The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois on April 27, 1919 · 12
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The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois · 12

Moline, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 27, 1919
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12 MOLINE DAILY DISPATCH. MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 28, 1919. Moline Opens Season May 5 at Rockford; First Game Here HOGHESIfN THREE HITS WIN FOR SATURDAY, 2 TO 1 Plow Boy Pitching Features Frigid Pastime in Cedar Rapids. SABBATH GAME CANCELLED Boyle's Pitchers Wild and Timely Hitting of Nelson and Finn Bring Contest to Moline Club. ' Cedar Rapids, Io., April 28. (Special.) Displaying a punch when it was needed, George Hughes Moline Tliree-I club copped from Frank Uoyle's Regina, Western Canada league, outfit, here Saturday by a score of 2 to 1. Gilt edged pitching by three of Hughes' hurlers with a pair of timely knocks by Nelson and Finn spoiled a one run lead that the 15oylemen had picked up in the sixth frame. " Vith the temperature close to the freezing point only 00 people watched the pastime but those who martyred themselves because of their devotion to the national pastime, saw a ball game of midsummer tightness. The Sunday game which was also scheduled was cancelled early Sunday morning when the heavy rain made the field f inixjssible to play on and the Moline club left at noon for home. ! Boss. Hughes sent three hurlers to the hill during the contest. DeLotelle, the lanky southerner, wiggled thein over in the first five innings, the only blow secured by the Regina future greats, coming with two down in the fifth. Halas relieved him in the sixth, and allowed a pair of hits and one run. Oscar Graham then southpawed the Canucks into submission during the last frame. Regina took the lead in the sixth when Linder singled and went to second on a sacrifice, took third on an out and scored on Nalaway's hit. That was the extent of the Boylemen's scoring. Things looked tough for Moline until the eighth. Hughes walked and went to second on a passed ball. Nelson smacked a hit tov right, sending the chief home with the marker that tied the score. Nelson was thrown out trying to stretch his hit into a double. Halas followed with a pass and came all the way home when Finn slapped out a double on the hit and run. The score : It. II. E. Moline. 00000002 O 2 3 2 Itegina. OOOOOIOO O 1 4 1 Batteries ReLotflle, Halas, Gr- f m ei. and Rigsby ; Fubrman, ISs I lender and Linder. Hill" CHICAGO SEMI-pro GOES TO BLOOMERS P.loornington, III., April 28. Manager Dunn of Bloomington has signed l'itcher Matt Ziezcr of Chicago, In-fielder Hubert Coltrin, late of Los Augeles, and Catcher Walter Henliue of Indianapolis. - JEAN POPE COPS OIL CO. TROPHY East Moline Clay Target Expert Again Defeats Big - Field. ; . : : . . Official Three-I League Schedule, 1919 AT AT AT AT AT AT EVAXSVILLE TERRE HAUTE BLOOM INGTON PEORIA . MOLING ROCKFORD May 0. 10. 11. 12 May 13, 14, 15, 10 May 11, 18, W, 20 May 21. 22.23. 24 Ma, 25 20 27 23 EVANSYILLE READ July 3, 4, 5 June 17, 18. 19. 20 June 21. 22, 23, 24 June 25 20. 27. 28 June 21). 30 July. 1, 2 Aug. 10, 11, 12, 13 July 26, 27, 23, 29 July 30, 31, Aug. 1, 2 Aug. 3, 4, o, G Aug. 7, 8, J May 5. C, 7, 8 May 5 "0 27 28 May 21. 22. 23. 24 May 13. 14, 15, 10 May 17, 18. 19, 20 TERRE HAUTE June 13. 14, 15, 10 THE DIiPTCII June 20, 30. July 1. 2 June 25. 20. 27, 28 June 17, IS. 19. 20 June 21, 22. 23. 24 July 22, 23, 24. 25 TUfc UIM Altii Aug 7, 8, 9 Aug. 3, 4, 5. C July 20. 27, 2S. 29 July 30. 31. Aug. 1. 2 Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1 ' iiinmM BUNaM M inmi i i - June 9, 10. 1 1, 12 June 5. G, 7. S. ' MV 0, 10 11. 12 May 17 18 19. 