The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan on December 29, 1961 · Page 3
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The Escanaba Daily Press from Escanaba, Michigan · Page 3

Escanaba, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1961
Page 3
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Tommy Hughith Dies In Florida Tommy flughitt — one of E>- ¿mm m « naba s all time football gn ats died in a hospital at Bartow, orida on his filMh birthday, J 1 tdne.vjay and will be burird at ilfalo, N.Y. on Saturday, lie suffered a heart attack tour iy.« before hi»; drath while vara- »ning at Eagle Lake, Florida ith his wife. His last visit to Fseanaba. hi.« ithplacc, was foi the Class of ion 50th rr union he it- in 1 !»:»*». His name was Ernest E. Hug- tt and hr was thr son of Mr. and tv Orrin Hughitt. His tathei iciated thr Escanaba Hardware o where thr Homr Supply Store today at thr southwest coiner 11th and (aldington Sts , and rfS earlier associated with the hicago North Western Rail•y. Tommy Hughitt attended K^- uiaba High School and played n its football team, but nut well iiough evet to earn a letter Hr as with thr “scrubs.’* The class xik care of that at its golden nniversary reunion, awarding im an honorary "E". Probably ev ei wa> a player so undistin- pi * «« • in hed i ii Es< anaba Hich School tlGClCu I 0 tlGOU r>o;ball so famous in college foot- all. Tommy Hughitt was a varsity allback on thr University of tiihigan and thru quarter- iack. He won a football U tter in us freshman year and in his thei three years at Ann Arbor, 912, '13, ’14 and *15 and hr won hrrr letter* in baseball at U-M, n 1913, ’14 and *15. After his school years hr lol- ow ed Eseanaban Tom Rilev as ootball coach at the University •f Maine and then was a busi- irssnian in Buffalo He had a ■ord agency there at one tune out was in the auto business until ns death. His interest in s|*»rts on tinned through his litc and he was an otficial in many college »tvd university games in ihe East nrl m many pro lootball games In Britain By 'Hittalo team in the National I h b 1 [A' Ice And Drifts He ran unsuccessfully tot schriff at Buffalo and legalized LONDON *AP'—Snow. sl< hu name as Tommy Hughitt for freezing ram brought wtd< Lawsuit Angers State Appointee Mrs. Isaacson, 62, Of Fclch Dies At Iron Mountain IRON MOUNTAIN » Krisiine Isaacson, I,ANSINO 'AP> — Angry and Houle I. Eelch, « upset, Attorney Genei ai-designate thè Memoria! hos Frank J Kelley of Alpena appear- ing a Ioni! ìllnc-- cd at an unusual prcss conference she was bom Thursday to declare he was "ab- m C'orsinan, Fu solutely Innocent’* in a law suit to fhc Felch aten naming him as a co-defendant *•... i „ All l>fM(5on Kelley had just lx rn apponile d hard Andrew \ Tl De ! by Gov. Swainson to tho attorney daughU general fjo*-t to succeed Paul Eelch, Adams, who is moving up to the peaisor State Supreme Court. \u\ern Kelley said he railed thr con- uiandcl ference because there were im* F rien plication«; in some reports that he niaii F acted impro|>erly in the case fjr(V Kelley was named a;- a co-de* v, fendant in a suit involving a claim Ul(j that a S3.500 tax lien involved in a projierty sale wav not disclosed <( ,< by a client Kelley represented as ; ij , an attorney. > » Robert J Currie of Saginaw, at- torne.v for Mrs. Orville Leslie of East Tawas. who brought the drs Mi ma; •ral DAILY PRESS Eaeanaha. fire. ?9. 