The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on December 20, 1942 · Page 11
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 11

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 20, 1942
Page 11
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DECEMIEK 20. 1942 ; Deltans At War EDITOR'S NOTE: Deltans at War today makes its second appearance in the Delta Democrat-Times with mws Hems of interest about men in the nation's service. Ann person with relatives in the service is invited to send or telephone «eu)s»ttcms for this department. The column will be a regular Sunday feature o/ this newpaper. By Charles S. Kerg GRADUATES AS ' SECOND LIEUTENANT Second Lieutenant Warren Averitte of this city has completed a special eight weeks course foi marine officers at Quantico, V8. and has departed for active dutj in San Diego, Calif. En route to California. Lt. Averitte stopped in Greenville for a few days. He !' the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W Averitte, 911 Arnold Avenue ant araduated from the University ·;( Alabama. At Alabama, Lt Averitte plaved first string center on the Crimson Tide for two year- and was outstanding in many other activities. ENTERS OFFICERS SCHOOL Eugene Porter Leftwitch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Leftwitch, sr., of Scott, is attending the Army Administration Officer Candidate School No. 4 at State College on the campus of State College. A r m y Administration School No. 4 is the only officer candidate school in the United States training prospective trans- poration officers. Upon graduation Jan 6 1943, Candidate Eugene P. Leftwitch, jr.. will be commissioned a second lieutenant in the new- l y o r g a n i z e d transportation corps of the army of. the United States. ond lieutenant in the army air brces. Lieut. Hutchison entered pilot .raining last January and at- .ended flying schools at Carls- ,rom Field, Florida, and Greenville Army Flying School before .iis graduation r* the advanced [lying school at George Field, 111. ago, was at Pearl 'Harbor on Dec. 7 when the Japanese bombed Hawaii. A graduate of University of Mississippi he has been in the army for two and a half years. Captain Crockett is a son of Dr. and Mrs. H. N. Crockett. LIEUT. JERRY THORNTON Navigation Cadet Jerry L. Thornton, son of Mrs. Alice Thornton of Greenville, has been appointed lieutenant of Squadron H, roup 2 of the Navigation Prc- ght School, Monroe, La. Grad- ting at the end ol his nine weeks e-flight course, he will enter the ' vanced navigation school locat- on this new field. The Monroe avigation School is the largest lool dedicated to complete negation training in the Army Air jrces Southeast training center. Cadet Thornton attended Greenlie High School, Greenville. Bere joining the armed forces he is employed in Greenville. TUBBLEFIELD PROMOTED W. P. Stubblefield of Greenlie, received word that his broth, Lem Stubblefield, has com- eted his training at Camp Bel- lir, Virginia, and has received s commission as second lieuten- nt in the United States Army ngineers. He is stationed at Forl ix, New Jersey. THC DELTA DEMOCRAT-TIMES. GREENVILLE. MtSSISSIPH Lakes, Illinois, is spending a nin days leave here with his wife LT. HUTCHINSON GRADUATES Lieutenant John N.Hutchison jr son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N Hutchison of Hollandale, was : member of the first class of aviation cadets to graduate from tht army air forces advanced flymj, ' school (twin engine) .at George Field 111., on Dec. 13. He receivec the silver wings of a flying of ticer and was commissioned a sec MASSEY TRAINING HERE Aviation Cadet John Whiltl Sonny) Massey, jr., of Green ville, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W Massey, is receiving his basi .raininff at the Greenville Ann Flying School. Enlisting at the Greenville Arm Flying School last March, Cade Massey was given a 90 days lea\ to finish his studies and gradual from Greenville Higl He wer to Maxwell Field. Montgomerj Ala., where he received his groun course. Later he received train ing at Albany, Ga., coming Greenville before going to an ac vanced school where he will re ccive his wings. IT'S CAPTAIN CROCKETT It's Captain R. N. Crockett, .i now, according to word rcceivi