The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1955
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOTKMRER 14, 19fiS BLTTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK FTVT! Declining Prices Not Only Complaint of U. S. Farmers KDllOK'S XOTK: Ovid A. Martin, Associated Press farm reporter, has just returned from * 4,500-mile cross-country swing to sound out grass roots sentiment on the politically potent /arm issue. Here, in the first of five articles, ."Martin writes of problems confronting farmers in xddltlon to falling prices. By OVID A. MARTIN Associated Tress Farm Reporter WASHINGTON (AP) — The pinch lower prices is putting on farmers' pocketbooks is the major -— but not the sole — factor back of current rural unrest. Tne bulk of the testimony farmer-witnesses save before a series of farm-belt hearings held by the Senate Atiriculture Committee in the last three weeks emphasized reductions in farm incomes. But sprinkled throughout were complains about other things. Sample criticism of (he farm income drop was that of an Iowa corn-hos: fanner., He said it now takes 137 hops 10 buy a tractor that could be bousht in 1948 with 38. A South Dakota farmer protested that he was losing his i\vo suns from the farm because they were makincr not quire S2 a day from their share of the farm's operations. Controls, Too As for other types of complaint some farmers found fault with the way crop control measures work:. Some disliked tariff and import; policies, especially with regard toj farm products. j Others criticized milk control: programs. Many demanded a halt! to reclamation of new farm land.! Some voiced concern that farmers' in other areas were trying to take; over their markets. j A standout complaint was that i advanced , by wheat growers in I North Dakota. South Dakota and \ Montana, who crow ton qualilv '• serves as a tonic. He still faces a host of unsolved problems: Improvement in living conditions for his people, education, NEW DELHI i/l'j—Prime Minister sence of political opposition attests U'rowing unemployment, resulting in India's Nehru Is 66 Today Jawaharlal Nehru is 66 today. Fit ty thousand NI.-W Delhi school children were marshaled to .supply a birthday ovation to -Nehru." But jhat celebration will be over-] sh ;i do wed four days from now by | the arrival of Soviet Prime Minis-j ter Bulganln and the elite of Rus-j sian leadership, on a three-week' siai-e visit. At home an almost complete ab- never-ending climb in the power of Nehru's leadership as j part from he enters his 67th year. j populaion. . Indian Communists who once! One of his greatest problems is their "Uncle i forme d the most vocal of Nehru's| °» e Nehru studiously reuses to dis- I opposition have been virtual!-; sil- j cllss - II is the setoH™ O f a suc- oncecl by strong Moscow support of ccssor lo take over hls workl the prime minisier and his policies,! The lack of political challenge to „.,,-. . j his lenders.nip lias been accom- One Man Govmnm-nt | pUjjhed by & ^ Qf asplr , ng c;indj . He remains almost a one man; dales f or the top job he holds. government, making all major de-1 if the lack of an apparent, succes- cisions guilcling this rounuys pot-! — r=r - icies at home and sor worries Nehru he keep* it hW- den. Associates say he tinu at at least 10 years more ol active political life. GETTING UP NIGHTS K worried by "Bladder Weakness" IGettlnr Up NlRhu lioo Irequent. burning or iten- ICB urination) or Strong, Cloudy Urlnej rt-j* to common Kidney uiid DUdder Trri- lations, try CYSTEX for quirt. Krati:?toa oomlortliis help. A billion CYSTEX tablet! u.sed in pan 25 year* provo satety »nd 6UCCF5S. Ask druggist lor CYSTEX under »iLisractton or monej'-baels suarauCee. font' miles ofi; the coast. A target-Lowing tug' rescued him Attendants at Ipswich Hospital said he suffered fractures of the arm and pelvis and two black eyes. broad. He appears to thrive on it. He still opens his day with yogi exercises, then leaps into a work schedule which frequently extends through 18 hours. When he tires, a visit to maian crowds invariably IMPORTANT Medical Facts For Every Man Who Has Passed His 40th Birthday Men, Too, 60 Thru "Change of Life" DOCTORS CALL IT "MALE CLIMACTERIC" UcMOLAV LEADERS — Helping with ihe in- sliuuion of ;i new DeMolay chapter at Salem, Mo., will be three residents of Caruthersville: Bernie Lay, chapter adviser; Bob Book, immediate past master councilor of the local chapter, and Joe Anders. Missouri's state master councilor. (Photo by Sanders) ter critic