The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1931
Page 6
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••>AG1. SIX H7-k.> rOIIIUKK NKW8. MONDAY, APKIL 13, 19'il Jonesboro Whirlwinds Win District Junior Meet In Quest of British Golf Laurels Blvthcville Poor Second; j Too Much Joncsbovo in Annual Track Tourney. Tho Whlrrtvlnds of Jonesboro junior high school lltcrnir.' whirled, to victory In tlar/llny fashion, lo ( triumph ovrr ollnr entrants In tlie : annual Fourth disliki Junior hkh track meet al Haley Field here j Saturday aflernoon. I The triumph of the Joncsboro tfam was one of Ihn mo<t derisive In'the hr!ef history of lite Junior high meel. With Cl 3-4 ixmils the Whirlwinds flnishei far ahr;id of theyllls Papocse.i wltii 23 3-4 poitils. their- nearest onnonent. Hie niv- Marked Tree pulled In third with 20 : 3-4 points nnd Para'cmilil. wvll down the line, rinlshecl founli with 14 3-4 points, Young Pickel of Joncshoro was individual high scorer of thc mecl with 21 3-4 points. Pickel showed hls ; heels to all opiwticnls In Ihe dashes and outjnnipcd them In tlie broad Jump. Yonns. also of Jonesboro. who garnered n 1-4 \>olnts placed well up in the dashes ami heaved the shot in superior slyK Moslev was the onlv BlvlhevUlc splker to win an undisputed first place. The raided Pnnoose stepper finishliu in front in the -HO yard nm. Piirlle of Blvlhevillc tied with i three cither candidates for hlRh I Jumping honors. Rcsutls Winners of Individual events In order of their placing were: 50-Yard Dash—Pickel. Jonnsboro- Grnhle. Blvthevlle. 5.8 seconds. Shot Put — Youiifr. Joncshoro: Downs. Parn-ould: Williams. Wll- son, nnd Keller. Jonesboro, tied. 38 feet. 9* inches. 120-Yard Hurdles—Shaver, Jones,' boro; Bnwrtcn. Hlylhevillo: S.iiin- ders, Yarbro; Burns. lilythcville. 17.6 .wrmds. 880-Yard Run — Dent. Marked tier. Jonesboro: Fowler. Blythevillc. Two minutes. 25 seconds. — 'You'll, .loiic'boro: .Downs. Parasoiilrl: Keller, Jonns- - rr fof nvc Note be sacilllced- Well, thill's six feet of home rnn: anywny. All QUIET ON BRITISH GOLF FRIT IN '31 With Jones and Hagen Cone, Who'll Thwart Those British Golfers., BY CHKSTKR I,. SMITH N'KA Service Special Wrllrr To Hold Pemiscot Track Tourney at Stock Saturday COOTER. Mo.—The annual Pcin- County fl:lcl and track IIIOH will be held at Steele April 18. liny whlhi Tommy Arqniour, Tonv Man- i M'ral the Illustrious Smiths, of i llilr P fr all<! sili °3ls will he tin-.- ero and Al Espintra are also whom Macdonald stands out as j ccl to 1 " n ° rf lhc " lcvt as officials, planning the voyage. Mac Smith: Ihe most prominent of Ihe rtecncle. I ' nie onlei ' ot cvcllls will be ns son, Instead o( nnctcnl Carnoiistio.: port Open, May II, and the Leeds | Match j These events offer a conib*ned At present, six Americans have I P"«e of $12,500 and an op]iorlim- Indlcaled lliey Intend to C0 mpele 'ty [o Iron out sealcgs. Then there for the trophy Jones Is vacating. I ls a weck r-malnim; before the Norton Smllh, whose visits to old '. Open. June 1, In which lo learn country links hove been none loo;<»e bypaths of Caronustic. memorable, Is to try again. Camousllc Is best known In this will accompany Smith, j country ns trie course which mir- . is already at Carnonstie. . although Willie- and Aleck achieved,' ' ull °'- vs: Wlillfy Cox, (lie seasoned Brook-1 even greater fame eai-lirr In Ihe lyn. K. Y.. campaigner, wlio 1m century. Mac's retmn Is a fit'int? been coming along nicely In re- { gesture to Hie memory of boyhood cent seasons, declares he loo may [ friends and conquests. . try his hand. Mac's addition I This Is lo be a qnlel spring aloti" ! at Carnonstie when lhc (Wit be- ; le nrlllsh golfing front, with no 5l "' ! on Ju "e 1. 