here. Captain Crockett, who r ceived his promotion a few days He will return to Great Lakes Dec. 26 to finish his schooling. He finished boot training prior to being granted a furlough. He enlisted in the Navy Nov. 2 and vyas connected with the Greenville Steam Laundry at the time, SOT. PARKS IN FLORIDA Mrs. D. A. Parks, 215 S. Theobald street, received word that her son. Staff Sergeant J. A. Parks, is stationed at the new Army Air gunnery school at Tyndall Field, Florida. OCKE, MANSKER MEET First Lieutenant Charles E. ocke, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. . E. Cocke, of Greenville, sta- oned at the Houlton air base at oulton, Maine, was given a leasant surprise Nov. 24 when a roup of Canadian fliers arrived at ic Hointon air base. In the group rom Montreal was Lieutenant immy Mansker of Leland, son of ames Mansker, who is with the .oyal Canadian Air Force. EAMAN VALENCINO HERE Seaman First Class Sam Valen- ino, who was desk sergeant and lead of 'the identification bureau f the Greenville Poiice Department before joining the United Slates Navy, is here from the Millinglon, Tenn., Naval Training Station for a visit with his wife md daughter and other relatives SGT. LAMB IN ENGLAND Christmas packages for hi; wife in Greenville arrived thf other day from Master Sergean J. M. Lamb, who was in Birrm'ng- lam, England, in November. Sergeant Lamb, who was connected with the Delta Democrat- Times composing room as ad. man before joining the service, has oeon overseas for some time. Mrs. Lamb was delighted to hear from Sergeant Lamb, who first left Greenville with the local National G u a r d . u n i t when it was ·mustered into service. NITTA TCMA CADET GRADUATES Bombardier Cadet Charles Edward Allen, jr., of Nitta Yumn, has successfully completed the Air Force Advanced Flying School Bombardier training at Williams Field, Chandler, Arizona. Cadet Allen received his silver winifs and a second lieutenant's commission in the air force reserve at the graduation ceremonies Dec. 12. 4 DELTAN BOMBARDIERS Four Deltans were among Mississippi men who received commissions as second lieutenants and were graduated as bombardiers from the Midland, Texas, AAF Bombardier School. They included Second Lieut. James S. Sumrall, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Sumrall, 141 Lee Wcnue, Belzoni, who attended ilillsaps College, Jackson in 1930 and Mississippi State from 1837 to 1940' Second Lieutenant Benamin Spells, 23, son of Mr. and ilrs. John L. Spells, Boyle, formerly a radio operator, who has three brothers in the armed ser- icc; Second Lieut. George VV 'urccll, 2S, son of Mr. and Mrs Jeff M. Purcell of Itta Bena, who was an office clerk; and Second Lieutenant George T. Regan, 23 son of Mrs. Helena Regan, who was formerly employed in a bank CADET BOVVEN AT DALLAS Naval Aviation Cadet John H Bowen, jr., Greenville, last week completed his course at the U. S Navy Pre-Flight School and ha been ordered to the Naval licserv Aviation Base at Dallas, Texas, fo primary flight training. Bowen, son of Mr. and Mrs. J H. Bowen, sr., of this city, is ; former student of the Univcrsltj of Mississippi, where he was member ot Phi Delta Thcla fra tcrnity. At his new base Jic wil I have more ground school Instruc ion and begin flying. From ther ic will move on to three month f intermediate and advanced fly JOHN IIAMMETT IIEKE John Hammetl, who is in the ng, and, if successful, will h graduated from the Naval A : Station at Pensacola, Florida, r Corpus Chrisli, Texas, and win h commission and navy wings. Af' er graduation comes operationa training, with carrier-based plane or multi-cngined bombers, th final lap of a 12-month traimn period. Completing this. Bowe will be a lull-fledged fighter pllr -ready to join the fleet. IF.IJT. MONTGOMERY N PACIFIC Lieutenant Robert H. Monti mery, who graduated from Mi issippi State in 1941, is "som where in the South Pacific." H vrites his sister, Mrs. E. J. Smit 11 North Broadway, that ht r ceived a "bundle of copies of tl Jclta Democrat-Times." Statio ed on an island in the South Pac fie isn't so bad, he wrote, notice in the Delta Democra Times where Herman Solom spent the summer catching mo quitocs for an Anti-Malaria driv I wish ho could catch a few of t hoards here in our camp." 