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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Tuesday, May 22, 1945
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Formosa Hammered In New Record Blow Of American Bombers ; OLD MAN BIVEK stage of th* Mississippi river at 7 a m. tod»y 31*0, m tL«? of p.l. ! Maximum temperature^, mlnl- \ mum 5«. fishing improving. Bclta WEATHfcR FORECAST Mississippi: Pnrtly cloudy in north. clnudy In south, scattered showers in southeast portion Ihi* nfternoon. partly cloudy tonight nnd Wednesday; cooler tonight. CKEENVULE. MISSISSIPPI Tuesday. May 22. 1945 (NEA) No. 222 YANKS CAPTURE OF OKINAWA NEAR Leland And Hollandale Go Over The Top In War Bond Drive Jap Attack Halted 500 Japs Wiped Out; Annies Near Junction MANILA (£")--The heavi«t air strikes ever made on Formosa in four months of raiding by Philippines-based bomber, were reported today as U. S. Infantrymen wiped out 500 encircled Japanese on central Luzon Island and drove toward a junction on Mindanao slowed only by blown out bridges.' Associated Press War Corres-j pondent Russel Brines reported from th« 5th Air Force bale that airmen returning tram last Saturday's record raid on Formosa I had sunk six ships and 36 mail 1 craft and damaged 14 other ves se!s o« all types. 9,800 Tons Dropped A total of 9,000 (tons of explosives have been rained on Formosa war indultrles, airdromes, transportation facilities and military installation! tinea the first bomber struck from the Philippines January 11. Just three days'after capture ot Ipo Dam in th« Manila watershed, doughboys of the 4Jrd Division aidsd by guerrillas, wiped out two- thirds of a large enemy force trapped in the area, a spokeentan at Gen. Douglas MacArthur'f headquarters reported. A lank-led column splat Japan ese troops by seizing Metropolitan Eoad and then liquidated orgaa- ized resistance sOMlh of tha key highway. At least BOO enemy boo ies were found. A few mile* to the southeast, the 38th Infantry Drrtsion d r o toward Wawa Dam. The First Cavalry ran into M opposition nine milei lolKh of In- lanta on central Liuon's east coas coast. bile other Yanks drove steadily head down Balete Pass toward lie Cagayan valley, bread-baske f northern Luzon. Bombers am ighters closely supported the Ba ete action, plastering objectives wi 238 tons of explosives. Split IsUitd In north central Mindanao, thi 31st and 40th divisions were only 25 miles apart in their drive t plit the second largest Phllippim sland. Between them lies a con iiderable Japanese force. Driving north along the Sayr highway, the 31st advanced 1 miles to within one mile of Ma avhaUy. capital of Bukidnpn pro vince. 'it fought on the edge o he town's two small airfield The 30th gained slightly in it drive to link up with the 31st, bu wai delayed temporarily in Man gima canyon where it cut to pieces ttrong b«nd ot bypassed Nip ponese. On southeast Mindanao the Z4tr Infantry Division captured Sas airfield north of Davao, fifth c the area's six airfields to fa! Japaae«e resisted fiercely. Australian and Dutoh troop" Tarakan Island off Borneo drov to within three miles of the nort Selective Svwke Defers Men 30 Yew W Now b "Useful" Work Poppy Day To Be Held Here WASHINGTON OT -- Select* service today announced a polk at amoXMte deferments (or men who have reached their SOth birth a» and who are engaged in "u« HT* work. At the same time It predictec Popp:i to honor America^ dead a heavier call ot ·s of. two World Wars will military service. be worn in GroenviUe OB Satur- ypaniiger men SerdesAndAdMBS [o Address Cotton CongrephiDatias Signal r«Cognition for the long, hard work of the U. S, Department of Agriculture laboratory and the Eelta Experiment Station at Sloneville, came today when F 'j. Gerdes, senior cotton technologist of the former and Dr. J. E Adams, superintendent of the latter, were invited to address the Texas Cotton Research Congress which will convene at Dallas on July 12. Dr. Adams will lead the discussion at the meeting, which is sponsored by the Texas cotton industry, and Mr. Gerdes will speak on the postwar challenge to cotton, hi subject title