The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIS Bl.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER "Old Red" Turnal in Besl Race in llm Roaliznlion .Slakes. ,. nv MAX NBA Service Turf Writer Unquestionably, the grtxtcnl ex hibltiou of speed over given by a horse was thai of the Immortal Man 'V War when he raced for Hid \,VK raice Realization Slakes In '1321). Willie I 1 , Ls true Umt almost any of his raws 'might te used as :ui example of • supremo x'|>eed—"Old Red" broke flve world records—the Realization nice In many rospvcts was the greatest, of nl). The history of Mnn o' War is 103 well known to require repeating litre, but just to brush nsldo the cubwchs o; nearly'15 years, lion) ate a few .salient features of his career: He started in 21 niees. winning 20. He cairied 138 pounds ns a :i- j\°ar-old and broke n track record. At. no time, not even In Ills first nice, did he ever pay as much ivs even money, and in three of )ii» races, some of or all tin bookmakers miater him at odds of 1-100. His five world marks were no Index of his ability, for he always won tinder n pull. And, moreover, he broke at least 10 Intervening marks, as for example, In racing the mile and an .eighth of the Oiyycr Stakes, he made a pnco faster thnii world record time for six furlongs and for a mile. • * * Only One Would Miikti Strides With these facts In wind, vision him coming up to the post for the Lawrence Realization Slakes of n mile. imd five furlongs on Sept. 4, 1020. With him wns only Hoodwink, the. rest having retired before his greatness. The odds on "Old lied" wore 1100. Pacing him was a world mark of 3:42 3-5 mntlc by War .Ulnl with only 78 pounds In the saddle, and. nn American record of. 2:45 made by Fit/. Herbert, in indi). Mnn o' V/af was burdened with '18 pounds more than War Mint hid carried. When the barrier wixs sprung, Mail o 1 War went Immediately to Ilia front, but was under a pull in doing, so. When he went nrouud the first .'turn lie.wits nearly half a furlong In front and Joekey Kummer hud a light hold on him. Nevertheless, without being challenged by any horse, he ran the half In :47'3-5. the fastest time for that distance, ever recorded, although Handy :Mandy equaled it,. He'finislieri the course in 2:40 4-5, which'was 4 1-6 seconds luster lltnn (lie American mark, anil 1 3-5 seconds' faster than'(lie English and n-orld'"fnn'rk. Hoodwink wns IOC lengths behind. - : •'. - • • ",» • Gained Speed as He Went j While his entire race wns remarkable, ; he simply hinnzed everyone who" saw. htm by easily increasing his speed in the |ast three furlongs. Unpressed and. unchallenged, he fought Kuminer for his head :ui:l ran the last eighth of a mile in a lime which equaled Ills average pace for the third and fourth furlongs. J A search or speed records will Show not more than one or two such .instances/ for.'fiorees always come home slower than they go out. TClylngfpn early pace to slip time from the records. Had he been allowed to complete the mile and threcrquarlers lie undoubtedly would have broken Hint' record also. ' His last eighth of a mile was run in 12 1-5 seconds, and he would have Imd to run (lie added eighth in only 14 1-5 seconds to jet the saine world mark made eifdil years inter by neigh Count. WINNING BASKETBALL By Nah Uolman A "guard-through" play from tap formation is shown here. _As the ball goes tip at center. X-3 cuts across the court as if After a Dark Horse Kicked the. Champ Here's what happens sornelimes when the champion Is matched with 11 soft touch—he noes to bed for nn intended period With a Ijnikcn knee cnp. Tlu> champion Is Mlfldlr-vu'lKhl Teddy YHIO.S?. ol Pltulnirgli. who wrlvrd ihf Injury, Ijj r, r.wnt, tout, ivlih ))ul«> m-.ko, the romparallwly unknown lailllpr frrim flyinpiisr, N. V. Ar. a if-siilt of llils lipST-l. VamW ifpiilnflou aiul ilrnwlnit JK/WIT a ilrop, wlillp ni*h> is III f,r?al. d-'niand by prwnntr-rc. >.