The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXXIV— NO. 10 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTflKAST MISSOURI Blythevllle ccurier Blytlievllle Herald nlythevllle Dally News Mlsslssl|)]>i Valley Leode ARKANSAS, FK1DAY, -APRIL !), 1W7 SINGLE COPIKS FIVE CENT'S \ OFFENSIVEl [Green Plans Action TflVOIIVCPC HPT oust c. i.o. unions I NArHiLnd Ho 1 Dynamite Throwing Astur- ians Come to the Aid of Besieged Bilbao WITH LOYALIST ARMY IN CASA DEL CAMPO, Madrid, apr. 9 'UP>—Madrid's defenders opened a battering offensive west. east, and north of the capilal loday in a supreme effort to drive the inv-rters from its gates. Gen. Jose Miaja, commanding the defending army, threw the full strength of his forces Into action under a withering blast of artillery shells and aerial bombs. His infantry and machine gun smiads relentlessly pushed the insurgents back through the heavily wootled Casa Del Campo park. To Ihc north another defend- j ing column was pushing southward from the El Pardo woods, . seeking to wedge In behind the insurgents in Casa del Campo nn<l ci'l them off. Eastward in the Guadalajara mountains a heavy artillery duel was going on. The rebels shelled Hita and Gajaneros. north of Guadalajara, and authorities ordered the latter town evacuated of its civil population. Basques Are Reenforced BLBAO, Apr. 0 (UP)—Thirty- five thousand dynamite throwing Astitrlans si'crc sent into line today lo help hold back the advance ' of Gen. Emillo Mola's Invading nationalist army. now within heavy -artillery range of Bilbao, the Basque capital. ers in the insurgents' path lo more than 100,000..' * Arrjvaj .of.' the Asturian reen- forcements; coincided with': that . of Lt; ~ Hidalgo de Cisneros, - gov- A cnimenl icir A force-c6mniander, "who flew"fi'o"m Madrid to organize aviation in an effort to repulse Mola's I ! WASHINGTON, Apr. 9 (UP)—! 'President William Green of the American Federation, of Labor announced loday that Ihe federation's executive council would meet within ten days to consider summoning a special- A, p. of L. convention with power to expel rebel Committee for Industrial Organization unions. Green said he would announce the exact date of the council meeting shortly but that in any, case the federation leaders would | assemble inside of ten days. StcelJSeissoi-sW Tree Chopping Hone to Cul Outgo and ; Brine Warrants Back lo f Par Value President, ^ However, Is Not Yet Certain of Relief Needs . Apr. 9 (UP)President Roosevelt today renewed Ills expression of hope that there will be no need for new taxes nt this congressional session. Mr. Roosevelt's statement was made as he prepared to present to congress next week his estimates of the required relief appropriation for tile 1938 fiscal His sta lenient that he hoped no additional taxes will be necessary came in the face of lagging tax receipts and congressional approval of expenditures not included in the budget. Mr. Roosevelt said lie had not yet decided the amount lie will recommend be spent for unemployment aid during the next fiscal year. The figure will be decid- , special ssage to cffensive. U. . The message, he said, will contain 5 revised budget estimates brought lip to date since last Dec- tmbtr. ..... ______ . . .'. , President' Roosevelt •' sold" that submission of new budget estimates Is a routine executive func- j ve • • itiun-o ( .i u luuLtut; executive lunc- Cisnrros brought a number !'»"• llsllnll >' ^one toward the end li-Dhmes will, hi,,, . 0f> cangre5slonal ^ cssfon of airplanes .with Jiim, .pausing] H*""?.' riV^I- t >1» 110 Knn.i lie* '1!.,^~ i_ J.'. I "VJ«*.l S71 , over the nationalist Alines to drop 50 bombs on Ochandlano. Behind the lines of. the government called out three more class- recruits—1929, 1930 and Sa1d . 