The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1935
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, 1935 -, (ARK.) COURIER mm IN Intimate Study of the Riehberas I/iflaiion Is Necessary Bill Control Is Essential Bab son Declares. BATiSON PARK, Ha., Jan. 12"How do you fee) about inflation, Mr. liabson," If I was asked ihb; riueslion once, 1 was asked it twenty times o>i nvy vcc^nl trip soulli. Hunkers and publishers farmers rind manufacturers, n (alters niid professional inc-n asked the same <itiesf!on. While volumes aiul volumes have bei'n wri'.ten on the subject, 1 would like to discuss what inflation Is, how It comes about, and its udvanla^LS urul disadvantages. Some Type nf Inflation Initviialtlf First, what, is inflation? Stated simply, inflation Is nn increase in the. quantity of money. "Money' Include* credit as well as currency "Quality" includes velae-lly of circulation as well a.s umuunl in cir- culnliim. Hence,'in/lation means a •speeding up of Ihe velocity of money and/or credit. What good does this do? -Theoretically, it _ supposed to make; money clir-npu and easier to. got. This In linn increases public buying povax r< tail :;.ilf-s, jjidii.'Uri.'il production, jobs, ami wages, dividends, -and around the circle again. In other words,, slarLs the wheels of' Industry moving. In fact, some i kind of inllntlon or expansion K necessary to Ixxist buxine.\.s. WhaT'afe the tnree nuiin types of Inflation? I. flurrenny TiiflnllDii: Increasing the number nnd bills- by rcrtuclng content of the dollar, monctization of silver, or ing more paper money, commonly known n:; proas' inflation. 't. limlfiffary Inll-ition: Through tho government spending more money year after year than it receives. It goes heavily into debt- and sooner or later makes up the ' deficit by printing bonds or \ia;v.:f money. 3. Credil Inllulinn: Through expanding . the volume o: bank credit. Remember each dollar oi credit docs just the same work as cacli dollar of currency. ,\'-..>- Currency Inflation Disastrous •'<•'•'•- The first type is utterly rtis- nstrous,. Numerous European countries, tried il in trie past fifteen years and arc still wallowing ni' :;ecpnomie chaos as a residt. Callable mortgages, life Insurance, and bank deposits arc smashed under this type of inflation. Only those who can afford to hold non- callable mortgages, and the owners of real estate equities, common stocks, and goods weather Thrmmh j of culm I (he gold | by bv print- Tills is "pinning the storm. The biggest objection to (his type of inflation is lhat it takes from Ihc worthy and Sivra (o the unworthy. Hospitals, college.'!, "widows and orphans". mid all olliers who depend imon their Investment;; for existence nay the piper's bill. It J K not necessary lo print additional money now. We have a larger money supply than at any lime in our history! The second method of inflation is merely the first typo under a false cloak. Because this i, t r ,| C .. it Is all the more insidious The government is today easily floating bonds at n very low interest rate. But remember, only the banJa are buying these bonds and paying for them with depositors' money. Tlie government then dis- Iributcs bank depositors' money in its huge spending program A large part of Ihe funds Hud ihc-ir way buck to the deposits alK | nlo ,. c bonds are purchased. as new g ovcmmcnt This same . cycle goes on > and' on.' nnnk deposits have jumped about S3 000000,000 in Ihe .past ycar . ^^ Gross government debt has increased S-!.600,0(K).000 to a nciv all time peak! Wc must watch our step very carefully for we n*o Confidence in public There is a mad rush currency and fiicw The Bnd»*t Inflation Ends Up Wilh Printing Prases Finally, when all liope of ever balancing inc. budget, has passed, the second type of Inflation merges can nthC i n " < " The government Sfl IC TfttftS bonds fails. lo exchange bonds and '°r tangibles, prices of cominndiUi.