The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1937
Page 3
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; SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1037 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS of Where Eight Died in Crash on Mountain Peak 23-Year-Old Mother Two Children Takes • Life With Shotgun CARAWAY, Ark. - Mrs. Llllio McMiillIn, 23-year-old farm wo- j man, used a toe to pull the trigger I of a twelve guago shotgun to send a charge into her body Thursday afternoon. The suicide occurred at the homo of her husband's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McMullln, three nnd one half I miles northeast of Caraway. The victim was the mother of j two boys. One was only nine days I old. Pinned on the Inside of the I woman's skirl, was a note which | read: "I done this because I can't j Uilk. Don't, think anyone else did ." ' ' : ! It was said that Mrs. McMullln I had acted "strangely" for some tune and recently requested her husband to have her placed in I the^state hospital. On one occasion it is reported I she made threats ,to poison her- I self and children. Mrs. MrMullIn and her husband lJ.'W. McMullln. lived near the ICralghead-Poinsetl line on the Faulkner farm prior to the I January flood but since that time 1 had been living at the home of |hls parents. Mrs. McMullin gave birth to a I son nine days ago. This was theii I second child, the other being I three years of age. Recently McMullin started pre- Ipar'atlons for the couple and theii I children to return lo their home I McMullin quoted 'lib wife as say- ling "I'd ralher die than retun I home." Hfiv Will Be Half- Holiday in Blyllieyillc Grade Schools PAGE JPMEE Most, Ponderous Pachyderm IBlythcville Negro ISciiool Winner of County Competition Harrison school, Blylhevllle, won Ifltiit honors in the 23rd annual (literary and field meet of Missis- jsippi -county Negro schools held I at Osceola Thursday. Tile local • school .gained a tola! of 56 points J in tath literary and field comne- A mass of charred, tangled wreckage on a snowy, almost inaccessible hillside, this was all that remained of the huge airliner which crashed 1 and killed its eight occupants last Saturday, nils picture gives an Idea of the terrain around Baldy Peak, near .McNary, Arizona, and shows how part or the the fuselage burned, six of the bodies being charred beyond recognition. i-. -ruin' un-.l 'rUhmctl: will not Maud In (ho wily -Jf Tide sclxiol bms an:l ghls In • Blylhfl- ville »-lio want lo see Tom Mix mid his famous three-ring circus next Tuesday afu'rncon. The papular cowboy star, his horse Tony, nml a Inrijs array of "Ht'.'1'iuiners will \>c on hand n'. the North Svcohd street show- grounds. for afternoon and even- Ing ix'rfurmanccs. Tuesday. April 13- Many n youngster dreamed about sno'lui; tin. ruinous star nml Ms great circus, but svondsnd how IP was eoln}! to jet out of s-'n-il Your worries are In vain. Junior Blyllicvlllc. W. n McClurkln. vii)crl'<t"n'hnt or sclmols. i\miounc?d tftilnv thai the local grade srliuols will be. <lh- inUscd for the show. It is examintulon lima In the bijth rrhool so if ,ths old?i- boys au:l girls sec the sh'aw it will have to b? nt nlshl. The Tom Mix Clm:s is considered Hie l-.irgosl Imleiien-Jently- owned circus in the world, and cQines to lilytrieville In it-, entirety. It will not be "split-up" or reduced In any way. Tin- big show features more tlinn 200 circus nets, enlisting the services of more than 800 people. More limn 150 rinu-stoch horses, nml elephants, camels, zebras anil gnu w lll be on exhibit, as well ns numerous Wild animals. Performances will be at '> and I p.m.' Doors will o]>cn promptly "a l.nnd 7 p.m. lo allow ninnlc time lo visit the zoological exhibit. ship escape<l the flames while Itition. Careen .won first place in the Good Trick Turns Sour as Declarer Applies Squeeze 4b 7-654 Sonlh Pass 3» 5N.T. Pass ivcse Pass' Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— J$> 5. I three, four, and five teacher school I division with a total'of 29 points. I First place in the one and two 1 teacher " school division was won However, the I by Number Nine with n total of duplicate game 123 points. . • ' The meet -was -attended by 500 | students representing 26 schools county." -Professor-A. H. ^7iirrie supervised the meet. Mrs. Mary