The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 14
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TmjRSDAY, MAY 22, 1052 RI.YTHFVII.I.F (ARK) NKWS Parity Pilfering Fails In Arkansas U. Raid Fulbright Says Hell Investigate Aluminum Pact KAYETTEVILLE, Arlc. I* Panty pilfering spread to the University ol Arkansas late last •night, but 1,000 rowdy .maje students reduced their raid to a ripple In the face o[ i mild show of force'' by .school offrclals. "About 50 of the unorganized crowd 'gained entrance to one sorority house u-hile tfte remainder- of the leadei less crowd milled around the campus, shouting and ^,ri66tin£ oM «n occasional lire- 'Vcracker. Students F»d« Awajr : The students began forming on tennis courts across from Kolcqtnb Hall,' * dormitory for freshmen w-6men,' about 11 p.m. They first marched on the CM Omega House, but faded away when they' were met by Dean of Women Jeanelle Se'udder, Dean of i\ien John Shoe- nralter. Football Coach Otis Douglas ami four or five policemen. The boys.then visited the Eeta Tfiu Alpha House and P.i. Beta phi House, but did not enter . eiiher darkened, building. The..crowd appeared to. be .breaking up , when or\e lone raider managed to gain entrance to the Chi Omega House. \V}i?n be. emerged a few minutes laier .waving aloft a brassiere, atjput 50. students forc'ed, door and raided Ihe house, (Other **FanUe" glories on Paff« I.) Last'Raidfrs Arrested ',fh'ey' were not slopped from eyterjng, put when policemen ar- ited the last, raider to leave, (he iqjents. gathered to protest. This v was broken up .by. ; Coach Dpuglas.' The student was freed. ^Yesterday, Dean Shoemaker v.;iirned male students thatjnililary service might be the punishment for participants. ^He said the raiders would be punished by suspension, and pointed out. that ft suspended student loaes. his draft-proof standing. .Nebraska has yielded excellent | OCO to 175,000 tons of aluminum an- specimens of mastodons, Biantirmally from Canada. This, he said. • sloth, saber-toothed tigers, giant! would be 70,000 to 75.000 tons more beaver, ancient bison, horses, and j than is now being obtained Irotn deer. I Canada. ..Meischmann Called To Air Matter of Canadian Proposal WASHINGTON HP, — Sen. Ful- brlpht (D-Ark) said today he proposes to get to Ihe bottom of a proposal for a long-term contract for purchase of Canadian aluminum. At his request, the joint House- Senate Defense Production Committee has summoned Manly Pleischmann, defense production administrator, lo a hearing on May 29 (o air the entire mailer. Fulbrlght told a reporter he wants to know (A) whether the United States needs aluminum to such an extent that it must purchase from Canada and (B) if this need exists, why 'domestic production can't be expanded to meet It. M«ting Held He was one of a dozen congress members who conferred Tuesday with " FleKchmann and Samuel w. Anderson, deputy administrator for Ihe Defense Materials Procurement Agency IMPA. Anderson presented the purchase proposal in the form of memorandum. Anderson said the United States does not have in sight sufficient aluminum (o build a stockpile of 2'.2. million tons, which he said is needed. He recommended that this country discuss with the Aluminum Company oi Canada ALCAN a possible 5-year contract,. starting in 1954. providing a minimum of no.- Arkansas Nen's Briefs— Tackett to Open Campaign For Governor's Job Tonight ' , By The Associated Pre»i i .- ARKADELPHIA—Rep. Boyd Tackett opens his campaign for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination here tonight. He is expected to aim-most of hi-s verbal barrage at Gov. McMath, one of his four opponents. • '• -- • ».- : . ,. Tackett makes his 'official opening address at ouachita College's Williams Stadium,, This afternoon he and three other gubernatorial candidates will shart the same platform at the fourth annual political rally marking the opening ol Dermott's municipal swimming pool. .