* skyroskct booms i 01 . ., briof ' pnnlm;; pi-rsscs n llo,! of •Iclhuir , Hum | )1C ro to (ho inllaiion wo inn r M1 "" ftr to 1920. rt ran be controlled- '«!!> other types cannot bt comrolr-H once actually under w ov ,,, ™ cent, months we have" laid the t'ase for 5230.000,000.000 of err tin expansion which compare, v *55.CpO,000,000 In 1929. L, "' '»™ however, arc not yet iS -credit, While'bank "- 'tl'licto \>y Hari*r'ul JUuurKc- IVIiltr; Cooyrljnii J5M. NBA Sfrvlcf. InjU Often called -'the assistant president" Uhcnrgh he doesn't like the term) is Donald Htmdnl! Hichber ...Hut as chief of the National Emergency Council, boss co-ordinalor of Ihc New Deal -ind freemen admiiuslralion spokesman. Riclibcru come: close to meeting the tille.. Will, him here in -. mile corner of ineir Washington hcme is his wife, Mrs. Florence Richbers, merry smite helps mai- ner one of the mast popular of capital hostesses. ..Rlchberg succeeded General Johnson as chief dead y will be screen stars-orto- moriw, Tho story shows four college :liums, encli nf whom Is sure IM Is dt'Allnpd li-i siicrey when he M oolite, one intends to a (jiviil newspaper mini 1111- otlior is to be n ,,|,.n|. iiiThlleel; Hi'' ililnl, i> ii>iti<m:illv lunioin ;-ull.^,' fiiotlnu'ii si in-, is ,. 0 nildent Itiiii h, wj|i )n.-,t-,, K (vcord us n i-nnc-li. mill n,< fmutl, U lo Icil- nw In Ins wfulthy l;iihr-r',s fail- T-.vii mmd'.-js m an inident mid illsiuul French i;luiii>nii while a iiuMrloii'i crliiiliu,! atlrii!|i(s til fili-al n linv old Ixxir. woith mimy thousands of (tollins fnrjmli .Mime of i hi 1 ihrllls In Univi-rsul's tlirllllnu' •Secri>i uf tin. chiilViui," which comes lo the- Hirsy Tm-sday, Wednesday and TlHin',dny. wilh Clalr.' l>)(l(l, Clark Wllllains, Alice While, mid Jack |ji Hui- in the Icndini; A, dwell pi'i'son.s uiv .suspected, incliirtlni; Chill; Williams, pinyliiir one of the liclis; Claire Dodtl. a beautllul Meiili'r of bonks; William Fsivi'i-iOium. Jin.-k l.n Hue, a fonurr Parts Auaelie; Osgnnd Porlclir?, the Inilli'r; Ci'dl Rllliitt, who ponruys I Ills will-. UK; cook; and Oorjji! K. TO. In the role ot n friend ol Williams. Tin: Ixiok in [|iicsllon H orlsbuil copy ol Hie dutcnber,; Bible, the took ever printed. Naturally, nvcryonr i.s Irylnji lo get possession of the llibk, and all will i-o HI any IciiiitUs lo wl II,! An eerie lytiu'wiihi'tc i:; eieiUt'rl by the ominous lolling () f a bi-h utnij! the chateau jusl before cnch crime-1 is coinmilir'd. i Action oi-c-ui;; Ixjlli 111 1'arl.s mid nl tin- HiiiiKui, wiiM, IN located In] llu' country. Surrounded by ;, osl, of veteran petfrmni'i.s MU-II ;i>; linii tritium been piwHli-nii'tl in |,] ;i farmer ilnclJDiis. Oil. Tim McCoy, r hilling ,vui,ii(! artlnn star, will be K=fn l-ri;la.v and .'-j ;i |iinbv nl the Rosy Ihcalcr In hi; \ n i,. K i (; a - hunlila iiclioii-driuiiu "Police Car 17." 'Hie roimnitlc iniirrst lor Tim is Eviilyn Knapp. !lr-i-s is the role of the yutnig school leather who becomes' .-i pawn jn Die criminal ai- fairs of a Ban" of jei\vi:l thieves Wallis Clink, who lia.'i pliiysd n screen ntiorncy for so toil'; lie Iccls like one, climbs lo the olluir side of (lie fence in "Police Car n" Jantl portrays a police llciitcn-inl Instead. 'McCoy's scrum buddy. "Bumps" O'Neill, is i;ii|;('iv,-oii»t<:cl tiy ward Hond, Ihc cx-TroJiin fuotbiill slur who crushed (he uiovic.5 n-hile pltiylng with till! famous Unlver- "i 1 of Southern California dcvcn. ALLEY OOP . .. cee caitarget for ihc administration, but has stood up well under the btirrafe 10 date. of twenty-four limes at the rale per year. Crctlil Ksiiansion OrpeiuK On C'onllileiK-e Our Brent problem now is lo use om- huge bank credit reserves and to speed up the turnover of money— not to increase, the number of currency dollars in banKs or to pile up government debt, But telorc we can hope to have any real credit expansion, confidence must lie riM.'