The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE'TWO BLYTIIBV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ','. crc Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Langd E.-T.A. incetlns 3. p.m. Mrs. Dixie/ Crawford lltwlns Young Matrons Bridge club. Tuesday Contract club meeting . with Airs. Jiunter C. Sims 1 Order of Eastern Star 7:30'p.m. at Kail. Maple Grove cemetery lion meeting' ivlin Mrs. J Bartadalc, 3 P. M. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Delphian Fine Arts elub meet ing" with Mi's. O. w. McCiitchcn Mrs. W. H. Mlnynrd Wednesday Bridge club. Junior G. A.'s , First —„..„ „, church meeting ai, churcli 3:30 1>. coi p. 11V WM. K _. Sertelarj', American Kriilgc League Here's nnotlicr interesting mid unusual hand from an Ohio having champion, w. 11. Howe of Youngstown, a member of Ihc Icam-of- Baplist four that holds the Ohio Male. ""'" " iilract' cliiiui|iionshli>. it, cer- . Delphian Fine A/ls dull meeting at Hotel Noble, 9:30 a.m. THURSDAY'S EVENTS , tainly looks us it south must two diamonds, ami if East eii to cover the ten of tipadcs, o spiiiie trlcXs. But here's how Thursday Bridge club meeting .he hand- was made, with Mrs. Joel Chandler. Thursday Rook club meeting wiyi Mrs. C|iar!cs F. Wood. Mid-Week Bridge club meeting witli Mrs. J. Louis clicriy. Sutibury P. T. A. To 4ve Study Course. The study coiiree or Ihc Slid- .01117 -P. T. A.' will- bj held Tura- "daj afternoon. 3:30 o'clock, at Ite school. Children Of Coiifeilcr.ii'y HUTO A Lunched! .Mcellnff. Jtfr 1 - James B Claui enterlanied members of Ihc, Children of Ihc Confederacy with 11 luncheon mcel- ni| at her countty home on tht Eoylh Highway. Saturday. Mrs. Clari:, director for the. group fills year, served a two-course menu to the H piesent .Jtfiss Betty McCutchen will be president of" the group. Olher officers named were: Miss Evelyn. iSipart, vice-president; Miss Mnr- tliii Bobbins, recording sceretwry, Jvifcs Mary Jeim Adllck; treasurer Miss Mlrlarn *?mlUi, correfponding secretary; Miss Mildred Lou Hub- bajd, -historian. The meeting opened with (he' pledge to the U. S. nag. Bill Rob- blfls read, a j>aper.-"T|)e Resources o(J Arkansas", Miss Patty Shane read on. urllUe Vision of Ideals of the South Remains the Same. oif:Robert E. Lee's Birthday." Pictures. of Ilia oldest sun'ivoi- of .General Lee's army, Arlington and Stratford: were shown. The' next meeting, to bo held at-.the home ot Miss Martha anc Bill Robblus at, Steele (he fh-st Saturday in Fcbnurj, will n] s o be" r ii luncheon. - * It S Jack Marsh, Is Given Supper Parly. Mrs Jack Uaph«.li.!<i a tapntr paitv Tliursdaj cicnlng m com- phmeiit to f,!r Mariiin bnthday when 12 couples were guosh Artiong these was Lee Miiionucs lormeily of, heic. and now of 6J, Iu Howe sat in the south position. .'esl opened (lie king of diamonds. When it held, he shitted to the ingicuni eight of clubs. The (rick vas won in dummy with the (en ipol and now the len ot spades jlaywl, East played Ihe deuce and Hoivo was careful to play the six .pal, noting the drop of West's ieven. Thc five of spades then was played Irom dummy and East played Ihc Ihrce. Remember lhal !ast had bid no trump mid cloub- cd, and the declarer liad already ocalcd (he ace and miecn, So now he live spot was allowed to rtde, iowe playing (lie lorn- spot from Us own hand, West discarding ' u heart. A small licart was played from Mrs. John Hargett itM»ted Mis Marsh in serving (he buflct menu Women to Uaio buppcr- IXrty. The Business aiirt Erofcssional