The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 10, 1948 BLYTHKVn.l.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Three Airfields Deeded to Cities i Hornertville G«ts . Title to Auxiliary of BlythcvilU Air Base Putting Italy on Her Feet to Be Drawn-Out Process; Too Much Wrong for Quick ERP Results By Earl J. Johnmn ivoclly from funds appropriated 'oy United fttte \kt President »nd [the American Congress. The gov General Newt Manager 'eminent expects the main ben ty 10. (UP)—The American taxpayer will be disappointed K he expects ULs European Recovery Pruentrn dollars to put Italy on her feot quickly. Too much is wronj with this war-torn country for an early cure. Orer the long haul, ERP will If the political pot doesn't boll over. If the government can hold the ine against further inflation. If the recovery money can be ku>it from leaking Into channels of po- ST. LOUIS, May 10.—Final transfer of more than 2.000 acres of land, comprising three air fields, to three communities In Southeast Missouri will be accomplished this! week when a representative of the War Assets Administration' presents i. . the deeds to the properlles to thel llell) ' various communities, James W.' Roberts, assistant regional director, announced here today. The largest of the trio of auxiliary army air fields will go to the City of Dexter, known as auxiliary from leaking into No. 1 to the Maiden. Army Air ,'Ucal patronage. Base, comprising 855 acres. Hie field has two 4.500-foot asphalt runways, laxiways. a control tower, small administration building, drainage and lighting systems. The Held virtually adjoins the city liniils a"d Mas constructed by the government at * cost, of S116.000. The town of Qideon, Mo., \ receive title lo auxiliary No. 4 to the Mnlrten base, consisting of 627 jfkes, two asphalt runways, feno- af. taxiwaj's and i drainage system. Also at the ctty's edge, the field cost $790.000. ' The third deed will be presented ! to the town of Hornrrsvllle, Mo., giving It title to amn'riary No. 3 to the Blytheville, Ark.. Army Air Base. The turf field, surrounded by fence, cost the government $268,000 for its 626 acres. Each community has agreed to operate their respective fields a s a public airport. Each transfer wa.s made without reimbursement to the federal government, which reserved the right to recapture the fields In a national emergency. tents ERP to be shiploads of coal, wheat and steel. These products would be sold lo the northern Industrialist* and the government would take payment in Italian currency—lire. The proceeds would BO into a big government lire fund. It is from this lire fund that I hi government hopes to pay for its program of land reform. But where will the industrlalisls jet the money to pay for these raw materials? Inflation That is where the threat of further inflation comes In. If the !n- dusiriollsii insist on the government At trie moment, the political scene ! linanciiiK ihese deals and relaxin is coirmaratlbly eiutet, The leaders [credit, restrictions again, the resul of the 8.000.000 Italians who votc-J is nlmcnt certain to be inNationa.-y Inflation could ruin the ERP. One of the mysteries of Italia! industry is how much capital o „..