The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUll THE BLYTHEVlLLt! COUK1EU NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor • ' '• H. W, HAINES, • Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Ixwls, Dallas, Kansas CRy, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt Ihe jxKt onice at Blythcvlllc,. Arkansas, under act, of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier tn the City ol Blythcville, 15c |>cr week, or Sli.CU per year, In fidvaiice. By mail, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 (or six monllis, 85c for three montlis; by msil in iiosUil zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 ptr year; in zones seven find eight, $10.00 per year, payable in ndi'ancc. '. . . Which h Absurd' In tlio ility.s when we struggled through geometry, we all met that met hud of. dispruuf which led up ID it liiiiil euiiflu.sioii "... which is jihsiird." The liiml of tlicliiU>r,ship which in- si'.-ls dial people shall have only .such plays, Ijook.s, movies, ami newspapers as the rulers Lelieve are best Cor them, always nuts afoul of absurdities in wholesale- lots. Two shining examples recently cropped up. In liussia there was H public scandal over the fact that a radio -station -was caught red-handed broad- casting—negro spirituals! Somebody saw insidious couiiler-rcvolutionnry propaganda in the limmliiig melodies and sivet't chords that had wandered so far from their home in the Old South. And in Germany, a movie film, . which was immensely popular in Germany in 15126, is today burred as "not coincjdmg with world philosophy of the present day in Germany." It wus Charlie Chaplin's "The Gold Rush"! If a man i.s a political dictator, he inevitably thinks he knows better 'than the rest of us what we ought to see, ami read, and hear. Which is absurd. Gag Rule to Go Jt is encouraging to note thai the gag rule which has stilled debate 'in Congress on legislation sponsored by the administration-is to be withdrawn, and that discussion is to he 'us iw- liaii]|)(.'ri!(l"b'ii tlifs" as on other forms of proposals. An administration that tries to railroad through its laws without affording any possibility of'argument on the floor of Congress is ope that doubts its owJi actions and fears Uic consequences of unchecked iiuestioning. It. is a dictatorship only less apparent than that of Germany or Italy or Russia, but almost as dangerous: in its implications. So long as there is a .semblance of a minority in Congress, that minority should be provided all avenues of attack on whatever proposals the administration and its majority membership, may offer. Only in this way ean the. people of the United States lie assured O f a fair and orderly solution to their legislative problems. OUT OUR-WAY BLWHEVIUE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS The Red and Hit Oddly pnotigii, it is the jwty wliieh is in power by the grcatcal majorities in rqwnl years! that shows- a deficit in Die iwrfy finances, Oll'icial Btalemen'ls Illcd witli tlia J louse of Keiirescntnllvcs sliow llic lie- piibljciin party lo Itavo n surplus of $184.71) as it enters llu? now ycnr. HuL the Democratic Daily owes ?[>2!),282, mid IKI.S only filjout ?GOOO in cash (in hiiiitl (t> |iny. ''I'hiiiilw lo rocont contrilHilioiis o!' ?20,000 from jiieinbcr.s of llic Mellon family mid $5000 from John D. Rockefeller, Die G. 0. I', starts 1085 from linand.