The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1935
Page 6
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Mecl Sliawnce al Joiner «i»i»s? , •p • i . o-l . II 'Improbability JoniglU; bikeslon Here: the M Tomorrow Night. By Harry Gray son RV HARRY ORAYSON O Sjxirus fnns nrp (joiiiK to do Jlot of goggling nt a (|iinrlx<L ol comehnck.s ilurlng hoping mjnlast lilt llinl they will si'i "They never ilci ny .1, )', Plitr.N'n 'I lie fr,nr wr have referr-nc'e lo (ire Helen Wills Moody. Max Hill-•- -•• -• -- imcliniji Ix'fiy Clime imii Glenns AltnougU ilic-y have plnyco onftSColteU Viire. eame this work, th? Bl.vlhovllln high \ Mrs. Monily will i-.ssay to i/ school Chicka.snw.s hiiyi- two mine j llu- ijlory she. held BO Ions a- remaining. N O . j W oinun of the tennis court Tonight they make- ihdr .second'In Ihc United si ales; l>r Sclilngi!!- trip in four days when they «ntej-- i with » sK-ppin^ stone In hi;; limit tain Uie Shnwiiee Indians In the j with Sieve Hatnas (Irsi con/ • Joiner gymnasium. Salnrilny niKiil • IIIK him. will be arter n'-title .the strong slkcston (Mo.) <|uii)tol!liniil willi M:ix liner; Mosc drove Is imbed for an t-ng«;r,3ni»nt nil Is shooting for another tea-ion the 1 National Gunrd. Armory. I like '31! and ';«; nml Glenna Col Tito Tribe nitida it two In ii rownf-tl. who started linr comeback for tile twelfth eonseciitlve victory for Lasllc-coachcd BlyUievllle learns tlini •by defeating Oscoola, 31-14. 'rucs- <tay. The week before U-aelwilfc foil before a last quarter rally. In the season's cage onene.r. Desplic tlie. incl that, play was unusually rough in ihe Si>mlnoln game, the Clilcknsaw odcnsc looked fo.uiderably bettor, especially was thc work ol Dick Tipton Innirovcd. I Playing under n handicap of n .w-' vc-rs eold, the usually 'jormidalih IS.inrd was decidedly ojr his "game" n-^aliist Ix>Rclw:ilc, missine many •crip" shots and passlnu erratlcal- £cn.son, iiRaln will be. ultrr top sjiol lu woi.icjiv; t'Olf flu 1 held so long. Probably (ho most clllflonlt cl the trails batk throut'li tin: wltd- ss of hii.s-lx>ns will be thai [I'oddi'l. by Mrs. Moody—nnd this Is rendered despite Cit'o- i-gi; Ixill'.s assertion llnil all "Our Hi'lrn" has lo do lo win back her crown Is lo loss her rncfiuel. ooto (he court. The main reason for the failure of a (HriiU'd athlete to climb (lie ladder aijuln Is inaotlvlly af- k-r loss of n ' .-- 0 iu.,1-, - or nge Ho'.vever. hi cam-? t!irou«h with I '"' s :l lf " ^ do w 't'> It. but in th« three field goals, Tuesday nHn j"inln the Idleness Induced In by la tcippkd Idol ( |oes llu: most evil. Thf! little slrl -.vllli (lying plg- Inlls who set Hie couris afire some years ago now is n mairicd woman. She Is 'somewhat oldur than I when «he was til her pwtk, nnd has bcpii Idle r ol - iiiimvn n year and jita.ved a great Mcnslvti Utrsliel Moslcv. forward.' iias jnmnsd well oi.l in from f 3r (3nm Foortaij honors and ;,ccms header] for another «reat seasmi. ;ie has acc'Oimled for twc/rty-four points in two games. TMrlfin were tnllH] ai-alnst Osceoln.r,), w. Ptirlle chalked uu ninf! In the first linme hut was held lo a lone (Wd goal In JSM'TTJEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS sen-ami If she -crmT grl Iwck up there on lop lli'U year, 11 Isn't Hl'Sly Mint she'll ever mm the IrloJ:. Youngsters Stand in Wny Auollier fllumbll.iK stone In her liath Is [he fact that two or throe yonnjistera have appeared In tl.i! iilcliin; who are likely to dls- fonrafi^ ber ijeforp .sfio j^r)e.s vety liu- Oils .^''I't.vjrj. Among these are Carol!.] liab coek and Alice Marble, west eonM "Popcyc" And Roy Welch Clash 'Moilflay Mirmor Mills, t)ie "unknown" v:lw ndr-i'took UK- rolo of ,si.)«tltul' litre several weeks ai;o and irlninifi - nml Surah All ihrn. Pnlfr.'y, from ''-, of lh Wi V 1 ' cnlDiec jn ll; ( . last. Iwo find nil Inu'e bren able i !!»• nolnij nnijjh [or Ili-len |-.ri-,':eiil Mo,, lakes on a irled find •... if-fil velcran in rtoy Wi'leh on t the armory Monday nluhl"" .Mills apparently |, „ ^ f(l , mt iJiiiwjr, at least lie |.