Spann judged the I oratorical and achievement display I contests and Professors E. Smith I and Edinond Brodic of Caruthers- I villc judged the athletic competi- I tlon. , A special feature of the literary I rrieet was a chorus of 60 voices from 15 schools which sang | "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." -First, second, and: third places in the six teacher school division . literary events were: Primary recitation—Blytheville, Armorel, Osce[ ola. Intermediate recitation—Blytheville, Armorel, Osceola. Junior J High declamations—Armorel, Osceola, Blytheville. Writing posters — Wilson, Blytheville, Armorel. Writing booklets—Blytheville, Armorel, Wilson. Free-hand drawing | —Blythevllle, Wilson, Armorel. Art -Blytheville, Osceola, Wilson (tie). First, second, and third places in the three, four, and flvc teacher | schools were:. Primary recitation— Caison, Burdette, Grider. inter| mediate recitation—Burdette, Birdsong. Junior high declamations- Carson, Qrider, Burdette. Writing posters — Carson, Burdette, Grider. Geography—Carson, Burdette. Free-hand drawing—Carson, Grider, Burdette. Art—Carson. First, second, and third places won in the one nnd two' teacher schools were: Primary recitation— Clftir Lake, Number Nine, San Souci. Intermediate recitatioiis — Shonya^- Number ^Nine, Hfckmon. j^wnipr high declamation—Number -,%v' Ekron. Hlckmpn. Writing poster — Huffman, Number Nine, Clear .Lake. Geography—Huffman, Ekron, Hlghtower. Free-hand drawirjr,— Number Nine, Clear Lake/^iiner. Art—Ekron, Frenchman Bayou. Boys Athletics: 100 yd. dash- Number Nine, Blytheville, Osceola 50 yard dash—Armorel, Number Nine, Burdette. Broad Jump—Osceola, Blytheville, Promised Land 100 yard relay, Blytheville, Osceola, Frenchman's Bayou. Suitcase race—Grider, Wilson, Frenchman's Bayou. Wheelbarrow race—Blytheville, Orider, Wilson. Girls Athletics: 100 yard relay— Blythevllle, Osceola, Grider. 50 yard dash —Blythevllle, Blrdsong Osceola. Sack race — Blytheville Frenchman's Bayou, Carson. • : By WM. E. McKENNEV Secretary, American Bridge League East could not be blamed for thinking that North and South nan been too enthusiastic in their bidding, and that he could defeat North's contract of seven no trump with the queens in both majors and a second round trick in clubs, play in a recent at the Laurelton sponded with a jump-bid In diamonds the doctor felt that a small slam was certain. There were good AKJ 1 V.AK109 «-'AJ10954' . J 8 7 C A A92 V J 8 2 OKQ62 .". Q 4 3 Duplicate—All vulnerable. Nor Ih East ] « Pass 4N.T, Pass 7N, T «Double Pass of the diamonds. East nonchalantly dropped three clubs, one heart, and one spade on the first five leads, but the sixth discard was nqt so easy. He had the king of clubs, the queen. 10, mid eight of spades and Hie rmeen, seven and six of hearts. The club queen in dummy forced him to retain the king, so he gave prospects of a grand slam. 'Hisjup a spade, hoping that West held second no Irump call was optimistic, but sound. East had trouble in choosing a lead, but when Vogel won the" first trick with the ace, East felt quite satisfied. His club king now "was the high card, and he .slill held ;ure stoppers in hearts and spades. Dr. Vogel then began the march the jack. North now laid down- the kin;. of spades, overtook the jack with the ace, and, when the high spade was led, East again was squeezed. He parted with a heart, and the contract of seven doubled was made. East's double helped to locale the Important cards, Dorris Home at Hayii N Is Virtually Destroyec HAYTI, Mo.—The home of Mr and Mrs. Ward Dorris was virtu ally' destroyed ThursdAy by lir supposed to have originated In at improvised brooder ln'_'which th Dofrlses were raising some ducks The interior of HID house wa a mass of (lames before rlhe fir department arrived and it wa psosiblc to save only a few piece of furniture. Mr. and Mrs. Dorris were awa from home at the time. The British yard originally wa defined as the length of the an of-King Henry 1. by , royal decree Gov. John Wiuthrop brought llr first fork to the United Stales 1633. Clinic at Reiser Monday Will Be Entirely Free The clinic, to ba held at Kekcr Monday fm Ihc giving of smnll- ix>x,: typhoid nnd diphtheria Insulations, will 'lie.entirely free, it nns been'announced by Dr. 11. E. '•chlrmrr, director of the county