Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina on December 24, 1967 · 4
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Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina · 4

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 24, 1967
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4 A The Rocky Mount N. C. Ttgrom, Sunday, Dc. 24, 1967 n tends A liristmas T o A me Telegram Staff Ex Merry Day Before Christmas zuth Lemury xyie -iJUkV By Bill STANDI Tltf rom Staff Write Twas tht day befort Christmas and at tht North Pol Tht wtathtr, 01 usual, woi anowy ond cold. Tht tlvtt oil wart buiy loading tht sleigh, Tht rtindetr wtrt finishing thtir ration! of hay. And Santa, himself, pre-flighted hit ihip to set If tht sleigh could withstand tht trip. "Tht runner art rough", ht told to hii tlvti, And they bought him somt wax from ont of tht thtlvtl. Tht rtindetr wtrt harntiitd ond hitched to the front And Santa climbed up In tht sleigh with a grunt. A big Christmas bag was placed In the back And Santa's long whip sounded a "crack". "Contrd Tower to Santa", a voice broke In, 'You'rt cleared for taxi to runway 1 0." "Is this a oke?" Santa osktd with a frown, "The 20th Century Is getting me down." Tht weather report came next from the man, Snow over Europe, rain In Japan. "I've checked out tht rtindeer", Santa said with' 0 Huff, "Dancer Is skipping; Comet's running rough, "But Rudolph's radar Is right on the beam "And ht can takt cart of me and my team. "All clear for take-off," tht voict finally said, And down tht long runway tht reindeer sped? And Santa yelled down from up In the mist "The FAA Is gonna hear about thisl" All through the night Santa traversed tht air, Visiting here and visiting there; And before daylight was breaking forth' A "mayday" call was heard In the north. "The tower from Santa, I'm coming In. "Tht reindeer art tired; tht sleigh's In a spin."1 They made it In safely and Santa climbed down. "Never again", he said with a frown, "The traffic was bad and I'm two hours late, "And I had a near miss with a DC-8." He was grumpy and nervous, a grouchy old elf. But Mrs. Claus laughed in spite of herself. He was covered with asrT tTorrTriTs'Kea "Air traffic and troubles, tight chimneys and soot, "And fighting and greed. The world doesn't cart "You've no idea how they'vt changed out there. ''Why, there are permits and passports and license to get, ''And I must be Instrument rated, yet. "And a cop In the south even directed "That I have my sleigh safety inspected. "And furns that used to bt lefts a re now rights, , 'And I got a ticket for no signal lights. .. .2 .,,' "I saw beatniks and hippies with clothing that Hugged "And in one big city my reindeer got mugged. "I was lucky to get back In one piece this year, "The world has forgotten Christmas, I fear," "I know. Dear," Mrs. Claus replied, ''Now put up the sleigh and come on Inside. "I've got some more news you're not going to like r "All of your elves are now out on strikt. "I'm not good at recalling names you know, "But it sounds like AFL-CICO Santa Claus thought as he sat by the firt, K "The world has changed; it's full of ire. "The world's full of greed; there is no more glee; "There's no more use for an elf like me. "I'll release the reindeer and put up the sleigh "And hereafter forget about Christmas Day. "The spirit has dwindled away at last "And Christmas will be a thing of the past." Then suddenly he blinked and rubbed his eyes, A brilliant light flowed from the skies. He ran to the yard; the door flung ajar He stared bewildered at a gigantic star. A chorus of angels he heard in the light, And strains of Noel and Silent Night; And a tender voice he heard at his tar, "Oh, Jolly Old Elf, have nothing to fear, "For turmoil and greed will soon pass away "And honesty and truth will be here to stay." And Santa Claus smiled, as he closed his front door. For Christmas was destined to be ever more. Comedian To Be At Tarry town Party Nationally known comedian Jack DeLeon will appear at Tar-rytown Mall's annual Christmas Party and Awards Program to be held December 27. A .... business performance are presented yearly to Tarrytown merchants and personnel for exceptional merchandising achievement, excellence i n customer relations and Tarrytown inter center personnel relationship. Awards are presented to Individuals nominated by store managers or owners; selections are made by an Awards Committee. In addition to Awards Presentations, a full evening of entertainment is planned for all Tarrytown Business Associates and their guests. Jack DeLeon, comedian - satirist oi television and night club fame, will : highlight the evening's performances. DeLeon, who was host of his own comedy TV show on NBC,, is in popular demand for supper clubs and night club Engagements. He has appeared at the Copacabana. New YOrK; the Americana, Deauville and Diplomat Hotels in Miami; The Roosevelt in New Orleans; The Elmwood Casino in Windsor, Ontario and the New Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas. He played feature roles in the TV series "Miami Undercover" and "The Everglades," has ap peared on the Jack Paar show, the Steve Allen Show, and will I i :;, J A, y . 