The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois on December 20, 1920 · 16
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The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois · 16

Moline, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1920
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IT MOUNE DAILY DISPATCH, MONDAY- EVEN IN u, unvw Maroon and White Lose First Basketball Game of Season, 24 to is LASALLE QUINTET THESE POOR PUGS DESERVE SYMPATHY, YES? DEFEATS HUE Visiting Crew Too Speedy for Senneff's Charges; Final Score 24 to 18. f..nh Siiii ffs high .school basketball n,uintt lst its first game "f Mfivnii Suturda; nizlit on the home floor nt the hands -f tlm fHt La-Sa!!i IVrii five Iy a "i f Ul to H. r van a ti(k to no. k rare up ! th J:ikt ten iniiiut's of play, hut lure the l.nSalh t'-nui t''k a hpurt auJ I 11 "Mil n MX p'int Vnd which tli" Moline live wns unable to over omc. In the initial liiif Coah Scninffs i''i had the iifiii' r I. mi l through). ut, ni,.? th half ".'("I M t .) vith Mo li. - ! tin' 'i5! Ti.l lur'nir flis period thp Maroon nt.'l White players vorki-.l t!.o hall ilwn the fl...r in 1m !;Iike fnOiion, parsing around t li -I.nSalle t.-atii with comparative en-e. Tin- live-man d'-fense ft.vle f biiskct-hnll iimhi which Coach Sctuicff La been ilrilli'ig his men completely baf-fbd the opponents nil I signals worked t' n perfection. Thinm were looking hrivlit for tln 1'koI five at the rn! ff this half, nml lin.l they con-tinii.'fl t. piny thp Mjlc of basketball which they s-houcd (luring this nriol the gn::ie would iiiil'Ujlt'flly have gone to Moline. LaSalle Stages Comcbath. I'i tie M'coinl Imlf the LnSalh five i Mated ii comeback, nnd t. tlie score tift. r !pvpn minutes of play. They broke ( thp teamwork of thp Jocals vim li uni prevalent in the initial period, and nlsn hrokp throuuh M-Jin 's defense fur short phots nt thp basket. In the la"t ten minutes of piny the LnSalle quintet t'w.k nnoth-! spurt nml thp game ended with the vi-itors lending hy t iointx. The it'-w rule of driliMinjc and luiitiiiii; with thp hull roved costly t the loenl team, li!ihlii)K the visitors t n-orp mx points viu the frre throw route. Mm li credit for Hip victor' vietury tiu'i to ( ' 1 1 1 1 1 n i 1 1 k v . ri(ht forward, lni annexed four field goals for his lepni. ('miiMiincs was in every play, nml his floor work n neat. For tlie Mm "on nml White, I,mihII, ri;. ranuy foi-unrd. wored eixht point, and wa followed hy First with six points. 'J lie lineup: ,M..iiiP. I.mS.iIIp T.niiilheru; ijiit.t ..If Whs lir-t if I'liiiiinins'- lliiUies C I.PP l"i-lir Ik Kirseh Il'iihr lit Lakin I'i. -lil Coals: I.iintlliei-f; 1'. First 2, 'l'oliiie 1, 1, t'lininiiilRS 4, J.iikiu 1. Kirseh ". 'ollS 1. F'ne Tliiows: J.uiiillifij; -I, First v. S'ihsti::ti ins 'I iliii.- for ll.ijnr.s. S. lui i.ll f r ."ij'ier. M -i honey for To-Fne. Ilayn or I.timlhei-, Si:npson f.r .Mali" iey. f-ree : JI. iM iuK'-. , r-r. irOVGHl" TO BE SIMPLE OrA.Hir fP lltr SOMEBODY SHOVE ME i OOK FORWfsPD TO K UPE , CJNCT- m THE ?HH FOR THE J OFS-BSC. SON yV T-LX " 1 W BP 5CHEBOW LEArlONMlS JW V J KLTT KjfrfWI JL fL CB s. TWE5E1 DfWS- SURE- HES 1 SI- - - - - -i - ' X I GUAR TEAM V NS VOLLEY TOURNEY Y to Sponsor Sunday School - and Factory Basketball; . .Also Swimming Races. AURlOtT- V- THb. - V fui- Be Ok- i u a. HtworE J TWEM tfAXL THE. U05E.R. CAME GUY THESE. DfsSS SURE- HE-S Got to kpnve the neavE, TO TJtVE. T (THE. DOUGH) BOOK HAN ON AND WARD ON JAN. 17 Two Lightweights Signed to Box for Davenport Legion; Both Known Here. Time qu.'ii lers of periods: 10 iiiinute DECATUR STARS OS E DRSO Tn-hhy Ward of St. l'aul and Jimmy Ilanloii of Chieuijo, lightweights, were signed Saturday iiijjht to met in the main event of the American !, fcion ISoxing chiVM tu'xt thoW at