The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 29, 1956
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 29, 1956 Ike's Decision Should Have Little Effect on Business By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — Elections — and election uncertainties — always give business a certain amount of the jitters. And this year the stock market'has been particularly BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEFIYB quick to respond to political Little Evidence Of Starvation In Red China . Reporter Tells Of Full Rice Bowls?— Rationing Tight Editor's Note—Lois Mitchison, British newspaper writer, took a two-month tour of Red China as i British journalist. This story written !or The Associated Press was forwarded through Hong Kong. By LOIS MITCHISON SHANGHAI . MB—The people o Red China may go hungry some times, but they certainly do nof appear to be starving. People can be seen sitting by the doors of their houses at lunch time, eating from large full rice bowls. Chiidrens' bellies are no swollen as they are in famine times; adults do not look unnaturally thin. The government rations severa important foodstuffs, including rice and other grains, flour, cook ing oH and sugar. Pork, has jus been taken off the ration. Cotton cloth, the staple clotbini material in China, also is rationed The rations vary according tt the individual's work—the bigges for the heaviest labor. Chy Yu-chun of the Shangha Municipal People's Council satt Shanghai rations vary'from 13 to 60 pounds a month. An offic worker, for instance, gets 2 pounds of rice a month. A drive of a bicycle cab 41. The Shanghai cooking oil ratioi ta now 10 to 14 ounces a month The sugar ration is six ounce for people in the city, four fo country people. The cotton cloth ration for thi year is 45 feet for adults in .a Chinese cities and 32 feet for chll dren. In the country It's 38 fee tor adults, M for children. Some unrationed food are i short supply. But vegetables an fish are plentiful. So .-re relative! expensive canned, goods. Machine Age Takes New Toll OXNARD, Calif. (P) — Six elec tronic color-sorting machines, cap »ble of separating as many 88 1 138,000 lemon« daily into five colo classifications, have replaced 4( human fruit graders here. The machines ore the first to b tested under packing plant cond: 1 Won* ,tt» Sonus Lemon Asm. said. Incorporated in the machines ar photo tubes and memory unit •which register the five degrees e color hi marketable lemons. Pru passes through beams from th tubes, then drops onto separati conveyor belt* according to It* de gre« of ripeness, denoted by color. edictions. But the old belief that business —as distinct from stock trading- lows down in an election year to wait results may have to be re ived. In several of the more recent election' years the opposite as happened. And while many businessmen this year are particularly nervous «t something happen politically that would rock the boat and upse the current neat balance of good imes, probably as many others elieve that business activity wil continue at a high clip despite al he political hullaballoo in coming months^ Will Clear Air The Presdent's decision should clear the air—as far as stoci rading is concerned. But it's ef 'ect on business should be verj slight for awhile, many business men hold. Their argument is tha ausiness activity is already sc ligh that it couldn't go muc ligher right away no matter how 'good" the news seems. No could "bad" news have immed ate effect. Some businessmen point out tha increasingly of recent years th presidential election has. given lit tie evidence of being the impor ant factor in which way nusines activity went. They note that stock prices ros after the elections of Coolldge an Hoover and after the first, secpn and fourth elections of Roosevelt Stock prices turned down after th election of Truman but rose agai by the end of that year. Stoc prices were rising with the Eisen hower election but later started long slide idownward, only, to begin climbing again a year later. Activity KOM Business activity rose durin the campaigns preceding the elec tions of Coolidge and Hoover an the second and third elections o Roosevelt. It rose before the Tru wards, and rosebefore the Eisen hower election, starting down th following summer. About all you can conclude from these examples is that politica ups and downs can have quick re flection in the stock market, bu that other factors—war, peace, o long-term economic adjustments— have much more weight with bus iness-activity. One reason, perhaps, is tha business planning can't be emotional as stock trading an that consumer buying—a majo factor just now—isn't affecte very much by political harani ulng. Won't Contest Suit SANTA MONICA, Calif. (If)—to tor Edmund Purdom, 28, says 1 isn't contest his wife's di vorce suit when the case is call" Monday. A property settlement 1« week gives Mrs. Tita Purdom,. '> alimony of $750 a month and 56C monthly support for their two chil dren. METEORITE THEORT Latest theory about the origin meteorites is that they all cam from a single exploded planet tha once circulated around the sun b tween Mars and Jupiter. ON ire INSURANCE! Here's another really better insurance v»lue from Allstate, thexompariy founded by Seara! AUstate's rates for Fire and Extended Coverages* on your home and its contenta are substantially lower than those of most other leading companies. Claim settlements are fast and fair. You can't buy better protection, so why pay more? See how much,you can save today! Gent L. Johnson 2328 Birch St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3-3159 You're In «ood hon tt wWi. STARR GAZING By BE1TXE NtLLE STAR* Cnrter Ncwi RUN and close at 6:30 P. M. at the fol- ov.'ing place: (Hughes Oln Office, Gosnell). OWEN THIS 21st DAY OF February, 1950. C. A. MOODY, President. G. R. LEDBETTER, Secretary. 