1 f mi Jack DeLeon soon be seen on an Ed Sullivan Show. Musical entertainment will be offered by the well - known local guitar and folk singing trio, Patsy Lassiter, Kathryn Thorpe and Brian Lamm. A change in musical pace will feature "The Matadors" of Washington, N.C., a brass group which specializes in contemporary Tijuana Style selections. Also on the program will be the "Melody Makers.", from Rocky Mount,, under tt direo jrue Meaning Of Christmas Comes BY MAE WOODS BELL Telegram Writer Not often does ont receive t Christmas gift that ca bt shared with whole com m unity, but this year It happened to Mrs. Thomas B. Suiter, Junior. Last Tuesday Tonl Suiter Invited Rocky Mounters to come by for tea and look at tht Chrismon tree. , "Tht true meaning of Christ and the Christmas season came to our houat this year with tht gift of these beautiful Chrismons (Christ' Mono-grama) which wou find on our tree," aald Mrs. Suiter. "These lovely and Inspired lymbola of ChrUt wert each ont individually and lovingly made for ua by my aunt. Mrs. George Preston Lam bright of Anderson, S. C. They havt taken many, many months of long tedious, and affectionate handling to complete, and wt want to share their beauty and meaning with you." Mrs. Cambrlght'a handiwork of other years it on display throughout tht house, but tht Chrismon tree is the focus of attention this year. The idea of the Chrismon tree, which is fairly new, originated in Danville, Virginia. The local Trinity Lutheran Church Women created one last year, but to our knowledge this is one of the first in a private home. "Christmons meant "monogram of Christ," and Includes symbols the early Christians used to identify themselves to one another or to designate meeting places. The designs are found in many places in catacombs, early Christian artifacts, traditional Christian art-work and jewelry. A year of thought lovt and 'WOTk""weat - into - the 4 0 ornaments that Mrs. Lam-bright made to deck the large tree in the formal living room at the Suiter home, and when one sees them, it is easy to understand vhy they took so long to make. Each i s carefully designed in gold beads, wire, pearls, carved styrofoam, acetate and gold braid. Many are covered with pearls and sequins. Mrs. Suiter's uncle duplicated many of the Chrismons in black and white in a booklet which gives the symbolism of each ornament. The booklets are on a table near the tree, so that friends may read about the decorations as they look at them, and reflect upon them and their meaning, later as well. Mrs. Lambright loves birds and wherever authentically possible she has used them in Programs Climaxed The series of Christmas pro grams were appropriately climaxed Friday night at Tar rvtown Center here when 500 Brownie and Girl Scouts of Rocky Mount combined for forceful renditions of a number of Christmas carols from "Silent Night" to "Jingle Bells." The Scouts were directed by Larrv Guoton in the 6 p.m. pro gram. Also performing last nieht were Green Central men School "Varsity Singers" of Snow Hill and SDauldine High School Band of. spring Hope This was the 61st performance of this Chirstmas season at the mall in which a total of 8,000 musicians have participated. tion of Water Plemmer, who will furnish the music for dancing. Tarrytown Center, Inc. is host to the yearly party for ap proximately 1,000 Tarrytown Business Associates, personnel ana tneir guests. A light buffet refreshment course is rpt-vpH beneath the Macic Christmas Tree during the evening. Service Set Tonight The Trinity LufchM-an nmrrh will hold its annual ranrflplicftit Christmas Eve service tonieht at 11 O ClOCK. endinff at m H. night. The pastor. Rev. .T. T.oflranH Mayer, will give the Christmas message, "How Far Is It To Bethlehem Town?" The service will feature sinein of tradition al Christmas carols and the candle lighting ceremony. The choir will present special music, under the rfirrtinn of Mrs. Harold Minges. : The public is Invited to attend the service with the members of the Trinity Church. TENDENCY TO MYOPIA NEW DELHI (AP) Indians are short-sighted, claims