The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1935
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 255 ™ B DOMINAN ''' NRWSPAPKR OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND niythevllli> Courier niythr-vllle Herald NEWS HOMEEDmON BIythovllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader SATU »nAY, JANUARY. 12, .1036 FEAR _ _ _ • EARtMRT LOST OVER PACIFIC runo "Double" Haapuna rm Drops His Mask TO CRIME Defense Will Allempl fo Discredit H o c h m it t h Identification TRENTON, H. J., Jan 12 <UP) —Defense counsel said today they would investigate reports that a ••donblrt" for Bnmo H. Hanpt- miiiH),' clmrgcd with the Lindbergh baby murder, had been found and might.-'bc-abli! to refute prosecution testimony tlmt, Ittuiplinanu • v.-as seen near (tie Llndbcreh home n>i Die day of tiie crime. Frederick A. Pope, of defense counsel, said he had. been informed that the Hnuptmann "double" lived' at Menlo Park. N. jr., nncl tlmt he ' was In Hopewell looking over estate about the time or the kidnaping. At, the trial Amatidtis Hoch- ninth.-testlficd this week that ho had. seen Hanplmann ifiTi""dh'iy Bi-pon automobile near Die Lindbergh horns on March ), 15.12. N'nt A.iii£flin Money WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. (UP) —IVeasury department officials fnid tliat the $10 silver certificata tiirned up in a Gettysburg, Pu.. bank was not a part of the oi-ig- inal Lindhergh ransom money. Mole Believed Kansoni '.Money OE1TYSBURG, Pa., Jan. ' 12 (UP)—One of the rnnram notes paid by Col. Charles A. Lindbergh m a futile effort to effect the re'"n^.o^his kidnaped son, Charles .Jr.^'-has- been found> in '. Getlys- 'J'.lltl;ibaiijr.."brficlals"-aiid"-to(tay 'it- was bellevsd the first- ransom note" lound^sinc'e arrest of Bruno Rlch- ni-d .flauptmann. The $10 silver certificate, drawn mi.the Hiintcrtlon Comity National bank of Flemfn^lon, N J was discovered by Mctvin E. Tipton who conducts a shoe store in the Masonic building, and Charles W Myers, 'tivasurer of the local Masonic lodge. May Produce Guaril PLEMINOTON, N. J., J an . )2 (UP)—State prosecutors Indicated today that they were ready, if r.eccssavy, to produce the St Ra>'- inond'a cemetery guard who sav Dr. ,lohn P. Condon and the Lln.-fbpvjrh ransom receiver at their first, meeting in March. 19S2 Edivard J. Reilly. cliief of defense counsel, had demonstrated by his cross examination of "jnr- sio" that he considered the presence of the guard and his apparent, negligence in carrying out the. duties of a guard to be of prime importance, Find Companion of Bruno FLEMINOTON, N. J., J nn . 12. iUP>—A companion of. Bnmo Ri- IE III SE» Ii Defense lixper.lccl to Rexisl InlrorJuciion of . Piir- poi'lec) Confession ;. A plea of guilty, entered by Bill Rarnes when arraigned in. crlinth- "' court here In November:$iarg- Terry Service Station Two i.tmic'd ami iinmnsknl bnn- i!Ms .iirtd up Ii. n. cjalvln, lone, .