l)avenport on Jan. 17. The men, it is understood, will niak'? Y.KI pounds nt J o'el.u-k thp day of the fmht. For the past three months efforts have been nude by local promoters to bring these tv men together. At one time Mateh:u:;ker Iiclz Miece dsj in lauding the men, but Ifnnlon forced to li'iderijo H 0Kar.ltion and the Ismt was postMned. Three weeks n;; he be;an training for bouts and will leave this week for n mill with Hobby Wauah nt Waco, Tex. Ward (i ins Kast. Wnrd will k east lato ibis work for two encasements nud will irtnra t St. I'uu! aliout Jan. JO, to l.ipin work for the Ila ilm bout Since le nppeareil here nain-;t Carl Leonard. whom he stopped in two rounds. Ward has defeated Clonic Tait, Ia'v Kd-wards nnd several other good toys. While local la:is did not lave i:iu-b of nn opportiinity to see Ward show Iu.h real close, his speedy work with Leonard convinced them that he bad the goods. llanlon, who is under the management of Kmi! Tlnry, was seen in a Uock Islcnd rinij against Johnny Xole last fal'. lie displayoJ a reat nnioiint of ctcv.r.Kss and made 0 big hit with local listic 'ollowers. Will Cook Ot!ier IStiuts. rronioters aniioiineeil last niht that the semi w imliip even; and the preliminaries would be booked within the next few day. It i probable that the promoters wi.l lmok Klmcr Kelly with either Itaudull Kent, or Young Cuties for the ipening event of the show and two out-of-town boys for the s.s'ond prelim. They have liot determined who t'.ey will lie in the temi-windup. MOLINE CENTRALS LOSE TO MORRISON QUINTET Vi'iiderVenneiV Moline Central managed to hold the fast Morrison. III.. New Regulars to a to 22 score on a very slippery floor in the Morrison armory last Friday night. A bazar had been held in the building previous to the basketball game, causing the Hoor to Ix-come very slippery, nnd tie home team would not permit the ue of resin on shoes to prevent .sliding, so the Moliners in-o-tcd the game be pljyeil in ipiart'TJ. giving them the advantage of short icsts after the tiresome sliding around on the li lloip. The Ci m'.i w.'v ainM-1, 0 to 1, in the rir.-r. junrti-r, but 'e Uegulars passed "nn and at l.c ml of the first half !! count was ifi to . In the third period 'he A.J:,i3 fok WOO KNOOJ lOHfxr Nt-t-HfxPpEi IF THE. PORSES A(2 PEDOCED - SO K VE- Sport Spotlight Jak IJaccr, "who battled Hattling Johnson iu the et-iui-windup at the ISurtis Thursday, night, is anxious to land another match with the Moline boy. "I wasn't right Thursday night, said Itacer. "I believe I tan beat Johnson decisively if I get another opportunity and I am going to request another match with that Moline battler. Somehow or other I couldn't get started riaht and my blows wouldn't land squarely. I lacked a lot of Muff which I should have had against a tough. boy like the Moline scrapper. He's a good boy but I know I can trim him." When Krankie Sinnett, Johnson's manager, heard this statement he became rather peeved. "Hacer doesn't know how lucky he was to stay the limit. I was very much disappointed with the bout for I think "Walt should have kayopcd him on two or three oc casions. If Racer was not right, lie had not hi n j on Johnson, for Walt did not put up near the fight he is capable of. If we ran match the two boys again jt till lie curtains for the Davenporter," chirped Sinnett. Much like the college graduate on his first job, when he thinkshe knows it all and the rest of the world Is a minus intellectual quantity, so is the Soung fighter just beginning. There are two or three instances of this sort in the tri-cities. Beginners, who today would still be fighting prelims if it wasn't for their managers, refuse to listen to their more experienced advisors, thinking they know it all. When they get into the semi-w indup nnd main event class they desire