The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1954
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1994 U.S. Diplomats Privately Reject Adenauer's Plan Bv JOHN M. IIKillTOH'KR Obituary Barry Rites At Gosnell Tomorrow ELECTION Continued from rage 1 Colbert and Orover Jackfion. Lancy's Oln: Judges—Roy PoaK, H. T. Davii ami A. L. Dills. Alternates V. j. A.shley. Floyd Anderson, and Park Crews. Clerks—R. P. Kennedy and R. J. wane, M. L. .Stewart. J. A. Creecy. "•• -" ' . F.mrui! services lor Mrs. Artdn- Clerks: Boh Crews, D. F. McKay; WASHINGTON I.AP) — While keeping silent officially,; L ., y Ha ,rv, SB. o! Cosnell. will be •alternates: Bill Nichols, Henry Mor- Girdley. Alternates— J. E. Ashley and Kirby Williams. Alternates— Wil-on Bonds and Perry Bonds. SUllinan School—Judges: H. T. Bonds, J. M Dobbs. Louis Bonds. Alternates: C. R. Lester, Everett ,n,.... .U.........J/"..«„,..,. ~-"'-" j yrjuni; and Calvin Wilson, man Crews. H. M. Alexander,, C.I ' cl ,. rk ,. Charles Ashcraft, Bryan R Coleraan; alternates: J. A. Cross- | „,„„,,, Alternates: Wilson Bonds. u<s W. M. Taylor, F. B. Wigall, i K. W. Watson. I CJ'.rks: Mrs. Frances Little. Mrs, i Joe Hilliard; alternates: Mrs, Bob Nichols. Mrs. Alton Hale. j Township—Judges: Cole- j brr in Dogwood Cemetery with runrral Home in charge. «' s ' '"" '»«' '» t' S diplomats today privately turned thumbs down on West',,,,,,,,,,.„-„ ,„ .,..,., u fierman Chancellor Konracl Adenauer's proposal for an event-jm u,,. ciui.i.di Banust. Chun-u by • ' < u*t,,m,ir, din frnf, Wpt;t inrl Ilip ^Invipt the Rev. dean .Scliullz. nuilal will ual nonaggression pact between the lice west ana me souci h _ , n , w ,,, m/l ,.,.„„.„.„, „,„,, n , lhh bloc. Requests for official reaction io rrllor's talk to the National Press Adenauer's 3iigestion. made In ft Oreenwell, C. T.I Club. • chickusawba Mospital JollowinK an Gulden IA Judges: A. L , Lynch, Parker Bnv/en; allernatts: IX O. Anderson, Maury Humphreys. Maury Upton. i Clerks: Jack : I'ranun'' ^ch"hcre TCSirrciRV, u'cvr n>« ' Von Kc-ktumll (old newsmen IhM | '"^/n™!'"!'-',,.'',"^ ste'lrui li-cd ' '''•' m " 1 "" ; *"*"»"•<*•• J<-'»1' «»S'=. 'with a "no comn.cnt" at the State , Adcm.unr had in mind wa.s ! »""' "'»' Oo..m II. si* . u ,., ir ,,. „„..,,,,,, Department. « »«'•'« or arccmcnls to be un' "' dcrtakon one al n time, ralher . However, offleints familiar with American policies over the past several years confided the Adenauer proposal goes far beyond any position the U.S. could take in the Jowenble future. The chief reason cited was that neither President Elsenhower nor Secretary of State Dulles has any intention of sanctionin. even indirectly, Red domination o! real ereas of the world. But H was pointed out that Eisenhower repeatedly has expressed a willinness to negotiate with the Soviets on outstandin EasUWest problems, provided the Russians demonstrate a sincere wish to talk in ood faith. Felix von Eckhardt. West German information chief, apparently sensed the possibility of U.S. objections to the Adenauer plan because he called a news conference several 'lours after the chan- than a swcrpln Eltj,t-Wl'.M pact. The West German information ol- fiela! said th(! -such ni-ef- inent loieully could deal v.'itli disarmament, which he termed "the de['c point of tension." Aclenaiier was