The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE srx BTATEEVILLE ; (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1937 Senators Appear Ready to Give Oilier Teams Trouble This Season By HARRY GRAYSON NBA Service Sports Kdltor ORLANDO. Pla. — Washington has: won Ihe champlonshh) of the Grapefruit League and the Nationals nre sp^akin? of flnliliinx second in ill! American, They'd tnlk ol grabbing the ixm- nnril. but they a?res with the great majority nnd are frank in saying that they cannot sec where nnv entrant has improved sufficiently to overcome the l9!4-Bamc 'end hcU by the superlative Yankees Story Of Gehrig's Nighlsliirt Reads GDC Hit, One Error And Out At Home 1W JOHN BUNLAP United I'ress^jilaf/^Correspondent stars. At the end of the day, lin had 25 feminine autographs up HOLLYWOOD (UP)—All nimis- lug slovy ulioul a night shirt—one ol those long while flannel ones tl'nt button nrouiid the neck—explains why Mrs. Lou Oelirlg, wlfu of the first baseman of the New trig's train, and then awaited re- when the final shot was fired last fall But the Nationals think they have Improved more than anv ol Ihe others nnd foster tli2 hop? that if anybody overtakes the erful Ne iv Yorkers they will be the lucky bunch. .Pointing with pride lo their Improvements, the Nationals think that the purchase of Al Simmons, aged but mighty slugger, from the Detroit Tigers for 515,005; gives them the right-hand punch tliey have Been crying for and .the dieting of J. Francis llogaii (jives them ,ii real. honest-to-gooOncss catcher lor ".the first time since Luke Sewell ' was traded foolishly to Chicago. Frank Frteeh told the .story of Shanty Hogan'as well as anybody, after the Nationals hnil whipped the'; Cardinals for the third time 'In a. row. Hogan. who took off 61 pounds and who is.down to a mere. 235 now, was a revelation to Frlsch. The last lime 1 saw Hogan he was so fat he couldn't move." said the.'boss of .the"Gas-House Gang. ."If he had shown the same Incentive to gel In shape and stay that way-when he was .with the Giants . he would now be the best catcher in the National League. And that doesn't bar Haflnett,. Mancuso, or Lopez. "If a good catcher can help (he Washington pitchers, Hognn wll' help them. He's not only a real- hard-thlnking catcher, but n gooi hitter." ; ' Rufgcd, and Likes Work Hogan ruiis a gnmc well and 'Is - n master at nursing a pitching stair along. Unlike Clif Bolton, who jilmpei the club .for the second time Ihl 1 spring, the Irishman isn't. alway. out with ft broken finger, or some thing. Hogan already has helped the Washington pitchers. The Thin Man—and the appellalioil quickly will catch on with those who saw .Shanty last fall—caught 20 games after joining the Nationals In August, and was so capable that the starting pitchers finished 23. Buck Newsoin is chattering about winning 20 or .more, which is important, for the gabby giant of Hartsville easily is capable of the feat; Newsom copped n in 1036, Jimmy DeShong 18, and Pete Appleton M. DeShong and Appleton, with the confidence born of initial recognition as major league starters should Improve, and Biicky Harris has baen given every reason to sus- p:ct that Monte Weaver will rotim out a real big four. Weaver, freshman star of Wash- ington's' pennant-winning clnb o 1033, looks great. A former col- ege professor, Weaver became something of a hypochondriac In 1934, and didn't shake oil the feVi- ng that something was wrong with ilm until this spring. The result s that he has picked up 15 pounds. If Weaver comes back, the Wash- nglon hurling corps no longer will be considered mediocre. Thj Weaver of 1933 ,dld not Imve to be put :!i spots. Salveson Holds Hope Clark Griffith took lKsp3ctacl::l Jolmny Salveson from Las Angele.s In hope of acquiring another DeShong. but Johnny lias yet to demonstrate that he can pitch like the well-dressed man who came from p Yankees. Salveson moved lo Wasliln^tiu