being, "The Delta Combines High Yield With Mech anization." In making the announcement officials of the Texas organization paid high tribute to the work file, of 4-F and limited serv Mr. Gerdes and Dr. Adams, registrants 18 through 25. Wh well os that of all of the v»rio then is reason to believe "they departments of the two Stoneyill' "it it «xp«c*«d by th* commit-lmay now be qualified for mili- institutions. e in charge that mora poppies tary service," they should be for- v «»lr warded for reexaminatlon, Her- NOW TOf K dav, May 28th, Mrs. Nathan !»r- child, prssident of *« AmeneM Legion Auxiliary, »aid today. The little red flowen will pay tribute both to thos« men who died for their ceimtry te the preaant war an* to those who fell 27 years ago in Franca end Belgium. The money that il recehred lor the flowers will be used lo aid the af- fiicled veterans of both wars members ot their JomiMe*. Exteoeive prepaawtSow Jor observance of Poppy year 1) being made I Legion Av-xiliary. i.- . _ woman and child kn the e»tr will be given the opportamnety to buy a flower fci memory of tbote who have given rhsir Hres. Volunteer workers w*M b« Da? ,* h « r *· Iocal Av-xiliary. Evwy man the s( Maj. Gen. Liwii B. Hershe Iraft director, said at a news coi fer«nce that as a result of tl war's end m Europe "occupatio al deferment policy must be li eraUzed" for registrants 30 thr .137. This course, effective immec atel», means that these old ^ UM on ireeti all Saturdar, wKh fte little red and gre«n eenbleinJ which have beet mad« by T«t«r uns. lee in chargi. will be sold in* year than ever before as there ara freah wowids in many a«arte kn *· city," Mrs. Fairchtld said. "None o »e w* buy a poppy wtthout men will not be drafted so lo they stay in work conside; useful by local boards. It mean too, that deferments will not Quire renewal at the end of month periods, as heretofore. Hershey auto announced that t draft call, beginning in July, w be cut about 25 per cent b * the current rate. That will pt it at 00,000 men, as compared w 120,000 at present. Ths'draft director instructed cal boards to review at once B-29 TARGETS ARE CHIEF JAP PRODUCTION AREAS taken or Na«orrt *r««t tnaurtrhl centers, th« atr Greenville And West Side Of County Far Below Goal The Seventh W»r Loan Drive was definitely dumped into the respective laps of Greenville and clliiens of th« West side ot the county Tuesday when announcement was made by elated War Bond officials that Leland and Hollan- dalo had gone orcr the top Monday and exceeded their assigned quota to spare. In the "7 Days for the 7th" drive with room M a«MK* Jepac't CM* war produsKoo maeMa. te swinging iata the "aU-om" »Wde which «» «» moaneaferT*. weshTpaai. In tbe above map are ah«m tbe principal imiwirl*! ar. M -lh« plane Muatrwe- tjoa tail -Vrt-J-^l ana ilaai prodnfec eaotara. to addkMon. » jfcow. *. relative P«'* B **'**~**f factor, nrodmd to inn awttoe. Thar ar. baatd on the lart wattable ftcun*. These war. ·f**TM"*TM"* 1MO, bfi an lirisuea to fh". fee production capacity befcra the B-JS bambini* be«on. (l»l«r««rlo«at) SteHMus Leaves Parley Of Nations To Meet President SAN FRANCISCO Wl -- Secretary of State Stcttlnlus leaves the United Natlona parley here today for a hurried trip to Washington to confer with President Truman OH mounting war-end crises in Europe. His departure from th* conference, at which he Is the official host, follows trips homeward by Russian Foreign Commissar Mc- lotor, Britten Foreign Secretary Eden and French Foreign Minli- er BldauU. There li some talk hat Foreign Mlninter Padllla of Mexico also may depart oon. Un- Ike the others, aowever, Stettin- ua plane to ritum within a few days. In the meantime, leadership of the American delegation (nils to Senators Connally (D- Chi' lei O. Dean o( L«4and and Paul Holland ot Hollandale telephoned the news into county headquarters h«re early Tucaday morning to dtspcll a pall of gloom By Marines Vf Th« AMoeUted Pnas Battered Japanese dafeacW Ing the low them ridge* ol Ofcl- nawa are Hearing the brack- c Ing point, American commanders said tiiday alter U. S. Marines mattered heavy «·*· wihlea In