The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1935
Page 5
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MONDAY 1 , JANUARY* II, '1935 BDYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rule per line for consecu tive insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line ............ lO Two times per line per day . . m Three times per line per day . , OB Six times per line per clay . . C5 Month late per line .......... (M Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered (or three limes and slopped before c^ptra- tion will r.c charged for the 'number of times the nd" appeared and adjustment or- bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must IK accompanied by cash. Rates may easily compiiitil from above table. No responsibility will be taken for more man one incorrect insertion ot any classified ad. Advertising ordered for irregular iiteciuoua tiiKc me one time Coal & Wood | Shoe Repairing Exclusive.Agents lot Die original genuine Montavallo Coal We also cell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky coals. Phone 417 WONDEK Cl'i'V COAL CO. NOW BUY THE BEST FAMOUS itMit.N'E lt£D ASH COAL Once You Try It, You Will Always Bfiy It, iiy Ciiniu High Quality Feeds H Pays To feed the Best We Buy Corn & Soy Beans PHONE 127 Farmers Cash Feed Seed Co. J. W. PAKKEIl, Prop. W.J. KNOX Having made all kljids of shoes , for ABNORMAL feet, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL fee!. tl years in uie Shoe Repairing business; when others fail, try SI. Simon P. Lee, 111 so. R. n. st. •or Sale—Model T Truck in good condition. Superior Coul nnd Mining Co., N. Hhvay lil is Cotton Belt. ! Progressive Shoe Shop WE THANK YOU! For your 1934 patronage and hope to serve you In 1935. 104 S. 2nd Street kll BOSTON BULL ' Puppies MUle beauties. Mrs. W. K. McCulloueli, (21 Carolyn Ave., Pride Addition. 15-p-k-l-lS Found C H E A P — 20 CliTiilalors liml Straight. Healers, other second mud furniture. DOCK DAVIS - - .109 li Mnln Pair brown kid gloves close to Ben I Franklin's store. Owner may have same by calling at Courier News onicu for identification and paying cost of ad. Directory HAltNESS: HARNESS! Full Line Jiigft Grade Harness, Best Prices in blythcvlllc All makes, turning plows and middle blisters, poinis, trace chalju, collar pads, back bands, ete. FEED! HEED! Everything yon will need for Spring Planting Oberst Store Co. N Remodei Your Home Wllh :i geunlnc RUBBEKOIB HOOK 5Ti interest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone W We Cuu'l Sell All tlic Coal, Bo We Jusi Sell the Besl. St. Bcnard, 1,000 Lbs ?'J.50 black Diamond, 1,01)0 Lus. .. $3.7o oahara, 1.01W LBs iJi.Ul) rtcion Ken Ash, I.OIHI Lbs. .. $5.ou Phone 100 £. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. YOU SAVE TRIED THE REST, My Coal Is Ulnck Bui I Treat I'ou U'liiic, Wl Dj> Non- JOHN BUCHANAN - I'llONli 107 Coal From Us? i—30 years In Business. /—Quality of coal handled, i—Womyl service. i—Courteous treatment, j—you gel all you pay for. •Quality Group" distributed DJ GAY « BILLINGS Bunch of KEYS, 3. cur keys, In I black holder at basketball game Friday night, at armory. Owner may have aime by identifying 'nt Courier News oficc and paying for this a<l. Largest & Most Complete Stock, of HAKMESS in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. KOU MONEY HARNESS Our Stuck Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Kepmrs For AVERY, MOL1NE VULCAN & BLOUNT I'ay Us A Visit Ami lie Convinced PAUL BYRUM 120 East Main Palnliug and P;ii)crliangiiig Attto raintiHB 'Furniture Rcfinishiiijf All Work Guaranteca. Freeman fie Wheat Phone 'H'J for Estimates Wanted To Buy See Us About Your Coal Blythevitle Gin Co. "Kacliiiric Alabama" "i-Tenmim TO THE TAXPAYERS IN PAVING DISTRICTS NUAJ BUR TWO AND THREW: For n short limo the hooks will leniain open for the payment of 10U4 paving taxes. Just, how much lime will be allowed li;ii not yel teen determined, but It enn not be very long. It is impossible to keep tho bocks as we have hereto-fore. Better pay as soon as possible if you wish to avoid penalties and costs. C. J. EVRARD. 