*,., „ .their own the leading industrialist. America. This, should Blvc Premier i have. Under Fascism end especial! Alclde Ue Gasped a breathing spejl | since its end ilie industrialists liav Communist last month are not Ilke- iy to make serious trouble for tlw flovt,'vnmei\t while fresh and money are flowing in from Plans for Arkansas GOP Convention Take Form LITTLE ROOK, Ark., May 10. (UP)—Plans were shaping up today for the Republican state convention here tomorrow. The vanguard of an expected SCO delegates will arrive tonight when the state committee will hold its in which to wovk out his economic, j reforms. What are these reforms and ho* will the ERP help put them imo effect? Italian government ani American embassy people speaX most frequently of Agarlan reform. This does not mean taking land a\vay from big absentee owners atvi <iving it to sharecroppers. It means making the soil produce more, cs- peziallj in the South, where the soil is worn out and there is not enough rain. Irrigation Ncfded The So'.ith needs reservoirs, ir- ugation systems and vast supplier, J heavily on government (i nanciDR. The question is wlietln this was bccrtustf they Iv.ut no capi U. of A. Speaker Korea Holds First Democratic Election Amid Red Terrorism By Jamn K. RUIHV [irnnis Hcd without ckxniiltlos. inltnl rif»s SUH t:arrnp«ii4tnt) Most ot the dbVuibtmrcs ccntcicd BiSOUU May 10. <UI')—KorfftiiK In the Soutlieastoni )>rovlnces. Ten n hi'iivy curly vote in Inclr flrsl Communist* nflrt flvc ilshtWs were democratic elections In history to- killed and nine wounded In Kyotis- vlolenl Communist lei-1sung NAindu. To meet the Communist Httuck^ In Seoul, election officials require** each voter to'nil.s* his ni'Jiis (is he Istered'voters In Seoul cust their | showed his rvi{IM>'nlli>n <-'»i'<l »i)<l ballots he/ore noon, according to the I submit to a careful seuich for con Nnllonnl Election Board. Thirty-j rented weapons, lliri-o i>c-r cent voted In Ihe first QIW. favorite Cummimlst tactic two nnd one half hours at Inrliun. WBS lo fl ^ te » volliiK lioolh and Imllvnlccl the l\c«\'y voting |i nrn ( oss ^ gasollut bomb on the was general. ] ballot boxes. Only one such ntlack succeeded In Seoul. 101 ism In which 78 pel-sons were killed over the weekend. More Hum 80 per cent o( nil res- CALE F. JOHNSTON Young Democratic Club To Hear 8 Candidates IJ'ITLK KOCK, Ark., May 10. (UP) — The young: Democratic Clubs of Ark»nuc will meet her« June 2 to bring the eight uuberns.- lorlnl canilidntoji together. twld M Ctari'taon, director it oiRiiuliiillon for the clubs, said In- vluUoiw Iwve been »cc*|ited by t-ncii ot Hie candldalM. They will he jtlvcn llv « mlnwtrs e«.cli to Hd- ilres.i the club member*. Rewi Coui'itr N««s Want Ms, FAYETTKVILU5, Avk.—OM« V. Jolmsion. president oE the Mor- cnntrte-CommeTce Company of St. Louis will the commencement Address Al llio 74th annual spring eommencement n.1 (he University o1 Aiksuisns o'n Saturday night, June ft. Mr. Johnston, a graduate o[ Princeton University anil ii former dnlly newspaper publisher, joined the. Metropolitan Life Insuruncc Comimmisls rttlpn^ited lo i\Unck votliiK booths with gasoline bombs in elTorU to rieter Koreans tvom KOlnK lo vote. Casualties mounted) ns votinn proKiossed, Two Cniiuimnlsts were shot lo death In Seoul alone rturlns Ihe \M ol'thtu own or whether they Comprny more than 20 years ayo, h:ut squU'rfclcd their capital a\vAy in American Investments. Swjs-s tvancs and jewels and paintings. It (he government knew the solution ol that, iv \vcAtld know better wlvvt. to expect from the industrial North. In the absence of a dtlmUe answer, the government can only hope the inriastriMtMs do have capital ot their own, and that they will brinx it out ot hiding to builri up the all- important lire fund. As to recovery money leaking into subsequently advancing lo the vice- presidency of the company, lie. bc- rame pro.sident of the Mercanlile- Cotntnercc Bank and Tnist Company of St.'Louis last year. During (he war, Ijc wa.s dei'oruled >»y the government for his services ill lornuilatlng plans fur the mass selling of defense savings .securities. Third Potty Plans To Better South's Living Conditions MACON. Oft,, May 10. <U.P.