The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE: TWO (APR.) COURIER' NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 10, ,1937',;,- Social Calendar , MONDAY'S EVENTS Ciic|cs if Roman's Aiixiliaij, a' First Piesbyterlan church mceling circle 1, Mrs S. E. Vatl, circle 2,1 Mrs G W Dillahunti, circle 3, Mrs. H. H. Houcliins at 2:30 p.m.; circle 4, meeting at 6:30 p.m. with Mrs Stuart H Salmon Circles of Woman';. Misslonmy Union, nrst Baptist churph, meat- mg- circle 1, Mrs J W Meyer, circle 2, Mrs. R. L. Recder circle 3, Mrs. Uojd Stickmon, ciiclc 4, Mrs tjey Hunt, circle 5, nt ihc church. Business and Professional Women meet!"? hi Ross room of Hotel Noble Woman's Council, First Chris- dan church, meeting, with Mrs. J D 'Smith, 2 30 P M TUESDAY'S EVENTS Intermediate O A ';> meeting at First Baptist church, •! p.m. Junior G. A.'s meeting nt First Baptist church,-4 p.m. Buntjeams meeting First Baptist church, 3:30 p.m. Mrs. Elton \f. Kirby having th; Tuesday Bridge club Young; Matrons club meeting with Mrs. Murray Smart. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS R, A.'s meeting First Baptist church, 3.30 P. M, Dclphlans meeting, at Hotel Noble, 9 30 a in „ Mrs Harry Klrby ha\lng Wednesday Bridge club. THURSDAY'S EVENTS' Mrs P Bi Joyner haung Thu|s- day Contract club FRIDAY'S'-EVENTS Music department of Women's club meeting at club house, 3 pin s Spring •• By Helen \VelBhin\qr IT'S sprin;;, ariO I've lost the old desiie 1 For a gipsy paUcran; I \\\m once hunted dark green stars To pack ID a silver can. It's spring and the t'ipsy violins Arc playing Hie whole tlirout'li, And the wind is sweet with rivers of rain, And 1 wait, I wait for you! I 'VE spread the table with yellow clptti, All the daffodils I could pick Arc standing'around in copper bowl?, I've ligliteij a candle-slick D.IIluif,(tailing HieViamlerlusl Has galloped jcioss the liill III settle down in any town Oil, Business Women to Iia\f Quest Speaker J Louis Cherry will be the speaker at tho meeting of the Business and professional \Yomen's clu.b Monday night, at the Hotel Ifpble, vrhen ho will spsak ,on "Financial Problems." Each mcmbei is to take a guest. • * • <• Bam 1 1st Business Women Ha\c Meeting Tlie Business \Vomcns chcle of. the First Baptist churcli met Thursday night at the iliMich when the 15'present' included two visitors. Misses Noira Crews and Camelle Breenha.w N Mrs B L Reedei conducted the * of the mission book as n guest speaker' Mrs J L New- solrf"* !M 4 'in 'groiip singing, ,',wltli' Miss 'Gladss Mick a"l tho plan'a and Miss Zola Orafton, vico-\ircM- dent presided- In a brier business Bessioii'. Bits -of News Mostly Peisonal Mrs Herbert Browning am children will rcturiY home tonigh Irani Davenoort, Fla., where they ha\e spent the pa">t two and f half months visituig Mrs Biown ing's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Jet Ktrkland. Mrs. Ellen Acton "left yesterday for a short visit in Birnnnghan with her daughter 'Mrs. \V. H Jackson. ,foimerly of heie Mi;s. John Wright, who ha been spending several weeks' her with Mrs. Lillie Sisk, reliu'ned t her -home in Halls, Tenn.. Thnrs day for si short time Mr Wngli motored over for her and brough •with him his niece, J!rs. B. Crews, of Ripley, who will sti with Mrs Sisk Mu Sisk wh has been 111 several weeks, slightly better. Mi and Mrs Iiank Young an thsir aunt, Mrs Seals, who hav heen residing in Mrs. Lillie Sisk apartment for the past two year have moved their furniture arid have taken a house on Hcarn 6t ; L B Johnson of Wcslfield, Mass and Mrs Pearl loland of Kansas Oily, Kans. are week-end guests of their aunt, Mrs Tom Crockett It is their fiist \islt with Mrs Crockett in 24 jear,s Mr and Mrs W T Bamclt and ^ AinoheoD, Tea and Btinqudt ior Convention Delegates Tho s.ocl(il siijc of the state.P. E.'