*v.: ;>.•,';..: '•fe'M: : ; ; i". SATURPAY, JANUARY !•::*::;;:;.;:;.;« ^s^vC.;:;/; '. ; ' •";•-•:;' v'V.NS ('• :••:':':y-^." f At: : --'ft•••':'''•• '•• • • ' V. - :• •. ."^ ^'." r. 1 .. *':::'.•:','.:;•>« "t • \-c. : ;'••'.*', " - ' KISIW.FI B tic! cl i c s of LeacKvillc Come Out of Novvlieve To Sensational Win NEXT FiL Desp ite Loss of; Stars Crimson Tide Should Be Powerful Team Ry STEVE T. MrGINNIS I'nKi-d Press Stan I'nrrcspondenl BIRMINGHAM. Ala. (UP)— The Alabama Crimson Tide. co-clnimanL Ith Minnesota to the national ridiron chiniplO!\shi|i. will lose cavlly through graduation, mil will eturn a wealth of material for the 935 campaign. A third conswiitive southeastern onferencc championship would be to receive the tap-at that point the feint is Intended to carry O-3 oul of the line of play. X'4 and X-5 cut back, to clcai the scoring zone. TJie gitard, X-2, cuts away frpli Ms ri/onrard and circles around the centers to take the. tap. World War tanks went Into, ao .Uqn'.lrt.pairs, known as "male anc female." The lormer carried ligh field, guns and led their mates bearing .machine guns, Into th encounter; . - •• .with Paul Bryant, the other 1 regular flankman. nnd two more years with Joe Mickey Elley, How ell's understudy in 1934. Bryant I better defensively limn Hutaon, i,. larger and showed definite prom 1st of Fiurrlng mit.soii's class us a pass- receiver. His Impediment the past reason was merely that more p.isso; were thrown to his colleague, Unison. HllCy is built along Kowcll'; lines. He resorls more upon speed —his is greater than Howell's— than tlie deceptive type of running which characterized Dixie. His touchdown pass to Hntson in the closing seconds of the first half against Stanford was no nuke. He threw even belter ones ngn'lnst Kentucky nnd Georgia Tech last year, in pimting,' Jiiley must develop quite a bit before douniiiR Howell's vacant shoes. Quarter Tost Fillcil Perhaps the greatest boon to the 1935 Tide will be the return of Ri- Icy Smith. 200-pound Wocktns t|Uiir- lerbnck. smith didn't draw the ac- ciaini due him lns| year, onlv his By J. . After huing uished off their feet and apparently outclassed, the no- no Huddles of Leachvl'Ie made a marvelous comeback (o eke out 'a :i:i-28 win over Jeff Roland's Uoot- ery cagen, hifit .night at tho ariii- f.ry, With n lead of -20-0, thn iiool- cry looked like easy winners as they left the. court, nt the -imU, Tliey played rliius nroiiiut the yi5- HoiTi in al! (lei)arlmeht.s of the gnmo and looked far superior. 6'n the other, hariil, the Huddles rs- jeatedly missed easy shoi.s and ilayed sugglshly. Bernard McAfee, Mn.\ Christinn. arid Lee i\fert- in made serisallonal haske.U. Mc- Afco engine four In the first half. Coming; out. to start the last lalf it was n different story. Whereas the Leachvllle lads coulti- I'l lind the range in the curly .taces of the came, they couldn'l nlss. Every member figured in the icoring, with Ihe exception ol •Smith, a suhslltute. Thurmond.' lanky forward, set Lhe scorlno; pace 'during the rally. registering flve field goals and adding Iwo free throws. In Ihe first half he made but one field ;onl. He scored fourteen points n all. '. . . ; Tlie.soiilh goal seemed to have i Jinx on bolh teams. To start