|ottciii.luiu al Terry's .Service sln- |l«n, at, the Art:ansu';-MK\ourl line on IHuhtt'ay ill nonh of here, about •1*1 o'clock lust nti'iu mid escaped with (lie day 1 :, rivi'lpui. about S75. The hold-up Dim cnlcreii iln; 'liiilnn, covc-i.'d ('nivlu w iiii their Suns, look the nionvy in r|iiick order and iiiaiciieil Calvin befor:: Ihcm a uuiipi,, M lumilri'd yard:; smith In tin. n-n-iim- dcpfirlmcJit 1 ? permit tuition, VV iivre they re- Inisert libii. .mlci|, ls ),!m to walK Duck slowly to Uio station. Tne'' bandits disappeared. Cfllcois life.; were iioiifl?d. of ti'.e inllly made when Ihe young slay- ?r goes to trial for the second Ime here Monday, it wan indicated today by defense counsel..' ' '• .' A inistriiil resulted 'when Bill irst faced a Jury, the Jurors bf- ng unable to decide between by electrocution and Ufa nrjrl.sonmcnl, although .finding I'm Kuiiiy of first (icgfce linirdcr. Mis father. Pi-ank Barnes, SO,! did lot fare so well, being given :ii death sentence, now temporarily suspended pending 'action of the supreme court, on motion to dte* ulss an ''appeal. Archie Barnes another, son- and brother mid" the third man involved i'n the staying", will face trial separately, also on ; i ' murder charge. ' . ' Will Seek lo Bar Confession Young Martin's slaying aroused intense feeling here lost slimmer after confessions, purported i to have been made by 'the defendants,, were revealed. Statements' ft j- Cbarge Extortion Attempt Against Sikeston Banker OAl'E ClIRAnDE/Ur, Nto. - All attempt to extort $10,000 from Col. C. n. . Matthews, wealthy banker of Blkcston nud former '•hull-man of the Missouri State Highway Commission, was revealed l-VIday with Iho rcinrlcd frns- Iration of the scheme. lli'iiry ,1, norinan, :«, « former C.'nl.i. 1 TL' Af ' , highway department employe, who, OI 8 nlecl llllS AHernoon DV IIVPS flL 1 !%*> fttitii mil f\, t*.t.. ~r »-_i_ O. 11 _ _ _ * .Steamer About 200 Miles from San Francisco -• «l with DII- murder of c"A*Mar-' f^ 11 ' 01 '- 5 t>fre we »oiifl?d. of ti'.e , tiii, youthful taxi driver 'will br.l y l)llt ml<l tll(v y nn(! '"o fl " ra C willidrawn ami n plen ' of iioii"''' tn U "' i(lil " liL !' m' tin; bandits. £," Sillily made when ilir> vnimn-ci«(,.Jj : I-. 1 : FOR r nr nrn " V11S H lhn pnst °" i * |t ^°'j>><*- r II h H |S' S0 "' . ls "' lllR county Jail there L ULU I U " s ft -'""Wl III Hi" plot, and ad*• "jinltti',1 lo » reporter Unit he wrote] Ihn letter. •um /uici a Hundred BJl-! or "e Cr s"o/J^ ns J l ^.™ | ^ l j;,« [ }« r ~ Al "My '^"to"^""* lion to Present Burden i 1 "" 1 coll " L >' n »to' > and g three de-" r"o n f iLhn,! 011 ,^ n n 'l!,' H L fclimaled ££« &» «M£ Jft, ! £5 £ ^ , and ditches near Dorman's house • -- Cen '" tne "'' c, '.,. Y °RK. -Inn., 13 (up) _ willing for someone to pick lip a ano IKI the supreme court of the llcco l' package, placed there by one united StJile.s iipliotd the gold of l| i" troo|x-rs acting its an emls- cmiisc hi bonds of private coiu-i s(ir V <"" Col. Matthews. : DaileS mill .linnilt ~r ,,._- ..Vr, I ( —> f.lulll. UUIII- "lies and-bonds of the' United |Ma es. government and private ! debts might be- Increased in am- SMfeK WS: l|.mites ( made hi th,- nnanclal dls- There are-,.0 available statistics to determine tile vohime of cold SM" Mlsl "! cc - A " -wvSS Mcrchanls, City and Relief Committee Cooperative to Provide Money In IM:i. Nearly all raU- 'on,! ami utility bo,,^ nvc ,, "ids and r,a are Issues of many Indiislria! corporntioiis, •Holders of bonds under review , —• UU1LVIO IIIJU W the supreme court, arc Business men of Blythevlllc have In S Bold for their bonds contributed $2'— ' - —-.... - u«nu!