! Lcc siing, with Mrs. Murray Smar daughter, M^ane, aiid Mrs. , . D Smith, visited in Kennett and Maiden, Mo, Thursdaj Mr and Mrt S P Lee jr, are spending the weekend here with Mr Lee's family Mrs" Lee is remaining at her home in steelc and attending school there while Mr Lee is a student at Macon nnd Andrew;, School of Business. Miss Georgia. Lee, ,vho is em- plcjed at Mis Highill's Bcautj shop at Kennett, is spending the weekend at home Mr and Mrs Arch Gray left today for Rector aftci spending a week here \vilh Mr. and Mrs. C. M Graj. • Mrs Nora Edwards, formerly of here and >inw of chaffee, Mo.. Is •visiting hct niece, Miss Ruth Ir- Vlil. Jesse H Webb lias returned to his<home at Earle after a brief stay here Mrs W S Hanlei Mill return to Iiei homo in Djess tomorrow aftci having spent the piist ten days with hei daughter, Mrs. Di.\- ig Crawford, and family. ~*" H COMPLETE •• BEAUTY SERVICE Phone; 106 MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP . convention, In session here >rriay and 'today', was emphasized>. n luncheon yesterday at the lio- ;1 Noble, a lea given by Mrs. 4- A. 5ech and Mtss Peggy McKcel, and banquet at ~ the hotel last night vhen • hijsbands , of the members ere guests.. •. "•'.'.. 100 p. E. O. members row ;1G tavns in , Arkansas-.wlilc!) ave • chap\ers, Memphis, Garuth- rsvilte, •Kcnnctt, bsxtcr and Nc- acla, Mo., wlio attended the Ua the Leech home. 'Die organiza- icn's colors of yellow nnd while yore very effectively used In deco, aling the Leech house witji three ;ams thrown open tor the party, here were bo\in.uets of yellow and riiitc, gladioli throughout the liv- ng anil siui rooius and the dining mm was arranged (or the serving if refreshments. Many spring flow- -rs were in the colorful Ii6\iquet, vhich with y'cljp\v tapers, made'the centerpiece. : Mrs. 0. S. Wright of Denver. olo., supreme vice-president, and Mrs. B. A. Lynch, state president, jcejved the guests with Mrs. Leech in:t Miss McKecl. Mrs. Charles S. Lemons and 'Mrs. \y. L. Homer, nresideius ol Olrar.ters "C.' 1 and 'N" here, presided at the ten tn- Mc, They were assisted by Mary lean Atflick and Martha Bobbins it Steeja, and members of Chnp- •«r "N", \\hich was organized by Chnpter "D" a year ago, and Mrs. T. W. Altlick and tyrs. A. B. Fairfield, also, aided In entertaining the •{lies Is. The first oucn affair ol IVie can- ve.nllon was the ''B. I. L." ban- n»;t when husbands of the mem- s ers were pnests. Negro .-spirituals ••ppropriaicly sung by the Harvi-on hlph school elce club with Bessie Partso as director, earn; by the 120 ijuesls ns they -issembled in the Blue Room for •te banni;et." Newsboys, which <K«.I* ' . reality dantr pupils of Miss Margaret MoflilV drc.sicd in the -ole of newsboys, ctistribulert "ras" of the Courier News their dance. These papers, especially prepared for th= occasion were souvenirs for'Ihc convenlior members. Mrs. R. p. Kirshner was tonsl- -"ihlrtss and she introduced Mr-. Wright; [he .state officers, ih- d;!r- wlcs