The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI- NO. 25fi BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS >_ r _ r — THB ^^^W E » "*^^ -*• *•*-* Tf kj .• rilytiievllle Courier Blythevlllc Bally NBWS _, , '• .: ,• " ~~—— _ Herald MtoKsiiipi. valley ix-mier rii,VT]rRVIU,R, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY M ' i<)3r> ;;'•• • SINGLE COPIES JflVE CENTS'' IBP. MIME Two Prisoners Confess Nil- merous Holdups- ; and Oilier Grimes. liy the wounding fial- urday night of Sheriff OKirencp n. Wilson, officers nnd volunteers en- BBEetl yesterday In tile most Intensive. manhunt staged here In several years and eflpdireil "Hub- her" Clayton and Jlrh , X, Caruth- vnt. negi-cf«, ivlio have confcsed not only Iho shooting -that" mulled In Injury of Wilson, but a se- i lea .of "Harked cur" robberies. UIR rntstreatuient of -Iwliitc women, and ihe wbtm'dlnj! of::a Pdu-o mllroad olTclal. . -..': . Tv.-o hold-ups 3 ' c-arllcr Saumiay nlKht i)iee«lc-d . Hie shooting of Wilson. Sheriff Wilson was struck in the eyes by flying gims, ,«l,atlerecl by the bullet of a "parked car" bandit on a "lover's Innp" • off • Highway 61, neciv the Bli'thevlllc country club golf courss. " Wlison and Arch Llndsc-y. deputy sheriff, were parked in the hope that ihe nu- firoes. who" had perpetrated n seller of robberies of "petting parties." would fry to "rob "them, a method thr.t officers had been following for n -miinber of- weeks without success. As It was, Instead gf trapping the bandits, Ihc officers found themselves trapped when the tv.-o bandits, one BD- proachlng on each side of their Hope lo Save f Wil«ori'g..Ey« Allhoujh f.,-,me doubt Ellil f>:~ Isled today as lo the extent, nf the- Injiny of Sheriff i?l4'£ii« H Wilson's tieht eye physlcisus at ihe Baptist iiospllal in ivfsm- tms were r,--pon,- ( l 115 being ennfidem Mist, Mr. .Wilson's eye, ii^lit would nni. I* pprmsrientiy Imfialreil R?. a rpjiill of •.Saturday nlglii.'ii Injuries. The left eye (3 said lo lie out oi danger,, jilends here have been told. Mr. Wilson both c-y-fa Injm.d by dying ginis when u Landlfs iHilir-f. shattered class in fi window 1 ro his rsr. A ppeal orgmnfcJBorngg Dismis PlfiTUiuin ynnn Carries I.nnrH V f=^====^^ , to Flemingtprr Joiner were explained by B. Henry, ol tile stale highway derailment, nt. a meeting .of Inter- •stcd citizen-; held nt 'the ciub •com in (he ; courthouse hire Fri- mschine. d flashlights at . project of this state. . way --has brtn "-obtolriea. •• Fourteen thousand dollars has been appropriated for Use, project which allows $7QO tp .be '" the ofTcsri an-l immediately onen ed fire. " Bilniieit by fifing _„. Wilson, seated In ihs rear seat -of bis car. was blinded by'flying glssa when the b?.r.dlt on "his l^ft ., Bred,. ths- bullet entmns the car through a glass reav side window on, 111?, Itft. and .passing .oijt "the ..F«aj-;- ( '409?'.. winupwrrrail.' hla-.. : rl|iit 6^11;. oel^een" Avilson ? and' "LlfidJey' who- (fas (h (.fie -front- 'scat/ 'Apparently ': at • the :sam"e ;tlme the Simman oh. lite,-'-rijiit sltie'. of the car "fired 'at "UnUsey;' the. 