'Merry ; Christmas CUT FLOWERS Roses, dozen .... ............ 4.00 Gladiolas. doz. 2.50 to 3.50 Carnations, doz. 3.00 3.50 Narcissus, doz. 1.50 to 2.00 Chrysanthemums ________ 3.00 to 6.00 POTTED PLANTS DEARZ-- Christmas is for happiness. It is a time for remembering, u lime for unbioken circles around Ihe table, a time lor excited laughter of liltle children and a time for singing of carols. This year in most homes. - » - the remembering will be less gay for the circle will be ·oken. Happy children will :lill be merry and choirs will sinii. for-"Once on a December night an angel held a candle bright And led Ihree wise men by its light To whei-e a child lay sleeping." Now a? never before wo must forget ourselves and remember hers. In our midst arc so many boys away from home and loved ics, possibly for the first time. You will enjoy having them in your ome and it can be your assurance of enjoying Christinas. Plume inky Nicholson at the Soldiers Center or Mary Wllkcs ut the Cudel ub. The town already seems brighter since our college children hove me tumbling in ... Percy Lee Bell has arrived accompanied by a ost attractive miss . . . Lois Vanlam from Fort Worth. Bessie is just irilled to death and says she wants the house full of young people tiring the holiday-. Xun and Edna Bostlck came home Thursday with leir car loaded to the guards and Francis Scoll and Belly Francis on in of the heap. Botli ihose girls look mighty happy, about something! Clint and thai culc child of hers, Brooks Whllfield got here from carsdale N. Y., Tuesday, ond Thursday she ond Margaret and Doug 'yiui left lo spend Christmas with Mrs. Brooks and Done Brooks in Speaking of hospitality, fifteen boys who were cadels at this post nd have now gotten their commissions, arc coming from every dircc- on to have dinner ot the Brooks home. Betty Hunt Armstrong didn't get to stay long but had to hasten ack to Pcnsacola with husband Bob who Is In the navy. Lieut. McGraw was here from Jackson for u day and night visit- ig bis mother and sister Eileen. nis muijivi UIHJ oii»*.« *-·.--- i i i * Mr J S. Alien has gone to New Orleans for a short visit. 1 had the cutest letter from Joe Enfiland, Camp Campbell, vcn- icky He said, "WE dig for holes, cut throush woods, and build ridges SO you see I am not using a paint brush. 1 °« »' E TM ' ear about ,s getting married. So please save some until 1 get home. 4 l °The transportation service doesn't give you room to change your ,ind Mosa Virden and Rosemary went to New Orleans and R»«n».y houiht she would go on to Corpus Christ! to be with Jane and Cheste imlth and bought her ticket. Then she decided she would wait and to ""el and returned her ticket. Then Rosemary decided she wanted to go ioht then . . alas no tickc'. to be had. " , e -d the other day (hat Olivia McGee was packnig bag and .aggage and going to e i n h l bara Hood end Olivia have been shopping in the city this week. Barbara is home from Sweet Briar and has been having a whirl. Rosa Fletcher, up in New York heard Ellisc Haxton was coming so wired her :!«il she wus lo be out of town and wanted her lo occupy her apartment while she was visiting Kenneth, Jr. Incidentally Kenneth and other naval students in his group are having to spend a muntli on n ship in Ihe New York harbor. Did you see Buddie Bowen mid how wonderful he looked in his raval uniform? 1 heard n funny story on Uuddie. When he was hitchhiking horni- a football fan picked him up. In Ihe course of conversation the mi'" said "do you happened to he related lo thai grand football player, Dinky Bowen?" · Harry ami Mary Wethcibcc arc smiling again. The lludginn have walked nncl ridden busses and saved cnuf KUS to meander down fr.r Christinas. The whole family are invited to Ethel and Edna Wetherbees for dinner. _ Frunfcic Taylor said tell .vmi if you haven't enuf sugar tii make t h a t cuke for Ihe Soldiurs Outer Open House on Christ- inns Day lo RII lo Ihe center and they will be glml to let you have sugar, which has liton donated. She is asking everyone, who will, to make and give a cuke, any kind. Thai reminds me. Elizabeth and Eva Watson said every member of Ihe Junior Greenville Garden Club is lo bo on hand this afternoon r.t onc-lhirly to decorate the Cadet