and the officers of the 16 •hnpters in Arkansas. ; B. A. Lynch spoke bricllv. ir 'ochalf of the husbancls. and Ms>: B. Reid, as speaker of tho svc- nin?. spoke on "Women as L:ati- at the pinnp. Tho same yeljow and whits- mot wns used in tho decora lions with the place cards on pic lures of cotton bales. Those, wit tl\e real cotton boles dislrihute nt the, luncheon, made apprbpriat favors for the visitors froni- th 'largest cotton county in the worlf Colony Director SpeaVs to Dyess Club Counc DYESS, Ark. — E. S. Dudle Colony director, addressed tl Dycss Council of Home Demo'i ttrat|on clubs this aitcrnoon o 'The ( 'Woman's Plucu. In Building A Colony Home." -. Mra'.,.M, .M. Hlncsley led dcvp Ions, Mrs. L. L. Hubener talked on "The Significance ;of Mollnis Dny." Miss Helen Shnw presented a grouii of small boys in n song and dialogue number. Mrs. Vii Slhin Dawes was in charge of the program, which closed with an address by Mtss. Cora Lee Cole- mnii, .county home demonstration agent. One :StyJe That's Constitutional ). 1£. S. Celebrates 32nd Anniversary at Biilhday Party It was 32 years ago that the Or er of the Eastern Star was organ- ed In Blylheville. A birthday par- 1 last night commemorated the ccnsloh. A number of grand of- cers and members of the Oscc'ola jpipi \scic gueets of hPHPl fho (.liaptei was oi£,;e| at le old Methodiijt ch,iirel) on Lake re->t wheie the 5U(|b'i)ry sc^oo) ow slands. t«e first 20 of the 32 candies on it blrtlidas caKe v,pro Ugh,ted by Irs W W Hollliyter, who Is the nly llvint afflllalod mepiber nov, llllhcylle wlio served qs a Vior mitron dining the first 20 sea> f the clnptci s life ""sithi" offlccib «ere Ml? E \ Bo s in of Luxora associate wor- nntro\i of Arkansas or L E mi of toilette grand septlnel f the giand ihaptei of the v,orU frs Flosstc Barnes of L^panto ruu| deputy foi the lath district Irs L F lucker of Monettc mud pige of the gland, chapter f 1)10 world Di E R Ellis of .lonelte past worthj grajic; patron f Arkansas and Walter Hill of If >anto issoclatcd grand pation of Arkansas. Mrs 1 Wilson piesent \\oithy matron of HID Bl> hevnie chaplci gi\o ^ hlstoiy of he oij,aiiUa.tion This v,as follow- d by Hit candle lighting ceremony yitrt vtoilhy mttrons pf the rm^e ec"ivt veais follounij, Mrs Holh ictei these mations aie >!){, j} A i-iyloi Mrs George \f/ B-\r v\m i\I|i. J T AHoul Mrs E Blomeyer Miss Cora Leo Cok nan, Mrs. W. A. Stickmon, Mrs. L. - M. BurnoUe. Mrs." M. • Fllz- i|mmqns Mis Gils Ebcidt ind Mrs Noia Erfv, arris nem of ohaflee Mo Wolthy patrons of leccnt jeais aie W W Hollipelei ft E Bluj lock o C Birnes the hto J G Barnes, E. M. Blomcysr and lia : leigh S}l\t tci now scivmg In lh£ social hour refreshments CIO ier\o<) the usiliiig qfllceis tho 25 nismbcrs of the iOsceol cru\|]lci ind t!ie Blylhe\.il!c mem bers present. Real?" |s the subject of thq Lesson-Sermon: which will be read la all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, April llth. Tl;e Golden Text is "The Lord hath redeemed Jacob, and lan- omed him from the -,ianc! of him hat was stronger than he." Jere- nlah 31:11. Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon to the ollowing from Hie Bible: "And God saw everything that he had naa>, and, behold, it wan very lood." Genesis 1:31. Tho , Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from he Christian Science textbook 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker -ddv 'Immortal Mind makes Its owl record, but mortal iniiid, sleep ams uii "disease "and dcatl e no |ecpid in the fi(st chip- of Qenesls Page 505 N Reading Boom is open eich sdaj ind njday from 2 to ' M 7« W Mam YfOld, glalm (o constitutionality s inailc foi the scaif that prcllj Betty Wfdgtc of ia.dio fame has rsipepl TJjout hei—on it is im Tlntc(| a sumniary of the United itatc constitution, i handy th o have Vilth voi; 1C jou get into n iigumcnt ibout reoigaplzlng the Siiprenie Court. IVII GpSl'EL, CHUHCH I ijl) anil \iiiu Sti ^\ 0 bmglelerr> I'aslnr School 0:45 a. in.. N. W Supt Mpinlng Worship U a in P Y p A e 30 p m Evangelistic senice 730 p m ""asters subject The Spiiitua fans, of Ihc Times Prijei meeting on Ti(L^Jdji, and l<lqjs 7 JO p m Hlibl MtlHODISl CllUItCU H Ljnn Uacje, I'astor Sjoivices to be bioadcast oie •iLCr{ A special piogiim of mu- consistjng of an tnthem, FLAPPER FANNY "How can a store afford to say the customer is always right, Fanny?". "By having an exchange itcsk to right her mistakes." Thanks Be To God, by the hou (i tiio ~ ' hec ' by Mesdames He lhat Kecpeth Osceola Society"—Personal Chnrles M. Karr, representative from Ihc Case factories at Racine, Wis., was HID principal speaker at a dealers meeting held in Hie Progressive club rooms Thursday night. Twenty-five dealers from West Tennessee and Arkansas were In attendance; D. P. Tnylo: Memphis manager, was -also on the progrun Buckey ind Ajres Qfn' Co,, local Casesdealers;-were Dyess Scouts Will Visit Memphis.Sunday DYESS. Ark. --.Fifty Boy and Girl Scouts make a sightseeing trip lo Memphis from the Colony Ipmoi-KTiy. The children will-30 in school buses and' will b<? accompanied by J. E. Mcpuirc. superintendent of schools: H. o ilnrris. principal of the . junior high .school; nnd Misses Alice hosls. Cm oil n Stephens small daugh tci of Mi nnd Mrs E H Stepll ens w \s taken to Memphis foi a» emergency operation for ap- p^nillcitis Thm-sdas She is nt tiie Methodi t hospital I \KL STIiLET MI-11101)IS 1 } CHURCH M^. N. .folmslon. I'iistor Church school, 9:45. Iverson Morris, general superintendent. Preaching, 10:45. Young People's meeting, 0:4; Preaching 1 ^0 League Union will be held at Osceola Tuesday night April 13. Our young people say that they are going four-cars strong.-Our Young People's department, is . growing. Come an<) help it grow. riLGUDr.LUTilE.RAN CIIUUCH Si\tii and Walnut Streets II. J, 'Klchidicnsl, rastor Sunday School, a a.m.. Divine, services, 10 a.m. Sermon topic: "BuU-Cioil.".Quarterly congregational meeting after this service.' Pilgrim guild, me;ts Thursday, 2:30 p.m. at the sc'ae-ol. Sunday School tsachcrs meet Pn1a> ; 30 p m Jc us SHJS Blessed TIC they that |isar the word of God and keep it. Luke U. .as". We. want'you to be blc 'cd and therefore iiuiU 50(1 to our services: - --^^- Lee, P. L. Tiplon and RusseUPari-. and V vic-hn solo, "Adagio," by Beeth\en p^ed by Mis Hives Allen. Pastor's subject for the sermon 'The Mistake of a Good Man." iervice begins at 10:55 a. in. At the evening hoi)r at 1:30 ('clock ihe pastor's theme will be : Bc Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out." Special music consisting ol •in anlhem, "Grateful. O Lord," cy the choir, and n duet. "Sweet lam- ol Prayer," sung by Misses nex Thompson and Mary Cui'nnirigs: .,, HRST CHURCH OF THE NAZAKENE liupha D. lleaslcy, Pastor Sunday School at 9:15 A. M. E. ia