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Escanaba, Michigan
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4 11. 1M1 ESCANABA DAILY PRESS Established March IB, 1909 Radio Station WLST FRANK RUSSELL. Publisher JAMES G. WARD Associate Publisher JEAN WORTH, Rejecting Tourist Trade One of the problems of modern living is to make expert knowledge available to the public in forms so it can be understood and accepted as a basis for action. This is a huge problem which increases and it is one of the reasons for the cun'ent stress on education.

The experts who deal in the complexities of modern science, industry and social organization have lessons for the public which it needs for its own welfare. An example is some counsel offered by Clare Gunn of East a Michigan State University specialist in the tourist business, who has worked for lo years to develop tourism in Michigan. He is probably more familiar with the Upper tourist industry than any other person. 0 Kecenth he lifted the reasons why he says some 1 Peninsula persons want no more tourist business. This thesis, of course, runs counter to rubber stamp thinking, because it is rather generally assumed that the Upper Peninsula does want more tourist business.

It is one of the best prospects for increasing U.P. income, for one thing, and the business can go on enduringly, because the attractions continue and the accommodations can renewed. It is not a wasting industry like mining, which ends when the resource is exhausted, nor even like forestry, which must wait the growth of a new crop of trees. Gunn, after considerable study of the situation, says that some U.P. businessmen believe increased tourist business will overbuilding, which he regards improbable.

This concern, he says, may be due to a lack of understanding of the total tourist market. Other oppositionist concerns are fear of competition among existing lodging facilities and over losine private recreational opportunities. Hut Gunn says that the most brutal astronaut competition comes when an reputation limits its cus- the next space tomers. Who will quarrel with this statement? And he says with the certainty of one well informed in U.P. habits that many individuals who want their own personal recreational delights disturbed have done little to protect their own properties from invasion.

They have inherited a habit pattern of using lands owned by absentee owners and they see development efforts as a challenge to their free use of huge Upper Peninsula areas. This situation is a remnant of an old condition Efforts to preserve it not only tend to retard development of the U.P.. but ignore the fact that many persons outside the I pay taxes for support of public facilities here and feel the right to use them, and also to use private lands which are not barred to the public. Alfred Lai, make a Nation If this the deer it is the price of recreational growth in the Upper Peninsula, but in truth there is so much recreational land in the Peninsula which has no visitation year in and year out that such reaction is more mental than real. Gunn helps the cause ot recreational development with a reminder that it has obstructionists to contend with in the U.P.

Growing Up Gets More Complicated By HAL BOYLE Nothing to it. It whs as simple NEW YORK daugh- as that ter Tracy, who will be 9 years But a child today leads such a old next month, looked up from scheduled life it requires a parent her pennut butter sandwich at my to become a secretary as well as wife Frances and observed: a chauffeur in order to fulfill all "You know, been a the obligations. Washington Comment Churches Joining In Mothers Day WASHINGTON Cmdr. Malcolm mie ride, two 1 rdlv ge cr is in parties ri NEA) Lt. tt Carpenter, take for 'aught in fat He mi cle for his boys complain is home they ha to ride Carpent of neighborhood unicvcle an with his feats of balance.

Judge Thurman Arnold. Presi dent Franklin trust-busting assistant attorne general, went to Topeka. Kan for a visit with the presidential candidate, who wi Bar Assn. )P -G in Washingto dent Kcnnec program and Landon me the airport. tra the Cor Judge Arnol and picked uj soon lg Prcsi- expansion in Market.

cys initial the The loud-speaker broke down just as President top science adviser. Dr. Jerome B. Wiesner, got up to make a speech. After it was explained to Edward radio broadcaster who was chairman of the the wav to disconnect one of those nuisances was to pull the plug, M.