> . purchase materials Bavham Will Mbve day lo Have Suit Sti-ick- " en .From Record rl, flying ikland, Cal,, todaj after IS hour? ... u, .mimics K ^ Talking to the Globe Wireless ^lon neai Son Francisco she 'I'd stile like to seo land soon" PicttoiM> she had told the dc- paitment of commerce .station at Oi>klan,t airport thaf slle believed she had suited land but her later conversation Indicated that she l»(d been ur.mor. "Anyone who hears this n] ensc call-Radio Station KPO Ul San Francisco and ask them to broad- the »* "><•• supreme court, arc not seek U O>JI'.ULJA, Arx.—Ttic civil -dlvl- n of Blythevlllc have '"B Bold for their bonds but nro s| W of -circuit court for the Osce- M2.60. lo a fund to .seeking to be paid off in present ota dlstrlcl ' wlli 0|W» Monday \vtlh jrlals needed to pro- Wrcncy on' tlic" basis' of 'the eii l)lc fo!lo »*'8 -ewes -set for tlic ; flrst sewer fnrilitioc r nf hmiceuinit in ti> ft ^..i__' > .T-tlav: The-frozen stolidity, tliat/inasks.the cinblions of Bninn Hmmtm.inii while witnesses weave a'nel of gtilll around him vanishes as he' confers with, the man on whom, he depends lo save .his llfc-hls cliief counsel, Edward J. Reilly. rigiu.-- Wlth'.'nst clenched and iuto> his attorney's face, Haiiptmonn is .shown here trial recess as he emphasizes a point. eyes bor- during n S Refinance Debts, Improve Tax Collections His Answer to Problem LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 12. (UP»— Public schools are the principal concern'of net).' Harve Thorn of Polnrett county, prospective speaker of the Silth general assembly, which convenes Monday, he told (he Unilsd Press today. New revenue is the. answer to the problem of closed schools, un- facilities for Ilo '™»«nt. In. the .., . . . . o fq 4hL<->!tOtc,'.A; P: liarham^ nilor ''-' ney fqr',.tlie'.-rie'fcndaht, .lias'nifd ' ' haudi.'io-hte-^dM, M 7hlte Rl T" " S " [! ; 1> " ! SCWC1 " 1TOS struck -him agnln. and ho«- he «° f , f '> U !f plnnl a -middle : aged slayer stopped lo slit ?'"°L f01 " lls( w f sle watel the. youth's throat after he had n , "TT' y -'° ''T ° VC '' ll8M fccL been dragged off tho-road Into a n P ''"'' A »-element for cornneld to die.vBI, Sfy at ^ne™"' ^"' "" e llQS ^" *' llie ti-inl, .said the Homes' were drunk at the -time. . The "S2M.SO fund contributed by Admission "of'"ni Barnes' con- ^"^ m ? n wns '' alicth b * n ,"„., pliamljcr of commerce committee chard Hauptmam, w ho U n ,cd '"Vl^ ™ ° f ^ Mhoota ' »"• lh= Bronx carpenter beca "e 'I "' f ac ^ !>11<i hcavy ill<leblet '- tslievcd he had,somethi n r™? ,„ "^ h , K s!lld - He *™ '«• «'ould i-onscieiice," has New Jersey ofricials found seeking convict Haupfmann as the kidnaper and murderer of Charles A. Lindbergh jr. Await a Downpour—Not Mere Rainy Day , push his plan to refinance Ihe S55.COO.CCO school district indebtedness. saving about $12,500.0(10 en . , principal and Sl.COO.OOO lfr ' .. in interest. The 51,000.000 tntere-'l F»vln? would be plac'-C in the general school fund, thereby partially .'C!vin° the demand for revenue, he said. Better osE.