'bullet mlsiUig' the officer ^biit. knocking off. the faiol) of. a ;raiilo : s'et' on' ihe instrument . lipnrdi Un'dsey ,'i'eiu_rrii ftl Ihe Hfe -an<i- the: negroes" fled. The officer abandoned pursuit to rush Wilson to the Ulythevllle Hospital. •" -'• '•.-'. ' . '• .:- . .;' -.In. the spread, rapidly fleers was' Uiroivn; ac'roav-roads leading . into' Blythevllle : from - -the 5cehe of Uie.shooling nnil .in .officer was stationed'"to" watoli- : Bn a'jaiHtoned raj- none the ' place lihcr? \Vllr.c-n;;. iiiachliie i had; tech narked./ The license, number of the deserted eav"'was; taken; Wine' -, ^on.nujurv j of the owner secured 'fix3m 'the The administration ««"• .revenue, department .at Lit-' J -"-'-'- • . Rock, and ,'olljcers swooped down oii tlio home of Jim X. Cn- lulhers. owner of the car. in Ilie hope of approbenrllng him, f7o- ruthc-K i.jn , a daring r move, had [(one to the eltv hell to report the "theft" of his car. While dfile'err, searching his home w?re imcover- Surprise Witness Tells of Seeing Bruno Spying on , "Jafsie." ' FUEMINOTON, N. J... Jan, H (UP)—Three stnto v.'ltiwsscs today p.ddcd the welglit of their evidence llo-lilerilificnllonVof Driino Rlrlmnl iHauptnmnn as the kidnaper niul imirderer of Charles A. Lindbc-rgh, Jr. Alexander, n lull and Trees and Shrubbery Will Be Planted in Bcautifi- nhnn Pvhm-i.r, j>cad" station while Condon v.i= Cation. J lOgiain. I talking to a telegraph o;:eiator — shortly alter \\\a kidnaping in OSOEOLA, . A:*.—Plans for tlio|Marcli, HIK. , aid-active clolliliiE model, declared rhe saw Hauptinann spying on D;-. . John p. Condon ii> ' n Urdus rall- ] >cad" , . . bsaillifieatlon of Highway 01 from Q=«cla to the school •,. Say Hauplrmnn VVrole Nr.tcs E'lbrldge W. stein, the econd handwriting export to nls sect .the: ransom jiot<4, tejtlficd to hte conclusion that, they ?;ere mitten" by Himptmann'. day. ...«.-..-,....* ... Alfred . s: Osborn, the hlahest The .work, • which will consist prlc2il liaudwfltUiB expert In"- the largely of the .planting, of trees i tt ! or ' t ' > s(o utly maintained his con- qnd shmViiiai-ii- .T-rin i... .1'—• _. . _ i victloii UiRt the ransom notes were all the product of the Bronx carpenter's hand despite a vigorous cross-examination by Edwaid J. Reilly. chief of defense . counsel. I - .!is= Alexander's testimony chins . and shrubbery; villl be done' ns an FERA project, \vtlu the state highway ilepp.rtment co-operating ; Mr Henry .said 'that thl* is the Brat Its kind approved in vYork he s sid ' Mrs George 0 Harris [Sew York social reRkierlip mao> certain when she -.veui 10 tile H'iiipuuann trial at Klemlrislon,' N. M.. irint . ' "*-~ ...V-HLH^I as soon as the consent of I ss - <in 'electrifying surprise 'to the ou-nen of property slor.s the hlzh • - -- "- ' ' ; .rial fans. As- the state's first "surprise 1 ': witness" she was subjected to n bitfer cross-examination for 20 minutes by ReUly but die. firmly Insisted upon-tho'tnilij E PV,''-eack: rnllf .., .-"The trees 4° 'V' " ' " , .., . ' pjaiitetl" -alonV '.liie ."highway will the hlghway.y,'iin have- willow, It ecs ..... .,--.--. Planted., in fronft of: them. ' Siile- • meantime t!io alarm ;lmd walks \yill '"iic^hfint-". of."stone : or Pldly ; and' a cordon 1 of .of-, I concrete, wherever'-'the highway" enters 'a loitn! Would Extend WC c. Power for Two Years l' (UP) — ttvcicled - --, -.