!<(l among business men. If nils is done and \vo. use our irenK-ndous facilities for credit cxpniulon, Auierir.a will see Ihe Ijuoni In history. But whether or not conlidence will return under the jmvenl ndminisinidon is a qties- lion. A cliniijje of government or coalition government imiy be necessary lo brine back prosperity! But prosperity cannot be delayed indefinitely without brinfins on radical inllation. Relief expenses are mounting very rapidly. Unemployment today is 'nt about the same level as a year ago. but there are a.OOO.dliO more people receiving doles. On the oilier hand, business has been moving upward since September and the advance is gaining momentum. From hero an Is going to be n grand race between rising business activity in one lane and a rapidiy mounting dole in the other, u now seems' almost certain we will have some kind of inflation. Which ' ind depends on the government! Busfnjss, as regtstcred by the Babsonchart, is now 12 per cctiL above a year ago, but still 25 per cent below normal. (Copyright, 1935, Publishers Financial Bureau) at Blythevilles Theatres CIT/ : "Kid Millions." fjddie Ginilor's fifth ninnial screen nnisicsil ex- IravaBfinzn. brings the • jwp-tycil comedian to Ihc screen of Hie THi't lliCiiter Sunday nnd Monday, as a boy Cinderella of Hie Brooklyn waterfront wlio becomes the heir lo n fortune in burled IretiMin 1 in Ihe mnil of the Pyramids. Ann sothei-n, Ethe! AfcmiJiti, Block and Sully, George Murphy and this season's crop of Ooldwvn Girls prance along the Nile with Eddie in this fast-paced, Iim- A plant in Non-ay produces rust- free and acid-resisting steel, having an annual capacity of between 40 000 and SO.OOO melrlo Ions tack to (he level of 929 f he ! speed of turnover, as measured by bank debits, continues lo slacken DiirhiB 1953 each do ,,^. Sc «»posit turned over icvniiy in 1033. only nnd today It Is only* tnn ,15 . tiojiary statesman, 1856'JoViu. packetl tuneful talc of adventure ill the harem of the Sheik and the tombs of his fathers. The elaborate "ice cream fan- <asy" a jioor boy's dream com« true in wiilch Eddie, the mlllicni- aive. opens a free ice cream factory for boys and girls, is filmed entirely in Technicolor. "The greatest romance, Minister." Same's mice • togedier in starrhii; vehicle, Onrlio's ItUet, "The. Piilute. , to the talking screen lavishly duced and now conic A'ishly pro- Kalharine Hep- nil/. Tucsdav burn, at her best, playing the role of th» immortal Babbie. 7t will be shown at the Wednesday. The story deals with the conflict between the religious' proprieties nnd the primitive urges of the henrt. ' In (his pleturcKquc community, of Thrums, Scotland, n wide variety of types pass before Ihe camera; English soldiers of the 1840 period, weavers and peasants, lords and ladies, churchmen nnd vagabonds, providing one of the most pretentious spectacles of Ihe Him year, as well ji s one of the ten- [JercRt love Jtoricr, of all time. Veil," filiiii;'.:ilion of the (iri|ipln Somerset Maugham novel, \vhle conies to the Ritz Tlnir-sdav am Fttday. ' One is Garbo. The other U Hi English actor, Herbert Marshall. 'Hie story lells of the el(lc.