The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1935
Page 2
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(ARK,)-COURIER CrC Sormi Calendar SUNDAY'S EVENTS Sunbeams first, papist dwell meeting at c];urcl\, 11 n m f MONDAY 8 EVENTS Circles 1, 3 and * of \V M U. Fir4 Baptist church lijeclljig at chiirch, 2'30 p m 'circle S 8l liomc of Mrs Tom W Jafk§wi Circle, 1 61 Woman'b Au^liary, Fust Picsbjteriin church meeting will) Mrs. Carrot Blakcn'iorc; civ- cle 2, Mrs. Pied Sandefur; circle 3, Mrs, Eva Morrison, 2:30 p. in, circle 4 with Miss Grace Lowcry, 7:30 p. in. , Woman's council First Christian clmrcli iiieeling with Mrs. I. D.yWMlbrook,, 2:30 p.m. Business and Professional Women's club luring; birthday purly at home of Mrs. .W. T. Obcrst, 6:30 p.m. TUESDAYS EVENTS Mrs DIMe Crawford listing Young Matrons Bridge club Tuesday ••.Contract club meeting iwltli Mrs. Ifunlcr. c. Sims. .Qrdcr. of. pastern star meeting, 1 JO p in at hnll WEDNFSOAYS EVENTS Mrs W H Minjard having Wednesday Bridge club. Jyilloj- G A's First Baptlbt church ineclhig at UiuiUi J 30 p )»., Delphian Fine Arts club meeting at Hotel.Noble, 0:30 a.m. THURSDAY'S EVENTS' Mrs. j. Erncsl Ilasson entertaining Thursday Conlilsct club ,Mr6... J. A. .Leech entertaining Thursday Luncheon clllb MId-Wcek Bridge cliib meeting ftlVh Mrs J Louis _C)icrij Thursday Bridge "club nicelltig with Mrs. Joel Chandler. Son Born. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Vnnbibbcr announce Ihc birth of n son yesterday al their honic at the Pen- body Hotel, The baby, who weighs iljhe pounds,.has been nnincd Justin Way he Vanbibcr. ' • # • B, T. U. .Mtels At Li'»chvillc. Tlje Junior and' fnlci'mcdlatc B. T U association will meet at tile Leachyllle Bapllsl church Suiidaj .at 2:15 p.m. Pastors and leaders are urged to attend and bring their young people. * » * Club Meets Tlie Thursday Luncheon club \jvas ctil«r»alned by Mrs R P. 'Klrshner who had the parti nt the counlrj club rrjie bpringtmie Eaasoh'was emphasized in the lace coyer,:the bouquet of. spring flowers, and 1 , the green in the two course»weiiu. •Mrs. Max P. Miller won We prize < -• » . S • . 4 Club HUH Uuuhcon Mrs O G caudill was. hoslesj lo the Thursday Bridge Uub tills week TV lien ehe Had u luncheon instead of Ihb usual afternoon meeting A yellow' and silver color motif vvas •ntiactncly cairlet) out In .the..three course menu and in Ihc dining table arranged, wilh -i cdi- terpiece tjf JoaniiJ H|ll roscb , The prize, an clcctriu s.uidvvii.h io.iEler, went to Mrs J Einost Hassoii. Woman's Club Receive fGtft- Tnc Woman b club has been presented a gift of $28 bl Ihc Mis sisippi County • Home Demonstration^club of which Mrs. Walter Wood, of Lu\ora was pietidSnt inilil the rettnl election, aiid Miss Cora Lee Coleiiisn, home demonstration agent, Is. sponsor. Committee flans- (« Cooptrat* ^Mth M»jot In a tre"elm§ of repicienlatives of various local women's organize tions, held al the home of Mr.s S 8 Stcrnberg last evening, it vvns decided to dispense Hllh Hie dinner planned as a part ol the Frcsi dent's birthday, ccMbralion. flu group will coopeiate vvilh Mavor Shane Hiid his comtnitlec In [lie dance la be given at the city nu ditorilim on the evening of January 30, and Kill assist In the sale of tickets Jmllor Hadu»li To Mtcl Sunday. The'Junior Haddssah of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois win have A meeting ta the Hold Noble Sunday aftci-noon followed b> a tup. per part} at llie home of Mrs S S Steinberg when Mrs Z Jefdel ana Misses Frajiclse Ba<enl!inl and Helen Alice blernberg will he hostesses. t Meek .The Elliott Hetcltcr chqplcr of "> c .