- ^v^«>!.%> ti-u^ii LIJI; * "it lUiiJiiiimLruLlOii IJ^S (tt' ri i[i 0 Q stale revenue department .at LH-ldcnhttely to- seek ' ifi«hlicn" es- lle Rock, and otrtwi-s *i,.nnn n ,i iehding lhe lending' i»wer of tiie Reconstruction nuance Corpora- iiou for -iwo 1 nioi-c : years. Jp.sse ,fonc-s. chairman; said loclay after a ebiifeKxce with Prraidinl Roose- n number ol articles velt, Jones cited various ing^'-hiin Intently; .-Haupimanir tifrned' to a 'Unitel rr's-w con-c-?.nourient,.and said:' '' ;"I was.Jieyer'in Ihat .station, .''l Etiesseci the lady wan looking, for a movie' contract.; 1 hinagfess' en. Jlellimls : F^,EM»7CiTON. , K, J.. Jan. ' 14 (UP)—The prosecution stair, pre- .•-cnllng -New Jersey'.; .case 'against Bruno Richard Hauplmann. is : in disagreement over, Ihc mclliod it should employ In.ottering evidence. -he United Press learnel today. AUy. pen. David T. Wl'lentz, elilef counsel, lias been forced by thn. weight of opinion among hi;. to Ilie uc-cessHy for Die extension'" . . ,. . i pointing cmr that ihe Commodity victims of^ several "parked Credit Corporations "need further car" roWierles! ,, Csruthers. protect-1 RKiistancp. iug Inhceence of "any wrong, had ! import, been jailed he night officers because of his' iiiduii-y about the" car. Escapes Tiiroufii Window • When,.the ,sc-arc-hlii^ party re- tumed to nr.llce headquarters' lhe us well ns ks. expert and Not a Tie Wnlktr Af/SSOOLA, Mont. (UP)—Friends of Dr. . p. Rowe. Montana Unl- n.yersity eeologj- Instructor, elsim liie recovered, ...tataV grfflW * i*^^^^'«^ Carutheis was 1 ijtarted. Dtu-lns a llial h« cih tfil »ei i *,' lull in the milling the nearo wa, 1,1. "/ " '*'. p "' h : I i'. tte mil "- i ti i —-M* *na u <•'in I IIS? f Til It'll n*V>i lull in Hie Billing lhe nearo was b-r of ra iroVd !-* . , ^^^^^^^^^^^ Issues Awai! f.HTi.E nootf, -Aik;. Jen. M (UPi — Major (niosllons almosl rerioln to come lieiore ihe f,0ih AMcmbly vene.) ln,),-, y indiK which con- Rare r,i nnemployahles. l^enlizatluii of Iliiuov. LrtiaUKtiiinii oi hni'sr rncer. and (MJ-i-iiiiiiupl beltlnr. SU-rlliKuilun of habitual erlm- itinls niiil umirnbly lawne, .. Stoic [lohre ii.vslom. Election law relornM. . . necorllficallon O f Insnranco laws. • 'Old nge pension. . Rstablishmeiil uf a - pprmnn- «)t «nleimlnl coininLsslon. llomostecid las exemptions. se Sains Tax Promises In Brine; Mdsl- Bitlcr Figlii' of Fiftieth Session. 11V TED H. MALJJV Unlleil Presr Staff Correspondent LITTLE IJOOK, Jnn. H <UP>— AilinhilsUv/V.on - lender* organized Hie 50th Arkansas Bsne.rnl tif.wijibjy '•"d pledged both houses to fol- jlrell loday. Rep, Hn.ri'p Thorn ot I'olnccK cnunl..v, precession i favorite, \mi isanifd of Iho house, ami W. F. Nonell. of Moiilfcollo, beiir- IIIB Uic approval "of u. bov. Lcc C'azoil, war, elected president pro '.em of thr-. r.f-tmte. FI ASHES . SAAIl VOTES FOB GERMAN!' SAAKBnUCKEN, Jan. 14 (UP) —A ifinl ollliu] rhu'h u ., ,<!00 votes In the Saar iilcblsflte liulli-nteii (miljlii m-aily 80 jifr i'"iil In favor nf ri'iihlnu wllli Oi'tmany. 