The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY. -MAY 8, 194t our OURWAY e y j. R. wiiium,. (Aiit.y cotrmica K*W» OtD VITAMIN &' ARE VJE UP TO OUR CA.R LOBES tM TREASURY HAY/ TWO PUT-OFFS NOTICE NoMce !• hereby given th»t the imderslimed wiU within the time \ed by law apply to the *JmmLs- ioner of Revenue* oj the state ot Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at reUll at tM W. Main, Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned stales that he is a citizen or Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or orti'er crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned hat been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state or »njr other state, relating to the •ale of alcoholic liquors. JOHNS CAPE ELLIOTT JOHNS i Subscribed and sworn to befort , me this 1 day of May, IMS. Elizabeth Mason, (REAL). Notary Public. My Commission expire* 4-J8-50. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the • undersigned will within th« time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenue* of the State of Arkanwa for a permit to sell beer at retail at Bis B. Main St., Blythevllle. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he i, j% a citisen of Arkansas, of good •feral-character, that he has nerer /fie i nnocen By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENfE SHANN- DISTRIBUTED BY N£A SERVICE. INC. Polif-icol Announcement-^ .,The Courier Hem has been authorised to announce the follow- htg candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July *f and st 10. - COUNTI TKEAStTEEB Prank Whitworth ' COUNTT COU»T CLERK Biaabeth Blythe fOS. COBONKK B. M. HOLT FOR. COUNTS ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen •TAT* KtTPstKfiKNTATrVK Jimmie Bdwards Ij. H. Autry H. K. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Sw-ck For Couty Jfvage Fielder peery Roland Green F«r Ctreoit Ceart Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Qhiskasawaba TawnKhip) J. Robert Crosskno XXVIII o*m« out into ttM ._, street and turned idly away from the crowd before the (healer, wandering down «h» Place <ta lt>per». ."Hungry — thinly — want to dance?" She drew a quivering bralh. She wasn't really back to earth again quite yet. "Not very much." "Neither do L At keast not for tte moment 1 know what we'H do.- He beckoned a passing taxi. "Get in," he said, holding open the door for her. She sat back in her corner. Th« taxi wae open, though its hood shielded them from being seen b. people to the street A soft breeze blew her hair back from her forehead. "Where are we going?" "Out St Germaine way is my suggestion. I've fold the man we want a driv». We might drop oB * the Hotel Henri Quatre and hava a drink on the terrace there It lookM right across the S«in« to Montmartre." Hi* arm slid around her. He turned her face around MX" looked K her. "1 suppose you know, darbog, •hat I'm falling in lov« with you." Patience aaid slowly: "I didnt know." And Uien: 1 thought you were in love with Charlotte." For answer he drew her closely to him and kissed her long and hard full on the lips, That'i how much Tra In love with Charlotte." b* said. Sti« drew back from him, bar heart racing against her side. "I thought she was in love with you." she faltwed. He laughed shortly. "Surer Head over heels In lev* with m*. That's why she's out with Dwight Breeden at the moment. Why she piauMd to meet him ovar h*r«." "Did she?" "Of course she did. But we're not driving through the Bois ta the mot Jjght to talk about Charlott*. I want to forget her." -I see." He looked a* bar sharply. "Juet what do you mean b» that? hi that tone o< voke." "QtTLTf that you're driving wtth w n» in the Bois in the moonlight simply beeauae yoti want so forget Charlotte." "I'm not." "You arc. But R's nil right. Yo« see, I want to forget Paul. Tha* make* ui quits'." "Well, I'll be aarncd." He drew her to him rounhly. "What is all this? Who's Paul? I don't like tb« sound of him." .'alienee shook nor head. "You don't want to talk about Charlotte. ! dont want to task about Paul." "That's hrtr enough." He kissed her again. "Shall we talk about each othsr? I suppose you know —bang It aM, r>e }u«t told yo»— •ha* I'm eraay about you." She smiled slawiy. Temporarily." "Darling, love affairs an at- ways; temporary." "Oh, no." she said sharp*. "Me* a* ;ov« affair*." "I'm afraid so." 1 dont want to think that," bwt even as she said this she wondered it H were true. There'd been Paul. Pau? with whom she thought she'd b« in love for all tuns. "Dont let's bother about whetb- er we're la love for tonight. • week, a year or a lifetime.". Roger said sofUy. "Let's just enjoy the moment. Dont let's think of anything else. Of tomorrow. Or returning to London." "Or such a person as Paul." "Patience, you're M utterly sweet." And b« drew her ckxwky to him again and kissed her IJAWN wac breaking over a'atri Coeur when eveniuaUr the* returned to the hotel. They'd singe red on Hie terrace of the Henri Quatre watching she UgnM twinkling over Paris. Then they'd driven slowltr back again and found a little nigiu c44b In the Rue Pictvalle. They'd had supper ami they'd danced and they'd suM: "We'll do this again tomorrow and trie nierrt after. In »««, .very night thir. wees;." M waa a gamt ttiey were playipg. Ther kept « up ttU they said food night. And then ttiey rame back W earth. They looked M each ot*t«r. The nl«h( porter doeed sleepily la bis HK1« cubby hot.. "Thank ytjw lor a King.' «kl Patience. -Thare'« s*M somasrew "I hnos».» "We're oot cat(hln« a piane un- ttt three." Roger glarteed over M the night porter. "I wonder kt he's really aele.