- Sharing the platform will be Atty. Gen. Ike Murry and Chancellor Pr»ncis Cherry,-opponents for the Democratic nomination, and Jeff Speck, the Republican nominee. Tackett said In advance of his Arkadelphla rally that it is only fair to open the campaign early so as to give Arkansas voters plenty of time to hear all sides of each candidate's platform. - Six Hew Oil Wells to Be Drilled Soon • EL, DORADO—Six new oil wells must be drilled In the Fouks Field in Miller County, Ark. The Arkansas oil and Gas Commission yesterday approved special field rules for the Eeaulord Sand of the Fouke Field for the Carter Oil Company, p. M. AtcLaughlin, director of Conservation and Production said the new rules would necessitate drilling six new wells. former Garage Operator at Russellville Dies STOCKTON, Calif.—Eugene Millsaps. 38-year-old former garage operator at Rnisellville. Ark... died in a hospital here Saturday, trom injuries suffered in a car-motorcycle collision. Millsaps, a native of N'ogo, Ark., wa.s riding the motorcycle. Prospects, for Oil Settlement Have Faded EL DORADO-Prospecl.s for an early settlement of the strike of CM CIO oil workers against the Lion Oil Company's chemical plant h"re appeared today to have faded. The disputing parties met ycMerday in a 2-hour session with Federal Mediator C. A. Whreler, but a union spokesman sajd no progress *a.s made toward an agreement to end the strike. There was no comment Irom eilher the company or Whreler, who returned to Little Rock following the sission. NOTICE I'roperly owners and (or) least holders within fhe cily Nmii s , «re required hy Ordimnce No. 451 lo keep weeds mowed ;i nd in an otherwise sanitary condition. Penally for failure (o do so subjects the owner or leasor to a fine of not less than five or more than twenty five dollars. Beginning (l s of this dale, any person desiring; (he cily lo mow (heir lols, will be assessed $2.00 per 50 foot lot, payable in advance lo the Kn«ineennK Ue- partmtnt or the City Clerk. FOR THIS SERVICE CALL 2282 CityofBlytheville HOSPITAL VIGIL-Little Elvie Rene Sanders' eyes were open but she didn't see when this picture was taken i,, a Fort Smith hospital The 7-year-old child has been in a coma since she was hit by « truck May 6 With neighbors and fellow church members bringing them hot meals, Elvis* parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sanders, have remained at her bedside constantly. "We want to be here when she wakes up so she won't be scared," her father said. Doctors say Elvie I, regain!,,* consciousness slowly but that it will be several days before she is fully awake. (AP Photo) 3 Joel Carson Back Behind Bars To Serve Robbery Sentence LITTLF: ROCK uf\ — slayer j Carson «as back behind bars at the Cummins State Prison Farm today, starting a 15-year robbery sentence Imposed nine years ago. Carson, who was pardoned earlier this year from a life sentence for first degree murder, was arrest"d in North Little Rock Tuesday on charges' of assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon. When Warden Lee Henslee of the state prison farm read of Canon's arrest, he re-checked his fll°s and i found that Carson still owes the state 15 years ou the robbery charge Carson was picked up at his home j In North Little Hock last night by two .stale policemen, who returned him to the penitentiary. Cm-son first was convicted of slaying Guard J. R. Keller when he escaped from the Stale Hospital's ward for Hie criminally insane in 1838. He was being held for observation in connection with n charge of kidnaping and robbery in iMorrilton. Captured In Oklahoma alwut three weeks after break, Carson iit first was sentenced to die for Keller's death. However the late Gov. Carl Bailey reduced the sentence lo life imprisonment Duvmt: a Christmas furlough from (he Women Ar» Migrating To Briiifh If let . AUCKLAND. Ne»- Zealand (,!•,_ Young New Zealand women are embarking on an unprecedented ml- 21 n I ion to Britain. Shipping ofnoialu s«y suni | n their 20s and enrly Ms »re forming the ]»] group of passeurei, In oWKoing liners. Mdiy of lh« cheaper cabins ire PAGE FIFTEEN penitentiary In 1S13. Carson was convicted of two robberies in Fort Smith, and sentenced to two 15- year terms to be served consecutively. On August 2, 1S5I, Carson received a 90-day furlough from the prison farm. The furlough was extended 90 days on Nov. 2 1541 and on Jon. 2, 1952, Oov. McMath commuted Carson's sentence to 21 years and extended his furlough through March 9. On April 4, car- son was pardoned. Carson was returned to the penitentiary to serve the second 15- year robbery term. Stale Parol. Offk-er W. P. Hall aaid the consecutive feature of Carson's sentence in Ft. Smith apparently had been overlooked when Carson was released after his pardon. The nrst 15-year term was served concurrently with the murder sentence. 