'he United Slates Should the sewn all be nre.ien! | Amerlra's forces Inimcasnrnbly, bu he Bobby Jonas to confound . Briton nnd follow countrymen alike nor a Hagen lo blow hot and cold slilv- np und <Iown( the backs of breathless galleries with his capricious weapons. Unless Jones has a complete change of heart, he Is out of it, entirely. Sir Wiiltcr Is very posi- ;lvc in his decision lo remain on ;hls side. The two have accounted for six British Open championships out of the eight played since 1922, would have a formidable enough entry—although far ortow the |»w- er of recent years when J:jnes und HuRen were bulwarked by Johnny Farrell, Gene Sarnzni and one or two others. The chances of keep- Ing the cup In our possession would be no better than seven against the field, nor are they likely to tin greater for some time with Jones devoting his time lo Hollywood and (he radio and "Calamity Jane" —that Aaron's Rod of putters— noutine In Idleness. Bobby 1ms and without them the American been the buffer which stood be Invaders cannot hope to put on ' tween American golf and the world, as colorful a, show as before. When he didn't win, he snuffed the In addition, the Ryder Cup matches are to be played over here this year, so the greater part of the annual trans-Atlantic traffic in professionals will be east to west for a change. The American Open. at Inverness, Toledo, the first week of July will be the outstanding life out of Ihe field so thoroughly that some fellow citizen generally strengthens t opnnrtunltv for iiritain to ic- Irleve its treasured mils still must be considered bright. Perhaps those cousins of ours deserve a break of some kind; goodness knows, they've stood patiently by and rendered gracious applauso while the trophy was given into alien hands. Not since Arthur Havers beat tack all rivals at Trocn in 1923. has the Open been won by other than an American, unless one counts out the expatriated Jim Barnes. Since Burnes. It has been Jones three times and Ilagen twice. And while the Babe was sellin.. shirts In his home town in Cnlifoi- did. and with this protection with- nl °' Ul>cle Robbie- was at Clear- drawn, fairways here mid abroad ™t«r—and keeping his on. more free hunting grounds. Thus far. none of the Robins has * * * missed a single noon day meal. The Those professionals who go to signal for the event is a yodel tram England likely will plan to arrive Clyde "Pea Ridge" Day, champion 1--100 yd. clash. 2— shot put It— 100 yd. hurdle. 4— Javelin. 5-. MO yd. dash. C-Pole vault. 7--1-W yd. dash. 8—Broad jump 0—220 low hurdle. 10—Discus. 11—850 run 12 —High jump. 13-830 relay. Limits cf participations—A slu- lieiit may participate in no more linn 5 events and llic relay. Number of eiilTics— ?. students from each school may participate in each events, hut only one i,?lay team may compel; -frcm cacli sthoDl Klljibilily—The Slate alhlPtic rnim apply. The winner of lhc Meet will hi awavdeil a silver (rack n°nre trophy. Pennants will lx- given to 2, 3 4 schools. Ribbons for first four places in each event will A silver shoe will »_• the individual In'uh be awarded, awarded to l>cini man. Preliminaries begin at 3 a. m. Finals beijin at 2 p. in. A thing that has puzzled O'Ctof- ty for some time is how some ras- slcrs can retain their plump ii;- ures when they are flattened t\v:i and three times a week. International battleground this sea-[in time to tune up in the South-"hog caller of the Ozarks. FOUK GREAT GItAM>FATHKKK STOCKBRIDGE, Wis., 1UPI — Robert A. Olson has four great- grandfathers living. Robert is one year-old. Tlip nine liiilse Among the little leagues that rockies won't hnve to worry about Y nle has gone on record as fav MIIR sent to Ihls year is the Blue orh)B tl)c collUnlmnce of tne E , RlcifV. The reason, lo use a base-1 sv ' stem ln foo u,. M However, they ball Ifiiii. h that Ihe Blue Ridge rcce ntly executed a very neat shift "blew.' llatl business conditions piny on Harvard .itid what, wns declared by the Bine U!