The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1937
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1037 For Battling Dirt Good Equiprneiil Makes Vicloiy Easy in War on Winter Crime !!>• NEA Service NEW YOHK.—SpriiiB limy "turn n young man's fancy to thoughts of love," but It turns ninny a woman's to the slark reallmion thai house cleaning time Js here. Ilic yearly splurge of house cleaning used lo be drudgery, but, with KO many new time-savini!, ;;pacc- f lying devices lo hell), the; Job can .be finished almost before yon know it. Start the job by pulling ruray everything', thai even., hints of winter. Send blankets. qullUi, draperies, rugs rtnri clothes lo hi? cleaned. When they conic back, put them neatly iiway ami forget fill about them. Newsninci is a find tiling In which to pack winter fabrics because mollis won't eat through Safe .from dust, moths anil life need ; for. disturbing when yuii arc, in the hunt for a 'packed :uvay : article ivill he. ivinfi-r items .stored -in tr.insparcnfs front clothes boxes. piint But, there is always the dangei of it coming loose or tearing, tlieicby making It none too New Storage Jloxcs The excellent new "stover away- crs" on the market right now are ISrushcs for getting in corners, speeding cleansers, a plentiful supply of clean cloths—they're necessary munitions for Ihe spring war 01 dirt. And, if you have one of the door closels In which to keep an extra set of supplies, you save thousands of steps nil year aroum for you don't have* to .clinsc downstairs every time you want to do a bit of cleaning. (From Hammacher Suhlcmmer, New york) Dentists Advise Chewing; and O i It Can Be Entirely Pleasant better. Gay clilnt?. boxes- with a celophane front, or nil cellijphanc due:; for everything from blankets to hats, are pirlicularly good. These are economically compact to fit on closet' shelves or nny available nook. Then, of course, theic aie the zipper'garment bags that hold and preserve ever so many clothes. Sprinkle moth crystals on (he rugs and roll them'up In a can^as ing cover with a. drawstring. You will gel a pleasant surprise when It's lime lo use-them again, because they'll look like new. Now that- the draperies lire down, get out the summer curtains and look (hem over. If Ihey droop a bit or are slightly faded, wash and starch the while ones, dip the colored ones nnd watch them glow with new life. Before yon put tliem up, give the Venetian btmds a cleaning .such as they have never had before. Special dusting brushes of Jamb's wool with removable fingers are made for this very purpose. There is also a marvelous cleaning, fluid that renders them pure and spotless in a jiffy. All j'ou 'do is saturate n soft cloth with the fluid, and rub gently over the blinds once or twice. More Shelf Space If you are having shelf-room trouble, you will want to look at the new closets that fit over any door in your home. They are marie • of steel finished with enamel, and are fitted with well-planned shelves, hooks and racks. There is a door closet for every roon in the house, especially ecjuippei to fit the needs of that room. It is no trouble at all to pn Ihem on—all it requires is" screw ing on three hinges, catch an autoinalic door slop — and the creale new wall space, save floo space, steps and bother. Beside that, Ihcy are attractive. Now get , a can of thut ensj to-'apply enamel paint, nnd fees) en up Ihe (Kirch furniture an swing. It comes in all colors, tak only one coat, and dries in five or six hours, With any that is .' left over, go through ilic house and . brighten clothes hampers, .waste baskets nnd flower boxes. Are you chew-sy about your food? It's n good idea! Dentists have been telling us to chew more and longer, ' and besides it's a pleasure' to ''get your leeth into It" wli'Cn it comes to callnij. Of course those there be who 'lave not the wherewithal to chew ipage Grandpa) and those