'he cur- mil session promises to be long, lie is doing it in the middle of . the session. j Mr. Roosevelt would not com- itnent on how long 'the session may last. Russia in New Demand LONDON, Apr. 9 (UP)—Rlissiu opened a new offensive today against Ilaly's intervention In Spain. Ivan Malsi, Soviet ambassador, delivered something related to verbal WASHINGTON, Apr. 9 (UP)— „ .„ „ The department of agriculture to- ultlmalum lo Lord Ply- dn 5' reported the winter wheat mouth, chairman of the Interim- i condition on April 1 at 73 8-10 Winter Wheat 73..8-10 Further steps toward tits perfec- lion of a permanent, county-wide organization of taxpayers to assist In plugging alleged leaks in county finances and to restore the valiK of county warrants lo par Were taken at a mebllng of property owners at Osceola last night. W. p. (Hy) Wilson, of Wilson, who was named temporary chairman at a preliminary meeting two weeks ago. was made permanent chairman and C. E. Sullsnjer. Oi- ceola, for many years secretary of the old Mississippi County Tax-1 payers association.' was made permanent secretary-treasurer. The organization will have the same purposes as the old Mississippi County Taxpayers association, which functioned with varyln» effectiveness for 35 years, until declining interest resulted In Us d2- mise last year. The new association is virtually a revival of the old one and will have the same name. Will Name Executive Hoard Chairman Wilson was directed to appoint an executive board of seven members, to include himself and to represent all parts of the county, whlcli will have authority to act for the association: , The two major immediate objectives of the association are: 1.—To .restore the value of county warrants by making, casli available to meet county obligations. Money for'tins purpose will be obtained from advances lo be made by members on future taxes. The resulting fund will be -spent only for such county purposes'as are approved by the association's execu-i tive board. ;., . . >. / 2.—To keap-cou.ifty-cqp'iSlitiiroif 1 . within revenues (a) by stopping the alleged illegal diversion of revenues ihat should go to the county and (b) by cooperating with -tha county judge to hold down count;expenditures. County. Judge S._L. Gladish, who attended the meeting, said that the county's present financial situation H Hi H was'critical and that he welcomed ! L HIS assistance in straightening It out. j U IlLJ C.|of C.Adds 50 Members; Goal Near Fifty additional memberships In Ilii' Illytlievllle chamber of Commerce \vcre signed up this moin- liiS!. virtually assuring success 0( Hie r»jni)»l|!ii launched InsL Tuesday night to give Ihc organization the Onancliil resources to curry on an t'lleclivc program. Lenders In today's canvass cstl- WASHINGTON,- Apr. !) (Ul'l— tunted ut noon that their Job WAS 'amo.s II. Angell, retiring presl- 011| y about luil! done, Tlia filly iimi *r v.,1 ._.,... niembcrslilus signed Unlay brought Ihc loliil to 171) and It appears certain Mini when the campaign is IN WHICH! Ronsevcll, Under Fire by Yale President, Predicts Sennle Majority J dent, of Yale . university" today n-IMH/ed President Roovvelt's proposed judiciary plan In a letter ninde public by Senator William H. I "included the figure will "bs'wsli King (Dem.. Utah). ntavn the 200 murk and possibly In excess of the 2-10 on which the Chamber of Commm-e budget for the year Is based. Workers in locluy's drive reported Hint they encountered very tew refusals, inability of committees to cover the territories allotted them In the lime available and the fuel Unit, a conslderuble number of prospects ware not In accounted for failure lo complete the campaign. Mop-up squads will complete the solicitation nest week. A bite ;that means more than ..the bark Is provided by the "tree- scissors" Invented by. Kirk Knight'. 