<I[Y! officials its "lack of assist- " from (he -rajcrs" caused the 1 The mere mention of Lloyd's op- ahaiulomiKMit ol llic lilllc loop. It eration for nprKiidlcllls-last season ^(JSpSSkHAN :-. : -^»k —• ——, SCRI/ICE fjgf'tifl'H&Wr HUNGRY, etc'. ' :. ICO-Yard Dash — Pickel, Jonesboro: Youns, Jonesboro; Fowler, Blvthevllle. 10.7 seconds. ' Hlsh Jump-All tied. Pnrtle, Blythevillc: Downs, ParaeouUl: Scott, Jonesboro: Snnforri, Marked Tr-p. Fivrs feet, four Indies. ".220-Ynrd Dash— Pickel, Jnnrs- boro; Ycun?, Jonesboro: Samiders, nnlhln<! nf (he 1 Willie Shenlel. Eddie Rommel, Joe! frr towavr f'e srnlh . . .. , roor Inds In the nre.w ronu who' Holey. Jimmy Dykes, Bel (heir fingers frosl-bitlen. | moiosky and oihcrs. It costs somrtliinc like fSOO for '•<TI-V lull ptayrr Inken soutii, and t 1 ',-; only team Hint takes in more n' tlie exhibition pale Ihnn the trip costs te the Yankees. The rearon Adnin Co- Six Foot of Homers Eicht thonsnnd new scats nre nrarly ready for I lie fans of tlenr olil Fhlhnsh. Mnst of thc new scats will be lip by April ID when tlic Robins c]ien nt lioirc for a s'.njle game with the Phils, nnd everything but thc roof will be r:ntly by April 22 when the "official" ojieiiing with thc .Braves Is rn of Poi-tlaml Imvc'n very eoo( ,-stnr«l. The new Eronilstann seals . J pu"" . nlnmr Ilin \f\tt (InM T/vtiro mil- . , - on.eer. Amstino. imm ie tluil thc nnw seals are coing lo net, 2* Indies. i llircw his aim over the f?nce In cramp Ihe ball park n bit, making 0-Yard Relay-Joncsbnro. Mar-! a'snappy pcs lo first n n gnnwlt like Ihe Phillies' bandbox. Ac- Tree, Blytheville, Wilson. One; vllli tlio Curds recently, lias 1m- tnally, according lo McKeever, only Yarbro; Pnrtle, Blythevllc, Twenty-j Is not hnvcl lo find - In (he Yankees' three seconds. | right field. • ...Pole • Vault — Sanfcrd, Marked, ... Tree; Presslcy. Pnragould. Brr.Rifcn.j Turned Out hy Turner Blylhevlle; Masterson. Marked, Three tell players sent to the Tree; Coleman, Jonesboro. Nine Auilclirs bv Hvexy loin Turner: feci'five Inches. ' i of Portlairl have a very pood >-4M-Yard Dash-Moslcy, Blythr- cbnnc- to stnv np this year They : nro n] 0 »S ulll!! lefl - "J 1 '!/''.' 1 ';?' rlm "!nv T eill TTvimS Hnfi vllle; Biittre, Jones'«rc; Presley, 1 are Hank McDonald, Boh Johnson llln * lo thc cc " ter . nclcl «" * M U ) ' ljClla liyai"S aiKI Paragould; Brlstcr, Blythevllle; I nnd Joe Palmlsnno Hank Is a i'\fter that, on the other side, come «>8 sfccnds." i p reU j- fnir , )Ucllfr . M ^ srcs n , ot 500 Weaclier scats The new capa- Broad Jump—Pickel. .loncsboro; j r.f possibilities In Ita youiH! Giant.. c '' 5 " ot E^'-'ets FicW will be 35,000. ^ Sanford. Marked Tiec: Sanders.'Johnson Is a nood-loakliu/.vomit; Jiu!i!e Steve McKe^ver denies] Ynrbro; Dent. Marked Tree, TWCH- ontf.eHler. PAlmlstino. lliou^h he thai thc nnw seals are raing lo ty tact, 2* inches. i .. . . . .880-Yi feed Ti minute, 47.7 seconds. i prcEScrt Mack by Ills ambition and .iboui six feet of plnying Held wll'l HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday See "." Charlotte- G re e-n, Reginald Den- eila Hyams a Cliff Edwards RUBSHING UP SPORTS By La u for 'Stepping Out' Ailin.—JIaline? and Night— 10 and 2oc. PROBLEM P.HLL ^s^- LESS OF THE PAxsy _^1, •,.. .... WRB ofr : HITS . HE'LL oo A*PIN& "-—' RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Ht:(;i* I1KRR TODAY GVI'Mir HclHltmX IU-jrnr-oT* Nriv Vurk ^typlil. wnrrlrN JIH \VAI.I.\CR Ih*- 4nr nfl^r -W mrclM kJra •( thr kumr nt h«-r >i r n 1 1 hy I-OM»! • , A ,\ N E T II OW- HJMDfiH. f,f f mj httd been Jlllrd hj ALA.