'Ihc iljure may lie hirrr.wd ci iloi-icnstd by |l,e ifmnlndr-r vl tlio eauut bill n<Ualili> yif. illctlons vvi-rr thai l( woiihl ln- tieali'i 1 , Imurlnjr Die rrlnr;i i>l' Ihc Snar In Oenuniiy. SEER KIDNAI'Etl IN FLORIDA TAMPA, call, went ln-°St. PftfiiiiiitgThU .iflmioon In trni-oi; for Thoinnn Fin. (UP) —... . . on a telephone . . uilss ibj-itilng by uf , er niar/bor she for courtroom IB her iiinrb. wtille Buef Illness Fatal lo Mcni- bf?r of Pioftiinenl Osccola Family. '.' i ' OSCEOLA. Ail:.— mineral services were held Sunday alteraoon for Hairy L. Driver, who died early Saturday morning al hu home north of Oseeola after sufleiljig ffljly a fev.'.days r.-Ith double pri;ii- ' ' Burial v.'oa ot VlalH 'c ipiiro; mm Texas : . j^egra , Challenges "Validity 6f Democratic .Pnfuaiy Ban. ' : ..WASHINGTON.'Man'.' 14 (UP)— ThejfUDremi Court'today decided to cntcrlaiii"-a-challonsj'c of lhe validity of..lhe: toas'sinfo Dern- owatlc.- P"-rty orgaui^aliori's ncllon In bdiTing negroes from phrl.v primaries. • , ..The .court .nc'tod on an aop'eal brou', R. R:. Qrovey. a negro citizen 'of'.Harris.'cou'nly.' Texas, who was iffused an ussonlee Inll- iot to '.vole In the inonla eter. , The active pallbearers were Quv (Driver, .Skelton' Driver, Jim Drl> , er, Spencer DrU'er, Jame.i Oliver nnd Buster Driver, all .first cousins of .^D•. Honorary' pallbEiir- cra were .Eiumrtt-Hunt.''Jim tovef ; : Lan Wljlianis, ,Wl]la-' "eje '•?"''i' »>*fJ,V. W. .-w;-..Fr^if^.'Oiafrey 'White, c. -.^-vMpLi;;";.-'- u J(;':'»••.L- 01!( 1:0,. M.- Fprley,? Rey;, E, t; Co',- oflfl.elated; ;• ; ..." , '•'-.'.- ,;. Mr.;, oQ^years old,,was'the Ilie stale supreme court, admin- isterfd the oath of ofllcn In the •Lfiinte and Assoclals .lusllee Frank Smllii gave, lhe onlh In the homu: In nccepllji^ - tbe npeakershlp c-presenlallvc Thorn snld: ; "It will be my puicy lo follow the administration in mailers seeking to build thb stnle and. I hope tins membership will see fil to do likewise." He pialsed abveinor Fuln>l! a3 lhe grandest, while, hatred mnn In A™^. ai-; ni«eed!y honest ,M . Go'vetnor Cftzcirt Is Ifgtlntuje must perfec 1 , . for tailing care of the stale's r.mmploynbles' nnd reduce tli?;>jsie firtt Bill^ .'introduceriV'- pn'inary 'July 28, "1S3-I. Democratic , . Tile • refusal wos based on the actJon.of.llip.lD32 Danccratic state ccnventlon wiilch passed' a resolu- ion admitting only whlje c)'l;»ns membsrslilii. " Inasmuch as . chief deputf sheriff. -vi{ 0 '•••bed Wilson to : a Memphis hos-1 P'tal i.Huriifd fioin hh Itip.-Kfet '- the cJIiccii precsjjt g.itlifrcd •i.-^jii.;! ,lacl:ron io henr'about Ihc • fomtuicn .of . their-.chief. Appar-' '.'.'V, ! "' CimEW lii»t' confused as ,_ ( ' •-•••>' "IT was actuollv Quardln? •<£ prl?r,nov. ib r .|,- vtallnnce" was : The negrn risked nn of- a " nervous lawyer, wanted to present the state's C.IK? as rapidly and as spectacularly as possible. Some of his assoola- es Insisted upon offering .the evi- ssfice as palnslaklngly and In as much detail a> pc^lble. associates argued thai a presc-niatlon would he nione pfFectlve on the jury. Wil- ••ntz submitted to majority opinion but'frets when detcll .become.) -.cb exliaustive. R ' hi , cil ' ° US <1 mar,y v.