20 - May 21, 22. 23 24 BLOOM1NGTON JuIy 18, 19. 20, 21 J,y 14. 15. 10, 17 FOR ALL - 3. 4, 5 June 21 22. 23. 24 June 0 0 7. .8 w "0 "7 28 9 - 03 o. o5 July 22. 23. 24, 25 July 0. 7. 8. 9 . Aug. 3. 4. 5. 0 ' " ' Aug. 30. 31. Sept. 1 June 1.-2. 3, 4 May 29. 30. 31 May 5. G, 7, 8 June - 10 Ma J-J PEORIA July 10. 11. 12, 13 July 0. 7, 8, 9 June 13, 14, 15. 10 THE BEST July 18. 19. 20. 21 June 17, IS 19, 20 - . Aug. IS, 19, 20. 21 Aug. 14. 13, 10. 17 Aug. 10, 11. 12. 13 Aug. 20. 27. 2S, 20 July 20. 27. 28. 29 June5. C. 7. 8 June 1. 2, 3. 4 May 29. 30, 31 May 25. 20, 27. 28 - Iay 6' ' 8 ' MOLINE ; July 14, 15, 10, 17 July 10, 11, 12, 13 July 30, 31. Aug. 1. 2 July 29, 30. July 1, 2 SPORTING June 1... 14. !. 10 Aug. 22, 23, 24. 25 Aug. 18, 19, 20, 2l" Aug. 14, 13, 1G. 17 Aug. 7, 8, 9 . July 22, 23, 24, 23 Aug. 30. 31, Sept. 1 May 29. 30. 31 June 9. 10. 11, 12 June 1. 2. 3, 4 June 5. 0, 7, 8 May 9. 10. 11, 12 ROCKFORD July G, 7, 8, 9 July 18. 19. 20, 21 July 10. 11. 12. 13 July 14. 15, 10, 17 July 3. 4. 5 NEWS Aug. 14. 15. 10. 17 Aug. 20. 27. 28. 29 " Aug. 18. 19, 20. 21 Aug. 22. 23. 24. 25 Aug. 10, 11, 12, 13 Official Schedule Of Three-I Out For Publication Today May 9 PLAN GALA DAI The official schedule for the Thrcc-I league, released today, while not entirely satisfactory and giving the three southern cities a decided advantage, is the best that could Lc draft' d on short notice and has been accepted by all the cities. About the only criticism that Mo line has is that the season opens on SalubriOUS Monday, May when it eou.d just as well have been opened next Friday, giving each city in the league eight Sundays and tonkin? tip for the additional four days with open dates that could have been used for exhibition purposes. It also makes it necessary to play four week day games at frequent intervals in the same city, another feature that is bad. Under the schedule. Moline will get one holiday, July 4, when Rockford is here for two games. The I'low I toys will open at Rockford for four days and will then return to the home lot for a quartet of contests with the Rockford club, follow-in? with twelve games at home with Terre Haute and Bloomington and Evansville. Peoria makes its first appearance here June 9. 1 WHEN PLOWS I LIFT THREE ! Ul Ceremonies Wii Mark Opening of Tearney Loop in Moline. is AFTER ATTENDANCE CUPS Mayor Skinner to Be Ashed to HMt, First Ball. While Music,Vi Bt a Big Feature, support. The fielding of Itouseh and Carey was high class. Score : R. II. E. Cincinnati . 01200001 4 9 !' Pittsburgh . 00010000 0 5 0 Batteries Rcuther and Rariden : Hamilton, Kvans and Schmidt. DAVENPOR HIGH T IS EASY VICTOR IN CHOLA T C MEET Iowans.-Pile Up Eighty-six Points to Win Annual Event. MOLINE IS A BAD THIRD Maynard Wood Is Individual Star for Maroon and White with Eight Points. Sixteen Shooters Compete at Moline Cua Club Traps Locals Shooters at M. I. N. K. Events. Breaking 47 out of a possible 50, Jeau A. Pope, East Moline expert, won the Illinois Oil Co. trophy from a held of sixteen competitors at the traps of the Moline Gun club Saturday afternoon. It was the third time that Mr. Pope has won the trophy and assures him a place in the finals lor. permanent possession of : the val uable cup. Most of Pope's shooting was done from the twenty-two and twenty-three-yard rise, which toceth er with the weather conditions makes his score remarkable." Henry First and J. M. Welch are representing the local shooters at Omaha this week for participation in tne annual M. I. N. K. shoot. A. D. Sperry, the last winner of the trophy, piacea ic in competition. Mr. Pope announced that he would offer it again in two weeks. Following are the scores of Satur day, all made from a possible 50: J. A. Pope O. B. Stool Walter Kimklc . . Dr. C. C. Sloan .. .7. M. Welcl Dr. Louis DeSaint Al Taylor C. Liiidqiiist . A. D. Spetrjr . Frank Welch . A. R. Cline Ed Lindquist . W-. R. Morgan A. Johnson JJ. Johnson . . . , 47 40 40 45 45 44 43 43 43 43 42 42 40 40 27 Rolling up a total of eighty-six points, Davenport walked away with premier honors in the eleventh annual tri-city high school track ' sod Held meet, Ktaared at Browoing park. Mo-liae. SSuturdajr , afternova. fco coin-pletely il the Davenporters outclass their rivals that the meet developed D Jill lU I'""!!11" , Hi lie hnm Hougcht to cor first io every event. Itock Island finished second with twenty-seven points, and Moline stras-Sied in last, accredited with fourteen points. Of the fifteen events, the Iowans copped eleven firsts, Rock Island three and Moline one. Individual honors were divided between Jennings aud P.est, both of Davenport. Makeever and Politz, both of Iaveniwrt. tied for two firsts. Maynard Wood grabbed eisht points scored by the Maroon and White. Not in a single event did the athletes threaten .the records of the tricky meet. There were several intensely interesting' races, but no phantom sprinters or Jjong men extraordinary were uncovered. Louis Best, junior, of Davenport, proved the dark horse in the short dashes, winning both in brilliant fashion. He clipped off the GO-yard in 5 4-5 seconds, and stepped the century in IO 4-5. In the short sprint he was . hard pushed by Finkelstein of Uock Island, and by his mate, Sears in the MXI-jard dash. The Iowans won the mile relay, but the Islanders, because of a sensational dash by Finkelstein. were victors in the half-mile. This latter was by far the most interesting race of the afternoon. The Davenport track athletes were responsible for the overwhelm ing majority of points rolled up. Hon ors in the weight events were evenly apportioned among the three schools. Following are the track events, the winners, and the records made: 120-yard high hurdles Jennings. Davenport; Duffin, Rock Island; Nor-dahl,. Moline. . Time; 18 1-5. . 50-yard dash Best, Davenport; Finkelstein. Rock Island ; Sears. Davenport. Time: 5 4-5. Mile run Priest,. Davenport; Mer-gy, Davenport: Ford. Moline. Time: 5 17 4-5. 100-yard dash Best. Davenport : Sears, DavcnDott: Fiukelstoi n. Itock Island. Time: 10 4-5. 440-yard dash Fox. Davennort : i Vollmer, Davenport: Schmidt. Rock- Island. Time: 50 2-5. 220-yard low hurdles Jennings. Davenport: Anirst. Davenport: Duf fin. Itock Island. Ti Half-mile run Schick. Davennort : Shorey, Davenport; Frederickson, Moline. Time : 2 :lfl. 220-yard dash Finkelstei n. Rnr-k Island: Harper. Rook Island: Marks Davenport. Time 25 3-5. Mile relay Won bv Davennort team composed of Priest. Shirk. Voll mer and Fox. - Rock Island second, team composed of OhweiW, Duffin. Milstead and IJIankenburg. Moline third team, composed of Babcoek. Fiedei ickson. Xordahl. and P.irsnn Time: 4:02 1-5. Half-mile relay Won hv Rock T- land, team composed of Harner. HloL-o- ly Shafter and Finkelstein. Daven port second, team composed of Ochs. Marks. Jennings and Sears. Field ftvents. Pole vault Makeever, Davenport; Kerns, Davenport; Wright, Moline. Height, 9 feet inches. - High jump Johnson and Politz. Davenport, tied ; II o y t, Moline. Height, 5 feel 2 inches. Running broad jump Makeever and I'olita, Daveniwrt. tied; Hoyt, Moline. Distance, 17 feet 474 inches. Discus throw .Wood, Moline; Wagner, Davenport: Schick, Daven-Iort. Distance, 05 feet 4 inches. Shot put-Milstead, Rock Island; Wood, Moline; Sejirs, Davenport. Distance, 30 feet 10 inches. , -Officials. Following are the officials who served : - Bcferee Carl L. Anderson. Clerk J. R. Freeman. Judges of finish Mclntyre, Keiber and Xordgren. Timers Newman and Halas. Field judges Lau. Nutting and Windoes. I Inspectors Rergstrom, Crakes and 1 Bcrgstroiu. Scorer Keller. Announcer Tref2. THOUSANDS SEE PALE HOSE DOWN I DETROIT GERS Gleascn Proteges Slam Ball to All Corners of Lot for 6-to-4 Win. RED SOX IN A SHUTOUT STANDING AND RESULTS ISoston Chicago , AMERICAN LEAGUE. W. 1 Tot. -2-0 l.OOO R mi!! 1 1 1 Cleveland - . -I'haladelphia . . . Ietroit "Vastiingrton - St. Ijouis ...... New York . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 O l 1 a 3 1 ,ro ,.2."iO .000 NATIONAL LEAGUE. W. L. Pet. Cincinnati 5 O 1.000 Brooklyn 3 O l.OOO Philadelphia 2 1 .Mi7 Chicago 2 2 . .500 Pittsburgh 2 2 .500 New.l"oik ...... .... 1 , 15st"n ......0,3 .000 St. Louis- 0 5 .000 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Senators Fall Before Slants of Jones While Three Hurlers Fail Theni. DctroitMich., April 28. Before a crowd which was much too big for the ball park here, the White Sox continued their punishment of pii-hers yesterday and won tfe opening game of the series with the Tigers f- a margin of O to 4. - Considering the chiiiv, threetenins D IHKBttlilliK W. I ret. Minneapolis ... 2 0 .1.000 Louisville ...4 1 .800 St. Paul ..... 4 1 .800 Columbus ... ........ 2 1 .G',7 Indianapolis 2 3 .400 Kansas City ... 1 2 .333 Toledo 0 2 .000 Milwaukee 0 5 !oOC Yesterday's Results. American League. Chicago. O : Ietroit. 4. Boston. 8; Washington, 0. Cleveland at St. Louis, rain. No other games scheduled National League. Chicago, 7; St. Louis, 1. Cincinnati, 4; Pittsburgh. 1. No other games schedu'ed. American Association. St. Paul, 4 ; Louisville, 2. Indianapolis, 11 ; .Milwaukee, Minneapolis, 4; Columbus. 3. Kansas City, 17; Toledo, 8. Southern Association." Chattanooga, 5: Atlanta. 0. New Oilcans, 5; Mobile, 3. Birmingham. 1G : Nashville. tattle uock, 8 : Memphis. 1. Pacific Coast League. San Franc'co, 3-4; Sacramento, 2-5. Salt Lake, 7 ; Los Angeles, 3. Portland. 7; Vernon, 1. .Seattle, 1 ; Oakland. 0. Games Today. American League. Chicago at Detroit. Cleveland at St. Louis. . Philadelphia at New. York. Boston at Washington. National League. St. Louis at Chicago; Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. New York at Boston. Brooklyn at Philadelphia. 0. Weather. It was a itrcat turnout of rooters, and conservative estimates ran as high a 2.1.000. The bupf er-flowec" everywhere except into f'ft field, which is short enough anyway, and made ground rules necessary, but these rules did not prevent Joe Jackson Cetting credit for a four-baRscr. Joe hit the ball so far into the right field stand there was no argument about it. Gondii Continues Hatting Spree. Oandil continued the ferocious ap petite he developed Saturday and made three straight hits in as many times ip, but fell down the fourth time he came to bat. Schalk, who insisted on gettin back into harness after only one day's rest, also smashed three safe ones, while Liebold, Weaver and Collins contented themselves with a pair of hits apiece. Dauss was receiver general for most of this punishment, bnt was not taken out until Jennings wanted to shoot in a pinch bitter in the seventh. That let Kallio in to finish the slabbing, and h(s wildness gave tbe Sox a tally in the ninth. " " ,.. Chicago Liebold, rf . . . Weaver. 3d" . . K. Collins 2b Jackson, If . . Felsoli, cf ... Oandil, lb . Itisberg, s.