« old enough » lie oinr, and v/elth Is an old hand and ri,« ? r,,r irom her M ,M we'd hale to sec her tl «s. ita1 a >„ the „. WINNING BASKETBALL By Nah Holman c, piny h „,„,„ ,,,e ta^i with great posslbil- is fcati'd irornersvllle early thh ve-k >a ilornorsvUle by „ sc i e n{ „ !( ] .*^ T thf season"^ ctd^ll «nrt the (1 rst defea" foT Ho! n " ' ' A.s the ball goes out, the ollen- iive- team rinlckly Unas np across he court, some five feet u»yoml The gimrdlnij of the squad has been good. Osccola could .send but four Ihrbr.jih the. hooii from the floor, in the last half hjacliville di-1 nol rcgtstcr a field -ioal until tlr Inst two minutes of play. They scored bill DVD dnriiii. (lie (lid l«o periods; Booicry Qninlct Faces Powerful Buddies Tonight A strong team from and Bono, widely known as Bono Buddies, win face Roland's Baotcry combine ot the City Basketball League in a game at th c armory here tonlglit. • ' • Piny will start at 7:30 o'clock. Efforts aie being made lo nrrniiEc ii pieliminary game. ' - The Buddies will enter th c game big- favorites over the aggregation unit Jeff Roland and Jlmmie Edwards have gathered together under Ihe Bootery banner.. However, thc Bootery quint Is comprised of a number of former high school stars of this section who may give the •visitors n stiff talllc if their team work is cfTeciive. For the Buddies Ihe well known Lamb brothers, sharpshooters de luxe, are scheduled to open at forwards; Charles Rood, at center, and "Possum" Thornton, comedian extraordinary, ami Johnnv iiljm nt guards. ' ' Jinnnlc Lee Brooks, ^fnx Christian, foimmls; Lee ^fe(llin. center"Rooster" Warringlon and Chtivles Brogrton, guards, compose the Baot- crys starting five. Bill Gilbert will referee, James Guard will hold the slop watch and J. p. pdeud will be scorci. and Tliri-c.V Jinny u Sll|i 'Iwixl— Of course. It Is no fault of Mrs Moody that, she hasn't been swlnt- hi|j a i-acciucl. After that memorable national singles llli annfrisL Helen Jacobs, when she defaulted ftlie maid, iind U. S. tltte. duo to 'a serious back Injury, "uitlc I'ok- er V'.xec" was lorblddoi by he) lihyslclan lo touch a paddle. And .she slm:k faithfully to his orders iinlll (he worthy Gentleman Have her permission Just rcCLMilly to take iiji Ihe cudgel again. In making the announcement -or her Intended comeback Mrs Moody remarked: . "Of course, there is a (jre'at gai) bc-ln-m. Irylng In win back one's crown, nml ncUialty wlnniiiB Tiie sal was nbsolntely correct there., Tliore Is exactly a year mid n imlr of InncdvKy standing as n unp between now and winning back her title. There arc several olhei- factors which point, to r.ilr Helen's failure o come back. One Is (he .slam- Ina that tennis lakes, out of you - The game probably require..; more conlimml exertion mid drain on a human physique Iliah any other It. requires loi> speed nil (luring ihe playinii careei o[ an Individual, nntl once thnl «,;, SI)CC(f commences ttj slow ciowu, Ihe •i» ns nt lwr l»nk In, when she won (he woman's singles crowu.' ]„ | 932 sh(S m ^ ccmpclc; in 1033 5 |, c defnuhcil lo Helen Jacobs; and ngalu. I,, \KH, rniltd lo.coiniiict?, her Injurv keeping her out of tennis. • It Is Improbable that she will ml ^ r ,° EBl " her pp " k Ki»nc __ 1931 din-lug the coming SC a- During the California gold rush picks and shovels sold for $10 each- JOE P. PRIDE. Ccrtmort Registered Engineer General Engineering, Surveying, Mapping C1-OM 4!!8 Blylhcvillt. Ark. -— ^^^^^^^••i^fcl Sunday - Monday CONTINUOUS SHOW SUNDAY, STARTING \T 1 -.15 ADM.-lOc - 35c UNTIL 5 F>. J... I5c - .I0c AFTER 5 I' irt s.,0, , : « P. „, 2ml Slm , 4:M . 3r( , AYE! AYE! The Eyes Have IT LOOK WHO'S HERE! G03I) Saturday Only .Matinee ft Nif.-.U--I0c - 2fa The raging (or- sweeps her from Iicr fiancee ... 'A mau° barks curl commands — ""III slie learns obedience unit lovt! AJESSfl.USKY otti>i:ii I. L. Chambers; Minnie T ] Chambers; Nellie c,wy,, and Ar- jkansns Hnlldlng and Loan ASSO- ieiailon,, are warned lo npoeni- in (h Q cbancery Court for me Chlckasawba District, of Mississippi Comity. Arknnsn, wU |,' in three months aflcr the date heie- ngalnst :i "he,n' b"" Sri" 1 *""". 