the R.ime the visitors chose Hint son! ami could coax In but three baskets from the floor, m the second the hootery gained possession of the goal and could amass no more, either. Slowly (gaining' momentum as I'.ie gnmo progressed. Leachvllle eiit down the big lead some In the Ililrcl period but 'were still behind, 24-10. nt Hie home stretch. With two minutes left, to play, a nice shot by Martin (lei) the score, 26-26. Christian sent his mates ahead with a beauty hut two field goals by Thurmond, and another Lorais Svvarnp Shawnw, 34-16; Rice Test nl Armory Toniglil fly i. i'. fftiKNn . With t)ic brilliant lleishel Mo.s- ley heading the proci'.ssion, the HlylhevllJj. cliicljiwnivs .itiigRcl a Hold (joal parudo In the liiillans 1 wl-jwnin. defeuthiff the Shnwnen om fit. :iMU, at Joiner la:,t night. Moslcy iic-Miiiited lor 'jiijlueen [FflliUs (liiring the meloe. In the half he- :;ank • raven from the floor and addo<l two more after rest'period. The ahlolis led IU-7. .it l>i'j,iiil<l-*:cciloi]. Atlhousli iiccouiuing for nut, u sl/i«tc jiolnt ,o» . |hc' o/feusl™ side 01 the .ledger',- Herman Kochler. .aiiky TrlSnl eenlsr, was n co-hero in llir third coii.secntlve vAn of iho CliiL-ks. His main Im'iine.v; wa.-i to inard. Siieck, Hhawnce's ciinter nnd .•lllc'f muring threat. He-did the j«l; (isrfwitly ji s speck, not only 1 few Held uoal.s but was lied i)> so he- had lull |;red<m.s few :hances to even shoot at the basket. The Maroon and White machine pcilormed ma'rveloiisly. They iias.';- <& well, executed ilieir plnys, and handled the ball with ease and precision.' with Moxfcy in a s cor- IIIB mood tliey ' led Illy : ball to him and lie responded with remarkable success. Tonight the proteges of Carney Laslle get perhaps (heir first real test r»r ilie .-venAon vwhen they meet the Sike.ston 'iMo.» crew. The Mksouvlans are i-pputal to have one of the best teams In tin; "show me" state. The-same will bo preceded liy a preliminary contest, beginning -at 7 p.m.: The Kiunuiary of the Chicks: . PG FT Pf.' TP H. Moslcy. f 6 0 1 18 I'urtle, f ..;.-.. i.. i) a 'J Kpehlw, c fl Tipton, g , 1 Bler-kw*]), g ...,.,! R. Mosley, f .;,... i> g i , e, o Tr.tnl H Swedish Salons Vole With Electric Buttons STOOKJ!Or,M' UU') .-Rlr-clilcal volliif in-.ipad of roll callr, w m |,a nsfci In His flv/fdlsh fllksdag, or imtloiiBl k^Ulntiire, wiicn It mr-flf, liHB In .lamiiiry. teieli iripinlier hits a ted and a ureen button on his desk. If he pre.wes the green, ho voles "Yes"; If (he red, he votes '%". If he prssses both, he gb-j rtalns. ,T)ie net results are shown j Instnnlly on a bulletin board la of HIP speaker's desk. Store Wheat In Idaho ROISE, Idolw (UP)—A Inlnl of SfiO.OOf) aner. of ivlnlcr wltcai. to' horw.-:( In 1931) has hrcri planlfd j l/i Idaho, Richard ft. Tins, fnlfral slslisllclnn, est.imati-d in a repnrt. This ngiili' is in ji:-r cent, j;.vr.i'.r than that plcijitrd In Ihp rail of VW. foi- IflM hnivr-st, hi> r.nld. It Is jxvwlblr- for hscifria to siir- , vice In a Male of suspended an i- [ nitillon for thousands of years ! FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE - R0XY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & "KITE—lOc - 25c Serial "Mysiery Squadron" Novelty Reel . by Kcnnetl sewetl lip (he ol' ball game, McAfee's last minute shot availing nothiiiB. The Ixw srorc: Leachvillo Thurmond, f Martin, f ... Hlpps, c (c) Howard, R Kennett, g Total Bootcry Christian, t liiognon. Mcdlin. i Blacknrd, McAfee, g .. Brooks, B ... "ylcc, R .... Totlil Refcrco-w ...