-il scratch, while [lit- Dernocivils must look forward to a heavy (tolidt us llicy approach Ihe 1930 cninpaiBn. They owo more tlinn, $00,000 lo .lolin Haskob alone. Those figures aro intereslinn because I hoy show dearly wJial everybwly knew anyway:- that when it comes lo sup- portinu (he actual machinery of purties, l)olli lean heavily on rich mwi why can make large contributions to parly ftituis. Kignre.s like these will act mam' lo wondering whether the base of support of both purties miflit not well be broadened. To Balance County Budgets JiBlli-c S. F. lluntlcy lias proiwsiiil wluil seems to me the mast sensible solution thus far advanced for the nniinclnl problems of Arkansas' county Governments. At the adjourned session of llic Ucmpstcad county quorum court Monday nt Washington he .siifueslctl-and the court so recommended to the lealsintiii-e-IJiiu u ec iici v j county salary law be draftc<l lo provide whenever ti county tots Into dew (ho elective officers shall be rcipiticcl to turn back lo h sinking fund a certain percentage O f ihcir salary, until iho debt is paid. This would apply to government the sanie principle thai' lias always applied to private business—the managers arc rcspoiisiblc for the bills. 1 am no lawyer, but, 1 luinglnc if a general county salary bill were drawn to apply lo all counties on a B radiialcd popiilation-and-arcii wale, so thiil Hie bill would not be knocked out. us "local legislation," then this shiking- fimil provision could be properly Included. It would simply be staling that In yood limes «'C pay Boocl wages and in poor times we pay |>oor \vages-a fact wliicli is eventually as true of Eovcrnmcnt as it is true of private business. And the best part of Justice Huntleys proposal Ls that it would mate county debt elimination as nearly automatic as fs'liumanly possible. —Alex H. Wiwlibtirn In HOIK Star. My father Jin., enough (rouble,",- »itlio»t being bothered by mine. -Franklin p. nooscvdt. Jr.. aflcr p.-iyiiiK n /'me on a speeding chanjc. * * . * Another war would mean tl|c end of civili- xalion. —Prime Minister Pierre Lava! of ninitc. ' »• * * Tlic year I935 will sliow whether we can make (he League cot Naltons) effective. I myself am an.optimist, -fjaplnin Anlhony Eden, Lord Privy Heal of KiishnKl. » * * The longer you jjtve 'cm to bicker, the longer tlieyii bicker. — Manager Blllj- Evans of the Cleveland Indians. ' MV WOMA.KJS \ INTUITION \ TELLS ME THAT MY- HUSBAND IS HOLDING OUT ON ME, SO I STOPPED IN TO FIND OUT JUST HOW By Williams WHV-UH- IF VOU'LL EXCUSE ME FOR A FEW MOMENTS, I'LL FINJD OUT, / THATS GENUINE \ LOYALTY TO HIS BOYS ..HE COULD CALL UP, OR SEND TH' OFFICE Boy AMD FIND OUT. BUT HE WANTS TO GET TH 1 OTHER ^ SIDE OF TH' STORY. •SHE LOOKS Wet_L. FURRED AMD PED, MAYBE THAT'S TH' OMLY WAY HE CAN GET HOLD OF ANY OF IT — BY HOLDW OUT OM H6R. r— •/ "^ ONCES:. By George 'ei»iiB»i.-tA,6[ r. u.EKtujs.m.orr. '1 can't work by the hour, lady. I'm so fast that if you >aul me twice as much us my time is worth, I'd still lose money." THIS CURIOUS WORLD £ William Ferguson THE NAME "BUMP," COMES FRT>M THE FApT THAT ' ENGLISH NON-RIGID'BALLCONS V/EStE KNOWN AS "CLASS B-LIMP" , AC.E FORMED OF THE SKELETONS OF MICROSCOPIC SEA ANI/V\ALS, 8V MOVING THEIR. 7,>-r;~' IN t-ATfGAL MOTIONS— NEVER IN VERTICAL. UNDUUVnCf-K AS FREQUENTLY PICTURED SNAKES walk lijion thr extremities <$ their rile, assisicd by the projected scales on the under surface of llicir bodies. Those scniles lire useless on any in-face too fiinooth for (hem to get traction, such as glass. A snake cannot, make any progress on glass. NEXT: How do Malayan .-nils cross streams? Ten Million Americans Afflicted With Ringworm I idly from one child to another I particularly when a common towel HV 1)1!. NONIUS ITSIIIIi;tX Ktn'lor, jouniiif of the American Medical Association, anil of ny£cn, Ihr Health i>I;ti;;t/iiir Most common of skin diseases lotiny probably is ringworm infcc- tion \vhich produces the so-called athlete's fool. H Is said thai ten million people in this country suffer from this comiitlon. Mirny types of organisms arc Included under the ringworm clasr sllicatlon. The condition n.viraliy is found between the toes and usually is developed- from njiiklni; barefoot on Uie" floors of UMuiia- j-Unris, swimming' ]iools and lock- or. reruns. Il-is- particularly prcv-. alcnl In these days among liluti school and college students. THe first symptoms i.s itching and icailiig between tin- iocs. Gradually, if the condition ^ets worse, the .skin cracks in«) will blisters develop. 