throwing back a vicious covnteratUck on the Ihnt was thick enough to be cut tlon," w*«t flank. "Tli* JapaMM courage on Okinawa Is the courage of despera- Hodges'Army Units Head for Pacific with a knife. "Wu've mndo oursl" Kelly both m«i said, nnd heartquflrtf workers sighed with relief. Far Short Greenville and the Wist side o! Ihe counly illll were fnr short of their goal, but Secretary Sam Anderson o[ the county committee said thai a lol of contuilon surrounded this effort since lilt-rally scores of buyers who had snul Ihey would rrmko purchases of E- Bnnda had nol been , 'rm.lzod. We sorely need lo have people who have signed pledge cards or signified their Intentions to buy to come In now and finalize these transactions," Mr. Anderson said. We don't doubt but what there are al leu it flOO.OOO In E-Bond uit more or leas hinging In mid air. 'Our people have done a man ·iflcent Job, but many hare bee either busy or absent from tow laid Vice Turner Adm. Richmon he confidently shey said. NlTW YORK COTTON Open. High Low Close rngiorMbSy we"hnve known who July _ 2.78 22.89 22.77 has given hi. Ule-" LU.W.MasseyJr. Liberated In Reid) Ll. John W. (Sonny) Massey, Oct. _ 22,28 Dec. ._ 22.17 Mch _ 22.08 May _ 21.94 Closing prices were steady 45 to !*EW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLEANS OP) -- Cotton futures advanced here today on Jr^'who'lias"been a prisoner of short ocvering and trade buying. war in Germany hM been liberal- ""--' : J " " '" ed according to a message recelv- i ed Monday night by his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Massey. The message, sent through the American Red Cross, stated that the young flyer was well. L,t Vicit* D«lta Today Paul M. Underwood of 22.42 22.29 22.18 22.08 22.27 22.17 22.03 21.93 Chemical Bank and Trusl Com pany ol New York is visitin 22.42 banking and business friends i 22.29 Greenville today. 22.17 .22.07 60 cents a bale higher. Open July .._ 22.80 Oct. 22.28 Dec. _ 22.15 Mch _ 22.05 Massey was taken prisoner on De-JMay ... 21.91 ccmber 19, 1943 when his plane; was shot down over Italy. He was in Stalag, Luff 1 on the Baltic Sea. No direct word had been received from him since December 2nd. High 22.89 22.40 22.31 22.17 22.07 th Mr. Underwood said that thl is his first trip to Mississippi an expressed enthusiasm over th stability of business in this area Organized in 1824, the Chemlca Bank has for the past quarter o a century had large banking con nections in the south, and has o the staff of officials a number o native born southerners. Amon: PARIS (*) -- Several hundred fleers and men of American First rmy Headquarters units are en ouve to the Pacific via the United tates, 1 but Ge*. Courtney H. Hodg- i outfit in' the Tar East probably will bear little reaemblance to the ^rmy which spearheaded the Aled delve to vietory in Europe. Just how nutty combat units hat fought under Hodges on the ontinent will bo retained in the 'irst Army for the Pacific war annot yet be disclosed. Some combat troops who for eusons of military necessity will ot be eligible for immediate dis- harge probably already are on heir way. burden Hodges and his Bluff, however He addcd .ill have the same Pacific headquarters setup they had in Europe The War Department announcement of the shift, while making lear were achieved against Ihe iermans. This docs not mean the entire First Army will be the first re urned to the United States. Man: roops who were nmong tha las o arrive in this theater may be he first lo get home. At the same time many veter ans in the First Army may not g o the Pacific at all. Over and above the demands o ..hat the Army calls military nc ccssity, the personnel in Hodges new Army will be largely replace r.ients drawn from among troop withoul sufficient adjusted ser vice point" to ciuallfy for dis chars?. They will step :nlo th vacancies left by those whi fighting days or.; over. Wholesale Grocers Aid Bond Drive Here Washington County's War Bond effort was given a considerable boost by the purchase of $5,000 in Say* (aliens To Bear Fak Share In Pacific War Burden WASHINGTON (ff) -- President Truman said today