attendance ant! offering for -everal Sabbaths. Let us continue the good work tomorrow. All Seniors and Intermediates are expected at the meeting of Tlie Pioneers-of-the-Church at 6:45 P. M. An interesting progran will be under Ihe direction Miss Delia Faye Sykes. of Osceola Civic Club Will Entertain Lions "Miracle Girl" Will Continue Revival Here The. revival at the First Assembly of God Church. Seventh nnd Ash streets, will continue 1 night ne\t -\ccoidmg to the Rev N H Rhodes pastoi I mgo ciowds arc attending th2 wi vices to heai Mis. 1 , Lura John son knooiii a;, the Mtiiclc Girl Each Fnrtas cvenlns Miss John son has a ••special service and Wihford and Virginia Mitchell irajcr lor the Mck leathers. They will attend chinch > mere will be no service on Sat services in Memphis, Inspect the urdaj night but Miss Johnson zoo. eat lunch in the park, and will speak at the morning smicc r ., ,, Palace" and some'Sunday The public is invited to of the office buildings in the city I attend the Sundav school This will conclude a scries of such trips for the Scouts of the Colony. There arc over 200 Scouts in Uycss. • ers.'' Mrs. Paul L. Tiptoii, Mr. Tusscll Farr and Mrs. George M. KNITTING' YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New ipring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MRS. LESLIE HOOPER 1109 Chlckasawba Phono 702 Each large railway locomotive contains nenrlj 8000 pounds of copper. clothes deserve f/ood care mticli depends on iippvarance. Thai's why so many [iconic arc picked with oiir hiuntiry and dry clt;)nins vvork. . . . thciv clolhps look boiler ;ind \vcar longer.' HRbT lUI'TISa CHUKCH t i Atjrcu ^irrcntcr I >r tslor > Sundaj scrool 330 am Harry FriUiuS, supariritendont: •Laymen's day service, 10:35 a.m Chairman. Alvin Huffman sr. Men's choir ; director, T. H. Haynes. Or ganist. L. T. Moore jr. Speaker L H Aitn B T U vin,'Huffman jr. A religious dra matlcs service, director. Miss Lima. B: Wilhslm; solo, Nfiss Wynctt Shepherd; short play, "Worker ii Sandalwood." characters: Pierre Jim 1 .fornpkins; Hyacinth, Tommj Hawkins; .The Lad, Alvin Huffman jr. Pantomime—"For Me," n girls •TEMPLE ISRAEL :M;turicc Lynns.: Itabbi Sunday school, at 1:30 o'clock vyill be followed by the .sermon, a 3PM when R-ibbi Ljons wil 'peak on Demociicj Challen"es Youth > CHlUbmx SCILNCL SblUICI- 708 \\ Mim Are Sin, Death, And Diseas DLYTUE.Vlt.LE. AUNDRY Sunday Diimer 50r, "A JlHil You'll Tell .Vour ' F'ricTirts About" Cream ol Tomato Soup or p rap's Fruit Cocktail Choice of; Smothered Young Hen Ricn Gravy Spiced tiakcd ilam Cirillrd Pitieapplo Broiled Fillet Mignon , on ToMt "Ronil Blrloiii of Becl Broun Gravy . Spanish Omelet Iceberg Lettuce Thousand Island Drcstin:; Polntocs Au-Gratin - ' Buttered Pcai Asparagus Tips .Hot Parker House Uolls ' ' Bran Muffins Strawberry Short Cake Ruspben-y Jello Wlilppcrt Cream Vanilla Ice Cream, Cake Butter Scotch pic Coffee Tea Mill; GOFF HOTEL 1 supt "Home coming" will feature he morning service at 11 o'clock. Charter members sit in a :cdy. Special music will be given OECEOLA, Ark. —.The Osceola Civic club is making elaborate plans for a .banquet and meeting the night of April 22 at which members of the newly organized South Mississippi Counly Lions club and representative citizens of communities be guests of the local organization. Tentative plans arc to hold" the affair at the Osceola Community club house. O. E. Massengil, George Deer, arrived at the Philadelphia 7,ou. • About a half century ago. thes? ; animals' were common in Pcnnsyl- '•'- vama. " - ', livcrythlnj For Your Entertain- rncnt and Comfort ay Only lima ;; : With Constance, Worth, Vin-r (on Hawortli, Leslie I'culon and Gordon Jones The ffrir.iiinsr story of a jirl who • --_ . «-- • —-.. —-"vvJH,iii,»j. jL-i^u 1 M^iUI, II., > i;- l if» C ^ l !Si. th , B .