27, of Bartlett. Tex., to "clear wooded land in a hurry. Resembling a'big- beetle, top photo, the machine' te,p.puiitcii;ionj,.tlu..- ; froli - :'. ; of. 1 C>.tractor.- ,Tbe big- steel -Jfiws 'whlrtf- Knlghl is pointing out bite through • the wood .when they make contact with a tree, as shown In lower photo. The cross-bar above the blades .pushes the tree forward. Knight says lie can average two trees a minute and estimates the machine win do the work of 200 woodchoppcrs. The largest tree it has cut was 22 Indies across. Angell's letter characterized (lie president as guilty of "llugrant political bad faith" In trying lo "whip Democrats Into line" bc- hlnii Ihc court plan. King made public the letter as the senate Judiciary committee heard Prof. William M. Cain nf Notre Dame university, nnrt Fred- fiic K. Coiidtrt, New York lawy- ! er, both opponents of the Jiulic- | laiy reorganization: Teslimony went forward as senatorial sources reported that President Roosevelt was confident nf iiitTidcnl votes in the senate lo aiiprovi; Ills program. Tlir president'.'! expression of cr'tilldonce was disclosed as op- of the measure . appeared lo te Joining with administration leaders In n move to bring the hcailng:; before Ihe senate Juillc- lury (ommittce lo a close, probably within ten days, The opposition move was understood to be based on new pol!t •/ senate sentiment Indicating, Itey asserted,- that virtually half of tlie chamber could be counted on lo vote against the court bill. They also expressed hope of a majority vole In the judiciary committee which administration leaders indicated might rush the lo the senate floor by 100 H P.E1 Inclusion of Compulboiy Crop Limitation PIOVIS- 1011 Is': Planned WASHINGTON, A|H 0 (UP) — Congressional agricultural lenders revealed todny that they anticipate nquests from Ihe administration late tills session for recnactnient of crcp production conliol features of t'.ie invalidated AAA, As outlined by members of con- tress who have conferred with Hie •president of with Secretary of Agriculture Henry A Wnlliie the nntlciimtcd program will be divided into three parts: 1. linaotment of the "eier- novniiil Bianary" iilmi, long/ncl- vuraleil by Wnlhec lo nulntaln Hie , nation's supplj of ce'fol Klillns nt nn even level. 2. Provision for lolunl ir) conU lllE.inci' wllli production control quoins set by Ihi: government, a. Compulsory control, whlcli \vc\ilil be used oul) as a "lasl rcsorl" In event \olunliri t°n- Irnl sbituld prove Inadequate anil rnnrtKOlls surpluses should lie <uimulille, ' early In May.' Mr. Roosevelt's declaration that iic admlnislnitfon wns f>tire-'of fulflcient connresslonal. support to puss. (he bill enlarging .the supreme court became, known aflcr the visit of a Democratic senator lo the White 'House, Stale Convention Called lo Order by l\lrs. B. A. Lynch 'this Morning There arc more than 100 delegates and other P, E. O. members attending the state convention which opened here this morning. The concluding session will lie held tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. B. A. Lynch, state president, presided at the monilug'fprogram at the First. Presbyterian cluircli; President Denies Plan •' for Cutting Gold Price WASHINGTON, Apl 9 <UP)— President Roosevelt said today he knows or no plan lo lower .the 'jrcsenl price of golc' t now $35 an ounce. • Mr. Roosevelt said that the United Stales' treasury likewise has - : IID plan along that line. Report.-, of such a move, liu said iecin to ovlgln'nto fiom Ih'e foi- elgn press. .