The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1954
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER », 198* REVIEW™'FORECAST On Missco Farms B; KIITH B1LBEET, Conn IJ AfeM It'» a sad story, isn't it? A lew farmers are reporting a little better soybean yields than they expected, Patsy Morrfi Pafsy Morris District Winner She's of Bondsvill* 4-H Club and Tops In Achievement Patsy Morris of the Bondsvillc 4-H Club in South Mississippi County, today was announced as one of the two 4-H Club achievement winners in the Northeast Arkansas District. Miss Morris, 17, was one of the 18 district leadership and achievement leaders that will be feted at a banquet tonight at the Marlon Hotel in Little Rock. Other Northeast Arkansas District winners announced today by the Arkansas Extension Service •were: James Isaacs of Ncttleton and Peggy Jean Reddell of Cotton Plant, leadership: and Charles J. Peacock, HI, of McCrory, achievement winner, boys division. A member of the Bondsvllle club for a number of years. Miss Morris won the achievement nwnrd for completing 25 projects and 22 method demonstrations. Earlier this year, she placed first in the party dress division at the revue held during State 4-H Week and was runner-up for the sweepstake award. She currently is secretary of the Bondsville Club and is a pnst president, vice president and club reporter. ' Announcing of the district winners is one of the highlights of the Arkansas 4-H Congress which is now underway in Little Rock, Wilson Library Has New Books Both Adult, Child Fare Represented In New Volumes The Wilson Public Library has recently added new books to its shelves. These Include "Blue Hurricane." Mason: "The Golden Wildcoat," Wildemen; "katherine," S n t o n ; "The View- From Pompey's Head," Basso; "Stony Lonesome," Hart; "The Wei! of The Silent Harp." Barke; "The Heart in Exile." Gnr- land; "One White Star." Carroll: "Love Is Eternal," Stone; "Marriage for Three," Seifert. "The Prayers of, Peter," Marshall; "The Case of the Restless Redhead." Gardener; Three Ellery Queen Mysteries: Boy Scouts Surveying Merit Badge Book: Boy Scouts Electricity Merit BnctKe Book: "Cotton for Jim," Baldwin: "Indian Captive," Lenski; "Party Parade." Hogan; "Corn Farm Boy." Lenski. Miss Francis Books added were Certain-teed We have been sellinR C'KRTAIN- TEED Roofs in Blythcville for 40 years because they are better. Some have lasted as lonp at. 20 years. You have a wid« rhotcu of color blends to choose from. All home improvements may be financed over 36 months with no down payment. E.C ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 319 W. Ash Ph.3-4551 U however. Will irrigation help soybeans? I guess so. I checked soybean yields on the County Farm, Tuesday, by weight and measurement. They were harvested 33.6 bushcb; per acre. They were Irrigated one Ume. (Have you ever seen the county farm? It Is one or the prettiest places in this county)) Mr. L«wUi at Dftll irrigated some soybeans and he reports a 30 bushd per acre yield. Cotton Allotment In view of the Iiict you all want 90 per cent loan supports on cotton as long as it can be justified, then what do you think about next year's cotton allotment? The ^Secretary set the national allotment at slightly over I8.1U.OOO acres on thai basils I think your allotment will he slightly less than your allotment hmt your. Do you think the Congress should raise the allotment next spring, or would you be better off In the long run to stick with • this allotment? The Secretary set this allotment by law and he can't raise it under any condition. If it is changed. Congress will have to do it.) This problem will be included Sn your Farm Bureau resolutions Monday night. Farm Bureau Meeting The annual meeting