>— gen. OlPn H. Taylor, O., Idti,, Hrnry Wallace's running male, Kuld Saturday that the third party pro- n 200-inan NatSonnl Assembly, The [poses to spend millions to Improve assembly will then draw up a coil' tin 1 .standard of living In the .Smith M Hut ion n tut form a govei mnent. 1 I intend ot iisltin the money lor Only South Koreaa-i arc voting de-j " intna." spite Unlti-it NntloiiR InsU-ucHotifi Tnylor koyiioUct a Ocovglu \Vnl- k) hold olectioiis throkiKhcmi th*' laco for pio.sUtrnt. coiivontlon with country. Tly; RiiKslnns forbade HO|R chavgc that imlltlclans die spoa- clcctioti In their 7X)iie In North i«orliiK u "consplnicy of iiuimidn- , i « i riflv. 'I'hljlv-six wore ftirestcd In con- Bunk n '; rt : r '; usl nedlon with two bombtn B « mid-atx xHils will rtcliiei fttt p in p lcrt cases of nreon. One nf (lie Ixunbh^s destroyed , nil ballots In ouo voting booth. The flection Is tor cmuUdutos to of chemicals to bring the soil back |the pockets of politician.* and Iheir to life. IL needs roads from farms (iriends, that depends in the main on to markets. Some richly productive the competence and integrity of the valleys ,in the South are so Isolalptt they can't reach ft profitable mar- el witYi their produce, first meeting. The women will be entertained at a breakfast tomor- fffw morning with Mrs. A. C. Remind of Little Rock, national com- Ifcteewomen, a-s hostess. fht convention will open at 10 Bit* Cost* |10,4&6 BOSTON (UP)—Because an Alas- k»n husky dog bit her, nine-year- old Maureen Byrne* was awarded $10,486 by a superior court jury. and lh^ growers have to sell their fruit locally lor a penny a pound. So when the government talks of agrarian reform, it means the government, plans to build reservoir.*, aqueducts and good roads in the south ana fertilize the land. It hits no plan to reform sharccropping or make social reforms, although De Gaspert tells visitors he-i-s determined to expand the country's public school system. Obviously this i* a long term pro- pram. Even If it begin.? at once, many ye^rs will pass before the resuJI can be .seen in any index of It arm n living standards. Tor concrete re- suite from this program, the Ital- J ians and American taxpayers will I have to wait. The money for such projects in Southern Italy will come only indl- men-K-American and ItaHEm—who administer it. The Italians like t^ gel rich the same as anybody else. The recovery administrators will be under strong pressure to Rive money to .some who put personal ambit,- tioii aiiead ol the \veltare of their country. That could happen anywhere. 3 7 000 Troops 'Hit the Silk' In Sham War K.orea. Tnbuhidcms lu Take Tlmr Voting Is from 7 a.m. to T p.m. Counting of the Vmllnt.* Is expected lo take st'vornl days, lu some remote districts bnllotn will hnvc lo be lo eiuiLctl ?5 miles nmlfnff point. Seoul urns an Rimed viunvi ns the voting progressed. Voting lx>otha wci'c guttidod by 25,000 specially deputized security pimrds drawo fron\ Ibc viRhtlsl Yovilh Corps. 'I'hey were aiiund with ba.-;ol)iiH bjilfi mul lead-tipppil ehibs. luiided with bluck .slilrled the third party, lit- 111(1 they rt'oH/c It is "the niosl .ftiigfrous tlxrcftt lo their loug lime omination of SnuUu-rn pnlllk'N." A week HRO Rl Birmingham, Ahi 3 Tiiylor wus aric\stod mul Jullctl Ijrlef- ' [ \y on dlsonltrly conrinct chm RC-S The Incident followed his attomp to enter a ineHing through the Ne-l «ro rioorwny. There \vn.i no secirgn-' Uon K pod rent nt- todi\y'n conven- 1 (Ion. Taylor said hi ft pi'tpnrrd speeoh lljat the IhlJ'd party offers "the only uopr tor a real civil rlghte proto M'lpf out' the slmtuefnl nnd Plenty of Towels And iir-Hh rutdmi <<K>! Smurt Mothrr T»k^» Them to "U-Do-lt" Loundry Wush on our niodern MAY'VAO MACIIINKS and dry on our GAb KIK11U IIRIKHB. Open 7 a.m.