I. whiz Wiesner confessed sheeplishly: years ago I could have fixed this I try any more There's a story circulating in Latin American embassies about two Cuban counter evolutionaries captured by tro's men. Their executioners stood them before 1 Jt LES LOH AP Staff Writer If Anna Jarvis were alive today might see some hope for derful mother to me over the years lt was unexpected that my wife almost sliced off part of her hand instead of the bread. did you say?" she asked "1 said been a wonderful mother to me over the years." replied Tracy, calmly taking another bite of sandwich may I ask what brought on that I was just said Tracy, and went outside to ride her bike. Taken For Well, after she had left, my wife didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

but the rest of the day she walked to the music of invisible bugles. Parents are so used to being taken for granted that when a child simply and without self- consciousness states its debt of gratitude they are overwhelmed. It is as if a small tree should suddenly find a voice and thank the falling on its leaves. But it is in such offhand moments of reward that one feels how profoundly worthwhile parenthood is. When Frances later relayed to me the story of our praise, I had almost a feeling of envy.

you suppose Tracy will ever tell me been a wonderful father to her over the years?" 1 asked. be." said Frances lightly. a strange world." In the mutuality of home life a parent can learn a lot from a child. And my observation of my he in such a hurry tn bm adult. It's more fun to be a child now than later." But really not joking at all.

Every parent probably has a wistful wish for his children to enjoy childhood as long as possible, and to postpone the pain of growing up. Yet every child eagerly hurtles onward to hurt. They can't wait to grow up gradually. May 4, May li, I'm ST OF MII HI1. AN File No.

The Probate Couit lor the County Ol Delta In the of the Estate ol Allan Barron, Drteitswl. At a session fit said Court, held on twenty-sixth day ol April, A. D. present. Ilonoiable Marie D.

Juoge Prohate. Notice it Heteby Given, That tie petition of Shirley Ann Barron piay- nik that the administration i I said estate he gianted to Shu ley Ann Bai ron or to some other suitable person aiid that the heirs ol said deceased he determined, will he heard at the Probate Court on May 2ft, A. at ten A M. It Is Ordered. That notice thereof given by publication ol copy hereof for weeks consecutively oievious to day of in the Encan.tba Daily Press, and that the I etitioner cause a copy of thin notice to be served upon each known part.v in interest at his last known address It seems to me my daughter never has any time in which to pause and merely be a child The industry of growing up keeps her endlessly busy.

She merely thinks I'm trying to be funny when I tell her: April 27, May It, 1W2 Si A I ot llli. File No 1 he Probate Court lot the County Delta In the Mattel of thi Estate ol Holla A Holmes. Deceased. At a session ol said Court, teld on April 23. A D.

Piesent, Honorable Marie Peteis, Judge of Probate. Not tee is Hereby Given at the petition of Gertrude Elsie Holmes oi Cuitts, Michigan, praying that said Court and who by certified return receipt de- v.ei i at tune ot his death the rinded, at (14i legal hens ol said deceased and en- prior to such hearing or bv persona titled to inherit the real estate ol which said deceased died will heaid Probate Court on May 22, A 1W2. at len A It is Oidered, That notice in given by publication ol a copy ht rent lor three weeks consei to day of hearing in the Escanaba Daily that petitionei a copy ol this notice to be served upon each known party in interest at his last known tn certified mail (with piooi ol mailing i. or by personal service at least fourteen days prior to such hearing MARIE PETERS Judge ol Prooate A tiue copy. INEZ GUSTAFSON Register of Probate John Erickson, Attorney Address 11(17 Ludington Street Address: Escanaba, Michigan Mothers Day after all There are daughter has led me to the con signs the annual observance i April 27, Mav 11, OF Mlt MOAN File No 12824 The Piobate Court loi the County ot Delta In the Hatter ot the Estate ol I a ret II Hotn ued At a Mion ot said court, oi April 25 A Piesent, Honorable Mane Peters.

