The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1953
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1998 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS OSCEOLA NEWS B, &lfy. Wl. Starr ********* Pupils Set Pace for Teackers, Mrs. Clarence Grig shy Finds STARR GAZING PAGE FIVE! * Old fashioned thlng» like cloak- roomi, pot-bellied stoves, drinking dippers, school bells, lunch baskets nnd recess are spoken of almost In a whisper In the presence of children of this television age. Those old school terms that bring back memories are as strange to children of this day as Einstein's mathematical deductions and his equation for nuclear reaction are to me. But, time marches on and children get smarter and smarter as each new generation comes along. "School teachers," according to Mrs. Clarence Grlgsby, "are comelled to keep abreast of the times." Her second grade students aren't asked "How much is four take-away two?" That hasn't got enough zip to it. She plays a game with them by "issing out bingo cards and corn. • >e game is called quizmo —i for 'jfldemic reasons. She stands before the children and gives out a problem and they place a piece of corn on the correct answer. "Addition and subtraction can be taught in half the time," she informed me. Remember.the old Friday after• . noon spelling bees? Here's a modern version Mrs. Grlgsby uses: An imaginary baseball diamond is visualized by the children. Two sides are chosen just like in the good old days but instead of the reds and the blues, It sounds more exciting to give each side the name of a baseball teajn. It's hard to make a child stand in a straight line so she uses the baseball game with their basemen shortstops, left and' right fielders and batters. If he spells his word correctly, he goes to first base, if he missed. It's an out and if there are three outs, trie other side comes in for their spelling — and that is what is meant when they say learning can be fun. * « MRS. GRIGSBY, who began her school teaching career in Osceola in 1922, has moved along with this changing world. "Children," she said, "are like their elders, they don't like monotony. To do the same thing and in the same way, day in and day out, is enough to keep a child from being happy in school. Keeping the child interested in their daily routine cuts down on punishment. I have found ,ln my 31 years of teaching small children, that the uninterested child is the one who gets into the most trouble. "The old method of punishing a child by whipping him, making him ;* stand in a corner or keeping him in after school doesn't solve problem," Mrs. Grigsby said. "I lind that to let them leave while their class Is in progress impresses them more than fashion way of discipline. Only one trip out of the room is necessary «mally to let them know that It they want to be a part of the class, where all their little friends are, The Kore»n vet«an'« banquet was • huge iucceH Friday night, the food was excellent (and hot). Aubrey Guy did himself proud in his Informal manner of talking before a crowd, and most of all the object behind the celebration should be madfwlnto in annual affair, lest we forget. There were certainly a lot of serious looking people sitting at the tables. . . Young wives and parents of boys "over there" bore the expressions of serlotB thinking. One couple In particular was Mr. and Mrs. George Parrish, who lost their only son, still In his 'teens, in the early days of this war. Aubrey tried and tried Jiard to point out the humorous side of the situation, bui to those who have suffered, there can be no humorous side. He who receives a benefit with gratitude and humility repays the first installment of his debt. Citizen Genet landed in Charleston, S. C., on April 9, 1793, as minister to the U. S. for one of the revolutionary governments of Prance. He became a citizen here when he fell out of favor with a new government at home. At Albany, in 1825, he published the first correct statement of the theory ol the airplane. Only within the last century tomatoes were proven not to be poisonous. Native to South America, they now rank third among U. S. vegetable crops. They belong to the Solanaceae family, as does the tobacco and potato—and what's any better than eating one from the vine, with a cold biscuit? how: 114 cups sifted all purpose Hour, it teaspoon baking powder, J4 teaspoon soda, i teaspoon salt, I'A teaspoon ginger % teaspoon cinnamon, v, cup cooking oil, (if oleo is used, omit the salt) V4 cup brown sugar, firmly packed, 1 egg, well beaten, >.