in a throe-cornered deal that shipped whin-hill to Cleveland. He won '21 and lost only s;vi'ii for Los Angeles, striking out 126. IIs Is slid to b= most effective In night games, which won't do him any good in the American UMigu;. Washington's left-handers arc Syd Cohen, who cams from Clnt- tanooija last autumn, and Dick Lanahan, who accounted for 13 contests for Ihe Lookout*. El L-lnkc, big and bbnd, is sllll around, and I With anyone but pretty girls, Joe Cascarella will do as a filbr-in.haid. No glamour stuff for him, Once again It Is perhaps Cecil I with Mrs. Gehrlg 3,000 miles away. | Jennelte MacDoimld and oilier and down the nightshirt. Walsh wrapped the garment (securely, airmailed It lo New York to It would arrive »ht-a,d of Mrolianle Becomes I'aslor ' BEAUMONT, Tex, IUP)—K. W, Terrell grinds valves .and preaches the gospel' with equal' facility From foreman of the automobile mechanics department of a motoi company here, Terrell lias become the Kev. K. W. Terrell, pastor of the Amelia Baptist church. Strange But True York Yankees, Intends to accom- I suits. !>any him on any moro trips to Hollywood. Gehrlg still bln.shos when Iho subject of his nightshirt pops up. floe's why: When deling came to California for screen tests and later signed n conlriiel with Principal Productions to make a pioneer picture What happened behind tlm closed doors of the Qchrlg home when Lou walked in lo greet Hie wife may never be known. OehrlB was "out at home." The next phase of the •nlghl- shhl (liiuun was a public announcement by Mrs. Gelnig Hint «he would accompany ion on •jflcr the end of thu major league tuture irlp.s. And perhaps Gclirlg season, his wife stayed In their In New Roctiellc. bis first bassmnn obligingly home The went to nil receptions, the lights,, .studios and conferences but balked when Hollywood girls were bought In for inmliclty pictures. Travis who represents t!ie biggest question mark of the Washington club. Travis Intel to be removed from -shortstop last season, but was returned, to the imltlem Inter, and cckfd vastly Improved. To dut; n the current training trip, the Georgian has dons everything ex- eclod of him. Such n keen Judge as middy Myar ays that Travis has all the nul- tral ability re<]>;!red by a short- lot). Mayb? Myer's presence at ccond base this trip will spell Iho dllfcrcncs between Travis' success -ind failure as a vShorUlop. Myer's return lo health Is another major reason for jubilation at Washington's headquarters. The ilisilsslppian was out for practlcal- y the entire campaign last year with stomnch trouble, Joe Kuhs-1 and the phenomenal Buddy Lewis look after first and third trasos, respectively. Infield replacements are the ancient, honorable, and versatile Ossle Illuege and youn» Joiinny Mihnllc. Gone Is the ever faithful and heroic lied Kress, Tlie red-head and Outfielder Carl Reynolds, another American League veteran, and n sizeable amout of cash went to Minneapolis for Jimmy wasctcll," a 21-year-old first baseman of great promise who -hi turn was turned over to Chatlannora. Needed nighl-Uaml Hitting Tlie purchase of Simmons seems to settle Harris' outfield problem. Or, at least, Harris llilnks It docs. Al, one of Ihe old Philadelphia Athletic champions, \vas bought for $15.000 from the Detroit Tigers after Prcd Slngton, former All-America tackle from.Alabama, failed to live up to his .381 Southern League batting average in spring training. Simmons dicjn'l have a bad it bat last ic .walled" ilow and uncertain afield. Harris. However, is willing to sacrifice a .Ittle defense to add- n right-hand slugger to a top-heavy left-hand Ineup. Of the 1930 regulars, only Lead- oil Man Ben Chapman and Shanty Hogan hit from the right side of the plate and so Simmons should be welcome sandwiched in between them and the left-handers. . • Simmons will play right - field, with Chapman,'satisfied. In Washington. In center, and dependable Johnny stone