-, 'At the: same thjio administration at the First Prasbylcrlan . churclil flscnl officials were-watching with •Tills;-meeting--was* open only • to keen interest oueratjom of tha federal reserve syslSn's open inm- He will soon publish a statement of the. county's financial condition, he said, which will show approxi- /•> M . . , mately $80.000 in county warrants tent Normal April 1 outstanding, exclusive of road fund tlonnl non-intervention committee. Maiski demanded that a time limit be fixed for Mussolini to abandon his refusal to discuss the withdrawal of foreign volunteers from Spain. per cent of normal and estimated production _of 650,019,000 bushels. 137.0CO.OOO bushels in excess of last year. 17-Ccnt Kill Deferred . LAMAR, Colo. (UP)—A taxpayer , requested of County Treasurer S. Fred Clark that he be permitted to pay his taxes in two installments. Clark agreed. The taxpayer presented his tax notice of 17 cents and paid 8 cents on account. Langston Reelected Mayor of Luxora LUXORA, Ark.—In the annual city election Tuesday R. c. Lang- slon was reelected mayor, without opposition. He will be assisted in the , warrants, of which there also is a substantial sum. Mo=t of triess warrants', he said, were issued in payment" of IS3C claims for which no warrants were issued prior to January 1. 1937. The. county, he Police at Seoul Unearth 100 Striking Workers Hold --•••"-••^•'wiixv.ioi jvyjyj Bodies of Move Than Mississippi Cot Ion Fac- 100 Victims I tOi . The judge presented figures on opernlioii of the county pemil farm for the three months ending March 31, showing operating expenditures only slightly in excess of receipts, despite n substantial expenditure for shoes and clothing. He said that with radish and spinach crops coming on and with the 1936 federal cotton program benefits soon to , , e upeo co reported that police there had mil] "ten weeks If necessary to excavated 157 bodies described as get our demands" of a 40-h<,ur vi week -and a 15 per cent wage I - ea in me administration of rliv , --•;— >---=•-••• -- ••- nfrnirs h* in,.t- •>r i j ue paid he believed he could affairs b> Jack Majors, recorder. cratp „.„ fnrm nn ,,, ,..„„,.., , Abe Liverant. T. D. Wilkins, Will I llHvoalt, Jessie Brown, and Bob Iliomas, aldermen. BY - BOB BURNS _ New York Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. 3 IUP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close erate the farm on Its income until the 1937 cotton croo matures. Wilt Enlist To meet the county's need for cash the Taxpayers Association plans an immediate campaign to enlist members who will agree to Apr. 9 (UP ,_ A Dome! TUPE.O. ^patch fhvndrcd .ll-down 0 (UP) _ A Security Board Makes Grants,.to Arkansas WASHINGTON. April 0. (UP) — The social security board loday announced granls to 11 sjatcs totaling S2.-I59.3M for public assistance to dependent children and needy aged. The Brants Included: Arkansas—aged. S105.000' children, S82,500. Allotments for dependent chil- ijren to ^^^T^T^tlia^'Sftr^^ a " e '° r -^!L!L^ rrnnrtrTl Mint Tinlina tlm..,* l.«,l III ,,._. . .- ' VUHUIL of the Hakti-Haku-Kyo cult, organized by religious fanatics and said to enslave young girls for immoral purposes. Dome! reported that the authorities in Korea believed hundreds of others were slain by the cult. The victims found were mostly young girls who had been attacked, strangled and some- limes buried alive. - Kairyu Zen. founder of the cult, was among those idenllfied in the excavations. He was charged with killing three girls Boom Wharton for crease The sit-down started Wednesday. The mill's other 300 cm- Attorney General LITTLE ROCK. Apr. The enst memers wo will agree o ce girs advance a definite sum each month I ^ forc feeing and committing sill- for which they will be given county c « c - for belter : attorney for the stale" revenue department, in the race lor the Democratic nomination for atlor- general in 1938, provided Ihe working conditions. There has been no violence but neither the strikers nor management appeared willing to launch n< Th.