19fil ^ Ex-Wife Smacks Marlon Brando SANTA MONICA Calif 'AP Emerging from a stormy child custody hearing. Anna Kashfi » smacked her ex-hu«band. Marlon ross the face Thursday, continued down the Fît and* Bran court hi IV ie .11 lill win h Cemeter; Mi phot* didn Th open Dorf reo with Pal ph' Tommy Hlighitl agri that K.U wa1 Former Resident Elected To Head Villa Park Village Bob Wood of Villa Park. II former reside i ccently elecl Park village. Wood, who wa animouslv elected by members « • Vlr. and Mrs Charlt 525 S 14th St He is aba Sen '39 Won solutely an innocent party in this matter ” The transaction was a transfer of a Ford Motor Co ag»*ncv in Oscoda by William E Cottnll. then of OsciKia anil now of Flint, •,l to Mrs Leslie The $3.500 was !•* money unpaid by Cottrill in the transaction Joseph P. Kobasic Enlisted In Naw •ph P Kobasic, s.. Mrs Peter Kobasii st., W 0 A enlisted in \'a' y at Milwaukee De< Kobasic. a 19H1 gra ,ng the 1 he t) rolonged court si¡ old boy’hristian Devi The aeto r was seeking order to VI it li thrr >e time' instead of twicr, aweek Brand« Tifi Wrt ' grani!» f) pi't ■ mission tohave th«e boy \ . isit hiir every t J wec*kfadditior to the tw lC’f» WP( •kly m 1 dation- previou«* allowfxl M Ka>hfi. 26Ih and« w e t e di ced in 1959 Ainern P&H e Lt< Kelley was hi' attorney for one Escanaba, was transaction and so was named co- virlent of Villa defendant in the suit brought by in- Mrs. I^she An agreement ha^ n entrrrd with Circuit .ludiie Allen C Miller of Tawas that Cottnll will make the oavment bv Jan 15 and that Hoi' Name Hgih School, the Naval Training Centi Diego, Calif , for recruit Enlistment was in the Obituary MltV MAR\ \V\ POI.IMI \K E W graduate of the Escati- Kelley will be reiea.-ed as a part.' High School, Class of \() suit, the attorney general s plant managet of the ripugnate said, ture Cmp., in Chicago, v of Johnson A’ John- • K' Cri Pai k T ..ud Ohi M is . Wood live have two »»n Villi D.di Traffic Tangled First Year Rough One For Kennedy its j \mI 8 MAILOH \ssoriatrd Press \rm Analyst Khrnshche\ wa WASHINGTON <AP»—'The big- challenged, and extremely md gest difference in the first White ad House 'ear of Presidents Kenne- ronfident Rusian lx>ss There was another diff I Mil 1 * ICS. He is sur\i\ed by h Betty, formerly of Ann At si ns. Miss Anna Hug lie an |H»rtation chao? h Isk toda I • cribod the nation's •oíi* t lub nisi e in d The «>id-fashamed Stalin e * lived, relied more on on propaganda or He pushed only where he thought he had a quick chance for gam, a^ in Korea and the Berlin blockade. Si the heat from communism in the Brit- dv and Eisenhower was in the kind of world they inherited. Eisenhower’s first year had more day-to-day headaches. Ken- l* Oberlin. Ohio, a retired membei tem as "a vast katini: rink'1 with nedy's a nioie frightening core of ^ of the faculty at Oberlin College; 120 <mm> miles of road co\ered danger a i Mr* I) M (Edith Vi At , ¡, , , .. Of Bat tow, Fla., and his sister-m- In Scotland aod eastern conlrnd wlth s,.n jweph McCat law, Mrs. H H. Hughitt of 610 land ‘hen wa heavy nowfall as ^ ©versea-, with the K-. I>ake Shore Drive, Escanaba well, with drifts up to eight feet \\'ar a result of both Wi,s Iirnited for Eisenhowei It' Funeral services arc to be held deep around Glasgow «md Aber- th¿ countrv was frustrated. U»rn reai effort al the tim°- as,dt‘ flum in the Brady Funeral Home at deen r1 full of suspicion f’‘8htinc against the French BuMalo Saturday afterncxm and Thick slu. h covering the run- 'p, whole vein wa- a badly 11 Indo-China, was c mcentrated tunal will be in Búllalo. ways delayed jet flight^ from Lon- one for the nrw Presi- in Korea. ---- don airj)i>rt. Pilots were warned rfrnt Xhc niorc imaginative Khrush- llf H X" I IK'S! prril OlftHII Fiist U. S presidential c.