The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1935
Page 3
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Y u, themselves considerably to make the operation of th* 193i models ss free as possible from the ma^ filpiilstlons thnt heretofore called for jiicisiwnt and esperipfti-a oh '-he part of (he d'tJWf. Tin? choi-e butfoii, for instance, is rnteins from the iiistnirneni panel 01 the new DadK. Tne now pjrfnrmFd by sn important Mechanical In- Introduced novations This Year. rSfc-THOIT, Mich.—The ntvi line of B.-.iijfi? cars lias proven one of Ihe outslGWiiiJg attractions of the yer.r's liig smoiiJGhita shows. The !'i erigliif?r.= hove com- sriiarlress In com fall able bodies with cpcialln? isalures that do, automatically, a variety nf Ihlnj- nOilcli formerly ha.l to i;e done manually. The n.-Jdw mod. 1 ):! j-:c?n lire o Coupe, Iv.'o arid tair-iicnr fieiinns and' two Q7i.I four-door Touring Redans, Tne Touring P.odnns Incorporate Ingr-mous ln-bu!ll, stream lltied teufe of .inch nnusitrtl cn- -»pntlty Hint, ihelr lower switch: 1 , rrmy lit- uwil to accommodate 1 the sparo wliffil ntnl the, tr-avliifi In the/ np|ir:iv r<,iii|.ailmf-"t;, nnijile room for liireaan. When (lie owner prr-l'ei-.i lo carry lire spawn in fahdrr v.i'll-;. Die w-DU-r Iwml uinl - lire track of the trunks may !>,• removed, making the entire com- parlment available for lu^at^e, "Synclirnmalic" Springing One nf themechnnlcal advances scon for the first lime lh!s year Is the Hodge "synchronistic" ironi, .spring action. f rho suspension incorporates a rlflld Ironl rixle, flexible Inulti-lr-af springs,' doufolc-acL- fng hydrnulli; shod; absorbers and . nrxlcn- rlile The eliY-cUvc-ness ol ihc s\i pension, nceordhic lo Dodsn ei»s net-i's," b further assured by a new equalized distribution of Ihe cur sprlne-siipnorted weight to all foi wheels, i process In which tl power piam Is placed a inehe fmtliir forward, while the eeda real' sc-ats^ formerly above the reo axle, ire moved forward G-inche. a> thfel, nil par^engeiT, rlde'-cra died between the axles. • • wore unusual details are faun in the; stterlnj mechanism of th new podge. This ir, the Dod? cross-strtrlng method In whle the Pitman arm moves erosswlse irtstead- of Itngthwlsc with th chassis frame as Is the raw wltt ordinary steeling. Ttito construe i\6n • contribute.-, materially t .'.tef.ilpE ease • and inake.i It 1m 'posslb'le for rond shocks to b contmtinteflted "to tile slcerln 1 wheel. '• . T)je iiaU-fiicil floating power en alrit tnoiintlnga-^whlch have bwi ,T Dotlge feature for several year —are '.iised : .in .the. 103s models with a- slmpilllcd-front, mount lini relocated ; rear . supports. At - til points, wticro'U approaches Uli •--- • ;frsiine, the 'power planl' i. c. •Ti:e 1,-ttlng of HIP ignition sj- has 6lso fcffn n;a>ie "auloranllc, Iwn WByi—hy a centtlfti;al M-nor and Toe n sprelnl . .— amount of heat to IIP appllcl ta the fuel mixture is :iolftl r.iit, avdoinBticoliy, hy a tor hest oonlrol. II [I IK carbure- temperature is kept a ffter- of [ioople hav "I ilio sliowroonis or the - Mlflc. ohc-vrolol romnany since thr ai,i,nunotm«m. of the new csr Kccr,u\iiif to Tail A. I.IKIe. and first mo£tst mooiporstcd In the .- ,.»,, e ,,,wion 1; designed (0 cause the gears to mm at the am* making I'-fV 1 '''," 1 Jtr ' 1 - l1 " lt ' sftl ' 1 ' "" 5rer "' r lisvp i^-ffi In the telnet li^w si.ns 1 , A f.n rl&wly fVf.rnlr.i.t nev.