° A 0 mal Thursaay after noon at Hie home of Mrs w 1 pberet when Mrs T, G Sea| was leader of Ihc program Mrs James B Clark or ui D ckhmli ' Corc11 " 11 p Prcs!d tt fly E was a huckster who came 16 call. Showing me Incfs, one knitted iliavvl.' "See. 1 liavc lea cups, nice silver 111055, Linings and bangles, out golden cross." J U'li sjirwi) liis Ircssiiri's oii my kilc!i«i *-' I'romiwl a pliacloti and lioi'sc Cor my I Mini; "I will barliT if low's in your w 1 don'l vvanl lea cups or bee llial'lcars." Ill-; hndn'l liroiifiht il—lovocoslsa sum I iticil: "DcKonc llun. \Vliy did you lo I.ifc i'.ime hick lalrr nni! lie Maggrrat uildtr Lore he'd collcclcd in wayside |ilundcr. T SAID; "Remove, il as fail as you can. I want Ilic love, of ouv certain man." Onrt nsai'C rcliimiiig Life broiiglil. \m call Willi nolliing in il, 1ml your own lit Bits oj A/eu;? Mostly Personal ... , clpsel typlfijs II) ry of Spirit, (he 'door O i vnm HitllB but'sinful Sense but lets-hi Truth, Lire, ami Ix,ve. cioKd lo rror, |l Is optn «t truth, -and ,:e Versa. The Fa^er in.wet |« .TO * "!? ?.!«*«! ««»** »ut Mrs. Ohm-lea Alfred, IB liu'frcrlng from an attack of Ijinueilza tills Mrs. O. H. orear is in Memphis today visiting relatives ami fi'lewls. Virgil Orccn spent Thursduy In 'wsboro on business. Mrs, Matel Watts who has been lously III ni the home of her i-enls, Mv. and Mrs. w. H. Ad- js, is Improving, Mrs. J, w. Robbing of Bleclc ill- ended the U. D. c. meeting here 'Imridny. Mrs. Howard I'roclor, who has i i|iiiic in. is iioiv improving is yet confined lo her home. The Rev. and Mra, W. V. Wojnt •k, Mr. nnd Mrs. r. E. Coolcy, rs, A. G. Haley, Mrs. w P .rcwcr, Mrs. W. A, Slickmon, Mrs. hai'les 1,. Wyllo and Mr, sincl Irs. It. B. TuU were In Joncsboro uesday for n conference of lead's in Methodist churches of (tils Islrlcl. 8EHVICU lil'HBAU, Itooni !)6i5. 401 fvtglilli Avc., New 5'pi-k, K. V. i EniloECd Hhd. ...... .cerils hi coin foj Which plcasb bend me -..,. -.. ..copies ol "Candlellgiil," ttib iiew booklet dr poems liy Helen Wclslilmer, nt 10 cents n copy, Nahic . . ..... , ....... •. ...... -. . . .-. •.' ____ , , , .......... , , ... Cllir m •....-.. ... , Stale Successful Triple Squeeze Makes Grand Slaiii Contract .Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WS1. Ii'. McKtiNNIiY Stercttr'jV Ahiericati Bridge Leos^je I was biick in cUvMtiild for Ihb holidays and ran across my ol<T irleiid, Phil Leon: It hus been my jreal plcnsiirc to present lo my endci-s, froin lime to time, some )I LSOII'K jllietraiiienal hands, mid laturally iiiy llrsl qiicsHou was, 'Phil, .have you a good one in yom- packet?" At the time, he wns feeling a iilllc gloomy, as tic liad Jiisl lost 'lie Greater Cleveland Champion- hip by u fraction of a point. He aid sny thiii lie hud played" (in interesting hand between The two esslons, In a rubber gnmc. He said, "My partni'i mm i arrived at ii teveh bid ;ind here's how.I made if." By the v\-jv the * A K 7 3 VJB » A (I I A A S 5 3 A CJ10 0 5 » 03 . H, 10 ,1 C I <t 1072 » Q J 10 7 fo.'!