in left. Jesse Hill and Taft Wright, who hit .310 at Chattannoga, are surplus outfielders. Wright has played but little as the result of being struck on the head by a pitched ball in an early exhibition. The screen test turned out bel- ter than anyone expected, including Gehrlg and Producer Sol Lesser, despite Hie fact that a trained penguin from another set wnn- dcred right In front of the self- ionsclous ball player. Gehrlg scored a hit, After scribbling his name on a contract for "The Train Blazers," Gehrlg hopped an eastbouiid train for home but In his haste to make a perfect getaway, neglected to pack one nightshirt. Gehriy made an error. will count his nlghtslilrUs before checking out of u holcl In the future. Younf>!f";t British Soldier Wins Military Medal LONDON (UP) — The youngest tervhig .soldier In the British Army lo wear the Military Medal has arrived home with his raiment fjom Pah'stiii!!. He Is Rifleman T. p. Mcfirid- 19. of the 2nd Battalion Oume-.-'i. lans, ant! the heroic act for which L . , he was awarded the M M. was the ' " S '" U nMKsar y lhal >'»" ™ il Why Wait - - rescue of it wounded British policeman from a lorry carrying ammunition' into which an Incendiary bomb had been thrown. McBrlelc dragged the policeman Into u ditch and went back to the vehicle-. and threw the crates of us dirtn'L hnvc n Uatt year l ?J J'j' 1 '' I' 1 Detroit where (A' .327. but he was rather . however, has not been approved bj ' .ho city council. .Christy Walsh, the sports pro- ammunition Into trie road. He was motor and writer, got possession i severely burned on the face and of the stray nightshirt nnd then I arms. tlie fun began. Hurrying from- studio lo stmllo, he visited Joaiii Crawford, Jean Harlow, Mae West, Soft Ball Sponsors Meet Monday Night. To Make Loop Plans Sponsors of teams in llio Commercial soft ball league and all Interested parties arc urged to be present at a meeting called for Monday night, 7:30 o'clock, at the city hall by Jimmy Bell, president >< the loop. It is likely that a definite decision will be reached Monday night as to the activities, of the league this summer. Indications now are (hat the league will be in operation again, soft hall being played on nights vlicn the Blythevllle club of the Northeast Arkansas league away from home. It is probable that the league will use the high school athletic 3cld as hi tlie past. It Is understood tlmt sponsors prefer the ilgh school field to tlie new athletic field at the fairgrounds bit 2ven If they desired to use the Uhletic Held couiisel for the Bly- thevllle baseball association ha: indicated that under Its contracl A'lth the Mississippi County I\xli association the field could not b used for soft ball. The contract you have a large sum of money lu build your dome . . . uith [he aid of nn FHA Loan you itct'il have only a small part of Hie ictal cosl.t. consult ulili us today. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. )Bov---THftr .wns soweC PiCK-Up--!.' MR. SMftRTJJ cocy sune GCT ftioftv \ > FnST UIITH THRT usec}_;' C'XR HE BOUGHT fcr, ' "\ Broadway ^Sales^' inc. PhoneTll Notice of Swimming Pool Lease Notice is hereby given (hat (his association will accept bids for lease of the swimming pool at the lilythcvillc City Park for the senson of li)37. All bids must be in writing and in the hands of (ho secretary of the. association not 'later.••>.'' (hiin iMonday, April 12, Iflli?. Lease will cover pool, bath house and-equipment and all facilities at the pool. Mississippi County Fair Assn., inc. Us our family's whiskey, neighbor-and neighbor, il'» your price! It's some Welcome you're handing us and Our Family's Whiskey! It appears to me like our Family's Whiskey comesprcitydosctobe- ing about as good a known whiskey as any there is. But you got to remember it isn't just William and Tom and mo that's responsible for this extra grand taste our Family's Whiskey has got That wouldn't-iw handing the proper credit to Grandpa Wilken and Pa Wilken. If it wasn't for the lot of us Wilkens being whiskey making people since I don't know when, you never could be enjoying all this tastin ess we've learned how to put IntoourpersonalFamily's Recipe! QUICK-HITCH IMPLtKftiTl Sli j*ir» »r° All!.