*n- danger of slush entering their en- Kennedy, in his first year, has than Stalin because of his bombs diaate ever nominated bv a na- gmes had comparatively a mild time and missiles, is poking at Kennedy tional convention was William Railroad schedules went out the ^ home The extreme right- around the world with propagan- \Virt, who wa* nominated for the window as ice clogged witches. u.incpls W(Mr his onl.v McCarthy- da. trade, aid, militant local Com­ ired shipping off the m esidency by Pa¡ty in Septc IBID. Fog hai EuroiK*a n GET THE CASH YOU NEED rROM US. . . NOW! LOANS MADE PROMPTLY to meet all your needs. See us for cash to pay bills, buy fuel, buy the needed things for the home or family. make seasonal purchases, meet any and all emergencies. Just come in or phone! WYLIE LOAMS 101H Ludinetnn St. Wickert Hitildinu SI li:i» rean War As a result of both the country was frustrated, torn apart, full of suspicion That whole veai wa * badly troubled one for the new President. Peril Overseas Kennedy, in his first year, has than i had comparatively a mild time and m of it at home The extreme right- around wingers were his only McCarthy- da, tr. like problem. And so far they’ve been just a petty annoyance. But overseas, while he had no Korean War to settle, he had to fact* a situation far more subtly perilous than Eisenhower encoun- rnnetal s» m \ ices Mrs Mi ir y inn Polish ak wer c • ’v f e he Id at 10 a i Perron vii . \ I le. Tilc R ev. Don hit oda w a ohrnn Re s w\i (1 uitvrn ?bra 1 H »gli M* at her Brad an Bo p n in an. O F M. the R ev. Leslie B> in­ lan, sub-di •aeon. Bur t, Michael’? • Cernì *terv Pallbt ai - vere En ill Mait in. John B lo­ iarz. Henry • Beili rt. J¡ Rain^y, Stephen k k l>K'h a ivi John P (*| • Iti RTC Mil. AlLI N Funi 1 al for B. rt C dlen. formi ’i resii dent tl . of P th- inn. wc*ro fv ay at Well' * Tow tishif m.. rnu 3 Hall ie Re\ K, 4ll JH entrai Met! mdist (L’hui *ch offici ig BurialNorthla tnd emeterv. i1 'allheal *1* 1' s were M illcn, CfU>Allen. Louis Van FJ- acker, Han , ey Von Tom 1 Po* uette ami .lamesJan. jfski MRS. ri hi . Li \\ Con plete funer cl 1 ^service« for drs Perley \V( ■re heldat lie Andei s«in Funeral Home Ch ap- ! Thursda: ,• at 1 30 p m. rhe lev. Karl J Han ima 1 1 official ted itirial was in L, akev lew Cet no- Escanaba Trained Hindus Turn Out P&H Ecavators Inc c*d Sagola Mart Killed By Fallinq Tree RIVER •r. Joh pur. The plant is owned by Telco, eonstr a subsidiary of Tata locomotive er%. A- EngineeringCo . Ltd . of India. Upo The big shovels will be used in cxcav hcav • onstrui tion projects su<h and i as dams, highways, irrig.ition -ys- crawli tems and ofK'ntng new mines, nischf Telco key personnel trained in who i Harnischfeger plants in Escanaba sultan and Milwaukee last w inter of the The— Tele« pLuii. im.anit.xi. miscc. through private investment, was laund hailed by Indian business leaders Thr as a milestone in the development transi of Indian heavy industrv; a long hibiti« >tep toward meeting the nation’s dustrif hin \\ oasrien a cocnut ’hms in h eeremo o 1 champdguc i con- n on^ rrm- à I iì -P • n Social Security Tax Rate Is Up Starting Jan. 1 Am ttlei hit >i k - On J.itiuai \ al security feet for nil) pop le. For emulo' iH*r'*ent Jo MltS. \N\ \ I . OLSON' a ho San rece or them Intonsa en When the latter became Pro den! in 19JW the United State with its hydrogen bomb, was st the most powerful nation The non, lack of self-discip’.me or im- Russians made trouble but not enough to risk a war. Thev didn't have their fu munists. Both Try 1 Itestrainl c’ompletc funeral service: s foi 1 i 1 w ie Through al! tin - b th Kenm dy Mrs Anna F Olson will be held and Eisenhowerhave exhib ted Satl .11 day at 1:30 p. nn.f tit the An- j oh n* *ne trait :n comrr ion: A well-c on- tier*<on Funeral Homi.