Judge ot Probate Notice is Hereby Given, That the taking on some of the religious flavor Anna had in mind when she thought up the idea Mounting commercialization of Mothers Dav left Anna Jarvis. I etition ol Gertrude Elsie Holmes oi elusion that growing up today is Curtis, Michigan, praying that said a much more complicated process adludicate and determine to than it used to be. Secretary and Chauffeur Being a child in the old days was comparatively easy. All you ironically, without sympathy for had to do was arise before dawn. The Doctor Says: Apple a Day May Be 0.

K. By Harold Thomas Flyman. there any truth in the just tiled a suit in Denver, charz- axiom apple a day keeps the ing rrusbranding of tablets. U. S.

doctor I was brought up marshals seized a quantity whose and visitor suitcase a said the judge. would never do for a The Republican like you to be seen carrying the bag of an ex-New Dealer like me guess you're said Landon Arnold carrier of the way. Republican House leader Charles A Halieck attended the recent dedication ceremonies for the Eisenhower Library, Abilene. -Kan also went of Harrv Truman the cause she created when she lay on her deathbed in 1948. blind, deaf and penniless.

Commercialization is more studying your (- widespread than ever estimate for this year is that ales will top SI man- wall and one of them Gestations of the religious signifi- aid to the other: "Do you think cance of the day also are appar- I asked give me a blind- milk a thousand cows, then swim four miles to school with your baby brother on your back. After you swam the four miles back home, this tune with your baby brother in your teeth, plowed 187 acres and went to bed. it the re other one retorted: you'd better not ask There's no sense in getting them being associated with Olympic star Rayfer Johnson can be as tiring as running the 100- yard dash. Rayfer and two Kansas ity students have been touring the country promoting a college "People to program While on the road Rayfer has Special Services The American Mothers Committee. the organization which selects the mother of the year, reports churches throughout the land are increasingly more attention to Mothers Day with special services and sermons.

A number of firms which sell religious goods say they are beginning, at least, to share in the billion dollar bonanza. The idea for an annual Mothers Day waj and to Anna's way of thinking it Memory Lane weie at the time oi her death the legal of said deceased and entitled to inherit the real estate ot which said deceased died seized, will oe heard at the Probate Court on Mav 22. A at ten A It is Oidered. That notice thereof in- given by publication of a copy hereof for three consecutively 1 rcvlous to said day of in the Escanaba Daily Press, and that the petitioner a copy o( this notice to be served upon each known part.v in interest at his last known ov certified mail iwith proof mailing), by personal aervtce May n. at least fourteen prior to uch hearing MAH IE PETERS Judge ot Probate A true copy INEZ V.

GUSTAFSON Register ol Probate John G. Erickson. Attorney Address 1107 Ludington Street Address: tscanaba, Michigan service at least fourteen llii prior to such hearing MARIE PETERS Judge of Probate A tine IN Y7. GUSTAFSON REGISTER OF PROBATE Robert F. L.eMire.

Address Escanaba National Bk Bldg Escanaba. Michigan Mav 4. May IS, sT OF MIC IIK. File No. The Probate Court for the County ol Delta.

In the Matter of the Estate of Mai Elliott, also known as Mattie Elliott, Deceased. At a session of Court, held on twentv-sixth day of April, A IMS. Kiesent, Honorable Marie D. Judge of Probate Notice is Hereby Given. That the petition of Neil Cred I and praying that the administration of said estate be gi anted to the First National Bank of Fs( anaba.

or to some other suitable person: uill be Heard at the Probate Court on Mav A at 10 A It is Ordered That notice thereof be given by publication of a cooy hereof for weeks privions to said day of in the Daily Press, and that the petitioner rause a copv of thi? notice to served upon each known paitv in interest at his last known bv registered or certified mail return receipt demanded, at leaM fourteen days prior to such hearing or bv personal service at least fourteen (14( da vs prior to hear- MARIF PETERS Judge of Probate A true copy INEZ GUSTAFSON Register ol Piobate James F. Frost. Attornev First National Bk Blrfg Escanaba. Michigan Aoril 27. 1W62 May 11.