there who 1 would rather not risk n lllling even for the .pleasures of the caramel. But contrasts are tiie goal of every menu-maker nnd the agreeable soft foods are considerably - enhanced by others of chewier texture. If you choose to chew you will (ind a very lino lot of choice rc- cipi's here, If you do not, choose to chew, /i couple of the other variety arc here for you too. Chewy Cinnamon Hints 3 cups (lour 2 taUesixions. sugar G teaspoons baking powder 1 teasiwon salt •! tablespoons shortening 1 egg . , 3-4 cup cold water Butter ; , 2-3 cup currants Hrown sugar Cinnamon 1-2 'cup dark syrup. Sift flour, sugar, baking powder id salt together; cut in shorten- g. Beat egg slightly in men.Mir- ia cup nnd add water. Mix liquid Mil dry ingredients to make a oft dough. Turn out douph on ourcd board nnd knead lightly :o smooth the dough. Roll 3-8 Inch thick. Spread'willi; melted butter .cover with fruit; sprinkle with brown sugar, and cinnamon. Ifoll up dough like jelly roll and cut off pieces 2 Inches thick. Melt 1 tablespoons bultcr in heavy skillet; add syrup. Place buns, cut side up in the pan. Make In moderate oven (350 to 375 degrees P.) about 35 minutes or until bmis arc done. Invert skillet and turn out cinnamon buns immediately. Serve witli st.icky side up. Date and Nut liars 3-4 cup flour 1-2 teaspoon baking powder 1-2 teaspoon salt 2 eggs 1 cup brown sugar 1-2 cup chopped nut meats 1-2 package, pasteurized • dales, sliced Mix nnd sift baking powder, salt and (lour. Mix dates and nuts through Hour with finger tips Heat eggs until light; beat in the ijradmilly. Stir In dry In- Is, nuts nnd dnlcs. Spread Hie mixture evenly over oiled shallow pan. Bake hi a moderate oven i350 degrees P.) for 30 minutes, or until surface will spring liuck when pressed lightly willi Hie forplimior. When cool, cul Into strips four Inches long )>y oiif; inch wide. ; lUuana Ili-nn Muffins 1 cup sifted flour 1-2 icn.siKjon' Milt 3--1 teaspoon .soda 2 tablespoons shortening 1-4 cup .sugar 1 OXB, well beaten 1 en]) bran •i tablespoons buttermilk 2 cups thinly-sliced banana (2 or :i bananas) Mix and hlfl togfitTier the nour, suit and .soda. Cream shortening, add sugar gradually and cream well. Add ecu. bran and sour milk. | Mix and let stand while slicing banana. Add banana and mix well, Add sifted dry Ingredients, stirring only enough In dampen Ml the flour, flake in well-greased muffin tins in moderately hot wen 1315 degrees P.! for 30 to M minutes. Makes six large, or twelve .sitjiitl muffins, Clit:w-sy Halls f) quarts popped corn, < ?. cups sugar I 'v cups water 1-1! cup wlilte .syrup 1-2 leaspoon salt 1-2 leaspuon vinegar I tablespoon vanilla / lioil .sugar, water and syrup to- icllier until syrup forms a med- I'.tn hard ball in cold water .or ;ynip rculstei'-s 2GO degrees P. Add alt and vinegar and cook until iyruri forms a hard ball, hi cold vnlcr, or '1§\ degrees P. Add vanilla extract and' stir very Ill- Lie. Knrl poppet! corn to remove unpnppcd or burned kernels and put In deep pan; pour on syrup slowly, stirring and lifting the com to coal II evenly. Form the corn inlo balls. Creamy Chnrnlale IHce Pudding l 1 ,; squares unsweetened chocolate cut In pieces •1 tablespoons rice 1-2 tcas]Kwn salt 3 cups milk 2',f; teaspoons granulated gelatin 1-2 cup sugar - 1-3 cup nut ineals, broken 1-2 teaspoon vanilla 1-2 cup cream', whipped Add chocolate, rice, and salt'lo 2 3-4 cups milk, and cook In double boiler 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cover and cook l',L hours longer. Combine gelatli vith remaining 1-4 cup milk nnc ct stand 5 Ininules; add sugnr \dri gelntln mixture to hot rici ; stir until gclalln Is complele y dissolved. Chill. When slightly hickened, add nuts and vanilla old In whipped cream. Chill unti nlxtnrc thickens again. Serve "I Hamburger as Menu-Queen shcrbcrt gJusses, with or'withon additional whipped cream. Serve Savory