'Vl\c condition may spread m,:n the feet to the IhiBlib, bct-vtcn the bullocks and under the aims. Rarely docs it- appear on tin tutu or tcjlp of SA'l'UUDAY, JANUARY 12, 1935 c , rliKUKttuciil (o TOMf'niCKLlI NIC miiir dnsr ihal 1'Ui'Bil KfiiC U!.|, ld|. VAI.EIl|(i Ml Si-NBTT, Mt H ., . .( l i- Mt Httttftt, thai •VcrVikl cin-r brlirraa lhfj». A., ok •lit illll luvi'» Tony anil fttnlK' Mere, it .<JJ1 care, lo, vJLji, bill ubtli Uru K , ,L. Yi.o lOiiHlitr «,id l-cl« «,V, 'Ina "^ lanitr li/iu »lie nertt*, 'I'licy KU lo KlurMn uod n,.. Ji:il|ux Ibrre Ull ||| ivicr In jc- '^^.."j""^, V" ">*"' •«»'» AIIII imJ Viilt-rlu trie, i,, mu i.. Iroiltilr. Stc >un .rciU «iiu)i MM KOI; un-ay, Rav of (icr »hcrculioul«. ,I S> ",!,*A tl1 "" 1 " ««v»rii«M I'll' clllldrro ul J1IIX. <I'I(\l!V nn •ir<t«t. ALLAN VIKOUyrr Mr. 'lrnt-)'« Uroll...^ In nitrWltvr "to <tnii. Titr.iiisJj lil.u A,,B l cilr ,', nil I'dcr I. r,:r n l,hl, tf „ L DU , e < iilHh;ci-J Iliut Jjc pluuj. |o tl\i,,t- f fb" '"rl™"."*' '•«'"". 4«Pl«.v«. SUe UOM to work- In « i loo ] i • low. One rnlnr nli;lil >lt r ,„„,. ••-111111 itiid ke t>et»lliid«H k* r to drive liomc ivllk Ijln for dlnucr, UljfH ihfj- Ti'uch the Tracy lionie I"- i ..... ill. hi* Hlnlrr l> aw-,,. Ann rcallirii kite bun liven Irk-ki-d. Sue uulivlln AJJnn aud K rt* back in tint oily In n uiil>. H'lu, t,l Y tr rrrnmiUr-K hrr und i-outuiuflfculi'H ulth ilflctlJvrj,, " XUW <I(| ()\ WITH TI1K S'CllliV C'TIAM'Klt Xf.V TJKTKCTIVK SHANNON came ilownstairs at iutilnli;|it to finci Peter Kendall walling 'for him. 1'clcr's liair was rumpled. His face showed strain and cty, but his eyes \vore eager. "I sol the ca)J you, left," )ie said. "I'm sorry yon made tho trip. I could have told you over the telephone — " Tlic light died in 1'clcr's eyes. "1 tlioughl you had nows for mo." "\Yo have, Mr. Kendall. We know where your wlfo is. That Is, wo fcnoiv tho nolgliliorliaod slic is living In." "Tlion why can't you fnui her?" "Wo csjiccl to. Tlio ilinicully is, that the, area Is a nest ot apartment bullilint's." "I'ut every man you have on tho job. Move heavDii and earth — " Iloloelivo Sliaiiimii iiild I'elor what had happened. A girl liad lihoneil for a calj in a liuvi-y from a home at Iiiglctshle. filic liaii told Uic tlrfvo sbp lived on Rolauil street, lint, inslcarl of goiui; home. Iiail left the call. at a ariis store." "What about the lioiiie in Inclc- sidc 1 .' What did you find out, llicrc?" Peter's voico \va» lioarso with an.yicly. "U'e touud tltat a man, his sister ami t wo children live Uiere. Tlic neighbors said tho oatire family is spending tho holidays out. ot town. The place was closed tight as wax. We're Investigating the possibility lliat Ihe driver went to another house. The houius in the section arc similar. We'll wake iiiuiiirics nt Iliis place 15 MUCH as tbo family returns. Meanwhile, we expect to find her." "You're sure she is my wife?" "Tlio (Irivor Is positive slic is Ihu sumo fiirl ho drove away from J-onr apartment that morning. He identified the picture of her. It was jnst a coincidence, Mr. .Kendall, that (his driver was sent lo answer her call loplght." "Wo'll work us /aft as we eao. 11 may iio only a few days before we find her.'' 1'etor drove lionic. The thought Of An" telephoning from some- wliere In a fearful iuirry worried him. Sho must have been In trouble of sonic kind. She was so Illlle and helpless to be alone. Him needed to bo protected. • • 4 I.JK would seo Sarah tomorrow. *•• Perhaps Ann had coinrnuul- calcd with her. lie would make Sarah sec, Ihal she must tell him if slio hud had news, whatever it Plight ho.. Sarah telephoned Mac iiost day lo say, "I can't meet yon for liiiich, honey. I'm liavlug caviar with Pc-ter Kendall instead of steak nni) onions ivltli you." "Two-timing