« r -| * « J 7 A JS . V A K Q S G i t KS S Hubber—N'. aiul.S. Mil. Soi.illi iVesi iVm-ili Kiisl l'* 'J.N.T. Puss Pass 7 V |- ass 1115 lcJ(|i^4 C. li> Tbday-a C6tttract Problem Wfltcli your., timing in (ho following Iminl. or you won't WDlfo II.' SouHi lius Ilic Cori- troct at fouf-Vpadef, doubled. East bad bid ho triiuip over a one spsde flouble. and liner doubled four spades. Can yoii mako tlio contract 1 .' 4 1,0 5 . ¥ K 10 G S . « Q '6 2 j, Q J IU 6 * A Q o 2 #071 *57^ •f, ? S3 A K J 9 S U.! *» Void » ,1 1 ii * AK9..1 1 Solution' in next issue. of (UamoiidB, otherwise tlcclavpr' eight spot would be. good. Bo when he discarded » club, Leoi »'on the last tlifcc tricks, pinyini the kins of clubs mid (hen sm;ill uue lo tliJinhiy'.s tivo goo clnts, tbrreby milking his gran slam. IGopyright, 19M, NBA Service, Inc Hospital fvoies Adinillcil io Uic Blylhevillc libs UiUil: Mrs. Lcliind Faulkner, Sen uth. Mo., Mr. lintl Mrs. I,, i llHngeiiliclnier, -uia'ijeanoclo. Mo. :iddlns to given here Ls the xvnyi I believe it .should IK bid by those . iisin? Die one over one. The I'lay The six of dlniiionds J S111!l1 ' . opened, _ was plnVcd from dummy. East played the ten, and Leon, silling in ihc south, vVttii the trick wllh (he king. 7Ic then a small heart and won in ilniii- ... - wilii the Jick. 'i'vvo mcro icuiids of hearts vvcr'c lakcil, Well a spndc, duiiiiny a dia- niond. icon 'then led a tirade and won '» <lll """y The ace 3! diamonds «- as cashed nnrt Ihw »« «>'g of spades. A' small «l(l grliwly bear ha.s had his 1111 entered again this year ill th game census of the Willamcll foreMs. Tlic lone sllvcrtij) lias no been seen this year, but his track have bsen found, lie moved hit the area in 1027. The rest of hi kind were killed o[(, long ago. bu the old bear has eluded capture. Tlic ancients called tlio plane Venus "Hcipejtts" when It was » tvetiing {tat; and "Phospliorus, when they EIJW it us a niornln :,t«r, not knowing It was the tame body. A solo, 7 fcarry Me Back to oic. virgmny," was sung by Mrs Ham 2il A' accompaillcd *>Y Mri RlK- vTti4'lioslfes«s, Mines Obersl, A Vert ahd 'Spurgeoli Palleison, scned frull cake, .topped with -"Vivton Pitlerson, ter of MM. Obferet, [\vc cards. Leon ^ club, and so did dummy. East -1-tarded the jack of diamonds. Now the triple squeeze card was played, the eight ol hearts. West had lo.hpld .Ihe,. quc-eit of -spades, otherwise' du'miny's seven- would be Jpod;-so he discarded a club. The Eevert of,spades was discarded from, dummy; " . . • - '•Bait'no* found himself squeezed. He couldn't let go the queen Ore - solltar Sunday school s'e*6|pn, 0:^5 a.m. iverwlV MorflA; : General Bupt, Morning Wofeltlp, 15:60 ' o'clock. Bcrmoii subject, "Why 60 to church? 1 ' , • Young People, 7:00 p. w. Church. 7:30 p. in. Subject, "Will n Man Rob Cod?" . ; , •' Devotional, KLCN, io:30 a. m. Monday. Bpard _of Slevvurds called (a meet, (oHgwipjj brief devotional, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m, I'lans lire 'bolng pcrfeclcdjp be. gin n special revival jxjriod jaji. liltli. Let our membership and friends begin In earncit to |)i'cirare for these services. SKcbw> BAi-nsT CHURCH 3. T. Renfro, I'aslor Bible School, 10 a, in., tlios, Bogun, Supt. ' . „ .worship and ecvnion, by Ihe pasloi- 11 a. in. a .'j 1 . u., a p. m Evenlne worsiilp and tcrmon by Ihc-piistor, 7 p. m. Mid-week mecUug Wednesday, 'JO p. ni. Mrs. O. W. McCulclicii, who has ecu convalescing following an 111, ess