—CIvM 6:30 p.m. Cto.'.c Salurday at noon. O[)ci Tuesday and Thursday until 1 p.m. T23 N. Second Sired Phone «17. Korean police armed with carbines' cosily practires Hint Veep both Ihe roared UiroiiKh Ihe streets. Mounted' Ni'Rro and Hie white In Infertuur CAMP CAMBRIA, Ky.. May 10 police patrols clattered by. Amerl<UP>—Help arrived the skyjcan Military Police cars and other Saturday for "besieged" Camp Ctvm-1 military vehicles, nil armed by order bell's medical center as nearly 3.-1 of C ien. John R. Hodge, cruised Ihe '-- ' ' ' ' ,Roadhouse Fight i Injures Soldiers On Maneuvers Fatten Your H6g« Quicker With [taring's TANKAGE NEWPORT. Term., May 10 (UP) —One soldier was wounded seriously and two others were slightly injured Saturday night in a rofld- house fracas which .started among ' '"r soldiers who slipped out of a bivo-[ Uj( uac area near here, Cooke County Sheriff Charles D, Fisher reported todny. fisher ^identified the wounded soldier as Pvt. Thomas Wesley, 24. Maryland, whose condition today was described by Mini's Clinic here as "serious." Wesley was shot three time-s, twice in the arm and once in the chest. MUltnry police guarded him all day Sunday. The sheriff said an investigation by his office and MP's attached to a 700-tnick convoy encamped about five miles from here was still in- OQOparMroops jumyied to battle: city. 'guerillas" and "fifth-columnists." A i lier | 0nn Ptper Cub observntlon The jump save a spcclneulcvr \ p i ftnes cruised OVCT Seoul searching, out any mobs that might try lo | form. Linos of Koreans itt business sultfl ! and traditlonnl while roben brgaji! /ornilng before voting booths hour before the polls opened. Many were women carrying children on their l>»cks. : One MMH Killed One mini WLIS shot to dcnth In a .scrimniAKc »t a poltinc booth In n nstc|1|1 g COU | e aHy IEI Hie dny. The -cnpiiirpci | 1)odv u . as clrnKecd Into nn alley, 1011, re-; g col - es 0 [ persons, intliulhiK women i with babies, stmed IntlifTerentty at ' Ihe body while walling In long lines ' to 'Vole. , •,- - ,. Americans guarding an American jump sendoff to the nation's largest peace time irnlllnry maneuvers since world war two. The maneuvers' known as "Operation Assembly" will shortly Involve about 30.000 troops in joint operations of the Third Army and the Ninth All- Force. The Army had Lo reach Into Army posts in nenrly every section of the country to gel enough troops P c ' s Call or Write ceiveo. supplies by glider and dug h to await- reinforcements by thousands of other troops from the Filth Corps rushing-lo their assistance by train and truck over the area. When all the troops arrived, (he Army will drop its play fighting '• for more thnn a week and co into i a period of intensive sinail unit j training. Then the troops will reas- | umnlsts' semble and begin their war again Arkansas Files Tentative Budget Asking Appropriation Cut LITTLE HOOK, Ai'k,, May 10, i UP)—The Stale Penitentiary filed a IfuUrlive budget with sUtc coiup- :W1 jlroller Walter Lokcy SiUtirdjiy ask* n UIR for Ivan money thuu its prc.i- rnt apprfiprUtlon. The request was for i5Q4,000 for the flsiiat year iy49-r>0, ami fUW f <XXt tor ttie. tollowlUK year. The penitentiary Is cpemtliiK this ;ear on an apiucmrlAllon ot |64fl,- TrDO \vhlch Included j'235.000 for The new bud^ol IJslcd general iSSO.OOO; buiUtiug and ammunition msigtuine at Tiicgh. fired nt least 36 times at n band nf five to seven Koreans Keen trying to snrak up on ihn depot. The Ko- In the Camp Campbell May 24 to eliminate the "guerillfis" and Flfth-Colummlsls." Buring Packing Co. Incorporated completfr- and that no charges had been placed. He added that "clvil- Jlian charges" might be placed, but JI declined to elaborate. 