of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau Is to be held in the Elementary School building, Osceola, at 7;00 p. m. Monday night, November 1. Every farmer should attend and take part. I think you will b* surprised, pleased and maybe amazed at the work and accomplishment for the year. The average size uf cotton bolls In Arkansas, as shown by cotton reporters on September l, WHS the smallest since 1JM3. About 48 percent of this years' cotton crop WHK ginned by October 1. the highest proportion since 1943 When 51 percent had been ginned by that time. Iiiist year 30 percent hud been ginned by October 1. Totnl production of principal Arkansas filed crops this year will be ,bout 13 percent below lust yenr's production and 11 percent below the 1043-52 avertvye. The eastern third of Arkansas produced J)3 percent of our cotton crop, compiired with 72 percent during the 1028-:)? period. Boll Weuvllfi Yes, boll weevils ure in North Mississippi County in the grentest numbers since 1032. We have wnteh- ed them carefully .since the mid file of July. We didn't mention them at Out time becnus they were not bad enough to require control*. Mentioning them would h»ve caused undue alarm. The big build-up of weevils came too Inielo tlo harm. With a mild dry winter we inny have to be on our toes next year. County 4-H Champs- Here are the courtly champions for the north end of Mississippi County. They'll be honored nt the utmual 4-H banquet, Elizabeth Brlster. county champion girl, IK at far left on front row. She's from Yarbi'o. Others on front row (from It'll) nre Jimmy Atkinson, Denny Mctheny, Jerry Cniinc, Joe Patterson and Don Vickery. Second How: Lena MUUilcton, Shirley Downing, Donna Sue Keith, Glcnda Towles, Bobby Richardson, Rebecca Cassidy and Lavonne Boren. Third Row: Otis Russell, Danny Bourland, Johnnie Lou Johnson, Jerry Stutls, Jackie Catdwell. Martha Hart, Robert Earl Da- vifi, Dickie Nokes. At top are Keith Bilbrcy. county agent; Mrs. Gertrude B. Holiman, home demonstration agent, and H. H. Carter, assistant county agent. Not in the picture are Dorothy Willingham, Wanda Still, Mary Elizabeth Eldi'idge, Loreta. Childers. Norma Jean Cochran, Judy Kdwiirds and Darrel Byrd. (Courier News Photo) TopEntomologists Plan New Attacks 'Bug Men' fo Meet In Dallat and Map New Asiaults MEMPHIS — Top entomologists from every cotton growing state will meet December 2 and 3 in Dallas, Tex., to take a Jong look at their insect lighting activities during 1954 and plan new tactics for next year. The eighth annual Beltwide Cotton Insect Control Conference will convene at Hotel Adolphus in Dallas, the National Cotton Council announced today. Practically all public and,private entomologists working on cotton insect control throughout the cotton belt will attend the Council-sponsored conference. Also present will be a number of farm organization and cotton industry leaders, along with representatives from more than 100 commercial chemical companies, application equipment manufacturers, and commercial applicators. There will be press representatives covering the conference from virtually every major farm publication in the belt, as well as from radio and TV farm programs. Conferees will hear reports on progress, review current problems, and discuss opportunities for improving the effectiveness of cotton insect control programs in each state. Spotlighted on this year's agenda is a panel discussion on utilizing press, radio and television in controlling insects. Top press and radio representatives will be on the panel with entomologists. Recent developments in research on the pink bollworm — today 1 ! biggesl new insect threat to cotton — will be reviewed by Dr. r. C. Bishopp, who is in charge o[ tht cooperative pink bollworm project in Brownsville, Texas. Approximately 500 are expected to attend. WARNING 0«DEK IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Earl Gann, Jr., Pltf. vs. No 12,114 Roberta Gann, Dft. The defendant, Roberta Gann. I* hereby warned to' appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer th« amended complaint of the plaintiff, Earl Gann. Dated (hi! 6th day of October. 