^cnr offerings as those who In" ' tile Yjr-ts* r^heVTolfl thte r.nd s.lylitiR nf ih,-- models [n r-l will ihi; r.niiilrfiitoi of .^hofrroom vwtorr, who wr-rn oiilliiulasllc nl-niii,. thh wiviallonni po-rfornitinre mill r.'-maH:ablf 'orormmy nf the Standard iilx mod.'h." Tliraf- ni|jo aitwml from (lie i i.h.wrnoin lo tnko u dpmonstratlon .. ; ".,,-,,11 uj uiiKf. u tip/ N«w lype of Consiniclioii ^'^ ^.^r, Lomljines Beauty With '"""" ' Safely. I'ONTIAC, Mldv-Thc Pishcr "oily division nf Cicncrnl Motors liiis artderl another revolutionary achievement to ll.s list of brllllaiil , iinprovf:.! porlor,, ml , u: 11I1U tho smooth ildi,, (( quallllos in a f' ;ir "f such low price I Additional „,«],*; of „„. IM!W f-niinn Is Rnliicly Ai- pii fmnforl. •• t.Htl<! slnted, "HI l» an 'nconoiay ycfu , . 'in'rubber bonded to stee fecs ' hi 'sii'ch ' a ', manner 1 that ,thi engine' rocks about '1U : natural ax- fa and I there; Is: ho; actual 'mctoi- to-melal supporting contiict be tween , engine and ' chassis frame: D.odao engineers have exerted Cuvvcnl Demands Indicate . Further Gains; fov the Year Ahead. DETROIT, Mich,— Chrysler Corporation lias Jiist, complo'ied a record breaking year "with a whirlwind finish --that '•'presages- even heater records .for 1935," Walter P. Chrysler announced" today." Mr. Ch'rj'Bler revealed that, the corporation produced and shipped more passenger and commercial automobiles In 1934, than during any previous year in Us history He said the 1&34 record showed n gain -of 19.5 per cent over the previous peak year-liKS-nnd was 33 per cent above Ilio 1D.13 mark. we finished this record year •With the biggest December lu'oiir history," he said. "The corporation shipped a tola] or 57,305 new ISM cars m December, compared WHi G.3Q1 units shipped In De- lumber. 1933. O ur Plyinmith nlnnt nlnne shipped 32.8fi9 new cars .the insl month of 103-1, nsalnst 2108 »'»ls b> the correspoiirilni; moniJi Ji yrnr jv^o.' 1 Mr. Cln-yslc,- dccbre.l ||,nl nil of Ihc corponuonv |]an( jpriathvj at. capacity production " " ' ••"' '"'iwccdcntrri n,,n»l,c of ordm ior new car , ,,„ ,, •retail sates a " C "' ' Ba | nnT •Ouv sales have \ Kf . n steadily each week Muco <-d fhlpplnc the IDJScaft- ••rtelnll ilcllwrlM diirln* ,.| ,, . ', week of the year sl, olv <-d "„ , wens,-, or 20 por cent nv ' w „, previous week nntl were ? l( 1'. "•lit nbove the f,ime week a y[. n , "Ainencaii Imyine power ivinin. «' «ml made llself lelt u, , omc <l-iree during IMV ho said "n Is evident lhaC llu> cotillmicil in- ric-aw in ihh buying power wui Eieally 'lltnulot? the mamifaetur" nnd salo of nijlomoblles " '•At least one-third of oil CHK now operated 1,1 the United States rue more thai, SK ve nrs 0 Jd ami nlBolcte from the standpoint O f cperatlns etilclency and economy" • i^ irU'er flm i pa.wngers ride In wlrnt virtually fl ateel strongbox. They . steel above ' nnd on_ nil sides. Top is One-Flee? The 'Tunet Top" to tt single meet of seamless drawn steel' fex- tending from .the itfridshtelii do™ u> n -point well.Uelpw the rear (v'indow, itf, inherent' slrehgth be- , further IhereoEed' by n 'erle« of IwRvy u-shapert metal bofrs ^iiat support it from below 'Hie front end t. entirely of steel irom the Instrument 'panel •forward and Inchidhw the corner Pff, ™ c-lihvr tide or the wind- hield. Theie Is no back panel us n the oiduury hody. Tile, ohe- P|ec« sice} mo! Ir. liron E hi. do™ l Uie rait- to form the to» or the fnunp -around the Drinkers' m Oregon Aid Siate Finances SALKM, Ore. (UP)-Buslne=s of ' e :ompnrlrnent opcnln K . The ,n',ar- curve ardiuul to form the steel floor, with the er .he ,st<!cs; leccsidry inoldlns;, the"'ljoUom Blc-clrleaUy welded Into a.