You Buyl 1936 Chevrolet i 1 /, Ton Truck 1934 .Chevrolet Sedan And other Bargains Delta Implements, Inc. Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. GOLDFISH 'MINNOWS' ' G. C. Hanks, 300 E. Main Practically new""A<itomattc Delco Light Plant, with radio, fan and iroy. will sell for half price Delta implements, Incorporated. FKIiGKLES AND HIS FIUENUS AW,HECK,I JUST PAIWTED t-Tf- SKATE CO^STcR AGAlMj A!J THE PAINT AIN'T CRY vcr! i r V/ANWA RUW IT. 1 'tX>AS SvELLTilY HO DUPLICSTE THE SCEKIE AS IT, MAP>PEWED ' YOU V/e.pE QSI YOLIR . COASTER THE WIGHT THE KifSTEBIOUS FOOTPRINTS' KH-LOWED AWSWER.TD THE MV5TEK/ 15 v Uloaser MED PAIf-TTEtJ HIS COASTER THE LASTIlMETrilS HAPPSWED... THAT ACCOUSTTS FDR "THE FOOTPRIWTS. THEY WERE HE PUT HIS. Rl&HT FOOT:

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