-eapons of but failed to effect f Cinitlieri', __ rnnitheK Reciptner,U up after tip during the day , ^art proved, more or les?' fruitles- but about f>:30 o'clock onicers.were Hint. Carutliers had Iwen in a negro shock'.nt tho ;' WI ; '•"'"'"'Hiin ii, , hc roim Ml(1 norjiiesst edge of the clly, about 11 linvn btvn siipli Harrison O f a " lllc oul of Blyliicvllle. He .omer. to eel l,i m a , lr!nk ar[1 offered-no resistance when a squad "'t?" ' hc ° ITIroi ' wiit in comply ? f !luo " 1 six ° niccr3 crvM o|K-n v.'Uh lhe request tli» nearo r' 0! ond l)Ac!l dcow °( " ie shack fancd through n small window"" rUKl • found 1llm - sinking nnd >ui- - rcqu rancd through A succession of ne JUT men nnd women, nc Inlo police heiidqunrlers lioned throueh the nig',,. ann morning officers had dcnnttplv ci.i(allied that Clavton »». fc-muaulon of Corulhers on n cx-con\-lct who' only ; . ... Wo serloiisly wounded an liro here. w ; is captured morel, offering no reals '.vos rushed to Orceoln. A searclilnj parly ' was Izcd yesterday afternoon description of Corulhets tiered to lake Iho "Sawdust, lv . lion of lhe cltf. About 40 in the ,„ Clayton the shoolli the first to confess £131-? virtually decides- elections. Cold Wave Hits North But Relief Is On Way CHICAGO, Jan. 14 (UP)—Temperatures jsaiik to SO belon-- 7?ro and snow drifts piled up 12 test deep in a bitl:r cold wave thst cnvoloprd gre.n perilous of ths North American continent- todav Temperatures still K6 ] 0 d'di'n- ., olde_st -aon/pf- -Driver ' _ . -ver atid -.the -late. Ahner..^bijve'r. He ms ; l:prn_ and feaiid -in O.«e,6la ' '- ; _ where- he . sp?nl...'hi5.- withe He : iviis engaged (n farmlho from early, manhood. •; until -rl'ib; . deatli! He-Is sufiFlverl by. his moik-r. Jih wife, Mrs.; Pauline Cathey Driver uvo .dnushisrs, .Mrs. - : W.- W. Joiin- son arid Mrs.. MiUon ' Piipe tliree grandchlldrch',' ..Jea.n •" JofiiBon and Lain-a Lou- and , Kathf-i-jne- -Pope, thr«. sisteiB.. Mi-s. Ed Quinn and ";• ; p -/ lorlti "-.or.0.«eoln, o)ifl '" o.£ .Paragoutd, Ml «- , . rw broliisrs, Abner, Waller . ' all of ~ • • -• •.»«j* **t;iv w;_v»jii- State and. defense counsel today l ! "3 tccla y afl *i" reaching sub-:?>o ;rtlmat«d thai the Ir'al of Hni;pt- d *P"i-' over (he wee!;-E!id but w?a- :nann r;o:ilrt tsl:e nt 1-fist three ''•" foricaslers • The Swift -Umlertnicliij company was In clmige of. nn-angeinein's. Home of Negro Near .• .' Holland Is Dynamited HOLLAND, MO.-A negro's house wn s dynamited Saturday nleiil, between 3 c!; [i g ,y c i ock by ~ n UH _ j known poison or persons, The house was on Qus Moaloj's farm' a gravel road just off Hljluvav 61, about,ts-o miles SDM i, or Ho ,-. land me occupants of the house had been Burned, to move earlier '" "IP day. They fled m their thb""'" a " er "- c M P Ia5l °"if 5 |ol, h . r0 ; vn rr °'" - a •novlis^ar 5 lJ^ e ^ m «: f . ll « .Pirch and . Chief Justice .Johnson, of said; ., apwkt-r- Tllprn'. 1 told " the more . e more Oian.-g.gjp . J 9 l>,< 4 jpi ffl h"ts It : Vrould be> impci 5IW ? -vt9'narfie.;rn6re-tiioii ^lW,«. ; ^|^b^.!H^iroiolfes ?»mWa(j, s ..'.-... ;-.)..;, ••-;;"{-.';,•.; i/i.-. Thi. blgjjsi ,:Jfplis'^''jlghtrtfos':-iiiS i tf^W^etvarnis,: vttltli ;' S i x :: no m- iiRtea- .-.a, :.-B.-.'