(, cup dark molasses, >,i cup boiling water. Mix and sift first six ingredients. Make a well and add in order oil, s,URa r nnd egg , Add mo . lasses and boiling water inlaid together. Beat until smooth. Pour into greased pan. Bake at 350 degrees 35 to 40 minutes. Serve with whipped cream or lemon sauce. The secret of light gingerbread is to be sure the watw is boiling and by adding is last. Don't worry if the batter looks thin, It's s'posed to. On the Social Side... Back in April, 1788, "Body-snatching," riots took place in New York City. No doctor was safe for three days and nights because a medical student's prank called attention to the fact that cadavers for dissection were being stolen from graves The riots brought forth legislation that licensed ^SKiijii nnd make other regulations that are the foundation ol organized medicine. In the dictionary, G<xl is a noun. Definition of a noun is a word ecrv- ng as the name of something. I didn't know there is a word which could serve for God; therefore I would say God was a verb, which is that )art of speech that asserts whnt is: Sec STARK CAKING on Page 7 Mrs. Kendrlck Hostess Mrs. Bob Kendrlck entertained her bridge club Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Edward Se- grtives. Mrs. Taylor Spgraves played with the club. Spring flowers were used In the entertaining rooms. Mrs. Bruce Colbert won high score, Mrs. V/. V. Alexander won second. The hostess served a dessert course. Honored on Birihdays Mrs. Harold bhlendorf invited several friends to her home Thursday for luncheon. The occasion was to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs. Allen Segraves and Mrs. Edward Scgraves. Supper Club Meets Mr. ami Mrs. Bill Joe Edrington were hosts to the monthly politick supper club nt their home Tuesday night. Special guests were Dr. and Mrs. Billy SilvcrW-att. A turkey supper and the trim- mines were served to the group. Centering the dining table wns an arrangement of colorful tulips. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Speck of French- froKi Ozark Fish Hatcher; Also Roaches & Worms 24 Hour Service S. Highway 01 man's Bayou were the two high winners In the game of bridge that followed the supper. Club 17 Meets Mrs. Horace Moore was hostess to Club 17 at the home of her mother, Mrs. J. H. Hook, when the club met Thursday night. Playing with the club were Mrs. Karl Futch. Mrs. Mitchell Moore and Mrs. Bob MOX In West Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always A Double Feature LAST TIMES TONITE Double Feature Air mail service from Los Angeles to the east began on April 17, 1926. Will Rogers hit the nail on the head, when he said, "politics has got so expensive that it takes a lot of money to even get beat with." The vagabond, when rich, is called a tourist. . . . Mrs. Clarence Grlgsby . . . variety, surprises arid quizmo . . . they must obey the rules set before them. So before they get into mis chief they ask themslves, 'is thi trip necessary?'" Mrs. Grigsby went on to say tha when she attended school back ii the town of Marshall, Ark., where she was born, and received her high school education, no child would have dreamed of bringing her favorite toy or doll to school. "Back then, at 'ree-cess,' if you'll pardon The MassengilPs dogwoods are wearing their beautiful raiment of red and white. Drive by and see them— j'ou'll know then that spring is here, IOUR FRKNOIY THEATRE "Entertainment At Its Best WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY Beldy, Fresh strawberry pie and coffe* was served. Vases of spring blossoms were placed In the living «ni dining rooms. Winning high scores wer« MM. Billy Ayres and Miss Babe Laven- steln. Mrs. Reidy won brldgo. Bridge club Meets Guests playing with the four, table bridge club when it met See OSCEOLA NEWS on Page 7 NEW MANILA, ARK. "Your Community Center" By Refrigeration Air Conditioned Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 WED -THURS "MEET ME AT THE FAIR 0 Dan Dailey - Diana Lynn FRIDAY Pete Smith Comedy THURS & FRI 'Partners In Time 7 Starring Lum & Abncr —Plus— RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark, In Actual Clinical X-ray Tests Patients Showed ALMOST COMPUTf HtALIHGIN4W[[kS* Scientifically controlled tests on ulcer patients ihowed beyond a shadow of a doubt that TRYPTACIN is sale, fast, effective. X-rayi revealed that ulcer patients tested showed almost complete healing in 4 weeks! You must be satisfied with your very first bottle of TRYPTACIN or your money back I •Patienti underzoin* TKYPTACIN therapy werl under doctor's supervision and were on a prescribed food reRimen, which a available on request at no cost. Write Rhodes Phartnacal Co., 1814 E totb St.. Cleveland 3, Ohio. ' Stomach Often Oistorttd Abnormally By Gas THE INSIDE STORY./. BOMBA&THE JUNGLE GIRL As Abraham Lincoln once said, "I don't s'pose anybody on earth likes gingerbread better'n I do — and gets less'n I do." As simple as it Is to make, 'taint no use fur nobody not to cook up some 'uv it ,so's here's of life, and if it is begun early In life it becomes a second nature for them when they are growing. Johnny Sheffield Karen Sharp* ALSO CARTOON usually be settled among themselves and it's my opinion," Mrs. Grigsby said, "to ignore them unless they get into a fight, which isn't very likely, and in no time flat you'll see them with their arms around one the expression, small children just "Children hold no malice and it's stood around on the school walks good for them to do their own mak- and watched the older children play ing up on their own accord, instead of the teacher making a big issue games. They didn't know what to do with themselves, but no\v-a-days of It before the whole school room. it's quite different for small chil- hard and the psychological effect It "During 'active period.' " she smil- might have in later years in com- ed, "and on rainy days especially, peling them- to kiss nnd make up letting the children play with toys while they are angry with one an- and dolls not only keeps down bed- other, might tend to make them not lam, but it teaches them