The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1937
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nil THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHI5AST MISSOURI VOL. XX.XIV—NO. 20 niylhevllte Courier Blythcvlllc Daily News Hlyllieville Herald Mississippi Valley Lradrt; HLVTIIRVH,!,!^ ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, 'APHI1, 10, 10:17 SINGi.E COPIES FIVE CENTS University Student Killed in Auto Crash Indicates Opposition Any Arbitrary Curlait- mfnl of- AVPA ' WASHINGTON, Apr. 10 (UP)— Administrator Harry L. Hopkins of the Works Progress Adminls- tiation asserted today that any reductions In WPA rolls must be justified by private reemployment. He announced his position as President Roosevelt revised the IMS relief budget which he will Kiixl to congress next week. It is expected to call for drastically reduced WPA expenditures. Hopkins denied that an "arbitrary reduction" was planned for his work relief agency following a meeting yesterday with President Roosevelt. Secretary -:df Treasury Henry Morgenthau jr. snd representatives of six states, led by Gov. Herbert H. Lehman of New- York. Neither Lehman nor Hopkins would disclose what Mr. Roosevelt had said in answer to demands of the delegation—which included the governors of Wiscon- son, Minnesota and Rhode Island — to continue WPA at .its present, level of about 2.200,000 workers. Hut Hopkins declared: "We don't know whether, we'll cut our roll's 600,000." He said he planned to reduce the rolls to 1,600.000 hy June 30 if—and he repeated—if private industry provides enough new joes. He would not say, whether he expected that to materialize but by his own figure for pres- i cut WPA employment the reduction schedule was lagging. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. April 10. (UP)— Robcrl Velvin, 22, Univer- .sity of Aikansas" senior and son of Mrs. J. w. Velvin. I,«wisvi!le. member of thg state wslfare commission, was killed today in an an- ] tomobile accident al the city limits. : Velvin. accompanied by Ed Carlo-den, 23, Carlton, Ark., varsity foot-' It'll p!ayer, was. riding north bill Highway 11 when he lost control j of his macl'ine whil? rounding a [ curve. ' Gordon was only slightly Injured. Velvin's bcdy will be rstumcd to Lewlsville late today for burial there tomorrow. The mother, two brothers and two sisters survive. (.aiunla Kcsislmg Its hi:sl (,. L 0. Strike am — irnf ^u *n HJJ ~-W.' W EXEMPTION > ASF? ssor No Yet Ready to Receive fidavits Homeslencl Af- Forms for making affidavits for i sxemption of homesteads from state I Fnccrt vvltl1 llle possibility of stern intervention by rrd-coatcd Mounted Police, striking employes tax, as-provided in a constitutional the Oshawa, Out., General Motors plant milled about the gates, above, and established-, picketing Hy Uniinl r.rrss . ; Tension on Iho labor front cassd '.lightly UKlay as striking iiuioma- bll? workers affiliated with Joi'.n I Livvls' Committee for industrial Organization agreed to permit General Motors employes lo enter th= pails departments of planls at Osliawii. Out. With American industry less ha- I ravsrd by strikers than at any p> 1 riod within recent months, t!i? Ameilcan Federation of Labor ami j tho C. I. 0, moved north ot lire bolder In their combat over dominance In union labor. A. R of L. leaders announced they hud extend::! their drlva Into Canada, countering Lewis' penetra- llnii. Canadian officials, led by Onla, ilo's premier Mitchell Hepburn, of! (c-iHiuucd their verbal nltack on In'the c. I. O. Hepburn announced ot Springs V 1 Suspects In Custody CHICAGO. April 10. (UP)—Fgiiv in;n, tentatively identified tis the four who hi'ld up the Southern Club lu Hot Bui-lues, Ark., on March 19- nii:l escaped with $32,000. were htlrl liy police hsro today on fugitive mirrant.s obtained by Hot Sp.liijt. oillcm. Tile ni'cn w?rc plcke:! r.ui .-if n siirolal show-up by Miss Joyca While. 