-E»ntori.,--farin<>f Lonokg county.' shwllt' •' via oleitM, . i .ncu. iy^ws:.u.n0ppp5ed'. for, .'chief '^lefkl . ' -H 15 •• a --'!i lt< ? ro'njahlised , early ! B 'nfl Introduced three; bill,, '• ; sinaUir •' Ir.o/ levee,"'tfls"t'rie(s' ta the cpinptroller.. Scnntor" j; Paul Wnixl enlercd lite •jspeqncl'lilfl • ask- 'for-.f\- ,- - ITiIrd .inlrcducfd by; Senato ' . Jolmscirof Slhr Ojt'y' ' 'rhlrty,elght, r,. A' tiie Sc.imle were ..'sworn efflcle-.iqy . convmltteei" h Ksp; 'If. ;I{.. Toliey*. 1 of countx'. -,v|]| • FA-IC-C ' employej. :'i,amed . by HC . An [1( |ed .by 'JM'rstn 70 home Alleo Slall, v,-lfe of n i.ouhvllle', -Ky., ell man, • ' ' ' • ARKS FOH 1'ItoiUv WASI11NOTON" ll'F]— ,\ rfs- ctudnn. railing-far .1 vongrcfslmi- nl InvesHgation nf UK- federal ciiicrgeiir.y .icllet admlnlslrallon aliU HE-inclhoik nns' liitioiluccd In (he liriust toilay by Itc-iirs^en- tallve llslitr L. llurdli.)!, (freu N. D.). ' ' i Docisinn Comes .. Bamcs Goes lo Tual i;feif foi Same Ciime, UTTIF ROOK Jon 14 tuiP)— Appeal of Prnili Bnines condemu- eci. M!'«lssli-pl county slayci, \ as cikmlisied loriay by the otnle ait nreme coitH, r Defense attornesi v,lll lm\e 17 clny.i in niiiclt ( 0 file o motion for n rehearing before the court's mandrill' I 5 d*!| eicd lo Oov -J, M.. Futrell for a second setllrm of Ihc ov'ciitlou dale Homes' t-Xfoullrn el in December, Woa delnynd b/ the aovcinoi until Jnimarj j An npueal doling that (!ehy ogiln stayed execution Brinies ftec'tai guilty uo emlsr r» on a ihni^o of flut degree mui- dei- 'hi connection nlih Jlie slaf- mg of o A Mnrtln Dljth«llle tnxl dilvci last Julj is PI, r edition wns n\M h> a circuit court Jurj and he wn- sentenced November B Two sons Bill ami AicHle Far- ties, also ir° choiged In lh« slay mt on (rial Work, Started Yesterday by 200. Volunteers, Will Be-Qornpleted Soon J ' People of 'Blytlievllle were visited afterncfU'' by : 31)0 -workers, tin, -. fl-' rcprc-sentlng. . „ <*wm, :»'t'?:.,8 ? QQppralIng - - - 1 . . T,X*ff v««*».*l|J^ !to«:^i^M» ot^^ffif^t: VAU ;pf -,t!h'e.^r{i6i'j'i percentage 'of families: not' nt rlionie ;y'«steYday l 'wUl oe", visited. : .befoV6?:Wp^riX*^aT, r 1 - n ;. n -,-. -..,—.—r-—^--Wcdjieiday r 'evcuinsito: tb'Bt.'ij'fcdrtpietc-: 1 report rn&v,(it>.. jn^'ae at .'(hat: time.' ; •"•'.- the.t-.wprto nF.*mb)fd"-ot 'lhe First Bopt$ -church -at''"noon - for R..-lunclicon Served by' the'-, women's groups, of •ttie.'c.bopiu-'allbj 'ciuij'ch- es. and ; where.:tl;cy : resolved itn- flcuctlons..- Pr]o,r to, their Ijeglii- nliig. the .cn.hvass ; of:.the city,--a (jhqtojraph- was taken of (he K! learns. - . .; • ; . . :'. >,:'.... . : ', 9 ! - Uic, Ilioaainils of people' In- tervjewgd .only flve/rcluscd Jo sive lhe. desired Information-.and in" a miinber of Inslancea .families wlio were lo be nway for tlio,afternoon left the information In their doorways. ..-'.-'. •',;•' Some of the cards bore amusing answers to questions. -Some con-I- At Seven Juroris ,Scleoff<l a 30 o'clock this afternoon _ __ „ ^.^i^ri Una ii*i(;rnQun seven jurors had been »lected of the 12 who will decide the fate of Bill Homes when he goes to trial- for the Second time, charged srtt-h the murder of o \ Martin youthful (a\l driver ' A hung Jury, unable to a<m>e on electrocution or life Imprisonment or the defendant caused a mis Ha) In the first trial The seme Wr^QWeviir, found Bill 3 lather, mlirder ;jv,'.-.: r"'r"P> »""y ,01 murder and :.^et i h/'s tunlshment oi d i(h by.