club. Speakhn! of dccorutinu. i:clioiis speak louder than words. Henceforth and for evermore 1 will be finlont lo write aboul how lo do Lux Christmas Irce. If I was.i I a fil subject for the funnies Saturday when we were decorating the- Soldiers Center. I hud lux suds from Ihe crown ot ivy head to Ihe sole of my feet and Edith McCoy and Marian Shdlon weren't far behind and both hod lo go to Ihe dry cleaners. It was lots of lun though. Tod'iy Ihe churches will haw beautiful Christmas programs. The .mmml Vcsrcr Service of Ihe Presbyterian church for Christian Education and -Ministerial Heller will be given Sunday afternoon at six o'clock Tlii-v arc fortunate to have lUith Melcnlfe as one of the solo singers The service will be nlmont entirely of Christmas songs. Following this ut 7:30 tlw Metlmdlsl church will have a Christmas Can- ·aln. The public Is Invited to coth program:.. So wishing yun all a very, very merry Christmas, As Ever, A. 1OLCOMBE DOTS N SERVICE Corporal Thompson Holcombe, who entered the nation's military service last September, Is .vith the signal corps of the U. b. jrmy at Monmouth, New Jersey. le received his basic training at Camp Edison, Red Banks, New Jersey, before going lo Monmouth. His older brother, Jack Holcombe who was on Midway Island when hostilities started, Is still missing. Holcombe was working for a government construction firm in the Pacific when the Japanese attacked, the only word his parents received of him was prior to the outbreak of the war when it was learned through the Red Cross that he had been ordered to Hawaii. He has been engaged in government construclion work for two years prior lo Ihe '"jack and Thompson Holcombe a rc sons of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Holcombe of Greenville. nlTitury training at Sewanec MlllUrv Academy, Sewnnee, Tenn., md until he was pel-milted to en- Isl In the Marines continued his nilitary training ot Marlon Institute Marion, Alabama. He was il line for offlcershlp, but prefcr- ·ed to enter the service as a private for the Marges. He is a son of the iale Ralph McGcc and Mrs. Toby Beltord and a grandson of Mrs. Ben Humphreys and the late Congressman Bon Humphreys. McGEE JOINS MARINES Humphreys McGce of Greenville lefl lasl week for San Diego California after volunteering for the United Stales Marines before he was 18. Young McGce had four years ENTERS ADVANCED TRAINING H. Grady CaBtillow, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Castillow of 1808 Washington avenue, has finished his basic training for the Army Air Corps at Bush Field, Augusta, Ga and reported Friday to Moody Field in Vnldosta, Ga., for his advanced Iralnlng. Cadel Castillow will receive his wings In February. Before entering the service he altcnded Ole MIsH. Castillow took his prc-flight training at Maxwell Field In Montgomery, Ala., and his primary training at Dorr Field, Arcadia, Flu. Frank Aldrich and B. B. Mullln, both of Greenville, have gone through every stage of training with Cas- D A N I E L G R E E N I'oinsetlas Cyclamen Narcissus and Ferns Begonia Mixed Plants, ixxes and baskets 1.00 to 5.0(1 2.50 to 3.50 ....1.25 to 2.00 1.00 to 4.00 .1.00 to 10.00 Planted figurines, gardens and jardeniers CORSAGES (JanlcnisLs Orchid Carnations Sweet I'wis anil H Vliilrts Holiday riirsnsTM Hull law. ' »' M-S. 1.311 3.IIII I" "··» l.'ill li :!.«" .-.Olt HI" I.SO up citncs anil hcrrics ;,,,,! l,, ,,r all. mail,- w i t h D.-f.iiM' s l l "»fj; | ( ) ., ,,,, « I'alriolic Dixir Wrcalhs and Swaffs · Cenler Pieces of (ilisleninu; Mclallirs · Cemefery Wreaths and Baskets IDLE HOUR FLORAL CO. 1610 Main St. Phones 467 - 468 1,'OIIXAY. Hi" f n v u r i l c . ll|i|ii.r "f i-onnlli'i-s sviiai'n -'Vli.i love ii'iin" 1 1 lil "" k "'"· 5.00 |,ri,, c I's Uur III.) Will an,! N) I-' *" '" "' ''""' '" '" ' " rll S ""' Johl Bergman And no wonderl From horiion lohoriion every lady we know wanls ihe«r, beautiful itocklngi.,. hsilwy lhafi longer-wearlnfl and mods up in the luaveil, »rnarleil ihadei poulbla. Which, of eouric, meant.... I. Miller Hoilervl '( ' ' ' *"""" $1.00 - $1.15 $1.35 JohlBergman "TUB SMOff MBN" l^LICK-UP KIT for Use inferv/tf S^' "THE SIIOK MEN" l)|.cii Ku-n!ni I '"'' Johl Bergman TIIK SIIOK MEN

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