-samciit of Braccadocio Druggist, His Wife and Baby Brought lo Hospital Here Ij. E. Blnecnhelincv, Rra?i!adnclo, Mo.. .trmroK, 1,1s wife, anil th=lr l-WQ-year-otd daughter received in- .iuries iriier, |l, e | r car collided with unrulier at Ihe intersection of U R. Highway fil and Missouri Hi»!i- wny .10, near Hayti. Into vcstcrdnv afternoon. According- lo renoris occnpanls of the other car. whose namss could not be learned, were not liurl riiiisenhcimer. proprietor of'the Brasyadocio Drug company, sustained a broker. Tcfl leg and - a broken jaw. Mrs. Tttnscnheimcr fession will be vlKoronslv nnrmepH , • . • — — at-|, !s .second'-trial. Roy S l' 1 ^' 1 -^, w : J ' Wunderllch. wlio with Sain -Afaimtt was an T , ? rollmi '"- conUlbuled: pointed by the court to re^c.vnt A*«.nsi..-MI«o«rl Power Ihe defendant,-., has • stated. Tbe n, r D , , confession, and that of Frank t- Johnson, s Logan Mohl- Barnps, was admiUeti at the lolnt '""' Farn " ;rs Bttl * Q»d Trust IrJHl of (he father and son w'ltl, ' £ " npl !" > ' E : C '- «<*<»•«>'' Lumbe - •""•••*" u-iu auu, ttiui'- r> n out. objection. No objections were i^',' vflisrrt M nny s!agll of []lr flrsl "am Ihe defense Is |)repared to reverse its methods in the trial beginning Monday, "it stood. Will Pick .Jurr Mondaj- , „ _ Monday Will probably be devol- „.-...?• P " lncs l Cc ed entirely to the selection of n c!olhll 'B Co., Tom Burke Hardware Co.. and better collection of laxes wns bruised and suffered from the check while their baby girl. Evelyn, suffered a broken ami. Mr .Bin'/enhcimer and Ihe little „,.„„,M,. i 8irl v ' trf nim - out of tho f « into pinperi.v.'a i'oadsi<li> ditch, partially filled Co., Wealth" Club He Says & •'; AJ^'"'?"^^'^' i^" n ^:,: ir "^>' J ^ 2 or 'SllisT — \¥ a If Thpv f.,n \/ *" TL " 'k- Wiillnm.s,".These' o - y / V ° te *" e y ^- t1 '. WKO),al. Injury oin ... - — . complaint stricken .. from the • • record. • This jmptjpn ; will be. hcurd aiicl^ passed oh; Monday. ' ; ' [• .- "• • '"•.'. '.',-; ..'•Carl iFlannlgan, vs. Mailjisw.?' ' Coiistruc(lpn Co.; and; j. ft., wll- •Itamg; Lcc ..McKlnney-(colored) vs, "-ittliCT's;Coi!Sti : tlc(lon- Co. : .mid J. ..These two cases are Is-am! will to check hei cour«e Previously she had sjilcl <,\ f believed she was to the south of tlio route to Oakland nlrport. Appaimdj ixi^t In FOJT Mte- Eai harts voice came strongly and |l MBS believed she was lit tl lc fog bank Uiich had been Imorlng along the coast neat San Francisco nil, morning. It was estimated by those fa mlllar with blanai of the typ" she was (lying and with, thp condl'lon? of her flight that she should Ime left al lhat tlm° 'or about two more hnui^ l|u(l(c ah The Dollar Unei President Pleicc reporled lo the Qlobc wjieless Just niter l pm that Miss E-vrhaits pane.circled it at a low altitude pt : 12.'55 pm. apparently liylnj to En.ln^a-jalidfall, and then headed avva.V in the djrecflon nt Sah~Fran-v. .The Piesldent Plrrce wns,fstl- '™ tc(l ,; l ° '""2 b "ii at 1 that" tfmo 280 imllu-s out fiom San Fratielscb Should Reach Iain] At the spe-sed she has nccn tra;- ave ft*", Hr*«'"|!"», ,i'kj"l J • iJ(<HH Illlu HIIJ be coiLsohdated and tried together; The. following- cases- tire set tor Tuesday: C. E.. and Co. . , . . .. : Humphries vs. Lee Wilson —^*-.-*», ^^. r\. .^Ulllllllg- j -".