> n ™ S i I nno(hc r post, was being advanced hiil «IH » ,'\" C 1uncr « nnlzcct ! "Us week by friends of the former but sa,d they might ask for a "C. j Newport city attorney. I. O. organizer If necessary." ' I*. E. O_ members.',. .. llended by Mrs. c, S. Wright of Denver,, Colo,, supreme vlce-presi- dcnl. al| of the seven slate officers and 32 i other delegates registered at the. .Hotel Noble before the opening program, in addition to these, oilier' women present nro from Memphis, Kennclt, Ciiruth- ersvllle, Uexlcr, Nevada, Mo., and Osceola. AL this morning's program, Mrs. Charles -S. 1/cmons, president of Chapter ''D" here, welcomed the convention members. The response was given by, Mrs. Elsa VanglK, of fort Smith?- Mrs. Murray smart presided at the organ and the singing was led by. Mrs. Paul L. Tiplon. The church lias been appropriately arranged for the convention with the P. B.- O. colors of yellow and white effectively carried out in the flowers which decorate the pul- pll and chancel. , Mrs. 11. tf. Houchlns, convention chairman, was toastmistress lor the luncheon today at the Hotel Noble at .which chapters "D" and "N" or this city were hostesses. Tills was served in the Bins Room where a springtime motif was used In 'the several centerpieces which adorned the tables. ket .committee..- wnlch pinchascd $25,194,000 of long term United States government bonds In ihe (list three days of this week By its new operations ihe fed- era! reserve system enlarged its open .market portfolio 'for ' the first lime since.. November, - 1933. May July Oct Dec , Jan I March y < , : - -warrants applicable on their next I. Morc than 10 ° persons havci Frperl frnm Pfnal Farm ' l I l! bccn t>1Tcstc d m the ronnd-UD ofi ' ree ° Ir0m renal faim 1M« H08 1383 1399 1394 1397 1370 1386 1345 1331 1325 1351 1332. 1341 1320 133* 1332 1339 1323 1334 133G 1349 1328 1343 year's tax bills. In this way tlie year's tax bills. In this way the ,^" ....^itu m me rounci-up on associalion hopss to obtain a ll ] e organization. Police said most j T ™_. „ „„ monthly income of $3.000 or more of lllcm w erc former criminals I „„ IT I L! J ROCK : A P nI 9 - <"P>- -OTfTiclent to meet the county's masquerading « s religious leadci-s. i ™', Y" rl , ^ Ballc y today ordered needs and maintain Oin value of Eal ' li( ' r estimates said at least ? mcl ? ls o f .«'« P«l«*lii county farm . Spots closed quiet at 1459, oil | twenty-one. needs and maintain tlic value of scrip, judge Gladish agreed to" pay the operating expenses of the as Hollywood is fast becoming the "melting-pot" of the nation. If you look around you can find fanatics on all subjects and there's New Orleans Cotton iiimuics un an subjects ana meres NEW ORLEANS, April 9. (UP) hardly a cult of any kind that i —Cotton prices broke wide on spec- f.MVt represented here. ! lllat '<>ii over the monetary situa- I know one lady out here who tlon • 4nd foreign selling today but is a fanatic against whirl-wind I rallle d somewhat at the close after courtships. She has had two of i President Roosevelt said he had no 'cm. .She married once for love "Hention «f -i 1— •>.and once money arid didn't git i )rlcc either—so she became a rabid ad-1 vocatc of long engagements. Not | *"!*" '"••- ago, her personal maid comej julv Wiiarlon. a graduate of the r\ i n • j University of Arkansas law school Urimken Driver nlui " former El Dorado resident. in the ronnd-up of i Earlier estimates said at least ° mclals of the county farm SCO victims had been slain the I rclc »» William Fleming. Conway majority daughters of good 'fam- ! 