to J)y to New York today after winclin up hi.s brief Washmlun stay witli a dinner last nihl in Honor ol Dulles. A few hour.s after receiving nn honorary derce from Colnmhia University tomorrow afternoon, Adenauer is scheduled Io leave for home. Adenauer's visit to Wiu.hintun. American officials said, has been a success from Ihe point of view of building Rood will between the Bui officials insisted It produced no detailed di.scussions ol CJcrman- American problems because they said lliose are bein \vorktni o\il within the frame of European AMENDMENT Continued from Page X money, of course, would depend on what kind of liquor was purchased. Act 285 would allocate proceeds from the new tax to three new funds — 40 per cent to a county loir fund 52 per cent to a state fair fund and eight per cent to n district fair fund. Three other acts of the 19b3 Legislature would have made appropriations from these three funds "for construction of buildings and facilities" of $280.000 annually at county fair grounds, of S364.000 annually at the Arkansas Livestock Show Grounds and of S5C.OOO annually at the grounds of the four district livestock shows. Act 285 would have become clfec- Hve on June 11. 1B53 — BO days after adjournment of the lf)53 Legislature — had not a group of wholesalers before that dale filed petitions containing cnougli signatures to refer the measure to a popular vote. As It is, Act 2B6 has been Inoperative. Wholesalers are still.per- mitted their 13 per cent mark-up, and the new tax has not been added. And the three appropriation acts have been without effect since there has been no money to make the allotments they authorized. If Act 285 get.s a majority Tuesday, it will become effective immediately. And appropriations under Ine other acts may he made as funds from the added tax accumulate. U Act 285 Is defeated Tuesday, that's the end of it. The wholesalers will continue to operate under their o 1 d mark-up and there'll be no new liquor tax — at least not until the 1055 General Assembly meets. Journalism at NorLhwcslcru University at Evunston, III. They are. Carmell Cooley ol 30'2 South 21st, Street and Charles Gene McDaniel of 214 East Davis Street, m me unsi.eli nanny an ner me. j ,,,.,.„, |>0| , a _ j ut | B( . s . N . j. Hhe is survived by one son, Ever- | Gl ,, v ,,., ch . ir |,. s nelllei Roy Bi-yanl; ctl Harry, of rnvthevillci; UvobrNth-. i)u . n| . |t( . v f . u chl]M ^ c ers, Vii'Kil'.lli and Jim Brackil. ! lir . UH . t> Mns E . ,j C |, ik . s . and ihrre sisters,; c|l . 1 . kj ; R c , i[umhi Jr ^ Mrs . . i|r(s ( .. i|i; .,.,.,,, : . Reese and Mrs. Annie Tucker all of i , U[inl:> , : Mls . K . (j. Blanch, Jr. „.... nidne—Judges: G. Q. Caudill. H. Ci. Endlcott, M. D. Dennis. Alt'-rnaies: Birley Bay. W. B. innts. Amos Holt. C'lerJcs—CjeorKe Web.sier, Au.stin Alternates: Bob Baker .Jesse well, Andy Bel-ill. Gcrad RCKIUI, i Frenchman s B a y o u — Judges: IVoy Baker. Beryl Grimes and Tom- [ Hiythe Clark. Leslie Speck, A.