406 W. Main ±M sMm rs | r^^v?itr r ,.s ^K'n^ j " ww - __ lfl* Service on all types COMMERCIAL & HOUSEHOLD REFRIGERATION UNITS You'll »pprecial« our prompt, courteous service on «ll types refrigeration. CalJ us l<> lake care of juur »ir conditioning service needs, big or small. 24 HOUR SERVICE Commercial Refrigeration Co. 416 E. Main St. Phon. Day 8391, Night J175 STRAIGHT 1 - STRAIGHT' BOURBON-WHISKEY ! IHI AM1IKAN DlilllLING COKPiKY, I»C. • PEX1W, IU. TO PURCHASERS OF NEW 1952 / 43" JETsTOWER DISHWASHER WITH HYDRO-ELECTRIC CONTROL To introduce Hit new 1058 Younpt- town Kilehriu iS" Jet-Tower })'\sh- waslier >%-illi Hyclro-Kleclric Conlrot; Vic. jirc ninking Hie aliovc oljcr to |Hiri'lin.t-r5 who will promise to show ^iii.l t\i.bin it lo five friends, neijjli- !H)T^, or rrhlivr.*. N"" other mrll>of{ washes ilislics <o clrnn, <o fart! In |<-j s Ifn miiinli-s, ,[i-!ics are w.i.0ic<l, fluslicil tmil rin-i-il liygiini: ally rlran. jpar- •*75.00 ollowanc. on lh» 27" model. YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 48" EUCTRIC SINK Retail price ................ $429 95 Jpect'a/ allowance ........... 100°° You fay only ............... $329 9S TERMS Mafdil5-May 31, 1952 tn.V» Younpstown Kilclirns Kin Iric Sink. 13"wiclf..!tl. loivrr Iliilnvsshing. full Jink l«cililic.^. Food Waste l)/<[«>"-r »mi rinw jprar ilalite at extra coil. Adams Appliance Co. • Sales J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. • Servic, z "«-2n» «'. Main F'hone 2.171 Phone 4591 WARDS FAAAILY CLOTHING SALE QJ2.84 MEN'S TWILL WORK SET 2.49 Skirt 2.34 2.98 Pant. 2.84 0 Sturdy Army-typ. carded twill. Sanforized, mercerized. Full length taill. [n gray, Ian, or bark. 00 Matching' panh. Zipper fly front. Heavy booliail d/ill pockili. Sanforized drill waiilband. Cuffi. CHILDREN'S GAY BALLETS 2.68 Dainty BalUti for piay or dr*n-up wacr. Fashioned ofsuppl* leathers in vivid or paslet colon. 10 In 3, REG. 3.98 CASUALS' 3.66 Wom»n, $ov« now on lh«s« graceful, white leather Caiualt with heel-to-arch cushion Jor wolfing «aie. 4-9. REG. 1.98 SUMMER BLOUSES tlovonir 1.77 7-n.yV, ivo.ioi/. Our i«l«dbn includ«i coot tU.velon sfylei in em- boit.d cottom, tilky colton brondclohSi, goy plaidi, »pun rayom. You'll find P.aionl Bloussi, loo, in .iheercoMoni. White or prelty pasteli. 3 2-38. Save. SHEER CAROL BRENT NYLONS Keyufar 98c 84 C 8/3 Jo 11 first qualily 15 denier, 60 cjajg. full-faihioncd Ny- loni in jpring ,h otjeip Higher . gougf ncanf 9renl»r re»iilan ce lo snagi. look exlra shser,-wear exlra long. Hoff.ring dork or regular ,«omi RAYON POPLIN SHIRT Rea.2.98 Z.04 All mca'itlHu Handsom* 01 con b* ond perfect for ipring leisure or dren wear. Crcat«-reiiilont rayon poplin in popular solid colon. 2-way collar. Matching bul- lonv Hond-woihoble. Small, med., med. large, large. ACETATE TRICOT PETTICOATS 84 C t JJ WhHc, You'll find Ihl, low pric. hord tp b«(i«v« wh«o ye* lea these lovely rrirmned petticooli. Knit In 2-baf •ocerol«—th« long-wearing beauty flb.r. fmbro;- dVy, lacehtmt., while. Small, rwdium, large. 79c RAYON BEMBERG, 39" 67c ™. Height of faihlon for) CQolntti, comfort^ «h*er »offrt*»t. At * tractiv* lummer pot- term for jdr*n »i; $Mj ! MM';& -69o EMBOSSED N&v^iS^AHQV COTTON, 35" 62 C Td. Permonenf «mboiiftd d • il g n. E v * rg fa ? « creaie-romtant finiih. Paileli or medium tones WARDS MAY SALE REG. 2.98 MISSES 1 SKIRTS Gay prinli, jolid color coltons. 22 lo 30. Z.O/ 1.47 REG. 1.69 SUN DRESSES, 1 6X Ruffled prinl or plain cmorled cottoni. REG. 79c KNIT SHIRTS Boyi'ccmbed cation summer sirip-t, 4-10. REG. S9c MEN'S T-SHIRTS Flal-Vnit carded cotlon. Fjil-cul lites. 2 'or *| REG. 1.8S BAND OVERALL Wilt, butlon fly. Sanfoi.jccJ blue denim. i.88 REG. 1.69 WORK SHIRT Sanforized chambray, /Aen'j jizej ] 4-17. I . OO RUN-PROOF NYLON BRIEFS Rag. 98c. Nylon irims, six colon, oil siiej. REG. 29c BLAZER SOCKS Combed collon, washfost. SlacV, 10-13. 84C

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