vr P.M. Kapoor of the Indian Council of Medical Research He said studies show a prepon derance of myopia and an in herest tendency towards it. CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS A dost up view tf somt of tht Chrismons displayed on tht Suiter tret art (from Itft): a golden pecten shell superimposed on a star, symbolizes tht rite of Baptism. Tht fish, with scales of gold st quins, Is circled in gold es Is tht Greek word for fish. It Is believed that the use of the fish developed because the letters of the word formed an ocrostic on tht Greek phrase JESUS (I) CHRIST IX) GOD'S (0) SON (Y) and SAVIOR (Y). Michael, Archangel on the right, Is ont of four beautifully carved ones. He is shown in his traditional armour with a sword. The oth trs on the tree carry the symbols by which they ere known: Gabriel with e lily end wearing e golden cope, Raphael with e tiny gourd in one hand, a staff in the other, and Uriel holding a scroll. On the second row beautiful translucent white grapes and real wheat palntedwhite in a gold circlet depict the elements of the Communion; the Agnus Dei symbol, e lamb with banner of victory was first prohesied in Isaiah, and on the left en elaborate Jerusalem cress In pearls, e symbol of tht Crusades. (Telegram Photos by Killebrew) the ornaments. Two sparrows carved in white, clothed in real feathers and placed in t gold circlet are reminders to the viewer of Matthew 10:29-31 and Luke 12:6-7. The most touching Chrismon, a symbol of the Atonement, shows a 3-dimensional pelican with her young. . According to the legend, the bird has pierced her breast so that the young might live, in a time of famine, by drinking her blood. Three garnet red gems, representing blood on the bird's breast are the only color on me tree, au eise is in gow i i-. i There is an Intricate crown with no reinforcing other than the wire on which the glass beads are woven. Angels are floating on invisible wires, apparently using their acetate wings; a rose bud in a manger symbolizes the Christ Child; geometric figures depicting the Trinity, and Interwined modifications of the Trinity Halifax Health Worker Retiring After Long Service By RUTH MINCHER Telegram Writer UATTTTAY A mnct at. iinuii' a v tractive lady who has given 42 years to the service to her fellowman is retiring on Jan. i, 1968, MruDf,V1S iTVr r n?v watched the Halifax County Health Department grow from one health director (he was the late E.W. Larkin) and one other nurse, Miss Edith McNeill (now Mrs. Edith Holmes); and one sanitarian. Doolev Cullom to a staff of 32! At this time Mrs Ethel Pooe Kitchin of Scotland Neck (now of Virginia Beacn Va.) served as clerk for ,v, ine department. Tavis was not nn the navroll but was paid by a federal pro gram for maternity care ana midwife supervision. She was the first nurse to be paid through county funds. She was graduated from the Roanoke Rapids School of Nurs- . . : j. , . . .v. munizauon, uu iv -ing and went direcly nto Cublic . t she went to a small tieaitn worK .ana tne ursi vears her wb Rent her "in tne field," she says. When she began work at the Health Department on July 1, 1925, she was driving a Model T Ford with no heater and the gas, spark and windshield wiper were all operated by hand! There were no hard - surface roads the one from Weldon to Halifax had been built about a vear before and about two vears after she began work, the road from Enfield to Weldon was surfaced. Frequently she had to drive through high water as the swamps were almost continually nverflnwinff Onrp sho had 8 schedule to follow after a storm in Florida and the winds were hieh in this area and the weather was "awful." She kerjt ... r an axe m tne car to cut on tree iiiiiuo wucu awe wumu aiuu " tree across the road. She often! could cut the hmb8 off enough to drive around and continue on with her work. , . nuiviifz uic juatij in-.vnw that were very serious at the time, but turned out to be almost hilarious later included the time that she had to ac - Mimnanv the (then) health director. Dr. Mitchell on a case'buaaboo fefc her during the 1 - . f 4 ' vv : ?: T 1 symbols suggest the eternal nature of the Godhead. One of the most spectacular Chrismgns tsjhe crows ntade of real thorns. It is placediow on the tree so people can see it and touch it. The instructions sent with it were. "Hang it close to the gold crown, so that all can see he tragedy of Good Friday against tht triumph of tht Ascension." ' Thert art numerous interpretations of the cross. - A Greek cross, with the J.HS ab breviation for the name ( Jesus.. js beautifully done in R0id another Greek cross bears crowns on