2;t, arid Krank stror i, -.'A witnesses of the holdup, it wns charged they entered the .Sjullnrii Club, masked, and line.l patrcri' mid employes against the wa'l whit they look ST>.OCO aii;| fled (o a i \valthig car. | Ti:cs men, John Miindo, '21. John C03trllo. 31, Martin MiVerv. 23. and Mi: tin Quirk, 33, were held for CMlriidltlon hearings Monday on l?'i,tOO bond. All bul Coslello had prison records, Gibraltar Heais Ship Was Damaged by Aerial Attack o ink ALTAR. Apr. 10 (UP)— Rebel LilrE>lane5 were reported here today to have bombarded aiid Jmnaged a British destio>er off Malaga, porl In southern Spajn. The report of the British de- slroyei's bombing followed two jcrlnl attempts to bomb the destroyer Gallnnl by icbel planes curlier In the wee, for which th'" earlier In the week, lor which ^llic of Mallorca tornmlly apologised, flie. Gallant was not hit. Tour rebel planes weie (indei- stocd lu have participated hV the bombing or the Bilttsh uoibhip iff Mnlaga while II was preceding to Glbrnltai \\lth lefugees from Valencia \\ai time capital of Spain. amendment adopted last fall and (he first C. I. O. invasion of Canada. 'Prime Minister Mitchell F. : Hepburn summoned 200 "iiiounttc.V I''? " 0 "' (1 " rnlsc »" »™'i' H nccc.s-1, . -._,. ^m-e; 1 w,'i?bfnvint/d h ™^ t a el ,i 3 !n- '° ' 1>0rOnl °- imomced John L - :'-<™'s »'"' °- I. O.. tactics, banned'* all relief to strikers' fiimilles and S",^,^ 1 " KaPm l "° l " lm " cre(l , lV!l ~ S - Kll'shllCr Decrees - -.--.- In Confirmation Suits OSCEOI.A, Ark.— Chancellor J. P. Gantney will preside at a session of chancery court here Monday at which 'decrees will he taken in the state's confirmation of title milts affecting tax-forfeited lands. 50-Year-OM Fee Paid To Widow of Doctor GRIMSBY, Ont. (UP)—Mrs. W. K. Millard, widow of Dr. Millard. who died in 191!) after practicing medicine iicrc for many years, received n letter from an anonymous writer in which $5 'was enclosed. The letter read, in part: "Having seen your picture In the paper reminded me again of a .small amount owing the doctor for over 50 years. I enclose $5." :iorjiicement will be made later as o the lira? when his offics will be prepared lo receive such affidavits. H. L. Gainss,. county ass2s- ;or, announced today. , r The Arkansas tax commission, in J letter to Assessor Gaines, has promulgated the method of claini- _ homestead exemptions.'Partial-1 lar stresses placed on the-declaration that it is the 'duty or'burden of the taxpayer claiming • exemi>- tion to perfect an affidavit entitling him to exemption. '.' Affidavit ..forms will be prepared for uss of..the various .individuals claiming homesteads, such" as mar-! rird.and single men, widows, guardians, psrsonal representatives and agents. Amono other rcqitir'iinjnh the affianls will have to show origin of title and record of title. The exemption only applies to the state tax, which amounts to 6.7 mills, on the first $1,000 of assessed value of the homestead, which must be Ihe actual place of abode of ihe taxpayer claiming exemption. As the total genera! tax rate in the city of Blylheville is 47.4 mills and in Ihe rural- parts of this county 35.4 mills. It will be Esen-that roughly onc-fiftlv of the usual state and county : tax on homesteads of 51,000 valuation or less In Blytherilte will b= eliminated and about one-fourth on rural homesteads in the countv. declared that an Ontario company ilid not have to .suifmlt to "foreign tion caused by "foreign agitators." juriMllctlou" in a strike situa- Boil on Death Face Leads of William 14 ""' I'ro-ccutor Errs Twice SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (UP)—A recent traffic rule enforcement drive here caught City Attorney Kirby Patlerson twice. He was (inert t over-parking and for parking in a tire plug zone. William M. McDermott, year-old schoo.lbo>vlied at the i Blytlieville hospital at 10:30 o'clock last night of complications resulting from blood poisoning after only a few days'. illnessT A boil on the youth's left jaw became infected and blood'pois- oning set in. his condition rapidly becoming critical. He was removed from the family home, 800 South Lake street, to the lilythe- I'ille hospital yesterday afternoon! 