The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1931
Page 5
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HtATHKVM.LG, (AUK.) COU1UER Nti\VS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents K word lor first insertion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken Jor less than 60c. Count ihe worth and send tlie cash. ['hone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this [all. Sou us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. SXJ-TI- FOU SALB-Cood, dry cook wood I! u chaiian Coal Co., Phono 107. 11P-CN FOn RENT—Three, five and si; loom residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 418 FOR SALE—Slonevillc cotton see> No. 1 First year from Diecdc U. S. Dept., Agriculture. Test 857 Germination. $3 CWT. I). F. Sum incrour Half and Kali First yea jjinued An 1030. Test Germination SS7,. $3.60 CWT. C. E. Fiik, Hisll- vay 01, State Line. .. P-K-10 WARNING OKBKU 3HANCERY COUKT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Archie E. Harper, Plaintiff, No. 4837 s. Haltle Dora l!ur|>er, Defendant. The defendant, Haute Dora Har- ier, Is warned to appear within hirty days In the court named In he caption hereof and answer the •omplaliH of the jilalnUft Archie E. Hnrper. Dated April llth, 1931. R. L. GA1NES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Sam Manatt, Atly. Ad Lltcm. 13-20-27-4 PACfi fflVE FOR SALB—1,500 bushels yellow feed corn, 75 cents per bushel at crib. II. N. 'nimble, Lilbourn, Mo., 1'honc 16. 13C-K27 WAUN1NG OKDKH CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Mary Klrabrell, Plalntill. No. 4930 vs. John Kimtircll, Defendant. The defendant, John Klmorell, !:-' warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the captain herof and <\ns\ver the complaint of the plaintiff Mary Kim- In ell. Dated April llth. 1031. R. L. GAINKS, Clerk, 11 y Harvey Morris, U. C. .111 Manatt, Ally. Ad Lilcm. 13-20-27-4 BY ISI:AI:L One of the most Important Horns in the proper and I'voii-jrnk-al operation of ilic motor ear is ih.u e: true wheel alignment. This means the selling ol (rout wheels so that they nuuuaiu i:rj proper ie!nt!ons la each oilier, us originally built by the nunm'ac- Hirer. It means nlso the assurance of rigid :m-.l yet e.isy rkli:i.;. besides the quality oi e.isy inv-'r- Ins. Recent research by ft commltU: of the Society of Automotive Eu-jl- neeis brought out the fact that n great majority of tlie 100 cars under test failed 10 main'.uln ihe orig- al settings specified !or tlie wlieslo lev the car hail been driven 1080 lies. Only n few, which had strong *;le nssnnblies. held tile settings r more than 1000 miles. The parts most alfected in lac 1000 miles, this coiiiinitt;e | with that of (he wheels, a nmlte:- I of alxjut two devices Ironi Hie vei- ! I lea I. Tlie puvpcb'j of etimbi'iin^ Ihe from wheels is to bring the pomi of contact ol the tires with lliv | road almost directly under the klr.; lot aligned properlv is uneven <m-.l ||""' s ' ll11 ' ™ I,' 01 ,"" 1 , c ;i sl - r ilcc '- nore than usual wear on the IhVi "*' /oeliiE-ln- ullsets I .e wear on Cunslilmtio.1 staikl b- made (ll «'««'•« Irom III* ••cii.nuer: while (he fuel that the average rbr.,i' ;u , l * * a ." lc r ""> c , m ,' a "!' "!' ^ slopes downwind twoard die ri'-ih; I [ l '" tlc " c * °i '- w "°' a whee.i, at and that theretore the rljlil tire.-;! Sio.^i ° -'•- B1 ""' 1 '" '' would wear more than the left, tin.-1 , to Ihe greater wel«ht of tlie ear on I t *. .. , , ., , lliat tide Further to bring Ihe bottom of But'inking that Into consW;r»-1" 1 ? " l ' ci "".«">' V" 1 '"' '' >c 6!m ' l " 1! lion, the wear on the tires shouh! •''^V-T, |>"\ ls f^," « ! ' be even nnd even lhr> rh'li' tin-- 0<i CilsU ' r of llle r > om ll!il!! - rllli shouw sh^even wear l&i il • If''^ <>'?,« xt < "W ' m ™ rj FOIt RENT I-X3B RENT—Four room house and garage. Newly papered, on pavement. Garden planted. 512.50 per month. L. Fowler, Phone 4.50-J. 2i)C-k.TF FOB KENT—3 room furnished flat garage and coal house. Cal' 618-W. TC-TI FOR RENT—Three, five and six room residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410 FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingran building. Sec Parkhurst Com pany. iHJ-Tt FOR RENT—5 room modem apart inciil on West. Maul St., Arcol heat. Phone 417 or 470-W lOc-kl FOR RENT—One of the Mille Apartments at 10th and Walnu hot and cold water, Arcola hea Enrage, shade trees, pretty lawi Apply to Ike Miller. lOc-t FOR RENT—Three room apart nient with bath. 810 West As street. Call 510. ck-1 FOR RENT—Modern five room fur nished biingaiov.