from tnfluciun, plans to mid the next two weeks taking rest cure. Misses Cordelia and Josepnino While spent yesterday in Mcm- hls where Miss Josephine coii- iltcd her physician. Mr. and Mrs. M. jpiitz arc In icmphis .today with E. A. Erd- WH, of Coliimbiis City, ihd., aiid llss WlnUicd Gqodi'lch. who have itdergbn'o openitloiSs" at tlic Bap- si, hospital. ^il•s. John c. Barker, wlio lias cen visiting Mr. and Mrs. .J. lell Brooks for the past ten days, ; leaving today for her hotHc in lew Orleans. Miss Jane tiosnell, who has bcbn n Memphis junking" preparations or entering the Gortly-Ramsay iMpltal for training as a nurse, ms returned home for a visit be- ore returning there jmmary .24. Miss Helen Laden will also enter mining at Ihc same time. Mrs. M. Cl. Joyncr is a palie'nl at the Memphis Baptist .hospital. Map Plan to Finance Vets' Homfe Purchases . CLEVELAND (tip)— Veterans of Foreign .Wars in Ohio are preparing legislation vvlilch would scl flltST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut at Hljhth Alfred Carpenkr, Past«iSimd.iy: 8.-4S, Bible Scliool, Al' vin Holly, Supl, (The Bible is bur te.xt book). 10:45, Jvipnimg vvorship, seruloii tojilc, '''How To Obtain licnvciily age s roaticasl evety ..Wednesday 'at 0:30 a. m. ov t r.Kl0f, .' I'liORIM LUTriKA^ CHURCH If. J. KleimJMrt, Pwtor Sunday-school atid Bible class a. nl. Morning worship, lo a. h/ icrmon llieme: "Children Should Be Brought Up in the Nurture and dinonUloii of the Lord'" Adult Bible class, ?;30 p. m Evening wprehlpi 7:30 p. m. ser- non Ihemc: "llie Savior's Sup- erne Summary of the Law." Special quarterly congregational necting after the morning . «rice. Election of officers will be icld. Monday and Wednesday, 3:30 p i. Instruction class meets. Wcdwsidsy,' 7 p, in., Wailhcf .eagiie ihceUlig aftd Flay rehear- 1 Thursday, 2:30 p'. .iVi. impfirlBh* ncellng bf Pilgrim Gulid. ' ldft y. 7 p. hi. Ad'Oil class on FundahieVilals. Fi-lday 8 ji. hi. sifiidaVcchooi eachcre' meeting. A special welcome is extciidM 'OU. .0:30, Traiiilijg, Unions. Miss Luna Wilhelm, .Director. (A graded cfalniiig school); 7:30, PrSftcliIng service. Sermon, "A Sernibii th Foiiv Letters." Special music al both services. Monday: 2:36, \Vomaii Mission- iry fjoclely. .. ..' We(iiies'd'«i ; : 7:00, Churcli niglit, 'flie Chiil-ch With A aoul." FiKST METHODisi' CHURCH West Main and Seventh W. V. fVomiicki i'asiof ; ClViii-cli Sicjioot,''0:45 a. m., Eur) B. BiVyder, supcrhitci'ldciit. Moniin'j Wbrahip, 10:55 a. m. astor's. subject. "\Vlicn troubles All Leagues; at.G:30 p. in. Ecenlng Worship, 7:30 p. hi. Subject, "Abounding In Hope." Wonlan's Missionary Society Monday al 2:'30 p. in. FIRST PrtfeBBVTfcltiAN CIIUKCH S. H. [Salmon, faslor IM5 ii. iii., Sunday Echool, S. E. Vail. Supl.' , i , 1I:OCI ii. th., Nfbhiiiig Worship, Sermon .topic, "TevAil People.' ...0:43 .. Church. , . YouiiK-Peoplc-of-the- -„ -^-.-.._ ,.. ..„...„ ^ vu ,.,. 7:30 )), hi., Evening Wbfsh|p a 'stale bureau for. .financing war Sefnioij lopic, "A Back-ld-Got velefaiis In tjie purchase of huiiies Mbveincht," Dr. N. A. O'Brien, stale 'medical officer of the V.P.W., said the plaii; to be presenlcrt lo litp Ohio gcn- ciiil asjonibly. woiittl be ixiUenicd bllcr u California plan which h:is been lit effect siiiisc ')02i. 