1962 STATE OF MICHIGAN File No 12821 The Probate Court for the County ot Delta Ir. the Matter of the Estate of Rose M. Luecke, Deceased. At a session of said Court, held on Apiil 2J. A 1962 Piesent.

Honorable Marie Judge of Probate. Notice Is Hereby Given, That the library in Mison it But. my children insist it claim of apoetiu took if an old tale. onr then for old taies. For the results of a thiee- year study made at Michigan State University showed that 1,300 students volunteers who ate ai apple a day had one-third fewer respiratory infections than those who did not eat their daily apple.

And, one-sixth as many aisorders caused by tension. weight reduction drastic diet the Government heid to be and burn rai occa- there in the that Questions And Answers far can flying fish hu very bosoms. He chuooy and overweight, but otherwise normal in every way. My husband is very much concerned and thinks he ought to have gUnd treatments before he develop- any tendencies that might have a effect cm him later in life. Wnai would you advise? adolescent boy.1 a temporary enlargement ol their breast that usually disappears without treatment in a yeai or so.

If your boy is otherwise normal in every way, you fcUfigest. it be well to ignore 150 to 1,000 feet. compiled the first scientific book on food preparation? Meritt Farmer in Australian lake keeps disappearing and reappearing? George, near the capital city of Canberra, keeps disappearing and reappearing. Scientists are not sure just what happens to the water. is the temporal title ol the pope? of the State of Vatican City.

he say sion then to saj were no hatchet didn't have point with General Eisenhov Heinrich Van Brentano mer foreign minister, now majority leader of the Christian Union in West Germany's Parliament, was asked in Washington why his government do to Volkswagen what President Kennedy did to U. S. Steel in forcing a price reduction. tried to do the same Von Brentano admitted, we were not as successful. the dedication been keeping in shape with early morning situps and push-ups.

and never should have left it. A has been trying to convince his colleagues that they should do the luck Student Bill Dawson explains. that time of the morning I hardly have enough energy to get up out of bed By J. R. LOWELL Ten Years Ago Mrs.

Ida Skerbeck, of Dorchester, for more than fifty years a-sociated with her husband Joe Skerbeck in the operation of the petition of Helen LaPorte praying 0. that tie instrument filed in said Court i phurrh be Shows, died today. 1 he admitted to probate as the Last 111 a cnurcn non. e. skerbeck shows, for manv years, vV'111 and Testament of said deceased, I f-ri II stafii Pair P.numflv administration Of said estate be U.iCCi Hie atate rair Ctrounds granted to Helen I.aPorte or to some for pre-season operations.

Mrs. ether suitable person, and that the ing Skerbeck was well known here Mr and Mrs Jules Cafmeyer, os May 22. a at ten a of St is Ordered. That notice thereof May 25. STATE OF MICHIGAN File No.

12820 The Probate Court for the Countv Delta In the of the Estate of Fxi'da igan Deceased a session of said Court, held on May B. A 1962 Present, Honorable Marie Peters. Judge of Probate. Notice if Herebv Givw, petition of Lillian Fagan of Fayette Michigan, praving that said ourt adjudicate and determine who were at the time of her death the legal heirs of said deceased and entitled to inherit the real estate of which said deceased died will he ''card at the Probate Court on June 5, A at ten A M.J It IS Ordered. That notice thereof he riven by publication of a eopv hereof for three weeks consecutively previous to said day of hearing, in the Escanaba Daily Press, and that the petitioner cause a copy of this notice to be served upon each known partv in interest at his last known address bv certified mail (with proof of niail- servlce at plaque on the lawn of Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, tells how it all began.