1 "' e(1 niilldiiiK and Loan SclMJon"''"' Baled this 2711, day of Decem tor, 19:14. "'.mil H. L. GA1NI.TS, Clerk. el<|. Evn.n| 1 "& l ,Srai n f fiP " lj ' AlloriK-j'.s for Plaintiff. 23-1 (4-1 l-ll) the fold circle. X-3 rind X-5 stall to cut and feint toward X-l for the nnss; after a step or two, they cut (o (he left,, -carrying tliclr "Mards with them. X-2 cuts aroimd X-3. liming his movements .so that O-2 will llnd i-3 111 hi.s palh us he luriK (o fol- Jo\v. X-l'n.w.s same, cut and (imln;; ns X-2. The nntioiml snhilc to the American (lug coml.sls of one sliot for each slur therein. , RiCHARDARUN FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSCEANCB DEPT. BIG DOUBLE ATTRACTION < r) | T 7 I STAGE SHOW •< • I JL f MATTNEB - 2:30; Iflc - 25c - i - . - _^ NIGHT - K:-I5; 1f,c TONIGHT ONLY BIRCH The Famous Magician AND HIS. COMPANY .'OF ASSISTING ARTISTS The Vanishing Pony Birch makes n Live Pon.v vanisili in mid-air-. SHOOTS A CANARY INTO A HORNING MflHT WALKS AWAY FROM HIS SHADOW CUTS A BRAUT1FUI, (JIRI, IN IMKCUS! IMUVKS A SV1KK THItli VOMINTUKR ASSISTANT Other Startling Illusions 50 t,i < Serial—'"I'iiilspin Tommy" Cartomi R'OXT Friday & vSaturday MAT. & KITE—lOc - 25c Scriii! "Myslcry Sf|tiadroh" Novelty Reel Sunday - Monday ANN SOTHERN, ETHRL MERMAN, BLOCK and SUIT Y ;" And the GOLDWYN GIRLS • Dressed Like Ghandi-Hc Sings "Mand.v" Eddie's Biggest and Best Musical " Latest raramotml News Spanish Musical in Technicolor WORLD FAIR ARTISTS Featured \Yilh Birch Mnjjician MABLE SPERRY lirilliant Younp .Musical Star and DanscHse XYLOI'HONE SOLOIST WITH 100 IM RAND At Ihe Ccndiry nf 1', Chii-a^ii On Thc Screen 'THE PRESIDENT VANISHES' MUSICAL SHOUT . - CAUTQON . - COMEDY \v-. CANTOR in "KID MILLIONS" BREBORn FRANCHOT TONE' JEAN M U I R: MARGARET LINDSAY ANN DVORAK ROSS AUKANDER NJ.C.K. F.O.,R.A^N Travel Talk— "Isle of Rermmla" Comedy Phillips 66 Ends Slow Starting, 1 Stalling, Loss of Power Ntw V/inler Cradei 4M toiy Slatting Phillips 66 MOTOR OIL . V- W HEN you get hot under Ihe collarstailingacold motor— and it coughs and sputters and 1alkG back lo you—allcrwhich it stalls in halfic w hilo scornful "onkimjujgesyoulogelgoina— Then it is too late to iBrnGmtei IJial you need high ( as i gas (o avoid being a cold weaihei tialfic tiullo." Nov/ is tho limn lo make sure thalyourcoldmatoistaxl=in.itanl- ly. JiistPliill.up with Phillips 66. EveiydrnpotlhisgroatQr gasoline delivers sumniar pep, power, and mileage all winlei long. Plus Ihc mgh anti-knock ol genuine Lead folraclhyl. Nolg Iho gravity liguies below v;hiclt prova that we keep stepping up ihe "test" of Phillips 66 «s the thermometer drops. That is how our pioneor method of CONTROLLED VOLATILITY in- suies split-second atartii.q m ?M. y Wealll0r - A n>l remember, Phillips 66 cosls no more than ordinary low test gasoline. : St rai me "A straight line is the shortest distance between two points." That holds for any two points — your pocket book and your list of wants, for example. Follow the straight line, and you'll save yourself time, trouble and money. ' :: ':/ Use the advertising columns of this newspaper as guide posts. In them,-you find late news of what's to be had in the markets of the world. No need for you to meander about from store to stove, comparing, pricing, judging, guessing values. Thc advertisements j^ell you the names of merchants and manufacturer's you can trust. There you read what's new, what's favored, what's offered confidently for your inspection. The advertisements in this paper take you into move stores than you could visit in a month. There's no high-pressure selling,Jicmish, no uncertainty-to this daily review of markets. Form'thTg^l Imbit of shoppidg by the straight-line method — you'll buy with assurance, with economy and with satisfaction.

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