^ Hig- my Hurley. DEMOCRATS (tins; alternates: Clarence Speck, —.Jmi^s: L'r.u'lund Ti'uni- 'mell, Calvin Williams, J. V. Wesl- 1 lirui.k; nlleinatt-.s: A. E. Clark. Goutniucd trom Paiie t j Airli (;;Ucliin[;:>, John Hill. j Clerks: KU Bell. E. E. ClRsull, •[impaign. i'la;,lor Wadsworth, Mrs. Garland Mitchell .said Eisenhower joined j Trammell. near campaign" by con- , Vice President Nixon | .. Ihen by bringing the Carscm Lalit 'I'lnviLshiji :: 11 A. Nidi Faulkner. Osteola Alisenlef JmiKes -Henry J. swift, George Honda. I'Yank Williams. Clerk.s: Mrs. June Buchanan and .Mrs. Dorothy Woods. HlK Lake Township Manila City-Judges: C .H. Ashbranner, William Borowsky. Orin Green. AHernales: Melvin Downing. Rllcv Dum-aii. Joe Chapin. Clerks. V. B. Osfounl. Bill Horner. Alternates: Leo Donner, Howard Perkins. Manila Township—Judges: Alex Curtis. Walter Griffin, Henry Wright. Alternates: Claud Milligall, Al Inrrarn. Lockard Benson. Hiitton. C'lr.'i:..: Doyle White. I-'rank No'. 1 .'- lin. Alifnv.itcs: Glen Horner. Clevc I Shady drove—Judges: Ben Hay- d<'r J. H. Dnvid, John Fairchild. Alternates' Oer,|r| Costlier ,J. N. Bollint:cr [,. V. Waddell. Clerks: A. J. Brewer, Virgil Miller Alternates: Mrs. C. R. David, Mrs. snm B r 'l'.in^er. Brown's .spur—Jildccs: E. R. Thr- der. H. C. Buck, Claude Duncan. Alternates: Glenn Alexander, Joe Dildine, J. I. Games. Clerks: G. W. Can-lean, 1, A. Hannon. Alternates: H. H. Storey, R. L. Hawkins. Canadian Township Armurel—JudRes: K. L. Hale, Arthur Vance. Marion Dyer. Alternates: R. W. Nichols, T. B. O'Kcefe, C. A. Vinson. Clerks: Dan Haley. L. H. Hay. Alternates: Robert E. Lee, E. M. Rcg- enold, Tillman. Alternates: Harvey Tillman. A. J. Harshman. H. H. Shea. Clerks: Marvin House, Bud Harsh jSmaUwood: alternates: Enoch Austin, W. B. Dickson, Ernest Wilson. Clerks: Jess Simpson. Mrs. Albeit Burts; alternates: Sterling Conley, Herbert Wilson. Home Gin — Judges: Vance Dlx- on, S. Golf. K. C. Crook: alternates: W. A. Nash, H. E. Long, P. K. Euhanks. Clerks: Harry Lutes, J. M. Mc- Haffcy; alternates: Arthur Britton, S. A. Devils. Chickasavyba Township Township Box—Judges: Charles Brogdon, Hildred Bunch, Spencer Bunch: alternates: T. R. Ivey, Todd Harrison, Ancel Harris. Clerks: Mrs. Welch Foster, Mrs. Eugene Dickerson: alternates: ,use, Bud Harsh-, - - - £_ 'Abbou, Jim Smotherman. Alternates: G. H. Hopper. man John McAdoo. . Blytheville, Ward 1, City Hall — „,. ......... _. „ ....... ..iship, Joi... M. Stevens. Alternates: O. E. Honeycutt, E. C. Goza. Dell — JlldKCs: E. W. Nolitnd art; alternates: Worth Holder, Speck McGregor. Ward 1. Seny Motor — Judges: - „-.-• - - --Raleigh Sylvester, A. A. Hardy. M. R. Griffin. H. R. Crawford, Srj i j a m e s Barksdale; alternates: Charles Alford, Jim Sanders, C. F. Roush. Clerks: Kelley Welch, Bulord Young; alternates: Morris Zellner, . . . . . , . alternates: E. M. Woodard, A. E. Caldwell, Bob Henderson. Clerks: Lester Gill, James Tidwell; alternates: Billy Keener, M. F. Brownlee. Roseland — Judges: Richard Rose. A. L. Whistle. Rudolph Lew- W. O. Tcgetholf and Wilson Henry. Alternates — C. E. Hart, Talmadge Huey and M. C. Cook. Clerks — Forest Moore and Mre. A. J. Colm. Alternates — P. O. McDermott and W. W. Moore. Yarbro — Judges: R. E. French, Richard Haynes and Herbert Mullins. Alternates — Ellis Wheeler, ! John McRac and V. M. Blister. ! Clerks — W. P. Orr and V. B. \ Flowers. Alternates—J. L. Plunklt I and George Dillahunty. Promised Land — Judges: C. F. Tucker, H. L. Halsell and Earl Simmons. Alternates — Clarenct Moore. Chester Button and Emmett Wilson. Clerks — Louis Ball and Cart Matthew's. Alternates — R. L, Gaines and Isaac