\ t IIOHnV. Ju»t rrlurned front • jr^r mad m hn!f In Purl* mlutyttt* nrt. mmd Wmllmcr'm ft a ii r re hnd brokr* Ihrlr C-BKHJEV •irnf t* marrj • iTrallhlcr in MB. Jim . Hnd 41>-|i»7 m» to Format i lly uhrrr Jim ha* a ihrlrlnx l»w prnrllrc, II U r«Inilvn, ^artlrv- Inrlj" Al \T I-M.I.K.V. % T b>i hn« kept hnu»r fur him, .rr hu*lll« ID f:jH»y. 'Ihfj .nufc Jirr. A..I E1V» muvra (u M rnKiiEr i>( hr> brra. Alum .4'cuab; nrllrm to Vjpmr bat fthr- rrlurn* tJir Irlter anopr»rd. M\IK'!4' I.OHINi;, Jim", former 0:m;rr. mnrrlr« UUOfK 1'IIIL- . <L:.f Itrtx'k riillllp. hn« k«-rn kill** In n rnirtruat • hnrxr. Mnrcla rr- lurn* I\; Kurml I lly. Jin a*d «I>1)"7 *«vr ihrlr ttrmi *t*nrr«I wh<o kr. njikk htr to tto wllfc him dl cwM un MnrrU «nd «ke refo*f«, •JJip f.on nlnar r K"d l^tcr «JP»r •u rU Alnn'ln nl n'rtrnrQt f»rAf,m 1'qrfr. Sfcr dt.Hkr* krr Invtlnc- tUVIy. HMrrfa rutiBnllx J!M nbuBl fc'rr fln.m-lnl nlTalr*. Shr auk* him to ruMF lii HC* krr Had ht *•*».• NUU CO ON WITH TUB STOKY u xxxv *4Y OU kn ow".'["r there's anything at nil I can do to help you 1 want you to lei me do It." Jim safd briskly. *Tui sure (here's nothing for you to worry over fn tlmse In suratice papera. It may be 10 days Irefore a reply cornea — " "It Isn't losuranco 1 want to .talk ahum." Alarcla flald. "I ['3 some Iblnp else." She stirred analnst her cushions and raised one tiny eJip poruJ toe and Inspected It critically, "Mnyho you'll hnle me for nsdlnR you tr> come here Mils way but 1 couldn't help It, Jtm. 1 had lo see you 1 ." 'Tut I've already told you I'm glfid In rotne." - "U f^n't alxint In^incss or Insur- .0 the davenport and sat OOSVD be-| side her. He put a hand on, Mar- cta'g arm. "Don't let yourself ho so miserable! Don't Marcl?.!" She still held tho handkerchief to er eyes with one hand. Ihe other dropped, found Jim's and clung to it. Presently the words came faintly. "Uo you—hiite me. Jim?" "Of course I don't. I could never do that. You know I thtnk a lot of you." "Oh—you can say that alter all I're doneE" "It isn't going to do any good to think about the paat now." Jim ?aid steadily. "You mustn't do It, Marcla. That's all over. Forgotten. You ought to be thinking about the future." M ARCIA touclieQ Iha handkerchief dnintlly to each eye. She looked Innnllely pathetic. There were no sivollcn rlma about the bluo-gra? eyes Buch aa usually brings. "For me," Marcia said softly, "for me there'll never be anything but the past." Suddenly she took Jim's hand In Loth ot hers, pressed It lightly. "1 suppose I ought to go away," she bcgnn. "Never see you again. That's wlial-1 should do. You're happy here, areu't you, Jlui? Married— with a .ovelj wife. Oh, ol coun she's lovely. I've seen her. I ounh to go away so that yon can forge all aoout mo—" "Don't!" Wallace spoke sharply "Don't talk that way. You kuow could never forget you!" "Oh, but you must. You'll hav to. I'm tlie ono to <!o the su.'ffrln; because I'm tlie one who sent yoi ," tlio elrl went on. "ll's abour' away. Oh. Jim darllug. when Ihhik of the hnppluess we mlgh much to ask when you have cvcry- liiE nnd I havo so little';" Jim Wallace frowned. "Look hero, larcta," he said, "we've got to face hla thing. Circumstances have- well, changed. There's nothing we in do about that now. Von know 'm fond of you. 1 always will be. 3ut tbero are other thlub'S—respon Ibilltles—to think of. Of course ou're unhappy now but you'll get ver It. There must be flue things .head for a girl like you. You have laauty, charm. money—lucre's lothfnjj In the world you cau't have!" "I'lease, Jtm—" "No. you must listen. I don't vant to think of you staying u the house here, miserable all lay long. You ought to he getting out, gelling Interested lu what's going on. That's wliat you should do. Get nut nnd see people, try to !orget what's