the finest only dislike the teacher for the rest first hand lesson in sharing and de- of their lives, but to dislike one an- veloping team work, which is most other. "The golden rule is stressed In my essential. They have to learn those things to get along with people when class," continued Mrs. Grigsby, "day they grow up and face the proo'iems See GRIGSBP on Page 7 + Sensational New TRYPTACIN ^^k. ^^ ._. OF DIAGNOSED 'WE HAVE PROVED IT! ^^ ^^F uvKfivnffl^lflF H M ^By HB^JB^| B^^^y^ ACID INDICESTIQN, CAS, AFTER-EATING DISTRESS Safe! Fast! As Fast as 8 MINUTES! The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid to aid food digestion. But if excess acid is produced, the stomach can become irritated and inflamed, creating that burning, bloated, stabbing eitcess acid pain you know too well. Is there a'nything you can do to stop this tutoring? How NiwTRYPTACIN AttittHtlpYM... HERE'S THE PROOF! Clinical tests compared safe TR YPTACIN with three other famous products. In every case, TUYPTACIN exceeded in neutralizing power and speed these other remedies tested ptherstudiesprovedTRYPTACIN , kept acid values lower for longer I periods of time, day and night Here is proof that TRYPTACIN 4 has great powers to bring soothing >j relief to inflamed, painful stomach fl , walls, safely. GREAT SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENTI NEW ft! Amazing new TRYPTACIN brings£way action to counteract dan* eerous excess stomach acid. It absorbs, adsorbs, neutral- ises all at the lame time, in as fast as 8 minutes, tool A safe gastrointestinal anesthetic goes direct to pain spots, relieves on contact so fast it's amazing. Ask for TRYPTACIN today on ab- flplutc gun tan tee or satisfaction or your money back. mrtocm pai ENJOY YOUR MEA1S WITHOUT FEAR OF EXCESS ACID PAIN H'sgood judgment for vie. . . 'ims suffering excess acid ins to eat jensibly. Avoid foods that disagree. HA« „«.„ ,!„..,.... .j..:.. .-., , mi .^^ ..." /"'" uutiur s duvice. Ann remember, / clinical tests prove TRYPTACIN controls ex- / ctssacid without interfering with food digestion. W_ At last, science makes a new miracle discovery that promises to bring nil you sufferers of excess acid irritated stomach . . . even you victims whose condition has been diagnosed as stomach ulcers, acid indifiestion, gas, after-eatingdistress . . such fast, safe, stopping o£ excess acid pain you'll call it the greatest formula in all medical history! Developed After Ytori of Restored It's TRYPTACIN. in e'asy-w-take tablet form, proved in actual clinical tests on ulcer patients in a world-famous hospital, to bring relief to excess acid irritated stomach sufferers in as fast as 8 minutes! Nothing you can buy anywhere will be mort effective! NOTE: TRYPTACIN contains no sugar, little sodium. Safe for diabetics, people on reducing diets, suffered of hinp blood pressure. ftr him Stimatk Aild M» ,.. Hill SUfl JINK/ CONTAINS CHLOROPHYLL - To help combat bad breath that usually accompanies stomach distress. IMPORTANT TRYPTACIN is in short supply. Don't be discouraged if your druggist is out of slock. Ask him to reserve jour bottle now, Tho linking naw 8el Air Sport Coupe, one of 16 beautiful model* in 3 great new series. KIRBY DRUG STORES Gtffafy N£Wfnrwy6 emit MnuyA f New Fashion-First Bodies by Fisher ... new, richer and roomier interiors ••' w ', ' ?, holce of body-types and color harmonics ... new 115-h p. Blue-Flame high-compression engine in Powcrglide* models . highly improved 108-h.p. "Thrift-Kin S " high-compression engine in gearshift models . . . entirely new gasoline economy . . . entirely new Powerglidc* with faster gciaway, more miles per gallon . . . entirely new Power Slecring* . . , largest brakes in the low-price field .,. . Safely Plate Glass in windshield and all windows of sedans and coupes . . . E-Z-Eye Plate Glass (optional at extra cosl). Chevrolet's improved Velvet-Pressure Jumbo-Drum Brakes give maximum stopping power with maximum ease of application Chevrolet owners have long been convinced that llicy have the safest as Well as the largest brakes to be found on any low-priced car. . And . ,. now > for ] 953 > our engineers have made these brakes even more efficient by installing a new hydraulic master cylinder, increasing brake responsiveness while decreasing pedal effort, and adopting a new foot-form brake pedal which provides easier, more natural contact with the foot. The results are much smoother, 'more responsive brake action . . . with up to 23/ 0 less petlal pressure ... and a soil, velvety feel of operation hitherto found only in higher-priced cars. Realise, too, that here is the only low-priced car with sturdy Fisher Unisteel Construction, Safety Plate Glass in windshield and all windows of sedans and coupes, extra-easy Power Slecring* and many oilier important safety factors, and you II understand why owners rate the new Chevrolet tops in safety-protection as well as in beauty and performance. Come in; sec and drive this thrillingly advanced car at your first opportunity. MORE PEOPIE BUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! Tdloviiion-Evory Tuoidoy and Thunday Evening TUNE IN THE DINAH SHORE SHOW ON NBC Hadio-Every Monday and Friday Evening SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phone 4578

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