American,: British and Canadian reconvert ion plans are being coordinated so that each country will tear U fair share ot the Paciflp war In transmllllni? the .9th report on lend-lease upero- ,ions to Congress that the mutual nld program will continue as "a military necessity" until final vic- ry. "There will be substanlial re- ducllons In Ihe total volume ol Allied war production now thai Germany has been detailed," the report said. "Both in the United States nnd abroad, Ihesc reductions will permit some reconver- sion from war to civilian production and some Increase in commercial exports. Plans for reconversion tn the Tex.) and Vandeitbarg (R-Mlek.) Today finds UM conference moving at top »pe«d toward an early Jua* Hntsh, but with the proapect »»t agream»a her* en waiiwrj to aecvre.tuture peace ,·114 leave aa enormotu amount of .·oi* to be dona on Allied cooperation to aolTsnc urgent post-war problem. SteUinliai aanaalf »ave no due as to the purpos* ot Ws Waak- inglon trip, except to aay it was not to dlsttue conference questions with tha Pn*ldent. A dispatch from RUsecn,.Holland, however, offered a poatJWa htrrt on what may come up. This story disclosed that plans for Joint Allkd occupation of Ber- predicted "we will capture this Islnncl In the comparallvcly near future." "If Ihe wealhcr doesn't Impede us," said MB). Gen. Roy Gelger, "i Ihlllk we will brenk Jlin resistance soon." Japan appeared lo be mom concerned about iiropngnmln phnsei of the war. Citizens were ordered to t u r n In propaganda "paper bombs" dropped by B-29s, and Procurator-General Nnmlsukt Nakano called for the arrest of "peace agitators," First Army On W«j Dispatches from Paris reported .jiidreds of hearlo.uarter» ofUcera and men ot the First Army, the iiltlal Army to be transferred from Europe to the Pacific, are already on their way home tn- route to fl»"t tlie JapMVHa, ae*. Courtney H. Mode** wH brintf his loll rtaff, but olkerwtM 10s fighting; force wltt prob«bly , . have little neembkuwe to UM A report at headqiMrtm had H lint Army he led against Outr and their purchases, so badly ne« ed, have act come through. W urge every worker and every cl« wn to redouble their eNorta and try lo wind up now." that Ar»«r Bowe of Oler, AU»» h*4 announced compljtlonof ww Quota for hU area at*d"(«r1IW«KS«, but no eonflrrMtion of this eou be made at an early hour this «f- aod may not leietille dlvWon of h* IN* Japastne tried to rsaski All ol tb* Bond leaders wen profuse In th»lr ihowings ot Ltl lr pral land a , blood-covered creel of ··Marine/, strategic Okiaawa M*aA hHJ, Id for the the rac*l eoacentrkted nd Hollandale In golnf over tht top th seven days. "You both deeerve a lot of eredlt," County 'Director Alfred Mitchell Wd worker* of Uioee dlstrkta and Edmund Taylor, county chairman, echoed h*« or tin -- which wer« months ago by Ru agreed upon sla, Britain and the United States-- had hit a anag and "the vrhok situation now Is mcertain." Evidently o n l y agreement among Mr. Truman, Premier Stal- n, whose Red Army troops now occupy the blasted capital, and Prime Minister Churchill could change this plan, which previous- y was worked out by the highest Allied leaders. gratulatlons. reported today 'from Fudfle ronti. In all of whlek A1H«I troops made small (alM. Half M AMMken Mat* Half of UK chell, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Anderson W. P. KreUKhmar and John Lynch Mr. KroUchmar ts the prlslna- over the late mueh . AHlcking throuch · of pfaoapborjMei 100 the,'- many of lh«m in u, »* br Divlilon Dcviltio.91 who h«v time.., A L - mpt l» U. S. Hrfcj wee* coast wu broken up by naval guns. The actions were fought at nlfht under the light of U. S. naval liar shells. The seme night five U. S. ships Trie'club has at- off Okinawa were damaged by attention that Japanese planes, 20 of which were We. Edward Townley Womfed Al Okinawa Pfc. Edward Townlcy of the First Marine division wound- Secretery Bum Andertoti had lome membership cnrrti printed nnd these arc now being distributed m prize posseiiions to people uur- chnslng the limit of J3.150 In E- Btmdt. The mcmbcrshli) cr.rat are nlgned by Mr. Krctschmar