Women s club wilt have'a supper pirt> this evening, 630 oclock at the home of Mrs, \V T Oberst * * • ' Compliment, Britfc With Bridge. Parts Mrs Alice \Vm ™ nee Jlld ••- Vrt uuu IVl]*O Kennedy cnTerlaincd 20 guestj, TvitU a bridge and rook tarty Saturday ifternoon, at, the Home ot Mrs. Wonuck, In LOIII- Plunent to Mrs Frederick EKou, who « as before hci marriage, Miss limited to Arntorel friomb, and A rew Blitlic\IHc people The bnrfal motif wai empluMj- baskels of flowers, the totc^blrcl t«lies and thc pink tulle bow which marked Mrs Bison's pl,,cc The appropriately wrapped prizes I AH&Cu Oil Q I3D tC QCCOr3C- ed with tapecs and dowers. In the. bridge games Must, Boh William!, won book, rudi for flr,t prize, Mrs Jcsw> M W |,ile received a tray ana coaster set for second WiTh, Mrs w C Garngan's gift for loy. scoic was silhouettes an. Mrs. Bison was presented-» lamp The rook: prize, handkerchiefs, went to Mrt Richard Caillpuctl The hosteiscs served an course wllh coffee .md Girl Scouts Hold Meeting. cy Sanders and Manln Reduces Four Losers to Three and Makes Doubled Contract Solution lo Previous Contract Problem * 10 5 , VK10 6 3 *Q8 2 4.QJ 10 6 VAQJS 52 » A K S 5 4' N W E S Otiltr A Q 3 2 07 I 07 3 Today's ConlracI Problem Soulh Is playing In a match point tournament, His contract Is Unco no trump. Ho receive! HID flvo of spades oiioiidig. plays a clul), and Ilion HiieuscB a licarl, which Knsi wfps wllh ilio ijueci). KHBI returns n spado and West shows out, discarding a high diamond, which marks him wllh tlin king, Would you play for just (lircc no trump-? * A K 7 3 VK10S:i «CH A.0J 109 v J a i » A C3 4 A 7. Q 5 C ( .' .Solution I'n' next Issue. II oj Mostly Persona' Mr. und Mr*. Leonard W, Holt and ton, Leonard, arc lenvine to- (iiiy for Cnmrtcn, Ky., for a brief visit with relatives of Mr. Holt jbflwc solng to St. Louis where [they will make their home. i Mr. uncl Mrs! Robert B. Lee-KInc Uuid dauehtcr, Miss Bobbie Lcc, I will leuvc tomorrow for Pace. i Miss., lo be with R. Morris King 'nnd family. Miss King, who-has villc, Mo., (his morning to be gonu. for several days on business, Mrs. Frank Williams and. tan Frank jr., arc In Crawfprdsvillo visiting Mrs, Wlllluiiis' 'mother, Mr«. lloscinun, (or ecvcral 1 days. Mr. and Mrs. Ottg Walters.and son of Memphis were Osccoln visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. w. p. Quinn left {Saturday for their Home in Hot Springs. Hornersville Society ^— Personal L. 13. Tcdrlck, of Poplar Dluff, arrived I'YIday to accompany Mrs. Tedrlck, who- has .been here for several days following a period of treatment HI the Baptist hospital, to their home. The.Rev. and Mrs. M. A, Masami daughter, Mary- Julia, «» • "..—. . ... <ol iniu no.* ni;ji HUM 141*11^ m,vt , JVIB t y JULIil, from a BliiTcned knco speiH lasl Saturday here visiting | from iii-tlirills, Is now ' Improving. , d lends. j Mi>:s Cora Lee Colcmiin has us 1 Mrs, W. R.'Ruffln lia.n eonc to tier guests ludiiy, Miss Mary Ro-i Marble Hill, to visit her daughter kalm, of Wtuihlnglon, D. C,, oxlcn- { Mrs. Bailey. Walker. sion economist In hoii!« raaimge-- Memphis Orchestra to PJay for President's Bali Here .MONPAY, JANUARy M; 1935 ay^t«^.