-s , Schalk, c . . Williams, p Totals . . . Detroit AB. R. II. PO.A. ...4 . .4 ...4 ...a ..4 12 3 -2 2 O O 2 1 112 0 0 5 1 3 10 1 0 3 0 3 3 0 0 0 .34 0 13 M. A. A. Is To Entertain Kids During Summer Here is the kids chance to see tascball this summer with ut difficulty. The Moline Athletic association, believing that the good will of the kids is worth thousands of dollars in the future to baseball, has secured special dispensation from the officials of the Tluce-I league to let them into the park this summer at a cost of about one and one-half rents per game. That's cheap enough. Isn't it? Season tickets good Lr 03 games of baseball that will be 'played here this summer have been printed and are now on sale at tha headquarters of the association, 501 People's bank building. The total cost is $1.10, which includes war tax. and they will be sold to kids under- t A years cf age. Tlie ttekets beer at roapon far-ravh game, which vrill be punched ait the gate as they go into the rwlt. flca-e is an excellent ebance for Mr. Ooodfellow. If you know of m kid or two. mt three or four, who won't get to see the national pastime this summer because of a lack of funds, why don't you lalia one of the kinks out of tliat wrinkled old heart of yours and make some kids happy? Without one of. these season tickets the admission price for kids will be the same as for adults. Orders accompanied by checks will be promptly filled at headquarters of the association. TYLER'S HURLING GIVES-MITCHELL ANOTHER GAM E Flack Poles Four-Base Drive Off First Ball Pitched by Goodwin. CINCINNATI WINS ANOTHER Reds Make It Five Straight Downing Pirates in Sunday Melee. by Chicago, April, 2S. S'eat aud pr cis? pitching Ky George Tyler and some bsneup, solid hittins. by his mates, gave the Oufcrs a cleanup vie tnry, 7 to 1. over the St. IVouis Card IP inals in their firs pitched a trio of Washijgton slabnien today, and Boston won the opening game of ita series here, S to O. The local team fielded poorly. Score : It. II. E. Boston .... .3 0 0 1 1 3 0 0 0 8 ) 0 Washington .000000000-0 3 3 15a tten'es Jones and Walters; Shaw, Hoo lick, Thompson and Pici-uich. . - Open cuffs are cool and pretty for summer dresses. Bushj ks ..4 0 -Tones, ob . .4 0 Cobb, tf . . ;. .... .4 0 Veach, If ....... .4 ) Ileilman. lb . . . . .3 2 Flagstcad, rf 4 1 Young, 2b 3 1 Stanage, c .... 0 Datisw, p 2 0 Ellison 1 o Ainsmith, c ..1 0 Kallio, p t. .() o tDyer 1-0 Totals 31 4 Well. What of It? Bij AKwinted 1'rmn tensed VTiie. Los Angeles, April 2S. William Baiift of Los Angeles won title of national handball champion. ,9 Batted for Dauss in seventh. tHat-ted for Kallio in ;ii.ith. 1 hicago 0 1 0 0 2 1 1 0 1 G ! J'etrnit 0 10 10 0 10 Sacrifice hits Weaver, Felsch Bis-berg (2), Young. Stolon bases Weaver, Schalk. Young. Two-base hits-Weaver. K. Collins, Veach. Home run Jackson. Struck out Daus 3: Williams. 2. Bases on balls-Da us, l; Kallio, 2. Double plavs Dauss-Stanage-IIeilmnn : Bush-Youn" Felsch-Oandil. Hits Dauss 11 jn"7 inninga. Hit by pitchy-Jackson. Ixtsiug pitcher .Dauss. lied Sox 8; Washington 0. Washington, "Aniil 2S.Jones out- i: : i 27 13 5 si ,rTrtfr II.PO.A.E. UY00 ( Jhf 2m , x&- H - iU I V Vvll 14 lYIWWVfl year at the northstde yesterday. Tyler was in such fancy form that he set the Monnd City crew " down without a hit for six innings, and the boys behind him poled eleven swats after Max Flack began the assault bf driving the first pitched ball over the right wall for a home run. It was another torrihle day for the national game, but with a cold, misty rain falling, there were close to 700) persons out there, end all of thorn were satisfied with the show. Scar:e-'v on inning had been reeled off be fore the mist began. In the middle of the rnmc it had developed into a drizzling rain, but Umpire Byron decided a lit(I wnter and mud wouldn't hurt the players, so he. kept the contest going to a finish. Score : Chicago AB. R. II. ro. A Flack, rf 4 1 1 2 O Hollochcr. sit f 1 2 O 1 Mann, if . . Paskert, cf MVrkle. lb' Pick. 2b .. KildnfT. 3b Killcfer, c Tyler, p .. ..4 o A ..4 ..4 . .4 o 1 2 0 1 1 IS 3 2 1 O 1 5 1 0 F.. O 0 0 0 0 0 o o o rt 0 4 4 ...4 ...:4 Totals .... St. Louis Shotten, If . . Smith, rf Heathcoate. cf Ilornsby. ss . , Stock, 3b 2 Panlettc. lb Svliultz. 