-5: lB ?.5 u ?J- | " 1 « I Ri> »' mt »«' Carlwright have been named by Welby Young, cHib president, to arrange all de- Ben Bluesteln, D Fred Taylor ir' i maUhcd " ils wi 'h the Shanghai-' > „ ' «J*"»i J'-t ,li"|j,| nTlr l rrmirrffldrc .-.•'.• et \vill sing '^The Home Comin'g Vcek." Sermon subject will be, "Life's oyage." At "6:15 P. M. the N. Y. P. S. »ill-have •• for discussion "The jrent Women of the Bible." Evening service at 7:30. Tlic pastor will prench an evangelistic sermon on "What Think Yo of Christ?" • " The Rev. J. A, Mcl^att of Kan- p is City, who is closing a revival ' n Cariitliersville Sunday night, will preach liei-c Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday niglits. We mvitc /ou to be with us in tiiese services J ' —^ 1 I-'UlS'f I'ltESBYTERIAN CHURCH 1 S. H. Salmon,, i'astor The beautiful decorations of the E. O. for the Stale convention •vill be left largely intact through Sunday, adding greatly to our voiship service. The Lord's Supper vill be commemorated toward the lo«c of the eleven o'clock Morning Worship, preceded tay the Pastor's message on "Only Bv Shedding of Blood.' 1 The Choir .vill sing, "Rock of Ages," by Hcy- \er. Organ numbers will he "pre- ude in D," by Williams, and the Offertory, "Andantino," by cho- >in. In the Evening Worship service, beginning at 7:30, the sermon ""ilc will be "Trifling with God's Work." Sunday Church School, at 9:45 A. M., has shown a steady growth tails. Zoo Gets \VoIf llllcr ', PHILADELPHIA (UPJ^TIlD nratf litter of limber since 19161 IN THE BLUE. ROOM Music By Johnny Long's Swingsters SI.00 per Couple, plus tax e GOOD l r or Lovers of Good Ice Cream WE AKE NOW HANDLING ALL-CREAM ICE CREAM "The Best in ihe Souih" ] Those who appreciate nuality will welcome t the news thai thi.s famous -cream is again \ available in Blylhcvijle. / j All Flavors—Package..or 13n!!vj Cones and Dixie (hips ] ^Ve are fe;itui-ing a succial Hostess J'ack- ) age of Fortunes, designed lo lit in your I refrigerator, at 15c up. ' \ "Quality Cannot Be Luitated" i :1 sniug s le Also Cartoon, anj Serial— "Jungle Jim" —Continuous Showing— •—Admifsipn— 'm t -Until 5 p. j\j.^lO-i- 2Uo After 5 .P.' r 'Jf3-15.7,*.-.3lc onday.;-;| tSIMONE SIMON * JAMES STEWART. Also Paramount News. Technicolor- Cartoon and Novelty —Continuous Sliowiiij; Sunday— •—Admission— . Sunday—A|l Day—16 ,t 36c Jlon.iay Matinee—10 & ZKi: Jlonday Nijhl— 1C & :iSc TUESDAY, Al'Rir, 13—' .§75.0(1 BANK NIGHT! (Less Slate Tax) —COMING SOON— "Call it A Day'' "Swinjf Hifrb, S« : inff Low'' ' "Slcp Lively, Jeeves" "Waikiki \VciltIing" -'50 Roads To Town" "Mountain .Tustife.'' ".Harked Woman" "Too Many Wives" Admission—Al-.rays 10 Malinccs Friday. Saturday, Sliott every" nijhl. Frida'fr'aiid .'. \ ] Sunday Malinecs slarl at''2:15- .Saturday hlafincc at 1:15. A COLUMBIA PICTURE Also Cartoon and Serial— "Fisliling Marines" Karen Jlorloy find Uoberl lialdwin in Also Fox Itlovictoiie ami Comedy

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