5nd died within a few hours. He i had attended school Monday. [ Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at the home of the youth's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McDermott. Interment will be .made at Ehnwood ceniL 1 - Immunity From Chair Is Offered Hunted Man NEW YORK, April 10'.' (UP)—Police hoped today that bait held out for Robert Irwin—immunity from His ebclric chair—would . cause the 29-year-old sculptor to to surrender himself as the slayer of: «/| Veronica Gcticon, 20-ysnr-e'l-j art- 'H' j ists model, her moUier. Mnry.- and- I Frank Byrnes, a lodged in the Gei- j eon apartment. i "The man is stark mad," said JAsst. Chief Inspector John .Lyons n charge of the scores of detectives assigned to hunt him. "He will never be sent 'to the chair. What we want now is to pick him up lo safeguard Ihe public. He is a danger to the community wherever he might be." Economist Convinced Hoboes Dislike Pie HARTFORp. Coilll. (UP) —, A hcbo with a "good line of talk" can make between S3 and S10 a day. according to Dr. William Bailey, economist and former Yale professor. Dr. Bailey conducted a boarding house for a personal study of road knights and found 30 per cent of their stories fabrications but so convincing that they themselves . eventually believe them. Contrary to general belief, Dr. Bailey disclosed, hoboes despise pies, cake mews. I tery. The Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge of funeral arrangements. Hugh Haibert jr.. Dan Warrington, .Garrett Caudill. Virgil Boyd. Howard Frlsby, Herbert Childs, Alviii Justice and Jack Jenkins, . schoolmates, will serve is pallbearers. He is survived by his parents Hid two sisters. Mary and Opal. Expulsion From Rumania Likely (or King's Brother, Now Mr. Snagov VIENNA, April 10. (UP)—Prince N'icholas of Rumania, deprived of his royal status, was reported under ,1 today. Little Rock Insurance Col' ,-,, jector ; Picked. Street at Fort IT r\ Up (Jn Humer Mnrlin. International president of the United Automobile; Workers, was reported to have arranged a conference with officials of the Canadian subsidiary of C> M. C. lu the United Stales auto (,ic- loiies worked peacefully nuclei agreements signed with Lewis and ending recent strikes. • Henry Ford al Ways, da., hinted he would increase his workers' wages rallici than allow union penetration. ,At Hershcy, Pa., peaceful plckel- liig of chocolalc factories conlln Jiedjas.ousted,C. I, O. sll-liiiijrlk ci's maintained their'walkoiil.' '^ FORT WORTH, Tex., April 10. (UP)—Police today said that Fred Phillip cooper, 28-year-old life Insurance collector,.had been found wandering on the streets—a victim of amnc.sia. Cooper, who disappsared from Little Rock on April 7 and whose Bailey Pardons Two More Drunken Drivers LITTLE'ROCK. April 10. (UP)— Gov. Carl B. Bailey today pardon cd (.wo more prisoners from tile j Pclftski county farm after they had Recording Secretary of Slate Organization Mrs. Mary Ellen Marshall of I,lt- lle Rock was clsclcd president of tile state P. E. o organisation tu a convention s c s- sion at the First P r e sb y terlan church tills afternoon. Other olflcbrs named . were Mrs. Pearl Nelson | Seek lu liroak Itcbcl Lines MADRID, Api 10 ' (UP) — The loyalists today concentrated their offense on Ml Agulll, strategic height on the Casn del Camno sector,'.nnii at 3 p m attempted '.o pierce the rebel lines there niul break the siege of Madild The loyalist batteries • bombarded rebel positions' at Mt Aguila. hoping lo slinltci Ihe cticlc of Jiicmy iroopi around the beleaguered capital, The. rebels counter-altacked after" a "zero Jiour' lull In the loyalist battle to break the siege of Madrid^ 'which began >cslcrday . Insurgent troops went ovoi In waves in-Ihe El Pardo seclor rioith Madrid but The engagement thrown back was brief and . roster;_9< • Hiirrl;] decisive. v..'U.o loyalists held theii EoH^TVrsT,'^ vice.;.