- AIR-TIDED FARMINO Air - llfi4 l. ic lor,. ECONOMY «r OPERATION *. »lt.llrt<l "WC" tttOI It'll fuif, THE ULLIS-CHflLMERS AIR-TIRED MODEL "WC" TRRCTOR ... U in many respect* a new kind of'farm trader. It hu'l led the way to a new and bttter kind of farming—fewer ; hours, lets wa»ted time, less back-brzaking labor. In five minute, you can Mich or unhitch from cuhiT«tor, mower, planter; or liilcr. In the KeW—-your "WC" jiret you > new kind of per-! lorraanc- . , quick, reiponiire, efficient—whether drawbar, belt or power take-off. Quick-acling power lift iarei lime on the end» wheq' cultivating . - increaief your daily acreage. With the Allii-Chalmer. Mo<M "WC" FULL 2 PLOW tractor . . , it ii pot»ible lo aceompliih more each day than could formerly ba 1 dono with ilow, eumkeriome Inclon that coil twice »i muchl' Plow al 5 railei an hour—hiul at 10 tnilel an hour! Ute Iho air-: tired I'WC" (he year 'round . . . and on trery farm Job Hull, rcquirei powerl Optrr»lin z COI |, , re l owtr . . . and you riilo inj comfortl See utaboul tKi> grt«i new tractor. . COMFORT A camr*rUbU Mil vI,KU,l,..:. r.M- »r rt Smftalk. ^ul«lB»«f« PAUL BYRUM Farm Machinery-Seed-Harness Jm'm ''•' <»>*» ^-^^^ • • ' • ' " - - -f **Tff»OIVi8.ftHVKeE. U S. A. •W —it drains your gas tank 5 to 15 times faster than normal Watch out for this pickpocket! The choke is guilty, say automotive scientists, of stealing your mileage and your money. In Iihoratory and road tests, they have actually measured your loss and proved that every time you pull out the choke, the gasoline consumption of your mcror is increased five to fifteen times. This explains why Phillips 66 Poly Gas gives such amazing economy. Belne higher test, it requires the leait poaiiat fliokt. And icis higher tesr without higher 'price, because Phillips is the world's Targ- est producer of natural high test gasoline. Cool days, warm days, snowy or rainy * Listen hPHILUFS POLY FOIUES days; in any weather you ger remark- Colombla Network... Every Tuesday Evening able economy with this 100^-custom- Phill-iip with Phillips for tailored gasoline. Besides, every gallon his rhe extra energy units supplied by the pacenred POI-Ymerization process. So if you want more pep and power, want fjtsrcr response to the throttle, extra speed and added mileage — the gasoline you want is Phillips 66 Poly Gas. It'costs noth»ag extra and it's easy to get. Jujt keep an eye out for the Orange and B lack 66 Shield. Stop... fill up.. .and your very first (rialtankfulwilL nrove/&rf h ft t/t'fffrfncf, CHANGE YOUR OIL... NOW! Drain and refill with Phillips 66 Motor Oil... for summer lubrication. De- cause it is the finest lubricant refined by Phillips, we recommend it as "the world's Ji tie if oil for your motor/ 1 SI T0 THRIFT Mow is the season when drapes come down, rugs come up, and porch and lawn furnitpre emerges in springtime spledor from cellar and attic. House-cleaning days are days of change and renewal •— and an ideal '' time to acquire bright new habits along with 'bright new furnishings. It's a good time to shift to thrift! The first step is easy -read, carefully, the advertising in this newspaper. Bargain news on inside pages you'll find as exciting, as stimulating, as 1'ront-page stories. Thrifty shoppers, adept in getting full value from each dollar spent, know that the best goods are always advertised — because best goods make the best advertisements! They read—and reap! So put on your Spring thrift campaign . . . now. l do our share — by printing newsy, helpful, interesting advertisements of things you need at prices vou like!

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