£Si~r ^^Mfosz*. zs,n aii r^ h rt combat- Infantile paralysis Because of the occasion, Urn large proportion of money to bo Dog TMevts i've • . KIHKSVIULE, Mo. (UP)-,omb;fs ! arc tracing an organized gate if dog thieves that lias becri opimU- 1113 In northeast Missouri. Listed anwiif (lie animals stolen recently \rerc two viilti!ib|c (ox hound?, bird dogs and 'coon hounds.' A mysterious submerged valley has been discovered In tlic North Sea between England and Europe. Blue Sta Kills The Itch Germs To ifet rid of itch, r.isli, tetter, fr>oi lU'ii, ringworm orccicmu.coveL'wilEi soothing Ithic .Star Ointinciil wfiich contains tested nicdifhictlial melts, soaks in quickly uud bills Ilic itch. Moucy back if first jar fails. and (boss for local organizations' Mrs. s. s. Sternberg, Woman's club; Mrs. O, G. CaudilJ. Women's Democratic club; Mrs. J. G Bar- DR. N. L. C1SSELL GUADUATE VETEKIN'AKIAN Located at noli Harris* Hales Stable Phono 400 Blytheville, Ark. in the . . The Future Farmers of America . 'Sammy La^alov and - merca of the United Stales de- under the direction of Nelson B -•••- ..... - --- ........ «wu., nm- cl ' icnn Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. W. musicians, including MJ-. and Mrs. 0. J. Cox are In lowla a stroke of paralysis 'il'lias . | at. Louis on a buying trip lor the Rose, of Lcaehvillc, Ben Rose, or und Mr!i> J. A. Watcnnan ,, North Missouri, and .one daughter, u- .Mrs. II. Staiilon, of Port Smith] KJO S 6 ! ».I10 4 A K 9 < 2 Mpllcate^-All vitl. Soutli \Vesl North Efls(/ 1 * Doubln Pass 1 N, t. "* " * I'asa 1'ass ~ * --34 ^ + Pasfl •« A Pas* Pass Doiibla IM<1—» K. 11 The jack of diamonds was return- ad, West winning (he trick wilh a . ittuiutu LVJ iiivn piumu m t\mm~ .ui. 1 ). 11. oiaiuon, ot Fort Si Wow, West cannot lay down his I phi:! Saturday after having been eurvjve him. besides his wife. acc'of hearts, as that would eslab- here lor a short time ns guesU | Miss Maria Bund! ia-guest or lish duiiin).y's king; so l)c rclurnfrt of Mr. and Mrs. J. !•'. Lcnli and iher brother, Bert, nnd other retail diamond, which was won in to attend iv dinner meeting of the 1 lives in Chattanooga, Tcnn. dummy with the queen, the dr- Bariioro company at the Hotel The linv. n N riai,,^ \v n clarer lielng, careful to discard llio Noble Friday afternoon, lace of clubs. A small hciirt was Mls.s Jnync- Barnes'went lo Hot niffetl with (lie nine of spades. Tlis Springs today where she is to take- four of clubs was won in dummy u course In technician training. dummy and trumped by the dc- claicr wllh (lie eight of -spade-s. with (lie jack and the ten of hearts returned and dulfeii wilh tho jack of spades. The nine af chits was won In dummy wilh th= queen, and now we lind chinuny wllh UK- king ul huarts and tho six of clubs, lh« declarer with Ihc king or clulx> and Ihc kins «f Inimp, and Enst wilh the ace anil queen of trump. The king of hcnitt is led from dummy and East is helpless, if he trumps wllh the queen of spades. South will' over-trump wilh Ihe king. If East trumps with Hie aco, (lecturer will discard tl-j king or clubs. Regardless of what East Plays, ho can tako only one trick, whHi is not enough to scl (he com™; "lea- (Copyright, 1035, NEA Service. Inc.) with 11 bridge! parly Sulunlav even- ug^jlUhojioi- of ^il-. OreenwQll's Ister,' MiSs Alary •Blanche- Oraeti- *'cli, of Hayti,:Mo.. who is visiting icre. Miss Idt> Muy Wurren won liul- ,es' pi-izo aurt. Dsitiic Dcnton wis . ugh amoug t| jc The tury; Mrs. T. 13. Dudney, troisnror: Mra. M, E. When-y, secr'e- l.'iry; irrs. Wnnk Dcnton, sunerin- Icmlcnl of children's work; Mrs. Charles McDniilcl, publicity director. L). Turner of Dullas. Legion hostess, a^sistctl a - Blomcycr. served .. „, .. ^ „„ to a.c^two tables of indcnnite length wllli Mrs. Lewis is an invnlid. Rfrs. ni, . °' Ml'- inc Amerlciin Legion ^iixili'irv •eld