1 , Cgr0 ' who !uls bccn n prisoner illes. cnslavori i«, »,„ „.,]» ^T,.- 'here since December 29. 193B. socialion, csllmatcd. at S650 per I 11 "- enslaved by the cult. The year, so thnt participation in the ™<*re were alleged lo have In- program will cost members of Ihj "iienccd farmere to sell lands, association nothing except intsresl | '! len stolen the money and mur- on the money which they advance.j dcretl (ll e men. and undesirable r...!.... ^~ln*ir^K ,.nl^ *!,«* 1,« Jin . 'WOmen. C!lrTVtll[T r\ff l>ln Vllrtr^ a* served as nn assistant in the attorney general's office when Governor Carl E. Bailey headed that branch of Ihe government. Wharton refused lo discuss the possibility of his becoming n candidate for the place. Judge Gladish said that he be llcved the current cash value of county warrants -was between T5 and 80 cents on the dollar. When Mr. Sullenger said that he had been offered a substantial amount at 10 cents J. A. Gwaltney said that March to her and told her that she was i gonna git married. The lady says r T 00 "I hope it ain't that man that's' Jan been callin' on you for two weeks." The girl said "Yes." The lady says "You can't possibly learn anything about a man in two weeks," and the girl says "Well, I ain't takln' any chances. I wouldn't many him unless I knew all about him. You see my best girl friend was engaged to him for sixteen years!" open high low close 139G 1398 1368 1388 1387 1391 1360 1380 1341 1346 1320 1338 1344 1348 1324 1343 1344 1344 1330 1344 1348 1350 1348 1350 Spots closed quiet at 142.1 off twenty-two. , carrying off ihe more at- , traclive girls. • •-I*. cuii.v ucctmuer ^y. la^o. Fleming was convicted on that ClOSUUI fttorlf- Pi'l lie in the North Little Ror-k m:,- ^."">"<# OLUth I /t dntc in the North Litllc Rock municipal court on charges of drivln" while intoxicated. The negro was given a S100 fine and costs which he was serving out at the rate of SI a day. May 128 1-4 130 1-4 127 p-8 ISO 1-8 Jill 118 5-8 120 3-4 118 5-8 120 1-2 Livestock lamcd'at the meeting two necks j EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Apr. 0 Chicaao_Corn | Frisco Authorized to open high low dose i Abandon St. Paul Line devoted to hearing and discussing the report of a special committee, j headed by Gwaltncy, which wasj Chicago Wheat open low close "1"-" . 'Ugll 10W C Mifi-137 3-t 139 3-4 137 3-i 139 ago to investigate Ihe handling of affairs in various county offices. Otlier members of the committee were R. c. Branch, Pecan Point; John G. Hoy I jr.. Leachville: Hiram WjK«, Blytheville, and C. J. Low- rancc jr., Driver. Says Fees Improperly IteUiinci! Elliolt-sarlaln. who was engaged by the committee to check such records as (UP)—Hogs: leceipls 7.51)0 Top 1020 170-230 Ibs 10.10-10.15 140-160 Ibs 7.00-9.50 Bulk sows 9.SO-0.75 Cattle' receipts 1,200 Slaughter steers 6.75-13.50 Mixed yearlings and heifers 7.50-8.75 Slaughter heifers fl.50-ll.00 previous close. A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Beth. Sled WASHINGTON. Apr. 9 (UP)- j cite' Service he Interstate Commerce Com- Coca Cola mission loday authorized the St.! Gen. Electric NEW YORK. April 9. (UP) — Stocks moved Irregularly in light trading today and an early decline was followed by an advance that carried the whole list above the For 1112 program Mildred Mulr gave a reading. Jim Smart sang a solo with Miss Evelyn Smart as accompanist, and a playlet, "The Acid- Test." was given by Miss Smart and Miss Marjoric Warren. Following the afternoon program a tea Is to be given by Mrs. J, A. Leech and Miss Peggy McKecl, at their home. The banquet, tonight, at the Hotel Noble is a "B. I. L/' affair, with luisbnnds of-members as guests. Suicide Verdict Returned in