1954. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clert. Claude T. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Ed B. Cook, Atty. Ad Litem. 10/8-15-22-» HESTER'S BEST GRADE 10 (Plus Tax on 2 Tom or More) S. Highway 61 Phone POplar 3-3186 AMKNDMKNT NO. Uin returning olflrrr? not Intri ol or (Editor'fc Note: Sninelhing rise Mr. Bllbrey failed to mention: tin; $46,000 figure .he quoted In his week's column as represent Inn t-lu 1 totnl farm Income (if Uhih should have rend $•!(!. 000. (KK1. This time however, the typographical error was Friend Bllbrey'.s, not our.i.i OLDEST Massachusetts HLstoru-nl Society, founded In August, 17PO, by Jeremy Belknap, and which held it.s first meeting In Bos.tim w Jummvy. 1791, is the oldest historical orgnni- zntlon in the United States. The Big Coal Trurk. Peek In. In My House, Growing Things. Dolls of Other Luncls. My Goldfish, Daddy's Birthday Cnke, Dressing Op. lUiMm, und by ihu Sunain, n Unjor- llj of nil the Mcnitjcia Elected W> Kucti Hoiuttt AKronliig Thereto .'HA'l TUB I' 1 OI.LOWING In ncrcu., .roposid AH mi imirnt.nii'in in Uib Con iVIimion of tht! S Hi lo of Arkansas. md upon oelnu iiibmiUwl to tin- •Jcctuifl o( UK; State foi upprorai «i •ejection ,tt UIB nuxt Ki-iuTnl «lcc- Lion foi tlintrcfu-iitntHrw ami Sell itor If & majority nf the ((lectori- Uu-n-on. at ine aniur- , Trcusurrr of Hi Orpart M or » ii ticcre- tc, Auril- lU of uml nhiill fcrpp thrli for the and* ffkTfl l Hold nit .null iticlr • limllflM SECTION 'J I'l ucli Htdte officer* H mnntuly Instil Tin- Ciovurnor the thcti yours elected Uu.ll br pnlcl nliiil) be ti* ami timl Sli Hi) n-d DO); tlift Dollar* ol Mint*:, and Two he I'refis- ol StTi-n i .t:t,fiO(i.Ol)); Ihf Srcrt-vnry Mn- sum ol Scvi'ii Tiirtusii] HiiiXlri-it nollur? iIT.'JDOOO) urpi of 3tiile Uui sun Tlioiisiinn mid Two Ilumiri'il t)(»!lar? l $7.20001) i. tlip Auditor of titan; Ihc Mini nf Hcvi'.n rtioiuind and Two H11 lid rod Dollar.-. ($7.20(1.(Hi j. the Af - irtrncy Uenrml. ilir mm nf Ktfiht VhOiiMtnd Dollar* | ja.DOO.OO), nnd tup CnmmiM.|onci of Slatr Lntirtft. llir *um nf SU Tlion.',und Dollftr." Hfi.ffiW 00) Vllf iind thuii pr <>f the The Ucnc; 111 Spl-Cllll ilay in I vhlch llic Ar-ni'inbly niich bly. or NOVI inch thu election in m be Olrccti'd to the bpei Hdusf of UcprcstJiiUtH ul Aiisrinulr ahall convt s^s^lon on the lirsV N4r icr(!!iil}L'i oJ the vein tnrmbcrn or Mir Geuc ure elcctnd and «lml) foi n period not to by the Hoi hi* ni In till-in shiill by of boih Hous seinbly. mid niL'ni'-"rs elr-f to u rholcr SECTION 4 .•.hull int-ft tn both tl thC SviflVlSl*! 01 lh»' tl< M'sen in liven shall «pi:ii the vntcf ruat anil (;lvcn f tlio offU-i-rs heri-lnbf ltd 111 tllC pfTMMIUl! Of t. of the Ucncrnl AHsruiDly iiiiviru! the nitihcsi iHinibfi ir onrh of the respect.!vo mil he dcrlnred duly «lei nud nhull Uuuicdlmnly term of offloo, but If • shall t)t- rciunl. the niKl . foi the sume office, (ini; LDMfl) D.¥ II JOilH ' ol the Oeiicnil majority of nil t'xirftordlniiry or special session of Hie Gfiieral Asnembly. they shull re- K-IVO In addition to salary herein provided the sum of Twenty Dollars 1 120 00 1 pel day foi each day they nre required to ntlentl. and mile- i\K«- 'it the turn* CK.IU Qereln tro- vldL-d SECTION o mere is nereby created u joint ud Interim committee 01 the General AsaemDly to be "elected rrom Its membership. a« may Do provided bj Uiw roi the purpose ol conduct- liiB rcsciircli Into gnveriimental prob (cms mid iimkinB mi tilts ol Suite iiKcnciofi I'lie r.iMierni Anscmhly fihiill fli the rtinr.imi of pei diem und ci- pcnses of committee members «" rt the compcnanllon und espcu.