-. Call «. pk WANTED WANTED—Second hand Baby Ca riagc. Mrs. C. G. Redman, Phoi -101C. -.-- - 13C-K POULTRY WANTED—Market pr ces, any quantity. Marilyn Ha chery, 210 S. Fourth St. 8C-T AVA11N1NG OIIIILU E. M. Skipper, Mrs. E. M. Skip- antl Hornersville Mercantile ompuny arc warned to apiKiir in le Chancery Court for the Chick- sawba District of Mississippi ounty, Arkansas, within tliirt> ays from this date, and auy.vcr complaint of the plaintiiis. Aired A. Alneer^and A. M. Kingade, as Trustee. Vitness my hand as clerk of sala court, and the seal thereof, oi this 13th day of April. 1031. R. L. DAISES. Clerk eid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiffs. 13-20-27- Another sign of misalignment l=j xhus. in order to assure oass l-.ard steering, cs|»c!ally the ncccs- driving nnd steering, mid cwn we:i si'.y of holding the steoilng wher! Oll ,| :c UlcSi "Knnber," "caster" am down to (he left or lisht In or;U-r "loc-in 11 nmst be perecl to keep the car on n straight lhv.\ i Many service slallons are e.xnp A ear with equally aligned wheels ,, 0 ,| [u ^ Kk lhcso j,^..;, . n ,.. reoiilres imtciu-ally nu leii.-,icn o;i >]u;i ; id be vis'.ted at" 1mm ,!.s n the steering wheel when IriiviMhin n-ery 1000 miles of travel. 'Ihe stratfihl ahead. ^ ^ .slioiild uc vLsticcI aim whenever th ' ' far lias bumped over a seveie m \/hen the frcnt wlieels arc align- • „,- the Ironl wheels h.ivc Ixv iiinj, v/ere tlie kail j-;!n'.s. t'.u-! ert, they arc lar from parellel. They .s;nu-k at i'iins n'.! otiicr re- out springs, ted parls. The result cf such luisalisiuiieni unusinil wear of the liiv;, wab- liiiS wheels and shinnny, and h'artl leering. tmb or by b0 , 1K , OU; aie iliehlly closer at Ihe untl-j.n vehicle, A sharp buinp Tvll'f ilirj than at the toi>-:i feature callal Un: wheels out of nll g iiiiu-i:t. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ; ?LEASF, I nooi'i-E is A SPAR-TOM AME> I POESM-r WrllME Q(JEK A \ 5PRAIMET) WRIST/ —FIE Ci(J Vod » | PLSRIMG ~frle BOER \<JAR,AS AM • AMBDLAMCE PRWER, r WAS (, BY SrlRAPMEL IM BOTH ARMS 7 ( -RE\SPERl/i<:i "THEM LiSELESS V Wf i -pRovye /AV - ' ••"-"• -"'- Bn'r-ftE BA-ffLE-WAS Y <3iiye MB BACK -A. T MOMrTbR ^A VQUR THUMB S-TAR-TED VELLIU UMTH- AM IHiDlAXi A6EMT CAME OVER "FROM. 19 n Af4 T SAID To VOLi , BECAUSE- "eamb:r" by the engineers. Aiul. they are also sllalilly closer lojelli- Divwi'.- jn K:i:::-h l.iw' er in Iron! than in ihe rear—whr-.i • i ; ,..n s u ;a | u ,, t,, - jKi uiii!.-! 1 50ili) ; the engineers call "toe-in." In ail- a yusr. In Cl-.lcasn. tlu- uv. rd nn-! dition, the steerinj knuckle.', a:i.l iiua: crop oi suirli cuses is jbjul A sign thai- the front, wheels are spindles are "camtcrcil" to confonu »u. POULTRY WANTED — Mark • prices paid at C. L. Bennett C Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St.. west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 04. 24C-TF WANTED — Gravel haulers from Burdettc to Clear lake Farm. F. A. Rogers. Koutc 2, Box 81, Clear Lake Farm. C-K-17 PERSONAL N THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRIC' OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AH KANSAS. ilisslsslppl County Building & Loa Association of Blytheville, A; Kansas, Plaintill, No. 4929 vs. Harry H. Brown, Annie Brov/n, D J. R. McDanlels. Jr., and Ml lain McDaniels and A. G. Lilt Defendants. The non-resident defendant Harry H Brown, Annie Bro'.vn, D J. R. MCDanitls and Miriam M Daniels are warned to appear in thus court witru'n 30 days ami answer the complaint of Mississippi Connty Building & Loan Association seeking to foreclose a mortgage on Lot Eight; (8) and the E?.st 8 feet of Lot Seven 11), and ihe West 8 feet of Lot Nine (0); all In Clock P of the Richards Addition to the city of Blytheville, Arkansas, as per the recorded plat of said addition at page No. 4 of the Plat Book at Blytheville, Arkansas, i and to recover judgment against | Harry H. Brown. Annie Brown uud Dr. J. R. McDanlels, Jr. Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of said court on the 4lh day of April, 1931. B. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. GENUINE DUCO Authorized re- finisliiiii; station. C. T. Shamlin with Denton Chevrolet Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 COMMISSIOXEU'S SALK NOTICE is hereby given lliat the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a <'ecre3 rendered by the Chancery Court lor the Chickasawba District of Have your shoes rebuilt at our True Mississippi Comity, Arkansas, on Blue Shop, 322 East Main. "" - — - work guaranteed. 10 SEE YOUR HOUSE AS OTHERS SEE IT People Arc Judged By The .Houses They Keep. To your .relatives and intimate friends you may be an ideal i'amily but others may pause and look at your Jiouse and misjudge you by what they see. Do Not .Wait for Clcan-Up Week to Come. You can save money by doing- that little repair now. You will also be helping the unemployment situation in Blytheville. H your HOME allows of decay. If it- is beginning lo have Unit run down unueur- riiONii 100 and Iv. 1). KEHGUSON "Tlie Doctor of Homes" will be right out, or will five you a prescription for the trouble. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHAT Til' ouov.Y i vvtF'RO soME^^\^M •••• --THERE!! TIVEKE vr ts By Martiu All NOTICE OF INTENTION TO AI'PIA' FOR ORDER OF SALE. Notice is hereby given that ihe undersigned, as administrator of the estate of Catherine Royal, deceased, will apply to the Mississippi County Probate Court for the Chickasawba District, on the 23rd day of May, 1031, for authority to sell the following lands belonging to said estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, towit: Lots 3 and 4, Block Ii, Barren t: l.lly Addition; to the City of Blythevillc, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said sale is to be made for the purpose of paying the debts of the estate. W. II. STOVALL, Administrator. Frank C. Douglas, Attorney. 13-20-27-4 the 23rd day of February, 1031, wherein Equitable Building niiri Loan Assn. was Plaintiff, No. 4883, and Kcginald Sears, ct al, were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best, bidder, n a credit of three months, at the ront door of the Court House, be- ween the hours prescribed by law, n the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, in the 27tli day of April, 1931, the 'ollowhig real estate. Eo-wit: Lot 2, Block 5. Highland Place Addition to Blytheville. Said sale will uc had to satisfy said decree in the sum of $1906.41, vilh 10 per cent interest from Feb. 23, 1931. The purchaser al said sale wiil Ije rcxjuired to execute bond with approved security, to secure Ih; payment of the purchase money, and a lien will b; retained upan said property as additional security for ihe payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal o' said Cotirt, on this, the 23th day of March, 1331. 30-C-13 n. I,. GAINES, Commissioner in Chancery FAY O.DAVIS A(«nfcr Kent Dealer Phone 421 ID SfOtC SXNYT TCUMB •••• SO W 1'U. ttfME SOME CttMJCE vAV NO •••WERE •»'AGAIN WHAT NEXT? Bv Blossti! HAD TV.C eewssioKi o=- HIS PABEMTS, TV1B S&t, THIEF, US MISSSD STEEL E BY WR. /vMNOTES..., STESLS is OM MIS VAY 70 - ELKKART..-. Invest With Safety G"° paid quarterly on full paid stock, ?100 and tip. Guavanlced by first morlgage loans on homes jn Blylhovillc. Secured and Insured. SlythevilSe Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sac. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 13. IUP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High LDW Clcvc .May .... 1030 10-i! 1020 1012 July 1052 lOtiT 1045 1007 Oct 1088 1101 1076 1009 Dec 1108 1123 UOO 1122 Jan H14 1124 1114 1124 Mar 1138b lloib Spots steady at 1018. up 10. New York Cotton IF THAT IStJTJUST " SHOCKS!'. , 1 SOESS ITS AU- FOE Me.... r.1 AfJD JvJSTT VJHEM 1 - \NA5 ALL S£T FOR ID MIX) STtxE "iViAT Co BY FSOM> OM? HecToc .. SOT i S'Pose I'LL. WASH TUHHS NEW YORK, April 13. (UP)—j Cotton closed firm. Oj>cn Hi^h Lo\v C3cv>c May 10M 1046 1022 1046 July .... 1055 1069 1015 1053 Oct. 1087 1104 1070 1102 Hoc 1100 1123 1102 1124 Jan 1110 113f> 1110 1135 Mar 1HO 115Q 1132 1151 Spots steady at 1045, up 15. Courier News Wont Arts Pay. Y, SlLtMru-i, 1UECWWS BECilUS Vj iW. 1 ;, C»WRWs TKEIR PEtXQ CoMRAPE. _ArA'E THKT MftM IAV. I SEES^ \ SOU NEEDS ANOTHER LESSON J ACT UK6 VOO WAS \ p x REAL VIEA.SED. tive I 6*' v -— A IIEARW CHEER PER f, vt)Vxl . r, ^.i t(Mi' NEft Ktu BOSS. c'Mwy I \\flvi FlJ yfwV'jN j-.,ir uliTil tT ^f* \. •* —^ >~ 8W.-7-- COWING THE M015! NOO Cf •fTiWHCERJ VBJH^^J «• i clows v,! 1 Kgafe5sP. J .a®i

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