In Civil War days mother, a Sunday school teacher at the church, used to promote a spring picnic honoring the mothers of the community. The war by personal heirs ol said dec eased be determined, fourteen days prior to such hear, will be heard at the Probate Court The Justice large turned neighbor against loot urt located in the cen- neighbor, just as it had ided ter of the building has taken on state itself, and Mrs. Jarxis a new springtime look, thanks to hoped to heal the scars by getting Ethel Kennedy, the attorney gen Nicholas, are leaving this bp fiven by publication of copv eek for New York From there hereof for three weeks, consecutively they ill sail for Europe, intend- 01 the Escanaba Daily Press, and t.iat the ing to spend most of the summer petitioner cause a copy of this notice in Belgium and Frame. to he served upon each known partv i li interest at last known address Nick Babladelis and Ann Me- by certitied mail I with proof ol mail- Glothlin are competing for State MI personal service at least fourteen il4) davs prior to such hear- honors 111 a vouth leadership con- MARIE PFTFRS Judge of Probale A true copy INEZ Cl'STAFSON Register of Probate William Miller. Attorney Address Rapid er.

wife. It seems the last time she visited she was appalled by the lack of lawn equipment. Now the court looks like a colorful outdoor cafe. There are 1 was disappointed Dr Erhard jawn chairs and many more table (German minister may have to apply for economy) a tariff reduc- foreign cars tc wn. I support jet in tion on price dc Satirist Mark Russell who is still up to his old political antics here at the Shoreham explains that the Central Intelligence Agen- with colorful umbrellas made flowered awning.

BARBS both Union and Confederate veteran- to gather with their families for a Mothers Friendly Dav Living In Poverty On the second anniversary of her death, May 9, 1907. Anna held memorial services at her home in Philadelphia, then set out on a crusade for a national holiday to honor the nation's mothers. The following year, and on the econd Sunday in May every Manistique yeiterday. thereafter, the Andrews Methodist test being conducted by the Michigan Elks Assn. Twenty Vears Ago Mildred Kvam of Washington, Clarence Kvam, of Detroit, and Stanley Kvam of Fort C.

arrived in Escanaba today, called here by the death of their sister. Ethel Kvam. William Belore, six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Belore of Manistique.

sustained a fiacture of his right leg when he was struck bv a car in downtown MARIE PETER? Judge of Probate A true copv INEZ ti i'! obate Nicholas Chapeki-s. Attorney Address: 8W Ludington Street Escanaba, Michigan May By UAL COCHRAN show the condition jest the boy self-conscious about his appearance. At a recent survey in a Boy Scout camp, more than one-third ot the lads examined had varying degrees of brea-st enlargement. Only wheie the enlargement is pen iitent and extreme is treatment required. And then, surgical correction 1 recommended since gland therapy may produce disturbances beyond the target area, weight reduction be compliaihed without diet by mejns of pills or tablets? depends on the composition of the medication.

II you have a thyroid deficiency and your doctor prescribes corrective doses of thyroid extract, you will lost weight as your basal metabolic rate rises to normal. And, if you have a condition and your tissues aie waterlogged, you will lose weight until the water content of your tissues approaches noi mality. But, if you have normal thyroid will not occur with these drugs and cardiac function, weight loss and they will, sooner or later, produce untoward effects not to liking. And, if you are referring to non prescript ion drugs that are nationally advertised or sold by persons, you may be interested to learn that the Food and Drug Administration au Sports Column ACROSS 1 Kind of ball 5 Racer 8 Golf 12 Seed covering 13 Hurry 14 Gaelic 15 Ceramic piece 16 Wile 17 Location 18 Trays 20 Horse 7 Soak flax 8 Tried 9 Great Lake 10 Italian city 11 Plant 19 Football player 20 Pretense 22 Biblical pronoun 23 Biblical name 24 mother 25 Famous Answer to Previous Puzzle taauD anwM 'is ion snow continues station inch seems to mean five ri erelaIs. Lots of folks find out that ti re too much week left at the end of their money.