«ea 01 the (•ntn lttc SECTION fi. ((»' Tlie GeneriU As- t'inhty shiill (nun time to Llmo provide nlfirlfjt and l! bo Debbie and her Nap, Yo.Vr Friend | ™\™^\^ o^'SS, % the Policemen. The Baby Chip- j J™ , tll ' u ' 1( , lini( ; n( lllr rn :uiai miink and My Bin Brother. Read Courier News Clfissitied Ads ' return Ilnu (•very l!\c ih. se.nt ol govern u ic nt on ih« llrst Moni filch odd ninnix'rod iu-nibera of th J2.40U.OO). t? ol the House ol ( ; aliiill rci-clvi- an i flvn Hundrod tincl S50.CHM foi piit'li yt-i bly mny to such Cents (10i irnvclrri 1 mcr us tho General Assrm- salary the members nf the Aftseuibiy fihull rcccivt Ten pel mile for cnrh mi li- the most direct und prn ! provided further t iiiopra are required Vou turn hard ground into productive seed bed -fAST with this McCeritiicic Disk You Kov* tontrolled penetration io beds with the McCormicfc 2.(-R wheel-controlled d.sL harrow. It h« ihc weight io disk deep, yet it leavct the mrf^cc level. Hy- draul.ic Rcmoie Cooirol oC the wheel* ni»kn it t*\) io i« ihf depth of ihe fiinp. When ihc going gro (cmgh, or yo« - r« disting •k up produniTCiccd- deep, you can raise the whceb clear off the pound, UM. tfnr wrighi for entro pcnciraiion. Vou lift the diski oui of the gfe>un<] io nuke ithon. fast turni. And (he wheels nukf it fjtier and C.HUT to ride over levees move from field [o field. 11>c McCornncL. 14-n u avaiUhW in 5^, ^ 6V», 7 «nj SVvfocx mdttu. Delta Implements, Inc. "Service Holdt Our Trade" Blyrhevillt Phone 3-6863 . tlon of the jufiilces ol the Supreme Conn und for the salaries and expenses of the junpe.s or tho Circuit ;iiid chiinccry Co^lrt^ ol tnia State. provided that <urh ^ntarlus and «om- petuatlon of the lustlces ol Hie Supreme Court und Hie salaries and expense? of the jwlyen or the Circuit •uid Chnncery Courts snail not h« lew tlmn now provided by mw (h) rnt Licnerni nssmnbly sriflll OS mw determine the amount and method utes of ArJcansaa, id) Tnai aeciion aa ot Article X1A oJ the CoustltulloD und Section 2 ol Amendment IX to the Contltution ol the Statp of Arkansas be and the same are hrreby repealed SECTION 7 That Section 39 ol Article 7 01 the Constitution of the State of \rkansa* Is amended to read nit follow: 'Kor every five hundred electors inert' shull be elected ono -Justice of thr; peace, dut every to'wnshlp Mow- i^ei small, shall have tTfo Justices of the peftce ' SECVi^n t i"i» timenatneni snail oe in torce upon Its adoption and shall not require legislative actlOD to put U Into force and effect Approved March 26 1353 C a HALL. Secretary of Siata mlasloniT* of the Wnrkmena' Compensation Commission, provided that the salary o( any Commissioner shall not bo less tlmn now provided by law id i'ne Oent-ral Assemoly shall D5 m\v tit-termme ihc nmouiu anil method of payment ol salaries of county officials" Nothing herein shall oo construed u» ubroj;iillnrj any rlnht ol tne people us the Stair o! ArJtan.Tits undrt the liiltliittvo and Referendum pro- flalons of the constitution of the itat- ^VARNMNG ORDER The defendant, Jack Brond, is hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickn- sawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Mrs. B. Brond, filed ngninst him in said court. Case No. 12822, and upon his failure so to do. said complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of said court and the seal thereof, this 26th day of October, 1954. GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. Roy and Roy, attyns, for pltf. 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