Ashby. Number Nine — Judges: C. o. Langston. J. J. Moore and William Wyatt. Alternates — B. F.. Rhodes, Harry Mantz and Reese Moore. Clerks — Gene McOuire and Calvin Hollingsworth. Alternates — Mrs. C. C. Langston and Mrs. Wm. Wyatt. Blytheville Absentee Box — Judges: James Terry. Bill Rader and Jack Owen. Clerks — Eunicfi Brogdon and Ernest Parker. Henry Westbrook. Blytheville Ward 2, Water Company — Judges: J. L. Cherry, J. nose, A. L. wnisuc, ituooipn bew-; u;in y _ judges: J. L. Cherry, J. is; alternates. Charles Rose, M. i w. Adams, Oscar Fendler; alter- J. OsSurn. Paul Whistle. nates: E. R. Mason, Russell Phil- Clerk' : J, C. Dobbs. W. L. Dyre: lj )K , Max Logan, alternate^: W. L. Wilburn, Charles i c]cAs . Joe Triesc-hm-ann, Har- Nick Rose. llickmaii Township lu-iiates: Mrs. Lynn Triinmim. Mrs m-government issue'into his own I J1M] j.j.'jamic,., Maurice Lynch. Two from Here At Northwestern ;- nil ,;, nr ^ dl - lcll im , ul ,,, y ifal.'.e story." He said Kl:enhower Two Blytheville residents are now; lm( , (i , M . ] ., 11]U . rl it,,,,^,,,,,,. ,,i uns enrolled as students In the school ol .spccchniakniK on a Hying lour | " rjiw-its: RoDcit Forrester. Jim ol ionr cities yesterday. i The Democratic chairman said Nixon had been "peddling figures about, ::o-called -Communists Negro Deaths. Johnny Thompson Funeral services lor Seaman F C Johnny Thompson will be lield tomorrow aftcrooon at '2 p. in. at Home Funeral Home Chapel, with rtcv. C, M. Shorkley In charge. Burial will be in Burton Spur Cemetery. Survivors Klslander; alternates; Ed Stoifle, Mrs. II. A. Nicholson. Cromer Ktore-Judnes: Allen Se- at Wednesday's While House new, conlercnce. "Hilt on Thursday." Mitchell said. "Mr. Elsenhower became a ! party to Ihe smear campaign. | Whether or not he lound out in j Ihe mealillme whal Mr. Nixon had ; been .saying, lie Mini a warm lelter of congrauihitions Io Mr. Nixon on hi.s 'eliective work' in Ihe cam- ; paign. i "And today President Kisen- , Imwor himself joined in the Red ( smenr in his airport .speeches, i This I:, Told ol Wlnle IKiusi . to r omment on any- I Slevemon. who tltncked Nixon's campaign but ' survivors include ins parents. .m......,, ,...-,.•• Joel and Laura Thompson: threcMiold back dlri'cl lire on the Pri brothers, Joel. Jr.. Robert Lee nnd|ldenl, look issue with Elsenhower Jerry Thompson: four sisters. Bef-llasl nlnlil on Ihe snme polhl as ly Joyce, lla. Arlean and Jo Anna, i Mitchell. Overseas Mail Deadline Near M you're planninp on sendinp a Christmas present overseas, better get busy, Postmaster Ross Stevens pointed out today that Monday is the last day for mailing overseas Christmas parcels. That is. it is the final day you can send such a parrel and be sure It reaches its destination by Christmas. Joiner Baptist Officers Named JOINER—OfTicT.- of Joiner Biip- tibt Church Include the Desriames Clou \vniiaiiison. clerk: Shirley Bank.s. insurer- F. H. Gill, board membrr; I.t-.mard K;tftka. clioir di- rmor. F.n^a Gray, reponev. F. H. Oil! if ti-ncral Sundity School MiiK-ni.^nri-m. Ike Approves Flood Aid WASHINGTON M"~P:-OM(irm Ei- mem nf sa.:.95 Odd v. di'tii ni ^ui'pUl.'. footsLufl.*; ;o .>;i-.:f! •. ;<;,d tv-mml Europe for rciie; <•>; i.