-n. 1*. drm, 1 don't care It tie itm'l.- H« caught her to him and ktesed her. "Sleep well, darling." A dock stniek she hasf hxwr ae she went into her room. She looked a* her watch. K was even later than she realised. Halt-part four! She undreseed and slid Into bed. She 'cached out a hand and ritched osT bar badeicW tamp. She'd drawn she evrteirw apart and now a MM sjray light was seepinc into the room. Momma. It w»s here already. 9be lay very sutl, sleep evading her. going over the events of the evening. Hearing again aB Roger had seld to her. Feelinsj his arnw around her. Thinking, "It's Rog.r now. not Paul." Wondering st she really meant k. Wishing that sn* <*id. Hoping thai s/i- did. Oniy, It so, where wank) N lead her? Roger waan't seriOMsay la love with her. Wttalever bt Mt kx her would only be an paseing. He'd as good ae said ao In she taxi driving around the Sola, Al love M- fairs were temporary. He'd probably very soon be forgetting her. Once they were back tn London thlt was almost certainly what would happen. Besides, there was Charlotte— (Te He CeaUnaed) g| 'TS""^? 1 FttBCKLM, 4 Mi nUHMM •, MBUtaU, If* PawiaffU, Friad Chicken RtYtr Catfish 85c Choice of 4 m«ars Vegetable. - Salad 50c Gof f Hotel Coffee Shop been convicted of a felony or other vmciersigned has neve that no license to .sell beer by the I sUte o" anr'otne thC t 't^* °f th ' x^^-^^> *• - ^ A «sr Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job loo Large or Too Small Phone 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's wh«t folks with children have wanted for a long time! A responsible, safe place to leave their children while shopping, going to a movie or on . trip. meals «re available, as well as clean NEW beds ARTIE'S NURSERY 1 h ° ne 235 ° 313 N. 2nd St. >ed and sworn to before dny of tfay. 19J8. Elizabeth Mnson. ^fotary Riblic. My Comm'ission expires 4-28-50. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN CaHs Made—Farm & Town Day Phone 4484 Night Phone 21 38 GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today "61" Motor Company , (Rome «f «6i Ncrth 6th Street Cowpeny) phoae UPHOLSTERING -PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE Seat Covers - Seat Covers $20 Front and r«r seaU tailored to fit. Cushion, made from pleasing, durable straws and fabrics «nd Installed at no extra cost Our Seat Covers will never rip. when In need of seat covers come In and »»ure yourself of these sup«r valiits Our convertible top, ar<: unexcelled and our head linings wtll be your delight. ^Y'MT 1 > " <!aS<!d l ° ° ffCr y °" R ""•»'""•« "Phol S terin K service that will bring , l as ,tng pridR , o yonr home ^^ ^ our *1de selection of beautiful, modestly priced material,,. THOMAS J. LILLY & SON l«S.I,.nySl. Phone 4297 HERE'S SAFE STOrVAGI • For Furs • For Woolens Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 - .. STWK WSHCO POTATO* 3 FWTO CHICKKH AN VOUIL HAVE CATFISH 'TherVi only „ month o< •cfiool t«ft—<*«' yo « Ihmtt »ft»t I get ovw thn chickm pox it wouW b« worth going back?" PRISCILLA'S POP Th» Lei-Down mean , rat/iergo wi... ,„ father than v/t/l t/f kids? Carlylel Minna coma By MICHAEL (XMALLEY and RALPH LAlCl MflNV HAW RETURNS fTOM ,n &AN6 AT THI BOLLiTIW,TACKY WHAT WOIHD *XI LIKE THt BAtM TO PUY FOB you MAM? murt*.' SHAW IOHr MCHY HXtgur WASH TUBB8 Br LESLIE TUftNKH REMEMBEK, MR. rVMT5...lO«e BefOM TWM CROO«*t PICK rt 1 <& MOW It * Two SBARs tMEB.'. MtaiSCBU UP ffw uic siuc ILK I HIT UA.I M IL.-__ „.._.. ..„«... _ _'_^ « 1 »»»'^%»»^ L*I*M_V*>tt 1GDESS . , ln . ._,,,. iw*r wrt/TM ITrTS OHCt SHlt ROUT 1.0U6 M CtKKKHi! imw^nvi/wt rivf. i> Iff MUn 1> ^ IWU-fEARS IMER.'. MTmCtCMt UP.COCK HIS f VE, M- R Wl> e*ITER W|,TK HUMILITY »NP iS CUsVlSSt! _ T.T,i ..^L* vTr nftWU I n PRiCKtJOWti TOO £AV W rVW{| '*•*•"* m ~' I WOULD SM HBOur II rui .. COWVIMCfD HI *»,*. » CRACKPOTS, 1(HJ HM> INTERRUPT His UCTOW WITH «, OUtSTIOkT CRCK>ME?V»/ LEfKI*ISl.S . COUNTEC FOR TWO HC*RS ! SOU RfTORTi •WELL.WEU...HO* MAMV ATOM* IX) POPPOF REVIEWING SftCKGROUND TOd . THE SCSME k »t FILMED By FRED BARMAN Si»^,te E ^= By V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HBK BtJDDIBi By EDCAR MAXTDl

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