* ChapelThe ' t nlled restraint. a non-belli* »er- Rev Martin Stralici r will c iff ici» nncy, ¡n dealing their ad- ate. Burial will be 111 Lakt 'view ver.-aries at homi r* and i>verst iietery Friends may ca Il at ., I’lK Thus, instead 0 if starting t. res the funeral home a iter 4 y 1 . m., nssc OSCI r maturity, they have tried to ket p the ones created for them undei hv- contro! I li \NK lil< Kl l Ft drogen blast until August. l!»5:t. Bv the time Kennedy moved in more Of tht' two men Kennedy seems it* master in his own •uncial services t< kei wt e held at 9 a. m. toda St Patrick’s Church wi. this year, they not only had hv- house The outstanding example Father Charles* Olivier officiatir drogen bombs but the missiles to ■» 'he conduct of foreign af- Burial was in Holy Cross Cem deliver them. fairs. tety. Pallbearers were Robe Khrushchev Unchallenged Kennedy d os tht mportant F. imond and Sam S .yklly Phil Tliu^ the whole American-Rus- talking for his administration on !Urro. Carlton Van Drese ai sian relationshii was different for foreign policy Hi' secretary of Donald Pepin. Kennedy. War, death and annihi- state. Dean Rusk, acts as his I a tion now had an immediacy technician and adviser but says onlv imagined when Eisenhower httle MRS. ARTIII It .1. SHARKED took over the White House While Eisenhower personally Eisenhower even got a tempo- was restrained in foreign affairs, 1*uncial services foi M rarv relief from Russian pressure he let his secretary. John Foster thui J Sharkey <*f Rtc with Stalin's death in March. Dulles, d> such belligerent and a»r. who died Tuesday were hi l( 1953—when the Kremlin leaders flamboyant talk tig that the ad- this morning from St. George became more concerned with ministration seemed to have two ( unch in Bark River Msgr. J 1 than with the Amen- vcices. Dunleavv officiated the requici intil 5 w hi I ee a 1» >gging tl which was on the woods noticed pi kup truck was other vehicles m Thev returned t to search for the found under the t sheriff and medic Addison were mi * pie. ap- ano em| one-foui ei , Ot a ioi<ii perce i met t. F e.t.--» 1 ■ i elf- hen t hi' employe ’i 1 lf(l| ile. the M '!’ 1S vvn a nil 4 7 pere *nt armcrease of thi ee- lohn ir ke< sixteentl 11111111 t ax a )f 1 ble percen ear nil . Th< "* ITI* 1X1- ain 1 in $4.800 di liltig t(ie tax \eat 1 Il OHrn - 1 k i n in ings, net •om e trom self-employ- r. II 1 ve - merit, 01 CO M 10 natío 1 otbot 1 . All red In do 1 Id 1 and cetits t he in- not re- crease 1 ne<I IS that a 1 en iploved person emg S4.8HO f >i mo re d ur­ tie iug IMHL w ill !>a\ si »0 in so na! *n 1and "fcui it ytav i istead of thc $ 1 14 not he paid 011 the s«‘ earni Il li >fil iptin i to With 52 w Cel< lv chei k,s t(-»tal ìt'g ie cr $4.800, ; d)o lit 12 centmi * r r* vili It ot the be wit hiidcfl om Cen t 1 che CK . Hi- ohns employe tax will al so hi » ab out ur.ig the 12 cent# A sell nu -et »re H \\ i‘ck >yecl pi* rson ne't mg oi k . 