hamburger pallles, eoldcn convene on Ibis new-type grill The thrifty hamburger, along • with the rest of the roster of economical standbys, is lifted completely from the Cinderella class inlo tile role of menu-queen. The rich mellow flavor of cooked bananas turns the trick. Grill and n r c this right tonight. Two-Kruil Mixed Grill ' 4 lamb chops or hamburger .steaks (about 1-inch thick) 4 half slices canned pineapple Melted butter Salt 4 peeled bananas Arrange meal and pineapple on reheated rack of broiler. Brush ineapplc with melted butter and prinklc with salt. Place rack bout 3 inches • below broiler and iroil in a very hot oven (550 de- irccs P.). At the end of 11 mln- itcs, lurn meat and pineapple, nrt place the bananas (brushed •vlth melted bultcr and sprinkled vitb salt) on rack of broiler. Continue broiling about 8 , minutes .ontjcr. Four servings. bananas and pineapple si'c'llons to make, a feast of any meal. lard cartons. Chill in refrigera tor overnight, or until desiring to bake. Cut into thin slices and bake on a greased cookie,tin in a moderately hot oven (375 degrees) 8-10 minutes. - Spinach Ring Wilb Creamed Sin-imp ; Sp-ice Box Cookies (Makes 1-8 dozen cookies) 1 1-4 cups shortening 2 cups brown sugar 3 r'ggs (well beaten) ... 4 1-3 cups general purpose flam 2 teaspoons baking powder 1-2 tcas|KX>n cloves 1-2 teasixxm nutmeg 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup walnut meats (cut fine) Cream shortening and add suga gradually. Add eggs and mix thor oughly. Mix and sift all dry in redlents nnd add. together witl the nut meats. Mix well and pac dough firmly into empty butter o LUTES 20(> W. ftlnin Phone Ifil We Deliver "Where Everybody Trades" Potatoes 10 Lbs. 32c Pure Lard S-U). Carloii $1.18 SUGAR 10-Lb. Bar 'ommo Refined Cane Sugar Tablets i.Adant.Process Cane Sugar Squares l^hsn You See the Difference Sturfcerm Makes ! Coffee Cake 2 tablespoons shortening 1 tablespoon while .sugar • 1 egg. beaten 3-4 cup milk 2 cups flour 3 teaspoons baking powder 1-4 teaspoon salt 1-4 cup brown sugar Vi teaspoon cinnamon 1-4 cup chopped nuts. Cream the sugar and shortening. 'Add beaten egg. Silt Hour with baking powder and salt and alternately with the milk to egg and sugar mixture. Pour Into a greased rec- umgular>" baking,, pan. Combine brown sugar, mils, cinnamon and spinkle over the top Bake in a moderate oven for 35 or 40 mln- Ules, ', 7\ FTERTHEBAp IS EMPTY Z~V — that's the bmo to judga 1ho value o[ feed. That's why Purina Slartena hag become 'Atnerica'claading chic 1 * feed, \Vhen Ihe Slaitona bag is empty you Have 50 big, sturdy sit- weeks-old chicks. Tv;o pounds c[ Slartena per chick for the first six wcsb— that's aH it takes lo giro you - tho kind of chicks you want. Sec us today 2or you* tup* I ply o£ Siemens! FLOUR White liiscuit 2-i-U). Siick $1.05 TOMATOES No. I Can MATCHES 3 Boxes CHUM SALMON Can 10 PORK & BEANS 20-Oz. Can 3 for THE OOODW1N COMPANY 112 E. Main B OB phone 15-1 BANANAS Golden Ripe Dozen FANCY TOMATOES Lb. 14 C CARROTS Fresh Hunch COFFEE We Grind 2 28 C Fryers Oven Dressed Lb. 40c Pork Sausage 100 r l- Pure Lb. 15c CHEESE Wisconsin Full Crcani Lb. SPARE RIBS Fresh and Meaty Lb. 17F YOUNG HENS Full Dressed Lb. PORK BRAINS Fresh Lb. BACON la the Piece Lb. 22 l BUTTER Fresh Process Lb. 33 l Caramel Whip /' (Serves 0) 1 tablespoon gelatin iunflavored) '.i cup cold water . , I!!: cups brown sugar r cup boiling water '<• teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup nut meals (cut fine) 2 egg whites. Soak gelatin in cold water lor ve minutes. Put sugar and water I pan and boll to the thin syrup Lage. Pour syrup gradually In caked gelatin and stir until thor- ughly dissolved. Cool and when nixturii just begins to congeal, whip ightly. Add nut meats-and fold II stiffly beaten egg whites. Tun: :ito mold and chill in refrigerator titil firm. Orange Pudding Cups (Serves li> 1 cup sugar : : ll-i