it Women have been prying into 22 Article 23 Alter 26 Shades 30 Tangles 31 Appear 32 Cistern 33 Spanish gold I 34 Certain 35 Wilt 36 Legislative bodies 38 Rods 39 Legal mailers i 40 Brown 41 Moisten 44 Strays 48 Landed 49 Track measure 60 Give out 51 Baseball team 52 Individual 53 Opposing sports group 54 Dines 55 Footlike part 56 Waste allowance DOWN 1 Baseball 2 Song 3 Window part 4 Football teams 5 Scorches Vantilni 27 Egg-shaped 28 Walk in water 29 Saintes 31 Prosecutes 34 Simmer 35 Most 43 Persistent affectionate effort 37 Rocky ridges 44 Fade 38 Cooking vessel 45 Oriental official 40 Fastens 41 Pestilence 42 Lamb 46 Be borne 47 Let it stand 49 Cut off 1 4 i 7 89 1011 14 16 17 21 tt 24 27 28 29 50 32 33 36 38 39 41 42 43 4546 48 49 50 5152 53 54 things ever since the tin can was nted more than 150 years ago. Just when vegetables are coni- up nicely in the home tis the price goes down in the Church in Grafton has held special Mothers Day services. The Rev, Virgil Gillum, the pastor, will use as Sunday's scripture text the same verse Dr Harry C. Howard spoke from in 1908: behold thy son behold thy Anna campaign resulted in Congress passing a resolution in 1914. signed by President Woodrow Wilson.

proclaiming an annual observance. But as the commercial importance of the day grew so did disappointment. Gradually it turned 10 bitterness and she retreated from the world, rarely leaving her house except to tend Joseph Wallace Black, of the ti S. Marine is reported 11. 1962 ST OF MU HIOAN File No 12814 The Probate Court for the County 01 Delta In the Matter of the Estate of Olive Lucas, also known as Marian Olive Lucas.

Deceased At a session of said Court. ield on May A. Piesent. Honorable Mane Peters, Judge of Probate. Notice is Hereby Given.

That all April Mav 11. ST OF MICH1C. File No. The Probate Court for the County of Delta. In the Matter of the Estate of Toivo T.atnpi.

also known as Toivo Lampi. Deceased. At a session ol said Court, hem on the nineteenth day of April, A 1962 Present, Honorable Marie Peteis. of Probate Notice is Herebv Given, 1 liat uu. i(w2 petition 11 Helen Lampi praying that the administration of said estate be gi anted to Helen Lampi nr tn othci suitable person: and heirs of said deceased be determined, wMI be heard at the Probate Court on Mav 22.

A 1962. at ten A It is Ordered. That notice there be given by publication of a cop' hereof for three weeks previous to sairl day of hearing in the Escanaba Daily Press, art! that the petitioner cause a copy of this creditors of said deceased are re- notice to be icrved upon quit ed to present their claims in writ- Interest at us tall ad ine and under oath, to said Court, and j1 1 missing after the Japanese inva- to serve a copv thereof upon Howard demanded at least murteen (It na of the correiZidor Peterson of fescanaha. Michigan, fid- Prior to hearing, or by personal sion OI tne corrc giaor. uclarv of estate, and that such service at least fourteen Thirty lears Ago» will be heard by said Court Prior to such hearing Salary reductions designed to on 1(1 A cut city expenses more than jT Ordered.

That notice thereof (14 da's were voted by the Escanaba Council last evening Mr. and Mrs. William Germaine oi 11th Escanaba, have received word from their son George, employed in Russia as a consulting engineer, that he expects to remain in Soviet employ two years more. A gasoline launch lies sunk at the outlet of the Gladstone yacht harbor and is barring other boats from entering or leaving Glad- her grave. Acquaint- stonp vachtsmen are asking a nee- discovered her living in he Riven by publication of a copy hereof fo, thre'' weeks consecutively I'tv'ous to vaid day ol hearing in tit Escanaba Daily Press, and fiat the fiduciary aiuse a coov of this notice to be served upon each known in interest at his last known address certified mail iwith proof of mailing), or by personal service at least fourteen 1 4 1 days prior to such ariiiR MARIE PETERS Judge of Probate A tiue INEZ GUSTAFSON Registet 01 Probate William Anderson.