„,,, lM . Aal - knna junior College): Timekeener Besharse. Sunday - Monday Saturday Only Matinee & Night—lOc - 25c man ? Larks curt commands — until eh« learns and love! AJISSU.USKY Predu Sunday - Monday CONTINUOUS SHOW SUNDAY, STARTING AT 1 i-if, ADM.—!0c - :i!>f UNTIL r,.|>. .M., 1-k . .|0c AI'TKR 5 l>. M. 1st Show IMS I'. M.; 2nd Slion' 4M; :(rd Shw fi:I5; 4i'n Show B:fiO UYE/ AYE/ The Eyes Have IT! LOOK WHO'S HEJRE: EBSOiE with ANN SOTHERN, KTHKL MERMAN,- HLOCK nwi SU1I Y And the (iOLDWYN GIRI,S Serial—"Ttiilspin Tommy" Cartoon esKcil l,ik c Ohiimli-He Sings "Mandy" Eddie's Biggest and Best Musical' I'ai-ivmonnt News Spanish Musical in Technicolor . coaches ami teammates can attest . ^vnwin's iilltl It ba | hi s i ruc worlh> 6 upset, although ninny of the idc's conference rivals will vueh improved. Coach Prank Thomas will llxie Uowell. All-America and he Tide's greatest trlple-thrcat j T eams Split Twin Bill JSSLCooter and Holland "d Don Hiltson. All-America I the team's greatest pnss- navlng end; Capl. Bill Lee, All- America lackle; Joe Demyanovlch, "gged fullback; Charley Marr md Bob Ed Morrow, regular suards; Ralph dandy, a subsUlute nxl; Joe Dlldy, n sub center, and Tilacn Campbell, substitute ciuar- crback. The last three named were no srcat shakes, nnd will not be sores' missed. The clghl. made their lost appearance in Alabama's 2913 crtishtng or the Stanford Indians in the Tournament of The Roses. Bryant Stays To say that.Howell and Hiltson may be replaced seems to stretch a- point. ThU Is possible, however. Coach Thomai hw another year COOTER, cooler '«, AIIC V.WJLU1 Wildcats basket ball learns dlvid- e;l honors with the Holland teams o nthe local court last nlghl. The Holland girls were defeated 46-17 In the.boys game the Cooler bo;s held a G-l lead at the half, but al the' close of the eamc Holland lad a score of 13 (o Cooler's G. 'hester Geslrlng. who has been Now Located at 101 North Stcona ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ill makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machln« and Calc . Rt|«lrlnf-P«f(»-Bibtons ""' See 6 College Graduate Stars in Strong, nnd A?bi)l was FRANCHOT TONE JEAN M U I Rl MARGARET tlNOSAY ANN DVORAK ROSS A1EXANOER Travel Talk— "Isle of Herniwia 'he main stay Of his (cam. was ill atitl did not play his Msual line Enme. • ivason Michie, of Onruihcrsvillo'. was cctcrce for both sam Holland girls in the camp were M Edwards. J. Elward ' Khar^ . Wcgsler. Vans!,,, Shearer, with Crisc, Bim, s Michie substitutes. K c »lW. Fowler. Taylor. Snniford the boys game ..„ Blllinglon. Blessing, Geslrlng, for Cooler, substitute for Cooler. Straight Li me "A straight line is the shortest distance between two points." That holds for any two points — your pocket book and your list of wants, for example. Follow the straight line, and you'll save yourself time, trouble and money. Use the advertising columns of this newspaper as guide posts. In them, you find late news of what's to be had in the markets of the world. No need for you to meander about from store to store, comparing, pricing, judging, guessing values. The advertisements tell you the names of merchants and manufacturers you can trust. There you read what's new, what's favored, what's offered confidently for your inspection. The advertisements in this paper take you into more-stores than you could visit in a month. *?*/"• There's no high-pressure selling, no rush, no uncertainty to this daily'review of markets. Form the good habit of shoppidg by the straight-line method — you'll buy with assurance, with economy and with satisfaction.

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