its regular mc'etlnu In the Legion hut Friday aftci-;ioon. Folo«mg the routine business of the meeting there was discussion ol on o oean supper to Us given for the Lesion men In February, n,,al Slans for which arc to be made ater. Thc secretary was instruct- 3d lo write Represeniativc Iv Tcx. ; daughter of Mr. and Mis. y. has arrived for a stay them, in invalid. OWiiin Daniel, tluii^htci- and Mrs. R. N. Forbes has rnlimied lo her home in Ohio aflor having spent len days with them. Miss Orlena Hires is a patient, . ,-- --^1*1 %^n Jim|> u iyy \y -lawfonl and Sciintor Tied p-ir- M'yi regarding tlle library bill Jlcilgiiig U| C .sitpport O r (he Le ^°,1 ^ C ', lhc Atli ' Ila 'V and ui'Blng ijtVt- tncir votes be cnst in f»t- Jf Uic bill. Various committees . i. reports and 1 % tre . w j Pol _ , a ,,l!" a ! nnal1 of tllc «"»«« coni- ncil to sec the house commll- ; ' iu finnUhms mlltce, was lalrmau of 't-Jur e I'ccnicsting n ic kitchen. i" Mclhodis'. hospital, Memphis having cntorccl the hospital about a week ago. Thursday night Mrs. r^cll Walers was boslcis to lhc night con- Iract club at a bridge supper. Sixteen members enjoyed her liospi- lahl.v. Hiiili score prizes were awarded Mrs. T: u. Wi"-'-. Dr. Thomas P. Hudson. Friends of Mr. and Mrs j ,\ McCulloiigli of mickey's Ark M rre ,, Krc ' i(1 ' V S||OI -*«I I" learn of Mr. McCulloiiRh's death, which or- cm'rcd in (lie B a ,,ti st 1,0.5,^,-,! („ Memphis ISM Tuesday night. Thc . Mrs. Clarence Wilson motored to Memphis today to be will) Mr. Wilson wl!u hospital. Ihc Baptist Mrs. Minnie Thompson has' ('<•'- tui'i)3d from Litllc Kock and Mor- illlon where she spent a week. While in Little Rock she was guesl of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Phillips nnd her slater. Mrs. li. E. Williams, and in Morrllton vislle.i another slslcr, Mrs. J c.. Harl. Osceola X Society — Personal — Mr. and Mrs. E. M. JalTe Thc I«cv. C. N.. Galncs. W. K. Sewell, E. Allen, and daughter, Miss Genevievc, Miss Lucille Quinn, Jor Rasa, nnd J. Luther Young" attended a. meeting of Sunday School workers In Maiden Friday night ot last .week. Miss Myrl Anderson relumed- to HI.' Louis Saturday after spending tho holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. c. ,B. Anderson. Rilcy F. Knlgut.. spent the week LITRE JHEOTER IS Portagcvlllc.. i • lib parents in Mrs. Rowland Jackson aud son visited Mrer Mary.' Cabancss, Paragould, last week. Miss Lucille Suinn, vcho has been .spending the Christmas holidays wiht her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Quinn. returned Tuesday to Gainesville, Georgia, where she attends Brenau College. In Memphis yctitci-day visiting Mrs.'!- ,.., „ — Jarre's brolher-ln-law, who is mike 'K' U ! c , Rcv ' N - K 111. Mr. and Mrs. JnlTe plan to „ sc '" b ! y ,, of God leave toctav tor pim-iri:i in im nouncca mat Frtt Visiting Ministers Will Conduct Services Here . Rhodes o! , flic church has an- tday evening, Jan- leave today for Florida' lo be away two weeks. Mi 1 , and Mrs. A. W. Young went, T-,- -. • "~ " ••• v to ' Joiiasboro Stuidny morniii" 'f'Bfins. of Tulsa, Oklr... will con•>• Hi,n(, services at llic church, 700 Ash street. These services will .nary'18, the Kcv. c. A. Lassater, -f Fort Smith, nnd the Rev. w. C. Mrs. Voiing was callcij homo because of the serious illness of her uncle. Mr. Young will return tomorrow and Mrs. Young thc latter imrt of the week. Mrs. John' Blackwood returned liomc from Little Ro where she tins' becir \ mother, Mrs. Littleton. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Con way oC Blytheville spent Sunday with Mrs. Roy House of continue, over lhc week-end. Bv- ciyonc is invited to attend. This church, is progressing, according to the iiastor. Since thc .Organizalion 'Has Been Formed for Study and Presentation of Plays. A Little ThcHl'er'group has been organized by Mrs. Anne Slcvciis Fuller and: Miss Maibelle Cookc with a number' of local business men as sponsors and the Rev. J, J. Thompson as director. Officers of the group arc: Mrs. Potter, president,; Mrs.'o. W. Mc- Cutehen, vice^-presidcnt; Miss Ccoke, recording 'secretary; Miss Hazel Sample, corre3nondinK secretary; Oscar Fendler; treasurer;. Joe Diilancy, business- manager; E. L. Taliaferro, of Osceola, assistant business manager. The organization will .be compljteil in a meeting Thursday evening, at the Hotel Nobie, when conimitlees will be named. The organization, which has 30 charter members, has these sponsors: B.. A. Lynch, Elton W. Kirby, . m Phillips. W. J. wiinderlich, Htnry Kirby, J. A. Leech, R. F. Kirslmer, Cecil Shane, J. Louts Cherry, J. L. Guard, O. W. Mc- Cutchcn, Clarence Vollmer, 'Everett, B. Gee, Chester R. Babcock Bill Affllck, James Hill. Jr., G. a fJubljarrt and P. B. Joynsr. It has for its aim to enhance Cjodfrey While Mr. nml Mrs. . . -._, ....... v „. Memphis were in Osceola Sunday Mrs. Long Establishes Offices at Courthouses Mrs. John H. Long, county pro—,*,*,... M. .u.inu bation officer, has announced Unit Rock is an Osceola visilor for a she will now have an office on the fcw dil J'S- j third floor of tlic court, house here -,.-..- ...t... a^utti [HUBS were ™ ls - ^ :il " CoWc cnlerlaiiicd is and .on two days of each week awarded Mrs. T: u. Wilkins nndUncsls al- bridge Fi-iday al her will have. an office at lhc Osceola ^l- ^uOIlias P. llnrisnit hmnn. Mrs J 1. iir>n.,i ...m, K,-..I, ^nm-f i,^,,c^ . Mrs. Herbcit Shippcn of Little converted, and with the church. home. Mrs. J. L. Ward won high court, lioiise. ra>re prize, Mrs. C. B. Pcrrin won, In a recent week, Mrs. Long coiisolulion, nml Mra. Dorscy White. placed nine children in homes ' the low score prize. ' W. U. Hawthorn arrived hero L. Kit Down Kulc a Boon Liixora Society — Persona) «* n's' dab Kol To Have Dramatic Depl. Because ol the forming <,( a Little Theater group here the Woman's club has abandoned plans for a Dramatic department and Will, cooperate In the Little Thea- ier ininenient, (lie president, Mrs S.-S. Stembei-g.^annouaced today „....«, erjtsrtalned \lcCulloiiBhs were "stationed ... ,Ln.vorn f 0: - ; ,| JWIt ; , ycill , (l , lri|1 ., IMIC construction of the levee near i here. Miss Maxinc urown, who has wen visiting her cousins. Mr ami jMrs. iiomor Failing, of .Syracuse, if. V, will return January 20 Memphis visitors last week were Mrs. Jcsfn Brown. Mrs. Russcl Brown. Mi S rjarry May Hires, J. D. Hires.. Bob fjillcspic, A TONIC AND BUILDER MANY {oiks invc thin, pale Wood— Ilicy'rc weak, feel tired, logy ami dull. I Dr. Picrcc's Golden Medical Discovery is just the tonic (o in- crc.isc tlte appetite ami eliminate poisons Iroin tlic intestines. It stiran- loles the digestion, redder, clean Ihc skiu of , nuke blcxxl eruplious awl Weinisli Sunday from Columbus and ic- lurned today with his wife nnd . Wilier Gurland, to Baldwyn, s.. where they will maKe their fiilnre liomc. Mrs. Hawthorn lias been wltli her mother, Mrs, w. L. Moore, for the past three \vecks. Joe Cotton went to Cai uther.s- Hospital Notes | AtlrniKni ( () ||,,. isiytiicviilc IKK- pit;il: C. 