- electt-oculiofi while the 'slov process of H-ctln? a Jur, Wv= underway today w-arj wa, rented fram'.iiittle Rock that th« suoteme court- had dismissed the appeal if -IjiE fatlicr — 'Overrules rttoUon Clrciiil, JMse Nell KlUough niei- ruled a motion bv defense eoun'el Roy Nel'op nnd Stun Manntt asking ; permission foi joiing Barnes o wlthdnw his pica of guilty and enter-a pica of not puillj p ros - pcctlvc jurors wcie InstructedHhat tile -dcfeudnnt had entered a plea of, gullti atlmltllng,tl\at the degree of the crime tmd the "\ent or-the punishment uas to be_"de- _• Oneiniiloyabies First Issue Both houses will meet lolnth . _ .. Oie Jurj Approximately 20 membeis ot he special panel of 81 iLnlrcmen •iummoned In the case woie ex- the court this monilng developed that ih«y had, poll ta\ last sear one reported tlicy 1:301 Baptist.';" and- I 111./ .__,„„„,_,„ ^^ I 0 . of Christ which meets at the court (excused for othei reason York Cotton which led to Wilson's July - 'oci Dec sctles uv car robberies as well as mtstreat- as- ineiit of women. It was stated, the Soon afterward It was announced •*- t!ial Cartitliers liad confessed and n » thai lhe two negroes were lhe on""e iy ones Involved. '<«• Confessions of the negroes clear,;" «d up a number of robberies wlilch « c .had pu?2led officers ns well ns the MEW VORK. .Jan. H Cotto:i c!,--ie<l steady. opc-n hieh loiv c!o.w 1233 1240 1238 IMS 1247 1254 1241 1247 1255 1262 125-! 12SS 1256 1262 1255 1255 1239 1245 1239 1241 1240 1250 124S 1250 Spots closed slendy at- 12C5. unchanged. wave ivovld b? .VlioTt" ilv;d. ' j The 30-beloa- zero' ternp:tature was. recorded, at darvn today at .v[lr.nlpr-e. n, the OjiH?,-i i:'n;=;<l, .Minn.. ii>pc;1.\l (lie ccldfs;. vveathsr nlih liie ih ir.cter vejistetins !0 bi-iovi-. I ' op-en hijh ni • r, -. • • } Iny M ! - a M 1-4 Closing Stock PrtcCfil'My ni 1-4 a> a-s Jan March May ' Decked ,nV ^h'andT "or , t, 1 r f J f. (C . tll - > POKil. the disturbance caic of (he .slate's unemptovablts , slon will ix> on the ' house.) Faiirl Neiri\ . _ „,„_ Onlj' -^me 15 members of the '-"W p-'nel remained to be 'ex- bills to get revenue from cither .. • - —« >u uo CA- liquor or horse races to support smlned thl s ai f eTioon v/hen the state Institutions. Referendum with r ° ve »t i i J"«>r had been chosen tbe privilege of local option Is the slnce lne state na d e-ihaibted ofi- plan to legalize liquor Ihat msy !•'" 3 ° ! Ks I0 oercmpUii'j chal- tan, Einphatic demands "for • n plan to legalize liquor Ihat msy !•'" 3 ° ! !ts I0 oercmpUii'j chal,- eventually get before lhe people len |? s fini3 'he defense has \ised Qovernor Putrell wants a: state ""' * of iis 20 > ft apneared that inc SCK- police system and at least Uvo a(lcl ! ti on ; 'l venlri"nen Aould; have ' T *""^^^ saJeo bOls have been prepared for It i^ ^ ^(^^o?ied predict. There were | He also wants an election law A larse number of ins \enlra- uie tax against malicious .slander during me " qJeotioneU crere excused b> ., th9 court ftnm tto MmiK ^ alien of habitual crimln- having fonued opmloni In tfie ise that co ild rot oe s»t (ride wnou» oth»r legal er- 311 ^nrcor^rSayVlt '"'f 1 ?* «-. B - ^^^^i^^^^^^^^fi^^ «f «»«>.