2b Hyder, c . Goodwin, p Tlomoiis , . Tucro, p . ...33 7 11 2T 13 An. R. II. TO. A. .4 A" .3 .1 .0. .0 0 O 0 0 o 1 o o 0 o 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 1 1 0 1 1 13 1 4 2 0 0 0 Soldiers Ask Gov. Harrington To Allow Fight Cumberland, Md.. April 28. A meeting of returned soldiers of the re cent war was held Saturday night aud a resolution adopted and addressed to Governor Harrington, stating that they believe it their privilege to have a voice in the matter of allowing the Willard-Dempsey fisht to be staged at Cumberland. Tex Rickard has h ft for By JOHNNY WALKER. While tbe Plow Boys were out oil the city Saturday and Sunday, officitlj i of the Moline Athletic association be-f gan working on the plans for the open ing of the Three-I 6cusod ia Mulinel on May 9, and from the prelimimrjl negotiations, tbe event will surpass! - , i, I. ; ,i ... uujiiuug oi me nuu ever anemia ia the tri-cities. It is an open secret in the tri-citm! that Moline is determined to retiiti the big Tearney cup, won in 1017 foil . I . I JV J. A .1 1 Ml . I tne largest aiicuuauce recoru. iiiii year in addition to the prezy'i cm tbe Terre Haute Tribune has also oil fered a valuable trophy and it i! improve the appearance of associi-i tion headnuartcrs if it is Placed futl by side with the Tearney cup. In orJcl to do this, however, it will be oce sary for Moline to beat an attendant of 7000 which is threatened at Evans ville. Tickets there are already oil sale and it is said that the Ohio rite city is out to take the laurelrfroil the Mississippi. Mayor-elect C. P. Skinner will tl asked to deliver one of his well know.! and justly celebrated curve balls V... V....1, .-,1 T..l. IV I, , v iiin nun .iiiui .....iu.ui.i, ai.Fi . . , .. ....... i i:..t.i start tne game in tue osuai iafaioio: agree on Cumberland, went' to Balti- ope.nins ay. festivitie.s amid the boo; more for further conference with the governor. Rickard expects a final an swer tomorrow. WALKER ARRIVES IN ROCK ISLAND FOR BURKE BOUT Young Sam Lang ford Breaks Hand and Kid Irish Is : 111 III and squawks of the rabble. 11 Skinner declares, however, that tl-JS first bird who lets a peep out of throat may receive the usual pitch right on his adams apple, Kit behooves the wild-eyed fan who trstr gresses to be ready to duck. Rock Island, Davenport and Ei" Moline are expected to assist i: swelling the crowd to monster prop' tions and from the interest ehowa . baseball in both towns, it appears tbj these sister cities are preparing i support. the Moline club in great til ion. The painters begin work at the par;! this week and a lot of new signs v I make their appearance tefore the el I of tbe week- Applications for r at the nark are coming fast, and it " expected tliat new boards will nave rl i be erected m order to please toe icn titude of applicants. (.etc, il DES MOINES SENDS FANS .Managers of Heavyweights Doth Con fident of Decisive Victory Wlien Slam-Bang Artists Mingle. it... .i inT back, to tbe orwninf nrocram, band concert and a inn will start the - afternoon off rk j while the Retail Merchants hskkcj tion, at a meeting last week, voted tef close their stores at 2 bells on tht i'S teinoon of May J) in order to'ilM every one to take in tbe justly fc' mous ball game. By DON W. HUTCHINSON. The inauly art of self defense will have a swell opportunity of establish ing its absolute necessity in present day life next Thursday night at the Kmpire rink iu . Rock . Island, when lugh Walker of Kansas City and Wrestlers Fit For Big Match On Chicago Mat liy Associated Press Leased Wir. Chicago, April 2S. Ed (Strangle! Lewis of Kentucky and vtiauei Jack Burke of Des Moines get togeth- Zbyszko, the I'ole, said today tit er. Here is the reason. It will take wt,e 1,1 l'r""e coiumion iw i- swell defense bv both boys to keen tinish wrestling match, catch-as-catn from being put away on the pugilist c t-an styie at L-oliseum tonignt. shelf, because both these biiMs are said winner, it was said, will be mate! to hit with the force of a dron foree lith Sergt. Earl Caddock of Iw and the frequency of a trip liammcr. w" ,s stm in tlie ormJ" Ior w .1 . .. ... . ,..,..!.!'