'ARKS BROS. COAL CO l J HUNbi U'll l-'OH "Hi-Lo Alabama" "IvniTgy Illinois" "lihicK tioyal Kentucky' COrtL,—LUW PlUUb'U iieai FOR HALE '10 acres ;U1 in Cultivation, 7 mile. wesl.-.housc and barn. Price §15 per acre. $100 cash (5'acres'aH in cultivation, 2 houst. and barn, four miles from Blylhe ;il!c. I'riee ?65.00 ]icr acre. SIOOO cash iO acres cut over land well locates no down payment. 535.0U per acre. Coinvay & Houchms FOR SALE lice COTTAGE, 2 earner lots 01 gravel street. Taxes very littU .rice. $550: 5100 Cash, $10 Monthly Thomas Land Co. COTTON 1'l.ANTlNG SKK1) CORN and SOJJ BEANS Sec us for Best Prices. Harold Steinberg at STEIt.S'BEKO COTTON CO. lor bale for Sale, or Exchange MULES for sale CHEAP. Will exchange CITY PROPERTY for 'nnii IcimU E..E. Hawkins, liOK '1, Route 1, Slecle, Mo. lap kll) Help Wanted VE WANT lo soled reliable young mini, now employed, with foresight, fair education untl niccli- anicai Inclinations, willing to train spars time or evenings, to qualify ns Installation and Service ' expert on all types Electric Refrigerator.! and Air Conditioning Equipment, ase. phone, Utilities Eim. '. % Courier lip klO i r oi Kent NICE bed room with boartTTTdo- slrcil. lioom has adjoining buOi, Cull 550-W. 12-ck-n STEAM li KA'l'ED bedroom liiTnod cm Homo lo permanent business 3<i|i!c or men, Plione 081 or 24. 3 rooms FURNIsilED apartment 203 W. Kentucky. Call Ul), U-ck-lf a ROOMS furnished or unfurnUh- Wlllow & 7-pk-H Partly furnlslied APARTMENT with good healing system. Phone 101 or (ill. , Uo kl . 16 ed. Mrs. Umumii, Division. Lost 0 I(EWAR» FOR RETURN ot Two Bliick Horso Miile.s 1 , in good cud) let;, minds liigli, one 1,000 LUv,, ollit'r 1,200 f-bs., while collar marks on necks, largest lins ileul. under rlglil eye. Unit seen half mile from lilylhevllte oji Armorel rond eurly Womiiiy, Jan. 7. Jus-s 'Musgrnvr, lllekmnn, Ark. ion klV KYE QLAS3E8 with \v(lllo metjl rims, somo'woekj; ngo. $a.50 M- \VAi?D, Thomas Land Co. Eggs, Poultry BABY CHICKS : ALL VARIETIES Hutching. Done for the I'ubllo ilUUILVN IIATC'HEKV BlyllVcvlllc. Ark. lliitcliury Coda No. 8(i Esther, • I've found the dandiest way to reduce—Just chew Wrl»- .cy's Double Mini iv)icn you'ij hu-Bi-y. • Dorotliy; NECiliO family- wauls 'to < clurccr^> next year. Two men .and woman Jii family. Excellent recommendation. George Smlfh, 1103 Hcarn st lioblnson nddlllon. Bv HamlinALLKY 00]' AT LEAST THEY WILL BAT! TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS .norteratcly priced. Mrs. IE. A. F'sher, 101 E. Davis. 'J4-pfc-20 i Modem Throe noons apartment, lurnlslicd or unfurnished, p. sl- mon, Plione iw. ,, Two Furnished Bed Rooms, 1011 Wnlnut. Phono 102. 31-u-tf fully, . . present occupation. Institute, News. Box Automotive "WINTER AUTO" SPECIALS I'testone, Alcohol, Healers, Defrosters, \VHIimi Kaitcrlcs. LET US PREPARE YOU FOR WINTER Hubbarcl Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 470 Phone prices' on /uito Accessories, Tires & Tubes, Guaranteed Batteries $3.75 exc., Auto Tops & Side Curtains si.50 up, Alcohol 75c jj Car Heaters $1.50 up, Cylinder Heads, floor mats. Wolf Arian 123 E. Main St. FOR BATTERY SEHVICE Ben Cluue '200 W. Ash Phone U. Comforlable noOM with Ijalli, 405 N. Broadway, Call liM-J. aOo ktf Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC wort »t night. Reasonable rates. Call 306 or 792. Wanted CLEAN WIIITK RAGS, free of buttons. 5c per pound. No overalls wanted.' Courier News. dh All kimls of CHILUHKN'a ING. Mrs. L. N. Malhls, U'JS W. Muln. Cc klfi SERVANT ROOM near 1100 Chickasiuvba. Phone 25GW. Taken Up NOTICE: I Imvc taken up Black Heifer Calf, uliom 15 mo. old. John Crosstao, i 1-2 miles due south Moore Bros. Store. U-pk-15 IM T/REO OF WAITING KAWWGHTjWfc'LL WAlR HERE FOR vow DUMB ) BACK to MOO- AM TO COME BACK— GETTING AWFULLV HUNGRV I SEEMS AS IF WE'VE BEEN WALKIW' ALL DAV, AK)' WE HAVEN'T SEEN ANV EATABLE <3<\ME,VET, WELL-I'M NOT PRo55 I'D 85 GLAD TO GET SOME KlNll op FRUIT MEB8E We'LL CIND SUMPIN T'EAT.OM THERE'S ATREE LOADEP WITH