ai president of the club. United Stales, Britain nnd Conad? are being co-ordinntcd on a broad front so thnt liicsc nations will be devoting equitable shares of i n d u s t r i a l capacity lo the war against Japan. "Such adjustments must rcrnaEn subject, of course, lo Ihe ovciding consideration of maintaining the most effective flow of war supplies lo win total victory over Japan." Covering the period ihroufih cd on Okinawa and Is now on a hospital ship In the Pacific. His wife Mrs. Doris Taylor Townlcy, received a letter from him Monday. March 3] -- more than a month before Germany's collapse -- the rcporl was silent on f u t u r e lend- lease lo Ri:jr:-. which is nol n f Pfc. Townley's wounds con- uled of a shoulder wound and a fractured hip. He wrote that he was doing as well as could be ex- peclcd. Kiwanrs Ladies Night H«r« Tonight K I w a n i s Ladles Night w i t ] be held ot Hotel Greenville at 3 p. war wilh Japan. It said however: "The tonight. Guest speaker will Davis of Memphis. A 1 talented group of Memphis artists ·G'" Bonds'to''the credit of the lo-Jwar'ald io"ouV"Aill« have also L i t l l c Theater. will be ir,tmluccl by Mrs. Rhen Blake, member of Ihe Memphis Low Close _ . 22.75 22.89ilhem are, the president. Frank 22.27 22.40|Houston, chairman of the board, 22.15 22.30!Percy Johnson, first vicc-prcsi- 22.06 22.17ident Baxler Jackson and several 21.90 22.06jother junior and senior officers. In reply to Ihe letter received,trolling coradoratiuii from J. H MnLaurin, Washington.'- - -·"·"·'·«" Tito Does About Face On Occupying Trieste Li. HafMS Liberated From Nazi Prise Camp S??3H 5^^^»s$r~. LONDON (/Pi -- Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito appeared today to have executed a comr'--te about- government for more than y«an, has been liberated. Iy C m uI2 a «mpa.^ and t/kei^'to-tion from Moscow lo change the Rijich by the Nazis. stand. Partisan troops remained in the Adriatic port. There were indications of drive by the U. S. Who1csalc| bccn artjlj; : tr ,d and reduced lo take accou nt the end of hostilities; Grocers' Association, to announcement Tuesciay by Edmund Taylor, v/ho is chairman of the group's Operating Capita. Foundation committee. Eurcpo and the ncv/ military' situation. F u t u r e programs of lend-leasc ait 1 will conlinue to be , as in the, on Ihe con- 'effective p/o£cculion of the most . ·£' "J^i of the war. The pro^f^rn planned promises lo be one of Ihe moat novel nnd delightful ever given Jn Greenville, according to club oflicinls who have been working for weeks on various phascR of th» entertainment. Labor Party Adopts Program In Britain I. !,, Woolen, general manager of the Owens Packing Company of Hattlesbtirg, will mod with cattlemen of this area al 3 p. tn- Wednesday, to discus* opening a pocking plnnt in this vicinity. Mr. Wootui will investigate tn* upply "f cattle and hog« within j radius of 150 mllei of Green- v i l l e . He will l:« accompanied by Kobert M r F n r l a n r of Ihe Mlssis- ppl 1'ower and Light Company, The meeting Is being arrnnged by John Fox of Iho Chamber of Commerce, who said today that letters had been tent out lo cattle raisers In Ihis area nollfylng thorn of the meeting. Members of the executive committee of Ihe Chamber of Commerce will also attend. Mr. Woolen told Mr. Fox that he planned lo investigate conditions in Cleveland and OrccnwooJ while in this part of Ihe slate. shot down, Tokyo broadcasts sold Ihe f i v e hit included a cruiser Lwo Irarisporls sunk. In response lo a reported appeal from Adm. Chesler W. Nlmltz to Kit damaged ships buck Into ncllon quickly, Ihe Pugcl Sound Navy yard at Hremerton, Wash., nrmounccd it would go on the seven day week temporarily. Kimltz announced were mndo lors, led by tho 77lh (Statue, vision which ca;'1 ' north of 8huri i ler of Ike line. 96th drove 100. terlocklng mao Yonsbaru. Br and Shurl. Flf }!cw up aenv In ill f a pr^ , D. C., president at Ihe Grocers' Association, Mr. Taylor wrote: After receiving your letter, 11 endorsed check fnr $5.000 anrl turned same over to Ihe Commer-|: cial National Bank, Greenville, for the purchase of "G" Bonds. "I am sure