.. 1 !.! i i1. 1. I oo jou can see mat there will be some Heavy weight uw. tall scrambling ' around that ring Thursday night to keep away from the sleep producers that both boys swing. in either of these boys make any claim to the tit!e of the most scientific boxer in the world. Both claim to Ihe men have met' several .tinf within the last two years without i decision but recentlv in New Y Zbyszko defeated Lewis in a one-h: I match. The flirreement nrovfroa rlmt if f'Kfl hit as hard and more ofteu than any is a fal1 isidc of two hours, two oir of three falls shall decide the mat If there is no fall in two hours ti man winning one fall is to be larUthc victor. - Martin Delanev. ohvsical dire-to' or the Chicago Athletic associitio: referee of ti Totals . , 4 24 11 J Who remembers v.hen tir tli.-atri-cal season used V close early enough fer a feller P save a little mon.-y fer straw hat? Where ther's a fern an a baby in Hi same home soniebuddy's coiii P tit til' woih. of it. ...30 1 Batted for Goodwin in eighth Chicago 11200030 7 St. Louis .0000000 1 01 Stolen bases rick (2), Killefcr, Sacrifice hits Paskcrt 2). Two- oase hits Pick, Kilduff. raulet'c, scnultz, Iloathcoato. Home run-Flack. Struck out-r-By Tyl-r, 4 '.oo f in. 2. Bases on balls Off vm, 1: Tureo. 1. Double play; J yler-l'ick-Merkle : Stock-TInr-i- ty. Hits Off Goodwin, 11 in 7 linings. Hit by pitcher Bv Goodwin Tyler. Time 1:4.1. Umpires Byron nnd Harrison. Reds Win Another. Cincinnati.'. April" 2S. By timely batting in the second and third innings. Cincinnati defeated Pittsburgh, 4 to 1. It was the Reds' fifth straight victory. Itwas Pitcher Earl Hamilton first defeat in the National oague. He won all six of the game l e pitched last season before going into the navy.' Ilui-thcr was wild, but effective, and received sensational other living exponents of the manly art. Neither is prone to clinching, ac cording to the dope spread by those who have seen them in action, and the most impressive word that has been passed mound' is that which descrihes them as standing in the middle of the nas Decn selected as rins'. to 'swan punches nil thn tlmo Dout What promised to be a bie disap pointment in the show lias jn reality - ew Zealand Winner, tinned out to De a blessing for Babe "! Assoeiahd ',-,. Unsei Win. ArAn. m r. I .uctiuui. . loung ftam-.jangford, I 'aria, April 2S. The America8 matcneu to Uo battle with Kid Ferdie crew wn dcfcnio.i i. k v fa in the eight-round semi-windup, sus- land crew in the final heat of tbe re luiiivu uioucii nanu -wiiiic working out in. the gym Friday afternoon and will be iHiable to appear. Fortunately for Babe, Kid Irish. Des Moines welterweight, is in the city end in excellent shape, so he was immediately signed to substitute for Longford. He is well known in the tri-cities nnd his friends are willing to back him to beat Ferdie. gatta for the trophy offered by tt 1 1 rowing club of France. A negligee of blue with enuirrel. chiffon is nfedjyU r Dispatch Short Ads Bring Result - r. Jones' GREEENE RIVVER An oah for . the thirsty. At All -Fountains. full c !!!!!! NO riCE! We rcnf Ytur Vukauzlng. jTREED & SCHEPPER5 1322 4th Ave. 4 CHICHESTER S PIUS A & hl--he.(rrIMiinioJBr'Y now, wiia iu m v Pnieelt. A '"CIIIXlftjIE; diamond iuiAM iiixrj; 5.QLD.BY DRl'OGISISJDIIfflKIB k ' if

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