tables]xx>ns general purposi flour 1 egg (beaten) 1 cup cold water 6 oranges ',<• pint whipping cream (whipped Combine sugar and flour. Blent beaten egg with water and o.dd t< mixture. Place In top of doubl boiler and cook, stirring occasion A hot spinach ring mold with i center filled with creamed shrimp, j makes an appetizing and nutritious | main .dish for lunch or dinner. II j is excellent for bullet suppers be-} cause it looks attractive and tastes < ever so good. Hot biscuits, feath- j ery light, or crispy whole wheat muffins with plenty of butler, will go well with it. For a templing dessert, there are Four cream cup cakes topped with j fluffy butter icing, a tart.fruit and . milk to drink. The spinach ring suggests a dc- Ightfnl variatio nfor serving this spring-tonic green, rich in iron nnd so good to "tone up'' the general character of meals. The cream sauce, made with butter and rich milk, is combined here with canned shrimp, slices of hard- cooked eggs arc \ised as a garnish. Thin slices of lemon or stripe of pimenlo are other garnishes sug- ;ested. Tuna, left-over cooked meau, vegetables or mushrooms, might be used instead of shrimp. Make the whitei sauce in a double boiler so IhalMt may be kepi covered until just before serving. This prevents a crust from forming on top. This recipe makes (> generous servings. Spinach King Mold vtilll Creamed Shrimp 3 cups cooked spinach 1 teaspoon grated onion 1 tablespoon butter 1 teaspoon salt dust with bread '• *• pan of hot wa-l /• moderate oven ( ally, until thickened. Chill in re- frigerlor. Cut a-^ one-half inch slice from the top of the orange. Remove pulp and dice. Notch edges of orange cups. Add diced cr- ange pulp to the chilled custaV mixture. Fold in whipped cream and pour into orange cups. Replace in refrigerator until ready to serve. Garnish with orange scc- Knn<!. serve on fern leaf on in dividual plates. 1-0 teaspoon black pepper 1-3 teaspoon paprika 2 e«gs 3 cups cream sane:' . 1-2 cup fine bread crumbs T to 2 cups whole, canned shrimp. Chop spinach fine and add grated onion which has been browned in butter, season with salt, black pepper, paprika and add Hie .well- beaten egg yolks. Mix the spinach with one and one-half cups of cream sauce and fold in the well- beaten egg whites, place in a but- :eretl ring mold and dust with bread '• crumbs. Place in a pan ter and bake in a 1350 degreus R> for twenty min- ules. I-oasen the spinach by pressing from the side of the mol:l. Heat Hie shrimps with the rest of the white sauce. Garnish and sL'rve. Sour Cream (^in Cakes 2 ci:ps nour '. 1 tcasiHMjn salt * 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teasiwon nutmeg li teaspoon sorta 1'6 teaspoons baking powder 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup seedless raisins 1 cup sour cream or 1 cup sour milk and 1-4 cup butter, melted 1 egg. Sift the flour with the baking powder and spices into the bowl with the soft butter; add the remaining ingredients. Beat vigorously witli a large spoon until smooth, pour into well greased muffin fins and bake at a lemperatme of 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes, liutter Ichi£ \ : ' cup butter 2 cups confectioner's sugar 1-8 teaspoon salt ' 1 teaspoon vanilla.i Cream butter until soft smooth. Add salt and sugar. vanilla. Mix thoroughly. ' and Add Read Courier News Want Adr WAYS! America's b, t minute! REFRIGERATORS *l-save on PRICE! "' 2-save on CURRENT! on UPKEEPS: • Now you can easily afford the finest refrigerator money can buy. General Electric—the refrigerator that always cost leu tt own —is now priced lower than ever! Don't be satisfied with anything less. Know the thrill of owning the best—and safi three ways. Big, Roomy Cabinets • Brilliant N^wStyling tMore Conveniences* More Usable Storage Space* More "Cold" Capacity • More Ice Cubes ALL AT LESS COST! 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