K-nllli unit. The small charge which- was to nave been made for the smallpox nnd diphtheria Inoculations will not be necessary, because' of a ,|ieclnl appropriation for flood work, which tins just been recelv- d carries 3ools Sidle perches under tnmk ol "Fonda," Imt'o elephant pic- urcd here, to inlonn bnu\ll toys «i Dlythoville and vicinity that Tomlti" will lake niore waterlni: than any clcplmnt hcrctolore seen icrc—bccnust! Fo'iuln happens lo be tlid largest olcplmnt hi captivity tor so the press nucnl avers and de;K)fics). Fomla will be In-the van of the Orent Tom Mis Circus'when It (rives two performances at the Second .street showgrounds, Tuesday, April 13 Mrs. Hattie Gossicn Manager of Dyess Cale DYESS. Ark—Mrs. llnttle Qos- sien, former supervisor of home demonstration clubs on the Colony, was placed In charge of the Djess Cafe yesterday upon Iho resignation of Moblcy Estes, former manager; . . • Lester Hiitcli of Little ' Rock Is to be the assistant to Mis. dos- slen. • . - • Mrs. Virginia Dawes, family proulom consultnnt, has 'been placod In charge of home demonstration clubs. Music KlIcK in library TOLEDO (UP)—The library of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, disbanded several years ago, has been given to the Toledo Public .tbrriry. It will uc.'inadc available o conductor.'! desiring lo use It. 1'ho Hbrnry coiitnlns complete or- clieslrnli parls'for 250 works, or ibout 11,000 pieces of music. laborer Is IVood Carver IRONWOOD, Midi. (UP)—Artls- (Ic wood ciuvlngs of such familiar flgurcs ns former King Edward VIII, ni'c evolved from slab wood by the calloused hands of Laurie Kcntla. 29, n wood hauler. Ills work, done In spare moments with chisel and jack knife, 1ms attracted general attention here. TERRY ABSTRACT & j REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loanj E. M. Terrj, Frw. and Mgr. I'honcGH BlylhevlUe.Ark., TUBES WORK "LIRE DOGS" arid when they're dog-tired it's time for a check-up of your "radio set Jmt fls j;ood old Ko\cr tires him self mil ruyinuii fiooJ time, radio tubes fid tirecl out gi>ing >ou en- ictiainmem. Perhaps jou'rc llilrrk- itiK-'-'ihat radio doesn't sound as jjoml us it did." iJcrc'% what to Jo: Call us and ask for an KCA Cerli- fcd Check-Up. . : ' Tor only $1,50,your set Gets the thorough goinj;-over listen below. \\'e will be sure your tired tubes .are replaced with KCA Tubes. The kind tliat arc preferred by millions of set owners. Standard Radio Check-Up $1.50 1. Check overall set ptrformanije for ifmiiivity, selectivity and fidelity. ]. Ten mil label all luhci. J. Check jpraJcfnnd cabinet forratu.., <. Inspect and icii a\l power conntc- 5, Check qeilal, ground, and lightning aimier conneciiuni {. Align antenna, detector, and 05Cilli< tor clrmiu when accessible (all 7. Adjuit dial to normal kilocycle read ins. I. Cluck causci of extraneous noltti. T. Ue'iiu interior of eabfner. 10. Make (ree eiiinute of any auJmoq irpiiii needed i . llaiimwny Appliance Co. 1'lionc 233 Bljthevllle 10 Bridge Club in New York, at the | able where Dr. Henry J. Vogel \ and Mrs. E. M. HoiTmeier of itov ' York were seated, North and South proved once more Ihe old legged race — Birdsong, Shonya. Luxora 24 Hour Wrecker Service Beat Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 ' . Storage Today's Contract ProbTem South's contract of four spades ~,z doubled by West. After West's opejing trump ia taken with dummy's ace, how should South plan his play so as to avoid being forced to lead -a diamond from his hand or from dummy, which would give West two diamond tricks and defeat his contracl? i A K 4 3 2 A107C543 * A2 4KJ1Q32 & None E. & W, vul. - Opener—A K, Solution in next issue. 10 contention that It is not enough to hold a trick-taking card. It is necessary to get Ihe lead to cash it Dr. Vogel had a tremendous hand and many players would have opened with a forcing bid of two diamonds. However, he was conservative; but when Mrs. Hollmeier re- COTTON SEED D. & p. L. No. 11 Per Ton F.O.n. Number Nine 2nd Year From Experiment Station Mammoth Broivn Soy Beans Prices Reasonable C, C. LANGSTON When you find out how mild and good- tasting Chesterfields are... you hold on to } em. With a bull dog grip, millions of smokers hold on to Chesterfields . .. Copyright 19S7, ttwirr fc

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