« «**- z^r SSSL ^), s ^S ? ~ de ' nflnfe °^^ '- " : S^-^S£a£TS -SS £ ^ % : ^J^O'tenH. AKemotirci have h-^ makers " Se " flto> ' olyde T - Eiils of CUS<H ' ed to avoid the ™i£ ..J^.?^ 1 '- f?. 5111 ? 11 ^" 1 "?.. lla - prepored a ster- All of . to avoid the the- legislatur », ^"Ufi^tgTS*^ hi'™ Ml r ^n'*? 1C2lSlat ° r " flS "^ V m ° M Ra "' 5 J B ~^ n«d«I .svenue for^rlt X,^ ^F*™ .?. ^Kf,.'? «« !»!"...««•«"' J™* °*^ S New (*•* -- ' —••••—•« ti.i n 1.11 no LIU; 'iiold-up nnd shooltng ol J. I,. n-'Mumina, Frisco railroad orTlc-lnl!! Jan a here. Miss Georgia' Hutchinson Man »•- wna another who \vas.shot by the Mav in nearoes. beliiir sliohn.. tt-ounded Jm j. ^ NEW ORLEANS, Jnn. N <VPi- , Cotton elwed steady. 1241 12.')3 125S 1242 liigh Joiv rlose —- IJJO'o 1254 1247 12-19 1258 1253 1255 1263 1255 1257 1243 1839 1242 do A. T. and T- 10:1 3-f> Anaconda Copper ... .107-8 Beth, steel 31 1-3 Chrysler 39 "CKJes Service 13-8 Coca Cola 17t5 1-1 Q rr>. A«y Tank 37 Oen. Electric 21 1-2 Oen. .Motors 31 3-4 Int. Harvester 39 3--1 McKesson-80%las ' .... 8 MonlBomery Ward .... 213-4 N. Y, Cenlral 10 3-8 Packard . Phillips P«." "'"' Radio ...... at. I..-S. P. Simmons Eedi ','.'.'..'.. Standard of N. j. Texas Co. U. S. smelling .. u '«. s. aieel 27 1-2 Zonlle 4 1-2 Chicayo Corn May July open E9 8-1 85 f-8 o-i low 88 closa 88 3-8 8 33 WEATHER lhe js^cn venlrernfrt s.- has received iecwd to sit on the jj-7 are n ,, .,"' Ready. communiiit. 1 ; and al, ore farm«rs Practically every legislator has "hey nr» JeT Rauls J B FP<u , S B Revision "of"Thi ""'""" ' BrmSl ' lloullcccl earl >' »"» proposals for: -•- '™ ' " U '" K fl " d Coy i«.« be«? WH^STSA^ ^r\ n rr m i pr ^ uti »^ A «^ ™™ ^ $ a %^^£^5£^^ & ffi that Individ- trucks, Hnl L. Norwood's "hoine- and Al- low ^elosa nore ^^^""'^rowrty and Practically every legislator has "hey a 073-4 D3 ««(L "veimn fni n , to r(itsc hLi "P st " bllls he h0 ^ to get Tom * Ea 7 -» SO JJSwe o op'rate n±°^ ^^ eBa ^' Amo " 8 the ^"™ »"- Branni ' Re-hfon of tht ferm5 ' ' mun<: ^ ««*. arc proposals for: Mav. «tr%L>i[on 01 [lie sevrranro tnva.' niri „.-« —,., . ..... It ARKANSAS—Parlly cloudy today and Tuesday, not much change In temperature. I 'Memphis ar.,-J Vicinity—Fair tonight. Tuesday cloudy, not mucfi cnnnse in Ismperaiure. Tiie maximum temperaaire here yesterday was G3, minimum 48, dear, according to Samuel P. Nor- Hs, official weather observer. Last hijiit the temperature dropped to in f ™n lia-' Ills _.... of the school E, Bailey's Cooper, special prosecutor. Manila Youth Sustains Inju y n Fail Ixwrns on I.lqnnr questions ce rt<nn w ..... for -t-ate ekctlon commission to clean I problem up politics, | ,. Appropriations already asked In i rd dotn c,t,sr a L,°d f ^ir,°hT of ™-/rV,>-^ - than Slaoon.nna »n«™rt.». cf Mr .-^n<i Mrs. J. W. Luster of. a frfliture bit- Is ..." " _ i-! There other (hat the co?lcern The mi. ,,. spread owtht oast Several mn™' macli lne. • , dv " n l>le . - may get rad- .-„ the members within „ Governor Futrell'a great- esl concern. He has indicated prl- major issues may - be , ihe siuil rhen he feli out o* tbe family car yesterday. He v,-33 reported !» a critical pf*iidl'tion at the Blytheville The mistletoe, a wss the

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