^! >uminer'.i flood victims. You Pay Onl> sift n Yrar BUT VOl' CAN t OLLh( T $2500 Cash Benefit for accidental deitth or dismemberment ... or ... $500 Maximum Medical and Hospital Payments for injuries In :in auto accident. You Need Tht.s Protection Now Get II TODAY' WESTERN LIFE INS. CO. Our 61st Year WESTERN LIKE BLDG. 1123 S. KlnfshiKhwar St. Lout*, Mo. Aitency opcnlnss tor dependable *nd ngresslve salesmen. (•ravt-'S, ttichimi Cromev, Alex GA- bl<'; allrniiiLc*: J, W. Cullom, Hucl- Miu WITH, Jot; C'llUom. Ck-vk:,: Jot 1 CuLUim, Jr.. PrcsLon Finning JiUfriiaii;s. C 1 a n tl o n Lynch. Mrs. Juc Culloin- .Sway"*' Timnship Ho.™ -Judges: L. U. Rozt'Hi', Charles Pcnnt'iiU-r and Mack lioncl. Aftf'niiilf.s- -ilichai'tl Woldrup. D. D. .Show inn! W. L, LJillnrd. ! clerk.-,—Lout;; I ursylhe and Rob! i'!'l Fuixvllic. AlUM'iiatL'.s—C. U. Long I mill E. A. iaiunv. I Pyojw Tdwnship I Oyc.s.s: Judges: Lcc Allan, B. T. 1 Mi-Arthur, nnd Earl A|)|iliny. AHur- jimUs—.1. II. CliHon, M. R FurrL'sL- 1 t-r. ant! Clareiicc En. 1 ;!. i Ch-rks—H. I*. MotkscU, W. A. * Nnblin. Altcrniilfs— John Wallace and W. W, Wuril. tMi-GdiiVDck Tcnviishlp JnhiPi- City: Judges— W. E. Eci- Uiin PlelclK-r, M. G. Ralph, itcii-- Henry Cavcnt'.s;^ Tom Willcll, and J. H. HiuK< l iiboUmm. CIi'rk.s-.Nit' Sninims anrl Dun Perry.. AllrriiaU'.s—M. Sllver.stiMn and and Hit-hard Aklt'.s. Joini'i' Towiwhii): JudRi-s—H. E. MiiKli'k. A. J. Howdcn. and W. Cj. Cliildrrs. AHi-rnntPs: HOUR WliiR Puy C. R, Enhanks, nnd Richard Overtoil. Clcrk.s-Mii.vor Sllvci-.stptn. W. H. RulpU. AlLcmiilcs —Home i James and J. I, Oats. Little lliver Township . . II1P\ Kininel Clnrk, J. H. Lunsl'cird. AKiTiiali 1 *—Guru Murri', \Vatt> and L C. SluMtcn. C Irrk.s— W. B. 'Pylc.s and JaniP.s Ni'al. Altrnititrs-- A. M. Millt'i' nnd R, E. Trttlrtnn. f towah: Jinl[;i\s-J.. H. Wniniairi. Alti'niatr.s McrlJi'i-t Wofuiruff, W. S. Kirk, mill Amos Wi-iUhrr.s. Clerks-n. S, Jiiek.son ami J;uni- MfC'tillnni. AlLfM'iiate.s—- Pcrkin.s plkeld. A. J. Hill. B. H. Joliff. Alter- j rnc] . Henson. Forty and Ei^ht — Judges: Clerks: Joe 'I'vieschmann. Harmon Taylor; alternates: C. E. - ,- ; Crigger, Jr., Frank Grigsby. Huffman — Judges: E. C. Ad-', Blytheville \Vurd 2, GUI Motor kin.son. Gerald CiiHsidy. W. T.: Company - Judges: J. G. Barnes, MeUger; alternates: Rex Hughes, i Roscoe Graf ton nnd C. A. Cun- S. J. Perry,' Bob Stovnll. 'ningham. Alternates — Ben Hall, Clerks: Hurt Hardcsty, Floyd • B!;m Heath and Elbert Huffman. Green; alternates: Max Ray, El-, Clerks — Joe Evans and Jim I/in Matthews, Sid Nichols, Gid WorLham. Clprh.s: K. B. Thrdkeld. E. A. Robinson.' MU'nuUes: Boyd Romini's. J. H. Griffin. - Lost Canr—Judges: Louis Bauyh- er. Stanley Fnidenburg. Raydo Vea- Alternatc«' Walter Vast binder, Jark Pinrhpr. J. A. Statlcr. Clerks: Bury Owens. Roy Veach A If on: a t'-:-,: Lomie Fincher, Mrs. Loui.-: BiiiUihei'. Hoivcn Township GuMiell — .Uwiiwii'. Andy BeviU. Miirvey Hart, M. E. Cook. Alternate*: Lee Hill, C. L. Lucius, Jim Clerks: E. G. Crawford. J. M. Frankum. Alternates: Carl Led better, P. H. Raspberry. Nc:il Township Leiu-liville (Clty>—Judges: W. W. Cox, Hubert Rne.d. Ijeroy Carter; Alternates: Neal McHancy, W. L. Bryant, G. B., Ray. , Clerks: G. A. Hipp. O. J. Hunter. Alternates: Nelson Henry. AtheHon Myall. Lradiville (Township) — Judges: M. D. Rood, H. O. Croum, Bob Ed- pins. Alternates: Walter Skinner, Drbcrt Hooker. Hollis Thurman. Clerks; Then Edwards, Virgil