2/22-29-3/6 On this last day of February, did cu know that February was not re of the "pioneer" months, that it was J¥>t in that earliest calen- ar year which Romulus drew up. Numa, however, added Februar- but made it the 12th month of le year, and not for centuries was placed after January, which rings to mind this old poem we II learned many years ago, I per- sh the thought of exactly how any, but anyway this will re- resh your memory: "All the rest have thirty-one Excepting February alone, Which has but twenty-eight, in ine, Till Leap year gives it twenty- ine." So, another Leap year's extra [ay has passed and you are one ; ear older. Remember I said Morse demon- trated the telegraph to Van Buren Hi Feb. 21, 1838? Well five years ater, on March 3, 1843, Congress jsnnnn fnr the cause. you would have thought so by the stand she took. Grandmas ain't what they usta to be, and you can say that again. My grandsons have reached the age where they want to know if you'd rather be something or oth- ei. The four-year-old one asked me the other day, would I rather have my feathers out or be naked as a jay. I give up. Exclusvveness is a characteristic of the newly rich; high society, the 399 set; and the skunk. So don't get too exclusive, you might be taken for something you ain't. Whenever I feel energetic and think I ought to take a few bending exercises, the phone rings and the old "hup, one two" passes and I'm glad. Too old for that passtime, anyway. I'll take bridge and canasta. Fall of the Alamo occured on March 6, 1836 and them Texans are still mad. But had it not been or the historical event, our young- uns would probably have never heard the Ballad of Davy Crockett, nor have heard the old battle cry f the Texans, "Remember the Alamo." Blest be the power to sweeten and pasteurize by gone mistakes. Society is no comfort to the fel- ow who is not sociable. The miserable have no other medicine, but only -hope. Although the world is full of sorrow, pain,, sin and thouble,- it's still a very interesting place to be, don't you think? Ignorance never settled a question. AD ignorant person is one who doesn't know a frazzling thing about what you know, and knows Jiings you don't know a frazzling thing about..Which evens up the situation I'd say. "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil," and you'll never be success at a social gathering. It's .been said you can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips. Well, of all things, toothpaste don't have to taste like chewing gum unless you prefer gum to something stronger. Now you can auy your toothpaste in three de- icious Ifavors . — Scotch, rye ' or Bourbon. This will tempt the old man, no doubt, to brush his teeth three times a day and in between times. Guess you'll .have to chew gum afterward to kill the smell of liquor, jecauselhe old lady might he a teetotaler and &• member of the WCTU of -which my grandma always told . everybody she was a member and wore the badge to prove It. That grandma of mine was humdinger and if Mama had i couraged her one teeny-weeny bll she would have been out making soap box speeches in behalf of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. She'd walk a country mile through mud puddles and briars to keep from pasisng a saloon as they were "affectionately" called, way back when. And every Saturday when Main Street was filled with country folks, grandma wore her White ribbon badge and went to town, with me stringing right behind her. I thought that badge was the most important thing in grandma's life and it probably was.. Never did learn how or why she became a member, as there were no drinking folks to our family but NOTICE Of ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the Annual School Election for the year l9.iP will be held in Gosnell Distric Ni- 6 of Mississippi County, Arkan saf- on Saturday, March 17th, for the purpose of electing school di rector, voting on school taxes anc on such other measures as maj properly be submitted at said elec tion. The polls will open at 8:00 A. M NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the Annual School Election for the year 1956 will be held in Burdette Distal No. 35 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on Saturday. March 17th, for the purpose of electing school directors, voting on school taxes and on such other measures as may properly be submitted at said election. The polls will be open at 8:00 A.M and will close at 6:30 P.M. at the following places: Burdett* Planting Company Store. GIVEN THIS 22nd DAY OF February, 1956. Signed: C. F. TOMPKINS, President. H. D. JUMPER, Secretary. 