Attorney Address 111! Ludington Escanaba, Michigan MARIE PETERS Judge of Probate A true cop' GUSTAFSON Register of Probate William Anderson Mtor- e' Address 1111 Ludington Escanaba, Michigan ESC AN A DAILY PRESS An evening newspaper published daily except Sunday by the Delta Publishing Inc Office 600-640 Ludington Stieet poverty, raised some money and put her in a sanitarium. tame of the authorities in locating the owner of the boat who is said to have moved away. 1 fMi2 Cafe Patron, 88 Gets Free Meals After 35 Years So They Say General Injured In Parachute Leap I LION, NY Casler, H8. probably never will to buy a meal again. Peter and Tony Scaparo, owners ot a restaurant here, said Casler could eat in their establishment for the rest of his life as a nonpaying guest because he had been a patron of theirs for 35 yea rs "After .55 years of eating their cooking, who wants to said Casler.

must agree with me. An animal is never happier when it is well fed, properly and exercised and treated as an W.iler Woolndge British veterinarian, saying dogs should be treated like dogs, not humans. The Communist dilemma is how to produce professional ple and have them believe in antiquaU Communist Dr. Turkevich of Princeton University. April 27 Mav 11 sT OF 'lit HIC.

File No. 1 Tne Probate Court for the County of Delta. In the Matter of the Estate of Alphonse LaPalm. Deceased At a session of said Court held on April 24 A Present, Honorable Mane Peteis, Escanaba Daily Press Telephones Business Editorial ST 6-2021 ST 6 -lim Entered as Second Class Apn 1, 1908 at the postoffice at Escanaba Michigan undei the Act ot March o. 187H.

Member of Associated The AP is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all local news pnntcd in tins newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches The Daily Press is daiiv caper printed in an exclusive lield of CAMP DRUM. (APi Brig. Gen. Joseph Joe) Stilwell suffered a dislocated right shoulder Wednesday in a practice parachute jump. Stiljvell, assistant commander of the 5th Infantry Division, was at this northern New York training camp to direct antiguerrilla warfare training of the 2nd Brigade of Ft.

Devons. Mass. An Army Judge ol Probate Notice Hereby Given That the 4.000 retail trading populatian petition John A l.aPalm the ad- covering Delta, Schoolcraft, southern Alger and northern Menominee coun- nnr.istrator of said estate praying that his final account he allowed and the residue of said estate assigned to the persons entitled thereto, will be heard at the Probate Court on May 22 A. at eleven A M. It is Ordered, that notice thereof he given by publication of a copy hcrtof lor three weeks consecutively previous to said day ot hearing in the Escanaba Dailv Press, and that the petitionei cause a copy of this notice to be served upon each known party in interest at Iasi known id- dress by certified mail iwith oroot ol or by personal service, at spokesman said he apparently had least fourteen 14 1 davs prior to such landed off balance.

hearing Stilwell is the son of the late far. President Kennedy Qen Joseph (Vinegar Stil- has given neither ior well, who was commander of the leadership Sen Margaret China-Burma-India theater during Smith, R-Maine. World War II, MARIE PETERS Judge of Piotiate A true couv INEZ GUSTAFSON 'M-tei ol Roheit LeMire. Attorne' Address Escanaba National Bk Bldg, Escanaba. Michigan thoroughly with branch office and carriei systems in Gladstone and carriei service in 27 other communities Advertising rate cards on application Member Audit Bureau of Circulation.

National Advertising Representative Scheerer Co 141 East 44th Street. New York 35 East Wacker Drive. Chicago 3049 East Grand Blvd Detroit SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mail one month $1 50 three $4 00; six months $7 50; one yeai Motor Route; one month three months $5 85; six months $1170; one year $23.40. Carrier 45 cents a week. NOTlCT Id POSTMASTER PieaM send notification regarding undelfverable papers to Escanaba Dally Press.

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