Johnson. Alternates: Bob Shirley, Robert Pierce. Boynton—Judges: C. E. Cagle. R. R. Rose. Noah Kisner. Alternates: J. A. Ward, Fred Appel, R. W. Lyerly. Clerks: G. B. Galyran, Thomas MiddteLon. Altrnmtcs: R. E. Mont- gonu'ry, Herbert Ulilcs. , Canni—Judges'. Rudolph NcwKom, J. W. Paltei'Min. P. W. DeJnrnetL. Alternates: H. D. Gipson, A. E. Milligan, J. W. Siv.emorc. Clerks: E. E. Wilson, S. H. Carter, j Alt.ernales: A. \V. Turner, Mrs. E. E, Wilson. I Box Elder—Judges: Dim Brewer, J. D. Young, Normnn Rnuls. Alternates: A. C. Gunter, Jeff Raul-s, W, K. Crafton. Clerks: Charles Buck. Herbert Sikes. Allernntes: W. H, Hill, W. O. Gillyeim. Half M(Mtn Township flalf Moon—Judges; Jim Alexan- Hill. Alternates — Jim Jontz and F. B. Joyner. Gcorge Cassidy, J. J. Lucas. J. D. Ward 3. Fire Station — Judges: Hicks; alternates: Virpfil Davis, j VV. L. Whiflaker, L. K. Old and Raymond Dyer. Dick Green. 1 Marion Williams. AHernates—Har- Clerks: Rex Hughes, N. C. Pat-jry Bradley. C. C. Councille and j lerson; alternates: S. J. Pepper, ' E. B. David. ! J. T. Walker. Clerks — Charles Penn . Clear Lake Township Clear Lake — Judges: T. R. i Randolph, Louis Henson, R. T. — and George Pollack. Alternates — Ben II»ll'*»nd P. D. Foster. Ward 4 — Judges: Floyd Rector, FALL CLEARANCE SALE Cash & Carry Specials 50c to $1.50 —EXCEPTIONAL VALUES— Complete New Line Of Plants For Immediate Planting BLYTHEVILLE NURSERIES 1st & Ash Streets Phone 3-8822 Robertson's Radio and T.V. Service 515 E. Main Wade Warehouse Bldg. Day Ph. 3-4M7 Nile Ph. 3-6704 MOX -THEATRE- On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat., Sun. 1:00 Jack Webb, M. D. Announces Hie Removal of his offices from the Lynch Building to the new EYE CLINIC 520 W. Main Practice Limited to the Eye and E.N.T, Offirr Hours D (o 5 Daily Except Thursday Afternoons and by Appointment KIRST PLACE AWAHD — A. J. yorncr of Hornpr-Wllsmi Motor Co,, is notified by F. C. Steed. Oldsomobilo dislnei s;ile.^ m,i;:,ii;«.'r of plncing first in mi Olds sfile.s roiites to BOCK Rnlon, Fin., in Deeeinber. Horner will i;i'l a trip FOR CITY ATTORNEY I .shnll ileepl.v appreciate your vote and your support on November 2, 195-1. 0 111 '•Pffl" C", / . W, (Dill Vole for .). W. "Hill" Sleinsiek for City Attorney Political advr.rtlsrinrnl paid for by J. W. Stclnslck. YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE 1. Adv. paid Tor by Vcrnr Tlmlall, Kommel- for-Govcrnov C'analRn >UinnR('r, StuttRtirt, GALA HALLOWEEN SHOW! Fun For Everyone TONIGHT-10:30 P.M. SUNDAYS. MONDAY Oct. 30 - 31 and Nov. 1 Continuous Showing From 2 P.M. Sunday THE.EPIC STORY OF ENGLAND'S OUTLAW KNIGHT! Al — TONY CURTIS-JANET LEIGH ' DAVID EARRAR-BARBARA RUSH HERBERT MARSHALL On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT SATURDAY Double Feature „„„ TICHMCOIO* —AND— "EYES OF THE JUNGLE" CARTOON S: SERIAL Our Sat. Owl Show Starts At 11:30 p.m. CARr GRANT JOAN FONTAINE tetonf . IIFREO HIICHCUCK CARTOON & SERIAL St'N.. & MON. Double Feature WiLL ROGERS, JR. :"The Boy From „ OKlaHoma VVARNERCOUORj j-Jij ™. NANCY OtSOdW I. m. (. FHANK DAVIS • WINSTON MILLER • SA'LJROAV tVE 1=051 SiORV BTW C«ML ,fu,l| ',„':.. . .«,T.. „ MICHAEL CUSril —AND— COMPLETELY , HILAR-lOUSf _ PHIL SILVERS •fltAJTO THKU UMmO *rt(Jl ALSO CARTOON

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