1 ea as mucha->4.WO will pay <11 V50 was instead c it s : ih tor the vear. Sor ead 1:45. The over 12 m< m 1 1 is. thisis alMuit 79 liner Dr. cents mon a month, Olbv thè 1. quarter, s2 more. to New Delhi for ex- Tata at the Indian Ini', ending Dec. 31. and Indian engineer« he 2'3 cubic yard ca- paeitv P&H Model Oa.iA as being the most versatile for heavy construction and mining operations The machines can be dismantled for transport and are suitable for work in virtually every part of the vast sub-continent. Frederick S.dditt, Harnischfeger vice president, international operations, praised Indian techni- “Production w as completed weeks ahead of schedule, thanks to the skill and ingenuity of Indian craftsmen and engineers What we ha\e seen there convinces us that this nation has a grea! industrial future.” Plotters Indicted TOKYO f AP> - Ten right-wing extremists arrested Dec 12 for plotting to assassinate Prime M 111 Ai - ist er Hay ato Ikeda and leaders of W'l- his regime were indicted today on „•barges of subversive activities. Try a ( lassified \d Today. (all sr C-2tZl. WAREHOUSE CLOSE OUT MATTRESSES and BOX SPRINGS Full Nize or Twin As l/Ou A* s2695 BONEFELD'S i \i;i \ 1:1 >1 \ on: For Eisenh wt*r high mass. Burial was in Bai Rivei Cemetery. Pallbearers wei C Jin* i i \ 011 as a ee t B. SATURDAY Anthem 5 iif> Notion 5:57 Sign On 5:58 News Summary <).()() Music of the Six’ll 6 2ft Mew’s H:30 Music oi the Sixties 6 5,“> "s'ew s 7:00 Music ot the Sixties 1 News 7:30 Spoits Review 7:35 Music ol the Sixties 7 on \t ws \roiino Mi« \Vorld 8:10 Music ot the Sixties H ¿.. Ne.v; 8:30 Music ol the Sixties H \t Ws 9:f!'i Manliaiten Melodies H I a vVot Id -4 f 1 k M u^'c 9:30 Mu^ic of the Sixt os 10 00 v J umi H a H im 10 OS >V**atnei Repon 10:10 Music ol the Sixties 10.30 Music of the Sixties 10 5 Vee lenf New*11:00 Music ol the Sixties I 1 :0' Salu'e t^ M.uiistique II 5.-> SchooicraM Counts New» 12'00 Paul Harvey News 12 15 Laical New:- ano Sports 12:30 Noon Weather Report 12:35 Music ol the Sixties 12:50 Music toi Five 12 >5 N“ as 1:00 Music ol the Sixties 1 29 Headlines and Weather 1.30 Mu.sic of the Sixties 1 m Views 2:00 Music of the Sixties 2 -it Headlines Weathei 2:30 Vlu.sic ol the Sixties 2 New» 3:00 Music of the Sixties 3 2M leadiU tj and Wea’het 3M0 Music ol the Sixties 3 News 4 00 Musit f»f the Sixties 4:30 Sports Round Table 4:45 Evening News 4:59 Sign Oif 5 00 The Lord's Prayer cm President. It was the opiM)site for Kennedy, turned out to be just a compara ult of Stalin’s death. By tively mi’.d forerunner <f much .Joseph Chenior. Petei Deroch-'t built in Ce>'lon worse to come in the years ahead. Fii.iene Dei-ocher. Ronald Le- jiadavil-colon t ,nk s u Kennedy probably has no llusions Claire, Mnvell Charon and Wil- bank'Vii'nt which i- 11 imlt Til* ■c\ ■ t will be an\ different for h.m, iam Ch.non. in patients admitted to St. Fta'*- ci^ Hospital Thursday included thi following: Richard Engdahl. Wtlls; John Burke, 507 S 16th St : Rosemary Girard, 903 Washington Ave . Escanaba: Mrs. Donau! Scott. 704 S. 12th St.; Virginia Waske, 919 1st Ave N ; Mrs. T. M. Judson, 1606 12th Ave. S.: Petty Lou and Helen Jean Mau- 1 a:, both of Ensign: Douglas Ceuk, Rtc. 1. Wilson; and Den- 1 i.s Norkooli of Gladstone. THE JACKPOT IS NOW $50 in NU-WAY'S SWEEPSTAKES Com#* in »nd reeisler or phone in vour drv cleaning order to sr c -1’ ì : ìh NU-WAY CLEANERS 106 N. 1.7th St This car goes a long way "it a th mbletul ot gasoline — if somebody pushes it. The car has no engine, no transmission. They wete removed by ear dripper, workii ; in Fort Worth, Tex. The car was stolen from a dealer’s lot and, alte? recovcy, c.,r salesman Clesttm Moore stands where engine u.sed to be. The cai had been ci:i\eii but i>e\ en irules when stolen. MEL & ELMER'S I SUPER VALU mmm9M I mmm WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY SUNDAY AND MONDAY, NEW YEAR'S DAY FOR INVENTORY A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL FROM EVERYONE AT MEL & ELMER'S SUPER VALU

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