NICE ( RIPE LUOOS/ WHILE YOU ARE up THERE, Y&U MIC3HT AS WELL TAKE A LOOk AROUND — YOU'LL SEE DINNV SOME- SURE HUFF I OKAV, KID, I'LL SHIM RI6HTUP AM' GETCHA SOME/ ' , © 1935 OY HEA SERl 1 :::. (SC. T. M. BEC, U. 5. PAT. OfT. I''OK AND AGAINST! PftROON ME, IF 1 T'SWICKER 6R6A.T JFF * — HAT TO HER THWS TH' IDEA, . JIM SURE &OSVI , NEVEf) v .... &UT, NOW, WB Wftu see HER. For Sjile BATTERIES I (-"ARfif—Bargain Missisiippi Coim- j iy (southeast Missouri) 320 acres sandy loam 3 miles west Gharles- .011 on U. S. Highway CO at junction of 55. Good house and barn; .air tenant house. Price $8500 RECHARGED 75c GUARANTEED 11-1 cash, balance terms. Starter & Generator Service I -argcr and smaller farms. Used Auto Paris Cheap Phone 308—Road Service Harper Auto Electric Service '.i Mile from Gateway Store on Highway 18. This ad Is worth 25c on battery service. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Thonc 2G FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR. FLOOr. SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. Olhei rteecc B. Gillooly, Charleston, Wo. FOR SALE W ACRES on gravel road near BlytllCVillc. NICE HOME. I'ricr S.7,000, Terms Possession al once-. Thomas Land Co. FARMS FOR SALE! Terms Reasonable KTHEL B. THOMPSON Carutticrsvillc, Mo. COWER WEATHER ST1W Saves fuel at, small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. FOR .SALE G room stucco BUNGALOW with 3 bedrooms and bath. 51,500—Small c.isli payment, Balance easy Icnns Tliomas Land Co. I,ST US 111) YOUR AND MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE TRAILER. REPAUUNCi , We Carry A Full Line of Shall inn PIIOXK 80S BLYTHBV1LLE J] WORKS Operated by B' *'• Kiscr l( uy Pai;l . "RITE PUICK~GROCEK\~ BUY GROCERIES RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE op FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES. FRESH MEAT S, VEGETABLES, PUO- DUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, E'iC, In Old P. O. DlctR. Phone 23-1 - - We Deliver Small farm ! JUST WHAT YOU WANT |28 acres, good four room • house, I good bam Ijoll) new, good land, I well localcd, near Gin Town, I'ost- 'office & School. Price S 1750.00 Payable, cash S5M) Payable next fall 1935 SKoD !iml $200 each year thereafter, can give possession now, lowest price farm lo bo found near Blylheville today. W. M. Burns, Agency Phone 213 or 213. Largest & Most Complete Block ol CHINAWARE In Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT HubbardHdw. Co. PHONE 1U FOU KALE OR ESCHAWGt: BRICK STORE ut Mouette. Ark. Value 51.600. Trade for cottage here. Iliomas Laud Co, Beauty Shops AV! MCVAH UeA't7 TCI.L OF NOTfHIN 1 SO !M ALL MAH BOBM , A& WANTJN' EVEN CORA, NOR THE. PROF! THEY JUST SORT OF SMILE OUT OF' THE CORNERS OF THEIR MWTH5 AT THE TA'KE. HER SERIOUSLY/ TO CO SOMETHIN6 REALLY •WORTH WHILE... FOR THE FEtLAS ... WELL, GLOOM DESPAIR, AND MISERV HA.VE SETTLED ' ON THE HSAVV HEARTS OF THE BRAVE.LAOS, AND TRUE. ON HURRAH HILL. VASH TUUBS' ^ONE/GONE/ PR IMC E^ SPRINGING INTO ACTION! 60NE,Y0U IDIOT/ DER spies ARE GONE, UNO' HERE ISS COLONEL 800QLEHOK. MlTOUT AWY QUICKf OPEM DER t>ODR[ SEE IP DOSE SPIES ARE STILL HERE. SOT, HEPR CftPITAM/ NOBODY HESS 1 LEFT DER ROOM. I'M POSITIVE. 06R SPIES HAF K'UWSTSp SALESMAN SAM HOUR. LP.T& p<5-fiiM- G-ee wm^ MIO-HT, HE-/, )4PT?0 LOUD, DUMK'. DOM'Tt-E.T OUii UE. RAISES CAIM WHEfJ HE. P,M' Yft UOOK PILLOW CftS&f C<JITH pen. sp>T <JE.TM£, g)ei»iav>.ttstmtE.iv:. T.M.PEC.u.5. FRECKLES AM) HIS FIUE THE ROODS! I HAVg SOX 117.' I WONDER IF You NAVE RECEIVED ANY REPLIES TO THE AD I IW- SORTED |H PAPER ? lor *1U St'KCIAL! a S8 PKRMANENTS 'lliruugli January. aiiampoos lo soflen llm hair. Vicloria-Layle Beauty Shop 11 Lusora, Ark. WEREMT YOU THE GENTLE MAN WHO ADVERTISED 1HS LOSS OF A BOX OF CARTRIDGES? BELIEVE THiS MAW KKWWS SOMETHING ABOUT THE 'By Blosser THIS YoUhH LACff 1 |MR ME THAT YoU HA'E KWW/- LEDQE OF A BOX' OP ]' CAF5TKI£X3ES / -TV(AT I LOST )' NCTAf? PELTow! DIP j_,/£ You PWD Tuei.f ~: Yft|i ; V/E FOUND THE LEAD FROM SEVEM OP TKEM,MISTER!

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