-! itoYily'ttvSfS* position*". TiT the Cas.i ' ' Airs. Marshall i resident: MIT,. Pultl p[ Mitel::!!, of 'UcQuecn, second - vice-president: Mrs: Kate F. Canipbcll of Augusta, organl?.- cr; Mrs. Leila deserted automobile "was"discovered f f, ved , |Klrts of s «" l «'««s imposed on a little traveled road on the out- '? "f^ c°nv c ion on charges of skirls of., Little Rock, approached M ""« «'hlle mloxlcaled. two officers today and asked where P ' Sl °' thc f ccllt ' vc P»rrtons he was' ' ' "i •,• , " ' was issued to Albert Russ, ssii- lenced on November 18, 1930, to serve out a $100 fine and court costs. He had served 84 days and would have had to serve (31 more to comp'ele his sentence al thc rat? of SI a day. Joe Burton, who was sentenced to thc farm on February 2, 1B37, was released by Ihe governor ofler sswing 67 days of his 112-day scn- Taken to police headquarters and 'given medical trcalment. Cooper shortly before noon recalled his own name and told ofllcers he could rcmc-:.ibcr nothing after being held up Wednesday night in Little Rock i by two men. He could not explain how he reached this city. and sleeping in liay- Denhardt Ready in Murder Trial IL looks, like science is influencing our lives more every year. It's gettin' so it's hard to get a job now without bavin' to submit to .some kind of a lest that some scientist has thought up. When you apply for a Job with some firms, they give you .a paper with a long list of questions that you have'ta answer, not only afcoul yourself, but about your entire family tree. Then they take trie paper and add np all the answers and they are able to tell what belong In. They're even rtohv that down home to a certain extent. They had a bunch of men apply for tbe job of picktn' up paper in thc courl house yard. Th2 foreman was showm' the applicants how to do it by giggin' a piece of paper with a sharp spike in thc end of j a slick, One man stepped forward and he says "I know I'm jest tlic man for the job." The foreman 'said "Did you ever do tills before?" and the t man says "No." The fore- inan says "What makes you t'link .you're qualified for this position?;' .','l'he man says "Well, my grand, fat iise'ta harpoon wholes," Copj right l!)3'l Esquire Features, Inc. Compress Operator Charged With Fraud under orders to remain sequestered 'n his home until further notice 1 . This notice was expected to b3 that as plain Mr. Nicholas Snagov h? must bave the country because he ny) Davidson, formerly boro, operator of the Tnimann Compress at Trumann. was ..arrested Thursday Marshal V son. Peter, D. (Son- : f our _ V( , n of Jones-f ,, r | nc j;' Irreconcilably estranged [roni his b'v la Denutv' 1 u' !> S j , r ° iher ' Khlg Cr ' ro1 - wilose sccolld oy Deputy u. t.. ; j ;sl] . j. e J5 MI,,],-,!;,, ..,,. w,vr.i f a . ... . *»'•»?* »'! Brand ! lo „., ,„ Xustrla or Prance | Indictment charging him with ; The Duke of Windsor wns in _ j formed today of thc sacrince thai i Nicholas, his second cousin, had j made for love—as Windsor him:elf abuicatca the British throne because he could not have Mrs. Wallls Simpson as queen. making fraudulent statements to warehouse receipts \vith intent, to defraud the U. 5. Government. Davidson .was taken to Helena where lie gave bond before U. S. Commissioner Peter Dcisch for $3,COO. : /i j . „, ~ He was indicted with Pete j OiOSI/Jf/ MOC/v Bach of Tnnnanii. at a session of i — . the U. S. Grand 'jury recently! A. T. and T. Pemiscot Ginners Will Buy on Grade and Staple CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Apr. 10.