Death at Leachville LEACHVILLE, Ark—A. \crdict of suicide was returned bj n .coroner's jury late yesterday in the (tenth-, of Clint Davis, 48, whose body was found in his room at the Roderick hotel yesterday morning >by Raymond '.Phillips, proprietor.,. , - , An empty carbolic acid bottle on a '-dresser nearby and acid burns around the. dtad man's moutli indicated the means -by which lie took ills life. The Jury which! leturned the verelict. summoned bj Coroner W II. Stovall of Blytheville, consirt- ed of Riley Allen, Tluirman 'Adkins. Oscar Cardwell, O. O. Stires- Dave Frew. D. M. Alexander Qirl Hilt, H. H. Howard, J E _„ relt. J. W. Coker, Jim Lacey, and Stanley Hancock. Mr. Davis] who has lived,"in and around Leachville for several years, operated a cafe on Main- street. He is survived ' by liis widow. 1 ; two sisters, Mrs Minnie Board i 1 of Union: City, Tenn., and Mrs. Leiia Smith of Kno'xviUe. Tenn., and a brother, .Claud Davis of Paducah,' Ky. State Saves $124,280 by Bond Purchases LITTLE ROCK. April 9, (UP)— The state refunding board loday Mrs. Bryan Arkansas Presbyterial Treasurer Mrs. R. c. Bryan, of Osccoia, was elected treasurer of : the Arkansas Presbyterial in the $1,891.049.15 on tenders submitted by brokers and bond holders. According to members of the ,„„,„,..,„; Mrs w B board the state will save $121.280.11 | porrcst City, rcclecled ll<- ' hllVlnr* Mln lmi1iTi< l.,ifn.._ „.,„ • . - _ J >.*.".•-" 169 1-8 [ Unity. y buying the bonds before ma- Louis and San Francisco railroad company to abandon 40.9 miles of its St. Paul branch between Fay- eltc Junction and Pettigrcw, In Washington and Madison counties, Arkansas. Gen. Motors ml. Harvester McKcsson-Robblns Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... ! Packard ] Pl-.llli|)3 Pctro. British | Radio Corp. LONDON (UP) —The , ,„„,„ ^ ml) Empire has climbed to second si. Louis-San P. Place- in the world in civil Hying, Simmons Bed :.'.' Standard of N. J. 104 14 1-4 59 47 1-8 10 3-3 56 3-8 10 5-8 3 5-8 Included in the purchase was Sl.- I65.COO'worth of Highway "A" bonds that were purchased for $1.135,274. No tenders of Highway "B." Toll Bridge "D" or Duvalls Bluff bridge bond. 1 Is v.ere accepted by the board, on the recommendation of c. D. Hill,' supervisor. annual nesday and Thursday. Other officers named were: Mrs. C. A. Forbes of Wynne, reelected Mrs. Vf.. E. Stevens o( . ity, reelecled vice-president; Mrs. J. w. Miller of Joiner, former treasurer, was elected recording secretary; Mrs.-O. J. Murray, of Wynne, was reclect«l corresponding secretary, and Miss Anna Mae Oatcwood. of Little. Rock, reelected historian. — * °'* loy Lumuy records as IXK^IUIU i .Inl 124 3-B 126 1-4 12i 3-8 125 3-R (Continued on Page S) in the | Beef cows 5.00-0,25 v-nti lUrt,"! • O.UV-UrfriJ I *" 1 *^ IlkiA Cutters and low cutters 2 50-4.75'412 liners Air Ministry figures show that the United Slates has 9,229 planes, including 473 liners; the British'Em- 1'irc has 2.763 planes, including Textis Corp U. S. Smeltin^ U. S. Steel Zonlle li..,/. i. Small Tornado Sweeps Part of Miami; No Deaths „ .,.„ MIAMI, Fla., Apr..9 (UP)—Two 51 1-2 j persons were Injured and several 69 7-8 houses were unroofed today when 60 a small tornado roared through 92 1-2 Miami's" southwest residential dis- 112 3-4 tricl. -..,'' ' • " 6 3-4' .' NO fntnlilles were reported. WEATHER Arkansas — Fair, frost tonight. Saturday fair and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight, lowest temperature, .40 ' tn 44. probably light frost. Saturday fair and slightly warmer. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 60, minimum 48, partly cloudy, according to Samuel F. Morris, official wcatlier observer,

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