«. tmv) l. l,( T. Barnett, Phillips Mo- ann ^ay extended Hardware Co., ° negroes to Join ni$ "snare the ^ir\ - Co., the Com- jwnllli" chibs-provldcd they have ™,.« News, diaries Lemons, W. j. th <? right to vote. • olivc W. P. . Franks, vs. A. B. Wade. under-1 WDm^n^ iq r iiy ""Brothers!"$"0 .. "^'.'"i'le" n7gro J. C. Penney Co.. personal Injury suit. Branlley vs. R. 0. Lang- Wlieclnnd ellng and at the rate of corwtmipcloii esllmated for fuel- tier o ier plane Miss Em hart should reach San Francisco between j 30 and 3 P.m., .c. s t it was estimated on the basis of the report fiom the Prwlrtcift Pierce and s i lol ,i d , mve suir.Iclent fuel to cornplc'e the jour- nsy allhough little uaulc! li« loft At 1:18 pm Miss Earhail radioed: New Mead his . Rablnson . . to try young Barnes. At least r—"- ••"•""»•>: >-u.. KODIIISOU ; Ihe first day of the week's session ? rug , Storp ' - Jcssc Wcib - J |c <lels, ° will be token up wiiii cxoinlna- i™ Isnllcs - CltJ ' Dn 'B slor <'. '--Try, S5 each. (COlOTCd) ' Plain""" Is bringing SUlt c.n become' clubs. In Jn c t we -*- "".^" >,|j IMIII L'Auiiima- tlon of jurors and prelimhiniy motions, if not part of the second day. A considerable number of the f" m I " iorlllM '. . J f olllms . the npotery, S2.50 rah .Kt, n ' -...u... .,, 'IH^l, ^ , them, 'nicy don't. vote South, you know.'- ' an lnj " r - v sus on a truck and -. special jurors summoned for Joe Applebaum, Jack Apple- examination Monday reside within - ""• °- °- °aiiske, U'alpole Eleca few miles of the scene of the shc|> - Mllllins Brocciy, $2 each. fatal beating and knifing.. The ecn BmlD cnfc ' A - Ol Hud- same was (rue when special jurors son ' Anron Roscnthal. $1.50 each, were necessary at the first trial Hptl lo"'s. Gould's store, Hasscll's Public feeling and publicity given storc - J - Rosentiial, Henry Reid- tlie slaying has resulted in the mnn ' l '- Lilllst; y. Guard's Jewelry limiting of possible eligible jurors s n < lrav c"'ig man. Quality Shoo to a small number In the mime- i stol1> ' SI cadi. diale Blythevlllc section as com-j : • pared to the Manils, and Leach A negro reporter had some difficulty getting into Long's apar- r,L""<:.'°"MO Zit In it Lull " :u w;nle nuniff on R truck and "ic in the employment, of defendant durini the conslructlon of log-cab- Ins on the Shawncc schoo Icam- pus. 1 Fred Lines, "I Just passed a Dollar ship K P; 9-—Please ladlo position of snip Like, to I now my position T can see nothing and that would be a big help Okay' | Army planea at Hamilton and W I t Cy ,,, s tt rc hcld r "<3y to thtsif,?, ?„",?- Eartlilrts ""'stance Lut? "u "Ji- P Pl " Jlon '' >na m^-ft till. Will Fh to Washington " WASHINGTON Jan 12 <0 P) _ ^' 7 ] C ," n .., E!lrl ! al . t P' an « to 'efuel af wlthout rest, Samuel J Solomon;. of "How many club member'! have T""*. Llncs ' Ill<: - These cases vou_?" Long was asked. ' s nave | have been consolidated and will it. 1 '' when she askod: bank?-' 0 y °" a " y Youths Charged r-rn , •• PER A Meat Supply I dragged her baby out cf ihe ditch •: rrobnWy savins her life Bin-en-!- •-,-,--a- -~ -^«i .