toJ ditch their pilots. In other words, they want to bite the hand that's been feeding them and made them what they arc today. D&MPSey V0RkEt LONGE.R. THPvN W USUAi-TlMG. Tht HusineM Men's volleyball tournament closed with a whirl-wind finish at the Moline Y u Saturday tvening. There was a large jnilery "f spectators and the winner of the tournament was unknown until the lat moment of piny. Thi i remark able. Inasmuch as evcnty-two tamei" were played, and the interest hn been keen throughout. The final standing of teams is a? follows: W Coar 22 Tillberg L0 Silver I'i Vinton !" University of Illinois, Bt,.l j,,),, lonig bad wrestled th:ee and 0BM - liour at Chicago, XLiry Q to match a draw. f Kilonis failed to n nkc tl Klpjft cd weight at l.VS pouo-W, Uing and one-half pounds over the r!ftt but rrehn refund to claim tbe--fj forfeit. The (irrek, with Lit tr -oix) weight was the Hioriger, but gJ, was too fast and clever to be After two hours the match fettled ting affair, and each was too w w ed to clamp an effective hold. t,J u o THS ri rut uc lver to berti Xx f t tristlinjVl lvwn to a slow, J V II 10 21 SI I. fill 411 411 I'oints Scored Goar : 403 Ti'lherg Silver 427 I'iotoo . . . . . . a f of 2 in STAR ATHLETES It! BENEFIT SHOW Pugilistic Celebrities Appear in Chicago; Receipts to Poor. Several of Ihet foremost boxers in the country are to appear in a benefit performance at the Auditorium theater. Chicago, tonight, receipts of which are to go toward giving Chicago's poor a happy Christmas.. The performance will start at 11:30 and last into the wee hours of the morning. Following are some of the boxing exhibitions: IVuny Leonard v. Johnny Griffith. Lew Tcndler v. Georgo Fos. Tal Moore v. Johnnie Ritchie. Ritchie Mitchell v. Pinkey Mitchell. Joe Rurman v. Joe Rerger. Dennis O'Kecfe v. Sailor - Filed -man. Kddie McGoort v. George Knockout Rrown. Navy Rostan t. Jock Mason. Ed Smith, Chicago American port- a spurt air! :ie e count at 20 to 20. In tae lu-i! r-oriod. however they iinrii.-.l to store mily t -o points while M-r.oii scor-.l resulting i.i the final scire of 30 to 22. READ DISPATCH SHORT ADS Shoemaker, Blacklock, Halas and Trafton Play with Stayms. Chicago, lire. J. The Staying jii.e. by several stars from the crack Stale. v team of Ieatuf. played Chris MTIricn's Car.liiials n II to 1 1 tie in t'.- : 'in I ont'r or football same of the Mason nt I'vott field vesterdav. The helj from the downstatc team ' Vils needed, f.-r the Cards outplayed I them at every angle. They scored two touchdowns by line plunging nnd : vciv well on their way to the win- j J ' i 1 1 .r marker when time wns culled ' with the ball on the Stayms JO yard line. I'a.hl.v IMN.-oII gave a dandy dis play of forward passing nnd opcu I hih I play. Hp was the wholt for the Cardinals. Lineup : Mnlcys lilt. , cardinals (III Larson Ip I'roelich It Fortune lg Harder . Can You Beat It? I ! ' m z: a- i, . w i Ten days in advance January Good Housekeeping . is out today! Shoemaker . i rg rt IV 111 R.illy fh Cardinals (ID I.nRoss re .... rf Z.i'ia rg Whalen c Chnppel lg Gillies It e .... le DriscolJ .... qb Hagan rhb 'clnerney .. Ihb Curran fb Substitutions Trafton for Harder. I Swunson for Annas, Falcon for Reil- ly. Sachs for In Ross. Knight for' Whahn. Touchdowns Melnerney, Fagan. Fortune. Murphy. Goals from touchdowns Driscoll (2), Larson (2. Your. i r hought I HAD LOST 171 r- r - MM I WANT7o CQM?UhEHT H.0NTy OF VOUft office eoy 1 BASKETBALL SCORES. M.dine. LaSi.!lc-IVru,'24. R.M-k Island, -'i; R.K-k Isknd Alumni, 3. Chicago, L': RutliT. 