< daughter of an Austrian pro fcssor who, refusing to marry th man picked for her by her pai enls, arouses her mtjlher's ire. T escape her unpleasant surround ings she marries Dr. Fane, young English medical scientist. Bride and groom BO lo Chin: where Ihe hnsbnnd neglects hi wife to devote all his time (o 111 work, while llu; wife accepts 111' attentions of another mn.n (o dispel the monotony of the Orlenta life. Tlic story rises to great rirs mnlic heights during a native rio and the destruction of a plagued city by fire, during which Garbo and Marshall contribute the /inesi performances of their resp^cBvi careers. George Brent gives a mnslcrfu characterization as Townsnid, the "other man." Packed romance, intrigue and suspense, one of the timeliest stories of the year come.-! to Ihc screen of the Ritz thealer Sntur- day in "Million Dollar Ransom,' written by Damon Kunynn, one of America's greatest sports writers nnd one of the most eminently successful screen authors. The story goes back behind the SCCIIES of a colorful New York night, club and reveals the machinations of a group o( former newcomer! liquor bnions who arc compelled is John Deal. from Hie slam', as "The r.illlsj | 0 find new fields' of""lucre II Minister.' and Kntlmriiic Ue|ibnru| an nmnrine tali- lold di-fliv are nipportwl by Alnn Hale, Beryl Featured in tlic cast ' T PHI1- Mei-cer, Donald Crisp. Mary Gor-1 lips Holmes, don. Reginald . and Andy Clyde. Two tsperls in the art of screen icniance make llieir fii'M appear- C.irlisle. Andy Dcvinc. Wini Shaw Marjorio Oateson nnd man>- favorite screen plnyers. Murray Hctii directed this pic- THE What the stark realities of lift- do lo the hordes of young men who, filled with high hopes and confidence, arc poured forth from colleges and high schools every year, forms the theme of a most powerful drama of life toriny, "Gentlemen Are Born," which will be Ihe fenlure attraction at Ine Roxy theater Sunday and Moiidny. Franchot Tone, who hns the leading role, is assisted by Margaret Lindsay, Jean Muir and Ann Dvorak, three of the screen's outstanding actresses. Ross Alexander, Nick Poran and Robert Ughl, all leading juvenile actors of the Broadway stage, make their film debuts in this picture, nnd reports from Hollywood Indicate that Htinn Will Push Better Housing •OSCEOLA, Ark. — t. n. unini chairniiiii of Hie federal boiler iislnif program for (be O'rcnla district of Mississippi i-ounty. has been in Little Rock Ibr several' days in conference with "lint Norwood, .stale director and Chria Shelby, assislnnl director, in the Interest of ihc- jirosrain In this county. The Mmi hniisins net provides lor insurance oi loai,,; ;|,- st !or n-palr ;md vcmndclliiR work, anil second, for biilldiiis new twine:: Mr. Biinn ruinhiMlWi: Hint inortey will be loaiird fur building lunnes to tic occupied | )y ihe owner ami nbt for bulldlni; for rent or for sfieeiilnMon. Loans will be made for periods from twelve lo sixty months on n monthly repayment plan, with interest of five per cent. The borrower must have a monthly income rquivnlciit to five times the nmoimt of the monthly payments nnd must have a Inx receipt, for taxes on the property involved. A hoiiss to house canvas lias been planned in Die Osi-eoln dis- :t for the of ascertaining who is interested In re- liairlna homes and who Is interested in building n«w ones. TUNK PROVES HIS POINT! Br Hamiin YOU SCALY-HIOiD OU 1 WALRUS, I/OH, £, VAWOULOtl'TA IIAP Til'NCfiVE ) SOO T'f'OMF. C AReiK." (N HFl?i'- LIK r- 1 -''HUH/ NOTHIU'VOU'P , OO'O SURPRISE WE. TfOMF.OARC.lK" If-J HFtJf.. LIKH // TUCN •vr-bor / THIS, IP YA HAUNT KMOWIJ J \ l.'rn P r -URPPI<: . M ! " u . SBANt > AN' ^^X X -; ."i« YoT: c*&v ^r/ : /YOUR / MAJESTY, ; THEPE V'ARE, UMPATGECLE, OU GAU.' Y'See,YA DOM'r NEVER WANTA UMOGRES-TIM, ou KIN& TUNK'/ 4S 9 ?f^ & Air" i /' ; ««^ s. ll ../.©'?