--,-_ i 11 *"" was also rescued. They , Rumora of a possible motion for' Snoils in MpmnK;« W '*U D L ) »* t i^i'a lushed to the niyth-vllle hos- cll!U! E c of ™»ic 'live been hoard ""' '" '"^PIIS, Itn Cai'ber S Murder'l''^ 1 w '>ne Mr. and Mrs Bin- llel ' e bl »- »» dennlle nnnminccmmt I Au- "Haven't pa« n »y attention .to' f t'p™ . he said, "fn a month we ought v CKOmt nave a million in the state." i a course of action lissk-. • f MF orthcomfng from defense lno ™^ Judge'Neill Killough of Wynne I t*Xi'°" /,'i lch , S1OUB1U l .° rfe ' 111 ureside ntw vn,,,, 0 R«;,, M - . t ? 1TOll l c whether the meat v.-es Fsc-ling against (he youths, El- on w - c!1 " far traveling er Oiren, Cecil Bro\vn, Eug'eiit:! 0 " c! slrnck (be rear of thei ton, and Roy Coll was hi?h and | clline ' ending It cnreenlns of their ma- will preside over voung ' properly paclced when slaughtered second trial, replacing Judge O. E. last summer, whether the refrlg tEliprilT Troy Cerrpil has employed , . . Keck of Blythevlllc, who is now erallo nsystem was sound, or what , presiding over the civil division of , ^BecRHse.we're saving that .'Or n -rain} 1 , day." Breadbox Revered Al Town Celebration . ore. (Up)-An old brown gained brcadbox had the place 0 ' I'Tn"', Beml ' s « leu ™l'»'' o ,h' SOIh anniversary of the citVs corporation In 190-1 Thirty y m rs "10 cleciton . ..-...., ,, sv ,,, v cieciion . board borrowed the brc-adbox from \frs. J. M, Lnwcncc-, cut a ti,,i in the lop, and used it (0 receive Iho 107 ballots that made Be 1 an Ilicoiporated city. A s«arrii for the box by local service clubs brought It to " >as *m: i'uunnjiuu guards in vraicn "~—"~ Hum. The youths allewedlv con-lm. , „. • ' • fesscrt while Iield al Little' Rock. "»S. LorCHC Fitzgerald ThpV U.'Al'.l mi LIKI^nr) JA T nJ.XI.L m. ' " • They toclny. wore returned (6 Lonokb N'n 'September Morns SALEM, Ore. (UP)— Sale finds at , , ^,. v , v wi / -vimtm Illiurj itself a veritable cesspool of sin and disorderllness. - • ' passed in m», „..„ „,,„ u books, makes it unlawful for cnc to go swimming in the „„ without bsbig: clothed from the neck to Iho knee in clothing that shall be thick enough (o conceal Ills person.". , •-•--' Is Victim of Pneumonia Mrs. Loreiie Fil?gcra!d, 38 of nonr niythevllle. died f,\. 8:30 p.m. Friday aflrr , Denver Dudley of Jonesboro, district prosecutor.' will head the- state's counsel, with V?. -Leon Smith of Blyttovllle, assistant prosecutor, also playliis a prominent role. Return from Arizona ; With Robbery Suspects Sherlfr Clarence a Wilson and ms elite/ deputy, Hiic Jackson returned last night fiotn Holbi-ook; Arizona, with Fred and John BT- ryman, prrested thsre who n-ll face charges of robbeiy and pos- aoly kidnaping of \\kham C Wcslbrook, Evadalc, Ark. The two Mississippi county of- ncsrs left last Saturdiv for Hol- biook, a. full week belnx required „_„„,„., 1 1 « uycss coiouy. '° ma! <f Ihp trip and arrange countvlBoTof?S, lays 1^1?^!