mo* already?" Maq's voico. came serious. "IJe probably thinks yon aro holding out oil him about Ann." "Poor fellow," Harali said, "lie innst bo In loi'O with her." "I knew that all along," Mac sulil. Sarah told Mac lliat night that Peler Kendall was "really pathetic," Barab said, "Somo detective who lias been working on the case has an idea lie's found lior. It's probably just another falsa clew." "i'elor's all broken up," Sarah went on IboiijjhUiilly. "He's eo lliiii and worii^ it breaks my heart. I lold him 1 was pretty sure Valeria JJeiuieU Js at the bottom ot the whole business. I tohl him nlionl Ihe day I was having JiineJi wilh Ann, and how Valeria went out of her way to toll Ann that I'clcr was decorating her home." "How ilijl be take that?" "IIo was terribly angry with Valeria, I think. Tasked him if lie coulil think of anything he had iliino lliat Ann might hayo misunderstood. He couldn't think ot a lliiug. Somebody's at Ibe iloor—" "Nobody at all. Just Tony." F.jiu: -Eiiid, as ho answered the ring. Tony did not '.csjiuml tp Mac's raiflerj. fio sank ii|to a chair. •I tlioughl maybe you bad a drink 'ierc." "Hadn't you belter slay on tt« i-aj;o!i inilil Maliirdiiy.anil get itiat •nsli Job oiil yon were taliing me njflS isn't llic beginning of a bonder, you foul," Tony said ii-rilntily. "I nerd u drink. I'his thing ol Ann bcins swallowed up BO many months has pollen on my nerves." "Well, girls have hidden out In urge cities before.-:. I . guess if Ann wanted'to she could," Sarah said. "What's your specific worry. TotiyV Have yon beard any- IbingV" "f happened lo be down at the police department Ibis afternoon. A boy I know had been pulled on a reckless driving charge. While I was there two policemen came in. talking about a girl—" "A girl— t" Mac queried, and waited. '•>.-• "A girl lliey pulled out of (lie 'Ivor," Tony .said soberly. "They liiln't knuiv who she was." "That's foolish," Sarah said sharply, looking at Mac for reassurance, not daring to meet Tony's scared eyes. "Ann isn't Ihal kind. You know she isn't, Tony. f can't Imagine ho^r you, ever thong-lit ft might be Ann." , "She's young like this glfl," ho saw. "fibo was slek 3111! unhappy." Sarah's oy»3 reflected llje (eat- In Tony's. She began filling blls into Tony's grim plcluro. "Wiial do police say about her?" Mac asked nuielly. "She's about Ann's size and her' hair (3 red." Sarah shivered. Mac camo over, put his arms about her mid held iier close against him. "A sensible person docs his worrying aft-' evward," Mac said. "Sure, f know," Tony aahl. "I'm just nu Imaginative nut." "Mac and I'll go with you," rail said. "There are KOJIIG things I couldn't face," Tony said. "Sarah, pour mo out a small drink, will you?" A few minutes later they crowded into Tony's cur. "Oh. don't let il bo Ann!" Harali was praying. Over and over again. "Don't let it he Ann!" She was thinking ot tlio look in Peler Kendall's eyes when slio said, "No, I haven't heard it word from Ann. No one has." ilKY reached the hospital anil were moving along Iho quiet corridor. Tho odor of ether was stinging Sarah's throat, making her feel ill. A girl at the dpsk directed llicm to the foiii'lh Iloor. Another sirl thcro gave them a room nuin- Jcr. "Steady now, Surnli," salil Mac, is lliey stepped inside the room. A nurse moved aside and Sarah caught a glimpse of bright hair, smoothed back from a pale brow, flic girl's face was turned toward .ho window. jiirjili went nearer, with tlio dreadful feeling of something clutching at hoi- throat. It 11-33 like moving in some horrible, nightmare.- And then she was staring down at the small, while face. Tlio girl whose eyes wei'j closed was not Ann. Sarah mcl Tony's eyes anil aliook her head. No words came. The nurse followed them from e room. "She'll pull through f she makes a good light. The trouble In, she doesn't seem interested in living. She had been out or work for months and was almost starved. We haven't fouud onl her name yet." ficcanso she knew I'clcr would u reading in the morning about :he sir! with red hair who. had leaped into tlic river. Surah telephoned him when slid reached loine. "You thought she was Ann!" I'eler cvieil. .