-solid eel unit. ; iiiid' relnrorwd- throughout, by Blnler-type bricJnfr, ; the , "J . D-;—v. tJ|Jl^ UI*SV4J1>J, . (JIB ftpily Ls comparaMe-to the gun'tur- |i of a battleshlpr-the strongest, itnicture ever devised, to withstand outside shock.-' -Wholly of steel irched and crowned for slreriBtli' L affords the utmost protection to he men who serve the guns, and s the highest development of .the irlnclples utilized.-,ln the Pisher runet Top" body.- • Special R-esses Made Besides acordi'ng safety .hereto- ore, unoblalunblc, the .one-piece oiistnwtlon or the "Tttrret- Top" voids t)ie posslUllltj' of leaks 'n'ml l the s.itr:e tune adda crace and •ity to the flp\vhig s'pff^iuhes n nil models - O f thi- I93r>- Ponttac I^iGlneerlng problems cncounter- <i In the production of the new wiles were tremendous. Giant, se-v some of theai capable "of mig a pressure-of 1,950 tons, i J,9iH).oofl pounds, had to be de- ienod and coiistriteted especlDUy or never before m Oie history of !.1S! b ™ An ™ r '**$ tomecf'm great dimensions. weigh iOQ tons, These more , cn more ian four rtorles h! 6 h, find utilize to Wll from 38 to M tow Chest Colds OKI. Flgllt thpni nnlAl-ltj n, —. * ate M '< onev — •• £0[i (t owuiujjt; tliem niilckly. Creomut- — 1 helps in one. Pow- •mless. • Pleasant lo Your own dntjr- '«i to refund your ino spot It your cwh _not relieved by Creo- npeinlo." "I'f-SlS ("01 MM! rales r.laffs or the- nc-iv Blnncl- lint in nonniil dilvtng spf-.-nU this '31' ft S'8i Egf-i 3 - l hillp^ I'-ii- n luor 'llnduslry has ,500,000 matk i,, , ne-haU months JUie "(•r the TCno of a,, audit showed Ll- stores produced Xm on hf01 ' nml ,,nd .license feos nirraoiT, Hieii—-n.i,-,,i n,,-,i,-)i cars do not bceujiji- o)<5nlrii> sliiif/iy beeatlf.e Hie cf.lenoar turns .1 tent ...IMP 1'iisioni or Inirochiclng new malcls nnmirdly l< |»snft«d wjitu they me reslii- HEW, and not meiely ,',mippoii '.vlii, new point.-: h:r Ihr. piujwes of manshlp..." Tiie flfse r .nhiir uiUiatKe of Ihe Font Ktolor company re the 1G2& mfiiirj, over (;«• slgnatiire of Henry rord, ^-f,s fomiunjj sense liun.'il&l- P>l lo almj)!,; Tits new rar i,,is all the rnml- >s r,nd RdvantaEM of Insi yenr's i-nr.. dim mrriftlilne nddfil," stitd Mr. Kw.i. N r e«* M Appfannce In appeanimv- u-e Ponl V-fl foj- Ifl.'iO t.,- entirety npvr T|, O UTlIlp }irj- I r t 1. , b*"n, ,,MM UIHI liody loinleTfi ininjis wliwlti, m fn ,.|,' 1)JO cnr ' from bumper tn Iminper has Ix-en nnwly df-sfgiied. (Spednl ntlontlou has Itffti ulven to rhllm; comfort niHl raw of control, includlnc not only the tiprhi^ suspcmioii. wplgltt distribution nnd rmviiger IKJ.SI- tlon but brnklna, clntdi tictlon find .stenrlni; as well. The V-8 jliiK has been Improved In scv- il jlewiu and „ Ilf . w S y S ( C , M of craiikotise vcntllii(| on ),„„ hecn added. also '1 Inch vrfdsr. The tow m the tsar spring which was fortn- rrl y required to clenr the r.xle "I housing has ijf f n i, on.t the fprin ? i; no ,.. - it is n\',« >• \\,,*}\ lr,i,li- ft ilir.n formerly. ' • " Old People Thrive in Missouri Town .IKriOi-t, Kfo. i IIP) - pfopk> Stow t;ld In i Ins town ol only wu. 'lli'ie an' more thim 60 peisona •«ip nf fi-sitir.'s v "" ie " EE ' E rtm Se Iiam no to 102, iiiiprovfd ]i;lir,= "V'! |n!tl .