areas. Perhaps the most ' complaint against farm policies, aside in grain-producinc Government from price milling" wheat greatly in demand by millers. Growers teld the committee that] ver t ec i ] anc j. despite the present record hmh.' surplus of wheat there is an actu-! nl shortage of this good quality j grain. Mills are paying premium [ prices to get It. Yet. because the crop control law does not. take supports, was about the lack of restrictions under pro-sen programs on a farmer's L;nd .diverted from surplus crops | like wheat, corn, cotton, rice, pea- i nuts and tobacco. Farmers .shifted much of this di- t control poultry, and dairying, bringing of about overproduction and price declines in these fields. j Midwestern dairymen are hot un-j der the collar about sanitary and equal to nearly 10 per cent of the total cropland—to other ! crops like soybeans, sorghum strain, oats. rye. barley, t'laxseed, dry beans and potatoes. The result lias been surpluses in -these quality needs into account, growers who produce the high quality wheat must reduce their acreages just as much as do farmers who produce poorer qualities, Want Larger Allotments The Dakota and Montana farmers want the law changed to allow them larger planting allotmnets and to reduce still further allotments of producers of other grades. In the Pacific Northwest, farmers complain that both the government's price support and crop control laws are shutting them off from a big market they once had— that of providing wheat for livestock and poultry feed on the Pacific Coast. Little corn, the major feed grain, is grown in the West. Price supports hold wheat prices above prices of corn imported from the Midweest and crop control measures do not permit them to produce enough to supply their own feed grain market, the Pacific Northwest farmers say. They want a two-price plan under which wheat they sold for human consumption would be supported at 100 per cent of parity— the price said by law to be fair in relation to farm costs. The remainder of their production—which would be unlimited—would be sold for feed use in competition with corn. Rice growers in California voiced, a complaint similar to that of the Northern Great Plains wheat farmers. There is an overall surplus j of rice, but not of the type the i California growers said they pro-. duce. Hence, they object to taking | the same percentage reduction in i production as that assigned growers in Louisiana kansas, Targets Past actions of the government in allowing imports of oats and barley from Canada at when this country has other crops. In semiarid areas of the Great; Plains, where wheat and cotion are about the only crops that can be grown, there is a feeling that farm- i ers there should no!, have to reduce j plantings of these crops under control programs as much as farmers Likewise, traditions! producers of cattle, hogs, poultry and milk < '<• complained that government re-, strictions and reductions in price supports on crops have encouraged many farmers to tuin to livestock, P"H out. He said at 10 -000 feet and he parachuted landed at sea other barriers thai their milk • out of tend to keep higher-priced Eastern city markets. The city bankci. lawyer and S businessman was a target of manyj complaints. Oldtime farmers said I much of the present over-expansion' in agriculture could be laid at thei feet- of city folk who got into farm-; ing when prices were good during: the war and early postwar period. | Sprinkled sparseiy among the, Can't Get Rid of Your COLD? 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If he had bailed out just two seconds later—at the estimated fi.500 feet altitude—his parachute wouldn't have had time to open. His injuries and subsequent illness cut his weight to 175. Alter months of treatment, his riyht knee is a little stiff. Damage arm rest of the seat to automatically eject myself. "The last thing I remember was the meter in front of my face reading faster than sound. The next thin»- was waking up in the hospital live days later. Smith was picked up by fishermen aboard a nearby cruiser. His shoes, socks, helmet and mask were gone. His clothes were in Hit. arms had flailed so violently that Iiis wrist watch, tightfittinp clove.s and a ring on his finger trucii anything alcoholic. iiacl shaken off. He was blind sev- And what does the 31-year-old; oral days. Surgery was required North American Aviation Co. test on his intestine. pilot want to do next? Fly a plane! 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