- : •'-Wo-were -afraid-'shc might be. 1 didn't wanl ynii-in-tliliik thai, even for u moment." "It was good of you Io call," Peter said. His voice was still 1 igilulcil. The next day Sarah inquired it Ibe hospital about tho sick girl.' 'She's geltiiiK along fine." 'iho nurse said. "Mr. Kendall heard of Ihc case and ordered one of Ihe best rooms for her. He's go- iiiK lo sco that she gets u good job wlicii slu: leaves here." Siii-jin put down (lie iclenhona and ,biirst iuio tears. Blessed Peter Kendall! Oil, Jiow could Ann have left anyone who loved her like that? (To lie Continued) oujjlily boilccf (o relieve them of their content of the infection. Farm Boy Makes Money With Government Aid SAN ANCELO, Tex. (UP)—While many farmers of far more experience have been bemoaning hard times, n 17-year-old high school boy had cleared $1,132 on his farm here in tin; past year. Kmmclt Lohr, »ji orphan, leased u 10D-acrc farm from his father's estate, and planted cotton. Dospile the drought of last summer, he raised 21 bales on the CO acres which he planted. lie received I government benefits by not planl- |ins Ihc icst of the farm. J His income for Uic year was i $1,982.10 and his expenses, in- I eluding rent, were 58-W.75. leaviiu 1 !a proiil of Sl.13a.a5. i When not tannin;;, EinmcU attends San Angclo hlgli school where lie is n Junior. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Rend .Courier 'News TVaut AUs. .By Ahem There me many dilli:::-m . A;Ai In which this mnlady ;j» be treated .Including antiseptics, ni e use ol the X-ray and various 'types of ointments. However, you .should be certain that tl\e medlclnci penetrate suitably, so that it nuiy K. desirable lo soak the feet a ion" time In hot tinter bcfoie applying the ointments. Among Hie most common diicus- cs allcctiiiB the skin i b tlut "with Iho ordinary pus gc rm Tin t , 0 , Tlin <iisi:«sn is called iinprligo. II ii child dovcli>|)s this condition, lie should be .wpnr.-i ted Irom oilier children snicl t|ii[tc ccrtuinly sliould iiie .separate ivasliiiig and diyins miilcrhUs. Oencrnlly the conciition iti;iy be controlled, if seen early, by washing the crusU away with warm water and soap, iincl then applying .suitable nnli.scplic oinlmcnt. Anolticr coniniDn condiLion is the so-called .seven-year itch, nlso [called Cuban itcli »na sc:ibtc.s. It -I.s caused by:a'tiny parjisitc which burrows into tlic skin and lays Us eggs. At night it comes to the sin-race of the body when u gels warm under Ihc fed clothes and llic Itching brills. The ix.-rwm v.-lio itches rubs and fcrjlclsm. which (cuds to surest; the. condition. An old inii|kcL \\omaii dlscov. eied years upo. m- -,,t.' least rc- mliiiicd her doctor, that .sul|iii'!r will 5Cl rid uf this ich. A licit batli is fiikcn and ;i|i u, n (j oc j cloliics- arc clmngcd. Then' (or four succewive iil^lius ointment conlainuig £u)j)lnir Is used The same ted clothing and the same underclothing should bo used lurliK tills period. On the nrtll iiiornlng a cleansing bath with good pure soap IE taken. This will Jd Hie body of Ui 3 JeaU itch mllei .lid slop (he i-cnbies. j'ill tile clollilng ami bud shrubs vhlpli have trcn iittj during me previous iK'iioa Msttilil lj» tl-;.- I KWMTUCKY.SUH! KAINTUCKY IS THE STATE TH/XT SURPASSES TUfc ENTIRE TO SUpREMrXCY IN T?ACE HORSES/ ANt) OF COURSe ; OOLON&\- W/\GHORN,I(V\ STARTING OFF MY "R/\CIM6 STA'BLt IN Av ONE x-YA-3— AND THEN , AFV&'R NEXT SEASON,! "DOWN A "DOZEN STEEDS HAVE WALTZ NEXT CHECK.IF HE ISN'T AN ^ MEDICINE SHOW i WALLET OR THE EYE ANTJ HOSE STOCK. O.M' URSES 'BQURBON UNTIL

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