past!" •'la that what you want mo lo do. Jim?" The girl's voice wag humble. "Yes." "Then I'll—try. I promise you 1 will." Good! Now I think I'd better be going. It's getting lite." "Hut it's only five," Marcla ob JecleJ. "And I'm a dreadful hostess! Please wait and let me get you a cnol dink—" She was on her feet before he could slop her and out of the room. Jim walked lo a window. Ho stood there, hands In his pockets, staring out until a few minutes later Marcla relumed. PON:T BET ON WOMEN < EDMUND LOWE JEANETTE MocDONAlD Jipu \Vnllace looked slightly un comfortable tint he did not speak. "\o matter what you think of inc for it." Marcla we ' on, "I've Ko 1 to Id] you Ihls. It's-It's a confe.1 sion." Slie walled, then continued slcwly. "I didn't lovu Rrock Phil lips. I found thclout. Jim. tho drsi week we were niarrlod. Oh. you've hnve had—when I think of oil threw away I—I just cau't sund It!" Marcla burled her face agalnsi Ihe young man's shoulder. She clung lo him helplcs.'ly. Tho rer fumo of liar lulr. »o silken, so gol den, van a subtle sweetness. Jim's arm \vc-nl around her. For a long CHE was carrying a large old fash ^ ioned tray. There was a pitcher on U and Iwo glasses, already tilled containing Ice and topped with mint sprigs. Marcia set the tray on a low table and offered Jim a glass She look one herself. "Here's to your happiness," shi said, raising tho glass lo her lips "And here's to yours." It was nearly six when at las he rose to leave. Marcia followei him to thc door, offered her luni! llo pressed It lightly. "Thank you for coming." she sal' softly. "You've done a lot lo hel me." no ;d-'.i how mlseruUo I've been! | moment he held her; Ihc-n Marcla T'm miserable now when ovcnono thinks I'm hennhroken over Brock and I'm not. Of course I was tond drew "1 ilifri'l mc:m to do thnl." she said. "1 only asked you to come of him-In a way. It was a terrible hero bnniise 1 thought It would be WIUI«M* HOWABD o» ihe—lik« Coesor'i wife—obov* »ujpicion1; Or wot »lve—lika mosl pretty girls —not obov» i flirtotion* i ncridcnt and I cried when I knew he was dead. Only you see 1 cnu'i mourn him like a Mfe. A thousand easiei it there was one pcrsoii who unileisioml. You were lhc only i-er sou I could talk to. I don't mean to times I've unbrntdcd myself for th« j Inleifcrs wllh your life. Jim. Nol lor tlii- world!" She waited and lb> eyes beiilml the curling lashes lifted to his ilntwdly. Scarcely abovo a "Then I'm very glad. Let know when you hear from that In surnnco office. Clood night." "Good night. Jim." The door closed. From tho hn window Mircla watched him g flown the walk nnd turn to th right. Sho walled until the broa shoulders were oul of Elgin. An •)! fashioned mirror with a frame o carved msple hung against the wai Morcla faced her reflection lu th mirror. For an Instant she Bludle herself critically, touched her hal would become embarrassed at Ilia stillness. It was on a Wednesday that she learned lhc trulh. Gypsy bad been busy In the garden all afternoon. Sam was spray- Ing the rose bushes and the girl had heen puuching about with a trowel, pulling a weed when sho found one. paltlng the soil about roots where rainfall had washed it away, and enjoying herself hearfily. Sha cdino Into Ihe house Inle to dress. On Ihe desk in her bedroom Iny a stamped envelope. Gypsy groaned. It was Ihe letter ie had wanted to gel off to Anne roivbridge for a week. The post- nan had made his collection It as loo late to set tho letter Into ' 10 day's mall. According to the clock on tho eilside tfiblo II was 20 minutes after our. Gypsy, suddenly making up er mind, dressed hurriedly. "I'm going to Ihe posloffice," sho ailed to Matilda In tho kitchen. If anyone, calls say I'll be right ack." It was 20 minutes' walk to Iho stoffice. 