21. Milliken, 2!; Illinois 24. Wi-cnsin, 23; Marquette, IS. READ DISPATCH SHORT ADS NEW UHBRELLA T i I Must l TAKE T BACcC To Hlh 2 1 iFORCfEr) I 32B2 If you could look . . into the future If you knew what you were going to do next year, would you find much zest in life? Tabs didn't think so. And Tabs knew. If you, too, want to know, read "The Kingdom Round the Corner" by Coningsby Dawson the best story, in the opinions of the editors, yet written by the author of "The Glory of the Trenches" and the "The Little House." And in the same issue Stories by Kathleen Norris, William J. Locke, James Oliver Curwood, I. A. R. Wylie, Mary Synon. Then the special articles and the departments: Fashions, Interior Decoration, Health and Beauty Household Management, Cookery, the League for Longer Life, Entertainments, Cutouts in Color for the Kiddies, Shopping Service. 73 Big Features. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING For January Out now! MOLINE NEWS AGENCY 1330 4th r Avenue WM. FRANK Phone Moline 2760 " faie ai n newsstands DISPATCH 7WANT ADS BKINGRESULTSr" r7 Tr Organize H.i.sket Ia;ns Tonicl.t. at 7:1.1 p. m.. there will be a meeting of representatives from all churches in the gym of the Moline Y to arrange for the Sunday School basketball lenzue comes which will lie played uuder auspices of the Y. The leaztie session will probably commence January 4 and the details will be developed at tonight t aiccting. The factory basketball league is now being organized. The tea from Williams, White & Co., won the championship last year and there will be considerable rivalry among the other factories in town wh desire to wrest the pennant- from last year's champs. A swimming contest, lasting six weeks, is being inaugurated at the Moline Y. This contest will be open to all members of the boyu' department and will include nwimining races and diving contests. One event will be run off each veek. The boys will be classified in four group", according to height and weight. During the two weeks' Christinas vacation the member f th? boys' partmcnt of the Moline Y ate bciwj treated to swims in the pool every morning, in addition to enjoyed under the regular schedule. The amount of. noise made by .be enthusiastic youngsters in the pool indicates that the water is fine. Easiest thing p a wise woman does t This getting of the wanted gift for HIM. r What docs she do? Shops at my store because that is where he shops, and shej j finds the very gifts' she knows he will ap-l preciate. Frin-stance ing editor." Hilly Gibsin, I-ouard's manager, Anton Gcrmak, Chicago alderman who Is leading a move to clean up the grappling game, Snm Hall and Einil Thiry are to appear as third men in the ring. PAUL PREHN AND JOHN KILONIS WRESTLE DRAW At 1 :30 Sunday morning, after Taut 1'rehn, wrestling coach at the Ties Shirts . Socks Gloves Sweaters Shirt and Tie Sets Mufflers Bags Grips Overcoats Suits and Douglas Shoes. This Christmas y leave it to . iA , . M M Is - J XII r' DR. W. 0. COFFEE Practice limited to eye, ear, no and throat diseases, straightens crors-eyes. removes adenoid. Treats deafness, luxs of hearing, head noUcs. Catarrh, tonsils nd most ey dlseaaea by a non-surclcal method. II Is In his Lavenort office In th Hrst National Hank Uldii-, corner of Second and Main streets, on Knturday. Monday, Tuea.lay and Wednemliy from a. m. to 3:.",0 p. in. I'lions U.itcmiort T311 Adv. Talty- y. ?- i5 Moline Safe, Clean, Convenient ELECTRIC TREE Lighting Outfits No family can longer vnora 10 ::gm tts cnrisimaa rj .. " v 1411b it viu muiH frx tJ"ee wiUi Jiything- but aafe, playproof electric light. If there are children la the family, you ahould by ftU mcns light your tree electrically and avoid any poselbUlty of danger. Priced, $3.25 and Up We have outfits la various ijes at these prlcee. The raxi-colored electric bulbs of tiny size are wonderfully attractive. They may be used year after year. Peoples Power Co. --2 Rock Island Kwa. Kellne 1 yt B. L 5303 East Moline rhOB E. XL 101

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