its arms; Latin crosses bearing Alpha and Omega symbols and others with orbs, triangles and roses abound. There is even a tau cross with a gold serpent twined around it, a reference to St. John's Gospel, 3:14. One of the most ornate crosses is a pearl and gold J e r s u 1 e m cross, symbol of the crusades. The fish used by early Chris out in the county. "He was driving a Dodge and we gave out of sac hotwppn Hollister and Airlif" she Chuckles. "It WOUIO 1 - have taken hours to get gas out to us rrom nouiMer, Miicneu nnany m. uVm oi using eioer: it wwaw, When one can gave out, we would stop and put in another, M first j full expected the car plode but we got to our Hootin;.inn nn time ... i,v . fi Mn rinrk aavs that she spent most of her time in tne eany rfu of her lob workine with the schools, and during the summer months she vaccinated over me n ii n t v . She also held immunization tiiuu-o a- - ; v Cnhnnl About the time she went to work, vaccination for smallpox was required and Mrs. Clark says that she vaccmatea irom the first grade right on through to the teachers." Most of the children were fn ripath 0 f im- av-aitu . . i : H-J .k. .uutolle t n p vaCcinate and '"he , ... f iiaht nut the ZS ghe recalls having seen five o( smaVLm in the early . f her job and hundreds of cases of diptheria, scarlet and tvnhmd fever "Tnese are at mnet unheard of nOW." In the early days there were 73 schools in the county unit, with two schools in Enfield; two in SrnflanH Neck: four schools in Roanoke Rapids; (one in an old church budding); and two in Weldon. ..'" At the present time Scotland Neck and Enfield units have been consolidated with the county unit and there are 18 schools in the county unit. Weldon has four and there are six in Roanoke Rapids. liie -u The county erected a ganitortum for tubercular natientS in 1926. located aa- ;,.t n tv,A rmmtv Hnme The county Homo manager's wife, who was not a nurse, had charge of the nursing care at the oaiHlOriUIU. all o. JLavia aaoumvu the responsibility of supervising this operation until 1946. When thev were (without a nurse she gave this supervision. Hich water seemed almost a tians as an easily made and recognized secret sign has been used in several ways. During the tyre of. tjie persecution of 1 hi$ e afril y church, Christians could find one another by using "fish" as a simple password. To the outsider the fish was a mere decoration, to :he Christians it held deep significance. Incidentally centuries later, in 1963, a news story reported that Cuban Christians, when they found themselves in situation similar to that faced by the first Christians, revived " the use of the emblem. On the tree a gold 6equin covered fish rests in a gold bead circlet. There is a stylized fish, and a fish bearing a crown-shaped basket of bread on its back, to remind the viewer of the Eucharist. There are Chrismons that are not 'so well known: the butterfly is a symbol the resurrection; roses, of the Incarnation through Isaiah's prophecy that . "the desert earlier years of her job. One day she went to Enfield to work and water was all over the road at Quankey Creek just outside of Halifax. On returning home in the late evening, "I got back to within sight of Halifax to find that the road had washed away. I couldn't get to Darlington in order to get to Weldon as all roads leading from there went across Quankey Creek and were impassable due to the high water. I went to Scotland Neck, from there to Rich Square and on to Jackson where I found the road to Weldon marked "Closed High Water." She kept on to Seabord and from there across U.S. Highway 301 and finally ar rived in Weldon." She also recalls the flood in 1940 and she had just gone to western North Carolina for a vacation. The director finally reached her, requesting that she come home. She says that when she got to Warrenton every possible road to Weldon was closed. She continued down highway 158 "with water everywhere!" and when she got just about even with where the brick kiln was then (now it' Howell Steel Company) she said she simply could not go anymore "the highway workers were out there and they assured me that if i went down, they would rescue me; . .so I drove on through it with my heart in my throat, not daring to look on either side of me!" During the early days at the department, she said that they got up "at the crack of dawn" and worked even by lamplight if it became necessary. About 20 years ago when ad ding to the Staff, Mrs. Davis was given the responsibility as Supervisor of Nurses and this has continued through the years. In July her rating changed to director and she is leaving the department