'I'. Jjirrclt,' Route 1. Dismissed: Jc.- Carol Bradley. -Brass City. Mo.; Mrs. J. A. HiltcllCHIl.i Long Island. N. Y.; f-Ialry Biillcv.j nennoiulaie, Mo. . „ an ..^resident; Mrs. «• H °san, corresponding becre- Help Kidneys A BlJ? 0 '' 7 (u ° eU °° l "F Kldnivi mi UciNljhla. N«rvonine3«.1Stum<t 1 c - Pljtit, StilfoM. Buralni, Sm.rtlni. •-• r.SlAcW.ltywthri ™ ! . ~Mu*tflx joanpor money SEATTLE (UP)—Ruling o f (lie state liquor control board that beer parlor patrons must sit down for their refreshments proved "E boon to the furniture manufacturing industry. It was estimated that Seattle establishments alone purchased 25,ODO bar stools. , lious awl Weinislics anil you rain in visor and rrialiiy. -Mrs. N. M Flli- ' . y. -rs. . «>i.lire c( IJIV E. JOlti Si.. Lilllt ' r ?V SJ1 ,': : ,' 1 C3n nconimtml Dr. Keicc's olden Media! Discovery liii[My is j sys- ein builder. It cives me n [me appelilc wl dm-u ax«y iTiai ,r rc a feclins." . tiewiae, laWtls SO els., b'nuij $1 00. Larrc sue. lahs or imiiul 5I..IS. All <ln,srsi,< s . \\TIIC Dr. l'[ert-«'3 Clinic. Buffalo, N. Y. lur free medical advice. interest in dramatics by sludyhis ;1 presciUiiiB light comedies nnd other pluys us a menus ol better ertticalhif its members and the people of ' Blytheville In this art. Several play.? arc being considered for (he first production which will be sometime within the coming several weeks. Sir James H. Jeans. British astronomer, calcu laics I hat thc sun is diminishing- at approximately 250,000;000 tons a minute. STOPPED-UP , L NOSTRILSj Use Memholalum to help open the Mostrits And permit •freer brcalhini MENTHOLATUM does- COMPQar Daily CROQUIGNOLB Olf, GUARANTEED WAVES SI Up - .- None Bcfter.'. ; ' Finger 'Wave -' - Me" ' Barret Beauty Shop Last House on No. 5tU TO HELP PREVENTcoLos I USE VICKS VA-TRO-NOL JOE j?, PRIDE Certified Registered Engineer General Engineering, Survcyljij, Mapping Cfioiie 138 Rlylhcvillc. Aik CO-LEA- THE SOUTH'S BEST. COAL SUPBHIOH COAL « JHNING 'CO. Phone 700 NOTICE Boy and Girl Scouts GIRL SCOUT Nir.lll'—TUESDAY, JAJv'. 15 HOY SCOUT MGIIT-WKDiNESUAV, JAN. 10 —1UTURK—-' Kathryn Hciiburu in "L1TTLK iMlNISTEU" RITZ THEATRE .PUR Chilled By. Frfgidaire Safe • Sanitary Pint - 7c Quart - 12c CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 Over -twelve, years ago May-tag' developed the sq?iarc,<ia5t -aluminum . r all this tiuie,>it has in buyer preference Yet this amazingly ef fi eitn t, lifetime tubisonly one ofascorcof advantages developed by May tag. TODAY'S REMARKABLY on the ilaylag rciirc Bents greater value than ever before. Visit -thcMuyta'g(lcalcr,uiid ask about tlic payment plan, /or homes uilhoul ctcctrlc- ity, any Afnylrjft m<iv be tmtl equipped mill E. B. KEE SALES CO., INC. For Protection Thu water piirifiealion.system was m:u'illy overhauled and i-leanwl. 108 Ions of new saml,;' 50 lolls of ncw-gmvtl and 33 tons of new cuke have supplanted Uic'-oW sa'iitl, gravel ami coke in thc iwriiiciilion pl;ml. The H-'iitcr is piirnpi'd iVoni the wells lo. Uio puriliuation beds where it :is forced downwiU'd through, tine IJLM! of coke.-im]' upwjird Ihrotigli another. ; Then il is sent through beds of sand und gravel into a larger reservoir from which it is pumped into uu. clevalcj taiA before beiiig turned into thc city's water mains.. We will ever strive to five you an ample supply of. pure water. Blytheville Water Co. Courteous, Pcrstmal Attention to Every Cuslumei i'iiune 8t) i i<i u 11 i UJ bo. Broadway

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