11 The other soldiers, both members ilof the 82nd Airborne Division, \vene; JI brought to General Hospital iv\ Knoxville, suffering injuries ranging from possible jaw fracture and cuts to an afikle injury. Both were repotted in ''lair" condition today. Some 20,00f) troops, nil told, nre to arrive late today and throughout tomorrow to join the action in CAMP CAMPBELL, Ky., May 10. ! the notion's largest peacetime mlll- (UP)—Troops rolling in by truck , lary innncuvers since World Wur today were to reinforce pnrntroop-'< Two. A column ot about TOO trucks repakr.s $50,000, machinery replacement nnd uurcluae o( mule* 1 ; $35,000, and snlnriof $57.HOO. In other tcntfttive bwlgeU file<l Superintfiiident H. P. Hargls of the Boys ImUistrUl School at, PUie Bluff for $121,500 for each of the next two fiscal yenvj>, coui»aretl with it* current anmml approprla- tlon of «>6,000. at ate VeterinarlHn J, S. Campbell asked $6'2,200 nnmiaUy !ov I he »^ two ycurs'for operation of lli« Stale LWc»lock Sniiilnry Bonn!, Expert B thftt lot- er.s and air-landed trwip. 1 ! of the bivouacked in Cookevllle last night contains, weight for 82nd Airborne Division who are 1 while other convoys converged on j much nourishment BS i battling "guerillas" nnd "fifth-col- l the cnmp from'other directions, steak. good bccf- Carrier Carrien On MIDDLEPORT, O. (UP)—Larry Wiley, seventh grade newspaper carrier, did not let the Ohio River flood deter him from his appointed rounds He used H rowboat to deliver h! papers. Head • News Want Ads. STRAIGHT? Yes. here's a gin you ca enjoy without a mixer. WHY? Because this American Original, protluced l>y an original Seagram process, gives you a gin lhafi Naturally <iOMHv\ Naturally SMOOTHER Naturally HETTEB This process starts where oilier gins slo). Just ask anyone who's UslB<! it or, better still, try il straight yourself and see what we mean. DISTILLED FROM AMERICAN GRAIN. 90 PROOF. SEAGRAM-DIST1LLERS CORP., iNEW YORK. KEYSTONE HYBRIDS *r/. r /M JLn official yield ttsts in four gr«at corn dates, Keystona Hybrids hav* out-yitlcUd th* avtragt of all oth*r hybrids by 3.4 bushels per acre. Get your "Bonus bushels" of sound, high quality corn-plant . Keyston* proven hybrids. PUnt Ktyitom II for iplind, flnt Wtltm inJ S baltim taili. Charles A. Fleming. (Jnvcriuir of e fnr Arkanui In announcing my candidacy for Governor, I wish lo say If my friends ,wlll help ine all they cnn, together jwc will wlif a ) p eal victory. j Schools niul lloads arc Ihe prln- |clpnl needs of our stntc, and thes* nrc my first concern, I am a practical and will get the Job dime. Charles A. Fleming "The Pour Mun'n Krlend" BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 856 -Phor>«s- 857 What Do You Want in a Tire? |Snfcly? L-ower i E'cuunmy? 'Long Wear? iKtnrp'niid blowiMil Im?.- .iiclsV Noi'wivlic 5-|ily tli'cs give jlvo you gi-culer snllsfncllon on ill tlirsc polnls . . . because Nnrwnlk ilnros to be illnr-reiit froLii otlKT lire -^inkers and glye you an extra ply of moteclloiv Norwulk Gives You 25''' Mure Value Nmwnlk's pxlrn lily menus 2S% sleeper tvejul r\ibbcr . . . 25% lonncr wcnr . . . 25% greulcr OH .sharp t\trvcs Rurt slippery ro:i:l5. Coinpnro Norwalk 5-ply wllli iiny '^-ply tiros. You'il see lliis (IIITciL-iice at a Klancel SI'ICCIAI,: A ^I-ply ;•, 6.18 Tir»—f 11.50 plus tax. Liberal Trade-In 0. K. Rubber Welders1;; North Sixth Street R. H. Godsey Phone 3762 ; , «*J */ '*. '-r^ 1 ^^^, ?*"'£* '""T;, ^» in l £^* hi< " ^s:iS c fe^ wW>>< -^--^-; ,**? a •x^'^^^d Tstf$&>:^ fisztr*^. HUBBARD& HO APPLIANCE COMPANY .4

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