under this classification. The 32 members of the Health Department presently include: Dr. Robert F. Young, capable director; 16 nurses; six clerks; four sanitarians; one home economist; one lab technician; one health educator and two homemakers. It is interesting to note that the department was first in tne Ranson Building in Weldon; later, they moved upstaris te the To Suiter Home t r r , - 4 i,';. v, Mrs. Thomos B. Suiter, Jr. place tht lost ornament on Her Chrismon tree. The Chrismons, or Christ monograms, were tht gift of her aunt, Mrs. George Preston Lambright of Anderson, S.C The intricate end meaningful ornaments iook e year to complete, and would blossom as a rose." Lilies - of the - valley are reminders of the humility of Christ, daisies point to the innocence of the Child in the Manger. The gladiolus is another Chrismon of the Incarnation the word comes from "gladius," which means sword from the Epistle to the Hebrews where the writer says "The word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword." . "This is a .household of Christmas trees," chuckled Toni Suiter, "At last count there were twelve." Actually there are more than that if one counts the tin - can tree outside. The Suiters save tin can lids and Mrs. Suiter climbs a ladder and hangs them all over a large tree on the Taylor street side of the house. The tree becomes a giant wind chime, and sunlight or street lights catch he metal as it turns, and makes it sparkle! Greene Building, which housed the old post office and bank (this is now the bank building in Weldon); in 1941, they moved to the :inder block building in Halifax which was a WPA construction project. In 1951, they moved to their own pretty brick building in Halifax where they are "busy as bees" almost all the time. Mrs. Clark grew up in Darlington, the daughter of the late E.W. Dickens and Mrs. Dickers. She was a member of a family of 13, with seven now living. Her mother is still active at 93 and her mind is very alert. She is looking forward to Davis' retirement, so that she can spend more time with her! Mrs. Dickens was, for many years, an active member of the home demonstration club and Mrs, Clark has a quart of string beans in her kitchen right now that her mother canned 39 years ago. They are still very carefully placed in the jar and have retained their color. She was married to Ferdinand H. Clark of Weldon on June 27, 1938. He is one of the Airlie Clark family, but has lived in Weldon for a number of years where he is employed by the Pierce - Whitehead Hardware Company. She is a member of the Weldon Methodist Church and a Mrs. Davis D. will become heirlooms. In the house there is s vel-V vet tree, formed of banked poinsettias traces the niano. and Antionette's room sports six sugar plum trees in bases of stemmed silver dishes. Two woodsy trees made of pine cones, sweetgum balls and acorns add a rustic touch to the den where a complete set of wooden figures carved in Jerusalem surround tht creche, also from tht Holy Land. This year the Suiter's family tree sports cookies but not perishable, good - to - eat kind, although they do look delicious! Each "cookie" is really a skillfully done wooden imitation. Mrs. Suiter made them. From the front door where an angel - tree candle - stick by Peter Hunt welcomes tht guest, to the last corner of the ler of the gns that a I n- bouse, there are signs Christmas is truly derful, warm season Suiters. former member of Ebenezer Methodist Church at Darlington. Davis (whose first name was for a pastor - friend of her parents) has a vivacious disposition, with pretty eyes and dark brown hair. Her co - workers really hate to see her go, but they are all hoping that she will enjoy her years of retirement. She has nn immediate plans for retirement, except to garden, for she dearly loves flowers, especially roses, and yard work. She has been honored a number of times recently, first with a lovely reception given by members of the staff; then on December 5, at the meeting of District 17 Nurses, she was surprised when they said that it was her night, too. T h e j presented her with a sweealeo. ter and an engraved silver M She also has received a citation and beautiful resolution has been adopted by the Halifax County Board of Commissioners. She has recently entertained at a nice nartv for the memben of the staff. She has made many friends over the county especially throueh the vears that sh traveled, all of whom will miss her at the Health Department. They are hoping-to have more chance to see her now that cha will have more spare time. 1 Clark. . .Retires

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