2/22-29-3/7 NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN I.EACHVILLE SCHOOL plSTBifyr un tn OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTS, ARKANSAS Notice is hereby given that the annual school election in the above named District will be held on March 17, 1956, for the following purposes: To elect one director for a term of 5 years and two directors, each for a term of 3 years. To submit the question o£ AtWAYS fi«Sr Hello, Daddie ; I JUST HAD ; MY PICTURE TAKEN AT PEINNEY'S... Isn't it cute? %w It's a Pixy Pin-up! The Photographer will be at Penney** until .7. FRIDAY—MARCH 2 Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Exclusively at Penney't voting a total school tax of 90 mills, as s«t out in the District's budget, which Includes, In addition to 30 mills for operation and maintenance of the schools and 15 mills previously voted for payment of bonds now outstanding, a building fund tax of 5 mills annually, beginning with the taxes now being collected in 1956, which was voted in the 1995 annual school election for .the purpose of paying the principal and interest of a proposed bond issue of J36,500, which will run approximately 20 years, to be issued for the purpose of erect- Ing and equipping new school buildings, and said 5 mill building fund tax will constitute a continuing annual levy until the principal and Interest of the proposed bonds are paid in full, with the provision that the surplus each year arising from the building lund taxes, after providing for principal and interest maturing that year and the next six months' interest on all the outstanding bonds, may be used by the District for calling bonds for payment prior to maturity or for other school purposes. The polls will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M and will close at 6:30 o'clock following polling places in the District, to-wit: Leachvllle City Hall. orVEK this 13th day of February, 1856. BOARD OF DIRECTORS, LEACHVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. W OF MISSISSIPPI COXTNTT, ARKANSAS. By NORMAN BAILBT, President, And LOUIS WEINBERO, Secretary. 1/16-JMI P.M on March 17, 1956, at the For aehn, pains, cuts, braises, tarns, colds, headaches, bites and stinfi, In Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Arailable at your favorite drug counter C. G. SMITH PltODUCTS CO. COMPANY PROTECTION • h«lM l» SMfl Aistii fit Ilibllllltl dlillnct ml ntmti I'om If., pvint, sir. BirtnckinacT HomoHlen SMM«.mi»olt. 'Flo .no E.l.ndM Cov.i«««y.ll.»l« ( Si JK SSSn *S5IS» » «• * '»»' '""I" '" * """* "* '" *""""" Iwuilna tiwflty fcrnlll** of !•«. eade d to nnounce MRS. WILBUR WAHL, well known Blytheville resident and saleslady has accepted position as manager of THOMPSON'S YOUNG AGES, Blytheville's newest and most modern children's shop. Mrs. Wahl has been associated with children's wear for many years and has valuable sales experience that we feel will be very helpful to you. Mrs. Wahl is completely familiar with style trends, fittings and needs of the small fry. New Spring and Summer creations ar« arriving daily and we hope to offer you the greatest selection ever of finer children's wear, both styl« and pricewise. As always, we shall endeavor to bring you the odd, tht unusual, the different. We know you will agree with us that Mrs. Wahl can, and will render the fine service required by the people of this community . . . come by and say "hello". Thompson's Young Ages 114 W. Main St. Blyth*vill«, Ark. "A Specialty Shop Witn Sptefofty Mtrehonrflit" Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35e At All Times WED. & THURS. 6.LTRAITOR TELLS ALL! BAMBOO PRISON DR. J. TROY PAYNE wishct to announct the removal of hit offic* from Walls Hospital to THE CHICKASAWBA CLINIC In association with DR. W. 0. GREEN 903 Chickasawba Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hindman Cinemascope at Its Best With Stereophonic Sound! Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for RiU A Program Announcements • WED. • THURS. • FRI. Find Your Name in Our Ad and Be Our Guest to See "The Lieutenant Wore Skirts" TtaHUDSON THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m. — Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. The Finest in Cinemascope Presented in High-Fidelity Optical Sound! WED. & THURS. Double Feature .^.M-G-M's Mfufeui conn* LUCILLE OKI ~* BALL ARNAZ THE LONG, LONG TRAILER «£»- — AND — "THE GORILLA AND THE GIRL" ALSO SHORTS • Our messenger will call foryour prescriptions and deliver tb« compounded ntdiciots — ao extra cfajfge. You're assured prompt, precise compounding «nd fair prices. Woods Drug Store Phon* POplar J-4507 1 M AGNES MOOREHUD • CONRAD NAGEL • A UMVEKAL-MTEfiMTIOIML KMC PARAMOUNT NEWS & SELECTED SHORTS Y|fE_ (Mole) (Mac) **" IDaniels-Williams Ins. 106 S. Second St. \ Phones 3-3548 - 2-2747 Blythevllle, Arkansas COMPLETE S \ COVERAGE j % FOR AIRMEN* B. 0, POETZ OIL CO FUEL OIL Sell That Stuff" Phone 2-2089 Visit Our Conoco Service, Ash & Division Try a Texaco Service Station See or Call Us For a Texaco National Credit Card LET US POWER YOUR FARM We deliver anywhere in Mississippi County BOB LOGAN "YOUR TEXACO MAN" Blytheville Phone 3-3391 Joiner Phone 2421 WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS .. . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. Ill W. Main I-S1M

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