—In an effort to Improve the quality of Pemlscol" county cotton, •!! Dinners joined yesterday in announcing that in Ihe future they will pay for cotton on the Ji.Ms of grade and staple. In advertisements published In the- Friday editions of all the newspapers of thc counly. Ihe 41 Sinners, rcprescnling practically all of the Binning establishments in the county, recommended thc planting of D. P." and U and Sloneville strains as best suited to the produclion of inch or bet- .tr cotton in this county. | Caruthersville Man Dies at Tavern Table held at Little Rock. New York Cotton NEW YORK. April Cotton closed steady. OIXMI high May 1398 H03 July 1383 1392 Oct.. 1339 1348 Bee 1333 1340 Jan 1333 1340 Mar 1343 1345 ID. (UP) — close 1380 low 1391 1380 1337 1338 1328 1328 1325 1320 1339 M33P Anaconda Copper j B^th. Stscl i Cities Service \ Co.-a Cola Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKcsson-Hobbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central '. Packard Phillips Pctro. .'"" CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. April 10. — Funeral services were held here yesterday altcmoon for Dbne j Downtng. 51, who was found dead 165 1-4 I .it a table In a tavern here, his SS 7-3 i head on hi.« arms on Ihe table. 00 1-4 J For a lime it was thought that 114 1-4 [ hi: was merely a.slcop. Death was 3 7-3 attributed to heart failure. Defense prcparalions completed, Brig.-Gcn.'Henry R. Denhardl, above, was ready to go lo trial in Louisville April 20 on a charge of killing" his fiancee, Mrs. Verna Carr .Taylor, Den- hardl's allorneys announced. ,The defense conlcnds Ihe at- traclive, socially .prominent yiaovf comrfliltfjd suicide. Spots closed quiet at 14M, off 6. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 10. 1UP) —Cotton closed barely .steady. open high lo<v close May .1389 "139'2 1333 1383 July 137,) 1385 1373 1374 Oct.. 133/ 1343 IMS 133<> Dec. 134] 1341 1337 1337 Jan :1342 1342 1338 1338 Mar. .. U48 1348 1314 1314 H3 3-8 52 7-8 .iS 3-1 101 5-8 11 1-2 59 7-8 -!7 7-8 tcncc. Fire Destroys Former Harlem Night Club HOLLAND. Mo.—Fire Friday morning, apparently ovisinating from a defective Hue, destroyed the former Harlem Nighl Club build- one ing. owned by Hubert Utlcy. lo- ,'pars rated just oil Highway 01, south Mr. Beardon for four years of Holland. | Mr. Ay res for five years. The' building which was being' used for a granary by Virgil Ut- lcy. was occupied by three families. Total loss was estimated at $4,000. with no insurance. The Harlem Night club, which Klrshner of IJlythcville, recording secretary; Miss Mabelle Clendcn- Ing of Fort Smith, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Elsa Vaught of Fort Smith, treasurer. Mrs. Mar•hall succeeds Mrs. Dora I,ync,'i of Blylelivlllc who has served t,wo terms as president. County Welfare Board Appointments Announcement was made at Little Rock late yesterday of the appointment by tlic state Doard )t Public Welfare of Lex Nicholson of Whitton, Tom W. Jackson it Blylhevlllc. J. B. nunn of Os- .coln. John neardcn of Lcachville ind Clay Ayrc.s of Osccola lo Ihe Mississippi County welfaie board. .The appointments are for terms ranging from one lo live years. Nicholson was appointed for year. Mr. Jackson for two , Mr. Uunn for three years, and formerly occupied the building, was a dance V.ali for negroes. Among the duties ot the board, which is entrusted with general supervision over the welfare pro- uam in the county, will be the recommendation of n county welfare director, for appointment by Heralds ,^ Scout Jamboree the stale board. The county board reviews ap- iplicalions lor public assistance and ! recommends approval for rejec- .dcl Cainiiq park and mossed on in eleven other sectois to"thu south and west,. Aviation and artillery milts coopsiatcd with Ihe Infantry , Uolh Sides Lose Heavily Loyalist bombing planes shelled Ihe rebel lines on Ihe northwest positions. They HEW over Casa del Campo and a^ain bombed Monte Clarablla. The govcrnmeiil artillery battei- ics wdnt into action on the Casa_ del Campo sector repl)ing to an" Intensive lebel artillery (lie from- the salient across Ihe Mnmanaie 1 ; river. Booming of heavy guns rt, sounded through ' the capital's streets. •— Lasses on both sides were licaviv. and many bodies coul dbe jsceiv from the loyalist front lines. The rebels consolidated th?ir lines and periodically shelled the loyahsis between attacks. The loyalist' offensive was hailed in :the Madrid press as a victory .for the aviation units, cooperating with the infantry push. 1 I Home Grown Tomatoes on Heaton Table Today v Fully ripened tomaloes, grown In niylheville. were eaten by Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Heaton for luncli today. . l They planted the seed Jami- ary 1, tinder glass, and five. days ago there were two fully ripe lo- . niatocs. Today there were six St. L.