'Th? ' bureau would be entirely sclf-supporliiig aiici Would not cost, Inspayers a cent," Dr. O'dricn saicl. "The original fluid lo be used for lending money to veterans would be Raised UtroUgh h bond issue."." Dr. O'nrieii said liic plan h;«i worked succrcsfuliy in California. Twenty per cent of the loans made to 13.000 veterans Iinvc been repaid ill full, and there is a vvaiU Ing HE! ot ao.O'OO Veterans who have applied lor loans, lie said. Seek Mystery Race In British Columbia VANCOUVER, 13. C. (UP1 —A tcarcli fo r British Columbia's long lost "mystery" race of men. wlw vtmlshed 2.000 years ago, will'be undertaken as soon us aiithropoK ogjsts rabc Tunrts to finance cxc'a.- valions, It is announced. Excavations near Vancouver lihvb convinced antliro[iologists Umi ft race of gi«nt clam-eating shore dwellers inhabited Ciiiiadn's vmt coast several thousand y cn rs before the vvliltc men settled here. Skeletons, middens, great rounds ot cfnin shells ami other traces or the forgotten nice have been found but the identity ol the race is shroutl- cd in mystery. Teiiino, was!)., got iintitd from nn old logging locomotive "No. 1CSO." which ojwnucd iu Hint district for ninny years. I.ATK TO I'or S^le or 4 MULES for sale CHEAP Will exchange CITY Pabl'ERTY lor farm land. E. E. Hawkins. Box 11, noulc 1, Steelo, Mo. FIRST CHiUSTIAN CHURCH Slit'fi inB Jiain V. Elnmclt fiftilcrwoHh, minister ...Bible scjibol, 9:45 a. iii., M. T Moon. Su'ptriiitendent, 11 a. in. Is Jesus Doing Worship sefyice, . iScrnib'A: ''What Sow* 1 ; installation of officers. Vcspei-s at 6 p, m.. Sermon "Four ffoisemcn of ftevclalian ~Mxj." .'CliUreli-iilglit program \VcdrteB' dtiy, 6:30 to 8:15 p. m. Come and licip us in our new program. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE "SACRAMENT" is (lie subject of this. Lesson-Sermon which will'be read in all Churches of Christ Scientist, Sunday morning at II o'clock. .'Hie Gpidtn Text k: "A Vie* com'maii'rtnieiil i give unto you That j;e love one another: as I have loved you, that" yc abb love one another. By this aliail all men know 'that yc are iny dlsciplfi, If yc have love one to another' (John 13:34,33). Among the cllalions which com prise llie Lcwon-'sernidii is Ihe following from the Bible: "Bu lliou. when thou praycst, enter into Ihy closet, and when thon has shut 'Ihy door, pray to thy Fnlher which Ls in secret; and tliy Fa- Ih'cV which seeln lit secret" shal rc«-ard titcc openly'' dMalllie 0:5). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passiigc Irom the ChrisllHii Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Edd DR. N. L CISSELL GRADUATE VETERINARIAN ' Located at Bob Harris' . Sales' Stable Phone 460 Blytheville, Ark. CO-LEA-NOR "TH'K SOUTH'S BEST SUPERIOR COAL MINING CO, Boy and Girl Scouts GIRL SCOUT NlGinyi'tjfesDAY, JAN. 15 W)Y'SCOUT NICIIT—WEDNESDAY, JAN. 1G -I'ICTlJRE— • Kuthryn Ucpbin-n in 'il.lTTLE iMINlSTBU" RITZ THEATRE SATURDAY, JANUARY; 12. 1035 e le .knows all thtnus-and -i ccordlng to motivts, riot accoX ng lo speech" (p 14). - - T A ciiMsilan rrieiiage Is ' pr THK . Ettpha tt. Btasiejy p«t«r Sun'day school, 6:45 am E. Ii. tVuis, 6upi. Morning Worship, ii a.hi. Setthbii subject, "A Preventativc foj; Back Sliding." N.'Y; p. s., 6 ;3o pm Evening scr;*Je e ,. 7:!5 p.iii. Sef- moii subject, "God's Day of Wrath" nt tu i. •••--• <UP)-A test l..???'