«nvNC4$fflvici:,||ic, T.M.ncc^M.s,r Prince to Wed Noblewoman. A uuirria:;': Unit will unlle. tin: fnlk'ii Siwnisli rnynl liimso wilh Italian ntilillliy will rli- in:ix a silent courtship i" wlilch the hand nf Uonnn..Rmnnucln da O.iinplci're, abovi-, of Itorap, was won. by I'rlnco Jaime, be-, low, deaf-nuite- soroml., umi, ot fx-Klug Alfonso. ;>oiiiia.l'.inan- uela'a nuccstry Is iisivlly Amorl- • Texas Growers Aided _ I Ulll Ol \JVt 11 By Freeze in Florida '^^ HAHL1NGEN. Tex. (UP)—Vc»c- |«blc suicl citrus iniit farmer!, "in lie Rio Grande valloy have Iwr.e- ntted by the frjczc which dt- -troycd crops in Florkiu, The Florida freeze wns followed V Increased prices and shipments ram the ido Grande vallev loo!:! mi Immediate ji,n,p. Tlir R r-ipe-i "tit pi-oration order which is"no"'i n effect has also acted to inci •<• -i^! ,-93 >rlces nnd Indications' arc tint - fanners in tbe valley will this war «> more prosperous than Ihev have teen in yeans, filihu-a I'i^'.s Kiviil LONG CREEK, Ore. (UP)—One of tbe mof.\ prolific mothers of the nation was a doe rabbit owned by I Ulll Crowle.v of Long Crai:. Shi: litters, each of which or more- bminie.s, ritir- Ihc year IBM. JOE P. PRIDE G'ertlficd riegistered Emjlnrer Oeiirral Engincerlna, Suivcyin?. Mapping ''l""»' I"" lilytlievillr. Ark. SALE OF FARM TOOLS YOU CAN HAVE IIY HUYlNfi.NOW All iK-iv lools-. livery iU'tti is jviiiiriiiiidcd. I'rices mil Kinntnlml In u'liiiiin (his low. $)2.r,n SM.50 SI5.SO SI 2.50 Siri.nn')' s:!7.r.o S7r>.nO' •S17.RO S'i7.r»o id-Inch Illitt'lt l.tint! I'lows (T.I1.10) . . Nn. Id Kos-u Clipiiur I'ltnvs (10-in.) 1-l'oinl No. U KHSU Clipper Plows (11-in.) I-I'oint lU-hu'h Illnck l.anil ,Mi,lil| c Hi-etilicrs . ..." 12-Itu'h Siick.v l,iiii() Kxtni Sli-otiK Aliddlc Itrenki'fM (('un lie used without vviii'j.s) ICxIni Iliincllos Tor Middle Urcakcrs 7-Kniro Hlallt Cullers M-Klilfe tif;illc CtiKcr (Si-row) ''.'.'.]'.'.'.'.'.'.'. I-Row, 2-IlciiKc Corn ;nul Cotlon I'ltiulors Com|i!e(o. l.tilosl hnnrnvcil ' 2-Hn\v (;<ini aiul CoHiiii 1'lanli'rs 2-Knw Iltiick tlawk Corn iuiil Ciillon V'liin'lcrs .;.„„„» I'cti iintl lieau Afliichmuni for Ulaok lltnvli I'liintors -.'...- S1000 Cullivaloivj, l.atwt I'tiralle) Ikvini (,'J for SI00.00) • cnch ... u ; 535 QQ Side Hiirrows for Ciillivator.s ....'..'.' Sf/OO .KprtiiK Tooth Alliidmienl for Cullivittors .... SS/75 S-))i;,T Rcvorkiblc Disc Harrow, complete ..'!!, $37.V>0 l2-))isc Harrow Coinpleic wilh TmiKue 'I'ntcfcs J55.00 Iti-liicli Discs (deal (rca(ed) for Disc K:triows'$1.25 IS-liK'h Discs (heat I rented) lor Disc Hnritnvs Sl.Sd fill r. .Section Hiirrow :.... §12.50 (id T. Suction Urn-row, None' Keller ........ <;2o!flO r ""•' Mowers. 2 speed (all gears Tim in 'liu'tli or nil) Id-Fool Hay Knlu-s , Wind CiiHivnlni ermiiliv >yind i\ll:<, {jiiuiuli'/p H;)|)I |iii 'ulttviiliir Ned; s.Yolie:'....,. /;..; ; ;.-. vii iiitinjr CHllivalor.-'-IVIifOk^wii'K 1 ' ?•' • \Viilkinif Cullivalor Wheels,; each, ...... CiiJIivii^or 'JVing-ttes >... .i..'.' ; .'i.i... Swet'ii liakc Tcelh (tSfcosdled), t lcal;e Tooth';... j. : .;./.. .i\V Tongues. .. liny ?75.0l) $15.00 $«S.OO r.Oc S5.00 siiqo Farmers Tool Boxes ..'...?:..'•'. /.!'. ..'.'.'.'. 1 l-2-I! Power fiasolinc Engine ' (Stover) Hest Leal her Collars, 'etifh Good Work Untiles, pair '.'.'.'. ' Mule Uridlcs (Goodloe 1'at.), pair ...'.'.'.'.'.'. !!rnss Trimmed' Rrceehinjr, Nt>. ]., sei Side Delivery Hay Rukns Sulky Plows, coniplelo '.'.'.. Alfalfa Seed, Hesl !l!).n(l'; (Sealed Ha(;s)' Pmiml 20c Points mid MoId-lKinrils for Clows iiixi . $2.00 . S2.50 ?:j7.50 . S'1.75 . $2.50 . 55.00 . '§7.SO §100.00' 5-12.50 Anvils and Forges. Itcpairs for I lie above and other implements. Atrenl for S'loncville Pedigreed Cotton Seed CHAS. DORRAH C;u iilliersville. Mo.- _n<ad Courier News Want Ads. TEXA fins-cm? 'JOYNER& BONIFIELD TEXACO PRODUCTS WANTED Government Plow-Up Certificates Highest Market Price Immediate Cash Payment Or Will Buy On Call Advancing $7.00 Per Bale — You Arc Guaranteed Against Market Decline LOUIS APPLEBAUM Phone 56 - 167 Blytheville, Ark

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