^ "' Wffl " is * B " D ' ^f^^^ °< ^^ ^ " - ' "•"--"«- «M» * l '^^*^™*^^<^^^^ 0 « -panlcn to accompany them to Ov- Long, who spoke 15 minutes after his allotted time at a broadcasting station, retorted sharply"Certainly not. TKjv were goil enough lo let me go on" Extortionists Threat Child of Boston BankeriZ-dlJ^'JKJ^SiflJSi be tried the .same time, suits arc for personal Injuries resulting from a head-on collision between Silver! Fleet and Bryant trucks on Highway 61 north of Osceola. The' following cases are. s°t for Wednesday: J. H, Grain vs. Joe Thompson. H. A. Price vs. C. P. Ford. Albert H. Wclnbrcnner vs. N. S. Sallba. B. N. Ahlfeldt, receiver, et al, vs, George W. Bunch, et nl; .suit [to Dycss colony. , else may have caused It to "sour." it was the second Instance of meal spoiling nl (he auditorium. About GO.OOO pounds was discov- •sh from Thomas P. B ea i,' prj: I Th % toll ° :nt of the Second Nallonal bank 1 3 ' •• »- »^uuii«iiy (n em to ov- of Boston, and that unless* this X£aty B - Hard 'n. mother and erton park, Memphis where fhcv sum Is turned over to them Seal's ncxt frlcnd ot Btlll ° Hardln and were ordered out of their own cat S-year-old son, Junior, will be de- Mor >" R Hnr <3»i vs. it. W. Melton; i after being held up by the allezed stroyed "like the Lindbergh kid" | slnl for d ™ages resulting from I bandits hsar Wilson The Berry Demand for made .by letter co f ding to thc Post ' alltl te Lindbergh kid" I s " or amages resulting from anits hsar Wilson The Berrv the money has been Punishment of Btllie Hardln while I mans are held In the OaCeoln latl r anrl telephone, ac- at scl)001 b i' M- W. Mellon then I - - ^_ _ Post ' alltl w a rc-i J!!| P e ' 1 " l£ ' ndetlt of Shownee school.) Parchment is b*in z mad» from * «red wollpH i^ i, ,, V A* ," g ia thc Post ' alltl « a tc . |«ipermtMidenl of Shan-nee school.! Parchment is b«ln, dMtrowd S W f ull ^ f thc lll « at 'he Seal horne Soulll " n Tractor Co. vs. Horron sheepsHln In asland' *«jru. ,., tv.., n v ,,] llc j.. ril,«*l.,..» Tll»» flin On. lnn»T,n^» i !_-,. . few- weeks Illness P n w i,r , 'f P»™Kionla. Eh? is survived by old blue law | her husband.. S Fitzgerald aucl ami still on thsi Ilirec children. Inlermcnt wWmnd'e at officlaling. L- O. V 1'any was In charge incnls. Undertaking coin- Roosevelt on Motor Trip WASHINGTON. Jan. 12 "UP)— Accompanied only by his secrcl service guard, president Roosevelt trip today th , set out on a motor h the Maryland and Vlr- .y.nn Waldorf Is Named As Northwestern Coach EVANSTON, fiL. Jan. 12 (UP) —Lynn Waldorf, 32-year-old Kan- Stnte is been ahley ai I 'Press , college foolball coach. - ••.- Chestnut Hill sec- Oln - --- tlon of Newton has been placed Coley Sloltz \;t. w. T. Rllpy et under police guard wilh a special al: action for damages lo automo- gunrd and nurse assigned to pro-ibiie and musical Instruments of lect the child and his sister, Jtid- plaintiff when struck by a UllcU said to belong 16 W. T. RUey of New Madrid, Mo. .... j - ~ methods and tools 1000 yesra ith, 7. The United States, at Iho end of 1 ? 3 ?', J^L. da , velo|M!d walcr P° wer of 14,880,000 horsepower out of an tod>y{ loglcsl survey from tbe ...,. lr more than WEATHER ARKANSAS Rain, warmer In Sunday mostly " Several case,? which were set for [cast .tonight. ounaay mostly trial.this term of court have been cloudy, rain in east ^portion Much settled. since the setting thereof colder Sunday night last Monday. Numerous others on Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy the docket were continued^or, the land warmer with rain late to""" ' night. Sunday ri'h, ' • ; . c

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