^ y M»«''.i-ls prbmlstd by bu Wers of the ''rtying bafbef Pple,' a .screw-cSmbihatlbn of tir- plane ajid zcppellji, how uiidc'r coii- Kli-uclioii here., -"""-rton tWsi^iied to fiy eitlrcr nifu^rd or Bacmra, Ihe odd craft got its name from ib resemblance to a oarocr pole, Around a licliuiii filifd bag are vanes which spiral much stripes an.a barber mle. The " movement of IHe vanes Is to give the craft motive A ... i[ ™n>.^. suspended from each Marriage Item for Columnist t HeyiVbod Brduh, noted newspaper corrthientatof, sprang a surprise when he was married at the Municipal Building in New York City lo Mrs. Jbluiny Dooiey, Broadway actress and widow of the lale comedian. The couple are pictured after their wedding. Brbiin is 47, his bride 20. tip of the.bag carries the enclosed cabin of the ship, file engine vvlH be placed In the fear of the frame oil a swinging pivot vvlilch will keep it constantly level. A \vlng- or slabillier attached to the fralm* is designed to keen the craft frbni rolling in flight in syhi- pafhy with tile boting mbvehient of the varies, according to the-inventors, (he Rev. Carl ii. Loocke, pilot, and Lorei'i L., Haiiieh, printer. . -. if Jara produces approximately 40 000,000 barrels of oil annually. Read Courier News Want Ads. CRQQUIGNQLE OIL GUARANTEED WAVES fl Up -,;,,jf«M». •••&&¥£• Knger Wave •- - ' 2§c Barret Beauty Shop tist Boose on No. 5th FARM FOR SALE Immediate Possession 55 acres, all in cultivation except 8 acres, with good goveriunciil cotton contract, located 6 miles north of Bty- thevllle. ^ houses .and 1 barn. Can give possessibh immediately. $500 _or more cath ,dpffB''-wjll Eandlei' l?alajice. to suit; . Price &£$):•>;. ^i 1 -- 1 Phone 797 General Electrie's Answer to J. C. Penney's Unusual Request •!• C. i'entloy executives already knew their "Nation-Wide" bed sheets were ciuality niiule. They were curious to learii just what these Kheets would look like after four years of vviishing, drying :nnl ironing. General Electric'.s Home Scrviue Department was requested to lind the answer. At (he World's Fair, Chicago ... at Bridgeport, Conn. ... A battery of G-E Hot I'oinL Washers and Klatplate Ironers were put to \VOrk on tliis crucial test. Kach I'onhty sheet vvas laundered 10') .separate tinics—equivalent to '! years of home service anil wear. And now, the J. C. 1'etiney Company knows that "Natibri-Widc" sheets—when laundered on G-E Hut I'oint Home I^aundry c'quiri- Ricnt—last lonxer tliaii tlicir anticipated life span. 'f'liis lest also proved conehisivuly that G'encral Electric \Hot i'oint Wasliers and Flatplatc Ironers are dcpcndabli; and (Umibjc in survice and iiclion. Every washer, every ironer, functioned perfectly during this most uncompromising test. They arc life-laslinj,' home servants llial add years of life l<> clothes. this test (Mi Hot I'oiul H'ashers and Ironers operated 'salisfai- (orily hour, after hour, for K1GHT WEEKS. It's accurate proof of G E Hot Point life-tasting dependability. See the .Shcit UxMbit at The J. C. I'enney vilore PUOVE IT IN YOUR OWN HOME We'll be glad to give you a Free Uem- oiistralion in your own home. You can then prove to yourself that General Arrange for Electric Hot Ppiiit Washers clean a clothes thoroughly without tangling, Demonstration bunching or tearing. See also, how the Today. Flatplatc i roller is more convenient, more economical and docs mote s;il_js- factory work. • Arkansas-Missouri Power Co.

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