'Gypsy hurried along ivith brisk steps. She mailed the cr wilh (lie pleasant consciousness of a lon^-delayed task completed. Then she turned homeward. To reach the Wallace home It svas not necessary to pass Aunt Rllen'a cottnge. Some perverse imp of for- une must have made Gypsy take Ihe lonK way around the block lu- stead of the short. As she turned the. corner she saw a man going up the walk toward the cotupe. Gypsy watched «ith mild curlosily aud suddenly recognized him. It was Jim! Ttie door of Ihe house opened to reveal a blond girl smll- iug. Jim wenl inside. It Nad Heen the tiniest flash of ininian drama. Harely an incident. There had boeu no time for flytisy to study (lie expression of Jim's face or the girl's. Nothing had happened. Nothing really. And yet Gypsy, with unwavering instinct, knew the truth. Mow blind she had been! How hopelessly, stupidly blind! The trirl coulri frel her cheeks flaming. Kycs straight ahead, walking rapidly, sho hurried past tho cottage, overwhelmed with a horror that Jim should look out the window nnd seo her. She reached the house and went directly to her room. Alone there she sank to Ihe nearest clialr. It was all so clear now. So dimple. Marcla who had broken Jim's heart once had picked up the pieces and was toying wllh them. Heauliful Marcla! What did sho here and there, gently replacing u curling wisp. Then she raised her head. Marcla was smiling and there was triumph, complete confl dci:ce In thai smile. you love] wsy I treated you. Jim, but I've h.'cu punished for II. Oh—I've been mmlshed." She covered her eyes ivlth > Imnilkcrchlef. There was a moment of silence. Then Jim said. "Why . are you telling me all Ihis?" "Uypsy and I havo been haririy," lie! Jim sahl lo betray rcsllcssncss. He "IlLcausc I-l wnnl you to know | M ld. "She's a Tne girl." I w « a3 consWcratc as ever. She thnt I'm sc-rry. nh. Jim. II was nil murmur she oaVcJ, her very much?" ills expression did not chariRc | wrong. There was nolhlng.In what j VOH nearly a wetk Oypsy could not make up her mind whal was Adm.—JIatinee^-lO-25-.lOc Night—15 and -iOc surh a irrrlhlu misiakc!" He coulit wouldii'l mind your coming Mere S c ; ,r,,,y henrlicr voice fo, tho ^ «?•»; ™ M( ^' voMl , t , nl:ll , "I'-raM Mmxla-!" .llni sal.l] Ol)|> . ', V( ,' , |( ,; a , hlllklllB llm , if soolhin^ty, "you re only enlng tO|y ou -,j lailicr lurn things over to niukc yourself fed worse. Yoii- anill | ic>| . lawyer-" mustn't KO on tills wny. Try to -\vtiy shouhl I do thai? Jusi hrnce up now «nd stop crylns!" I jcelnj! you ouce In a whllo maVes Thert wai 09 »nsw»r. He coulrl mo BO much happier, Jim. Surely I'm so Klad (or >'««r *•**• She i " w lllni , "' "' c hrcakfasl table, al tut au RIOU »» j I illnn^r fi.^inmitK- during t1 '~ |)i)|g |n Fii|to n{ oulwarj cn|[u Gypsy kiu-w that something had , 'a •"'» "<™cd lie would look up In the inlilrile of soniclhliig she- had been Idling him his face saying ns nlnln ni words Ihnl he hail heard not .1 single sen Icnce. At olhor limes ho would sit th>t h«rs«U want with Jim? NVns U only lo hurt him again thai she hnd dime unek? What did Marcla Phillips cspcct lo gain? She did not give way to tears. Sho had never heen more 1 calm. Only tho llRhtnesa ot her lips, an unusual pallor hetrnycil her em* lion. Sho arose presently and went down stairs. When Jim eulcrcil Ihe house sho was waiting for him. "ll's been n hoi ilny." he said. "Scorcher!" "ll's been cool enough hero." Gypsy told him. ."I was In the tar- ilon nlmosl all day. Uld > JU w«rk laic?' 1 Jim was nol looking at her. "Yes." he said, "lied up nllli Mills on Ihal Alnsworlh will case. I nny havo to go down to thc office agaiu Ihis evening If he telephones," {To H« Confined)

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