-S. F ..... .' Simmons Bed Standard of N. J I U, S. lZoiilte ime,,,,, Stesl .T Surviving are one daughter, Edna of Stccle. cnc son. Nick ot 'iayti. two brothers. Frank of this city and Charley of Canada Switch, one sister. Mrs. Harry Cunningham of McCarty, a half- I brother. Jack Downing of this 10 1-2 city, and a step-mother. Mrs. Betty Downing, also of this city. Services were held at the LaForge funeral parlor by the Rev. D. K, Poster, and interment was at Little Pr.iirie cemetery. 1-4 „, s .« 35-8 52 r>9 1-2 m 1-41 Chicago Wheat . Spots closed quid al H18, oft 5. i of the company. Oliioan. do, on loli YOUNOSTOwtf o. iUW-Jerry Wooley. chairman of the hctird of the Home Savbigs & I/HII Company, celebrated 'his !)0th birthday by reportlm; for work. Wooley takes an active part in the affairs May July open high low 1381-2 140 3-S 138 1-2 1251-3 127 1-8 12S 1-1 close 133 12rt 5-3 Removes Administratrix 'of Slain Man's Montana Co-Eds Study How to Be "Handy Men" DOZEMAN, - Nlont. (UP)—Prof. •H. E. Murdock of Montana State- j College is leaching co-eds how to I be "handy men" around the house after they are married.- C t i Ul= clnss ' -* 1 " 1 25 enrollments, fiState I| S one of the most popular. • [ Students are learning how to County Judge s. L,. Gladlsb yes- repair waffle Irons, electric toast- terday ordered the removal of Mrs. {ens and hair-curling gadgets. i A. P. Travis as adminislratrix of the estate of L?e Davis, who was Elain early in January by Sam Sheldon, recently sentenced to im- piisonmenl tiary. lu the stale peniten- washing machines, irons and other household appliances. .With $5,000 worth of equipment contributed by manufacturers to tinker with. Professor Murdock teaches his to assemble In oixicring Mrs. Travis' removal as wel1 a s repair appliances. s adminislralrix Judge Gladish allowed the ixHitlon of Mrs. Beulah "A young wife. will V better able to .use a modern appliance if Neal. sister of Davis, who Instl- j-'I'C knows what's in It and hov. luted removal proceedings against j 1 * Mrs. Travis and asked lo be appointed In her slcad. H,-r ap- the Instructor conteni! pointment was also ordered, Mrs. Meal, in her petition vis' appo mcnt, alleged that the latter had! for; WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, slightly warmel [ Cliicuf/o Corn July open low close ,1hc cheery youth pictured on jtho above poster is Arlist Nor- itnan Rockwell's conceplion ot ! and lhat | just one of the 25,000 Boy Scouts j right to appointment as adminis- 'C.xpected to participate in thc 'National Scout Jamboree in revocation of Mrs. Travis' appoint- , mcnt, alleged that the latter had!'" *'"' " nd cclltral Portions, prob- grossly mismanaged administration nbl y, of the estate, had failed to make a report of all ot Davis' property Mrs. Nea! had a prior Washington, June 30 to July 9.1 JA tent city will be erected on Iratrix. -Mrs.Travis noted an appeal from light. frost lit extreme east portion tontght. Sunday partly cloudy and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight, lowest tempera lure 42 10 46 Sunday partly ; dondy and slightly warmer. 1^03-8 122 3-4 120 3-8 122 1-2 VEglomacJoJiquse thc_6jCOJJl? l J . , the county's judge's order to Ihe | The maximum temperature here circuit court. She Is'represented (yesterday was r\ —^ ••— — — -•-. ^ i.vj<ii^. »ju^ 10 icp.vociu<;a | jLoici 350 acres on both sides of • thCj! by'. Claude F. Cooper while -No ill -clear,' 58. minimum 4! to Samuel F, N6r-

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