*'"ll«'H PWndoii they go ••n^-i iH'oiin.l a ,-om- Miour "' olr I^IKK wiili.jut as - ril.'fjil.iillon Ol clia ^—11^^ AT t|gg The Ford Motor comixiny 1ms "u 'miirr'"'- U '"" " Ce " lcil -I )ol5e " huvc been roinblnert to proved riding f oi:ir ar (. I'ltc nisi gran,, . of cjmtiEen re- 'tr-.-, i,, ih,. , :|Jrl , |g £uspel ,,. 10] 'stem. ^ fjje Pont transveis °i spring iiioiintlne i-". re "' Us entirety, bill hns illng new front "nild* leai ings, a new f mn otlur-r alllRi p a ,. t . |e;) 10 rtiiiixu i,-- il 1f.iiv -.11,1' ,i» i |ilMii;.in,i jiriil ,,r, t - thliit-, ih-il M.wug.'r nfr-.uii; .In. ! n.l f.) r,,,l,,,K( i, !'" '•'*.•!> K'H K.(, v nc'50, B woih.ii, 01 i:, ; lfnrno;l 10 uw ., tvp. ;)isiiges in passenger looo- relative to tlio longitudinal <"' the pnr con- si tutc-s the Ihltd tenure tnvoly- f<l m obtaining E roaier space for """-"•'• 1 " : . full oilvimlftge 1ms en of UK- nmix. fonvnrd of ' liy with a tan in New voit ' 01 !. 0 ' "«'.vilta W i, Mrs. hitniH, who vrlll be ins ,, tin 1 iii'im ami rear forward a I'IripsiMndiiit: niiiDinil, : Unili front f.iHl u-n,. , ;fl) | navionwrs ^ llui-i pluord clr,.<r.r to Mm ecu- eillnil mciilon ri'lniivn to lh>> misi ol tho (•hns.sls, ihu rcnr »•; ,l»i'll|r f! r «vl t ||||, Hating |jli, | t] , llm (or * lllr ' 1 '" ll "' [<)''in(-r 'pi^i- Votlh NaiiV... „. 1'ORT COI.HOHNl-;, Oil » ol Mlw )l',,] nil *'5X'r, I" Ilio list of I.IWVI'H ' "awed Kln,.\ COIIIIM-L by the on- < lurlo Kontmmin i, li.iiovrd to lw| Hist, time rim roiiriniy up. ; ol'i"'l Wp , and o fi ,rfct fr- j-o u SfoJ* To add from Irai .'of bln'rtVlW stop "^etlbiD mi ir, „,.,, Bll '-" J o H|l ,,, G ,,i?, g CL n 1-' cent, nonkaiip or Gold Medal marten oil Capsules om) take •is illrwlfd. other .symptoms ' of kidney and bladder weaknessc:* ore scant, biirnln!; or ^marling plis- snge—Iwokaehc—leg crampv-piirTy eyes. : -Adv. ; l Don't Forget THE 'J'ifONB NUMRKK 1'OR QOK.'K flKRVICIO Bill Wunderlich MAIN SERVICE STATION Goodrich Tires nnd Tubes -jhaii thcr Ur SV tiov l'«[iilt ! es for :ii s -.(in ciJuhjilrreiilL • '-.' -, DODGE I i w^LasI and Out-Perform Any Car hilts Price Class Time To. <) —New Air Whop] Tires lj- All-Sled Baily lofif Vision Yen- —"Flnjfci- Tin" stwrlnp —Motor Rconorny W.T.Barnett Auto Sales Co. New 1935 Ford v-8 Comptotely Now in Appearance Now 'Cenler-Poiso" Ri f li nj v Gomfovt N,ny Re<loai ff MO(l Rrnidng System SftMy Glass nt. No Exlm Cost l'. ; -0 [mpvovemonts—2 Now Types ,.o\vcat Priced Full Si?,cd Car by fe l)f Month ation PHILLIPS MOTOR C(| Atttlio'rixo '^. *) L-i Displ 4 " ' I M > ~ "%l g% \\'c arc no\v in a position lo make ddivcvios on all Standard models of I IK- New 935 And on %. Ton and I % Ton Trucks SflOUSE-l.ITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Comer Walniil & Railroad ^ &?^ Priced as $ low as— § and offering the following fine-car features . . 0 0 ' 615 1. Solid-Steel "Turret. Top" Bodies b y Fisher 2. Hydraulic Bra Ir os Triple-Scaled H. Spccdlined Styling 4. Silver-Alloy Benr- ings 5. 10 Second Sturlini; nl Zero Ii. (Viinplciflv H,. a 1 cil t')),-i.ssis 7. !•; n f I n s i' (1 ' Kiii'f- Aflioii Pins fil \Vftfftlu 8. Fisher Ns Draft Venttlatfoit 9. Luggage and Spare Tire Compartment 10. Double K-T Frame 11. Smoothest of Sis and Eight'Cylinder Motors 12. Cross-Flow Radiator and Gusher Y r alve fnnlinfr IS. Full- I'rcssuro Mel- oreil l.ulii'icalion II. I'rodiu'l of fipupi-al Molors II"- Llsl.l .mil !),• |.mo stv hiiiilcli. LEOTPFDGE MOTOR £0. Bl.fllievillc, Ark.

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