that our local people ,\vill appreciate your thoughtful- Ti-;ness in purchasing there Bonds lo's apparent readiness to discuss i n Greenville, and helping us with Italy a long-term status o T i o u r local quota," :o spc- the disputed territory and with might the Allies the present slatus ·' JIN UiffLl Anrf MpH ugges-joccupation. Souices close to the|HII iTllSni HHII IT15II his A telegram was received irom Diplomatic sources close to the Needed. Savs Km?er British foreign office believed the matter of immediate occupation^ would be settled Ihrough diploma-1 WASHINGTON ttVi A War the lieutenant sayiniThe"had been British foreign office said the sit- tic channels, rather than through Bond ' sta t Prncn t from Gen. Walter freed and was okay juation was "definitely improved" direct talks with Field Marshal Kruczer. commanding general of Mrs. Haynes is Ihe former Mlssiand there were indicatins of an Sir Harold Alexander, Allied Me- the Sixth Army, Luzon, Philip- Virginia Paxton o! Greenville.iearly solution, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Living-' Tito was withdrawing his Pardon Peyton of Memphis, formerly tisan force, from southern Alls- Ihe of Greenville. .tria, one ut the points of dispute. ; ag/ec to diterraneon commander. II was believed in London that' "AH o u r miyhl in men. m u n i - lavs were prepared lo,tjc-,ns. and money will be needed peaceful but lempovary|i n the Pacific. Every American bark h i s the attai-k on Japrn J Lieut Hayne-- attended Ole'Jnd Yugoslav occupation head-isetllemenl of the dispute and must Miss ai-l was a frequent visilor'qusrlers had been removed fromuvculrl p:e." their territorial w i t h his or her m a x i m u m io Greenville. Trieste, although both British and'claims al the peace ron,'erence. 'sources in the S2vertr War Loan Navy Now Has As Many Ships As It Had Men In 1938 WASHINGTON (/Pi--The U. S. Navy, world's now has almost as many ships and boats as it had men In 193B. This was disclosed today with the announcement Ihnl 100,000 ves^s of al! categories have been added to the force of 7,885 which existed en Dec. 7, 13S1-- the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. In 1938. the fleet riad only J09.065 officers anrl men. The 100.000 craft include !.150 combatant ships of the lines: 82,266 l a n d i n g ships and c r a f t and 557 a u x i l i a r i e s The r e m n i n d c r consists of patrol Judge Karalson To Address Youth Council Here June 7 Judge W i l l i a m H.iral.wn, ofjcr v/lll be accompanied lo Grecn- Haltiesburg president «l Hie ville by Edv/in B. /.tigler, score- Mississippi Asswlation of De-'l.iry-trrasurer nf Ihe associntion lintnirnoy and Crime will deliver "Every effort will be made on an address In Greenville on th^lhc p.irt of the Wsshinxlon Coun- nisihl of June 7, at the T., E. Basviv Yiuilli Council lo publicise A u d i t o r i u m , Mrs. Jlarrlc Wells.'Juilge Ilaralson's talk ns we feel president of the Washington:that every parent and every pfr- C'ounty Youth Council, sairl to-:«on Interpstrjtl in the welfare rf ^av. f o u r yrung [Kiople should attend, : "judge Huralson has a national Mrs. Wells said. ^reputation for the v;ork he has ( Plans for the meeting were dnnc in the slate." M r s . Wells said.,made at a meeting of the Wash"Wc are bringing to Greenville: inRton County Youth Council one of the foremost men tn lhe':icld al the Y.M.C.A. Monday aft- field of j u v e n i l e delinquency. His crnoon. Those allendin;! were t a l k will he on way.' to combat Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Minna S. Arch- thc youth crime wave which rsi-:r, Dr. N. C. Knighl. p:dm;mdj ·^/eep'ng Ihe country," she ron-:Taylor Judge Ren Wnffion, Missj Louise l^w. Mrs. Lucia Thomp- tonk nttneki. Late I.OSIK hter Ch' Rured a * lion for j ler to f Ing* thei lion th. ( laired if' CAII French renan. 1 Fin-A* Inr th. sons ' nlhen f orreJ,' Alepi B)' flrlj day .' n u f f - L al I/ "Iff, f i l l che* ot t ; f :Jj^.jr.! n .?JL£ a /.'-^l^£L£2S^l' |n M r ;; Wc)1 , ,,,,, t h a i the tpeah-'/on and Mrs. Zeima Wells Price. I S. /^ tod;' Tra- cnn S.

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